A Guide to the Archer Lawrie Sheet Music Collection, 1879-1935 Lawrie, Archer Sheet Music Collection Ms1970-004

A Guide to the Archer Lawrie Sheet Music Collection, 1879-1935

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Collection Number
Archer Lawrie Sheet Music Collection, 1879-1935
Physical Characteristics
0.6 cu. ft. 2 boxes
Sheet music for vocal arrangements, piano scores, opera librettos and sacred songs by Chopin, Bach, Schubert, and Haydn, and other classical composers, as well as popular songs of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Administrative Information

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Collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish material from the Archer Lawrie Sheet Music Collection must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Tech.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Archer Lawrie Sheet Music Collection, Ms1970-004, Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The Archer Lawrie Sheet Music Collection was donated to Newman Library in 1970.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement, and description of the Archer Lawrie Sheet Music Collection commenced and was completed in June, 2011.

Biographical Note

Archer Lawrie was born in Rutherford, New Jersey in 1902. He married Mary Eaton, and the couple had four children. Lawrie lived in New York and worked as a sculptor, his largest work being a one-fifth scale replica of the Statue of Liberty in Birmingham, Alabama. Archer Lawrie died in Arlington, Virginia in 1995.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains sheet music, including vocal arrangements, piano scores, opera librettos and hymns by classical and modern composers. Also included are popular songs of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of the pieces are in French, Italian, Spanish, and other foreign languages.


The collection is arranged by item type, then alphabetically.

Related Material

The covers of most of the items in this collection have been scanned, and the digital images may be found on the Virginia Tech Imagebase .

Contents List

Sheet music
  • Box-folder 1-1
    • "A Granada" (To Granada) - by F. M. Alvarez (New York: G. Schirmer), [copyright 1907]
    • "'A Vucchella" - words by Gabrielle D'Annunzio; music by F. Paola Tosti (Milan: G. Ricordi), [copyright 1907]
    • "Adorables Tourments" - words by Roland Gaël; music by Richard Barthelémy and Enrico Caruso (Paris: L. Digoude-Diodet), [copyright 1907]
  • Box-folder 1-2
    • Aeschylus Agamemnon: the choral odes and lyric scenes set to music - by John Ellerton Lodge (Boston: Greek Department, Harvard University), 1907
  • Box-folder 1-3
    • "And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time" - stanzas from Blake's "Prophetic Books;" music by C. Hubert H. Parry (London: J. Curwen & Sons), [copyright 1907]
    • "Au Clair de la Lune" - by J. B. Lulli (Paris: A. Gury), n.d.
    • "Ave Maria" - by F. Luzzi (New York: Richard A. Saalfield), [copyright 1886]
  • Box-folder 1-4
    • "Barcarolle" (from Les Contes D'Hoffman) - by Jacques Offenbach (arr. by M. Greenwald) (New York: De Luxe Music), [copyright 1908]
    • "The Beautiful Blue Danube" - by J. Strauss (New York: G. Shirmer), [copyright 1900]
    • "Besos Frios" - words by Rosendo Llurba; music by Modesto Romero (Paris: Francis Salabert), n.d.
    • "Black Eyes" [Russian], [copyright 1890?]
    • "Le Bonheur est Chose Légère" - words by J. Barbier & M. Carre; music by C. Saint-Saëns (Paris: Choudens), n.d.
    • "(Buy a Bond) You Owe It to the Brave Boys Over There" - words by Lou Thayer; music by Victor M. Paulson (New York: National Songcraft), [copyright 1918]
    • "By Dimpled Brook" - words from Dalton's adaptation of "Comus;" music by Thomas F. Dunhill (London: Year Book Press),
  • Box-folder 1-5
    • Canta pe' Me - words by Libero Bovio; music by Ernesto de Curtis (Naples, Italy: F. Bideri), [copyright 1909]
    • "Caperucita Cuento Infantil" - words by Diego Flores; music by Modesto Romero (Madrid: Ildefonso Alier), n.d.
    • "Carcassonne" - by Gustave Nadaud (Paris: Heugel), n.d.
    • "Cavalleria Rusticana" (intermezzo) - by Pietro Mascagni (arr. by Sigfrid Stenhammar) (New York: De Luxe Music), [copyright 1896]
    • "Cavalleria Rusticana" (intermezzo) - by Pietro Mascagni (New York: Armstrong Music), n.d.
    • "Chisa Chi Amero Doman" (from Frasquita) - by F. Lehár (Leipzig: Josef Weinberger), [copyright 1922]
      [5 items]
    • "Ciribiribin" - by A. Pestalozza (arr. by Chas. J. Roberts) (New York: Carl Fischer), [copyright 1909]
    • "A Civic Hymn" - by Malcolm Sanders Johnston ([Geneva, New York: Johnson]), [copyright 1935]
    • "Clavelitos" - original Spanish song by Estic and J. Valverde; English version by Mrs. M. T. E. Sandwith (New York: G. Schirmer), [copyright 1911]
    • "Clementina, ó el Peligro de las Rosas" - words by Felipe Orejon; music by Jesús Aroca (Paris: Julio Garzon), [copyright 1928]
  • Box-folder 1-6
    • "Danny Deever" - words by Rudyard Kipling; music by Walter Damrosch (Cincinnati, Ohio: John Church), [copyright 1897]
    • "La Danza" - by Rossini (Milan: G. Ricordi), n.d.
    • Dido and Aeneas - by Henry Purcell (Vienna: Wiener Philharmonischer Verlag), [copyright 1924]
  • Box-folder 1-7
    • "Era de Maggio" - words by S. Di Giacomo; music by P. Mario Costa (Naples: G. Santojanni), n.d.
    • "Ll'està 'Ncampgna" - words by Eduardo Nicolardi; music by G. Capolongo ([S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
    • "Estudiantina" - by Paul Lacome (arr. by John A. O'Shea) (Boston: Oliver Ditson), n.d.
  • Box-folder 1-8
    • "Gloria" - words by M. C. Schuyler; music by A. Buzzi Peccia (New York: Luckhardt & Belder), [copyright 1901]
    • "Golden Daffodils" - words by William Wordsworth; music by Sydney H. Nicholson (London: Year Book Press), [copyright 1922]
    • "Hymn to Apollo" (London: Novello, Ewer and Co.), 1894
    • "Inno Della 'Dante Alighieri'" - words by A. Franchetti; music by S. Gastaldon ([Boston: G. V. Palladino), [copyright 1921]
    • "Die Junge Fischerin" - by Friedrich Nietzsche ([S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
  • Box-folder 1-9
    • "K-K-K-Katy" (war edition) - by Geoffrey O'Hara (New York: Leo. Feist), [copyright 1918]
    • "Kamennoi-Ostrow" - by A. Rubinstein (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt), n.d.
    • "Linda Mia" - arr. by M. H. Sturgis & W. P. Blake (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt),> [copyright 1911]
    • "A Little Love, a Little Kiss" - English words by Adrian Ross; music by Lao Silèsu (Chappell & Co.), [copyright 1912]
  • Box-folder 1-10
    • "The Marseillaise" - English words by Florence Attenborough ([S.l.: s.n.]), [1918]
    • Martha - by Friedrich von Flotow (New York: Emil Ascher), [copyright 1911]
    • "Mary Vance" - by William Lowell Brown ([S.l.]: C. W. Thompson), [copyright 1899]
    • "Mexican National Anthem" - by Jaime Nunó (New York: Latin-American News Association), n.d.
