A Guide to the Talking About Work Oral History Interview Project, 2008-2011 Talking About Work Oral History Interview Project Ms2012-005

A Guide to the Talking About Work Oral History Interview Project, 2008-2011

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Talking About Work Oral History Interview Project, 2008-2011
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Oral history interviews conducted by students of Dr. Emily Satterwhite's HUM 2504 Introduction to American Studies class with interviewees who work on or near the Virginia Tech campus. Interviews explore the particular jobs of the interviewees and the issues related to working for these interviewees. The collection also contains annotated bibliographies and reflections papers created by students about their interview experience. There are images of some of the interviewees.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research with the exception of Box 3, which contains restricted materials not available to the public. Restricted materials include release forms and catalog sheets which contain personal contact information. Also restricted for varying periods of time are three other interviews, which will be released upon the designated date.

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Permission to publish material from Talking About Work Oral History Interview Project must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Tech.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Talking About Work Oral History Interview Project, Ms2012-005, Special Collections, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The Talking About Work Oral History Interview Project materials were donated to Special Collections in multiple accessions during 2011 and 2012.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement, and description of the Talking About Work Oral History Interview Project was completed in April 2013.

Historical Note

Begun in the fall semester of 2008, Talking About Work is an oral history project conceived by Dr. Emily Satterwhite for her students over several semesters of HUM 2504 Introduction to American Studies. In the project, each class collected and analyzed evidence about individuals' relationships to work on and near the Virginia Tech campus. The interviewees lived or worked in Montgomery County, Virginia. The focus of the project was on issues that disproportionately affect working class and wage laborers such as minimum wage versus a "living wage," issues of class status, access to health care and retirement options, and ability to pass along educational opportunities and financial support to family members. Interviews were with middle class or working class employees.

In addition to conducting and transcribing an interview, class members also prepared an annotated bibliography and a reflections paper about what they had learned.

Scope and Content

Talking About Work Oral History Interview Project spans the dates 2008 to 2011. The collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by students with interviewees who lived or worked in Montgomery County, Virginia. The interviews focused on individuals' jobs and the issues that affect middle class, working class, and wage laborers. The collection also includes annotated bibliographies related to issues that affect workers and reflection papers about working prepared by the students interviewers. Some interviews include images of the interviewee.


This collection is arranged in series corresponding to the semester in which the interviews were conducted. There is also a series containing restricted materials. Within a series, interviews are arranged alphabetically by interviewee.

Series I: Fall 2008
Series II: Spring 2010
Series III: Fall 2010
Series IV: Fall 2011
Series V: Restricted Materials: This series contains Catalogue Forms completed by the student interviewers and release forms. Because these forms contain personal information about both interviewers and interviewees, they can not be made available to the public. This series also includes interviews that have time restrictions. Interviews will be moved to the appropriate series once the time restriction has passed.

Index Terms


  • Local/Regional History and Appalachian South
  • Montgomery County (Va.)
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Content List

