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A Guide to the Nancy O'Brien Papers

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Nancy O'Brien Papers
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ca. 4000 items

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The papers were a gift to the University of Virginia Library from Nancy O'Brien on August 31, 2009.

Biographical/Historical Information

Nancy Kilpatrick O'Brien was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1936. From 1954-1957 she attended Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing earning her nursing degree. She became active in politics at age thirty-nine when she moved to Charlottesville because her husband, Dr. William O'Brien accepted a position in Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia. She joined the Women's League of Voters and was appointed Treasurer of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission by City Council in 1973-1974, and Chairman in 1974. She ran for City Council and was elected first woman mayor of Charlottesville in 1976. She also served on many community organizations including the Jefferson School Task Force, the Community Development Task Force, the Advisory Committee on the South Rivanna Reservoir study and many housing committees. She also worked as a facilitator to improve the services of many community service organizations. Early in her political career she met Francis Fife, a former mayor of Charlottesville (1972-1974) who later became her second husband. She has four children.

Scope and Content

The papers of Mayor Nancy O'Brien contain correspondence, political campaign information, and topical files regarding many issues that were facing the city of Charlottesville, Virginia from 1973 to 1981; [1982-2008]. The correspondence includes general correspondence, letters to the Mayor about routine issues, and congratulations from political figures such as Charles S. Robb, Thomas J. Michie, Tim Kaine, J. Kenneth Robinson, and Mark Warner. The political files include information about upcoming primaries. The topical files reflect O'Brien's interest in the community with a particular focus on the development of strong neighborhood communities, economic development, city annexation, city planning, housing, and local transportation issues. The collection contains ca. 4000 items and 22 Hollinger boxes which make up 9 linear feet.

Specific economic issues mentioned are the construction and revitalization plan of the Downtown Mall, the decision to construct the Fashion Square Mall, plans for the Vinegar Hill area ten years after it had been destroyed and then left abandoned, and the designation of Fifeville as a historic neighborhood. There are also Charlottesville Albemarle Transportation Studies on the Meadowcreek Parkway, and extension of McIntire Road, Schenks Branch, and Preston Avenue. Other events mentioned are Queen Elizabeth's visit to Charlottesville for the bicentennial, racial diversity, and a sister cities program.

There are also minutes and correspondence from City Council and strategies for sharing services between the City and the County. There are similarly joint committees between the City and the University of Virginia. Of particular interest regarding the University is a photocopy of a letter written by Thomas Jefferson about the opening of the University of Virginia.

There are also student papers from 1983-1986 when O'Brien obtained a Masters degree in Public Administration at the University of Virginia (after being Mayor). There are also papers from when O'Brien taught planning courses (on Fifeville) at the University. There is a copy of her thesis (and thesis research) on Planning District Commissions in Virginia. (Series II UVA Graduate Student and Professor) There are also papers from her work as executive director of the Thomas Jefferson Planning Commission [1979-2006] (Series III TJPDC) and papers from her private work in which she acted as a facilitator for agencies that served the needs of the community. (Series V Facilitator) There are a few papers from her work with the Housing Authority.

There are also minutes from the Jefferson School Task Force which was appointed by City Council to preserve Jefferson School as a historical institution. Included is information about grant funding (Bama funds from the Dave Mathews Band) and information about the history of Jefferson School and early African American life in Charlottesville. There are copies of photographs from the Rufus Holsinger collection. (Series IV Jefferson School)

There is information on racial diversity from a group titled, "Many Races, One Community" which was organized by Nancy O'Brien to address racial tensions. These tensions had arisen in 2002 following an occurrence of violence by several African American Charlottesville High School students against white University of Virginia students. "Many Races, One Community" planned events in an attempt to unite people from different cultural experiences. (Series I Mayor and City Council topical files: Race)

There are also speeches of Nancy O'Brien from 1971 to 2008 including when she was mayor (Series VI Speeches) and awards, certificates, and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and photographs (Series VII)


The collection is organized into seven series, Series I Mayor of Charlottesville and city council member A. Correspondence files B. Political files C. Topical files; Series II UVA classes A. Graduate student B. Professor; Series III Thomas Jefferson District Planning Commission; Series IV Jefferson School; Series V Facilitator; Series VI Speeches, and Series VII Scrapbook pages, photographs, awards, certificates, and trophies

Contents Listing

Series I: Mayor of Charlottesville and City Council Member
  • A. Correspondence Files
    • Box-folder 1:1
      1976 General Correspondence
      70 items

      Constituents and colleagues correspond about a variety of issues pertaining to Charlottesville including drainage problems on Meade Avenue, parking tickets, street improvements, preservation of the Fifeville neighborhood, danger and confusion due to duplicate street names, fasting and prayer day, lights and pedestrian safety near the hospital, girls attention home, twin sister city in Italy, policing of Wertland Street, school invitations, and resignations

    • Box-folder 1:2
      1977-1980; 1992 General Correspondence
      58 items

      Constituents and colleagues correspond about a variety of issues pertaining to Charlottesville including parking tickets, sidewalks on Old Lynchburg Road and Jefferson Park Avenue, WVPT month, advertisement for convention bureaus, separation of the chamber of commerce from local governments, law week, tennis week, regional jails, attrition of jobs, Charlottesville High School gymnasium, invitations, resignations, and thank you letters. There is a tribute to Bill Elwood. There is also a hate letter addressed to Nancy O'Brien.

    • Box-folder 1:3
      1978-1980 General Correspondence from children
      103 items

      There are letters to the Mayor from school children

    • Box-folder 1:4
      1976 July-September Mayor correspondence
      53 items

      Letters are organized alphabetically by their original authors, Abernathy-Woodson. Topics include a park off Calhoun Street, a song about Charlottesville, inclusion of more Council members, paving the Charlottesville High School Parking Lot, Community Attention Home Board, DMV use of Wilder Road, Trainees for Rivanna Water and Sewer, a limit on sewer connections, business education class, Youth Employment Service year round, letter of support for Bob Wenger, McGuffey artist space, resignations and appointments, invitations to speak at Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and the Bayly Museum and other concerns from community leaders, parents, businessman and citizens. Included is a handwritten statement by Francis Fife nominating Nancy O'Brien for mayor.

    • Box-folder 1:5
      1976 October-December Mayor correspondence
      23 items

      Letters are organized alphabetically by their authors, Black-Wiley Topics include noise control, list of task force members on the Social Development Commission, industrial development, student city council, paving of Charlottesville High School Parking Lot, Federal and State Library Funds, Community Attention Home for Girls, visit to the Joint Security Complex, Senator James Harry Michael dinner, and resignation of George Wiley from the Planning Commission and other concerns from community leaders, parents, businessman and citizens.

    • Box-folder 1:6
      1977 January-April Mayor correspondence
      36 items

      Letters are organized alphabetically by their authors, Berman-Williams There is a letter of protest from Mayor O'Brien against the Criminal Justice Planner making public comments about police salaries. Other topics include tax abatement for rehabilitative housing, a workshop on low income housing, economic development, energy conservation, Virginia State Federation of Colored Women's Club Convention in Charlottesville, Sunset Club for senior citizens asking for help with meals, public service corporations to pay taxes, Charlottesville Albemarle Planning Committee for a Cultural Center, invitation to speak to the Delegates at the 43 rd Annual Grand Communication, invitation to welcome the Municipal Electric Power Association, Bicentennial commission donation of emergency fuel to the city, coat of arms for the city, bicycle paths, a reference for Doug Venable and various resignations, and other concerns from community leaders, parents, businessman and citizens.

