A Guide to the Kristine K. Fallon Papers, 1979-2016 Fallon, Kristine K. Papers Ms2000-035

A Guide to the Kristine K. Fallon Papers, 1979-2016

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Kristine K. Fallon Papers, 1979-2016
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Fallon, Kristine K.
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The Kristine K. Fallon Papers document Fallon's contributions to the built environment, the application of computer technology in design, and the advancement of women in architecture from 1979 through 2016.

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The Kristine K. Fallon papers were donated to Special Collections in 2005, with additions in 2006 and 2017.

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Biographical/Historical Note

Kristine K. Fallon, FAIA, (1949 - ) is a licensed architect in Illinois and an internationally recognized authority in the use of technology for design. Fallon graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1977 with a Master of Architecture. Following graduation, Fallon joined Skidmore, Owings and Merrill in 1977 where she helped implement the use of computer-aided design. Key projects from her SOM tenure include the Makkah Campus of King Abdulaziz University and King Abdulaziz International Airport Facility. She served as an independent consulting architect for the exterior renovation of the Historic Pullman Center in Chicago, . In 1984, Fallon began working for A. Epstein Companies as a leader in computer graphics technology. In 1986, Fallon opened Computer Technology Management, a consulting subsidiary of A. Epstein cmopanies. In this capacity, she provided expertise to architects and engineers on the effective use of computers in facility design. Fallon established her own technology consulting firm, Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc., in April 1993. Major projects conducted by KFA Inc. included a landmark "CAD for Principals" study commissioned by Revit Technology, a web-based project management system (ProjectNet) designed for the Chicago Transit Authority, and a 2004 research project with the Art Institute of Chicago to develop fundamentals for the preservation of born-digital design data.

Fallon was elected to the AIA College of Fellows in 1995 for her contributions to computing and technology in design. She was invited by the government of Singapore to give the keynote presentation at the 1997 meeting of BAUCON Asia on "Information Technology and the Re-engineering of the Construction Sector." In 1997, Fallon published "The AEC Technology Survival Guide: Managing Today's Information Practice" with John Wiley and Sons. Additional publications include her 2002 book with Arleen Boyd, "Leading the Digital Practice: The A/E/C Firm Manager's Guide to Information Technology" and many articles for leading journals in architecture, engineering, and construction. She taught courses on technology applications in design for the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture, the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering, Triton College, and the Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering's Master of Project Management Program. Fallon served on AIA's Technology in Architecture Practice Advisory Group from 2002-2007 and on the National Institute of Building Sciences' Board of Directors. She also held various leadership positions in Chicago Women in Architecture and the AIA Women in Architecture Network.

Sources: http://kfa-inc.com/kfa16/about-us/kristine-k-fallon/

Scope and Content

This collection comprises biographical and historic information on Fallon and her companies, documentation of Fallon's contributions to the application of technology in design, proceedings of preparatory materials and correspondence for major publications between 1983-2016, materials for courses taught by Fallon, and documentation for major projects conducted throughout her career. Materials include correspondence, research notes, published and draft reports, drafts and copies of publications authored by Fallon on technology in design, conference proceedings and participant materials, taped interviews and meeting records, and selected project records.

Index Terms


  • Computer-aided design
  • International Archive of Women in Architecture
  • Women architects -- Illinois

