A Guide to the Louis J. Halle Papers 1941-1995 Halle, Louis Papers, 1941-1995 10603-q

A Guide to the Louis J. Halle Papers 1941-1995

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Special Collections, University of Virginia Library
Accession number
Louis J. Halle Papers 1941-1995
Physical Characteristics
ca. 1,000 items (3 Hollinger boxes, 1.5 linear feet)
This addition to the papers of Louis J. Halle, Jr. consists of correspondence with scientists, naturalists, political scientists, magazine and newspaper editors, professors of foreign affairs and international relations, and personal friends, ca. 1941-1995.

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Louis J. Halle, Papers, 1941-1995, Accession #10603-q, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.

Acquisition Information

The collection was given to the University of Virginia Library by Louis J. Halle, Jr., Geneva, Switzerland, on December 21, 1995.

Biographical/Historical Information

Louis J. Halle, Jr. (1910- ) is a political scientist, author, philosopher and naturalist.

Scope and Content Information

This addition to the papers of Louis J. Halle, Jr. consists of correspondence with scientists, naturalists, political scientists, magazine and newspaper editors, professors of foreign affairs and international relations, and personal friends, ca. 1941-1995. Subjects mentioned in letters are typed in bold following the name of the correspondents listed below. Also present is the occasional speech or article by Halle, attached to the correspondence. Correspondents include George F. Kennan, Flora Lewis, Paul Nitze, Robert McFarlane, Roger T. Peterson, James Reston, and Urs Schwarz.


Alphabetically arranged in correspondence files

Contents List

Correspondence: A-B 1979-1995
Box 1

Alice Acheson re the U.S. stamp honoring Dean Acheson
Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan
Dr. Aldis
Henry Allen re his article on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
David Ashford re birds
Oliver M. Ashford re "the butterfly effect," with a copy of a letter from Edward N. Lorenz
Faiwzia Assad
Henry Babel
Berkshire School, Sheffield, Massachusetts
David Bird
Professor Karl E. Birnbaum
Victor J. Bonilla
John Tyler Bonner
Philip Wilson Bonsal re the State Department, Inter-American Division, during World War II
Daniel Boorstin
Robert Boyer
Albert Bressand
Shirley Briggs re birds and the Audubon Naturalist Society

Correspondence: Audobon Naturalist Society 1982-1991
Box 1
Corrrespondence: John G. Blair 1982-1985
Box 1
Correspondence: British Birds 1991-1995
Box 1
Correspondence: C 1985-1995
Box 1

Lucius Caflisch re Olmsted fellows
Peter Calvocoressi
Faith (Chipman) Parker, including memoirs of two years spent in France, 1922-1923
Coop Geneve
Cornell University Press
Ian C. Craig

Correspondence: D 1988-1993
Box 1

Kenneth C. Danforth
Jean Daniel, Director Le Nouvel Observateur
Dialouge , ed. J. Daniel Philpott
Dr. & Mrs. Reinhold Drifte
John Droege re William Vogt
Frank Dunand
Roger Dunand
Freeman Dyson re space colonization

Correspondence: E-F 1984-1995
Box 1

The Economist
Dr. John C. Edwards re Otto Max Koischwitz
Jacques-Simon Eggly
John Farrenkopf re Oswald Spengler and The Decline of the West
Dr. Ulrich Finkenzeller
G. Fournier
Franklin College, Switzerland speech, "What Future for Mankind?"
Christoph Frei
Jacques Freymond

Correspondence: Patrick Fitzgerald 1977-1991
Box 1

re Chinese history (1977 May 22, Jun 29; 1986 Jan 17; 1989 May 26); Halle's impressions of Hong Kong and India (1987 Apr 4; May 29); the U.S. Presidential election (198[9] Jan 6)

Correspondence: G 1962-1995
Box 2

Curt Gasteyger
Paul Geroudet re waterfowl of Geneva (1964 Nov 19)
Lee A. Gladwin
Richard Goold-Adams (?-1995) re John Foster Dulles (1962 Dec 27); conditions in Argentina, the Falklands War and Margaret Thatcher (1983 Jan 31; Feb 5; Mar 2 & 18)
Frederic Grare
Gertrude N. Green
Professor A.J.R. Groom

Correspondence: Harmon H. Gladstone 1941,1961-1993
Box 2

Harmon H. Goldstone and his mother Aline Goldstone re Halle's view of the book of Job in the Bible (1963 May 27, attached letter); Marianne Moore (1975 Feb 18); Otto Max Koischwitz (1975 May 23 & 27); comments re Charles de Gaulle by Dean Acheson (1980 Jul 5 & Sep 8); newclipping obituary of Mildred Gillars , "Axis Sally," and mistress of Otto Max Koischwitz (1988 Jul 4)

Correspondence: H-I 1974, 1985-1995
Box 2

Peter Halle re obituaries of Roger Halle
Mrs. Roger Halle re the death of Roger
Stuart L. Hannon
David Hartridge re the scarcity of once common birds in Europe and possible causes
Harvard Magazine
Mr. Heldring The New Republic
History Today re environmental history
Coleman W. Hoyt re funeral oration for Roger Halle
Thomas L. Hughes, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, including a Trustee's Dinner speech
John Ivan Huscha
International Herald Tribune re invasion of Haiti by the United States
International Institute for Strategic Studies, London

Correspondence: J-K 1985-1994
Box 2

Maurice Jacob re physics
Professor Lock K. Johnson
Kairas Kabraji
Ambassador Max M. Kampelman, including an article on the "real William Shakespeare" by John B. Fisher (1994 Jul 7)
Scott Kennedy re environmental history
Robert A. Klein

Correspondence: George F. Kennan 1988-1994
Box 2

George F. Kennan (entire folder) re Around the Cragged Hill and his career and the apparent lack of policy planning in the State Department (1994 Aug 28)

