Inventory of the Augustus C. Golding Papers 1859-1934, 1862-1864 Golding, Augustus C. Papers 1859-1934, 1862-1864. Mss. 94 G56

Inventory of the Augustus C. Golding Papers 1859-1934, 1862-1864

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Special Collections, Earl Gregg Swem Library, College of William and Mary
Collection number
Mss. 94 G56
Augustus C. Golding Papers, 1859-1934, 1862-1864.
38 items.
Augustus C. Golding, Golding Family.
Papers, 1859-1934, but mainly 1862-1864, of Augustus C. Golding (Goldin, Golden). Includes letters, letterbook, diaries, documents, printed materials, and photographs. All items relate to Golding's service in the Union Army, 1861-1864, in Northern Virginia, on the Virginia peninsula, and in Maryland.

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Purchased: 38 items, 07/18/1994.

Biographical/Historical Information

Augustus C. Golding was born in Greenwich, Connecticut on 20 November 1833. He moved to New York and enlisted as a carpenter. Golding enlisted in the Union Army on 23 November 1861 at Fort Hamilton, New York, and served as a sergeant in Co. G., 1st Battalion, 12th U.S. Infanty, 1861-1864. He fought mostly in Virginia and Maryland, returning to Maryland three times between 1863-1864 to defend it. After two months hospitalization in Pennsylvania and a furlough in New York, Golding returns to Virginia in November 1864 to fight until his discharge on 22 November 1864 at Elmira, New York.

After the war Golding resided in Fordham, New York, until his move to Norwalk, Connecticut, on 5 March 1866. On 6 August 1886 Golding was appointed postmaster at Norwalk, Connecticut. He died on 8 April 1915.

Scope and Content Information

Papers, 1859-1934, but mainly 1862-1864, of Augustus C. Golding (Goldin, Golden). Includes letters, letterbook, diaries, documents, pension papers, printed materials, and photographs. All items relate to Golding's service in the Union Army, 1861-1864, in Northern Virginia, on the Virginia peninsula, and in Maryland.

Golding's letters to family and friends describe troop movements, battles, camp conditions, his health, a hospital, and the weather. Golding describes his participation in the following battles or their aftermath: Gaines Mill, Malvern Hill, Mechanicsville, 2nd Bull Run or Manassas, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville. He occasionally presents his views on war, politics, and the destruction of Virginia's cities and countryside, and gives financial and practical advice. Includes genealogical data on Golding's immediate family.

He occasionally presents his views on war, politics, and the destruction of Virginia's cities and countryside. He also gives financial and practical advice. The collection contains genealogical data on Golding's immediate family.



This collection has been organized into 7 series: 1. Letters, 2. Pension Papers, 3. Miscellaneous, 4. Printed Material, 5. Photographs, 6. Diaries, 7. Typsescripts. Series 1. Letters is seperated into 2 subseries: 1. Civil War Letters, 2. Post Civil War Letters.


Each series is arranged chronologically by date.

Separated Material

A book in this collection has been transferred to the Rare Books Department of Swem Library.

Item contains a listing of officers in the following departments: Adjunct General, Quartermaster, Subsistence, Medical, Pay, Corps of Engineers, and Ordinance.

Index Terms

    Family Names:

  • Golden family.
  • Subjects:

  • Antietam, Battle of, Md., 1862.
  • Bull Run, 2nd Battle of, Va., 1862.
  • Chancellorsville (Va.), Battle of, 1863.
  • Fredericksburg (Va.), Battle of, 1862.
  • Malvern Hill (Va.), Battle of, 1862.
  • Peninsular Campaign, 1862.
  • Seven Days', 1862.
  • South Mountain, Battle of, 1862.
  • United States--History--Civil War, 1861- 1865--Personal narratives.
  • United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Campaigns.
  • United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Destruction and pillage.
  • United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Equipment and supplies.
  • United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Hospitals.
  • United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Regimental histories.
  • White Oak Swamp (Va.), Battle of, 1862.

