A Guide to the Hampton D. Smith Collection, 1974-1990 Smith, Hampton D. Collection Ms2012-079

A Guide to the Hampton D. Smith Collection, 1974-1990

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Collection Number
Hampton D. Smith Collection, 1974-1990
Physical Characteristics
3.0 cu. ft. 2 boxes; 2 oversized folders
Smith, Hampton D.
The Hampton D. Smith Collection, consists of a collection of papers, raw data, presentations, and laboratory notes pertaining to Dr. Hampton D. Smith's work in the Virginia Tech Chemistry Department from 1974 to 1990.

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Collection is open for research.

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Permission to publish material from the Hampton D. Smith Collection must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Tech.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Hampton D. Smith Collection, Ms2012-079, Special Collections, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The Hampton D. Smith Collection was acquired by Special Collections in 2007.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement, and description of the Hampton D. Smith Collection was completed in January 2013.

Scope and Content

The Hampton D. Smith Collection collection contains research and lab tests pertaining to the formation of undiscovered carboranes and nitriles created by Smith and other collaborators. The collection contains raw data spanning a period of over fifteen years (1974-1990), and several formal proposals pertaining to theories developed from that data. The correspondence is primarily between Smith and chemists at other prominent universities and colleges, and discuss the possible theories regarding the synthesis and formation of carboranes.


The collection is organized by type (research data, charts, notebooks). Within each type, files are organized alphabetically by folder title. Original folder titles were retained whenever possible.

Index Terms


  • Chemistry
  • Faculty
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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  • Chemists

Contents List

Box-folder 1-1
ACiO + CaCO3 Unknowns
Box-folder 1-2 to 1-4
Article Reprints (3 folders)
Box-folder 1-5
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Box-folder 1-6
American Chemical Society Meeting, 12 March 1978, Anaheim CA
Box-folder 1-7
American Chemical Society Paper, 3 August 1976, San Francisco, CA
Box-folder 1-8
Boron Nitrate- Review Paper
Box-folder 1-9
Boron Papers
Box-folder 1-10
Box-folder 1-11
Carboranes: Article Reprints and Notes
Box-folder 1-12
Carborane Papers
Box-folder 1-13
Correspondence, University of South Carolina
Box-folder 1-14
Five Coordinate Nikel Complexrde of 12, Bi5(dyphenylphosphine)
Box-folder 1-15
Galbraith Laboratories- Analyses
Box-folder 1-16
Hydrogen Storage- Carboranes
Box-folder 1-17
Infrared Data- Arsenic Carborane
Box-folder 1-18
Inorganic Synthesis
Box-folder 1-19
Investigation of the HCl-NO2-CO-Ni2t System, A Possible Catalytic Rout for the Conversion of HCl to COCl2
Box-folder 1-20
Mass Spectrometer Data
Box-folder 1-21
National Science Foundation
Box-folder 1-22
Polymers Derived from 1, 2 -BI5 (Mercapto), Carboranes and Isocyantes
Box-folder 1-23 to 1-24
Proposal Data (2 folders), 1979
Box-folder 1-25 to 1-26
Proposal Data, Carboranes (2 folders)
Box-folder 1-27
Proposal Data- National Science Foundation, 1981
Box-folder 1-28
Proposal: "A Study of Carbon-Based Ligan Transition Metal Complexes"
Box-folder 1-29
Proposal Data, 1978
Box-folder 1-30
Proposal Data, 1973
Box-folder 1-31
Proposal Data- VPI, 1973
Box-folder 1-32
Proposal Copies- National Science Foundation, 1980
Box-folder 1-33
Proposal- 8 January, 1978
Box-folder 1-34 to 1-36
Research Data (3 folders)
Box-folder 1-37
Research, 1974
Box-folder 1-38
Research Notes, 1974
Box-folder 1-39
Research, 1975
Box-folder 1-40
Research, 1976-1977
Box-folder 1-41
Research, 1979
Box-folder 1-42
Research Data, 1980
Box-folder 1-43
Research Data, 1982
Box-folder 1-44
Research, 1983
Box-folder 1-45
Syntheses and Crystallographic Characterization of Heterocarbons
Box-folder 1-46
Synthesis, Characterization, and Selected Reactions of (Ni(CH3CN6)6)(BCl4)2
Box-folder 1-47
Thallium Paper
Box-folder 2-1 to 2-2
VPI and S.U. Chemistry Departments (2 folders)
Box-folder 2-3
1, 2, Bi5 (Marcapto)-o-carbonate
Box-folder 2-4
5 Coordinate Research, 1977
Box-folder 2-5
(Cl3 PO BCl) Data, 1976
Box-folder 2-6
IR Spectrum Charts, 1964
Box-folder 2-7 to 2-8
IR Spectrum Charts (2 folders), 1965
Oversize Folder: 1 and 2
IR Spectra Data (2 folders)
Box-folder 2-9
NMR Spectra, 1983
Box-folder 2-10
The Synthesis and Reactions of 1,2,(2-substituted-1,3,2)
Box-folder 2-11
The Synthesis and Chemistry of Same Monocarbon and Dicarbon Metallcarboranes
Box-folder 2-12
Laboratory Research Notebook, Glenn F. Hermann, Hampton D. Smith
Box-folder 2-13
Laboratory Research Notebook, Dr. John Petty
Box-folder 2-14
Laboratory Research Notebook, Boron Chemistry, 1982
Box-folder 2-15
Laboratory Research Notebook, Research III, Dr. John Petty
Box-folder 2-16
Laboratory Notebook, Boron Research I, Dr. John Petty
Box-folder 2-17 to 2-18
Research Notebook, H.D. Smith (2 folders)