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Inventory of the J.E. Morpurgo Papers 1937-2000 Morpurgo, J.E.; 1937-2000. Mss. 2001 M67

Inventory of the J.E. Morpurgo Papers 1937-2000

A Collection in the
Manuscripts and Rare Books Department
Collection Number Mss. 2001 M67


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Special Collections, Earl Gregg Swem Library, College of William and Mary
Collection number
Mss. 2001 M67
J.E. Morpurgo Papers, 1742, 1937-2000, 1950-1970
ca. 3,700 items.
Morpurgo, J. E.; Blunden, Edmund, 1896-1974; Adair, Virginia, 1913-; Forte, Charles, 1908-; Nye, Russel Blaine, 1913-.
Papers, 1937-2000, bulk 1950-1970, of Jack Morpurgo, writer, educator, and editor. Includes correspondence; speeches; lectures; radio scripts; published and unpublished essays, articles, and novels; certificates and awards; photographs; and framed prints.

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Collection is open to all researchers.

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Before publishing quotations or excerpts from any materials, permission must be obtained from the Curator of Manuscripts and Rare Books, and the holder of the copyright, if not Swem Library.

Preferred Citation

J.E. Morpurgo Papers, Manuscripts and Rare Books Department, Swem Library, College of William and Mary.

Acquisition Information

Acc. No. 2001-4; Gift: ca. 3,700 items, 01/2001.

Biographical/Historical Information

Jack Morpurgo (1918-2000) graduated from Christ's Hospital School in England. He was the first British graduate of the College of William and Mary in Virginia after the American Revolution. He served in the British military during World War II. In his professional life, he was an editor and author of fiction and non-fiction. He was a frequent contributor of articles and book reviews to magazines, scholarly journals, and newspapers. He wrote and participated in numerous radio and television broadcasts in Britain, the United States, Canada, and Australia. A significant portion of his career was spent under the tutelage of Alan Lane, founder of Penguin Books.

Scope and Content Information

Papers, 1937-2000, bulk 1950-1970, of Jack Morpurgo, writer, educator, and editor. Includes correspondence, speeches, lectures, radio scripts, published and unpublished essays, articles, and novels, books from his personal library, certificates and awards, photographs, and framed prints. Most of the collection consists of Morpurgo's personal writings and business correspondence related to his work as a professor, editor, and director of the National Book League. Morpurgo was a British citizen and graduate of Christ's Hospital school. During his career, he wrote extensively on the subject of Christ's Hospital school. The school was founded in 1552 as a charity to benefit needy children with shelter, food, clothing, and an education. By the eighteenth century, Christ's Hospital was known as one of England's great public schools. It continues to educate British children in the twenty-first century. The papers include correspondence with Edmund Blunden, Virginia Hamilton Adair, Charles Forte, and Russel B. Nye.


This Collection has been organized into 20 series: Series 1. Correspondence and biographical material; Series 2. Correspondence relating to writing projets; Series 3. Records relating to Christ's Hospital; Series 4. Papers relating to the College of William & Mary Series; 5. Papers relating to the University of Leeds Series; 6. Teaching materials Series; 7. Speeches; Series 8. Papers relating to WW II and the military; Series 9. Articles; Series 10. Papers related to the History of the Book-Readers, Writers, Publishers; Series 11. Papers related to Penguin Publishing; Series 12. Essays on Literature; Series 13. Book reviews; Series 14. Papers relating to books by J.E.M.; Series 15. Writings; Series 16. Genealogical information; Series 17. Miscellaneous Non-J.E.M.; Series 18. Photographs; Series 19. Artifacts, prints, awards; Series 20: Audio materials; Series 21. Library.

Index Terms


  • .
  • Adair, Virginia, 1913-.
  • Blunden, Edmund, 1896-1974.
  • Forte, Charles, 1908-.
  • Nye, Russel Blaine, 1913-.
  • Corporate name:

  • Christ's Hospital (Horsham, England)--History.
  • College of William and Mary--History--20th century.
  • Penguin (Firm)--History.
  • Subjects:

  • English teachers--Great Britain--Biography.
  • Historians--Great Britain--Biography.
  • Publishers and publishing--Great Britain-- Biography.
  • Geographical name:

  • Europe--Civilization--American influences.
  • United States--Civilization.
  • United States--Description and travel.

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • .
  • Adair, Virginia, 1913-.
  • Adair, Virginia, 1913-;
  • Blunden, Edmund, 1896-1974.
  • Blunden, Edmund, 1896-1974;
  • Forte, Charles, 1908-.
  • Forte, Charles, 1908-;
  • Morpurgo, J. E.;
  • Nye, Russel Blaine, 1913-.
  • Nye, Russel Blaine, 1913-.

Significant Places Associated With the Collection

  • Europe--Civilization--American influences.
  • United States--Civilization.
  • United States--Description and travel.

Contents List

Correspondence and biographical material, n.d., 1927-2000.. 1:1-30b, Box-folder
Series 1: Correspondence and biographical material
  • Biographical information, n.d.. 1:1, Box-folder

    Resume, curriculum vitae, lists of publications, talks, and speeches.

  • Autobiographical essays on life and career, n.d.. 1:2, Box-folder
  • Published information on J.E.M., n.d., 1939-1953.. 1:3, Box-folder

    Sources include The New Yorker, The Observer, The William and Mary Alumni Gazette, and others. Also includes a complete December 1952 issue of Thirty-One Four, the staff publication of the Continental Bank and Trust Company of Salt Lake City, Utah. J.E.M. had visited their offices in November 1952. N.B. article on page 5.

  • Christmas greetings, 1927-1933.. 1:4, Box-folder

    Greetings from Frances and Gilbert Chesterton. Each card contains a poem by Frances Chesterton.

  • Documents relating to expense accounts and retainers, 1951-1954.. 1:5, Box-folder
  • Principia Alumni Purpose, Summer 1966, 1966.. 1:6, Box-folder

    Journal of Principia College, St. Louis, Missouri. Contains an interview with J.E.M. conducted by Principia student, Neil Soderstrom (pp. 4-7).

  • Elmira College Collection, June 1966.. 1:7, Box-folder

    Album presented to J.E.M. who was commencement speaker. Includes honorary doctorate, programs, press clippings, and photographs.

  • John Richmond, Writing in Three Dimensions, 10 October 1970.. 1:8, Box-folder

    Canadian newspaper. Includes interview with J.E.M.

  • Correspondence between J.E.M. and Rosalind Young, September-October 1972.. 1:9, Box-folder

    Correspondence between J.E.M. and Rosalind Young of the British Council Specialist Tours Department, regarding J.E.M.'s trip to Mexico, Venezuela, and Chile.

  • Correspondence between General S. Shahid Hamid, Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Pakistan, n.d., 7 June 1979.. 1:10, Box-folder
  • Church service program, 27 February 1980.. 1:11, Box-folder

    Program from A Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of Sir Barnes Wallis. Held at St. Paul's Cathedral. The Address was delivered by J.E.M.

  • Correspondence with Dawn Muirhead, 1983.. 1:12, Box-folder

    Correspondence with Dawn Muirhead and information concerning the Washington Project, a memorialization of George Washington.

  • College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho, 1979-1986.. 1:13, Box-folder

    Items related to J.E.M.'s time as scholar in residence at the College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho. Includes honorary doctorate.

  • Honorary Doctorate from Rocky Mountain College, n.d.. 1:13a (moved to medium oversize), Box-folder
  • Correspondence re memorial volume for Arthur B. (Tim) Hanson, ca. 1989.. 1:14, Box-folder

    Correspondence regarding republication of part of J.E.M.'s autobiography in a memorial volume about Arthur B. (Tim) Hanson, a friend and fellow alumnus of William and Mary. Includes the extract to be used and a biographical sketch of Hanson.

  • Christmas letters, 1995.. 1:15, Box-folder

    Christmas letters to J.E.M. One signed "Kay" of East Lansing; the other in German.

  • Virginia Hamilton Adair, 1995-1998.. 1:16, Box-folder

    Correspondence by and about Virginia Hamilton Adair. Includes copies of some of her poems.

  • Church service bulletin, 20 March 1993.. 1:17, Box-folder

    Bulletin from "Service of Thanksgiving for the life and love of Catherine Noel Kippe Morpurgo, 1918-1993." The Church of the Holy Innocents, London.

  • Obituary for J.E.M. from Colonial Williamsburg Magazine, Winter 200-2001, 2001.. 1:18, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning Edmund Blunden, 1945-1983.. 1:19, Box-folder

    Includes one photocopied letter from Blunden to J.E.M. dated 19 April 1945. Also includes correspondence from 23 January 1974 to 25 July 1983 concerning the death of Edmund Blunden and the publishing of his poetry, his memorial, and correspondence with his widow, Claire.

  • Personal correspondence, 1940s.. 1:20, Box-folder
  • Personal correspondence, 1960s.. 1:21, Box-folder
  • Personal correspondence, 1970s.. 1:22, Box-folder
  • Personal correspondence, 1980s.. 1:23, Box-folder
  • Personal correspondence, 1990s,. 1:24, Box-folder
  • Correspondence with Nan Hodges, 1961-2000.. 1:25, Box-folder

    J.E.M.'s correspondence with William and Mary alumna, Nan Hodges.

  • J.E.M.: "Warm Welcome at Tel Afar: A Fragment of Autobiography", n.d.. 1:26, Box-folder

    Short story by J.E.M., later published in his autobiography, "Master of None". Includes both versions.

  • Carman Barnes: "The Englishman is Rather Sad" , n.d.. 1:27, Box-folder

    Essay by Carman Barnes, in which the author writes of J.E.M.'s views on the English and Americans. Contains direct quotes from a conversation between the author and J.E.M.

  • Miscellaneous handwritten notes and drafts, n.d.. 1:28, Box-folder
  • J.E.M, Entrance to the Aviary, September 1979.. 1:29, Box-folder

    Published in Quadrant, pages 43-49. Adapted from his autobiography, Master of None.

