A Guide to the William C. Wampler Congressional Papers, 1953-1990 (bulk 1967-1982) Wampler, William C., Congressional Papers Ms1982-003

A Guide to the William C. Wampler Congressional Papers, 1953-1990 (bulk 1967-1982)

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Processed by: Laurel Rozema, Archivist, Special Collections and University Archives

Special Collections and University Archives, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.
Collection Number
William C. Wampler Congressional Papers, 1953-1990 (bulk 1967-1982)
Physical Characteristics
260.42 Cubic Feet; 250 boxes
Wampler, William C. (William Creed), 1926-2012
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William C. Wampler, Sr. was a U.S. Congressman from Virginia in the 1950s through 1980s. His papers primarily document his tenure in Congress during the 1970s and 1980s, including correspondence with constituents, committees, and government departments, legislative files, public relations and campaign materials, and photographs.

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The collection is open for research.

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The William C. Wampler Congressional Papers was donated to Special Collections and University Archives in 1982, 1984, and 1988.

Processing Information

The processing and description of the William C. Wampler Congressional Papers was completed in August 2015. The collection remains in order received, and hanging folders were replaced with archival folders retaining the same folder title.

Biographical Note

William Creed Wampler, Sr. (1926-2012) was a Congressman from Virginia from 1953 to 1955 and 1967 to 1983. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II before graduating from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI) in 1948 and studying law at the University of Virginia. Wampler became a journalist in Virginia and Tennessee, while also supporting the work of the Republican Party in the Ninth Congressional District. In 1953, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia, losing his seat in 1955. Wampler then joined the Atomic Energy Commission and in 1957 became the vice president and manager of the Wampler Brothers Furniture Company, followed by the Wampler Carpet Company in 1961, in Bristol. In 1967, he left the company upon successfully winning his election to the U.S. House of Representatives, serving until he lost his seat once more in 1983. Wampler also served on the boards of visitors of Emory and Henry College and of VPI.

Source: "Wampler, William Creed (1926-2012)," entry in Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. , https://bioguideretro.congress.gov/Home/MemberDetails?memIndex=W000121 , accessed July 20, 2020.

Scope and Content

The William C. Wampler Congressional Papers include legislative files, committee files (including the House Agriculture Committee and the Select Committee on Aging), constituency correspondence, U.S. and Virginia government departmental files, public relations and campaign material, and photographs.


This collection is arranged by box. Within each box, files are usually arranged alphabetically by folder title.

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The guide to the William C. Wampler Congressional Papers by Special Collections and University Archives, Virginia Tech, is licensed under a CC0 ( https://creativecommons.org/share-your- work/public-domain/cc0/ ).

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Contents List

box 1
Appalachian Regional Commission; Correspondence; Legislation; Appointment and Guest Books; Publicity materials; Departmental: Commerce Economic Development Administration thru Small Business Association, 1962-1980
box 2
Correspondence, Committees: Agriculture and Health/Nutrition, 1977-1978
box 3
Legislation: Agriculture, Mining, Land, Business, Rural Development, 1971-1978
box 4
Appalachian Regional Commission; Correspondence; Public Relations/Media; Grants, 1974-1976
box 5
box 5
Departmental: Consumer Safety Committee thru Health, Education, and Welfare, Military, 1978-1980
box 6
Committees, Departmental: Agriculture, Military, Aging, 1979-1980
box 6
Correspondence: Requests for recommendations
box 7
Correspondence: Virginia State Republican Party thru XYZ, 1969-1970
box 8
Departmental: Agriculture thru Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 1977
box 9
Correspondence: R thru Virginia Division of Mines, 1967-1968
box 10
Correspondence: Open Door, Lee County thru Virginia Employment Commission, 1972
box 11
Departmental: Agriculture thru Health, Education, and Welfare, 1972
box 12
Correspondence: Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles thru Miscellaneous, 1968
box 13
Departmental: Treasury thru Vice President, 1969-1970
box 14
Civil Defense thru Crime and Criminals, 1980-1982
box 15
Public Relations, 1977-1978
box 16
Correspondence: Misc A thru Open Door, Grayson County, 1972
box 17
Correspondence: Pembroke, Town of thru Public Relations Services, 1969-1970
box 18
Departmental: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) thru Post Office, 1971
box 19
Legislation: General thru Veterans Affairs, 1971
box 20
Invitations, 1978
box 21
New River Documents thru Petitions & Analysis, Blue Ridge Hydro Project, 1975-1976
box 22
Correspondence: Clerk of the House thru Employment Administration, 1969-1970
box 23
Departmental: NASA thru Vice President, 1976
box 24
Legislation: Saccharin thru Abortion, General, 1977-1978
box 25
Correspondence: Miscellaneous T thru Virginia Department of Workman's Comp, 1967
box 26
WCW Legislation, 1969-1970
box 27
Correspondence: R thru School Superintendents, 1969-1970
box 28
Legislation: Food and Agriculture (active 1981) thru Republican Substitute to HR 603, 1981
box 29
Extensions thru Virginia Statewide Data, 1981
box 30
Invitations declined, 1981
box 31
Invitations declined, 1978
box 32
Legislation: Agriculture thru Internal Security, 1974
box 33
Military/Passports, 1978
box 34
Legislation: 13000 Health and Economic Concerns thru 16010 Right to Work, 1977-1978
box 35
Departmental: Labor thru Post Office, 1969-1970
box 36
Agriculture thru Forest Service, 1982
box 37
Miscellaneous, 1976-1977
box 38
Correspondence: Agricultural Issues, 1979-1980
box 39
Projects: Bristol thru Wythe/Bland Counties, 1973-1974
box 40
Agriculture and Energy: Land Acquisition, Rare II, Estaban, SY Fuel Conference, VPI Vet School, 1977-1979
box 41
Departmental: Army thru Department of Education, 1982
box 42
Legislation, 1981-1982
box 43
Departmental: FDAA thru Interstate Commerce Commission, 1977
box 44
Correspondence: Agriculture Issues: Predator Control thru Trade, 1978-1980
box 45
Committees: Aging, Ethics and Concerns, 1975-1982
box 46
Correspondence: Virginia Department of Welfare thru Wythe County GOP, 1971
box 47
Departmental: Agriculture thru Defense, 1978
box 48
Invitations, 1977
box 49
Local Action & Appalachian Regional Committee, 1976-1979
box 50
Departmental: Interstate Commerce Commission thru White House, 1975
box 51
Correspondence: Admission to Colleges thru Memos, 1974
box 52
Letters concerning constituents: A thru Z, 1980-1982
box 53
Departmental: Federal Energy Administration thru Interior, Wildlife and Sport Fisheries, 1975
box 54
Agenda Reminders, 1980
box 55
Legislation, 1973-1977
box 56
Legislation: Agriculture thru World War I Veterans, 1975-1976
box 57
Legislation: Agriculture Committee thru Committee on Education and Labor, 1969-1970
box 58
Invitations decline thru Student Intern Program, 1967
box 59
Departmental: ICC: Trucking thru State Department, 1978-1979
box 60
Correspondence from constituents, 1980-1981
box 61
Correspondence replying to constituents, 1981-1982
box 62
Miscellaneous, 1978-1979
box 62
Invitations declined, 1979
box 63
Public Relations files, 1981-1982
box 64
Newspaper Clippings, Elections, 1967-1968
box 64
Legislation, 1970
box 64
Campaign TV/radio spots, 1970
box 65
Departmental: Agriculture, 1981
box 66
Legislation: 96th Congress, 1979-1980
box 67
Vouchers, 1977
box 68
Miscellaneous and Legislator Orientation, 1979-1981
box 69
Departmental: Health and Human Services thru Marine Corps, 1981
box 70
Legislation, 1981
box 71
Legislation: Committee on Public Works thru NFIB Ballots, 1969-1970
box 72
Invitations accepted (April-August) thru Virginia Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, 1971
box 73
Accounts and Miss Munsey's files, 1967-1969
box 74
Office Procedures and Policies thru Coal, 1978-1982
box 75
Public Relations, 1978-1979
box 76
Local Projects, 1978-1982
box 77
Departmental: National Park Service thru White House, 1981
box 78
Legislation: Agriculture thru Interior, 1967-1968
box 79
Departmental: Library of Congress thru Virginia Governor's Office, 1979-1980
box 80
Committee business, 1980
box 81
Departmental: Justice Department thru State Corporation Committee,, 1978-1980
box 82
Departmental: Army Reserves thru Office of Economic Opportunity, Neighborhood Youth Corps, 1968
box 83
Speeches, 1976-1982
box 84
Legislation: WWI Vets Pension thru Tax Credit for the Elderly, 1978
box 85
Military, 1976
box 86
Invitations declined thru James Madison Memorial Commission, April 1969, 1969-1970
box 87
Correspondence: Agriculture Issues; Implementation of Trade Act of 1978 thru Republican Members, 1979-1980
box 88
Legislation: A thru Y Veterans, 1975-1976
box 89
Blue Ridge Parkway, 1979-1980
box 90
Departmental: Housing and Urban Development (HUD) thru Labor, 1977-1978
box 91
Legislation: Aging thru Merchant Marines & Fishery, 1975
box 92
Departmental: Agriculture thru Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 1975
box 93
Legislation: Pros & cons, 1977-1978
box 94
Departmental: Farm Credit Administration thru Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 1974
box 95
Speeches, 1981-1982
box 96
Correspondence: Energy, Electric thru Requests, Flags, 1978-1980
box 97
Departmental: Federal Employment thru Department of Health and Human Services, 1982
box 98
Correspondence: VPI&SU (Virginia Tech), General thru Lictax, 1972
box 99
Legislation: Ways and Means thru WCW Legislation, 1971
box 100
Invitations declined and Disaster Manual, 1976
box 101
Legislation: Rules Committee/Flag Bill thru General/NFIB Ballots, 1967-1968
box 102
Photographs, 1975-1979
box 103
General Correspondence, 1976
box 104
Agriculture Committee; Miscellaneous, 1978-1979
box 105
Correspondence: Regarding Coal and FMHA, 1979-1980
box 106
Departmental: Civil Service Commissions thru Health Education and Welfare, 1969-1970
box 107
Correspondence: Virginia Department of Corporations, Trailways Bus Service (Bluefield, WV) thru Virginia Republican Party, 9th District, 1969-1970
box 108
Departmental: Agriculture thru Energy, 1980
box 109
Agriculture Committee and related papers, 1981-1982
box 110
General Correspondence, 1973-1975
box 111
Departmental: Food and Drug Administration thru Department of Labor/Mine Safety and Health Administration, 1982
box 112
Public Relations, 1967-1968
box 113
Correspondence: Miscellaneous thru Virginia Department of Health, 1972-1973
box 114
Correspondence: F thru Q, 1968
box 115
Correspondence: Miscellaneous thru Virginia Division of Mines and Quarries, 1977
box 116
Invitations: closed and declined, 1975
box 117
Correspondence: A thru Employment (summer), 1968
box 118
Correspondence: Miscellaneous A thru Z, 1976
box 119
Departmental: Virginia Department of Health thru Veterans Administration, 1980
box 120
Correspondence: S thru Z; News Releases, 1979-1980
box 121
Legislative card file; Committee concerns, including Virginia Tech Vet School, world food, Welfare Subcommittee, and Republican Party of Virginia,, 1977-1979
box 122
Correspondence: Photographs thru Diane N. - White House Tours, 1981-1982
box 123
Correspondence: Biography thru Office Miscellaneous/Rooms, 1981-1982
box 124
97th Legislature Subject Files: Natural Resources/Forests and Forestry thru Prisons, 1981-1982
box 125
97th Legislature Subject Files: Agriculture/Tobacco thru Budget, 1981-1982
box 126
Correspondence: J thru Requests, 1971-1972
box 127
Departmental: Information Agency, U.S. thru White House, 1974
box 128
Correspondence: U Miscellaneous thru William C. Sampler - Personal, 1971-1972
box 129
Agriculture: Ag Credit thru Wheat Foods,, 1977-1978
box 130
Correspondence: Agriculture Committee thru Committee on Committees; Miscellaneous [official and constituent correspondence], 1975-1978
box 131
Correspondence: A thru Invitations Declined (April 1971), 1971-1972
box 132
Correspondence: N thru Superintendent Office, 1974
box 133
Card files: Calendar lists, Capitol books, flag request lists, 1974-1976
box 134
Correspondence: Press Correspondence thru Radio/TV tapes, 1971
box 134
Newspaper Clippings: 68 Campaign thru '70 Wampler in the News, 1968-1970
box 134
Photographs: Campaign Stock Photos thru "Your best bet - hire a Vet", 1978
box 135
Virginia Departmental Files: Governor's Office thru MiscClosed "M-Q", 1978-1980
box 136
Correspondence, HR Bills, etc. for Agriculture, Invitations, Gun Control, and assorted legislation, 1972-1973
box 137
Legislation: H.J. Res. 68 Yorktown Commemoration thru H. J. Res. 602 Newspaper Carrier Day; H. Con. Res. 35 Tax on Interest and Dividends thru H. C. Res. 412 USDA Graduate School, 1981-1982
box 138
Photographs: Agriculture Committee thru White House, 1981-1982
box 139
Correspondence: A thru XYZ, 1977-1978
box 139
Personal Files: Master Address and Phone Directory, 1978
box 139
Speeches: Big Stone Gap Labor Day thru Southeastern Poultry and Egg Association, 1976-1977
box 140
Correspondence: A thru L, 1974-1975
box 141
Correspondence: K thru P, 1969-1970
box 142
Departmental: Justice Department thru White House; Correspondence: Mics "A" thru Lonesome Pine Airport, 1977
box 143
Personal Files: Barbara Wampler to White House, 1975-1978
box 144
Correspondence, Constituents: Assorted files, 1980-1981
box 145
Business Conference Files: Big Stone Gap B&ADC thru Rural Development Conference, 1974-1976
box 145
Flag Requests: Appalachia Elementary School thru Redeemer Lutheran Scout Group, 1982
box 146
Public Relations: Newsletter Responses thru Finished Requests, 1979-1980
box 147
Departmental: Defense thru Library of Congress, 1976
box 148
Card files: Constituents Cases, A thru S, 1978-1980
box 149
Executive Committee Battledore, 1973-1974
box 149
Legislation: Bills Before Agriculture Committee 1st Session 94th Congress Volume 1 thru Volume 2, 1975-1976
box 149
Members's Personal Voting Record 92nd Congress thru Member's Personal Voting Record 94th Congress, 1971-1976
box 150
Invitations: The Church of Latter-Day Saints thru Westmoreland Coal Company, 1979-1980
box 150
Schedules: January thru December, 1980
box 151
Departmental: EPA thru Department of Labor, 1980
box 152
Legislation: Agricultural Committee thru Judiciary Committee, 1972
box 153
Legislation: M.C. Floor Privileges H.R. 1438 thru National Coal Policy H.R. 9906, 1973-1976
box 154
Card files: Constituents, A thru L, 1974-1977
box 155
Local Projects: Buchanan County thru Wise County, 1978-1980
box 156
Legislation: Sugar Agreement H.R. 13750 thru Nitrite Action Delay H.R. 1320, 1977-1979
box 157
Legislation: Extension of H.R. 8841 Insecticide Act thru Sugar Act H.R. 12525, 1975
box 158
Legislation: Energy Situation/General thru Weatherization, 1980-1981
box 159
Legislation: Public Works Committee thru WCW Legis., 1973
box 160
Departmental: Department of HEW, Charity Car and Hill-Burton Regulations thru VA February 1972, 1972
box 161
1980 Fuel Program thru EPA, 1979-1980
box 161
Departmental: Volunteer Emergency Full Assistance Program, 1979-1980
box 161
Legislation: Senate Joint Resolution 23, 1975
box 161
Photographs: The Farm Group and President Nixon, 1974
box 162
Departmental: Department of Agriculture thru Civil Service Commission - General Information, 1969-1970
box 163
Invitations accepted (July 1975 thru December 1976); Invitations: Pending matters; non-urgent; school visits, 1975-1976
box 164
Leadership thru Foreign Trade, 1979-1980
box 165
Legislation: Interstate and Foreign Commerce thru Select Committee on Committees, 1974
box 166
Departmental: Selective Service thru White House, 1973
box 167
Departmental: Housing and Urban Development (HUD) thru Office of Economic Opportunity, 1971-1972
box 168
Departmental: Agriculture thru Employment, Federal, 1974
box 169
Correspondence, Constituents: Criminal Code thru Taxpayer Protection Act, 1982
box 170
Departmental: Agriculture thru Federal Trade Commission, 1975-1976
box 171
Lists, Letters, Etc., 1967
box 171
Congressional Record: Inserts and Statements, 1967-1968
box 171
Departmental: Agriculture thru Tax Credit on Interest, 1974-1975
box 171
Past Election Results thru Virginia Voting Statistics, 1953-1965
box 171
Newspapers: Southwest Virginia Election Results to Grayson County Dams, 1967
box 172
Legislation: H.R. 4416 Agricultural Pest Emergency thru H.J.R. "Jack Jouett" Day, 1981-1982
box 173
Correspondence, Agriculture Issues: Cotton Inc thru Farm Program Parity, 1979-1980
box 174
Departmental: Post Office thru Veterans Administration, 1967
box 175
Departmental: Post Office Department thru White House, 1971
box 176
Departmental: Administration and Finance, Department of thru Virginia, State of, 1982
box 177
Assorted files, mainly re: state and national department requests, 1981
box 178
Federal Cases A thru Z; Margaret's Cases A thru Z; State Cases A thru Z, 1981-1984
box 179
Correspondence: T thru XYZ, 1973-1974
box 180
Departmental: Agriculture thru Defense Supply Agency, 1971-1972
box 181
Correspondence, Constituents: Virginia Office on Aging thru Norfolk & Western (mostly Virginia departments), 1977-1978
box 182
Legislation: Burley Tobacco thru H.R. 1325 Repeal Davis/Bacon, 1982
box 183
Legislation: Aging, Select Committee thru Foreign Affairs, 1976
box 184
Special Projects and Virginia Tech, 1976-1982
box 185
Photographs: Posed photos with school groups, families, events, 1973-1975
box 186
Correspondence: Aging thru K, 1975-1978
box 187
Title V thru VIDREC, 1982
box 188
Public Relations: Auctions thru Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, 1979-1980
box 189
Correspondence, Constituents: Legislation Requests thru Virginia Employment Commission, 1972-1978
box 190
Correspondence, 96th Congress, Agriculture: Gasahol thru Meat Imports, 1979-1980
box 191
Correspondence, Constituents: Public Welfare thru Veterans - Facilities, 1981-1982
box 192
Correspondence, Agriculture Issues: Farmers Home Administration thru GAO Reports, 1979-1980
box 193
Photographs: William C. Wampler thru Virginia Association of Electric Cooperatives 1979, National Rural Electric Cooperative Associations, Washington Youth Tour, 1979-1980
box 194
Departmental: Action Agency thru Agriculture Reap Letters, 1973
box 195
Office Files: Administration thru Sugar, 1982
box 196
Legislation: Agriculture - Miscellaneous Requests thru Armed Forces - Unionization of Military, 1977-1978
box 197
Correspondence, Constituents: Photographs thru Wright, David L. (assistant), 1979-1980
box 198
Pulaski District Office thru Mr. Wampler's Personal Files, 1978
box 199
Departmental: Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Lee County Poverty Program thru Veterans Administration, 1968
box 200
Invitations declined/closed, 1980
box 201
Special Projects: Blue Ridge Project No. 2317 thru Projects, General, 1967-1977
box 202
Correspondence: Virginia Department of Welfare thru Misc. "XYZ", 1966-1967
box 203
Correspondence: "A" thru Christmas Letter 1970, 1970
box 204
Misc "M" to Welfare - Closed, 1981-1982
box 205
