A Guide to the Educational Cookery Collection, 1880-1969, n.d. Educational Cookery Collection Ms2017-032

A Guide to the Educational Cookery Collection, 1880-1969, n.d.

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Educational Cookery Collection, 1880-1969, n.d.
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The Educational Cookery Collection includes flyers, pamphlets, cooking school catalogs, recipes, menus, cookery lessons, and other ephemera relating to cookery and education, dating from the 1880s to the 1960s.

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Scope and Content

The Educational Cookery Collection includes flyers, pamphlets, cooking school catalogs, recipes, menus, cookery lessons, and other ephemera relating to cookery and education, dating from the 1880s to the 1960s. Materials represent the work of individual authors, corporations, government and extension agencies, cooking schools, and other organizations that sponsored educational cookery events.


Most items have a clear source (author, corporate author, publisher, or other sponsoring organization). This collection is arranged in alphabetical order by creator, with a small group of unattributed items at the end. Each letter of the alphabet represented has its own folder and items within each folder are alphabetical order by creator. Each folder has a bibliography of items with either a title or a brief description (when a clear title was absent).

Separated Material

This collection included a large number of books and publications which were cataloged for the Rare Book Collection. Books are listed below in chronological order with undated materials at the end. Catalog records include a note that indicate they are part of the collection. If a book is connected to a particular educational culinary education organization, it is noted in brackets following the title and date.

How We Made a Nine Cent Dinner, Explained in Full, with Some Other Economies, 1882. [New Century Cooking School]
New York Tribune Extra No. 85, Practical Cookery, with Demonstrations, 1884.
An Ideal Kitchen: Miss Parloa's Kitchen Companion, 1887.
Question and Class Book for the Philadelphia Cooking School, 1887. [Philadelphia Cooking School]
Cookery in the Public Schools, 1890.
The Information Readers Number 1: Food and Beverages, 1891. [Boston School Series]
100 Choicest Recipes for Cooking, 1892.
Souvenir and Cook Book (United Retail Grocer's Association of Brooklyn), 1892.
Cooking School Recipes, 1893, plus handwritten apple cake recipe.
The Story of the New England Kitchen Part II, 1893, including invitation to the New York Diet Kitchen Association meeting in 1890.
Jaynes & Co's Economical Cook Book, 1895. [Boston Cooking School]
High Class Cookery Recipes, 1897. [National Training School of Cookery]

Aunt Martha's Corner Cupboard (serial, Parts I-III), c.1900?
Cooking Made Easy, c.1905?
Gathered Treasures, 1906.
Good Luncheons for Rural Schools without a Kitchen, 1906.
Freehand Cooking on Scientific Principles, 1910.
Individual Recipes in Use at the Drexel Institute, 1911. [Drexel Institute]
Some More Good Things to Eat, 1911.
Household and Science Arts, 1913.
Cooking: Book One, 1914. [Muncie Normal Institute)]
Foods and Sanitation: A Text-Book and Laboratory Manual for High Schools, 1914.
Laboratory Cook Book. 1914. [Worcester Domestic Science School]
Baking Powder: A Healthful Convenient Leavening Agent, 1915.
Domestic Science Book II, Grade VII, 1915.
Elements of the Theory and Practice of Cookery: A Text-Book of Household Science for Use in Schools, 1915.
Low Cost Cooking, 1915.
Feeding the Family, 1917.
Educational Document No. 4, Official Recipe Book: What to Eat How to Cook It, 1918.
Food and Health: An Elementary Textbook of Home Making, 1918.
Food and Household Management: A Textbook of the Household Arts, 1918.
Food Values and Economical Menus, 1919. [Miss Farmer's School of Cookery]
Recipes and Menus for Fifty, 1920. [School of Domestic Science of the Boston Young Women's Christian Association]
Cooking for Profit: Catering and Food Service Management, 1925.
The Home Makers' Cooking School Cook Book, 1925. [Home Makers' School of Chicago, Illinois]
Housewifery: A Manual and Text Book of Practical Housekeeping, 1924.
Cookery Arts and Kitchen Management, 1924.
Food: Its Composition and Preparation: A Textbook for Classes in Household Science, 1925.
Home Made Candies for Profit, 1926.
Food Preparation, Meal Serving and Housewifery, 1934.
Fortunes in Food, 1930.
Savory Suggestions, 1930.
Orono Cook Book, 1937.
Modern Homemaker, 1938.
Ten Lessons on Meat for Use in Schools, 1940.
Continued Study Units: Home Economics: II-Foods of our Forefathers in The Middle Colonies, 1941. [Copy 2]
University High School Faculty Cook Book, June 1942.
Careers for the Home Economist, 1943.
Batter Up!: Favorite Recipes of Ag Campus Students and Faculty, 1948.
Company Cook Book, Harriet Johnson Nursery School, 1950.
Favorite Recipes of Wellesley Alumnae, c.1950?
French Cookery, 1953.
The Art of Cooking, 1964.
Fast Food Gets an "A" in School Lunch, 1977. [Copy 2]
Let's Throw an Italian Wine Tasting! 1978.
Source Book on Some International Food Flavors of Home Economics, 1982.
Step-By-Step Directions for Mistake-Proof Recipe, 1986. [McCall's Cooking School]

Undated (organized alphabetically by title)
Batterman's Book of Mary A. Wilson's Favorite Recipes.
Be a Great Cook!
Brookline Public Schools Manual.
Cookery Book and General Axioms for Plain Cookery. [School Board for London]
A Course of Practical Lessons on Cakes and Cake Decoration.
Digest of the Day. [Ward Six, PTA, Gloucester, MA]
Domestic Science (Leaflets 1-28). [School District of Philadelphia]
The Florence Crittenton Cook Book. [Boston School of Cookery]
Food Facts and Food Fallacies.
Food...Fun...and...Flair: Course for Gourmets. [Institute for Gracious Living, Inc.]
G.R.L.'s Own Cookery Book: A Man's Book for Every Woman (5th edition).
Into the Mouths of Babes.
Let's All Reap Together: A Guide to Help You Put More Food on Your Plate.
National School of Domestic Art and Science: Views and Interiors of Buildings.
Original San Francisco Sourdough Culture Instructions.
Outdoor Cooking at the Boces Environmental Education Center at Brookville.
Outline of Cooking, Grades VII and VIII.
Pouring Tea for Profit. [Lewis Hotel Training School]
Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre.
350 Recipes: Cooked and Tested by the Cooking Class of the House of the Good Shepherd.

Index Terms


  • Ann Hertzler Children's Cookbooks and Nutrition Literature Collection
  • Children -- Nutrition
  • Ephemera
  • Food Technology and Production
  • History of Food and Drink
  • Nutrition
  • Genre and Form Terms:

  • Culinary pamphlets
  • Menus
  • Pamphlets

Contents List

A, 1880, 1940, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-1
The Adams & Westlake Manf'g Co. [Baking Matinees card.]
Albany Cooking School. [Concert program.] 1880.
American Academy of Nutrition. "Foods for Books and Girls."
American Academy of Nutrition. "Box Lunches for School." (2 copies)
American Academy of Nutrition. "Healthful Foods for Teen-Agers."
Ashland Independent. [Cooking school flyer with recipes.] 1940.
B, 1888, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-2
Boston Cooking School. [Flyer of upcoming classes.]
Boston Cooking School. [Free lectures in cookery advertisement.]
Boston Cooking School. [Lesson XI: Stews.] 1888.
C, 1923
Box-Folder 1-3
College of Industrial Arts, The Texas State College for Women. "Menus and Recipes." October 1, 1923.
D, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-4
D. & L. Slade Co. "Slade's Cooking School Recipes." 1920.
G, 1946, 1964, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-5
General Foods. "Cooking School of the Air."
General Mills, Inc. "Better Meal Planning for Happiness." 1946.
"Giuliano Bugialli's Cooking in Florence."
The Grand Hotel Recreation Club (Taipei, Taiwan). "Chinese Cooking Classes." 1964.
"Grand Rapids Public Manual Training: Lessons VIII, XX, XXII, XXIII.:
H, 1936, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-6
The Hartford Courant. [Cooking school advertisement.] 1936.
H. J. Heinz Company. "Heinz Kindergarten Book No. 5."
H. J. Heinz Company. "Heinz School Party: Menus and Easy Recipes for Young Cooks."
J, 1936, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-7
John Oster Manufacturing Co. "Osterizer Guide for Feeding Your Baby Better."
Jordan Marsh Company. "Lecture and Demonstration: Porch Suppers." 1936
M, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-8
Meriden Milk Producers' Exchange and the Connecticut Vegetable Growers' Association. [Supper menu with recipes.]
Miss Farmer's School of Cookery. "Home Cooking Made Easy with Rockwood's Chocolate Bits."
Miss Farmer's School of Cookery. [Catalog.]
Miss Farmer's School of Cookery. [Catalog with 1921 flyer.]
Miss Farmer's School of Cookery. [Catalog.] c.1970s?
N, 1914-1969
Box-Folder 1-9
National Live Stock and Meat Board. "Meat and How I Cook It." 1924.
New York State College of Agriculture (Cornell University). "Food Preservation: A National Challenge." June 1917.
New York State College of Agriculture (Cornell University). "Saving Strength in the Household." November 1920.
New York State College of Agriculture (Cornell University). "Indian Recipes." March 15, 1949.
New York State College of Agriculture (Cornell University). "Quick Breads." January 1955.
New York State College of Agriculture (Cornell University). "Cakes, Cookies, and Pies." May 1955.
New York State College of Agriculture (Cornell University). "Quick and Easy Rolls & Sweet Yeast Breads." July 1955.
New York State College of Agriculture (Cornell University). "Barbecued Chicken." April 1957.
New York State College of Agriculture (Cornell University). "Barbecued Chicken." January 1960.
New York State College of Agriculture (Cornell University). "Quick Breads and Cookies." December 1969.
O, 1941, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-10
Orpheum Theatre Cooking School. [Flyers.] c.1940-1941.
P, 1888, 1904, 1928, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-11
Page, Ann. "Household Arts." No. 31. (2 copies)
Parloa, Maria. "Fourth Annual Course of Object Lessons in Cookery." 1880-1881.
Postum Company, Inc. "The School Lunch."
Prot. Episcopal Orphan's Home. [Instructing classes in cooking receipt.] 1904.
R, 1899
Box-Folder 1-12
Robb, Isabel H. [Letter to Miss Barrows re: nutrition education in hospitals.] June 22, 1899.
S, 1950, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-13
Spice Islands Company. "Charts and Recipes." 1950.
Swift & Company. "Sweets with Allsweet."
Swift & Company. "Let's Eat Outdoors."
U, 1906-1955
Box-Folder 1-14
U.S. Department of Agriculture. "Preparation of Vegetables for the Table." 1906.
U.S. Department of Agriculture. "Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes Revised." 1931.
U.S. Department of Agriculture. "Family Fare: Food Management and Recipes." July 1955.
University of Missouri College of Agriculture. "Cookies for Children." June 1955.
University of New Hampshire Extension Service. "The Home-Packed Lunch." December 1934.
University of Toronto. "Household Science, Session 1911-1912."
University of Vermont College of Agriculture. [Nutrition letter to mothers.] February 12, 1936.
W, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-15
Wiley, Nan. "21 Day Wine."
Women's Educational and Industrial Union. [Bolyston Restaurant menu.]
Unknown creator, n.d.
Box-Folder 1-16
Group of items: "Prudence Penny Cookies" recipe; The Grand Cafe & Cafeteria (Rochester, MN) menu; envelope.
Bound collection of cooking lessons (I-XXIV) with extensive handwritten notations.
"Sunday Dinners and Babies" flyer.