Thomas H. Carter CorrespondenceWLU.Coll.0004

Thomas H. Carter CorrespondenceWLU.Coll.0004


Washington and Lee University, James G. Leyburn Library Special Collections and Archives

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Washington and Lee University, James G. Leyburn Library Special Collections and Archives
Thomas H. Carter CorrespondenceInclusive 1948-1968
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Carter, Thomas H. (Thomas Henry)
Fox, George
Anderson, Margaret
Kennedy, Joe
Beatty, Richard Croom
Boatwright, James, III
English .

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Immediate Source of Acquisition

A second installment was the gift of Dr. James Boatwright.

Biographical / Historical

Thomas Carter was editor of Spearhead and Shenandoah.

Scope and Contents

Contains the correspondence of Thomas H. Carter and the editors of Shenandoah, 1950-53, and of Mr. Carter, 1950-1962, including numerous letters from leading contemporary literary figures; typescripts from v.III, no.3, 1952, v.IV, nos. 2-3, 1953, of Shenandoah. Also contains letters written to Thomas Carter regarding Spearhead. Authors of the letters vary from editors and publishers to personal friends and prospective contributors to the aforementioned publications. Also includes manuscripts by George Fox and Joe Kennedy. Includes letters of condolence sent to Mrs. Carter upon the death of her son in 1963.

Related Material

WLU Coll. 0104 Shenandoah Papers and Record Group 29

Subjects and Indexing Terms

  • Authors
  • Berryman, John
  • Boatwright, James, III
  • Brown, Ashley
  • Cabell, James Branch
  • Campbell, Roy
  • Cheney, Brainard
  • Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin)
  • Davidson, Donald
  • Derleth, August William
  • Editors
  • Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns)
  • Faulkner, William
  • Fishwick, Marshall William
  • Gordon, Caroline
  • Jarrell, Randall
  • Kenner, Hugh
  • Kirk, Russell
  • Lewis, Wyndham
  • Leyburn, James Graham
  • Literature
  • Lytle, Andrew Nelson
  • Macauley, Robie
  • McCullers, Carson
  • McLuhan, Marshall
  • Moore, Marianne
  • Moore, Merrill
  • Mudrick, Marvin
  • Nixon, H. C. (Herman Clarence)
  • O'Connor, Flannery
  • Odum, Howard Washington
  • Porter, Katherine Anne
  • Pound, Ezra
  • Pound, Omar
  • Ransom, John Crowe
  • Russell, Peter
  • Shenandoah (Washington and Lee University)
  • Spearhead (Washington and Lee University)
  • Stevens, Wallace
  • Stewart, Randall
  • Tate, Allen
  • Taylor, Peter
  • Williams, William Carlos

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Anderson, Margaret
  • Beatty, Richard Croom
  • Berryman, John
  • Biala, Janice, 1904-2000
  • Boatwright, James, III
  • Brown, Ashley
  • Cabell, James Branch
  • Campbell, Roy
  • Carter, Thomas H. (Thomas Henry)
  • Cheney, Brainard
  • Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin)
  • Davidson, Donald
  • Davie, Donald
  • Derleth, August William
  • Elder, Walter Newell
  • Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns)
  • Faulkner, William
  • Fishwick, Marshall William
  • Fox, George
  • Giovanelli, Felix Bruno
  • Gordon, Caroline
  • Harrigan, Anthony
  • Hemphill, George
  • Jarrell, Randall
  • Kasper, John, 1929-1998
  • Kennedy, Joe
  • Kenner, Hugh
  • Kirk, Russell
  • Lanier, Lyle H. (Lyle Hicks), 1903-1988
  • Laughlin, James, 1914-1997
  • Lewis, Wyndham
  • Leyburn, James Graham
  • Lytle, Andrew Nelson
  • MacGregor, Robert M.
  • Macauley, Robie
  • McCauley, Robie
  • McCormick, John, (1918-2010)
  • McCullers, Carson
  • McLuhan, Marshall
  • Merrill, James
  • Moore, Marianne
  • Moore, Merrill
  • Mudrick, Marvin
  • Mullins, Eustace, (1923-2010)
  • Nixon, H. C. (Herman Clarence)
  • O'Connor, Flannery
  • Odum, Howard Washington
  • Pearson, Norman Holmes
  • Porter, Arabel J.
  • Porter, Katherine Anne
  • Pound, Ezra
  • Pound, Omar
  • Ransom, John Crowe
  • Rose, W.K. (William Kent)
  • Russell, Peter
  • Stevens, Wallace
  • Stewart, Randall
  • Tate, Allen
  • Taylor, Peter
  • Thorman, Richard
  • Weaver, Richard
  • West, Ray Benedict, 1908-1990
  • Williams, William Carlos
  • Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963
  • Wilson, James Southall, 1880-1963
  • Young, Stark