  • Correspondence regarding Anglo-American relations, September 1979.. 1:30, Box-folder

    Correspondence from Lorin or Louis[?] of Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, dealing with Anglo-American relations. Signed only with first name. The writer was probably a Professor at the College.

  • J.E.M. Honorary Doctor of Letters and college shield from Ricker College, Houlton, Maine, 12 June 1961.. 1:30a, Box-folder
  • Toronto Public Library, Boys and Girls House, 7 May 1964.. 1:30b, Box-folder

    Opening of Boys and Girls House of the Toronto Public Library; memorabilia. Includes drawing of the building, order of proceedings, and J.E.M. commemorative card.

Correspondence relating to writing projects, 1955-1993.. 1:31-41b, Box-folder
Series 2: Correspondence relating to writing projects
  • Letter to J.E.M. from Elizabeth E. Hamer, Assistant Librarian of Congress, 27 May 1970.. 1:31, Box-folder

    Letter concerning the Bicentennial program.

  • Correspondence regarding an exhibition on books for school libraries organized by the National Book League, 1955-1956.. 1:32, Box-folder

    Includes criticism of the exhibit from The Journal of Education.

  • Correspondence related to J.E.M.'s article "Albany" in The Book of Westminster, 1962-1964.. 1:33, Box-folder
  • Letter to J.E.M. from Patricia Edwards, Secretary to Mr. Robin Winks of the United States Information Service in the American Embassy, London, 30 January 1970.. 1:34, Box-folder

    Includes a review of Hortense Calisher's The New Yorkers from the Times Literary Supplement.

  • Correspondence between J.E.M. and Bruce King, Department of English, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 1971-1972.. 1:35, Box-folder

    Deals with J.E.M.'s contribution to an anthology edited by King. Includes unsigned copy of agreement with publisher, Routledge and Kegan Paul and a letter from J.E.M to Sally Spiller, of Routledge, disputing contract terms. Eventually King found someone else to write J.E.M.'s section, as he was too busy.

  • Correspondence with Blackwood's Magazine concerning stories submitted to and published by the magazine, 1977-1980.. 1:36, Box-folder

    Includes copies of the stories.

  • Correspondence with Quadrant Magazine concerning stories submitted to and published by the magazine, 1979-1982.. 1:37, Box-folder
  • Note from Dr. A. Massa to J.E.M. regarding lecture topics in American literature, 11 December 1980.. 1:38, Box-folder

    Includes suggestion list.

  • Correspondence between J.E.M. and Michael Parnell, a lecturer in English at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales, 1982.. 1:39, Box-folder

    Letters deal with writer Eric Linklater, an acquaintance of J.E.M.

  • Correspondence to J.E.M. from Steven Tuohy of the Printing Historical Society regarding J.E.M.'s tribute to Hugh Williamson to be published in the March 1993 Bulletin, 1993 .. 1:40, Box-folder

    Includes a draft of J.E.M. contribution.

  • Correspondence between J.E.M. and Ms. V.G.I. Smith, January-February 1992.. 1:41, Box-folder

    Correspondence regards questions after reading Barnes Wallis: A Biography. She hoped J.E.M. could give her information about her father.

  • Yorkshire Post Award, 27 March 1980.. 1:41a (moved to medium oversize box)., Box-folder
Papers relating to Christ's Hospital,. 2:1-28, Box-folder
Series 3: Papers relating to Christ's Hospital

Christ's Hospital School was founded in the City of London by King Edward VI in 1552, with the purpose to provide needy children with shelter and education that would enable them to be selfsufficient after their release. From the 17th to the mid-18th century, pupils educated in penmanship, bookkeeping and accounting were apprentised to merchants, lawyers, and other professionals in overseas colonies.

  • Speeches, essays and records relating to the History of Christ's Hospital,. 2:1-18, Box-folder
    Subseries 3.1: Speeches, essays and records relating to the History of Christ's Hospital
    • List of students of the Royal Mathematical School, Christ's Hospital, for the years 1675-1742, n.d.. 2:1, Box-folder
    • Detailed records of children released from Christ's Hospital to indentured apprentice positions on ships bound for the colonies, 1675-1821, n.d., 1694, 1697, 1997.. 2:2, Box-folder

      Included are photocopies of a 1694 and a 1697 list of children released from Christ's Hospital between 1675-1697, and "put forth to the Practice of Navigation". The records list the dates of indenture and the names of the masters. Also included are typed and ms. transcriptions of various detail of Christ's Hospital records, listing information on children discharged between 1784-1821: the name of the colony they were bound to serve in, length of indenture, date of birth and admission, name of parents, and name of the masters.

    • Lists of children from Christ's Hospital, London, who were apprenticed between 1675-1887 on ships headed for the Americas and other British colonies, 1767-1887, 1988, 1998.. 2:3, Box-folder

      Includes photocopies of a printed list, 1769, of apprentices, released between 1675-1767, photocopies of a ms. list of apprentices released 1767-1887, a letter dated 3 March 1998 written to J.E.M. from Christ's Hospital regarding the microfilming and copying of the above records, and an article on Christ's Hospital apprentices from Colonial Williamsburg Magazine, 1988.

    • Outlook - The literary magazine published at Christ's Hospital, April 1936.. 2:4, Box-folder

      Includes "An Essay on Drink, Drinking and Drinkers, Borrowed from most Authors, Ancient and Modern, Sacred and Profane," credited to J.E.M.

    • J.E.M.: A Somerset Athlete, Winter 1948-1949.. 2:5, Box-folder

      In: The West Country Magazine, pp. 280-283.

    • Letter from Christ's Hospital to J.E.M. regarding the Master Mariner's Prize, 11 November 1980.. 2:6, Box-folder
    • J.E.M. Founder's Day Speech, Christ's Hospital, 1979.. 2:7, Box-folder
    • J.E.M. speech delivered to President and Gentlemen at Christ's Hospital, n.d.. 2:8, Box-folder
    • Extracts from Professor [J.E.] Morpurgo's Speech Proposing the Health of the Chairman, Roy Salisbury, Clerk of Christ's Hospital, n.d.. 2:9, Box-folder
    • After-dinner oration delivered to alumni at Christ's Hospital, 25 October 1968.. 2:10, Box-folder
    • Christ's Hospital - An Introductory History by J. E. Morpurgo, with a bibliography, n.d.. 2:11, Box-folder


    • J.E.M.: Four Hundred Years of Blue-Coat Boys, n.d.. 2:12, Box-folder

      Published essay.

    • J.E.M.: A Famous English School, n.d.. 2:13, Box-folder

      Published essay.

    • J.E.M.: Essay on Christ's Hospital, n.d.. 2:14, Box-folder
    • J.E.M.: Speeches and articles on old blues and Christ's Hospital, 1960-1970.. 2:15, Box-folder
    • J.E.M.: Articles in Colonial Williamsburg Magazine, 1988, 1999/2000, n.d.. 2:16, Box-folder

      Articles: Autumn 1988: A Thing Without Parallel - Christ's Hospital and America, (pp. 7-14); December 1999/January 2000: untitled essay related to Summer 1995 article, Journey With Ghosts, (pp. 6-7). Includes note from Dennis Montgomery, Colonial Williamsburg Journal Office, about J.E.M. contribution, dated 15 June 2000.

    • Obituary for Hon. David Roberts, a Senior History Master at Christ's Hospital, by J.E.M., n.d.. 2:17, Box-folder
    • Correspondence between J.E.M. and Paul Wade, 25 and 28 January 1972.. 2:18, Box-folder

      Correspondence re contribution to British-American alumni magazine, Griffin. Wade was chairman of British-American alumni and Christ's Hospital. Mentioning of Christ's Hospital.

  • J.E.M. writings relating to Christ's Hospital alumni, n.d., 1974, 1982.. 2:19-25, Box-folder
    Subseries 3.2: J.E.M. writings relating to Christ's Hospital alumni
    • J.E.M.: Edmund Blunden: Poet of Community, 1974.. 2:19, Box-folder

      In: Contemporary Review, pp. 192-198.

    • J.E.M.: The Education of Genius, n.d.. 2:20, Box-folder
    • J.E.M.: Untitled essay on Edmund Blunden, n.d.. 2:21, Box-folder
    • J.E.M.: Pip - A Postscript, 1982.. 2:22, Box-folder

      From: All I Did Was This - Chapters of an Autobiography by Youngman Carter. Nashville: Sexton Press. (pp. 88-90).

    • J.E.M.: Two essays on James Henry Leigh Hunt, n.d.. 2:23, Box-folder
    • J.E.M.: Harold Skimpole's Better Half, 1948.. 2:24, Box-folder

      Introduction to the Autobiography of Leigh Hunt. London: Cresset. (pp. vii-xxiv).

    • J.E.M.: Essay on Charles Lamb, n.d.. 2:25, Box-folder
  • Additional records relating to Christ's Hospital,. 2:26-28, Box-folder
    Subseries 3.3: Additional records relating to Christ's Hospital
    • Sir John Squire: A Credential and a Testament, 13 June 1953.. 2:26, Box-folder

      In: The Illustrated London News (p. 980). Review of The Christ's Hospital Book, published to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the school.

    • J.E.M.: Notes for an article on Christ's Hospital and early residents of Williamsburg for Colonial Williamsburg Magazine, 2000.. 2:27, Box-folder
    • The Blue, 1996-1998.. 2:28, Box-folder

      Issues of The Blue mentioning J.E.M. Also programs from Old Blues' and Parent's Day from 21 June 1998 and 22 June 1997.

Papers relating to the College of William & Mary, 1936-1986.. 2:29-45a, Box-folder
Series 4: Papers relating to the College of William & Mary
  • J.E.M. classnotes, ca.1936.. 2:29, Box-folder

    Notebook from class in American Social History at William and Mary.

  • J.E.M. classnotes from History and Literature classes, n.d.. 2:30, Box-folder
  • J.E.M.: "Critique of Reconstruction in Philosophy by John Dewey," December 1937.. 2:31, Box-folder

    Essay, read in Contemporary Philosophy Seminar at William and Mary.

  • Bill McCann: Seeing America First, n.d.. 2:32, Box-folder

    The Middleville Sun and Caledonia News. Written by a friend of J.E.M. after reading American Excursion (1949). Includes observations on William and Mary.

  • Letter from J.E.M. to Dr. Douglass Adair, Institute of Early American Studies, Williamsburg, Virginia, 12 January 1951.. 2:33, Box-folder
  • Article on J.E.M, May 1963.. 2:34, Box-folder

    In: Alumni Gazette of the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

  • Letter from Office of the Dean, the College of William and Mary, to J.E.M, 9 March 1967.. 2:35, Box-folder

    Deals with J.E.M. as author of a college history.

  • Jamestown Day Address, by Dr. Davis Y. Paschall, President of the College of William and Mary, 12 May 1968.. 2:36, Box-folder

    Published by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities.

  • United Kingdom Chapter of William and Mary Alumni Society, 1969-1973.. 2:37, Box-folder

    Certificate and various letters and documents relating to founding of United Kingdom Chapter of William and Mary Alumni Society.

  • Citation to J.E.M. from William and Mary, 1970.. 2:38, Box-folder

    Re: conferral of Degree of Doctor of Human Letters, Honoris Causa. Charter Day Program, 7 February 1970.

  • J.E.M.: Cherry Trees and Lions' Tails, 1972.. 2:39, Box-folder

    Griffin: The Journal of the British American Alumni and the British American Educational Foundation, Inc. Article on page 11. TMS of article. Letter from J.E.M. to Griffin Editor regarding a printer's mistake in his essay.

  • Citation from Colin R. Davis to J.E.M. from for the William and Mary Alumni Society Medallion for service and loyalty, 1972.. 2:40, Box-folder
  • Publication of Their Majesties' Royall Colledge, 1972-1982.. 2:41, Box-folder

    Notes and correspondence concerning publication of Their Majesties' Royall Colledge, a history of the College of William and Mary. Includes correspondence with the President of the College, Thomas R. Graves, Jr. Includes a copy of Graves's Inaugural Address, 5 February 1972.

  • Press releases, 1973.. 2:42, Box-folder

    Press release about the U.K. Alumni of William and Mary dinner, 17 May 1973. TMS. Press release about a dinner at the House of Commons to honor William and Mary President, Dr. Thomas A. Graves. 15 March 1973. TMS.

  • Charter Day commemorative booklet, 1976.. 2:43, Box-folder

    Also included are newspaper clippings, a promotional leaflet for J.E.M., Their Majesties' Royall Colledge-William and Mary in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.

  • Constance Stapleton: A House Fit for a President, n.d.. 2:44, Box-folder

    Article on the President's House at William and Mary, in: Americana (pp. 50-57).

  • Information on Phi Beta Kappa, the Flat Hat Club, and Williamsburg, 1916-1986.. 2:45, Box-folder
  • J.E.M.'s Phi Beta Kappa Certificate, 6 December 1948.. 2:45a, Box-folder
  • J.E.M.: B.A. and Honorary Doctorate from William and Mary, 1938, 1970.. 2:45b, Box-folder
Papers relating to the University of Leeds, 1968-1981.. 2:45b-47, Box-folder
Series 5: Papers relating to the University of Leeds
  • Robert Lowell to J.E.M, 24 January 1970.. 2:46, Box-folder

    Note from Robert Lowell to J.E.M. regarding J.E.M. as Lowell's presenter for degree at Leeds.

  • Programs for the Conferment of Honorary Degrees, The University of Leeds, 23 May 1968, 18 October 1976, 11 May 1977.. 2:47, Box-folder
  • J.E.M.: Essay on William Walsh for the University of Leeds Review, 1981.. 2:48, Box-folder

    Includes correspondence with the Editor.

Teaching materials, n.d., 1945-1970.. 3:1-29, Box-folder
Series 6: Teaching materials
  • J.E.M. lecture: The American Constitution, Summer 1945.. 3:1, Box-folder

    Lecture delivered to a Tutor's course at Oxford University.

  • Student's essays from seminar in Romantic Literature taught by J.E.M., 1948.. 3:2, Box-folder
  • Bibliographies of works by e.e. cummings and William Faulkner, 1969.. 3:3, Box-folder
  • Miscellaneous lecture materials and a copy of the examination in American Literature for the degree of B.A. in Two-Subjects, University of Leeds, May-June 1970.. 3:4, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. essay on the American Civil War, n.d.. 3:5, Box-folder


  • Occasional Lectures-to-go to Idaho, n.d., 1959-1961.. 3:6, Box-folder

    1. The Continuing Use of English (1961; 4 pp.); 2. The Printed Word in Britain (1959; 5 pp.);3. Commencement Address (June 1961, 14 pp.); 4. Untitled, British-American relations (June 1966, 16 pp.); 5. Richer in Esteem: A Reappraisal of John Burgoyne (n.d., published, pp. 151-167);6. Untitled-English poetry (n.d., 25 pp.); 7. Forty Years On (n.d., 17 pp.); 8. Literature and Chauvinism: A Reconnaissance of Poetry of Canada and Australia (n.d., published essay, pp. 58-77).

  • J.E.M. essays and lectures on The Romantics, n.d.. 3:7, Box-folder

    1. The Irate St. Charles (n.d., 20 pp.); 2. Leigh Hunt (n.d., 14 pp.); 3. James Henry Leigh Hunt (n.d., 11 pp.).

  • J.E.M. lecture and notes: The Frontier, n.d.. 3:8, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. lecture: The Southern Tradition, n.d.. 3:9, Box-folder

    Outline for lecture.

  • J.E.M. essay/lecture: The Literature of Revolution, n.d.. 3:10, Box-folder
  • J.E.M.: Jazz, n.d.. 3:11, Box-folder
  • J.E.M.: notes and book reviews on Canadian poetry, n.d.. 3:12, Box-folder
  • J.E.M.: Social Context of Literature in the United States, n.d.. 3:13, Box-folder
  • J.E.M.: Inaugural Lecture on American Literature, n.d.. 3:14, Box-folder

    Includes introduction to lecture.

  • Lecture materials on James Fenimore Cooper, n.d.. 3:15, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on e.e. cummings, n.d.. 3:16, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials-Emily Dickinson, n.d.. 3:17, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials-T.S. Eliot, n.d.. 3:18, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on Ralph Waldo Emerson, n.d.. 3:19, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on William Faulkner, n.d.. 3:20, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on Robert Frost, n.d.. 3:21, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on Nathaniel Hawthorne, n.d.. 3:22, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on Henry James, n.d.. 3:23, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on Herman Melville, n.d.. 3:24, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on E.A. Robinson, Lindsay, Masters, and Sandburg, n.d.. 3:25, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on Wallace Stevens, n.d.. 3:26, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on Mark Twain, n.d.. 3:27, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on William Carlos Williams, n.d.. 3:28, Box-folder
  • Lecture materials on Walt Whitman, n.d.. 3:29, Box-folder
Speeches, 1959-1976.. 3:30-39, Box-folder
Series 7 : Speeches
  • J.E.M., Director's Speech for Valedictory, Unesco Regional Seminar, Madras, 19 December 1959.. 3:30, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. speeches on Geo-politics, 1963.. 3:31, Box-folder

    Includes Anglo-Israeli Project (20 pp.) and Speech at the Vienna Congress (8 pp.).

  • J.E.M. speeches and reports on Canada, 1964-1966.. 3:32, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. sermon, 1972.. 3:33, Box-folder

    Based on The Second Book of Samuel, delivered at Church Road Methodist Church, St. Annes-On-Sea (10 pp.). Includes bulletins.

  • J.E.M. draft of speech for Prize Day at Queens, Taunton, 1976.. 3:34, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. speech on The Sicilian Vespers, n.d.. 3:35, Box-folder
  • Speeches and commencement addresses, n.d., 1961-1967.. 3:36, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. address for the awarding of a Doctor of Music degree to Charles Rosen, n.d.. 3:37, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. drafts of Berlin Lecture, n.d.. 3:38, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. address to Charles Lamb Society, n.d.. 3:39, Box-folder
Papers relating to WW II and the military, n.d., 1944-1977.. 4:1-11a, Box-folder
Series 8: Papers relating to WW II and the military
  • J.E.M., Blueprint for War Memorials, 1945-1946.. 4:1, Box-folder

    Draft and 2 published copies: Khaki and Blue, 1945; and News Bulletin, 1 May 1946.

  • J.E.M., The First of Foot, 6 September 1953.. 4:2, Box-folder

    In: Scotland's Magazine (pp. 41-42).

  • J.E.M.: Chianti in Africa, April 1977.. 4:3, Box-folder

    In: Blackwood's Magazine (pp. 294-298). Includes letter to J.E.M. from David Fletcher regarding publication and payment.

  • J.E.M. notebook, n.d.. 4:4, Box-folder

    Notebook with commentary and observations from World War II experiences. Written on the reverse of what appears to be an Italian account book. AMS. Also includes a draft of "Loot", by Seagull Minor, seemingly based on the notes (6 pp.).

  • J.E.M. essays on military regiments, n.d.. 4:5, Box-folder

    The First of Foot -The Royal Scots: Pontius Pilate's Bodyguard (9 pp.); The Lovat Scouts (6 pp.); The Dorset Regiment (4 pp.).

  • Unknown author, 139 Infantry Brigade, n.d.. 4:6, Box-folder

    From Brigadier. Inscribed: This may interest you. It is one of my lesser literary efforts-but the easiest to get published. Signature illegible (1 p.).

  • Notes and essay on the 46th Division, n.d.. 4:7, Box-folder

    Published in Manchester Guardian, draft (4 pp.). Includes correspondence regarding a 1993 reunion of 46th Division officers.