Accounts, 1977
box 206
Personal invitations and schedules, 1981
box 207
Correspondence, Constituents: Standards Official Conduct thru Joint Congress Operations, 1977-1978
box 208
Correspondence, Constituents: Abortion thru Economy, 1981-1982
box 209
Correspondence: Mc thru V, 1974-1975
box 210
Legislation: Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee thru Public Works Committee - Highway Program, 1967-1968
box 211
Departmental: Department of H.E.W., Office of Education thru Department of Labor,, 1969
box 212
Invitations; Schedules: Appointment Book, 1977
box 213
Public Relations: 1982 Acceptance Speech thru Mullins Releases, 1978-1983
box 214
Projects: Bland County Bland-Wythe Water & Sewer Authority thru Bluefield Television (Tazewell), 1967-1972
box 215
Legislation: H.R. 7233 IMF Authorization thru S.Con.Res. 119 Second Budget FY 81, 1980
box 216
Correspondence, Constituents: Black Lung thru Fish and Wildlife, 1981-1983
box 217
Legislation: Postal Changes H.R. 2679 thru Swine Health H.R. 6593, 1979-1980
box 218
Correspondence: Misc. "A" thru Invitations Accepted (July-December), 1967
box 219
Legislation: Suspensions Week of September 29,1980 thru Railroad Deregulation, 1980
box 220
Legislation: Joint Economic Committee thru Alien Agriculture Land Ownership, 1977-1978
box 221
Correspondence: Virginia thru William C. Wampler Personal, 1972-1973
box 222
Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1971-1972
box 223
Departmental: Commerce thru Post Office, 1966-1967
box 224
Departmental: Justice thru White House, 1978
box 225
Invitations: Closed, 1979
box 226
Correspondence: Southern Railway thru Virginia Department of Conservation and Economic Develop, 1968-1970
box 227
Departmental: Army Corps of Engineers thru EPA, 1979
box 228
Legislation: Committee on Education and Labor - Mine Safety thru Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - Sex-Oriented Material, 1969-1970
box 229
Departmental: Post Office Department thru Transportation, General Information, 1969-1970
box 230
Card files: Constituents, S thru Z, regarding Closed Files, 1978-1990
box 231
Newspapers: The Bristol Herald , 1974-1975
box 232
Legislation: Surface Mining (publications and information), 1977
box 233
Correspondence: Agency on Aging thru Rooftop of Virginia CAP, 1972-1980
box 234
Correspondence: Nominations and Committees, 1978-1980
box 235
Legislation, Virginia: Division of Motor Vehicles thru Miscellaneous, Closed, T-Z, 1979-1982
box 236
Departmental: Agriculture thru Civil Service Commission (U.S.), 1967
box 237
Correspondence, 96th Congress: Agriculture Issues: AAM Strikers thru Cotton, 1979-1980
box 238
Legislation: General thru Small Business, 1976
box 239
Departmental: Agriculture, Department of, Imports of Nonfat Dry Milk thru HEW, National Institute of Health, 1973
box 240
Legislation: Post Office and Civil Service thru Ways and Means, 1975
box 241
Departmental: Agriculture thru Army, 1967-1968
box 242
Legislation: Farm Bills: H.R. 4296 Vetoed thru H.R. 7171, Digest and Analysis of Farm Bill, 1975-1978
box 243
Departmental: Federal Trade Commission thru Interior, Department of, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1979
box 244
Correspondence, Constituents: Legal Services Department thru Transportation, Department of, FAA, 1982
box 245
Legislation: 16130 Common Situs thru 20000 Interstate and Foreign Commerce, 1977
box 246
Correspondence: F thru Invitations Accepted (April 1969), 1969-1970
box 247
Campaign: Mailing lists; election returns; press releases, publicity, public relations, including speeches, columns, and audio reels; funding and support information, 1971-1974
box 248
Correspondence: Congratulatory letters - Campaign thru Pending United Mine Workers of America, 1972-1974
box 248
Departmental: Academies: U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, 1972-1974
box 249
Departmental: Housing and Urban Development thru U.S. Postal Service (October-December 1973), 1973
box 250
Legislation: Agriculture Committee thru Post Office and Civil Service