Contents List

Letters,. 1:1-2, Box-folder
Series 1: Letters
  • Civil War Letters,, 1862-1864.. 1:1, Box-folder
    • Augustus C. Goldin, in camp near Harrisons Landing, Virginia, to "Father" [his father, Ephraim, Sodus Centre, Wayne County, New York], 9 August 1862.. 1:1, Box-folder

      Acknowledges receipt of his father's letter; relates campaigns since Union army enlistment on 23 November 1861 under H.B. Clitz; immediate promotion to sergeant; spends months at Fort Hamilton; departs for Virginia with a stop in Washington [D.C.]; camps near Fairfax Court House [Virginia] and Alexandria [Virginia]; rides a steamer to Fortress Monroe [Virginia]; camps near Hampton [Virginia], Big Bethel, camp Winfield Scott; in charge of supply wagons left between Yorktown [Virginia] and W[illia]msburg [Virginia]; joins regiment in Cumberland one week later; marched to White House, Cold Harbor, Camp Lovell near New Bridge [Virginia]; builds roads during Battle of Gaines Mill [Virginia]; at site of battle of Hanover Court House, but does not fight; pickets the bridges over the Chickahominy [River]; describes tents; marches toward Mech[an]icsville [Virginia]; charges three times in battle at Mech[an]icsville; falls back when flanked at Savage's Station [Virginia]; marches through White Oak Swamp; attack by Confederates; resumes march toward the James River; sees Gen. McClellan; Confederate attack; repels attack and remains as the last brigade on the field; then falls back to a location that is not healthy; receives letters from Caroline and Sarah; acts as Commissary Sergeant; will write to NY for a commission; Major wounded.

    • Augustus C. Goldin, [in camp near Warrenton, Virginia], to unidentified recipient, [November 1862].. 1:1, Box-folder

      Relates campaigns from 3 July 1862 to 31 October 1862; describes duties as acting and full commissary sergeant; President [Lincoln] reviews division; receives six months pay long due; orders to reduce officers' baggage; pillage of the Charles City Court House records; views remains of slave shot for attempting an escape to Confederate lines; Camps at W[illia]msburg, Big Bethel, Newport News, Fortress Monroe, and Fredericksburgh [sic] on the way to Manassas Junction; fights at second Bull Run; retreats to Centerville, [Virginia]; marches to Frederick [sic] City, [Maryland]; hears the battle on South Mountain and Antietam, [Maryland]; describes dead on battlefield; President Lincoln reviews division; marches to White Plains.

    • Augustus C. Goldin, in camp near Warrenton, Virginia to "Friend [Henry A.] Sturgess," [Fairfield, Connecticut], 15 November 1862.. 1:1, Box-folder

      Describes route taken from Fort Hamilton [New York] to Fortress Monroe [Virginia] with stops at Baltimore [Maryland] and Washington [D.C.]; regiment under Gen. Sykes' brigade; camps near Hampton [Virginia]; drills often, and out of money; moves camp to Big Bethel [Virginia], and then to Camp Marion [Virginia]; describes vigilant atmosphere in camps; marches to Camp Winfield Scott [Virginia]; strict orders for silence; feels slighted when regiment did not receive four months pay; Confederate shell almost hit him; marches toward Richmond; in charge of guarding wagons; joins regiment a week later at Cumberland Landing; takes over Hanover Courthouse; engages Confederates in battle on road to Mechanicsville; retreats three miles; attests to Zouaves' skill; retreats to Savages Station; marches through White Oak Swamp [Virginia]; needs water and sleep; marches across Malvern Hills; retreats from battle; next day advances in battle; writes letter home but can not send it until he arrives at Harrison's Landing.

    • Augustus C. Goldin, in camp near Stafford Court House, Virginia, to "Father" [his father, Ephraim Golding, Sodus Centre, Wayne County, New York], 29 November 1862.. 1:1, Box-folder

      Acknowledges receipt of father's letter; describes route taken from Harrison Landing to Sharpsburg; arrives a few days after Battle of Antietam; describes dead strewn in streets and heaped on battlefield; rides Manassas railroad from Harpers Ferry to Warrenton [Virginia]; marches to Stafford Court House, Virginia - eight miles from Aquia Creek; Gen. Butterfield in command of his corps, replacing Gen. Porter; Gen. Hooker commanding divisions; expects an attack on [Fredericksburgh] [sic]; claims his health is good, and current weight is 180 lbs.

    • Augustus C. Golding, in camp near Potomac Creek, Virginia, to "Friend [Henry A.] Sturgess," [Esq.], n.p., 3 June 1863.. 1:1, Box-folder

      At Warrenton [Virginia] Gen. Butterfield replaces Gen. Fitz John Porter as commander of the 5th corps; the 5th corps is a part of the centre grand division under Major General Joseph Hooker; camps at Warrenton Junction and Hartwood Church [Virginia] en route to Fredericksburg; Hooker passes in an ambulance; camps at Gen. Hooker's headquarters at the Henry House [near Potomac Creek]; marches past Falmouth [Virginia]; on front line in attempt to capture Confederate batteries South of Fredericksburg; evacuates the city; investigation ensues over heavy losses; critical of Union commanders and outcome of investigation; chats with Connecticut friends; returns to Hartwood Church [Virginia]; Gen Hooker takes over Gen. Burnside's command; describes furlough and desertion rates; takes a furlough to New York; President [Lincoln] reviews the troops near Falmouth [Virginia]; another review for Maj. Gen. Fogliardi; local artists produce ambrotypes; Lt. Col. Paul takes command of brigade for a week before his promotion to Brig. General; Gen. R. B. Ayres takes command; crosses Kelly's Ford and the Rapidan [River] to reach U.S. Ford; enemy shells U.S. Ford but fell upon Confederate prisoners; corps covers retreat across river; heavy losses; term of service expires for 20-30 thousand men; camps at Banks Ford where finishes this letter.

    • Augustus C. Goldin, in camp near Three Mile Station, Virginia, to "Friend [Henry A.] Sturgess," [Esq.], [Fairfield, Connecticut], 3 November 1863.. 1:1, Box-folder

      Begins letter when furlough in Fairfield [Connecticut] expires; leaves Fairfield [Connecticut] and rests in convalescent camp; joins regiment near Fairfax, Culpepper County, [Virginia]; camps in Brandy Station [Virginia], Bealton [Virginia], and Fairfax Courthouse; describes wagon trains and supplies; marches to battlefield of 2nd Bull Run; describes remains from earlier battle; marches to Gainesville [Virginia], New Baltimore [Virginia], Catlett's Station [Virginia]; then camps two miles from Warrenton Junction and one mile from Three Mile Station at time of the letter; describes expeditions prior to his furlough in Fairfield [Connecticut], but after his last letter written in June [1863], marches 31 miles from Bank's Ford [Virginia] to Manassas Junction [Virginia] with stops at Hartwood Church [Virginia] and Brentville [Virginia]; continues march to Gum Springs [Virginia], Centerville [Virginia], Aldie [Virginia], Leesburgh [Virginia], Edwards Ferry and White Oak Springs; Gen. Meade takes command of Army; marches into Union territory through Frederick City [Maryland], Hanover [Pennsylvania], and Gettysburg [Pennsylvania]; enters hospital; reports good weather lately.

    • Augustus C. Goldin, in camp on Kettle Run, Virginia, to "Friend [Henry A.] Sturgess," [Esq.], [Fairfield, Connecticut], 14 April 1864.. 1:1, Box-folder

      Marches from Three Mile Station [Virginia] along the [Orange &Alexandria] railroad toward the [Rappahannock] River; Confederates open fire to prevent crossing; marches through woods to join right flank after Confederates driven across the [Rappahannock] River; crosses river at Kelly's Ford [Virginia]; dispatch from Gen. Grant announces capture of Lookout Mt. [Tenn.]; crosses the Rapidan [River] at Culpepper Mine Ford; Confederates capture ammunition and ambulance train during march to Gordonsville [Virginia]; fighting ensues and powder in wagons explodes; retreats to Roberson's Tavern [Virginia]; crosses back over the [Rapidan] River at Germania Ford [Virginia]; also crosses back over the Rappahannock [River]; camps at Bealton [Virginia] and then at Kettle Run [Virginia]; expresses concern over possible capture by the Confederates; receives pay.

    • Augustus C. Goldin, in camp near Yellow House, Virginia, to "Friend [Henry A. ] Sturgess," n.p., 23 October 1864.. 1:1, Box-folder

      At present camps west of the Weldon [&Petersburg] Rail Road after a month near the Weldon [&Petersburg] Rail Road; and three weeks on the east side of the Weldon [&Petersburg] Rail Road; relates adventures from last May to the present date; crosses the Rapidan [River] under fire; presents statistics on losses, discharges and new recruits; does not want to winter at this camp; claims only a minority of the army supports Lincoln as a candidate; gives opinions on new regiments; time in the army will expire in one month.

  • Post Civil War Letters,, 1886-1901.. 1:2, Box-folder
    • Francis Wistan (?), Philadelphia [Pennsylvania], to Augustus C. Golden, Norwalk, Connecticut, 11 May 1886.. 1:2, Box-folder

      Glad to hear good news about Golden through mutual friends; would like to meet him in New York; asks if he may read Golden's diary of the 12th Regiment during the Civil War.

    • W[illia]m P. Corsa, Milford, Delware, to A[ugustus] C. Golding, Esq., Post Master, Norwalk, Connecticut, 4 July 1887.. 1:2, Box-folder

      Acknowledges receipt of Golding's last letter; will write to Capt. Robinson; will tell his brother Harry about Golding's letter; relates news on mutual acquaintances including John Faub, Mr. Bolton, Capt. Stanhope; would like to get in touch with Gen. Hayes, if still alive; intends to obtain from Gen. Hayes in writing what he said to him on the battlefield the day before Hayes was captured; hopes to receive more letters from Golding, and maybe even a visit.

    • Tho[mas] B. Robinson, Fort Morgan, Colorado, to "My Dear Friend [Augustus C.] Golding," [Norwalk, Connecticut], 4 March 1901.. 1:2, Box-folder

      Acknowledges receipt of Golding's letter from 21 February; sorry to learn of Golding's illness; describes his own poor health; worries about losing his memories of the Civil War; angry at the pension office; will send off pension affadavit for Golding soon; also angry at the system of promotions; apologizes for long overdue letter; wife and family send their regards to Mr. and Mrs. Golding.

    • Deposition of Thomas B. Robinson, taken by J. B. Farneswork, Clerk and Recorder of Morgan County, Colorado, 9 March 1901.. 1:2, Box-folder

      Describes Augustus C. Golding's injury; army wagon ran over his foot en route to Gettysburg [Pennsylvania]; at hospital from 2 July 1863 to 26 September 1863; took over Golding's duties as Commissary Sergeant in addition to his own as Quartermaster Sergeant.

Pension Papers, 1859-1920.. 1:3, Box-folder
Series 2: Pension Papers
  • Certificate #8778 from the State of New York, 4 July 1859.. 1:3, Box-folder

    Promises $75 payment plus interest to Daniel Golden; in accordance with Chap. 176 of the Laws of 1859; Signed by Fred[erick] Townsend, Adjunct Gen[eral] and Geo[rge] F. Sherman, Inspector Gen[eral].

  • Office of Frederick A. Coe and Alexander H. Wallis [Attorneys to Mrs. Daniel Golden], New York, to Hon. Lucius Robinson. 19 March 1863.. 1:3, Box-folder

    Requests reimbursement for $75 worth of clothing confiscated during War of 1812. The late Daniel Golden received a certificate from the state of New York that promises redemption in accordance with the laws of 1859.

  • L[ucius] Robinson, Albany, New York, to Messrs. Coe &Wallis [attorneys to Mrs. Daniel Golden], 24 March 1863.. 1:3, Box-folder

    Replies to addressee's letter; claims the certificate from New York holds no value unless Congress appropriates the requisite funds to pay the claims; unlikely this will happen; certificate functions as a basis to apply to Congress.

  • Declaration for pension in accordance with Act of 6 February 1907, November 1908.. 1:3, Box-folder

    Already receives a pension; details vital statistics; place of residence at Fordham, New York until 5 March 1866, since then at Norwalk, Connecticut; form filled in and signed by Augustus C. Goldin. [not sent in; a draft or copy?].

  • Declaration for pension in accordance with Act of 6 February 1907, 17 May 1912.. 1:3, Box-folder

    [line through date of act-date application filled out written above]; details vital statistics; pension certificate number; places of residence; written on behalf of Augustus C. Goldin, age 78; [not sent in; a draft or copy?].

  • Certificate guaranteeing pension payment to Jeannette H. Golding, widow of Civil War veteran, Augustus C. Golding, 2 September 1915.. 1:3, Box-folder

    Payment to commence on 6 May 1915; rate of $12 per month; continue length of widowhood. Issued by the Secretary of the Interior, Franklin Knight Lane, and Commissioner of Pensions, E. C. Tieman.

  • Increase of widow's pension to $20 per month for Jeannette H. Golding, 17 October 1916.. 1:3, Box-folder

    Increase is in accordance with section 1 of the Act of Congress approved by the President [Wilson] on September 8, 1916; commences on same date. Issued by Franklin Knight Lane, Secretary of the Interior, and E. C. Tieman, Commissioner of the Pensions.

  • Increase in [widow's] pension to $25 per month by the Act of Congress approved on that date, [1917].. 1:3, Box-folder

    Increase in [widow's] pension [for Jeannette H. Golding, widow of Civil War Veteran, Augustus C. Golding]; issued by G. M. Saltzgaber[?], Commissioner of Pensions.

  • Widow's pension increased to $30 per month, [1920].. 1:3, Box-folder

    Increase in widow's pension [for Jeannette H. Golding, widow of Civil War Veteran, Augustus C. Golding]; approved by Congress on May 1, 1920. Issued by G. M. Saltzgaber (?), Commissioner of Pensions, and John Barton Payne, Secretary of the Interior.

  • Newspaper advertisement announces a meeting for veterans of the War of 1812 regarding the clothes claims, n.d.,. 1:3, Box-folder

    By order of H. Raymond, Brigadier General, I. M. Phyfe, Adjunct, and A. B. M. Dally, Colonel.

Miscellaneous Papers, 1886-1934, n.d.. 1:4, Box-folder
Series 3: Miscellaneous Papers
  • List of arrival and departure dates at camps for the 1st Batallion 12th U. S. Infantry, [186?].. 1:4, Box-folder

    Begins at Fort Hamilton [New York] on 5 March 1862; ends 27 December 1863. [not the end of his actual service]. n.p.

  • Family record of births and deaths in the immediate family of Augustus C. Golden, [186?].. 1:4, Box-folder

    This includes his parents and siblings only.

  • Postmaster General, Washington, D. C., to "Sir" [A. C. Golding, Esq., Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut], 6 Aug[ust] 1886.. 1:4, Box-folder

    Grants appointment of postmaster at Norwalk [Connecticut] to Golding; appointment lasts 4 years from 2 August 1886; emphasizes requirement of postmaster to attend personally to their duties.

  • Deposition by Ada Hanford Sherwood and Ruth Golding, 1 September 1934.. 1:4, Box-folder

    Deposition by Ada Hanford Sherwood and Ruth Golding, [daughters of Augustus C. Golding, d. 8 April 1915, and Jeannette Hanford Golding, d. 25 July 1923]; details births and deaths of their paternal grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, and siblings; Augustus C. Golding died intestate. Drawn up by a notary public for the state of Connecticut, County of Fairfield.

  • Augustus C. Goldin, n.p. Copy of diary, n.d.. 1:4, Box-folder

    Copy of diary from 25 June 1862 to 27 July 1862; describes an armed reconnaissance to ascertain whether Gen. Jackson's army was approaching.