    • Box-folder 1:7
      1977 May—November Mayor Correspondence
      41 items

      Alphabetical: Arnett-Williams Selection of Architects for Library/Post Office renovation (includes correspondence into 1978), McGuffey bid, invitation to speak to the American association of Retired Persons Area Council, funding for additional youth programs, Housing Authority on the Garrett Street Project, Housing Authority to report to City Council, developing a plan with the county for fuel distribution, zoning ordinance, Jefferson Cable, "Dick Gilliam Day," Virginia Council on Health and Medical Care asked for funding, State Air Control Pollution Board, testimony delivered about the Rape Crisis Group, teacher of the year recommendation, Chamber of Commerce was unable to support the Convention Bureau Activities, Virginia National Bank loan to the Housing Authority, resignations and other concerns from community leaders, parents, businessman and citizens.

    • Box-folder 2:1
      1978 Mayor Correspondence
      60 items

      Alphabetical: Aaron-Wood

      Some topics include: The Perry Foundation gave sixty thousand dollars to the city to construct tennis courts at Pen Park, cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, failure of attrition program, Schenk's Branch Project, school transportation for the hearing impaired (Aaron Farley,) drainage problems on Chesapeake Street, Charlottesville Development Group, Charlottesville Retail Association, "Keep America Beautiful" Campaign, Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority to place a screen over pipes, housing efforts for the handicapped, resignations, appointments, thank you notes for community service, parking for Martha Jefferson Hospital, fuel relief program, sign ordinances, lighting , tax issues, city planning survey, and other concerns from community leaders, parents, businessman and citizens.

    • Box-folder 2:2
      1977-1978 General Correspondence Memos of City Council
      20 items

      There are memos about the gas rate case, coat of arms, library budget, architects for the library, Virginia Municipal League tour, Conservation Council of Virginia grant for Ivy Creek Natural Area, Centel Board of Directors, donation of "mini-park," railroad plans in the state, bridge on Park Street extended, and legality of the CHIP Program

    • Box-folder 2:3
      1976-1978 General Correspondence Neighborhood Meetings about Budget
      44 items

      List of neighborhood presidents, capital improvements, newsletters, City Council memos about neighborhood meetings and budget, notes by Nancy O'Brien for a public service announcement encouraging attendance at the meeting, and instructions and invitation to a budget game.

    • Box-folder 2:4
      1976-1978; 2002-2005 General correspondence Neighborhood Meetings
      39 items

      Included is correspondence about neighborhood communities such as, Rose Hill, Jefferson Park Avenue, Ridge Street, Greenbrier, Belmont, Fifeville, and Venable

    • Box-folder 2:5
      1977-1978; 1980; 1998; 1999 General Correspondence thank you letters to Nancy O'Brien
      9 items

      Correspondents include Eugene German, Peggy King, Donna P. Massey, Bessie E. Avent, Agnes W. Sullivan, Opal D. David, Thomas B. Leitch, Roger C. Wiley, and Robert Gilmore

    • Box-folder 2:6
      1976-1986 Personal correspondence Nancy O'Brien
      20 items

      There are letters from the community about her hair styles, congratulations on receiving her master's degree, thanks for giving a memorial speech at the funeral of Marcia Mashaw, and congratulations on obtaining the position, Executive Director of the Thomas Jefferson Planning Commission. Correspondents include H. Bernhard Ewert II, Carol E. Haberly, Priscilla Whiting, Francis Fife, Carl and MaryJo Ayers, Alice Howard, Mario Cazzamiga, and Opal E. David.

    • VIP Correspondence (alphabetical by name of VIP)
      • Box-folder 2:7
        1976 August 3 Nancy O'Brien letter to Senator Harry F. Byrd
        3 items

        O'Brien wrote letters asking him to support the general revenue sharing bill.

      • Box-folder 2:8
        2002 May-June Nancy O'Brien letter to John Casteen
        2 items

        The letter is a response to a form letter sent by the University asking her (as an Alumnus) for donations to the University. Nancy O'Brien responded directly to President Casteen that since the University did not consider their own impact on the community or on their own poorly paid staff, she would use her funds to help the community instead of the University.

      • Box-folder 2:9
        1977 October 6 Nancy O'Brien letter to Governor Mills E. Godwin
        2 items

        Nancy O'Brien asked the Governor to declare Charlottesville a drought emergency and grant the City authority to enact mandatory water conservation ordinances

      • Box-folder 2:10
        1978 February Nancy O'Brien letter and Frank Hereford
        2 items

        President Hereford wrote to Nancy O'Brien recommending Dennis Barnes to serve as the University representative at the Charlottesville Development Group and Nancy O'Brien thanked him.

      • Box-folder 2:11
        2003 July 25 Tim Kaine to Nancy O'Brien
        1 item

        He wrote that he enjoyed visiting Nancy and Francis Fife last week

      • Box-folder 2:12
        1976 March 3 Thomas J. Michie, Jr. to Nancy O'Brien
        1 item

        Michie congratulated O'Brien on winning the Democratic nomination for City Council

      • Box-folder 2:13
        1976 July 6 Charles S. Robb to Nancy O'Brien
        1 item

        Charles Robb wrote that he enjoyed meeting her and mentioned that her office is off to a great start with meeting the Queen of England and the President of the United States. He wrote, "What are you going to do for an encore?"

      • Box-folder 2:14
        1977 January 4 Nancy O'Brien letter to Charles S. Robb
        2 items

        Nancy O'Brien wrote a letter to Mr. Robb wishing him well in his campaign for Lieutenant Governor. There is also a letter from the Secretary of the Commonwealth notifying Nancy that she would not be appointed on the State Board of Community Colleges.

      • Box-folder 2:15
        1977 March 15 J. Kenneth Robinson to Nancy O'Brien
        1 item

        Congressman Robinson wrote Nancy O'Brien that he would be supportive of H.R. 1522.

      • Box-folder 2:16
        2002 August 5 Governor Mark Warner to Nancy O'Brien
        4 items

        Governor Warner thanked Nancy for her help in recommending Al Weed to be appointed member of the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation Board of Trustees

  • B. Political Files
    • Box-folder 2:17
      1976 City Council Elections Nancy O'Brien
      115 items

      H. Lane Kneedler and Nancy O'Brien ran for City Council. Also running for the three seats were Frank Tomlin, Sherman R. White, Robert W. Stroh, Norman Lushbaugh, Ed Gatewood, and Laurence Brunton. Included are resumes for Nancy O'Brien and H. Lane Kneedler. There are news clippings, campaign flyers, and statements about political beliefs and policies. There are also letters of congratulations to Nancy O'Brien including one from Mrs. Edgar F. Shannon.

    • Box-folder 2:18
      1978 City Council Elections Thomas Albro and Frank Buck
      11 items

      There is a statement by Francis Fife announcing that he would not be seeking reelection for City Council Member. There are newspaper clippings and editorials about the campaign in which Frank Buck and Thomas Albro were elected and James Hicks lost.

    • Box-folder 2:19
      2002 City Council Election Blake Caravati and Alexandra Searls for City Council
      75 items

      The e-mails are critical of Alexandra Searls. There are campaign flyers, editorials, newspaper clippings, and e-mails about issues and strategies in the City Council election in which Rob Schilling won the Council Seat in an upset over Alexandra Searls. The e-mails include vivid descriptions of other politicians and officials (including Waldo Jaquith, Joan Fenton, and David Simmons) in the Charlottesville community. Also included are e-mails from the democrats about debriefing of the election and making plans for Meredith Richards campaign.