    • "Monjita" - words by Dr. Bramsk; music by Jacinto Guerrero (Madrid: Unión Musical Española), [copyright 1927]
    • "Mother Mine What Must She Know?" - words by Ferd. Russo; music by E. Nutile (Naples: Raffaele Izzo), 1916
    • "La Muguettera" - words by Battaille-Henri; Music by J. Batlle (Paris: L. Maillochon), 1923
  • Box-folder 1-11
    • "Nena" - Spanish words by Pedro Puche/French words by Lucien Boyer; music by I. Casamoz (Paris: Francis Salabert), n.d.
    • "Notturno" - by E. Grieg (Leipzig: C. F. Peters), n.d.
    • "O Don Fatale" - by G. Verdi (New York: G. Schirmer), [copyright 1879]
    • "Obstination" - by H. de Fontenailles (New York: G. Schirmer), [copyright 1897]
    • "Onward!" - words by Wm. P. Taylor; music by Frederick Hall (East Orange, New Jersey: Wadsworth), [copyright 1918]
    • "Open Thy Blue Eyes" - words by Paul Robiquet; music by Jules Massenet (Boston: Oliver Ditson), [copyright 1904]
    • "Overture to 'William Tell'" - by Rossini (New York: De Luxe Music), n.d.
  • Box-folder 1-12
    • "Patriotism" - words by Isaac Bassett Choate; music by William Lowell Brown (Boston: Wm. L. Brown), n.d.
      [2 copies]
    • "Le Père la Victoire" - words by Delormel and Garnier; music by Louis Ganne (Paris: H. Delormel), n.d.
    • "Piper's Song" - words by William Blake; music by Rutland Boughton (London: Novello and Company), [copyright 1912]
    • "Poetische Tonbilder" - by Edvard Grieg (Leipzig: C. F. Peters), n.d.
    • "El Relicario" - Spanish words by Oliveros y Castellvi/French words by Lucien Boyer and Pierre Chapelle; music by José Padilla (Paris: Francis Salavert), [copyright 1920]
    • "La Revoltosa" - words by Lopez Silva and Fernandez Shaw; music by R. Chapi (Madrid: Sociedad Anónima Casa Dotesio), n.d.
  • Box-folder 1-13
    • Samson and Dalila - English words by André Duchêne; music by C. Saint-Saëns (New York: Emil Ascher), [copyright 1913]
    • "Sansone e Dalila: Canzone di Dalila" - words by F. Lemaire (trans. by A. Zanardini); music by C. Saint-Saëns (Paris: A. Durand & Fils), n.d.
  • Box-folder 1-14
    • "Schrei von Möven" - by B. Grodzki (Leipzig: Jul. Heinr. Zimmermann), n.d.
    • "La Serenata" - words by G. A. Cesareo; music by F. Paolo Tosti (Milan: G. Ricordi), n.d.
    • "Sextet from Lucia" - by C. Bohm (New York: De Luxe Music), [copyright 1908]
    • "Song of the Haulers on the Volga" - words by Rosa Newmarch (London: J. & W. Chester), [copyright 1923]
    • "The Star-Spangled Banner" - words by Francis Scott Key; music by John Stafford Smith (Boston: Oliver Ditson), n.d.
  • Box-folder 1-15
    • "The Teddy Bears' Picnic" - by John W. Bratton (New York: M. Witmark & Sons), [copyright 1907]
    • "Teresita Mia" - arr. by M. H. Sturgis & W. P. Blake (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt), [copyright 1905]
    • "To Sylvia" - words by Shakespeare; music by F. Schubert (London: Novello), [copyright 1920]
    • "Torna a Surriento" - words by G. B. De Curtis; music by Ernesto De Curtis (Napoli: F. Bideri), n.d.
    • "Träumerei" - by R. Schumann (New York: De Luxe Music), n.d.
    • "Veni Creator" - by J. S. Bach ([S.l.: s.n.]), n.d.
    • "Will You Remember" - words by Rida Johnson Young; music by Sigmund Romberg (New York: G. Schirmer), [copyright 1917]
  • Box-folder 2-1
    • Bergerettes: Romances and Songs of the Eighteenth Century (Boston: Oliver Ditson), 1913
  • Box-folder 2-2
    • "Community Songs" (New York: Community Service), n.d.
    • German Folksongs, v. 1 ([S.l.]: Academic Music), 1908
    • German Folksongs, v. 2 ([S.l.]: Academic Music), 1908
  • Box-folder 2-3
    • Haydn-Album: Sammlung Beliebter Stücke für Pianoforte Solo (Leipzig: C. F. Peters), n.d.
  • Box-folder 2-4
    • Music for Brieux's "False Gods" (Boston: C. W. Thompson), 1921
    • The National Anthems of the Allies (New York: G. Schirmer), 1917
  • Box-folder 2-5
    • The Remick Collection of Star Songs from the Grand Operas (new York: Jerome H. Remick), 1910
  • Box-folder 2-6
    • "Die Reste der Altgriechischen Tonkunst" - by Oskar Fleischer [copyright 1899]
  • Box-folder 2-7
    Sa-Songs of M
    • Songs of Ireland (Boston: Oliver Ditson), 1890
  • Box-folder 2-8
    Songs of N-Sz
    • Songs of Our Country (Boston: Chase & Sanborn), n.d.
    • Songs of Zion (New York: Academic Music), 1915
  • Box-folder 2-9
    • Valses pour Piano de Fr. Chopin (Braunschweig: Henry Litolff), n.d.
    • Vocal Gems from the Mikado ([S.l.: W. A. Evans & Bro.), 1885
Other Printed Materials
Box-folder 2-10
  • Betts, Bertha, "The Christmas Festival," The Cornell Reading-Courses, Dec 1 1913
  • Publication announcements and catalogs, 1913-1924, n.d.
    [9 items]
  • Morgan, Rose, "Songs That Live," The Cornell Reading-Courses, Dec 1 1914
  • O'London, John, "The Greatest Hymns," Supplement to John O'London's Weekly, Dec 5 1925
  • "Juilliard School Performs two Early Operas," 1913-1932
  • Kinscella, Hazel G., "In the Peaceful Land of 'Silent Night,' The New York Times Magazine, Dec 20 1931