Correspondence: L-M 1980-1995
Box 2

Flora Lewis re her columns in The New York Times
Les Line
Eleanor R. Loft
Lutz Lucker
Richard B. McAdoo
Robert C. McFarlane re Halle's memory of him as a student (1989 Mar 31)
Linda Marion, Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center, including "Memories of One Who Taught at Bologna" by Halle
Charles Burton Marshall
Tom Manson
Ernst Mayr, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
Mary Midgley
Lorus J. Milne
Claude Monnier
David Moorhouse, Halle's son-in-law

Correspondence: New Scientist 1987-1991
Box 2

New Scientist re nuclear deterrence and including Halle's article "Evolution Unexplained"

Correspondence: Paul Nitze 1954-1995
Box 2-3

Paul Nitze subjects include: Dean Acheson and the possibility of his giving lectures at the University of Virginia (1954 Sep 20; 1956 Jan 7); the Marshall Plan (1954 Nov 16); "An Evaluation of Allied Strategy" by Nitze (1955 Jun 3); Nitze's remarks concerning Halle's "Strategy versus Ideology" (1956 Jan 7); the use of gas warfare vs nuclear warfare (1958 May 25; Jul 9; 1994 Jan 20); the Soviet Union and the Cold War (1959 Dec 10); the Vietnam War (1967 Aug 26); Nitze's notes re Halle's "Indeterminacy and Purpose" (1974 Dec 22; 1975 Jan 6); Salt II agreement (1979 Nov 5, Dec 9); "Why We Don't Count the French and British Missiles" by Lawrence S. Eagleburger [1983 May 20]; "The Soviet SS-20 Decision" by Raymond L. Garthoff (1983 Jun 8); comments about Nitze's memoirs (1983 Oct 26); Nitze's comments re George Kennan's article in the New York Times (1983 Nov 10); Nitze's speeches at the Woodrow Wilson Center and The Johns Hopkins University (1984 Feb 17); "Strategic Defense Initiative: Its Nature and Rationale" by Nitze (1985 Nov 1; 1986 Jan 7); the question about whether Russia sees itself as more a part of the West or East (1986 Oct 6); "The Evolution of World Politics" by Halle (1988 Sep 20); Mikhail Gorbachev (1988 Oct 3); death of Phyllis Nitze (1987 Jun 28); "The Strong Atlantic Bridge" by Nitze (1990 Feb 20); Nitze's speech at the Inauguration of the new Council on Foreign Relations buildings (1990 Mar 12); "U.S. Strategic Policy as We Enter a New Decade" (1990 Apr 10); "America: An Honest Broker" in Foreign Affairs (Fall 1990); "Inaugural Remarks at the International Petroleum Executive Seminar" (1990 Oct 28); George Marshall and the Marshall Plan (1993 May 14, 31); and President Bill Clinton and foreign policy (1994 Dec 14; 1995 Jan 15).

Correspondence: O-P 1948, 1986-1995
Box 3

Dr. Malcolm A. Ogilvie re birds
Dr. Gerard O'Neill
G. Palthey
Mary Margaret Patterson
Lorne Peterson re Spring in Washington
Roger T. Peterson re birds sighted along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, just above the mouth of the Seneca River
Vladimir Petrosvsky
Dr. Alberto Martinez Piedra

Correspondence: R 1986-1993
Box 3

Juan F. Rada re watchmaking and time
Frank H.T. Rhodes, President of Cornell University, re
S. Dillon Ripley, Smithsonian
Lt. General E.L. Rowny, President Alumni Association, National War College

Correspondence: James B. Reston 1956-1993
Box 3

re Vietnam and the Geneva Conference of 1954 (1956 Feb 20 and attached); nuclear vs conventional warfare (1956 Jul 15); the Middle East and the Suez Canal (1957 Jan 24); the Swiss Army (1959 May 6); voting re scientific decisions (1962 Mar 10); John Kennedy (1961 Nov 7;1963 Apr 24); American arms control negotiations (1977 Apr 8); Alexander Haig (1981 Sep 15 & 24); Halle's article, "A Post-mortem on the Libyan Raid" (1986 Apr 24); Contra aid and Oliver North (1987 Jul 24); President Bill Clinton, Haiti and Somalia (1993 Dec 1)

Correspondence: S 1985-1995
Box 3

William Safire
Professor Thomas J. Schoenbaum re a biography of Dean Rusk
Scientific American
Guy-Olivier Segond, Mayor of Geneva
Jeremy B. Shearer, Permanent Representative, South African Mission re morality in foreign policy
Dr. Edwin M. Shook re Guatemala and archaeology
Smithsonian Symposium "Man and Beasts Revisited" including Halle's article, "Lift Up Your Eyes - Our Future in Space"
Carol Sotelli
George E. Stuart, Archeology Editor, National Geographic Society
Alexander Swoboda, Director The Graduate Institute of International Studies
Jean Swoyer

Correspondence: Urs Schwarz 1985-1995
Box 3

the Swiss army (1989 May 3); the death of Richard Goold-Adams (1995 Apr 19)

Correspondence: T 1986-1994
Box 3

Television Suisse Romande
Dr. W.L.N. Tickell re albatrosses
Times Literary Supplement
Julio de la Torre re owls
Touring Club Suisse
Trees for the Future
D.A. Turner

Correspondence: U-V 1984-1993
Box 3

The Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Scotland re hemlock
Astrid Watanabe
Alexander Watson
Dr. Steven Weinberg
Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Dr. Randall White

Correspondence: Virginia Quarterly Review 1987-1992
Box 3

Halle's "Appendix on the Changing Social Attitudes towards Sexual Relations" (1987 Nov 29) and several Clovis articles by Halle (1987)