Container List

Text box: 1 folder: 1
Martinsville High School Seminar Pamphlets
1 Files
Text box: 1 folder: 2
Margaret Anderson Correspondence
Anderson, Margaret1953English.
Graphic Materials box: 1 folder: 3
Anthony Boucher Print
Text box: 1 folder: 4
James Boatwright Correspondence
Boatwright, James, III1962English.
Text box: 1 folder: 5
Richard C. Beatty Correspondence
Beatty, Richard Croom1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 6
John Berryman Correspondence
Berryman, John1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 7
X. Marcel Boulestin
Text box: 1 folder: 8
Ashley Brown Correspondence
Brown, Ashley1951-1957English.
Text box: 1 folder: 9
Janice Biala Correspondence
Biala, Janice, 1904-20001953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 10
Thomas Carter Composition
Carter, Thomas H. (Thomas Henry)English.
Text box: 1 folder: 11
Brainard Cheney Correspondence
Cheney, Brainard1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 12
Ray Campbell Correspondence and Composition
Campbell, RoyEnglish.
Text box: 1 folder: 13
James Branch Cabell Correspondence
Cabell, James Branch1950-1951English.
Text box: 1 folder: 14
E.E. Cummings Correspondence
Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin)1950-1960English.
Text box: 1 folder: 15
Jamie de Angulo Composition
Text box: 1 folder: 16
Donald Davie Essay
Davie, DonaldEnglish.
Text box: 1 folder: 17
Donald Davie Correspondence
Davie, Donald1953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 18
Donald Davidson Correspondence
Davidson, Donald1951-1960English.
Text box: 1 folder: 19
August Derleth Correspondence
Derleth, August William1951-1954English.
Text box: 1 folder: 20
August Derleth Poem
Derleth, August WilliamEnglish.
Text box: 1 folder: 21
Carol Evans Correspondence
Text box: 1 folder: 22
Walter Elder Correspondence
Elder, Walter Newell1953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 23
T.S. Eliot Correspondence and Compositions
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns)1950-1953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 24
William French Correspondence
Text box: 1 folder: 25
Marshall Fishwick Correspondence
Fishwick, Marshall William1951-1961English.
Text box: 1 folder: 26
William Faulkner Correspondence
Faulkner, William1952-1960English.
Text box: 1 folder: 27
Caroline Gordon Correspondence
Gordon, Caroline1960English.
Text box: 1 folder: 28
Felix B. Giovanelli Correspondence
Giovanelli, Felix Bruno1953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 29
George Hemphill Composition
Hemphill, GeorgeEnglish.
Text box: 1 folder: 30
Anthony Harrigan Correspondence and Composition
Harrigan, Anthony1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 31
Randall Jarrell Correspondence
Jarrell, RandallEnglish.
Text box: 1 folder: 32
John Kasper Correspondence
Kasper, John, 1929-1998English.
Text box: 1 folder: 33
Russel Kirk Correspondence
Kirk, Russell1955-1959English.
Text box: 1 folder: 34
Hugh Kenner Composition
Kenner, HughEnglish.
Text box: 1 folder: 35
Hugh Kenner Correspondence
Kenner, Hugh1952-1953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 36
Hugh Kenner Correspondence
Kenner, Hugh1954-1962English.
Text box: 1 folder: 37
James G. Leyburn Correspondence
Leyburn, James Graham1954-1973English.
Text box: 1 folder: 38
Lyle H. Lanier Correspondence
Lanier, Lyle H. (Lyle Hicks), 1903-19881952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 39
James Laughlin Correspondence
Laughlin, James, 1914-19971953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 40
Andrew Lytle Correspondence
Lytle, Andrew Nelson1952-1960English.
Text box: 1 folder: 41
Wyndham Lewis Correspondence and Composition
Lewis, Wyndham1953-1954English.
Text box: 1 folder: 42
James Merrill Composition
Merrill, JamesEnglish.
Text box: 1 folder: 43
Robert M. MacGregor Correspondence
MacGregor, Robert M.1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 44
Marvin Mudrick Correspondence and Composition
Mudrick, Marvin1953-1956English.
Text box: 1 folder: 45
John McCormick Correspondence
McCormick, John, (1918-2010)English.
Text box: 1 folder: 46
Eustace C. Mullins Correspondence
Mullins, Eustace, (1923-2010)English.
Text box: 1 folder: 47
Marshall McLuhan Correspondence
McLuhan, Marshall1953-1954English.
Text box: 1 folder: 48
Marianne Moore Correspondence
Moore, Marianne1953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 49
Merrill Moore Correspondence
Moore, Merrill1950-1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 50
Robie McCauley
McCauley, Robie1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 51
H.C. Nixon Correspondence
Nixon, H. C. (Herman Clarence)1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 52
Howard Odum Correspondence
Odum, Howard Washington1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 53
Flannery O'Connor Correspondence
O'Connor, Flannery1953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 54
Arabel J. Porter Correspondence
Porter, Arabel J.English.
Text box: 1 folder: 55
Martha H. Peterson Correspondence
Text box: 1 folder: 56
Thomas H. Carter Correspondence
Carter, Thomas H. (Thomas Henry)1952English.
Scope and Contents