    • Box-folder 2:20
      2004 City Council Elections David Brown
      1 item

      There is an editorial to the Daily Progress from Nancy O'Brien declaring her support for David Brown, Kendra Hamilton and Kevin Lynch

    • Box-folder 3:1
      1984 Congress Election Francis Fife
      35 items

      Francis Fife ran for the 7 th District Democratic nomination for Congress. Included are campaign literature, flyers, and photographs of press conferences.

    • Box-folder 3:2
      2001 County Supervisor Election Connie Brennan
      12 items

      There are newspaper clippings about the election for east and central seats on the Nelson County Board of Supervisors in which Connie Brennan and Gary Wood were running against Bob Rose, and R. Carlton Ballowe

    • Box-folder 3:3
      2001 State Senate Special Election Emily Couric seat
      38 items

      There are news clippings about Nancy O'Brien running in a special election to fill the 25 th District Senate seat (Emily Couric's seat) along with Meredith Richards, Blake Caravati, David Toscani, Susan Payne, Al Weed, and Creigh Deeds. There is also correspondence and campaign literature.

    • Box-folder 3:4
      2002 Congress Election Meredith Richards
      70 items

      There are descriptions of how to organize the campaign for Richards in the 5 th Congressional District against Virgil Goode, including information about results of their debate, map of voting precincts, Democratic Committee lists, handwritten notes about campaign strategies by Nancy O'Brien, calendar of Meredith Richards events, and e-mail messages between David Simmons, Tina, Reese, Valerie L'Herrou, Brian Wheeler, Cheryl Oliver, Parthy Monagan, Lloyd Snook, Will Harvey, Nancy O'Brien, and Alexandra Searls

    • Box-folder 3:5
      2004 Congress Election Al Weed
      45 items

      There are e-mails, flyers, and notes about Al Weed's campaign.

    • Box-folder 3:6
      2001-2003 Democratic Party
      21 items

      Statement of democratic principles, By-laws of the Charlottesville Democratic Committee, maps of voting precincts, donation lists, e-mails between Russell Perry, Kevin Lynch, David Repass, Lloyd Snook, Valerie l'Herrou, Felice Boling-Key, Alexandra Searls, and Waldo Jaquith. There are handwritten notes by Nancy O'Brien. Photographs from fundraising events

  • C. Topical Files
    • Box-folder 3:7
      1977 Affirmative Action
      2 items

      Included is a memo from City Manager, Cole Hendrix to W. P. Mitchell on recruitment activities and notes written by Nancy O'Brien

    • Box-folder 3:8
      1971; 1979 Annexation
      35 items

      There are memos and letters about the county usage of city utilities, Bill Number 328, and the tensions between city and county annexation law suits. Also included are ordinances, resolutions, a typescript of a radio broadcast, and newspaper clippings (including a map of city county boundaries). There are also clippings and maps about annexation and legislation proposed by Thomas J. Michie Jr.

    • Box-folder 3:9
      1975; 2003 Piedmont Council for the Arts
      6 items

      There is a newspaper clipping about converting McGuffey School into a community arts and crafts center. There is also a nomination for Helen B. (Sandy) Snook for the PCA Arts award for 2003.

    • Box-folder 3:10
      1971-1978 Administrative Files: Budget
      44 items

      There are memos, notes, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the local and state budget

    • Box-folder 3:11
      1974-1981 Charlottesville Area Transportation Study (CATS)
      39 items

      There are correspondence, newspaper clippings, and minutes of the Policy and Technical Committee for the Charlottesville Area Transportation Restudy. There is information about speed limits, road improvements, bypass routes, roads, and highways in Charlottesville and Albemarle County including Route 29, 250, McIntire Road, Hydraulic Road, and Michie Drive.

    • Box-folder 4:1
      1977; 1978-1979 City-County Joint Activities
      24 items

      There is a proposal to Albemarle County from the City of Charlottesville recommending that they form a community with common interests. There is correspondence between Board of Supervisors, Gerald Fisher and Mayor Laurence Brunton and a statement to the Board of Supervisors about negotiations to avoid annexation and encourage revenue sharing. Also included is a Summary of Joint Activities

    • Box-folder 4:2
      1980 City-County Joint Activities
      51 items
    • Box-folder 4:3
      1978 City Council
      50 items

      City Manager, Cole Hendrix set up a Council Retreat to study the priorities and needs of the city in the future. There is a list of possible income sources estimated for five years ahead. There are also newspaper clippings regarding office locations for the City and a new representative for the Belmont Neighborhood and other city council agendas

    • Box-folder 4:4
      1976-1977 City Planning Commission Minutes
      7 items

      The minutes from January 11, 1977 mentioned the request for a zoning change at University Circle; drainage problem from Hydraulic Road as well as other zoning changes and road concerns.

    • Box-folder 4:5
      1976 -1980 City of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia
      26 items

      There are newspaper clippings and a copy of The University Register (Nov. 15, 1976 vol. 6, no. 21) There is correspondence from Cole Hendrix, UVA President, Frank Hereford, Nancy O'Brien and the Jefferson Park Avenue Neighborhood Association about communicating more directly with each other so that there would be less confusion about statements attributed to them in the media. There is also a memo about establishing a "Fraternity Committee" For document about the opening of the University of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson (photocopy) see University of Virginia

    • Box-folder 4:6
      1995 Cole Hendrix
      1 item

      Tribute to Cole Hendrix

    • Box-folder 4:7
      1974-1975 Disaster Preparedness
      5 items

      There are newspaper clippings about a flood plan notes by Nancy O'Brien

    • Box-folder 4:8
      1976-1977 Economic Development Commission
      80 items

      Included are newspaper clippings, by-laws of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Economic Development Commission, an annual report, a letter from Nancy O'Brien to Mitchell Van Yahres promoting the commission, a Chamber of Commerce Report, a list of Charlottesville businesses, a statement by Francis H. Fife, notes on a work session, and a position paper by Joseph W. Teague. Also included is information on the Heritage Land Company, Charlottesville Development Group, and condominiums on East Market Street. Correspondents include David W. Parrish, Jr. and Sandy Lambert

    • Box-folder 4:9
      1978-1979 Economic Development Commission
      29 items

      There is a resolution by Cole Hendrix for a basic policy on economic development, a memo about Industrial Cost Recovery in Sewage Treatment, a list of proposals from the Schnitzel House, Michie Company, Rock Hill Academy, Vinegar Hill, McGuffey, and Starr Hill. There are printed copies of radio editorials about growth in Charlottesville and a symposium and discussion about economic development commissions for the city and the county.

    • Box-folder 4:10
      1973-1980 Economic Development Downtown Mall
      52 items

      There are questions about the Downtown Mall from the Land use Committee of the League of Women Voters, a statement by Mayor Charles Barbour in favor of constructing the Downtown Mall, letters of protest about traffic being allowed on the mall, an ordinance for a special assessment for all property owners, a copy of the downtown assessment, a list of the property owners, itemized costs for the mall, guidelines for improvements in the mall by the University of Virginia School of Architecture, a resolution to extend the Downtown Mall, contract with Lawrence Halprin to finish the mall, petition for Monticello Hotel to be converted into condominiums, a list of the bids for completing the Downtown Mall and a resolution awarding the contract to R. E. Lee. Topics include land for Central Place on the mall, use of allocated funds from Vinegar Hill, definition of the Downtown Charlottesville, Incorporated, downtown bike race, Arts Education Festival, signage, lighting improvements, stage for Central place, usage for CSX property, and Leggett's Department Store leaving the downtown location.

    • Box-folder 4:11
      1973-1978 Economic Development Downtown Mall Newspaper clippings
      130 items

      There are newspaper clippings about the work on the new downtown mall including its opening

    • Box-folder 5:1
      1976 Economic Development Farber Mall Constituents
      34 items

      There are letters from constituents about the Fashion Square Mall. There is a resolution from the Greenbrier Neighborhood Association asking for the Planning Commission to undertake a study on water run-off and traffic issues; a memo outlining capital cost estimates and suggestions for sharing the cost between the city and the developer; an economic analysis and a traffic study report

    • Box-folder 5:2
      1977 Economic Development Farber Mall Constituents
      92 items

      There are many letters from constituents and business owners to City Council about the mall proposal. (Included is a letter from Mrs. John Cooke Wyllie commenting on the changes in Charlottesville and her fears about going out at night alone; January 10, 1977.)

    • Box-folder 5:3
      1976-1977 Economic Development Farber Mall (City) Petyon Property
      49 items

      There is an editorial from Francis Fife defending Nancy O'Brien in the controversy surrounding Leonard Farber's proposal for a shopping mall in the City of Charlottesville. There is correspondence from Leonard Farber and a press release describing a situation in which Farber did not want to pay the offsite costs for road improvements. There are memos from City Manager Cole Hendrix and recommendations from the Director of Planning and Development Satyrendra S. Huja. City Council passed the rezoning proposal for the mall. Meanwhile Farber had asked for a delay, and had presented the mall to the County. There are news clippings and reports about the mall idea moving to the County. (The mall was built on Rio Road and named Fashion Square Mall)

    • Box-folder 5:4
      1978 Economic Development Farber Mall (County)
      10 items

      There are letters about the mall being constructed on Rio Road in Albemarle County including a letter from Wallace Reed to the State Air Pollution Control Board about the potentially harmful effects of traffic and pollution from the mall; a radio editorial about roads that need to be built or improved for the mall; a letter from Nancy O'Brien to Gerald Fisher, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, about her concerns for the proposed mall site; a Rich Collins letter to Nancy O'Brien about air pollution from increased traffic due to the mall; a letter from Bernard J. Haggerty to Nancy O'Brien accusing her of misrepresenting the majority vote for the mall and there is a letter from Nancy O'Brien to Haggerty defending her position and suggesting that he check his facts. There is also the official resolution adopted by the Charlottesville Albemarle Economic Development Commission to locate the mall in the community. (Louis Scribner)

    • Box-folder 5:5
      1976-1980 Economic Development Farber Mall Newspaper clippings
      130 items
    • Box-folder 5:6
      1976 October-December Economic Development Farber Mall (City) Rezoning notebook
      1 notebook

      Minutes of the Charlottesville City Planning Commission, applications and correspondence for rezoning of Fashion Square Mall

    • Box-folder 5:7
      1976 December 30- 1977 January 7 Economic Development Farber Mall (City) Rezoning notebook
      1 notebook

      Minutes of a special meeting of the Charlottesville City Planning Commission on January 7, 1977 and correspondence regarding the Fashion Square Mall

    • Box-folder 6:1
      1976-1977 Economic Development Farber Mall (City) rezoning reports
      3 items

      There are three reports, Impact Analysis on proposed commercial rezoning and stream relocation for mall, Correspondence about the mall which was received after the closing of the public record on January 10, 1977, and Rezoning Public Record

    • Box-folder 6:2
      1976-1977 Economic Development Farber Mall (City) Traffic reports
      7 items

      There are two traffic impact analysis reports and related papers regarding the Farber Mall and the effects of the mall on the environment.

    • Box-folder 6:3
      1976-1977 Economic Development Farber Mall Work Sessions
      23 items
    • Box-folder 6:4
      2004-2005 Economic Development Fifeville
      39 items

      There is a proposal from Southern Development to purchase lots in Fifeville and Ridge Street (near Tonsler Park) and build apartments. There is extensive e-mail from Antoinette Rhoades about preserving the area for historic reasons. Dr. Charlie Hurt is also mentioned. There are also documents related to preservation of historic areas including a cd. There is a description of the history of Fifeville including information about Allen Hawkins and John Hartwell Cocke who were in business together.

    • Box-folder 6:5
      1974; 1978-1979 Economic Development McIntire Road Extension pt.1
      50 items

      There is information from the North Downtown Residents Association, Starr Hill Neighborhood Association, City and County officials, design engineers and officials from the Virginia Department of Highways. There are study plans for an extension of McIntire Road with Rio Road. Also mentioned are improvements to Ridge Street, Cherry Avenue, McIntire Road, and Preston Avenue. There are also letters to Nancy O'Brien from constituents about McIntire Park.

    • Box-folder 6:6
      1980 Economic Development McIntire Road Extension pt.2
      21 items

      There are constituent letters to Nancy O'Brien about McIntire Park; a McIntire Road Report by City Council, letters to Commonwealth Attorney Richard Barrick, City Attorney Roger Wiley, and Attorney General Marshall Coleman concerning an alleged conflict of Interest for Thomas Albro; City and County Resolutions approving the proposed extension, a Design Advisory Committee's Report to City Council, an opinion paper "North-South Route," recommendations by Wallace Reed, a report by Charles A. Kulp, letter from Don Wagner, Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation approving the report, and printed materials about McIntire Road and the Virginia Department Of Highways and Transportation

    • Box-folder 6:7
      1978-1980 Economic Development McIntire Road newspaper clippings
      39 items
    • Box-folder 7:1
      2002 Economic Development Meadowcreek Parkway e-mails
      16 items

      There are e-mails from Mary E. MacNeil, Bruce Appleyard, Rich Collins, John L. Pfaltz, John Dean, George Loper, and Kevin Lynch

    • Box-folder 7:2
      1974-1979 Economic Development newspaper clippings
      67 items

      There are newspaper clippings about potential developments in Charlottesville and Albemarle County including revenues from the airport, proposal for a downtown seven story condominium, Miller and Rhoads relocating to Fashion Square Mall, widening of route 29, General Electric plant, Industrial Park near airport, Biscuit Run, Federal Executive Institute, sign regulations, and Dr. Hurt's illegal bridge over the South Rivanna River

    • Box-folder 7:3
      1978 Economic Development Vinegar Hill
      13 items

      There is a resolution allowing that funds from the Charlottesville Development Group be used to complete an analysis of public costs for a Vinegar Hill Hotel and Conference Center; Correspondents include John W. Galbreath, Robert C. Stripling, Peter Kory, Mitchell Van Yahres, Robert L. Vickery, John B. Slidell of Zuchelli, Hunter & Associates, Inc. Included is a contract for consultant, Zuchelli, Hunter & Associates, Inc. to prepare a feasibility analysis for the City. Topics include a selection of a consultant for a market study and that the construction of a hotel downtown be a top priority of the Charlottesville Development Group. There are also news clippings

    • Box-folder 7:4
      1979-1980 Economic Development Vinegar Hill
      33 items

      There is a resolution by the Charlottesville Development Group to have a downtown hotel and conference center, an announcement designating the construction to the Park-Tower Development Group of New York and correspondence about federal grants not coming through for the hotel. Also included is a report on Vinegar Hill Project Financial Costs and Benefits by Zuchelli, Hunter & Associates, Inc., a Vinegar Hill newsletter, a Starr Hill neighborhood letter requesting rehousing for the original Vinegar Hill residents, a letter discussing the inclusion of the YMCA in the hotel, a Vinegar Hill Impact Committee Report, a report by Scurlock Associates, Inc., and questions from the League of Women Voters.