Series I: Fall 2008
  • Box-folder 1-1
    Talking About Work Interview Project Guidelines, 2008-2011
  • Box-folder 1-2
    Alga, Johnny, outside sales representative, interview by Beth Thompson, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-3
    Anonymous, bouncer, interview by Kit Konzik, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-4
    Banks, Carl, fast food worker, interview by Josh Brown, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-5
    Brown, Sean, bartender, interview by Doug Vinci, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-6
    Cromer, Melissa, senior secretary, interview by Julie Utterback, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-7
    Foster, Lindsey, certified tanning specialist, interview by Alison Noble, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-8
    Frost, Serena, instructor of English, interview by Brady Price, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-9
    Gnawali, Sarita, head cashier, interview by Zachary Taylor, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-10
    Hayes, Donald, shuttle driver/ river guide, interview by Trevon Talbot, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-11
    Keymont, Stephanie, cashier, interview by Andrew Bradley, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-12
    Kiser, Jamie, dormitory housekeeper, interview by Erin Weiner, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-13
    LaFratta, Jonathan, meat cutter, interview by Nicole Singleton, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-14
    Lee, Alice, housekeeper for Greek community, interview by Katie Hooper, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-15
    Mackey, Alex, bar tender, interview by Chris Snow, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-16
    Mattox, David, bar and grill manager, interview by Matthew Stevenson, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-17
    Mitchell, Isaac, tattoo artist, interview by Paula Ollikainen, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-18
    Nassar, Kristin, waitress, interview by Juliet Barnard, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-19
    Parelhoff, Samuel, delivery driver/team member, interview by Maggie Lecos, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-20
    Paul, Jason, organic farm worker/construction worker, interview by Katherine Goins, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-21
    Payne, Charles, deputy commandant, interview by Daniel Frazier, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-22
    Pollard, Jen, coordinator of YMCA student programs, interview by Kim Rosenberg, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-23
    Pritchard, Mely, food production manager, interview by John Yamine, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-24
    Robbs, Josh, senior data reductionist, interview by Kathryn Tressler, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-25
    Ross, Sandra, writing center worker, interview by David Duckett, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-26
    Russel, Kyle, kitchen assistant, interview by Scott Beard, 2008
  • Box-folder 1-27
    Schaefer-Friedman, Daniel, first cook, interview by Rachel Whaley, 2008
  • Box-folder 27A
    Stowers, Jared, Lowe's employee, interview by James McLaughlin, October 17, 2008
Series II: Spring 2010
  • Box-folder 1-28
    Battreal, David, bartender, interview by Kevin Eike and Nathan Davis, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-29
    Blevins, Bobbie, food services supervisor, interview by Jenna Wright and Kylie Sturgeon, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-30
    Breslau, Margaret, retail store owner, interview by Mia Perry, Jennifer Le and Jillian Pedro, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-31
    Brooks, Matthew, culinary certified trainer, interview by Sara Vaughan and Jon Cubbage, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-32
    Cogar, Ray, shift manager, pizza franchise, interview by Ben Sharpe and Holden Raines, 2010
  • Box-folder Box-group: 1-33
    Dausin, Devin, complex director, studnet residence halls, interview by Madison Benner, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-34
    Hummer, Mollie, crew trainer, fast food franchise, interview by Amber Weyland, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-34a
    Katryna (stage name), exotic dancer, interview by Jessica Emanuele and Lora Brightman, March 21, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-35
    Krauch, Melinda, roamer, dining services, interview by Cassidy Weitman, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-36
    Louderback, Jessica, service trainer, restaurant, interview by Sarah Grant, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-37
    Lucas, Martha, housekeeper, residence halls, interview by Elizabeth Brucker, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-38
    Martin, Mary, housekeeper, residence halls, interview by Caitlin Sehl and Chelsea Locker, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-39
    Moeller, Matthew, assistant director of marketing and promotions, Athletic Department, interview by Vanina Alanes and Matt Klepeisz, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-40
    Mooney, senior instructor of English, Jennifer interview by Aimee Gervacio, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-41
    Porter, Greg, restaurant dishwasher, interview by Mallory Hanna, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-42
    Robinson, Arkeif, student assistant manager, food court, interview by Kristin Riley and Carlie Osborne, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-43
    Smith, Kate, hairdresser, interview by Kace Snyder and Kelsey Hawes, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-44
    Soyars, Brian, night shift manager, fast food franchise, interview by Jason Ramsey, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-45
    Walker, Donald interview, residence hall complex director, by Bo Hart, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-46
    Weber-Wakelam, Anna, waitress, interview by Vanessa Shipman, 2010
Series III: Fall 2010
  • Box-folder 1-47
    Barbour, Mark, union organizer, interview by Jared Rowan, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-48
    Burnop, Greg, leasing consultant, interview by Sarah Woldekidan, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-49
    Fowler, Hart, magazine publisher/editor, and Tyler Godsey, magazine general manager/creative director, interview by Cotter Spratley and Guy LaVigne, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-50
    Helms, Francine, 1st grade teacher, interview by Maddie Nye and Kyla Little, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-51
    Jones, David, director of events and volunteer programs, interview by Kate Mawyer, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-52
    Jones, Kristen, housekeeping supervisor, interview by Lauren Kennedy and Katie Herber, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-53
    Knott, Heath, door staff, interview by Mallory Smith and Lauren Whaley, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-54
    Lee, Mary Johnson, cashier, dining services, interview by Joe Blaser, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-55
    Moguel, Reuben, assistant equipment manager, interview by Mackenzie Hanley, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-56
    Orr, Tracy, first baker, dining hall, and farm assistant manager, interview by Dan Crowder and Sean Moore, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-57
    Sink, Susan, farm owner/manager, interview by Ashley Griffin, 2010
  • Box-folder 1-58
    Vero, Aimee, bookstore sales associate, interview by Dorothy Vu, 2010
Series IV: Fall 2011
  • Box-folder 1-59
    Abraham, David, bicycle shop owner, interview by Paul Lascko and Nicholas Picollelli, 2011
  • Box-folder 1-60
    Blount, Ross, funeral director, interview by Carmen Fields, 2011
  • Box-folder 1-61
    Dickerson, Kim, 3rd grade teacher, interview by Imani Holmes and Sean Skidmore, 2011
  • Box-folder 2-1
    Hyatt, Heath, police patrol officer, K-9 unit, interview by Brooke Shiflett and Lucas Eckert, 2011
  • Box-folder 2-2
    Miller, Todd, parking enforcement officer, interview by Julia Engelund and Kelsey Shaffer, 2011
  • Box-folder 2-3
    Pease, Gail M., housekeeping senior lead worker, interview by Vivian Chen and Kaitlyn Cotter, 2011
  • Box-folder 2-4
    Sheppard, Darrell, police patrol sergeant, interview by Landon Sachs and Copley Decker, 2011
  • Box-folder 2-5
    Thomas, Linda, self-employed housekeeper, interview by Brett Ruby and Cait Whitlow, 2011
Series V: Restricted Materials, 2008-2011
Access Restrictions

Please note: Materials in Series V contain personal information and are restricted from use by researchers. This series also includes three interviews with a time restriction (individual restrictions are listed below). Contact Special Collection for more information.

  • Box-folder 3-1
    Release forms and catalog sheets, A-G
  • Box-folder 3-2
    Release forms and catalog sheets, H-N
  • Box-folder 3-3
    Release forms and catalog sheets, O-Z
  • Box-folder 3-4
    Andrew, Spike, property manager, and Allen Collins, maintenance supervisor, interview by Kelly Gay, Wesley Johnson and Josh Madison, 2010
    Access Restrictions

    No access until 3/22/20

  • Box-folder 3-5
    Anonymous, registered nurse, interview by Vanessa Ten-Kate and Patrick Herndon, 2011
    Access Restrictions

    Restrict access until 10/17/2021. No access to audio.