Written to "Walt," asking to review "The Disguises" [of Love] by Robie McCauley.

Graphic Materials box: 1 folder: 57
Katherine Anne Porter Print
Text box: 1 folder: 58
Ezra Pound Composition
Pound, EzraEnglish.
Text box: 1 folder: 59
Katherine Anne Porter Correspondence
Porter, Katherine Anne1953-1960English.
Text box: 1 folder: 59
Norman Holmes Pearson Correspondence
Pearson, Norman Holmes1950English.
Text box: 1 folder: 60
Peter Russell Correspondence
Russell, Peter1952-1953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 61
W.K. Rose Composition
Rose, W.K. (William Kent)1961English.
Text box: 1 folder: 62
John Crowe Ransom Correspondence
Ransom, John Crowe1953-1954English.
Text box: 1 folder: 63
Randall Stewart Correspondence
Stewart, Randall1960English.
Text box: 1 folder: 64
Wallace Stevens Correspondence
Stevens, Wallace1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 65
Richard K. Thorman Composition
Thorman, RichardEnglish.
Text box: 1 folder: 66
Peter Taylor Correspondence
Taylor, Peter1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 67
Allen Tate Correspondence
Tate, Allen1952-1960English.
Text box: 1 folder: 68
Edwin Watkins Poem
Text box: 1 folder: 69
James Southall Wilson Correspondence
Wilson, James Southall, 1880-19631952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 70
William Carlos Williams Correspondence
Williams, William Carlos, 1883-19631951English.
Text box: 1 folder: 71
William Carlos Williams Poem
Williams, William Carlos, 1883-19631951English.
Text box: 1 folder: 72
Richard Weaver Correspondence
Weaver, Richard1952English.
Text box: 1 folder: 73
Stark Young Correspondence
Young, Stark1952-1953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 74
Unidentified compositions
Text box: 1 folder: 75
Unidentified Correspondence
Text box: 1 folder: 76
Ray B. West Correspondence
West, Ray Benedict, 1908-19901953English.
Text box: 1 folder: 77
Donald Davidson Correspondence
Davidson, Donald1951-1952English.