  • J.E.M.: Q.E.D., n.d.. 4:8, Box-folder

    Published by Blackwood (pp. 495-497).

  • J.E.M. letter to Convoy, n.d.. 4:9, Box-folder

    Re: British military service.

  • J.E.M.: Substantial Authority, n.d.. 4:10, Box-folder
  • J.E.M.: Gin and Onion, n.d.. 4:11, Box-folder
  • Certificate of J.E.M. membership in "Ye Ancient Order of Sea Dogs, 31 January 1941.. 4:11a, Box-folder

    The certificate is signed on front and back by other members.

Articles, n.d., 1932-1981.. 4:12-59, Box-folder
Series 9: Articles
  • Articles regarding American-European relations, n.d., 1948-1981.. 4:12-44, Box-folder
    Subseries 9.1: Articles regarding American-European relations

    All articles in this sub-series have been written by J.E.M. unless otherwise mentioned.

    • Mid-Atlantic, n.d.. 4:12, Box-folder

      Deals with the relationship between British and Americans in late 1930s-early 1940s. No publication title visible.

    • Myths, Half-Truths and History, October-November 1947.. 4:13, Box-folder

      Published in: The English Speaking World (Pp. 738-743). Includes proofs.

    • Williamsburg, Virginia, Spring 1948.. 4:14, Box-folder

      Published in: Transatlantic (pp. 25-31). Includes draft.

    • Speaking for Myself, April 1948.. 4:15, Box-folder

      Published in Scots Review (p. 10).

    • West Country Looks West, Spring 1948.. 4:16, Box-folder

      Published in: The West Country Magazine (pp. 19-21). Includes draft.

    • Darkest America on the British Map, 4 December 1949.. 4:17, Box-folder

      Published in: The New York Times Magazine (pp. 22-29).

    • California's Sun in European Skies, 5 January 1950.. 4:18, Box-folder

      Published in: The Listener (pp. 8-9). Includes draft.

    • Talking to Americans, 20 July 1950.. 4:19, Box-folder

      Published in: The Listener (pp. 93-95).

    • Excerpts from: The Picket Line and Campfire Stories, A Collection of War Anecdotes Both Grave and Gay, Illustrative of the Triumphs and Trials of Soldier Life; With a Thousand and One Humorous Stories Told of and By Abraham Lincoln, Together with a Full Collection of Northern and Southern War Songs. By a Member of the G.A.R, [1951?].. 4:20, Box-folder

      Sent by R.B. Nye to J.E.M.

    • Untitled essay on poems, n.d.. 4:21, Box-folder

      Essay discussed the following poems: Allen Tate's Ode to the Confederate Dead and Robert Lowell's Ode to the Union Dead. Includes copies of both poems.

    • Class Ridden America, 25 July 1952.. 4:22, Box-folder

      Published in: John O. London.

    • The American Workshop, 20 August 1952.. 4:23, Box-folder

      Published in: The Times Literary Supplement. No page number visible.

    • Jamestown, 15 May 1957.. 4:24, Box-folder

      Published in: The Tatler and Bystander (pp. 364-365). Includes draft. Written to highlight Jamestown's 350th anniversary.

    • [Hysteria on Main Street], n.d. [195-?].. 4:25, Box-folder

      Section of an essay on British impressions of small-town America.

    • God's Almighty Railroad, May 1979.. 4:26, Box-folder

      Published in: Quadrant (pp. 29-31). Includes version: God's Own Railroad.

    • Untitled address, 1981.. 4:27, Box-folder

      Regards the subject of the 200th anniversary of the British surrender at Yorktown, Virginia.

    • From the Heart of an Anglo-American, n.d.. 4:28, Box-folder

      Deals with England, America, and the Falkland Crisis.

    • Journey with Ghosts: A Personal Itinerary. . . that explores along the way the origin of Phi Beta Kappa, Summer 1995.. 4:29, Box-folder

      Published in: Colonial Williamsburg Magazine (pp. 35-39).

    • The American Negro, n.d.. 4:30, Box-folder

      Published essay, no publication title visible (pp. 16-24).

    • The Americans in Our Midst, n.d.. 4:31, Box-folder

      Introduction to the Times Memorial volume to the Americans.

    • No More Cherry Trees, n.d.. 4:32, Box-folder
    • Forty Years On, n.d.. 4:33, Box-folder

      Observations on British-American relations.

    • View From Main Street, n.d.. 4:34, Box-folder

      Observations on British-American relations (6 pp.). Includes AMS version (7 pp.)

    • Hollywood: America's Voice, n.d.. 4:35, Box-folder
    • The Clown in the Elsinore XV, n.d.. 4:36, Box-folder
    • Essay and miscellaneous notes on American social structure and party system, n.d.. 4:37, Box-folder
    • The American Election, n.d.. 4:38, Box-folder

      Published in: Penguin Parade (pp. 112-124).

    • Untitled essay on 350th anniversary of the overseas Commonwealth, n.d.. 4:39, Box-folder

      Deals with Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg.

    • American Sports and Pastimes, n.d.. 4:40, Box-folder
    • John Paul Jones: An American Hero, n.d.. 4:41, Box-folder
    • British Service Publicity in the United States, n.d.. 4:42, Box-folder
    • American Culture and Europe, n.d.. 4:43, Box-folder

      Drafts and notes.

    • Miscellaneous lecture notes on British and American subjects, n.d.. 4:44, Box-folder
  • Articles regarding British and European subjects, 1932-1978.. 4:45-59, Box-folder
    Subseries 9.2: Articles regarding British and European subjects

    All articles by J.E.M. unless otherwise noted.

    • Biographies for Britain, n.d.. 4:45, Box-folder
    • Essays on Britain, n.d., 1964.. 4:46, Box-folder

      Includes: Note on Britain - Second Class Power or Third Force (6 pp.); and an untitled essay on healthcare (9 pp.).

    • God's Almighty Nephew, n.d.. 4:47, Box-folder

      Essay on Richard Brothers.

    • Untitled essay on Michael St. Denis, n.d.. 4:48, Box-folder
    • The 'Ardent Spirit ' of Old Moscow, n.d.. 4:49, Box-folder

      Published in: The Compleat Imbiber (pp. 17-19).

    • Untitled lecture draft, n.d.. 4:50, Box-folder

      Deals with the lives of young British royalty. Focus on Queen Victoria and twentieth-century Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

    • Pleasure Resorts of the Eighteenth-Century In and Around London, 1932.. 4:51, Box-folder

      Essay draft.

    • In Defense of the King, 4 August 1950.. 4:52, Box-folder

      Published in: Public Opinion (pp. 2-3).

    • The Way to Travel in Comfort, 15 April 1953.. 4:53, Box-folder

      Published in: The Tatler and Bystander (pp.166, 170).

    • Who Will Succeed Churchill?, September 1953.. 4:54, Box-folder

      Published in: Mayfair (3 pp.).

    • Various essays in the "Report from London" series, October 1953-July 1954.. 4:55, Box-folder

      Published in: Mayfair.

    • Rugger-The Manly Sport For Wives, 3 October 1956.. 4:56, Box-folder

      Published in: The Tatler and Bystander (pp. 16-17).

    • A Little Bit Sentimental, 1961.. 4:57, Box-folder

      2 versions.

    • Congress of Vienna - 1963 Style, 1964.. 4:58, Box-folder

      Was to be published in Books, January/February 1964.

    • Richer in Esteem: A Reappraisal of John Burgoyne, n.d.. 4:59, Box-folder

      A tribute to Russel Nye publihsed by Michigan State University Press (pp. 151-167).

Papers relating to the history of the book - readers, writers, publishers, n.d., 1950-1981.. 5:1-23, Box-folder
Series 10: Papers relating to the history of the book - readers, writers, publishers
  • Essays on books, reading, and publishing in Britain, 1950s.. 5:1, Box-folder
  • The Price of Books, 8 December 1955.. 5:2, Box-folder

    Published in: London Calling (p. 16).

  • Some Notes on Popular Publishing Experience in the United Kingdom, 1956.. 5:3, Box-folder

    Prepared for the UNESCO regional meeting on the Production of Reading Material for New Literates, held in Pakistan.

  • Essays and speeches on book history, 1956-1985.. 5:4, Box-folder
  • Books for the New Reading Public, March 1958.. 5:5, Box-folder

    Published in: The Unesco Courier (p. 26).

  • The Printed Word in Britain, 1959.. 5:6, Box-folder
  • British Books at Large, October 1960.. 5:7, Box-folder

    Published in: English Language Teaching.

  • The World as Oyster, 1962.. 5:8, Box-folder

    Reprinted from: The Penrose Annual (Vol. 56., pp. 41-46).

  • Libel and Copyright, n.d.. 5:9, Box-folder
  • Speeches on children and reading, 1964-1965.. 5:10, Box-folder

    Includes: Children Reading in the Age of Television (10 p.); Osborne Library (9 pp.); and untitled (2 pp.).

  • The Publishing Problem - a Kite for policy makers, 1965.. 5:11, Box-folder

    Includes correspondence with the Journal of Documentation regarding publication.

  • Books and Libraries in an Industrial Society, 1968.. 5:12, Box-folder

    Paper presented at 34th Session of the IFLA General Trust; published in IFLA-Communications-FIAB (pp. 223-229). Includes draft (13 pp.).

  • Commentary from J.E.M. on Cameron Hazelhurst's Being Discreet About the Dead - Some Problems for Biographers, February 1978.. 5:13, Box-folder

    Includes excerpt on Hazelhurst's work. Published in the Quadrant (pp. 4-5).

  • A Prospect of Paperbacks, 1981.. 5:14, Box-folder
  • Paperbacks to the Wall, January-February 1981.. 5:15, Box-folder

    Published in: Quadrant (pp. 18-21).

  • The National Book League and the Future of Books, [1956?].. 5:16, Box-folder
  • Books to Own: An Adventure in Publishing, n.d.. 5:17, Box-folder

    Published in: Review 46 (pp. 39-43).

  • Miscellaneous notes on an essay about editing, n.d.. 5:18, Box-folder
  • Untitled essay on British and American newspaper buying and reading, n.d.. 5:19, Box-folder
  • Supplication to St. John Stevas, n.d.. 5:20, Box-folder
  • Is There A Future for the Written Word?, n.d.. 5:21, Box-folder
  • Making Books There is No End, n.d.. 5:22, Box-folder

    Draft essay, includes bibliographic notes.

  • Speech on the National Book League, n.d.. 5:23, Box-folder
Papers related to Penguin Publishing, n.d., 1947-1985.. 5:24-44, Box-folder
Series 11: Papers related to Penguin Publishing
  • Newspaper clippings regarding the second series of Penguin Parade, 1947.. 5:24, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning the Anglo-American Historical Conference and other matters relating to Pelican Histories, 1951.. 5:25, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning the Penguin Modern History of China, 1951.. 5:26, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning Penguin History of England, 1951-1957.. 5:27, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning Pelican Histories Series, 1951-1959.. 5:28, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning the Penguin History of Modern France, 1951-1959.. 5:29, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning Penguin History of India, 1951-1960.. 5:30, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning Pelican Histories series, 1951-1960.. 5:31, Box-folder

    Includes correspondence with authors, acceptance and rejection letters, and proposals for histories of Rome, Russia, Scotland, Spain, and Portugal.

  • Correspondence concerning editing and production of Junior History of England series, 1952-1956.. 5:32, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning Penguin Books, Ltd., 1952-1957.. 5:33, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning Penguin History of Japan, 1952-1959.. 5:34, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning Penguin History of the Church of England, 1952-1960.. 5:35, Box-folder
  • Correspondence relating to Penguin Books, including Pelican Histories, 1952-1960.. 5:36, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning publication of Penguin History of the Royal Navy, 1953-1956.. 5:37, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning the publication of The History of the Catholic Church, by Father Kevin Booth, 1953-1957.. 5:38, Box-folder
  • Correspondence concerning publication of the Penguin History of New Zealand, 1953-1958.. 5:39, Box-folder
  • J.E.M., Untitled essay on Penguin publishing. 1956.. 5:40, Box-folder
  • J..E.M., The King and I, .. 5:41, Box-folder

    Essay on Pelican chief-of-staff Allen Lane, Blackwood's (pp. 480-487).

  • Colin Campbell, Penguins had 'no right' to succeed, 3 January 1985.. 5:42, Box-folder

    Article from Australian newspaper on the subject of Penguin books, Townsville Bulletin.

  • Illustrations for Penguin Junior History of England series, n.d.. 5:43, Box-folder
  • J.E.M., Once Upon A Time, n.d.. 5:44, Box-folder

    Penguin Progress 13, (pp. 33-37). Includes TMS of article, (6 pp.).

Essays on Literature, n.d., 1930-1985.. 6:1-32, Box-folder
Series 12: Essays on Literature

All essays by J.E.M., unless otherwise mentioned.

  • Poet-Prophet of America, 31 July 1953.. 6:1, Box-folder

    Essay on Walt Whitman, in The Times Literary Supplement (p. 492).

  • Essays on literature, arts, and sciences in Britain, 1930-1958.. 6:2, Box-folder
  • Herman Melville and England, 1950.. 6:3, Box-folder

    In: The Month (pp. 180-186). Includes TMS draft (14 pp.)

  • Romantic Pirate: Edward John Trelawny, 1952.. 6:4, Box-folder

    Introduction to Trelawny's last Days of Shelley and Byron. London: Folio Society (pp. iii-xvii).

  • Essays on English language, 1958, 1961.. 6:5, Box-folder

    Nonsense and the English (7 pp.); and The Continuing Use of English (4 pp.).

  • 'from that damnable place'-The Englishness of American Literature, 1971.. 6:6, Box-folder

    Inaugural lecture at University of Leeds. Published in University of Leeds Review (pp. 69-87). Includes TMS draft (36 pp.).

  • Essays from Contemporary Novelists, 1972.. 6:7, Box-folder

    1. Robertson Davies; 2. Robert (Ranke) Graves; 3. A(lfred) B(ertram) Guthrie, Jr.; 4. Eric (Robert Russell) Linklater; 5. (John) Hugh MacLennan.

  • Damned from Here to Eternity, November 1979.. 6:8, Box-folder

    Essay on Rudyard Kipling published in Quadrant (pp. 54-56). Includes TMS draft (8 pp).

  • William McCann,(Austin) Merrill Moore, 1980.. 6:9, Box-folder

    Dictionary of American Biography, Supplement Six (no place; pp. 461-462).

  • Draft essay on biography as a literary form., n.d.. 6:10, Box-folder

    Relates to work on Barnes Wallis published in 1981.

  • Keats Memorial Lecture: The Poet and Barabbas: Keats, His Publishers and Editors, n.d.. 6:11, Box-folder

    Given at Guy's Hospital for the Royal College of Surgeons, Guy's Hospital, and the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries.

  • Untitled essay on literature, n.d.. 6:12, Box-folder
  • What is Poetry?, n.d.. 6:13, Box-folder

    Incomplete essay.

  • Speech on poetry in America, n.d.. 6:14, Box-folder


  • Essay on American literature, n.d.. 6:15, Box-folder


  • American Literature and Britain, n.d.. 6:16, Box-folder
  • Draft of Introductory presentation in American Literature, n.d.. 6:17, Box-folder
  • Essay on American literature, n.d.. 6:18, Box-folder


  • Expatriation and the frontier in American literature, n.d.. 6:19, Box-folder

    Draft essay.

  • Philosophocide, n.d.. 6:20, Box-folder

    Essay on William Godwin.

  • The Mississippi, n.d.. 6:21, Box-folder

    Published essay.

  • Text of a lecture delivered to the Creative Writing Group at the University of Iowa, n.d.. 6:22, Box-folder
  • Literary Independence, n.d.. 6:23, Box-folder
  • Joyce Cary, n.d.. 6:24, Box-folder
  • Essays on Edward John Trelawny's Romantic Pirate, n.d.. 6:25, Box-folder
  • Essay on literature in post-World War II England, n.d.. 6:26, Box-folder


  • Essay on Christopher Marlowe, n.d.. 6:27, Box-folder
  • Essay on Goronwy Owen, n.d.. 6:28, Box-folder
  • Essay on English language literature, n.d.. 6:29, Box-folder
  • Bigraphical notes on literary figures, n.d.. 6:30, Box-folder

    Entries on literary figures for unidentified reference work: Blunden, Lamb, MacLennan, Burgoyne, and Davies. Also includes a draft essay on Leigh Hunt.

  • Bibliographies on American literature and civilization, n.d.. 6:31, Box-folder
  • Escape from Fuddy-Duddy, n.d.. 6:32, Box-folder

    Published essay.

Book reviews, n.d., 1938-1980.. 6:33-54, Box-folder
Series 13: Book reviews

All reviews by J.E.M., unless otherwise mentioned.

  • Review of Matthew Cooper's The German Army, 1933-1945, 1978.. 6:33, Box-folder

    Also includes letter from Literary Editor of Yorkshire Post requesting a copy of the review as well as a letter from Cooper thanking J.E.M. for the review.

  • Review of Bertrand Russell's Our Knowledge of the External World, 1938.. 6:34, Box-folder
  • Book reviews published in various newspapers and journals, n.d., 1946-1947.. 6:35, Box-folder

    Places of publication include: The Times Literary Supplement, Books of the Month, Tribune, Time and Tide, Birmingham Post, and others.

  • Book reviews published in various newspapers and journals, 1948-1952.. 6:36, Box-folder

    Places of publication include: The Times Literary Supplement, Books of the Month, Tribune, and others. Some are identified as written by J.E.M., others are not. Includes some reviews written by Jonathan More.

  • Various book reviews on American literature, published in The Times Literary Supplement, ca. 1952-1953.. 6:37, Box-folder

    Titles and authors of books reviewed are listed on the front of the folder.

  • Review of Eric Linklater's Fanfare for a Tin Hat, ca. 1970.. 6:38, Box-folder

    Includes letter from Linklater to J.E.M.

  • Review of G.B. Warden, Boston, 1689-1776, 1970.. 6:39, Box-folder

    Includes correspondence between managing editor of J.E.M., Dent and Sons Publishers and J.E.M. regarding his review of the book. Dent was considering a British edition of the work, but J.E.M. advised against it.

  • Review essay on Carl Bode, ed., The Best of Thoreau's Journals and Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1971.. 6:40, Box-folder

    Includes correspondence between editors at The Times Literary Supplement and J.E.M. Deals with J.E.M.'s review and his response to criticism from one reader.

  • Book reviews, 1972.. 6:41, Box-folder

    Authors and titles of works reviewed are listed on the front of the folder.

  • Review of W.E. Williams' Allen Lane: A Personal Portrait,. 6:42, Box-folder

    Published in New Statesman under the title "King of the Castle." Includes acknowledgment from journal and proofs.

  • Review of David Irving's Hitler's War, ca. 1977.. 6:43, Box-folder

    Includes correspondence between J.E.M. and Irving regarding Irving's his claim that "Hitler did not order killing of Jews."

  • Reviews of Christopher Hibbert's The Great Mutiny, and Philip Mason's A Shaft of Sunlight, 1978.. 6:44, Box-folder

    Published in the Yorkshire Post. Includes letter from the literary editor regarding the reviews.

  • Essay on Olivia Manning's The Battle Lost and Won, 1980.. 6:45, Box-folder

    Published in Yorkshire Arts under the title Book of the Year.

  • Assorted book reviews, n.d.. 6:46, Box-folder

    Authors and titles of books reviewed are listed on the front of the folder.

  • Assorted book reviews, n.d.. 6:47, Box-folder

    Authors and titles of the books reviewed are listed on the front of the folder.

  • Assorted book reviews, n.d.. 6:48, Box-folder

    Authors and titles of the books reviewed are listed on the front of the folder.

  • Assorted book reviews on American subjects, n.d.. 6:49, Box-folder

    Authors and titles of the books reviewed are listed on the front of the folder.

  • Review of Commager's The American Mind, n.d.. 6:50, Box-folder


  • Book reviews written for The Times Literary Supplement, daily Telegraph, and other publications, n.d.. 6:51, Box-folder
  • Additional book reviews from various publications, n.d.. 6:52, Box-folder
  • Reviews of stage shows, n.d.. 6:53, Box-folder

    Includes reviews on: "At Your Service," "Arsenic and Old Lace," and "Ladies in Waiting."

  • Review of Denis Welland, ed., The United States: A Companion to American Studies, n.d.. 6:54, Box-folder


Papers relating to books by J.E.M., n.d., 1946-1995.. 7-8:11, Box-folder
Series 14: Papers relating to books by J.E.M.
  • Correspondence and drafts, n.d., 1946-1995.. 7-8, Box-folder
    Subseries 14.1: Correspondence and drafts
    • Notes and correspondence concerning the publication of The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt, 1946-1957.. 7:1, Box-folder
    • Correspondence and drafts of revisions related to J.E.M. and Russel Nye's History of America, 1951-1986.. 7:2, Box-folder
    • Correspondence concerning various revisions and reprints of J.E.M. and Russel Nye's History of the United States, 1975-1981.. 7:3, Box-folder

      Includes letters regarding a Japanese edition.

    • Correspondence with Charles Forte, Esq. about the possibility of J.E.M. working on Forte's memoirs, 1959-1960.. 7:4, Box-folder
    • Typed notes and drafts of work with Charles Forte, n.d.. 7:5, Box-folder

      Some of the material may have been Forte's own writing-no indication of authorship was made.

    • Notes and drafts for work with Charles Forte, n.d.. 7:6, Box-folder
    • Introduction to William Cobbett, Journal of a Year's Residence in the U.S.A. Centaur Press., 1963. 7:7, Box-folder

      Includes correspondence between Centaur and J.E.M. regarding publication.

    • William Cobbett in America, 1984.. 7:8, Box-folder

      An expanded introduction to Cobbett's America. London: Folio Society (pp. xi-xxxi). Includes draft.

    • William Cobbett in America, n.d.. 7:9, Box-folder

      Two drafts. One labelled: Cobbett Introduction.

    • Notes and synopsis for biography of author William Cobbett, n.d.. 7:10, Box-folder
    • Items relating to J.E.M.'s The Road to Athens, 1961-1966.. 7:11, Box-folder

      Correspondence, reviews, and proofs.

    • Account of travels through Western Europe for The Road to Athens, n.d.. 7:12, Box-folder

      Includes maps, charts, and J.E.M.'s essay Modern Greece.

    • Items relating to J.E.M.'s edition of James Fenimore Cooper's The Spy, 1962-1968.. 7:13, Box-folder

      Correspondence, reviews, and proofs. Includes unsigned copy of agreement with Oxford University Press, 1963.

    • J.E.M.'s foreword to Jella Lepman's A Bridge of Common Books, 1968.. 7:14, Box-folder
    • J.E.M.'s Treason at West Point: The Arnold-Andre Conspiracy, 1975.. 7:15, Box-folder

      New York: Mason/Charter (169 pp.). Also includes a copy of the poem The Ballad of Major Andre, and J.E.M.'s outline.

    • Correspondence concerning publication of For If It Prosper and Treason at West Point, 1994-1995.. 7:16, Box-folder
    • Correspondence leading up to the publication of the biography of Allen Lane, 1972-1979.. 8:1, Box-folder
    • Notes, reviews, and correspondence relating to biography of Allen Lane, 1979.. 8:2, Box-folder

      Includes photographs of reception introducing the book.

    • Correspondence concerning the biography of Allen Lane, 1979-1980.. 8:3, Box-folder
    • Correspondence concerning reaction to and royalties for Allen Lane: King Penguin, 1979-1983.. 8:4, Box-folder
    • J.E.M. speech on biography of Allen Lane, n.d.. 8:5, Box-folder
    • Material submitted to publisher's designers for a new edition by Flyfield of Charles Lamb's Charles Lamb and Elia, 1993.. 8:6, Box-folder

      A previous edition was published by Penguin in 1948. Includes Part 1: Mr. Charles Lamb and the introduction to the original edition.

    • Part 2 of Charles Lamb and Elia - He Serves Up His Friends, 1993.. 8:7, Box-folder
    • Part 3 of Charles Lamb and Elia - The Irate St. Charles, 1993.. 8:8, Box-folder
    • Part 4 of Charles Lamb and Elia - More House Lamb Than Grass Lamb, 1993. 8:9, Box-folder
    • Part 5 of 1993 Charles Lamb and Elia - Juices of Meats, Innocent Vanities and Jest, 1993.. 8:10, Box-folder
    • Notes on Some Contemporaries, for 1993 edition of Charles Lamb and Elia, 1993.. 8:11, Box-folder
  • Reviews, n.d, 1949-1981,. 8:12-21, Box-folder
    Subseries 14.2: Reviews
    • Reviews of J.E.M.'s The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt, 1949.. 8:12, Box-folder

      Cresset Press. Includes front part of an original dustjacket.

    • Reviews of J.E.M.'s edition of Charles Lamb and Elia, 1948.. 8:13, Box-folder

      Penguin Press.

    • Reviews of J.E.M.'s American Excursion, 1949.. 8:14, Box-folder

      Cresset Press. Includes front part of an original dustjacket.

    • Henry Steele Commager: So We're a Bad Influence, 1951.. 8:15, Box-folder

      In: The New York Times. Review of Bertrand Russell, John Lehman, Sean O'Faolain, J.E.Morpurgo, Martin Cooper, and Perry Miller: The Impact of America on European Culture. Boston, The Beacon Press, 1951.

    • Reviews of The Last Days of Shelley and Byron, edited by J.E.M., 1952-1953.. 8:16, Box-folder

      The Folio Society, 1952.

    • Reviews of J.E.M.'s edition of John Keats: A Selection of His Poetry, 1953-1954.. 8:17, Box-folder

      Penguin Books, 1953.

    • Reviews of Nye and J.E.M.'s A History of the United States, 1955-1956.. 8:18, Box-folder

      Envelope with review clippings, including newspapers from England, France, and Australia.

    • Reviews of Allen Lane: King Penguin, 1979-1981.. 8:19, Box-folder
    • Extracts of reviews of Barnes Wallis: A Biography, n.d.. 8:20, Box-folder
    • Review articles on American Excursion, The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt, and Charles Lamb and Elia, n.d.. 8:21, Box-folder
Writings, n.d., 1945-1993.. 9-11:30, Box-folder
Series 15: Writings
  • Unpublished manuscripts by J.E.M., n.d., [1960?]. 9, Box
    Subseries 15.1: Unpublished manuscripts by J.E.M.
    • Red Herrings in the Wood: An Essay on Nonsense Literature, [ca. 1960?].. 9:1, Box-folder

      In his list of publications, J.E.M. notes that a publisher accepted the manuscript, but went bankrupt prior to publication. Includes: title page, contents, and pp. 1-109.

    • Red Herrings, [ca. 1960?].. 9:2, Box-folder

      Pp. 110-207.

    • Red Herrings, [ca. 1960?].. 9:3, Box-folder

      Pp. 208-260.

    • Chapter 5 of Red Herrings, Nonsense and the Americans, [ca. 1960?].. 9:4, Box-folder

      Includes J.E.M.'s notes.

    • Red Herrings in the Wood: An Essay on Nonsense Literature, [ca. 1960?].. 9:5, Box-folder

      Different version.

    • The Moth for the Star, n.d.. 9:6, Box-folder

      pp. 1-100.

    • The Moth for the Star, n.d.. 9:7, Box-folder

      pp. 101-200.

    • The Moth for the Star, n.d.. 9:8, Box-folder

      pp. 201-300.

    • The Moth for the Star, n.d.. 9:9, Box-folder

      pp. 301-400.

    • The Moth for the Star, n.d.. 9:10, Box-folder

      pp. 401-476.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:11, Box-folder


    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:12, Box-folder

      Draft manuscript for historical novel, based on real and fictional characters in eighteenth-century Virginia. Notes and chapters 1 and 2.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:13, Box-folder

      Chapter 3.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:14, Box-folder

      Chapter 4.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:15, Box-folder

      Chapter 5 and 6.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:16, Box-folder

      Chapter 7.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:17, Box-folder

      Chapter 8.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:18, Box-folder

      Chapter 9.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:19, Box-folder

      Chapter 10.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:20, Box-folder

      Chapters 11 and 12.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:21, Box-folder

      Chapters 13 and 14.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:22, Box-folder

      Chapter 15.

    • For If It Prosper, n.d.. 9:23, Box-folder

      Brief synopsis, chapter 16 to beginning of final chapter,and final chapter.

    • Untitled, unpublished novel, n.d.. 9:24-27, Box-folder
    • Manuscript drafts and fragments, n.d.. 9:28, Box-folder
  • Radio and television scripts by J.E.M., n.d., 1948-1993.. 10, Box
    Subseries 15.2: Radio and television scripts by J.E.M.
    • Script to radio broadcast from Phi Beta Kappa Hall in Williamsburg, Virginia, n.d.. 10:1, Box-folder

      J.E.M. was student director.

    • Poor Major Andre, 30 August 1948.. 10:2, Box-folder

      Radio script. Also includes John Andre's The Frantik Lover, a reprint of a poem written by the Major; and a note to J.E.M. from History Today, regarding a manuscript submission.

    • Radio broadcasts about books and the National Book League, c. 195-.. 10:3, Box-folder
    • Hollywood: Picture of America?, 7 February 1950.. 10:4, Box-folder

      Radio address. Also includes part of an undated essay on Hollywood and Europeans.

    • Travel Talks - Chicago: A City and its Railways, 9 June 1950.. 10:5, Box-folder

      BBC Home Service (Schools).

    • Memories of a Westcountry Athlete, 7 July 1950.. 10:6, Box-folder

      Includes a note from Secretary to General Programme Assistant at the BBC regarding script revisions, dated 4 July 1950.

    • Geography: North American Tobacco Industry, 6 December 1950.. 10:7, Box-folder

      Radio script, BBC Home Service (Schools).

    • Surrender at Yorktown, 3 July 1951.. 10:8, Box-folder

      Radio script.

    • Books to Read, 1951.. 10:9, Box-folder

      Draft and transcript of the broadcast, written in a review essay-format covering Philip Carman, John Gerard: The Autobiography of an Elizabethan; Jack Simmons, ed.: Journeys in England; Margery Bailey, ed.: Boswell's Column; Hector Bolitho: A Century of British Monarchy; and Hesketh Pearson: Dizzy, (2 drafts, 7 and 9 pp.).

    • Exiled to Virginia, September 1951.. 10:10, Box-folder

      Radio script on poet Goronwy Owen, (2 drafts, 3 and 9 pp.).

    • Warm Welcome at Tel Afar, November 1951.. 10:11, Box-folder

      Radio script (8 pp.).

    • Travel Talks - Famous Places: The Mississippi, 25 January 1952.. 10:12, Box-folder

      Draft and final version (13 pp. each).

    • Report from Britain, 4 April 1952 and 27 May 1952.. 10:13, Box-folder

      Radio scripts (4 and 8 pp.).

    • Notes From America, n.d., 1952.. 10:14, Box-folder

      Play lists and radio scripts. Includes J.E.M. commentaries. Also includes a booklet of music and lyrics, Kentucky Mountain Ballads Sung By Cousin Emmy (Decca Records, 1948).

    • Radio broadcast on Northampton, Massachusetts, 25 October 1952.. 10:15, Box-folder

      Draft essay and notes with a focus on Smith College and the Eisenhower campaign (13 pp.). Also includes a radio script for Transatlantic Mirror - Northampton, Massachusetts and Northampton, England. (Midland Home Service, 10 March 1953). 14 pages. TMS.

    • Trans-Atlantic Mirror: Hereford, Texas and Hereford, England, 27 January 1953.. 10:16, Box-folder

      Radio script, Midland Home Service (8 pp). Also includes untitled observations on Hereford, Texas (4 pp.).

    • The American Negro, n.d.. 10:17, Box-folder

      3 versions of BBC Home Service (Schools) broadcast. Includes letter from Enid Love, Assistant Head of School Broadcasting, regarding the script and her suggested changes and additions. Final version included.

    • Washington, D.C., 10 March 1953.. 10:18, Box-folder

      BBC Home Service (Schools), 2 copies with notes (11 and 14 pp.).

    • Transatlantic Mirror: Hampton, Virginia and Hampton-In-Arden, Warwickshire, 24 March 1953.. 10:19, Box-folder

      Midland Home Service (8 pp.).

    • Transatlantic Mirror: Derby, England and Darby, Montana, 7 April 1953.. 10:20, Box-folder

      Midland Home Service (8 pp.).

    • Travel Talks - The New and the Old in the Americas: Pittsburgh: A Great Industrial City, 28 May 1954.. 10:21, Box-folder

      BBC Home Service (Schools) (10 pp.).

    • The House on the Hill, n.d.. 10:22, Box-folder

      Drafts of scripts for children's radio program The House on the Hill. Also includes a note from the secretary Peggy Bacon to Miss Anderson, secretary to the Director of the National Book League regarding the scripts, dated 10 August 1955.

    • The House on the Hill, 3 June 1955.. 10:23, Box-folder

      Preview article on the children's radio show in Radio Times (p. 21). Entire issue included.

    • The House on the Hill, episode 1 : The Norman Keep, 10 June 1955.. 10:24, Box-folder
    • The House on the Hill, episode 2: The Lancastrian Castle, 11 June 1955.. 10:25, Box-folder
    • The House on the Hill, episode 3: The Tudor House, 24 June 1955.. 10:26, Box-folder
    • The House on the Hill, episode 4: The Stuart Shop, 1 July 1955.. 10:27, Box-folder
    • The House on the Hill, episode 5: Georgian Residence, 8 July 1955.. 10:28, Box-folder
    • The House on the Hill, episode 6: Victorian Villa, 15 July 1955.. 10:29, Box-folder
    • Broadcast on Walter de la Mare, 24 April 1956.. 10:30, Box-folder

      2 versions

    • Radio scripts about Joyce Cary, 1956.. 10:31, Box-folder

      Includes 3 scripts and interview between J.E.M. and Cary.

    • Untitled radio script for broadcast about J.E.M.'s experience as a bell-hop in an American hotel, 1957.. 10:32, Box-folder
    • Radio talk on Lady Chatterley's Lover, 1960.. 10:33, Box-folder

      Also a note from the BBC regarding the script.

    • Radio interviews, 1965.. 10:34, Box-folder

      Includes 4 interviews: 29 November 1965 with J.E.M.; 6 December 1965 with Rosemary Cobham; 11 December 1965 with Walter Allen; 14 December 1965 with John Boynton Priestly.

    • The Americans at Play, 1966.. 10:35, Box-folder

      Radio transcript, including a review from The Times.

    • Television script for The Amiable Spy, an account of the life of Major John Andre, 1980.. 10:36, Box-folder

      2 versions.

    • Extract from The Biography of Barnes Wallis - The Attack of the Dams, 1993.. 10:37, Box-folder

      For radio broadcast, includes introduction.

    • Discussion and reading of poetry by J.E.M. and C.N.K.M., n.d.. 10:38, Box-folder

      2 transcripts, one on war poems and the other on light verse. No indication is made, but C.N.K.M. was probably J.E.M's wife, Catherine.

    • Description of the Reading Room of the British Museum, n.d.. 10:39, Box-folder


    • Observations on Woodstock, Illinois relating to election night during Eisenhower-Stevenson presidential race, 195-.. 10:40, Box-folder
    • Observations on Lansing, Michigan written during Eisenhower-Stevenson presidential race, 195-.. 10:41, Box-folder
    • Observations on New York City during Eisenhower-Stevenson presidential race, 195-.. 10:42, Box-folder
    • Other Men's Pleasures, 1948.. 10:43, Box-folder

      5 versions of essay on observations of East Lansing, Michigan, written during the Truman presidential campaign.

    • Radio broadcast of observations on Hampton, Virginia, n.d.. 10:44, Box-folder
    • Radio broadcast of discussion of an evening in Yarmouth,. 10:45, Box-folder

      Transcript (16 pp.), includes notes for a travel essay on seaport town of Yarmouth (7 pp.).

    • Essay on the village of Bradwell, n.d.. 10:46, Box-folder


    • On Understanding Americans, n.d.. 10:47, Box-folder
    • Transatlantic Mirror: Malvern, Arkansas and Malvern, Worcestershire n.d.. 10:48, Box-folder

      Transcript, Midland Home Service.

    • Notes on Suggested Midland American Programme, n.d. 10:49, Box-folder

      Proposal for "Transatlantic Mirror" series with potential topics and cities.

    • Correspondence with the British Broadcasting Corporation, various dates.. 10:50, Box-folder

      Concerns programming that J.E.M. contributed to or participated in.

    • Correspondence relating to radio and television production and work with the Sexton Agency and Press, 1993-1996.. 10:51, Box-folder

      Includes resume of his work in radio and television.

  • Poems, n.d., 1945, various dates.. 11:1-5, Box-folder
    Subseries 15.3: Poems
    • To Our Critics, 5 October 1945.. 11:1, Box-folder

      In: Tribune (p. 15), entire issue included.

    • An Aesthetic, n.d.. 11:2, Box-folder

      In: Second Eighteen (pp.31-32).

    • Collection of poems, various dates.. 11:3, Box-folder

      Includes handwritten and typed poems. Of particular interest are the poems written during J.E.M.'s service in World War II.

    • Additional poems, n.d.. 11:4, Box-folder

      Includes published and unpublished poems.

    • 3 poems, n.d.. 11:5, Box-folder

      Published in Poetry of To-Day: Two Killed in Action, Three Loves, and Blood on Our Tracks (pp. 61-63).

  • Unpublished short stories, n.d.. 11:6-11, Box-folder
    Subseries 15.4: Unpublished short stories
    • Untitles short story, n.d.. 11:6, Box-folder

      Incomplete draft, includes notes for story.

    • 6 short stories, n.d.. 11:7, Box-folder

      Includes: Stare Upon the Ash; Self Inflicted; The Middle East; Substantial Authority; The Brave Man With A Sword - A Short Story By Jonathan More; Advance Party.

    • Warm Welcome in Iraq, n.d.. 11:8, Box-folder
    • Detective Story, n.d.. 11:9, Box-folder

      Incomplete draft with notes.

    • Preface to an Unwritten School Story, n.d.. 11:10, Box-folder
    • Incident in Iran, n.d.. 11:11, Box-folder

      2 different drafts.

  • Travel related writings, n.d., 1960, 1985.. 11:12-14, Box-folder
    Subseries 15.5: Travel related writings
    • Venice, n.d.. 11:12, Box-folder

      Introductory essay, including 2 drafts and final published version. No publication listed.

    • Hellenic Cruise Lecture series, 1960.. 11:13, Box-folder
    • Florence for Beginners, 1985.. 11:14, Box-folder

      For publication in Chicago magazine. Includes letter with editor's suggestions.

  • Letters to the Editor and obituaries, n.d., 1947-1990.. 11:18-20, Box-folder
    Subseries 15.6: Letters to the Editor and obituaries
    • Letters to the editor, 1947.. 11:18, Box-folder

      Includes Princeton Men, in: Times Literary Supplement, 8 March 1947; and Letter to the Editor, in: Transatlantic, Summer 1947.

    • Letter to the editor, 1971-1972.. 11:19, Box-folder

      Published in: The Times, 19 November 1971; and The Sunday Times, 20 May 1972.

    • Obituaries,. 11:20, Box-folder

      Includes are obituaries for the followig individuals: W.H. Portwood, n.d.; C. Worth Howard, 1971; Sam Stewart, 1975; Nansi Pugh, 1970; Douglas Grant, 1969; Professor William Walsh, 1981; Hugh MacLennan, 1990; A.J.M. Smith, 1980; Philip Youngman Carter, n.d.

Genealogical Information, 19--, 2000.. 11:15-17, Box-folder
Series 16: Genealogical Information
  • Inventory of Dunmore family papers and related correspondence and clippings, n.d.. 11:15, Box-folder
  • Correspondence and supporting documents concerning J.E.M.'s ancestor, Ezekial Cheever, 19--.. 11:16, Box-folder
  • Letter from Michael Seakins to J.E.M., 20 April 2000.. 11:17, Box-folder

    Includes genealogical material for family of Robert Thomas Challenor (1775/6-1840). Challenor was a student at Christ's Hospital.

Miscellaneous Non-J.E.M., n.d., 1940-1970.. 11:21-30, Box-folder
Series 17: Miscellaneous Non-J.E.M.
  • 18th century folk song, n.d.. 11:21, Box-folder
  • Russel B. Nye: America's First Negro Poet, June 1940.. 11:22, Box-folder

    In: Long Island Forum (p. 129).

  • Emile Cammaerts: The Origins of the Belgian Crisis, 1950.. 11:23, Box-folder

    Later published in Spectator?

  • 2 articles from The Listener, 5 January 1950.. 11:24, Box-folder

    Unknown author: As You Like it?, and What They Are Saying: Broadcast Comments on Far Eastern Events.

  • Sun Life Review, January 1954.. 11:25, Box-folder

    Entire issue included.

  • A correspondent: Star-Spangled Literary Spectrum: Enlightening Southern India, n.d.. 11:26, Box-folder

    No publication name visible.

  • Information on Bristol Grammar School, n.d.. 11:27, Box-folder

    School was attended by Sir Allen Lane. Includes brief article about Lane's role in dedicating a new building and an "Honours List" from 1977-1978.

  • Claire Rayner, Novel Outline, Sisters, n.d.. 11:28, Box-folder
  • Dianne Per-Lee, Folklore and the Nationalistic Spirit: A Short Story of the Influence of Nationalism on American Folklore, 24 August 1970.. 11:29, Box-folder

    A paper written for class on "America and Europe" taught by J.E.M.

  • Miscellaneous, Various dates.. 11:30, Box-folder

    Items of uncertain origin-unmatched pages and fragments.

Photographs, n.d., 1936-1963, 1993.. 11:31, Box-folder
Series 18: Photographs
  • Photograph of J.E.M.: Jack as a Grecian, 1936.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • Photographs of J.E.M. in William and Mary theater production of First Lady, 1937.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. with Sheikh Mohammed Younnis Said Abdulla El Said Wahid Rais Tel Afar, in Tel Afar, Iraq, 1941.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • Photograph of the Penguin and Pelican editorial meeting at the Bureau of Current Affairs, 117 Piccadilly, 1946.. 11:31, Box-folder

    Left to right: Tanya Kent, Jack Morpurgo, Richard Lane, Allen Lane, Bill Williams, Eunice Frost, Alan Glover.

  • Photograph of the UNESCO seminar in Rangoon, 1957.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • Photograph of J.E.M. and Prince Philip of Edinburgh, 1964.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • Photograph of J.E.M. and Queen Elizabeth of England, 1964.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • Photograph of J.E.M. with Mr. Baker and Dr. Freiherr von Brand, 1966.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • Photo of J.E.M. on stairs at the National Book League, n.d.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • Slide of J.E.M. with books, n.d.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • J.E.M with Lord Eccles, n.d.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • Photograph of the honorary degree ceremony at William and Mary, [1970?].. 11:31, Box-folder
  • J.E.M. at an academic ceremony with Aaron Copland, Edward Boyle, and Charles Heston, n.d.. 11:31, Box-folder
  • Group photograph from William and Mary class of 1938 reunion, n.d.. 11:31, Box-folder

    People shown the photo include: J.E.M., Helen Wood Walker, Frances Jenkins Taylor, Virginia Betts Chapman, Anna Roper Bruechert, Jane Speakman Hauge, Bert Sheeran, C.R. Mirmelstein, Doris Froehner, Charlotte Johnson Able, Ella Manning, Elizabeth R. Weber, Frances Schaaf Shepherd, Sally Robbins Carmalt, Bill Anderson, Margaret Brett Honn, Martha "Pete" Moreland Thomas, Mollie Waters Christie, Bob Sheeran, E. Thomas Crowston, and William A. Reynolds.

Artifacts, prints, awards, n.d., 1938, 1981.. 12-16, Box
Series 19: Artifacts, prints, awards
  • Bodleian plate, n.d.. 12, Box

    Framed reproduction.

  • Bruton Parish, n.d.. 12, Box

    Framed color print.

  • Capitol building, n.d. 12, Box

    Framed color print.

  • Josiah Chowning quote and illustration, n.d.. 12, Box

    Framed reproduction.

  • Governor's Palace, n.d.. 12, Box

    Framed color print.

  • Document relating to King's Arms Tavern, n.d.. 12, Box

    Framed reproduction.

  • Rules of Behaviour, 1787: Children's Behaviour at the Meeting House, n.d.. 13, Box

    Framed reproduction.

  • Rules of Behaviour, 1787: Children's Behaviour at table, n.d.. 13, Box


  • Wren building, n.d.. 13, Box

    Framed color print.

  • Wren building, n.d.. 13, Box

    Framed drawing.

  • Debate Trophy from William and Mary, 1938.. 14, Box
  • Plaque of William and Mary seal, n.d.. 15, Box
  • Plaque given to J.E.M. for his talk, Richer in Esteem : A Re-Appraisal of Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne, 6 October 1981.. 16, Box
Audio materials, n.d., 1975.. 17, Box
Series 20: Audio materials
  • Interview with Richard Lane, May 1975.. 17, Box
  • Interview with Allen Lane, n.d..
  • Recordings of the William and Mary choir under the direction of Carl A. Fehr, n.d.. 17, Box
Library, n.d., 1908-2000.. 17 and general library collection, Box
Series 21: Library
  • Magazines and journals, 1985-2000.. 17, Box
    Subseries 21.2: Magazines and journals
    • The Charles Lamb Bulletin, July 1985-April 1993.. 17, Box
    • Colonial Williamsburg Magazine, 1999-2000.. 17, Box

      Issues included: June/July 1999, Aug. Sept. 1999, October/November 1999 and Spring 2000.

    • William and Mary Alumni Society, Spring 2000.. 17, Box
  • n.d., 1908-1995. . General library collection, Box
    Subseries 21.2: Books

    The books of J.E.M.'s personal library have been transferred to Swem Library's general collection. The titels of all books originally included in this collection are listed below (see LION catalog for call numbers).

    • Allan, G.A.T., Christ's Hospital, London: Blackie and Son Limited, 1937..
    • Allan, G.A.T., Christ's Hospital, London: Town and Country Books, 1984..

      Revised by J.E. Morpurgo.

    • Andrews, Matthew Page, Virginia: The Old Dominion, Garden City: Doubleday, Doran and Company, Inc., 1937..
    • Blunden, Edmund. Christ's Hospital: A Retrospect, London: Christophers, n.d..
    • British Historical Portraits: A Selection from the National Portrait Gallery with Biographical Notes, Cambridge: Published for the National Portrait Gallery at the University Press, 1957..
    • Christ's Hospital Admissions, Harrison and Sons, Ltd., 1937..

      Vol. 1, 1554-1599.

    • The Christ's Hospital Book, London: Hamish Hamilton, 1953..
    • Christ's Hospital Club: Officers, Past Presidents and Roll of Members, Christ's Hospital Enterprises Ltd., December 1994..
    • Coldham, Peter Wilson, Child Apprentices in America from Christ's Hospital, London, 1617-1778, Surrey, England: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1990..

      N.B. Marginalia by J.E.M.?

    • College of William and Mary list of alumni, 1693-1888, n.d..
    • Earle, Peter, Sailors: English Merchant Seamen 1650-1775, London: Methuen, 1998..
    • Epitaphs of Gloucester and Mathews Counties in Tidewater Virginia Through 1865, Richmond: The Virginia State Library, 1959..

      Collected by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, Joseph Bryan Branch, Gloucester.

    • Kellaway, William, The New England Company 1649-1776: Missionary Society to the American Indians, London: Longmans, 1961..
    • Lempriere, William, A History of the Girls' School of Christ's Hospital London, Hoddesdon and Hertford, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1924..
    • Manzione, Carol Kazmierczak, Christ's Hospital of London, 1552-1598: A Passing Deed of Pity, Selinsgrove: Susquehanna University Press, 1995..
    • Meade, Bishop, Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia, Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, n.d..

      Vol. 1-2.

    • Page, Frances M., Christ's Hospital Hertford: A History of the School Against the Background of London and Horsham, London: G. Bell and Sons, Ltd., 1953..
    • Pearce, E.H., Annals of Christ's Hospital, London: Hugh Rees, Ltd., 1908..
    • Roberts, H.A., The Records of the Amicable Society of Blues and Its Predecessors from 1629 to 1895, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1924..
    • Starkey, Marion L., The Devil in Massachusetts: A Modern Inquiry into the Salem Witch Trials, London: Robert Hale Limited, n.d..
    • Smith, Abbot Emerson, Colonists in Bondage: White Servitude and Convict Labor in America,1607-1776, Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1947,.