Printed Material, 1932, n.d.. 1:5, Box-folder
Series 4: Printed Material
  • Drawing of [Gen. John Bankhead] Magruder's Head-Quarters at Yorktown, Virginia; [with an envelope], [1862?].. 1:5, Box-folder
  • Newspaper article from New York Herald Tribune, 13 November 1932.. 1:5, Box-folder

    State of Maine dedicated a statue of Maj. General Oliver Otis Howard to mark his headquarters during the Battle of Gettysburg, [Pennsylvania].

Photographs, n.d.. 1:6, Box-folder
Series 5: Photographs
  • Photographic print, black and white, full-length view of man in coat and cape, identified as Augustus C. Goldin by previous owner, taken by E. T. Whitney &Co., Norwalk, Connecticut, n.d.. 1:6, Box-folder

    No negative available.

  • Photographic print, full length view of a Union Sergeant, identified as Quartermaster Sergeant Thomas B. Robinson by previous owner, n.d.. 1:6, Box-folder

    No negative available.

  • Photographic print, head and torso view of man, identified as A. C. Golding by previous owner, n.d.. 1:6, Box-folder

    [on reverse side]. Photographic print, 3 7/8" x 5 1/2", black and white, head and torso of a seated man, [same subject as above], identified as A. C. Golding by previous owner. [over exposed]. 1 item. Ph. (P5). No negatives available for either print.

  • Photographic print, showing an assembly of Union veterans at Mount Vernon, Virginia; [Augustus C. Golding may be located in the 2nd row, center]; taken by Luke C. Dillon, Washington, D. C., n.d.. 1:6, Box-folder

    No negative available.

  • Photographic print, head and shoulder view of soldier, identified by previous owner as Major Henry Boynton Clitz, b. 4 July 1824, served in Mexican War and the Union Army during the Civil War. n.d.. 1:6, Box-folder

    No negative available.

Diaries, 1861-1908, n.d.. MsV. 1-4, Oversize
Series 6: Diaries
  • Diary and day journal of accounts by Augustus C. Golding, while in the Union Army, 22 November 1861-26 April 1862.. MsV. 1, Oversize

    Most action in Virginia.

  • Diary and journal of accounts by Augustus C. Golding, while in the Union Army, 20 January 1863-5 June 1864.. MsV. 2, Oversize

    Most action in Virginia.

  • Diary and journal of accounts by Augustus C. Goldin, while in the Union Army and as a veteran living in Norwalk, Connecticut, 7 June 1864-23 November 1908.. MsV. 3, Oversize
  • Copybook of Civil War letters written by Augustus C. Golding, n.d.. MsV. 4, Oversize

    Letters dated 20 March 1862-9 November 1864; addresses 54 letters to "Friend Cumming' [Fordham, New York] and 15 letters "My Dear Madam," the wife of Cumming, [Fordham, New York]; 1 unknown addressee; copied by Golding and others; copybook preserved by a daughter of Golding, [according to previous owner];

Typescripts n.d.. 2, Box
Series 7: Typescripts
  • n.p. Typed transcript of Augustus C. Golding, n.d.. 2, Box

    Typed transcript of Augustus C. Golding's 2 letters to his father and 5 letters to "Friend" [Henry A.] Sturgess. 9 August 1862-23 October 1864.

  • n.p. Typed transcript of copybook of Augustus C. Golding's Civil War letters, n.d.. 2, Box

    Typed transcript of copybook of Augustus C. Golding's Civil War letters to "Friend Cumming" or "My Dear Madam" [Mrs. Cumming]. May 1862-9 September 1864. Preface, epilogue, and end notes by Ralph Poriss.

  • n.p. Typed transcript of Augustus C. Golding's three Civil War diaries, n.d.. 2, Box

    22 November 1861-7 November 1864. Incomplete. Missing 8 November 1864-25 November 1864. Also missing additional entries written by Golding, 28 February 1901-23 November 1908.