    • Box-folder 7:5
      1978-1980; 1982 Economic Development Vinegar Hill History news clippings
      36 items

      There are newspaper clippings showing how Vinegar Hill used to look before it was destroyed in 1960 for "urban renewal." There are also articles about the planned development of Vinegar Hill.

    • Box-folder 7:6
      1978 Economic Studies
      7 items

      There are research papers by Hal Wolman and George A. Reigeluth from The Urban Institute about local economic development decision-making.

    • Box-folder 7:7
      1974-1978 Historical Landmarks in Virginia
      16 items

      There is correspondence about a request for restoration of a building located at 609 East High Street. There is also a mission statement of the Virginia Historical Landmarks Commission, notes about the Levy Opera House, grant application for help with Midway Mill Restoration and various newspaper clippings about the Levy Opera House, Midway Mill, Charlottesville's First Street, Ivy property allegedly belonging to Thomas Jefferson, Paramount Theatre, Post Office and McIntire Library.

    • Box-folder 7:8
      1974-1984 Housing Issues
      57 items

      There is a research paper on "Housing Issues and Strategies for Charlottesville" prepared by the Department of Community Development and many newspaper clippings (1974-1978). Included is a paper by Nancy O'Brien from her UVA class on Policy Analysis GFAG 866 in 1983.

    • Box-folder 7:9
      1976-1978 Invitations
      54 items

      There are various programs and invitations to dinners, fundraisers, and events

    • Box-folder 7:10
      1979 Ivy Creek Natural Area
      1 item

      There is a memo about a proposal for the revised master plan for Ivy Creek

    • Box-folder 7:11
      1974-1978 Lane High School
      15 items

      There are newspaper clippings about the use of the Lane High School Building

    • Box-folder 7:12
      1972 Legislation
      6 items

      There is correspondence to Mitchell Van Yahres from various senators regarding their support for Van Yahres opposition to Bill 328 which would place a moratorium on annexation in Virginia.

    • Box-folder 8:1
      1972-1979 Newspaper clippings on community service
      46 items

      There are newspaper clippings about museums, libraries, law programs, UVA and other organizations that offer cultural experiences to the community.

    • Box-folder 8:2
      1974 Newspaper clippings on drug abuse
      8 items
    • Box-folder 8:3
      1976 Newspaper clippings on elderly
      3 items
    • Box-folder 8:4
      1975; 1978 Newspaper clippings on environment
      9 items
    • Box-folder 8:5
      1977-1978 Newspaper clippings on labor
      18 items
    • Box-folder 8:6
      1974 Newspaper clippings on landfill
      7 items
    • Box-folder 8:7
      1971-1978 Newspaper clippings on land planning
      30 items
    • Box-folder 8:8
      1976 Newspaper clippings on Charlottesville Mayors
      35 items
    • Box-folder 8:9
      1972-1978 Newspaper clippings Miscellaneous
      12 items

      There are articles about Asateague Island, the office of the Public Defender, government regulations, and business news

    • Box-folder 8:10
      1978 Newspaper clipping on Chic Moran
      1 item

      There is an article on oral histories about the University of Virginia

    • Box-folder 8:11
      1975-1978 Newspaper clippings Police
      14 items

      There are articles about DNA, crime rates, and salaries

    • Box-folder 8:12
      1974-1978 Newspaper clippings Pollution
      14 items

      Topics include Morton Frozen Foods and phosphorus removal to protect the Rivanna River and Reservoir, waste in the Rappahannock River Basin, studies on the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir, and noise ordinances

    • Box-folder 8:13
      1974-1978 Newspaper clippings Prisons
      13 items

      Topics include the creation of the Charlottesville Albemarle Regional Jail Board, programs to improve jail conditions, increased prisoner protection, study on work release program, alternatives to prison,

    • Box-folder 8:14
      1973-1978 Newspaper clippings Schools
      56 items

      Topics include a discipline task force, school bus costs, budget cuts, salaries, shortening of elementary school day, quality of schools, Learning Exchange Program, and school improvements

    • Box-folder 8:15
      1974-1976 Newspaper clippings Sewer
      10 items

      Topics include upgrading sewer treatment plants, sewer rates, suspension of Moores Creek Sewer Treatment Plant, and a "living filter" concept in Crozet

    • Box-folder 8:16
      1974-1978 Newspaper clippings Taxes
      33 items

      Topics include tax reform, tax increases, cigarette tax, and Virginia Proposition 13.5

    • Box-folder 8:17
      1976; 1978 Newspaper clippings Tourism
      5 items

      Topics mentioned are the Chamber of Commerce, Piedmont Airlines, and a new Visitor Bureau

    • Box-folder 8:18
      1974-1978 Newspaper clippings Transportation and Parking
      35 items

      Topics mentioned are transit studies, bike paths, downtown parking, underground parking facility below Madison Bowl, taxi rate increases, bus rates, saving the Southern Crescent train, conditions of 29 North, and the resignation of the Charlottesville traffic engineer

    • Box-folder 8:19
      1971 Newspaper clippings Voting
      2 items

      Topics included are the new voting process regulation of address registration and the Democratic Party meetings

    • Box-folder 8:20
      1976-1977; n. d. Ordinances
      33 items

      Topics included are Constitution Highway Senate Joint Resolution No. 41; amendment to city code regarding group homes; budget appropriation for construction of taxi road at the airport, pedestrian mall, and visit to a sister city. There are ordinances about yard regulations, Blenheim Avenue, on-street parking, control of rainfall runoff, and anti-trust laws. There are also newspaper clippings about billboards, and new zoning ordinances.

    • Box-folder 8:21
      1976 Queen Elizabeth's Visit to Charlottesville
      14 items

      There are newspaper clippings ( University Register, The Cavalier Daily, The Daily Progress, and The Washington Post ) about the visit, press statements, programs, a detailed itinerary, as well as printed instructions on how to address the Queen and other important members of the government. See also Scrapbook pages 1976 July (Box18)

    • Box-folder 8:22
      1976-1978; 2002 Race Issues
      20 items

      There is a study of racial problems in the schools and Charlottesville, recommendations from the Social Development Commission, and an article, "Patterns of Black Excellence." There is also a program for a fashion show sponsored by the National Association of Advancement of Colored People. There are also newspaper clippings about racial issues including acts of violence against the Safeway Store

    • Box-folder 9:1
      2002 Race: Many Races, One Community
      75 items

      There are newspaper clippings and statements from the police about a racial incident in Charlottesville where several high school students attacked University students. There are minutes, and reports from the group, Many Races, One Community which outlined a list of problems, a resolution of apology to the students, and outreach programs. The group was facilitated by Nancy O'Brien.

    • Box-folder 9:2
      2003 Race: Many Races, One Community
      39 items

      There are lists of members of the group Many Races, One Community with e-mails, minutes and reports. Also included are brief histories of William Elwood, Drewary Brown, Robet H. Cooley III, Frances Brand, Sally Hemmings, Martha Jefferson, Lawrence Richardson, George Inge, Nannie Cox Jackson, Mollie Ingle Michie, Henry Martin, Sarah Patton Boyle, Anna Gardner, Rebecca McGinness, James T. S. Taylor, Rufus Holsinger, Uriah Levy, Nancy West, Carter G. Woodson, Edwin Anderson Alderman, Charles E. Coles, R.T. W. Duke Jr., Ben York, William Clark, Charles L. Barbour, Meriwether Lewis, Raymond Bel, Isaac and Simon Leterman, Ruth B. and George T. Huff, Dr. George Ferguson, Booker T. Reaves, Charles E. [Chic] Moran, Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth Hemmings, J. J. Sylvester, Tucker Isaacs, Eli Howard, Sarah Ann Strickler, John West, T. J. Williams, Gregory H. Swanson, Monacan Indian George Whitewolf, Ellis Mopsik, and Alice Carlotta Jackson. The biographies were written by the Citizens for a United Community.

    • Box-folder 9:3
      2001-2002; n.d. Race: Resources
      8 items

      Included is an article from the Washington Post Magazine , "The Lessons and Legacy of the Prince Edward School Closings" and articles from the National League of Cities about racial issues. There is also literature from the Focus Women's Resource Center titled, "Days of Dialogue 2002" and articles on "Conversation Cafes"

    • Box-folder 9:4
      2008-2009 Sister Cities
      25 items

      There are newspaper clippings from The Daily Progress about the success of sister cities programs. Also included are proposals and guidelines for the program and by-laws.

    • Box-folder 9:5
      2001-2002 Transportation: Commonwealth Transportation Board
      50 items

      Included is an application from Nancy O'Brien for the appointment to the Commonwealth Transportation Board; e-mails and letters of recommendation from Al Weed, R. Creigh Deeds, Katherine E. Slaughter and many others. There are also planning reports for highway construction and flyers about stopping the Route 29 Bypass.

    • Box-folder 9:6
      n. d.; 1976-1978 University of Virginia
      14 items

      Photocopy of a document written by Thomas Jefferson about the opening of the University of Virginia. There are also newspaper clippings about the University of Virginia regarding fraternities, Easters, better lighting, football star Billy Copeland, and experiments in solar energy

    • Box-folder 9:7
      1972-1978 Water South Rivanna Fork Articles and Reports
      90 items

      Topics include marine growth in the reservoir, Moore's Creek Sewage Treatment Plant, moratorium on construction near the South Rivanna Fork due to pollution concerns, pollution from Morton Frozen Foods and farming near the basin, sewage interceptor line to Crozet, pollution studies, price increases for water, and an article on the history of water issues in Albemarle County since 1868. There are also some articles about the James River.

    • Box-folder 9:8
      1978; 1980; 2000 Water South Rivanna Fork Reports
      9 items

      Included is a report to City Council, a request for 1979 funds, notes from a conference on water resource management and planning, a Watershed Management Plan, and assessment

    • Box-folder 9:9
      1975-1977; 1990-2000 Water Crisis
      75 items

      There are newspaper clippings about a water shortage. Also included is a water shortage contingency plan, a declaration by Governor Mills E. Godwin, Jr. of a local emergency in the city of Charlottesville, memos from the Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority about conserving water, and ordinances to reduce water consumption. There are also letters from constituents and business owners regarding the water restrictions. There are minutes from the Charlottesville Albemarle Board of Realtors meeting on "Water Talk" in 2000 and reports on water demands from 1990 to 1999.

    • Box-folder 9:10
      1975-1978 Women
      33 items

      There is statistical information about the numbers of women in politics, and minutes of a Citizens Task Force on Abused Women. There are also newspaper clippings on a variety of issues regarding women.

Series II: UVA Classes
  • A. Graduate Student and Thesis
    • Box-folder 10:1
      1983-1985 UVA Admission letter
      14 items

      There is a letter from the director of the Graduate Program in Public Administration advising Nancy O'Brien that she should take some social science classes since she did not have a bachelors degree. There is also a letter of acceptance for her to begin in the 1984 Spring term. Also included are her graduate record exam scores, transcripts from Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, and grades from courses taken at the University of Virginia.

    • Box-folder 10:2
      1984-1985 UVA Assignments and Papers
      21 items

      Included are tests and papers by Nancy O'Brien such as "The Exercise of Discretion in Police Service," "Citizen Participation in School Systems," "Ethnography of the Charlottesville Democratic Party City Council Campaign Committee," " Effect of '85 Budget on Subsidized Housing, A Theory on the Effect of Registration Drives on Voter Turnout," "Analyzing Alternative Delivery Systems," "Stare Decisis," and "The Executive."

    • Box-folder 10:3
      1983-1985 Thesis notes on Planning District Commissions in Virginia
      35 items

      Included is a study on Planning District Commissions in Virginia; title, and a publication, "Virginia Planning, Housing & Districting Legislation 1973." There is also a list of city codes and legislative acts; notes on Stanley Kidwell and Virginia Planning Commissions, Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, and William Shelton (interview)

    • Box-folder 10:4
      1985 Thesis notes on Planning District Commissions in Virginia
      18 items

      Included are notes on budget and work programs, articles by Nelson Wikstrom

    • Box-folder 10:5
      1985-1986 Thesis notes on Planning District Commissions in Virginia
      35 items

      There is a copy of House Bill 1479 that amended Virginia Code to allow funding for the commissions. There are articles and memos about financial funding for PDC's and their role in government. There are also notes from her research on T. Marshall Hahn, and "Five Metropolitan Governments"

    • Box-folder 10:6
      1985 Thesis notes on Planning District Commissions in Virginia
      17 items

      There are notes from speeches made by President Lyndon F. Johnson regarding government organizations and research surveys about PDCS.

    • Box-folder 10:7
      1985 Thesis Prospectus on Planning District Commissions in Virginia
      6 items

      There are several drafts of the prospectus and some comments from Professor Stephen L. Percy.

    • Box-folder 11:1
      1986 Masters Thesis Planning District Commissions in Virginia
      1 item

      There is a copy of Nancy O'Brien's thesis

  • B.Professor O'Brien
    • Box-folder 11:2
      1993-1994 O'Brien class on Federal & State Housing
      25 items

      There is paperwork for UVA instructors including memos about student rolls, other correspondence about the course, reading materials, and outlines for assigned projects on housing

    • Box-folder 11:3
      1998 UVA class on Fifeville
      13 items

      There are several copies of a neighborhood report of Fifeville and research information including census records

    • Box-folder 11:4
      2004 UVA class on Fifeville
      12 items

      UVA Professor Nisha Botchwey taught a class on Fifeville 2003 and Beyond. There is a study of Fifeville which was researched by the students in this class. Two cd's containing information on Fifeville and the Fifeville Neighborhood Association are included.

Series III: Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission
  • Box-folder 12:1
    n. d. Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission
    8 items

    There are outlines for a strategic plan to find common grounds among organizations in the Charlottesville community and a presentation on TJPDC extension services, Jefferson Area Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Greenway Plans. There are also a few newspaper clippings.

  • Box-folder 12:2
    1996 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Build Out Analysis Report
    1 item
  • Box-folder 12:3
    1970- 1990; 1995 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Census Reports
    40 items

    Included are figures for the reports and a report by the Charlottesville-Albemarle Children and Youth Commission

  • Box-folder 12:4
    1988- 1991 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Census Reports
    4 items

    There are Albemarle County Census reports

  • Box-folder 12:5
    1988; 2001 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Economic and Environmental Reports
    3 items

    There is a Thomas Jefferson Sustainability Council report (in which Nancy O'Brien attached notes to the reports such as "we nearly killed each other getting though this," a Regional Economic Development Plan, and an employment survey

  • Box-folder 12:6
    1998-1999 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Hourly Rates
    2 items

    There is a list of salaries for the staff of TJPDC and a breakdown of hours worked for the fiscal year

  • Box-folder 12:7
    1994 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Minority Health
    2 items

    There are minutes from the Minority Health Concerns Committee

  • Box-folder 12:8
    2001 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Poverty Studies
    25 items

    Facts and figures reported by the Monticello Area Community Action Agency

  • Box-folder 13:1
    n. d. Thomas Jefferson Housing Improvement Corporation: Retirement
    1 item

    There is a photograph of Nancy O'Brien's retirement party

  • Box-folder 13:2
    2001 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Retirement
    4 items

    There is a letter from Nancy O'Brien to Harry Harris, chair of the TJPDC regarding her remaining projects. There is also information from her release time record.

  • Box-folder 13:3
    1996-2001 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Tourism Reports
    2 items

    There are reports on the Thomas Jefferson Venture Heritage Tourism Project. Included is a description by Nancy O'Brien about the difficulties with the project because of the different interests of the committee (economic development vs. preservation.) She also mentioned the kindness and strengths of certain individuals and a wine bottle of "Il Fiasco" that she received as a gift. (She wrote that State Senator Emily Couric made public corrections of O'Brien's statements and later called O'Brien and apologized, confessing that she was the one who had inaccurate information.)

  • Box-folder 13:4
    1993-1994 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission: United Way
    11 items

    There is a report on the needs and priorities of the community which was based on surveys given to the community. The surveys and results are included.

  • Box-folder 13:5
    1991-1993 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Visions Forums
    9 items

    There are transcripts of the tape record of speeches by Nancy O'Brien and other leaders of the community on their visions of the future as well as participation and discussion by the attendees.

  • Box-folder 13:6
    1998 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Water Report
    1 item

    There is a TJPDC report on the Rivanna River Basin Project. Included is an article on the Moore's Creek Watershed.

  • Box-folder 13:7
    1999 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Water Report
    1 item

    There is a report on present conditions and recommendations for preservation and restoration for water resources in Fluvanna County

Series IV: Jefferson School
  • Box-folder 13:8
    2001-2006 Citizens for Jefferson School
    24 items

    Citizens formed a group to save Jefferson School as an educational institution and requested City Council to designate a task force to study its future usage. Included are e-mails, minutes of meetings and work sessions. There is a request for a proposal for preparing a National Historic Register Nomination and a historical architect, and plans for a Jefferson School Reunion for the classes of 1930- 1951. Newspaper clippings, photographs and information about a highway marker are also included.

  • Box-folder 14:1
    2002 Citizens for Jefferson School By-laws
    25 items

    There are by-laws, a certificate of incorporation for the organization, Citizens for Jefferson School Steering Committee minutes, a list of members, and a proposal for a task force.

  • Box-folder 14:2
    2004-2005 Jefferson School as a Cultural Heritage Center
    1 notebook

    Included is information on funding opportunities, e-mails, an interpretive plan, a letter from Jefferson-Madison Regional Library about space at the school, a proposal from architectural historian, Maral S. Kalbian, and design plans for a culture heritage center at Jefferson School

  • Box-folder 14:3
    2002-2003 Jefferson School Grants and Fund Possibilities
    15 items

    There is information on grants from Bell South, Oak Hill Fund, Save America's Treasures, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation e-mails, and a grant application

  • Box-folder 14:4
    2004 Jefferson School BAMA Grants
    15 items

    There is a grant application to the BAMA works fund in the Charlottesville-Albemarle Community Foundation and of the Dave Mathews Band. There is correspondence and a rough draft of the application

  • Box-folder 15:1
    2000-2003 Jefferson School and African American History
    12 items

    There is a typed copy of the School Board minutes from 1922 about expanding the Jefferson Colored School; a history of Jefferson School, and African American history in Charlottesville including a petition to save Jefferson School, a newsletter The New Jeffersonian , an oral history project, reunion events, and copies of Holsinger photographs. There is also a Preservation Piedmont Newsletter, a history of the Jefferson Preschool Center, an article, "We Shall Overcome," http://www.nps.gov/history/nr/travel/civilrights/intro.htm and an essay about the lack of historical sources on African American lives in Charlottesville. The entire essay can also be read online at http://www2.vcdh.virginia.edu/afam/aas405/syllabus/essay.html

  • Box-folder 15:2
    2001-2006 Jefferson School Newspaper clippings
    36 items
  • Box-folder 15:3
    [1950] n. d. Jefferson School Photographs
    3 items

    Photocopies of students at Jefferson School

  • Box-folder 15:4
    2003 March-July Jefferson School Task Force Minutes
    26 items

    There are Jefferson School Task Force minutes from April through July. Minutes from June 18 th are not included here but can be found with the Jefferson School Task Force Proposal A-N and minutes from January 3, 30, March 4, and March 13, 2003 meetings are located in the Jefferson School Task Force Proposal 0-Y. The minutes mention a set of guiding principles, and the Jefferson School as a historical site. (This issue is discussed throughout the Task Force minutes.) There are e-mails, notes, reports, transcript from a community held meeting, and a proposal from the Reunion Committee.

  • Box-folder 15:5
    2003 August Jefferson School Task Force Minutes
    14 items

    They discussed the impact of other development downtown near the Jefferson School, sources of funding and anchor tenants that would offer multiple uses and fit within the historic culture of the site. They also discussed requesting an extension from City Council to finish their report. Also included is a Report & Recommendations of Social Service Non Profits in the area

  • Box-folder 15:6
    2003 September Jefferson School Task Force Minutes
    21 items

    The minutes discuss the plans for a community held meeting. Included with the minutes are e-mails from facilitator, Jinni Benson of Mary Means & Associates, and long time community leader Grace Tinsley, maps, a power point with cost estimates, reports, and a site analysis of the Jefferson School building by Frazier Associates. There is a website for a school that was built in 1915 in Portland, Oregon which was renovated to be a hotel, gymnasium, restaurant, store and civic center, and it can be seen at http://www.mcmenamins.com/427-kennedy-school-home

  • Box-folder 15:7
    2003 October-December Jefferson School Task Force Minutes
    19 items

    Included with the minutes are e-mails, a report by Lois Sandy, a report by Genevieve P. Keller, letters from potential tenants of the school, maps, revenue calculations, and a draft report to City Council from the Task Force. The minutes reveal discussions about expanding the streets around the Jefferson School, evaluation of the variety of options for use, search for a lead organization to run the facility, and the idea of connecting the Jefferson School with other historic sites in the area.

  • Box-folder 16:1
    2002 January-August Jefferson School Task Force Proposal 1-8
    1/5 notebook

    The notebook is in reverse chronological order and is a proposal to City Council from Nancy O'Brien to act as facilitator of the Task Force. (included are photographs and a CD) City Council had placed a bid for proposals for a facilitator and chose Mary Means & Associates as the facilitator.

  • Box-folder 16:2
    2002-2003 Jefferson School Task Force Proposal A-N
    2/5 notebook

    There is a list of Task Force Members, staff from City Council, a timeline, appraisal, tax credits, grants, research of best practices, community survey, correspondence, and minutes.

  • Box-folder 16:3
    2002-2003 Jefferson School Task Force Proposal O-Y
    3/5 notebook

    There are minutes from February 10, 25, March 4, and March 13, 2003. The Task force worked towards finding our more about the history of the school, obtaining a historic register, relocation of programs at the school, maps and a list of individuals that were allowed to speak with the media.

  • Box-folder 16:4
    2002-2003 Jefferson School Task Force Goals, Proposal Z
    4/ 5 notebook

    There are minutes from September 30, November 19, December 3, 31, 2002, January 6, 7, 14, 21, 28, 2003 Task Force meeting and a letter to City Council outlined the benefits of placing the school on the National Landmark register. There is also a list of project goals and ground rules for the Task Force. Topics include cost estimates for renovation, repairs, survey of existing conditions, tax credits, and housing options. There are several documents presenting facts about the National Register. Also included is a proposal from Mary Means & Associates to serve as facilitator for the Jefferson School Task Force.

  • Box-folder 16:5
    2002-2003 Jefferson School Task Force Proposal 1-15
    5/ 5 notebook

    There is information about the original work of the task force including mission statements from the Citizens for Jefferson School.

  • Box-folder 16:6
    2003-2004 Jefferson School Task Force Report
    14 items

    Included is a draft of the Jefferson School Task Force Report and recommendations of the task force

  • Box-folder 17:1
    2003-2005 Jefferson School Task Force Report
    5 items

    Jefferson School Report on Historic Designation and Design Concept Update, and the final report to City Council with recommendations of the Jefferson School Task Force (Bringing Life Back to Historic Jefferson School) There are three photographs of the parking lot and city yard in front of the school.

  • Box-folder 17:2
    2002-2003 Jefferson School Task Force
    1 notebook

    Included is information on other cultural centers, and schools, a Jefferson-Madison Regional Library fact sheet, e-mails, ideas for Jefferson Children and Family Center, and summaries from the education work group sessions.

  • Box-folder 17:3
    2002 January Jefferson School Exhibits A-H
    1 of 2 notebook

    Included are capital plans for the City of Charlottesville

  • Box-folder 17:4
    2002 January Jefferson School Exhibits I-N
    2 of 2 notebook

    Included in the notebook is an appraisal for the Jefferson School property, information for nomination of the school as a historic landmark, a community survey about uses for the school, copies of newspaper articles, estimate of project costs and survey of existing conditions, illustrations, guidelines for usage, history of the school, and information from the Citizens for Jefferson School (mission statement, and petition)

Series V: Facilitator
  • Box-folder 17:5
    1975 Facilitator Monticello Area Community Action Agency
    10 items

    There are a few monthly reports for MACAA. There is also a Request for a Proposal from MACAA for Organizational Consulting Services which was awarded to Nancy O'Brien. Included is the revised mission statement which O'Brien wrote for them

  • Box-folder 17:6
    1997 Facilitator Virginia Conservation Network
    2 items

    Included is a report and a floppy disk

  • Box-folder 17:7
    2001 Facilitator for the Louisa County Resource Council
    1 item

    There is a report [by Nancy O'Brien] titled, "The County of Louisa, Virginia Comprehensive Plan. The County Board of Supervisors wrapped the report in a red ribbon and gave it to Nancy O'Brien when she retired. They signed their names and wrote thank you notes on the inside front cover. Nancy attached a note saying that "getting this passed was a Herculean effort"

  • Box-folder 17:8
    2002-2003 Facilitator Louisa County Resource Council Retreat
    7 items

    There is an agenda, planning strategies town meeting, and a synopsis

  • Box-folder 17:9
    2002 Facilitator Minority Health Project
    14 items

    There is information about identifying minority health issues in the community

  • Box-folder 17:10
    2004 Facilitator Senior Center Focus Groups
    18 items

    There are strategy meetings, notes and a report

Series VI: Speeches
  • Box-folder 18:1
    1971; 1976-1977 Speeches and Press Releases
    27 items

    There are speeches about running for office and her acceptance speech for City Council, a statement of Nancy O'Brien and K. Lane Kneedler, speeches to the Business Women's Club, Jefferson Society, First Christian Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Charlottesville High School Chapter of the National Honor Society, Charlottesville Public Schools, Virginia Nurses Association, Commencement at Piedmont Virginia Community College, Saint John Grand Lodge of Virginia, and speeches on Economic Development, South Fork Rivanna Reservoir, Services for the Ageing, Women in Political Process, Passing the ERA, and burying a time capsule at Vinegar Hill

  • Box-folder 18:2
    1978-1981 Speeches and Press Releases
    7 items

    There are speeches to the Unitarian Church on "Civic Virtue, Monticello Toastmistress Club, University Baptist Church, and include subjects such as "Highrise for the Elderly," "Process Used to Construct the Downtown Shopping Mall," and "Piedmont Land Use"

  • Box-folder 18:3
    1986-2003 Speeches and Press Releases
    6 items

    Speeches included are to the Virginia Society of Professional Nurses, a "Toast to Mitch Van Yahres," "Independence Day Exercises at Monticello," the Senior Center, and Historic Garden Week

  • Box-folder 18:4
    2005 Speeches
    4 items

    There are speeches on Leadership, nomination of Karen Waters for one of the "Distinquished Dozen," celebration of the life of Mary Alice Gunter, and "Breaking Through Barriers" to the American Association of University Women

Series VII: Scrapbooks
  • Box-folder 18:5
    1976 February-June Scrapbook pages

    Newspaper clippings and correspondence

  • Box-folder 18:6
    1976 July-December Scrapbook pages

    There are newspaper clippings and invitations. Also included is information on Queen England's visit. (Luncheon menu)

  • Box-folder 18:7
    1977 January-May Scrapbook pages
    3/4 notebook

    Newspaper clippings

  • Box-folder 19:1
    1977 June-September Scrapbook pages
    4/4 notebook

    Newspaper clippings

  • Box-folder 19:2
    1977 October-December Scrapbook pages
    1/4 notebook

    Newspaper clippings

  • Box-folder 19:3
    1978 January-February Scrapbook pages

    Newspaper clippings

  • Box-folder 19:4
    1978 March-June Scrapbook pages
    3/4 notebook

    Newspaper clippings

  • Box-folder 20:1
    1978 July-December Scrapbook pages
    4/4 notebook

    Newspaper clippings

  • Box-folder 20:2
    1979 January-May Scrapbook pages
    1/3 notebook

    Newspaper clippings

  • Box-folder 20:3
    1979 June-December Scrapbook pages
    2/3 notebook

    Newspaper clippings and a biography of Nancy O'Brien

  • Box-folder 20:4
    1980-1981 Scrapbook pages
    3/3 notebook

    Newspaper clippings and correspondence

  • Box-folder 20:5
    n.d. Scrapbook photograph pages
    1 notebook
  • Box-folder 20:6
    1978 Yearly Planner
    1 item
  • Box-folder 21:1
    1993 Awards- McIntire Citizenship Award
    51 items

    There are e-mails and numerous congratulation letters for receiving the Paul Goodloe McIntire Citizenship Award

  • Box-folder 21:2
    1993 Awards- McIntire Nominees
    46 items

    There is information about Nancy O'Brien and other nominees for the McIntire Award

  • Box-folder 21:3
    2005-2006 Awards
    20 items

    There are e-mails of congratulations for receiving the Drewary Brown Award, and the Bridge Builders Award

  • Box-folder 21:4
    1978-2001 Certificates
    11 items

  • Box-folder 21:5
    1974-2003 Printed Materials
    16 items

    There are newsletters from the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission the University of Virginia Newsletter, Preservation Piedmont, Cville Magazine, Charlottesville Observer, League of Women's Voters, Chamber of Commerce, and a newsletter from the Westminster Presbyterian Church Oversize items include a UVA diploma, other certificates of appreciation and a brick with a plaque on it from the Charlottesville Historic Downtown Mall.

  • Box-folder 22:1
    1986 Trophies: Gift for Graduation from UVA
    1 item

    A tile of the Rotunda that was a gift from John Connover and Virginia Daugherty (on Nancy O'Brien's graduation from the University of Virginia)

  • Box-folder 22:2
    2001 Trophies: Executive Director Award

    Executive Director of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Award

  • Box-folder 22:3
    2006 Trophies: Drewary J. Brown Award

    Drewary J. Brown Award given by the Charlottesville Democratic Committee