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Container List

  • box-folder 1 folder: 1
    Biographical information
  • oversize box-folder 4 folder: 1
    The Cliff Dwellers club, photograph, April 19, 1996
American Institute of Architects
  • box-folder 1 folder: 2
    Technology in Architectural Practice Affinity Group
  • box-folder 1 folder: 3
    Chicago Architect (Magazine), May | Jun 2014
  • box-folder 1 folder: 4-5
    Fellowship Nomination, 1994
  • oversize box-folder 4 folder: 2
  • box-folder 1 folder: 6
    Book (The AEC Technology Survival Guide: Managing Today's Information Practice)
  • box-folder 1 folder: 7
    Articles by Fallon, 1983-1997, n.d.
  • box-folder 1 folder: 8
    A/E Systems Report Newsletter, 1986-1987
  • box-folder 1 folder: 9-10
    Architectural Record Correspondence, 1990-1995, 1998
  • box-folder 1 folder: 11
    Correspondence with Sweet's Electronic Publishing, 1995
  • box-folder 1 folder: 12
    A/E/C Systems: The Magazine of Computer Solutions, Summer 1997
  • box-folder 1 folder: 13
    IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Vol 20 (No 2), April - June 1998
  • box-folder 1 folder: 14
    Fallon, K. (2002). "Tech Savy IT Insights for A/E/C Leaders." Professional Services Management Journal.
  • box-folder 1 folder: 15
    Boyd, A. & K. Fallon. (2002). "Leading the Digital Practice: the A/E/C Firm Manager's Guide to Information Technology." Professional Services Management Journal Resources
  • box-folder 1 folder: 16
    2006 Report on Integrated Practice, American Institute of Architects v 0-11
  • box-folder 1 folder: 17
    History of Digital Design at SOM
  • box-folder 1 folder: 18
    Adams, N. "Creating the Future (1964-1986): How a passionate group of SOM Architects and Engineers Came Together to Envision Their Profession through the Lens of Technology." In SOM Journal, 2011, v8, pp. 121-136.
  • box-folder 1 folder: 19
    Kennedy, M. (1981). "Gyn/Ecology: On the Relationship Between Women, Nature and Space." Prepared for the Annual Meeting of the Finnish Association of Women Architects in Helsinki.
  • Cassette tapes
    • box-folder 3 item: 1
      Murphy/Jahn Scott Pratt 04-17-03
    • box-folder 3 item: 2
      04-09-03 Trung Le
    • box-folder 3 item: 3
      03-21-03 Doug Garofalo
    • box-folder 3 item: 4
      03-19-03 Interactive Design
    • box-folder 3 item: 5-6
      03-12-03 Carol Ross Barney
    • box-folder 3 item: 7
      03-07-03 Rob Jones
    • box-folder 3 item: 8
      02-25-03 Doug Garofalo
    • box-folder 3 item: 9
      02-13-03 Martin Thaler
    • box-folder 3 item: 10
      02-07-03 Joe Valerio
    • box-folder 3 item: 11
      02-06-03 Hiroshi Ariyama
    • box-folder 3 item: 12
      02-06-03 Art Institute Warehouse
    • box-folder 3 item: 13-16
      Art Institute Meeting 1
    • box-folder 3 item: 17-18
      SOM 03-21-03
  • box-folder 1 folder: 20
    UIFA 1979, Seattle, WA
  • box-folder 4 folder: 3
    Negatives, UIFA presentation
  • box-folder 5
    Large negatives, UIFA presentation
  • box-folder 1 folder: 21
    Proceedings of the SAE/ESD International Computer Graphics Conference and Exposition, Detroit, Michigan, April 7-9, 1987
  • box-folder 1 folder: 22-23
    BAUCON Asia'97 - Bau IT Conference, 7&8 October 1997. "Re-architecting/Re-engineering the Construction Industry"
  • box-folder 1 folder: 24
    Proceedings of ICAM 12, Venice, September 18-23, 2004
  • box-folder 1 folder: 25
    Colloque Européen 8-10 Nov 2007, Architecture et Archive Numériques Natives - L'architecture à l'ère du numérique: une question de mémoire
  • box-folder 1 folder: 26
    University of Illinois at Chicago, Spring 1995 Arch 399/499 - CAD Tools: A Critical Comparison (Test Report)
  • box-folder 1 folder: 27
    University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Architecture, Fall 1995 ARCH 399/499: Advanced CAD Tools ARCH 430: Computers in Architecture
  • box-folder 2 folder: 1
    University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Architecture, Spring 1996 ARCH 215: Computers in Architecture ARCH 499: Architecture Elective II
  • box-folder 2 folder: 2
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Engineering: "Implementing Advanced CAD and related Technologies to Maximize Investment." Purgatory, Colorado, August 14-18, 2000
  • box-folder 2 folder: 3
    Professional development for CAD, n.d.
Office Records
  • box-folder 2 folder: 4
    Computer Management Technology, Inc. brochures
  • box-folder 2 folder: 5
    Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc. brochures (n.d.)
  • box-folder 2 folder: 6
    Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc. newsletters (April 1996; Dec 2002; Jan 2006, 2007, 2008, n.d.)
  • box-folder 2 folder: 7
    Web Timeline, Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc (1993-2013)
Major Projects
  • Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
    • box-folder 2 folder: 9
      King Abdulaziz University, Makkah Campus, 1979
    • box-folder 4 folder: 6
      King Abdulaziz University, Makkah Campus, 1979, Comprehensive Plan
  • Independent consulting
    • box-folder 2 folder: 8
      Exterior Restoration, Historic Pullman Center, 1981
    • box-folder 4 folder: 4
      Elevation Drawings, Exterior Restoration, Historic Pullman Center, 1981
    • box-folder 4 folder: 5
      Competition for a Student Services Center, Virginia Tech, 1983
  • Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc
    • box-folder 2 folder: 10
      CAD Software Evaluation Report, 2001 by CAD for Principals
    • box-folder 2 folder: 11
      CAD For Principles Research Project, 1999-2000
    • box-folder 2 folder: 12
      CAD For Principles Survey Responses
    • box-folder 2 folder: 13-14
      CAD For Principles Survey Responses
    • box-folder 2 folder: 15
      Chicago Transit Authority Capital Improvement Plan - Web-Based Project Managemen, 2000-2002
    • box-folder 2 folder: 16-17
      Art Institute of Chicago Study: Collecting, Archiving and Exhibiting Digital Design Data, Jan 2003 - March 2004
    • box-folder 2 folder: 18
      Walsh Construction BIM Implementation Project
    • box-folder 2 folder: 19
      Construction to Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie)