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A Guide to the Culinary Pamphlet Collection, c.1870s-1990s Culinary Pamphlet Collection Ms2011-002

A Guide to the Culinary Pamphlet Collection, c.1870s-1990s

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Special Collections, Virginia Tech

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Special Collections, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.
Collection Number
Culinary Pamphlet Collection, c.1870s-1990s
Selected items from this collection have been digitized and are available online . Additional items will be added to the digital collection as they are scanned.
Physical Characteristics
8.6 Cubic Feet 6 boxes; 1 oversize folder
The collection includes small publications and pamphlets created and distributed by culinary, appliance, and food-related companies from about the 1870s to the 1990s. Most pamphlets contain advertisements, recipes, product information, testimonials, or some combination of all four.

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Collection is open for research.

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Permission to publish material from Culinary Pamphlet Collection must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Tech.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Culinary Pamphlet Collection, Ms2011-002, Special Collections, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The initial materials in this collection were part of two separate donations given to Special Collections in 2010. Additional accruals are expected in the future.

Alternate Form Available

Selected items from this collection have been digitized and are available online . Additional items will be added to the digital collection as they are scanned.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement, and description of the initial donations comprising the Culinary Pamphlet Collection was completed in January 2011. Additional description is expected as materials are added to the collection.

Scope and Content

The Culinary Pamphlet Collection is an artificial collection created in January 2011. The collection includes small publications and pamphlets created and distributed by culinary, appliance, and other food-related companies from about the 1870s to the 1990s. Most pamphlets contain advertisements, recipes, product information, testimonials, or some combination of all four.

The collection represents a diverse set of companies and products. Examples include items from the World War II era with recipes and tips for rationing and substituting for "Victory," publications featuring recipes using a specific kitchen appliance, weight loss hints from the National Dairy Council, and recipe books produced by heating and air conditioning vendors as advertising. The majority of titles in the collection relate to specific food products, especially flour, baking powder, baking soda, and various gelatines like Knox and Jell-O.


Publications and pamphlets are sorted by the name of the parent companies. Companies are arranged in alphabetical order. Since many companies changed names over time, an effort has been made to provide as many company names as possible. The earliest known company is listed first with subsequent names in parentheses.

Within each parent company, pamphlets are in chronological order. Each folder includes a bibliography of pamphlet and publication titles, dates, and authors, where known. Cross-references to other companies are listed at the folder level, if applicable.

Related Material

The History of Food and Drink Collection at Special Collections includes more than 75 manuscript collections relating to culinary history, including from handwritten receipt books, advertising ephemera, and items documenting the history of cocktails, food technology and production, and children's nutrition. A list of collections is available online through Virginia Heritage . You can search within this list, too.

The collection also contains more than 4,600 books and publications in the library catalog, Addison. The easiest way to search for culinary materials in Addison is to check out the advanced search: . To pull up a list of all the items in the collection, located both in Special Collections and throughout Newman Library, you'll want to search note fields for "Culinary collection." You can also search for keywords based on specific topics within food history.

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  • Ann Hertzler Children's Cookbooks and Nutrition Literature Collection
  • Folk, historical, and patent medicine
  • Food Technology and Production
  • History of Food and Drink
  • Patent medicines
  • Science and Technology
  • Traditional medicine
  • Genre and Forms Terms:

  • Culinary pamphlets
  • Pamphlets

Contents List

  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 49
    A. Colburn Company (Philadelphia).
    "Colburn's Condiment Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 1
    A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company.
    "Staley's Selected Recipes and Menus."
    "Staley's Selected Recipes."
    "Sweetose: A Sweeter Syrup. Best for Cooking Baking Canning Preserving Freezing Fruits." (2 copies.)
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 17
    Abbott Alkaloidal Co. (Later: Abbott Laboratories.)
    "Calorie-Saving Recipes with Sucaryl." 1957.
    "Calorie-Saving Recipes with Sucaryl." 1958.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 42
    Advanced Aluminum Castings Corp. (Chicago, IL.).
    "Minitmaid: The Magic Cooker: Book of Instructions and Recipes." 1936.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 48
    The Aluminum Cooking Utensil Co.
    "'Wear-Ever' New Method of Cooking." 1936.
    "Healthful Foods: The New Method of Cooking."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 8
    Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company (Manitowoc, Wis.). (Later: Mirro Aluminum Company.)

    Formerly Box 2-Folder 61

    "Mirro-matic Pressure Pan: Directions Recipes Time Tables." 1947.
    "Copper-tone Molds."
    "Mirro-Matic Pressure Pan: Directions Recipes Time Tables." 1954.
    "Food Surprises from the Mirro Test Kitchen."
    Wilson, Laura. "Food Talks from the Mirro Test Kitchen." Vol. 28, no. 2.
    "How to Make Fancy Cookies: Recipes from the Mirro Test Kitchen."
    "Mirro Cooky and Pastry Recipes."
    "Pressure Cooker." [poster.]
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 15
    American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages.
    "Sparkling Party Recipes." 1955.
    "Delightful Recipes with Carbonated Beverages."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 33
    American Cranberry Exchange.
    "Cranberries and How to Cook Them." 1938.
    "Tasty Ways to Serve the Tonic Fruit."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 5
    American Dairy Association.
    "Sour Cream: The Gourmet Touch to Everyday Cooking." (2 copies.)
    "Presenting Yogurt: The Old World Favorite in Modern American Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 43
    American Institute of Baking.
    "Turn to Sandwiches." 1957.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 1
    American Molasses Company.
    "Make Your Precious Sugar Go Further with Grandma's Old Fashioned Molasses." 1945.
    "101 Recipes: Grandma's Old Fashioned Molasses." 1945.
    "Nulomoline in Bakery Products." 1951.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 37
    The American Products Co. (Cincinnati, Ohio). (Later: Zanol Products Co.)
    "Zanol Products: Booklet No. 5." 1922.
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 25
    American Sugar Refining Company.
    "The Story of Cane Sugar."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 26
    Anchor-Hocking (Firm).
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 11
    Angelus-Campfire Co.
    "Campfire Marshmallow Cookery." 1935.
    "Made with Marshmallows." 1936.
    "Dainty Desserts Made with Campfire." [Campfire Marshmallows.]
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 2Folder 1
    Armour and Company.
    "Pastry Wrinkles." 1912.
    "Culinary Wrinkles Or How to Use Armour's Extracts of Beef." (Alternative title: "Practical Hints for the Use of Armour's Extract of Beef...Also Some Useful Recipes."
    "Marie Gifford's Meat Cookery Guide for Roasting Broiling Pan Frying Braising Stewing Simmering."
    "Armour's Meal of the Month File."
    "Double-Quick Menus Using Armour Star Canned Meats."
    "Packing House By-Products." [In Oversize folder]
    "Platter Chatter with Canned Meats."
    "Serve Treet for Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner."
    "60 Ways to Serve Armour's Star [Ham]."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 57
    Armour Grain Company.
    "Armour's Oats."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 18
    Armour Packing Co. (Kansas City, MO).
    [Armour Packing Co. Trade Cards.] c.1900.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 34
    Ashley's Fine Mexican Foods.
    "Foods of Mexico."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 19
    Associated Corn Products Manufacturers (Chicago, IL).
    "Corn and Its Uses."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 58
    Associated Salmon Packers.
    "Thousand Dollar Prize-Winning Recipes." 1929.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 16
    Association of Hawaiian Pineapple Canners.
    "Hawaiian Pineapple as 100 Good Cooks Serve It." 1927.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 44
    B. F. Goodrich Company.
    Kohler, Frank. "Guy Gundaker, Jr.'s Cook-Out Recipes." 1960.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 50
    Baker Extract Company (Springfield, MA, and Portland, ME).
    "Some New Selected Recipes: Tested and Proved Good." Early 20th century.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 3
    Ballard and Ballard Company.
    "Household Economics: Sewing, Housekeeping, Cooking, Living." c.1910?
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 26
    Battle Creek Food Co.
    "Modern Menus and Recipes for Your Health."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 45
    Bauerlein, Inc.
    "Yes! 100 Ways to Enjoy Bananas." 1925.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 23
    Beech-nut Packing Company (Canajoharie, N.Y.).
    "The Story of Beech-Nut Bacon."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 4
    Best Foods, Inc.

    Please note: Earlier Mazola Corn Oil pamphlets may also be found under "Corn Products Refining Company."

    "Hellman's Mayonnaise Best Foods Over 100 Ways to Bring Out the Best."1990.
    "The Salad Bowl." 1930.
    "A Diet for the Young at Heart." [Mazola]. 1982. (2 copies.)
    "75 Years of Good Eating: Anniversary Cookbook from Mazola Corn Oil." c.1986.
    "39 New Recipes for Salads and Sandwiches..."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 13
    Better Homes and Gardens (Firm).
    "Canning and Freezing Vegetables."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 5
    The Bliss Charcoal Stove Company.
    "The Bliss Charcoal Stove."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 51
    Blue Moon Foods, Inc.
    "Blue Moon Recipe Book." 1940-1955?
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 12
    Borden Company (Later: Borden, Inc.).
    "Johnnie's Adventures with the Milkarpies." 1922.
    "A Look at the Basics." [Creamettes Elbow Macaroni.]
    "The Dessert Lovers' Handbook." [Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk.] 1973. (2 copies)
    "Create a Circus Spectacular Recipes Book." 1976.
    "The Taste of Tradition." 1983.
    "Borden's Eagle Brand Book of Recipes."
    "Borden's Evaporated Milk."
    "Magic Recipes Made with Borden's Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk." 2 copies.
    "Magic! The Most Amazing Short-Cuts in Cooking You Ever Heard Of." [Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk.]
    "New Magic in the Kitchen: 208 Delicious Dishes Made with Sweetened Condensed Milk."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 59
    Boston Crystal Gelatine.
    Lincoln, Mrs. D. A. "Dainty Recipes for the Use of Boston Crystal Gelatine." Likely before 1894.
    [Boston Crystal Gelatine package.]
    [Boston Crystal Gelatine trade card.]
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 52
    Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Company.
    "Good Luck in Preserving: A Booklet of Recipes & Suggestions." c. 1915.
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 27
    Brazil Nut Advertising Fund (New York, NY).
    "Fascinating Recipes You Have Never Tried!"
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 13
    Brazil Nut Association.
    "A Parade of Brazil Nut Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 14
    Breakstone Foods.
    "No-Bake Glamor Desserts."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 2
    Bunte Brothers (Chicago, IL).
    "Marshmallow Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 6
    Burnham & Morrill Co.
    "Down East Recipes for B&M Pure Foods Products."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 9
    C. F. Mueller Co.

    Formerly Box 2-Folder 62

    "Tested & Proven Recipes with Suggestions on Table Service and Table Etiquette." [Mueller's pasta.] 1930.
    "Magic Menus with Mueller's Macaroni Products." 1937.
    "New Kind of Spaghetti You'll Like It!"
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 46
    C. G. Meaker Co. (Auburn, NY).
    "Salad-ology: Ivanhoe Mayonnaise."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 47
    Calhoun Pecan Company, Inc. (Florence, SC).
    "Calpeco Shelled Pecans Presents Favorite Pecan Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 60
    California Avocado Advisory Board. (Later: California Avocado Commission.)
    "The Avocado Bravo."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 14
    California Associated Raisin Company (Later: Sun Maid Growers of California).
    "Recipes with Raisins." 1923.
    "Take One Bright Morning..."
    "Downright Delicious Sun-Maid Raisin Recipes."
    "More Downright Delicious Sun-Maid Raisin Recipes."
    "Sun-Maid Raisins: Their Food Value and 92 Selected Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 61
    California Conserving Company, Inc.
    "New Uses for Catsup."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 35
    California Dry Bean Advisory Board.
    Callahan, Genevieve. "California Ways with California Dry Beans."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 48
    California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining Corporation. (Later: California and Hawaiian Sugar Company.)
    "C and H Brown Sugar Recipes." 1938.
    "C and H Brown Sugar Recipes." 1940.
    "Sweet Ways with Apples." 1940.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 6
    California Packing Corporation (Later: Del Monte Corporation).
    "Del Monte Peaches: 11 Food Experts Tell Us How to Serve Them." No. 732. 1927.
    "The Del Monte Fruit Book." 3rd ed. No. 650. May 1928.
    "The Del Monte Fruit Book," 4th ed. No. 650. 1929.
    "Del Monte Crushed Pineapple for Delicious Desserts Fruit Cocktails and Salads."
    "Del Monte Tomato Sauce."
    "For Really Cool Refreshment on Any Hot Day Freeze Del Monte Fruits Right in the Can."
    "22 Ways to Serve Del Monte Asparagus."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 7
    California Prune and Apricot Growers Association (Later: Sunsweet Growers, Inc.)
    "Sunsweet [Prunes for Good Health!]" c.1930s.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 36
    California Walnut Growers Association.
    "Around the Kitchen Clock with Walnuts."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 8
    Calumet Baking Powder Company.
    "Reliable Recipes." 1914.
    "Deep Fat Frying." 1923.
    "Reliable Recipes." 22 ed. c.1920s.
    "Reliable Recipes." 23 ed. c.1920s.
    "Reliable Recipes." 24 ed. c.1920s.
    "Reliable Recipes." 27 ed. c.1920s.
    "The Calumet Baking Book." New ed. 1931.
    Parker, Marian Jane. "Selected Recipes and Menus for Parties Holidays and Special Occasions."
    "Make Finer Biscuits..."
    [Untitled.] [Calument Baking Powder Recipes.]
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 32
    Carnation Milk Products Company (Later: Carnation Company. Also: Carnation Company. Home Services Department.).
    Blake, Mary. "My Hundred Favorite Recipes." 1928.
    ---. "The Cook's Handbook." 1951.
    ---. "One-Dish Meals." 1955.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 15
    Castle & Cooke.
    "Taste the Tropics: Fresh Pineapple Recipes." 1975.
    "The Dole Banana Bonanza." 1977.
    "Coolers, Cocktails & Punches from Dole: Over 40 Refreshing Ways to Enjoy Dole Pineapple Juice." 1985.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 9
    Centennial Flouring Mill Company.
    "Celia Lee's Tested Recipes for Yeast Breads."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 15
    Cereal Machine Company (Later: Shredded Wheat Company).
    Historical Note

    The Cereal Machine Company was established in 1892. It also known as The Shredded Wheat Company, a name change that became permanent after 1908. As additional plants were built between 1895 and 1925, most had a separate name, including The Natural Food Company (Niagara Falls), The Canadian Shredded Wheat Company (Niagara Falls), and The Pacific Shredded Wheat Company (Oakland, CA), although all produced the same cereal. Eventually, The Shredded Wheat Company was bought out by The National Biscuit Company, now Nabisco Brands, Inc.

    Higbee, Harriet A. "The Vital Question." [Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit]. 1899.
    "Shredded Whole Wheat Dishes." c.1900?
    "What Do You Eat? I Eat Shredded Wheat."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 38
    Chalmers Gelatine.
    "Chalmer's Gelatine Made with Milk."
    "Delicious Desserts..with Chalmers Gelatine."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 10
    Charles B. Knox Co. (Later: Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co.; Knox Gelatine, Inc.).
    "Dainty Desserts for Dainty People." 1915.
    "Mrs. Knox's 'Be Fit Not Fat' Recipes." 1939.
    "Salad Sponge Delight." 1930.
    "Bring Down the Butcher's Bill." 1933. [mini-pamphlet]
    "Knox Gelatine Desserts Salads Candies and Frozen Dishes." 1933. (2 copies.)
    "Family Ticked to Greater Meal Variety." 1934. [mini-pamphlet]
    "Knox Jell." 1936.
    "Presenting Knox Quickies: Speedy, Easy Recipes for Delicious Knox Salads and Desserts." 1941.
    "Mrs. Knox's Top 20 Delicious Salads and Desserts Voted Family Favorites in a Nation-Wide Poll." 1942.
    "Knox Sparkling Gelatine Recipes: Salads, Desserts, Pies, Candies." 1943.
    "Make Rations Go Further." c.1941-1945. [mini-pamphlet]
    "Wartime Menu Helps." c.1941-1945. [mini-pamphlet]
    "The Secret of Better Chiffon Pies." 1946. [mini-pamphlet]
    "Ever Try Peanut Butter Pie?" 1949. [mini-pamphlet] (2 copies.)
    "Knox Does Wonders with Leftovers." 1949. [mini-pamphlet]
    "An All-Around Dish!" Series No. 1. 1952. [mini-pamphlet]
    "'Extra Special' for Company Meals." Series No. 18. 1952. [mini-pamphlet]
    "For Sunday Night Supper!" Series No. 5. 1952. [mini-pamphlet]
    "Serve Salads This Way." Series No. 11. 1952. [mini-pamphlet]
    "Knox Dishes are Good Eating that's Good for You!" 1955. [mini-pamphlet]
    "Knox Eat and Reduce Plan." c.1960.
    "Do You Really Want to Lose Weight? Then Here's the Knox Eat and Reduce Plan." 1962.
    Knox, Rose M. (Mrs. Charles B.). "Food Economy: Recipes for Left Overs, Plain Desserts, and Salads."
    "Better Meals with Gel-Cookery: Budget Recipes for Main Dishes-Salads and Desserts." 2 copies.
    [Knox On-Camera advertisement.] [mini-pamphlet]
    "Knox Sparkling Gelatine." [Two variations of a small tri-fold.]
    "New Pineapple-Coconut Delight!" [mini-pamphlet]
    "19 Star Recipes for Delicious Pies and Candies."
    "Recipes that Make Reputations." [mini-pamphlet]
    "13 Wonderful Knox Recipes Children Love."
    "32 Recipes Presented in a Brand New Way!" [mini-pamphlet]
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 11
    Charles Gulden Inc.
    "Bright Ideas."
    "Kisses for the Cook."
    "Seasoning Secrets for Home Cooking."
    "Seventy Years of Seasoning Secrets.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 35
    Chas. M. Cox Co.
    "Starting Right or Back of the Egg."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 62
    Chase & Sanborn.
    "After Dinner Tricks & Puzzles with Your Seal Brand Coffee."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 44
    Chef Boyardee Company.
    "Famous Italian Dishes."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 12
    Chicago Flexible Shaft Company (Later: Sunbeam Corporation).
    "How to Get the Most Out of Your Sunbeam Mixmaster." after 1946.
    "Around the World Cookery."
    Brown, Bonnie. "Portable Electric Cookery (Sunbeam Vista Mixmaster Mixer)." 1970.
    "Sunbeam Automatic Egg Cooker." 1968.
    "How to Use Blender Attachment [Deluxe Automatic Mixmaster Mixer]."
    "Master Chef: The Modern Ice Cream Maker."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 13
    Chr. Hansen's Laboratory.
    "Party and Painting Book for Children." [Junket]. 1928.
    Mason, Mary. "How to Make Delicious Rennet-Custards and Smooth Ice Cream." [Junket]. 1936.
    ---. "How to Make Rennet-Custards and Ice Cream." [Junket]. 1938.
    ---. "How to Make Tempting Nutrious Desserts." [Junket]. 1941.
    "Cheese Making on the Farm and in the Home."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 14
    Church & Dwight Co. (Including: Arm & Hammer and Cow Brands.)

    This folder includes publications produced by Church & Dwight Co. predecessor, John Dwight and Company.

    "Dwight's Cow-Brand Cook-Book." Between 1876 and 1896.
    "Cow Brand Soda: Cook Book and Facts Worth Knowing." 1913.
    "A Friend in Need: Facts Worth Knowing about Arm & Hammer Baking Soda as a Proved Medical Agent." 1930. (2 copies.)
    ---. "New Old Fashioned Recipes." 1949.
    ---. "New Old Fashioned Recipes." 1951.
    ---. "Successful Baking for Flavor and Texture." 1934.
    ---. "Successful Baking for Flavor and Texture." 3rd ed. 1935.
    ---. "Good Things to Eat Made with Arm & Hammer or Cow Brand Baking Soda." 115 ed. 1936. (2 copies.)
    ---. "Good Things to Eat." 125 ed. 1939. (2 copies.)
    ---. "Some of My Favorite Good Things to Eat." 127 ed. 1940.
    ---. "Good Things to Eat: My 'Surprise' Recipe." 131 ed. 1942.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 39
    C. I. Hood & Co. (Lowell, Mass.)
    "Left Overs or Economy in the Kitchen."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 16
    Cleveland Baking Powder Co. (New York, N.Y.).
    "Recipes Showing How Cleveland's Superior Baking Powder Saves Eggs." 1917.
    "Cleveland's Superior Receipts."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 49
    Codman & Hall (Boston, MA).
    "Salad Receipts for 'C & H' Extra Cream Olive Oil of Lucca." 2nd ed.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 63
    Coleman's Fish Market (Wheeling, WV).
    "Fish Facts."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 40
    Colonial Stores Incorporated.
    "Creative Cooking from Nancy Carter's Cook Book." October 1959.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 15
    Consolidated Book Publishers.
    Berolzheimer, Ruth, ed. "500 Delicious Salads." 1940.
    ---. "300 Ways to Serve Eggs from Appetizers to Zabaglione." 1940.
    ---. "The Wartime Cook Book: 500 Recipes, Victory Substitutes and Economical Suggestions for Wartime Needs." 1942.
    Koues, Helen. "How to Set and Decorate Your Table for All Occasions." 1944.
    Berolzheimer, Ruth, ed. "300 Healthful Dairy Dishes." 1952.
    ---. "500 Delicious Salad Recipes." 1953.
    "The Gourmet Foods Cookbook." 1955.
    "Dishes Children Love." 1955.
    "Sunday Night Suppers." 1956.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 16
    Corn Products Refining Company (Later: Corn Products Company; CPC International).

    Please note: Later Mazola Corn Oil pamphlets may also be found under "Best Foods, Inc."

    "The Mazola Salad Bowl." 1939
    Ashley, Jane. "Jane Ashley's Mazola Menu Magic." 1951.
    ---. "Fancy Cookies, Festive Candies, Delicious Goodies for Giving." 1956.
    "Corn Products Cook Book." Serial No. 2083.
    "Delightful Cooking with the Three Great Products from Corn." Serial No. 460.
    "Mazola Recipes for Salads, Cakes and Fried Foods."
    "Proven Recipes Showing the Uses of the Three Great Products from Corn." Serial No. 2223.
    Ashley, Jane. "To Your Good Health: 22 Delicious Recipes and Hints to Help You Enjoy the Health Benefits of Mazola Corn Oil."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 42
    Corning Glass Works.
    "Your Corning Ware Saucepan."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 41
    Consumers Union of United States.
    "CU Buying Guide Supplement." 1940.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 50
    Crayton's Southern Sausage Company, Inc.
    "Crayton's Presents Taste Treats."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 28
    Cream of Wheat Corporation (Minneapolis, Minn.).
    "50 Wats of Serving Cream of Wheat." 1924.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 17
    Crescent Manufacturing Company (Seattle, Wash.).
    "Crescent Recipes for Every Day."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 37
    Cumberland Packing Corporation.
    "The Healthy Gourmet Recipe Booklet Featuring Butter Buds."
    "[Butter Buds]."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 38
    Curtin Promotions, Inc. (New York, NY).
    Taylor, Dorothy. "The Complete Family Recipe Card Library [incomplete holdings]." 1973.
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 28
    The D & C Co., Inc. (Brooklyn, NY)
    "Good Things to Eat." 1928.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 53
    D. & L. Slade Company (Boston, MA.).
    "How to Make Salads and Sandwiches." c. 1900-1920.
    "Slade's Cooking School Recipes." 1912.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 16
    Dairy Council of California.
    "Neighborhood Tested Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 36
    Darigold, Inc.
    "Carol Baker's Beau Catching Candies."
    "Darigold Family Tested Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 18
    Derby Foods.
    "Ready-To-Serve Meals from the House of Quality."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 3
    Detroit Soda Products Company.
    "A Handy Guide for Busy Cooks: With 7 7Ways of Using Crystal and Dial Brand Baking Soda."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 17
    Detroit Vapor Stove Company.
    "How to Direct Your Servant--The Heet Master."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 64
    Diamond Crystal Salt Company.
    "The Art of Seasoning: 101 Uses for Crystal Salt."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 4
    Diamond W Baking Powder.
    "Diamond W Cake Recipe Book."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 18
    Dixon Prosser Inc.
    "Favorite Tested Recipes Featuring the Wonder Shredder and Grater." 1931.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 19
    Douglas-Pectin Corp.
    "Recipes for Making Better James, Jellies & Marmalades with Certo." 1926.
    "Easy to Make Freezer Jelly Using Bottled Juice."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 51
    Dr. Pepper Co.
    "Party Time Recipes & Ideas."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 52
    Dreikorn's Bread (Massachusetts).
    "Sandwich Secrets: Rich in Vitality Values."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 53
    Durham Wheat Institute.
    "Specialties of the House: Cook Book of Durham Wheat Main Dishes." 1960.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 20
    Durkee-Mower, Inc.
    "The New 'Yummy' Book." [Marshmallow Fluff.] 2nd edition.
    "100 Delicious Recipes Made with Marshmallow Fluff." 2nd edition.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 32
    E. C. Rich, Inc. (New York, NY).
    "Recipes for Rich's Superb Wine Flavored Gelatin Dessert."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 54
    The E. Kahn's Sons Co. (Cincinnati, OH).
    "A Cook Book of Meats and Pastries." 1932.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 29
    Eastern Metal Products Corporation (Tuckahoe, NY).
    "Recipes and Instructions: Deep Fry."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 19
    "Flavor Magic in Whiffs of Smoke." 1965.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 1
    Edwards Coffee.
    "Coffee Unlimited."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 55
    Ekco Housewares Company.
    "Minute Magic with the Ekco Pressure Cooker." 1946.
    "All About Garnishes." 1966.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 52
    Enterprise Manufacturing Co. of Penn'a.
    "Enterprise No Clamp Chopper."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 37
    Estate Stove Company.
    "Dressy Dishes from Your Victory Garden." 1945.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 33
    Evaporated Milk Association.
    "The Lunch Box." November 1941.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 56
    F. Küppersbusch & Söhne Akt.-Ges. (Gelsenkirchen, Germany).
    "Kochbuch für die Moderne Gasküche." ["Cookbook for the Modern Gas Stove."]
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 29
    Fairmont Foods Company.
    "Fairmont Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 17
    Firestone Tire & Rubber Company.
    "Instructions and Recipes: Firestone Electric Refrigerator." 1955.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 20
    Fisherman's Grotto (San Francisco, CA).
    "Fisherman's Grotto Recipe Book."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 54
    French Sardine Company.
    "Food and Fun." [Star-Kist Tuna]. 1953.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 21
    Frigidaire Corporation (Later: General Motors Corporation. Frigidaire Division; Frigidaire Company).
    "Frozen Desserts De Luxe from Frigidaire." 1924.
    "Freezing is Fun with a Frigidaire Food Freezer." 1958.
    "What Every Housewife Should Know About Electric Cooking!"
    "Frigidaire Home Appliances." 1958.
    "Carefree Cooking with Your Frigidaire Electric Range." 1940.
    "Food Freezing...the Way to Real Carefree Cooking." 1958.
    "A to Zero of Refrigeration: A Simple Story of Man-made Cold." 1961.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 57
    Frozen Food Locker Co. (Portland, OR).
    "Locker Logic for Freezing Food."1940.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 18
    Fruit Dispatch Company (New York, NY).
    "Selected Banana Recipes for Appetizing and Nutritious Dishes." 1923.
    "From the Tropics to Your Table: Eighty-Three Tested Banana Recipes." 1926.
    "Banana Salad Bazaar." c.1940
    "Bananas...How to Serve Them." 1942.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 65
    Fruit Valley Corporation (Rochester, NY).
    "Fam-Ly-Ade Recipe Book."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 22
    Furst-McNess Company.
    "F. W. McNess Cook Book." 1933.
    "F. W. McNess' Cook Book."
    "Recipes from 'Round the World' Cook Book."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 1
    G. H. Hammond Co. (Chicago, IL).
    "Mistletoe Margarine: A Scientific Food."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 19
    Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association.
    "Food and Health Cookery with the Certified Performance Gas Range: 101 Recipes and Speed Menus for Speedier, Tastier Dishes." 1940.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 58
    Gebhardt's (San Antonio, TX).
    "Mexican Cookery for American Homes."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 55
    Geisha Brand.
    "Tempting Teasing Appetizing Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 59
    General Baking Company.
    "Here Comes Santa Claus with Good Things to Eat for Christmas Week!" [Bond Bread.]
    "Name Your Favorite!" [Bond Bread.]
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 23
    General Electric Company.

    This folder also contains publications from corporations owned by General Electric Company and predecessor companies including Edison General Electric Appliance Co., Inc., Edison General Electric Company, and Edison Electrical Institute.

    "Creative Cooking from General Electric."
    "Electric Cookery by Hotpoint." [The Morning Astorian Free Electric Cooking School Souvenir Menu Program]. 1930.
    "Electric Canning on General Electric Hotpoint Electric Ranges." 1931.
    "General Electric Hotpoint Electric Ranges and Heating Appliances: Statement of Orders Received, Sales and Earnings." 1931.
    "Deluxe King Size Toast-R-Oven Toaster."
    "Don't Blame it on the Oven."
    "52 Recipes Tested and Approved by the General Electric Consumers Institute."
    "Frozen Foods: How to Prepare, Package, Freeze, and Cook."
    "How to Enjoy a New Way of Living! with Your GE Refrigerator Home Freeze Combination."
    "Instructions for Your Hotpoint Range."
    "Let's Get Acquainted with Your Super-30 Hotpoint Electric Range." Includes some handwritten recipes.
    "The New Portable Mixer Instruction and Recipe Book."
    "Use and Care Book: Self-Clean Oven Range."
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 24
    General Electric Company--Kitchen Institute.
    "The New Art of Buying, Preserving, and Preparing Foods." 1934.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 25
    General Foods Corporation (Later: Kraft General Foods).

    Please note: Jell-O publications are filed under "Genesee Pure Food Co." Publications from other General Foods Corporation predecessor companies may be found under "Minneapolis Mill Company." Publications from smaller divisions of the General Foods Corporation are in this folder.

    "Chocolate Cookery." [Walter Baker Division]. 1929.
    "Coconut Dishes That Everyone Loves." [Baker's Coconut]. 1931.
    "Correct Salads for All Occasions." 1931.
    "Proven Baker's Secrets to Bake Yourself Proud." 1977.
    "The Calumet Baking Book of Oven Triumphs!" 1934.
    "The Latest Cake Secrets." 1934.
    "Desserts." 1935.
    "Chocolate Candies You Can Make." 2nd ed. 1936.
    "Baking Powder in Action!" 1943.
    "How to Bake by the Ration Book." 1943.
    "Recipes for Today." 4th ed. 1943.
    "Baker's Favorite Chocolate Recipes." 2nd ed. 1945.
    "Kate Smith Says." 1945.
    "What Makes Jelly 'Jell'?" 1945.
    "Learn to Bake...You'll Love It!" 1947.
    "Miracles with Minute Tapioca." 1948.
    "Baker's Coconut Cut-Up Cakes." 1956.
    "Flavor Sparkling Recipes with Tang." 1965.
    "Magical Desserts with Whip'n Chill." 1965.
    "Casseroles and Compliments with Minute Rice." 1966.
    "Collector's Recipes." [Minute Rice.] 1967.
    U.S. Department of Agriculture and Health, Education, & Welfare, Grocery Manufacturers of American, and The Advertising Council. "Food is More Than Just Something to Eat." c. 1970?
    "Jell-O Fun and Fabulous Recipes." 1988. 2 copies.
    "The Baker's Dozen." c.1980s.
    "Jell-O Easy Entertaining." 1990.
    "Philadelphia Cream Cheese: All New Simple & Elegant Recipes." 1990.
    "Baker's Pure Fruit Flavoring Extracts: Receipts for Cakes, Creams, Custards, Candies. etc."
    "Low-Sugar Baking Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 16
    General Mills, inc.

    Formerly Box 1-Folder 26

    "War-Time Baking." c.1941-1945.
    "Betty Crocker's 15 Prize Recipes: Favorites of Each Year-1921 to 1936." 1936.
    "Eating Under the Sky." c.1941-1945.
    "Easy Do-ahead Recipes." 1984.
    "Fresh Summertime Recipes." 1977.
    "Betty Crocker's Holiday Hostess 'Can Do' Recipes."
    "Betty Crocker's Bake Up a Story: A Cook's Tour Through Storyland."
    "Betty Crocker's Festive Fixin's with a Foreign Flair."
    "Meal Planning on a Limited Budget."
    "No. 63--Plain: Bit O' Chocolate Chiffon Cake."
    "No. 50--Plain: Chiffon!"
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 17
    Genesee Pure Food Co. (Later: Jell-O Company). (Also: General Foods Corporation--Jell-O Division).

    Formerly Box 1-Folder 27

    "The Jell-O Girl Entertains." c. 1910s-1920s.
    "At Home Everywhere." 1922. (2 copies)
    [Untitled.] 1924.
    [Jell-O Menus] and "Jell-O Ice Cream Powder." [bound together]. 1925.
    "Mr. Gourmand's Strange Dreams." c.1925
    "Polly Put on the Kettle We'll all Make Jell-O." c. 1920s.
    "The New Jell-O Book of Surprises." 1930.
    "New Jell-O Recipes Made with the New Flavor Lime." 1930.
    "Quick Easy Jell-O Wonder Dishes." 1930.
    "48 New Jell-o Entrees, Relishes, Salads, Desserts." 1931.
    "48 New Jell-O Recipes." 1931.
    "48 New Jell-O Recipes." 1932.
    "Now Jell-O Tastes Twice as Good..." 1934. (2 copies.)
    "Recipes for Delicious Ice Cream." 1936.
    "Jack & Mary's Jell-O Recipe Book." 1937.
    "Fruit-Full Recipes." 1986.
    "Jell-O Easy Entertaining." 1990.
    "Jell-O Easy Holiday Recipes." 1992.
    [6 recipes featuring sugar-free Jell-O]. c. 1990s.
    "Jell-O America's Most Famous Dessert." (2 different covers)
    "Jell-O Ice Cream Powder."
    "Recipes for the Cream of the Cream Pies."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 60
    Gibson Electric Refrigerator Corporation.
    "Gibson Refrigerator Recipes." c.1940s.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 38
    Glassips, Inc.
    "How to Make Parties and Gifts Sparkle with Glassip Transparent Drinking Straws."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 1
    Good Luck Food Co., Inc. (Rochester, NY).
    "Short Cuts to Delicious Desserts with Good Luck."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 66
    Gravymaster Company, Inc.
    "All About Gravies Together with Kindred Recipes from Around the World."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 2
    Gunther Brewing (Baltimore, MD).
    "The Gunther Hostess Book."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 21
    Gurley Milling Company.
    "Facts and Recipes for GMC Corn Meal and GMC Grits."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 39
    H. J. Heinz Company.
    "The Heinz Book of Salads." 1925.
    "Heinz Magic of Food Recipes From the Theatre of Food-Festival of Gas Pavilion." 1965.
    "The Heinz Salad Book."
    "Your Baby's Diet...And Heinz Strained Foods."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 67
    H. Korn Baking Company (Quincy, IL).
    "Sandwiches for Every Occasion." 1921.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 43
    Hecker Products Corporation. (Also: Hecker H-O Company Inc. (Buffalo, NY).)
    "The Presto Recipe Book for Little Girls and Their Mothers." 1937.
    "Presto Flour (Self-Rising) Recipe Book."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 18
    Hershey Chocolate Company (Later: Hershey Chocolate Corporation; Hershey Foods Corporation; Hershey Company).

    Formerly Box 1-Folder 28

    King, Caroline B. "The Hershey Recipe Book." 1930.
    "Family Favorites Made with Hershey's Baking Chocolate." 1975.
    "Family Favorites Made with Hershey's Cocoa." 1975.
    "Family Favorites Made with Hershey's Instant and Chocolate Flavored Syrup." 1975.
    "Hershey's Cocoa: Easy-Does-It Recipes." 1985.
    "Hershey's: Make It Special!" 1986.
    "7 Great Ways to Make It Chocolate!" 1987.
    "Hershey's Chocolate Classics." 1988.
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 19
    Hess Warming & Ventilation Company.

    Formerly Box 1-Folder 29

    "Hess Happy-Home Cook Book."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 20
    Heublein, Inc.
    "Favorite Fare for Serving Fifty." [A-1 Sauce].
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 2
    Hills Brothers Company.
    "One Hundred Delights." [Dromedary Food Products.] 1924.
    "Making Fruit Cakes for Sale." 1930.
    "One Master Recipe for Ten Delicacies with Many Serving Suggestions." [Dromedary Cocoanut].
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 38
    Hirsch Bros. & Company (Louisville, KY, and Pittsburgh, PA).
    "Paramount Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 20
    Holmes & Edwards Silver Co. (Later: International Silver Company).

    Formerly Box 1-Folder 30

    "What to Serve and How to Serve It: A Guide for Correct Table Usage." 1927.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 27
    Horlick's Malted Milk Company.
    "'Horlick's' The Original Malted Milk: A Diet for Infants." 1922.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 39
    House of Herbs, Inc. (Canaan, Conn.)
    Mazza, Irma Goodrich. "Adventures in Herb Vinegars." 1944.
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 21
    Hulman and Company. (Later: Clabber Girl).

    Formerly Box 1-Folder 31

    "Clabber Girl The Healthy Baking Powder." 1931.
    "Clabber Girl Baking Book." 1934. 2 copies.
    "Clabber Girl Baking Book."
    "Clabber Girl Recipes For Delicious Cakes, Biscuits, Hot Breads, and Other Tasty Foods."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 30
    International Multifoods Corporation.
    "Make Your Own Freezer Yeast Doughs with Robin Hood All Purpose Flour."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 44
    J. A. Folger Company. (Later: Folger Coffee Company. Also: Proctor & Gamble Company--Folger Coffee Company.)
    "Folger's Golden Gate Baking Powder."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 22
    JFG Coffee Co. (Knoxville, TN).
    "Your JFG Special Premium Catalog No. 7."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 3
    J. & G. Cox.

    This folder also contains pamphlets from The Cox Gelatine Company, a U.S. distributor of J. & G. Cox products.

    "Cox's Gelatine Recipes." 1930.
    "Cox's Patent Refined Sparkling Gelatine!" [Flyer.] (2 copies.)
    "Cox's Refined Sparkling Gelatine." [Flyer.]
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 4
    J. R. Watkins Company. (Later: Watkins Products, Inc.)
    "Better Baking."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 22
    Jaques Mfg. Co.

    Formerly Box 1-Folder 32

    "The Cook's Book." [K.C. Baking Powder]. 1911.
    "The Cook's Book." [K.C. Baking Powder]. 1916.
    "The Cook's Book." [K.C. Baking Powder]. 1935.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 34
    John F. Jelke Company.
    "Good Luck Color Scheme Parties." [Good Luck Margarine.] 1931.
    "49 Fresh Ideas for Sandwiches." [Good Luck Margarine.]
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 5
    John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company.
    Blood, Alice F. "What to Eat and Why." 1939.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 40
    John Morrell & Co.
    Kimball, Marie. "Treasured Recipes of the Old South." 1941.
    Allen, Ida Bailey. "Morrell's Iowa's Pride Ham and Bacon Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 23
    Joseph Campbell Company (Camden, N.J.). (Later: Campbell Soup Company.) (Includes: Franco American Food Co..)
    "Helps for the Hostess." 1916.
    "Campbell's Light Eating Menu Planner." 1979.
    "Recipes for Quantity Food Service from Campbell's Kitchens."
    "Sodium Smart."
    "30 Tempting Spaghetti Meals."
    "Wonderful Ways with Soups...From Campbell's."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 3
    Kellogg Toasted Corn Flake Company (Later: Kellogg Company).
    "Keep on the Sunny Side of Life: A New Way of Living." 1933.
    "Corn Flake Crumbs Cookery."
    "Kellogg's Recipes." [recipe cards].
    "The Plus Food for Minus Meals."
    "Summer Camp Manual."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 40
    Kelvinator Corporation (Detroit, Mich.).
    "Cooking with Cold." 1932. (2 copies).
    "For the Hostess." [Alternative title: "The Miracle of Cold."]
    "The Kelvinator Book of Kitchen Tested Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 23
    Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation.

    Formerly Box 1-Folder 33

    "Kerr Home Canning and Freezing Guide." 1954.
    "Your Guide to Home Canning." 1938.
    "Kerr Home Canning and Freezing Guide." 1964.
    "How to Eat Better and Save Money Too!" 1971.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 24
    The Kitchen Craft Co. (West Bend, WI).
    "Kitchen Craft Health System of Cooking." 1948.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 45
    Knudsen Creamery Co. of California.
    "Knudsen Recipes." 13th ed. 1962.
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 24
    Kraft Cheese Company (Later: Kraft-Phenix Cheese Company; Kraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation; National Dairy Products Corporation; Kraft Cheese Company; Kraft Foods Company; National Dairy Products Corporation. Kraft Foods Division; Kraftco Corporation. Kraft Foods Division; Kraft, inc.; Kraft Foods Group).

    This group of materials also includes publications from Phenix Cheese Company, which was acquired by Kraft in 1928. It also includes pamphlets by other companies acquired by or representative of divisions of Kraft.


    Formerly Box 1-Folder 34

    "Delicious Cheese Recipes." Before 1928.
    "Kitchen Fresh Ideas." 1931.
    "Smart Savories from a Century of Progress." 1933.
    "And Then the Cheese Tray." 1947.
    "Meals Made Easy." 1987.
    "Harvest of Good Food." 1982.
    "Entertainer of the Year Recipes." 1985.
    "Cheese and Ways to Serve It."
    "Fun with Frizz."
    "Kraft Cookery."
    "Kraft Cheese Cooker to Help You Serve Something Different."
    "These 5 Delicious Dressings." [Good Seasons.]
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 35
    Kroger Grocery & Bakery Co. (Later: Kroger Company. Also: The Kroger Food Foundation.)
    "Stretching Your Food Dollars." 1931
    "Thought for Food: Health and a High Heart." 1941.
    "Your Wartime Food." c.1941-1945.
    "Recipes and Ideas for Blueberries."
    "Right Foods at Light Cost for Party Purposes."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 41
    La Rosa & Sons, Inc.
    "101 Ways to Prepare Macaroni." 1949.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 5
    Larabee Flour Mills Company (Kansas City, MO).
    "Larabee's Best Flour [Recipes]."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 21
    Lasko Metal Products, Inc. (West Chester, PA).
    Chesko, Agnes Grady. "Lasko 'Square Meal' Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 68
    Lawrenceburg Roller Mills Company (Lawrenceburg, IN).
    "Tid-Bits from Town Talk for Conjuring with the Staff of Life." 1906.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 39
    Lea & Perrins, Inc.
    Historical Note

    Lea & Perrins, Inc. is the American subsidiary of Lea & Perrins, Limted.

    "Success in Seasoning." 1934.
    "Dishes Men Like: New and Old Favorites Easy to Prepare...Sure to Please." 1952.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 53
    Lehn and Fink Products Corporation.
    "Victory Cook Book: How to Eat Well...Live Well...Plan Balanced Meals...under Food Rationing." [Alternative Title: "How to Feed Your Family in Wartime."] 1943. (2 copies.)
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 22
    Leonard Refrigerator Company (Detroit, MI).
    Gordon, Mary Lee. "Delightful Dishes from Your Leonard." c.1940s?
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 30
    Leslie Salt Company.
    "Leslie Salt for Home Use."
    "Make It with Salt."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 54
    Lever Brothers Company.
    "Let's Look at Shortening." 1940.
    "Home Baking Made Easy for Beginners and Experts." [Spry Shortening.] 1953.
    "Aunt Jenny's Favorite Recipes." [Spry Shortening.]
    "10 Cakes Husbands Like Best from Spry's Recipe Round-Up!"
    "Frying Made Easy." [Spry Shortening.]
    "What Shall I Cook Today?- 124 Thrifty, Healthful Tested Recipes." [Spry Shortening.]
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 46
    Libby, McNeill & Libby.
    "Mother Sang a Lullaby...and Baby Went to Sleep."
    "Sharpen and Satisfy Your Appetite with Libby's Ready to Serve Foods."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 45
    Liebig's Extract of Meat Company.
    "Liebig Company's Extract of Beef for Kitchen & Sick Room." c.1896. [pop-up advertisement.]
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 69
    Litton Systems, Inc.
    "Guide to Enjoying Your New Microwave Oven."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 6
    Longmans, Green, and Co. (Later: Longman (Firm)).
    Historical Note

    The company had a long list of predecessors with varying names including (in reverse chronological order) Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer; Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts and Green; Longman, Green, Longman & Roberts; Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts; Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans; Longman, Brown & Co; Longman, Orme & Co.; Longman, Orme, Brown, Green & Longmans; Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman. Prior to this the company appears to have two roots: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green and Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green (previously: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown; Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme; Longman and Rees (London, England); T.N. Longman and O. Rees; Messrs. Longman and Rees; T. N. Longman (Firm)).

    "Be an Artist at the Gas Range: Successful Recipes by the Mystery Chef." [Compliments of Portland (Oregon) Gas & Coke Company.] 1936.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 46
    Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company.
    "Come Into the Kitchen." c.1930s.
    "Hints for...Food and Health." c.1930s.
    "How to be Happy." c.1930s.
    "Let's Make a Garden." c.1930s.
    "Our Wild Neighbors." c.1933.
    "Picnic Time." c.1930s.
    "Stretching Your Dollar." c.1930s.
    "Fruits and Candies."
    "Practical Cooking Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 55
    Majestic Cook-Ware Corporation.
    "Better Cooked Foods with Less Labor at Lower Expense."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 47
    Majestic Manufacturing Company.
    "A Model Kitchen." 1899. Includes handwritten correspondence.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 30
    Malleable Iron Range Corporation.
    "Monarch Electric Cook Book: Vegetable Supplement with Oven Dinner Menus."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 56
    Manning, Bowman, & Co.
    "Recipes for the Chafing Dish." 1900.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 25
    Martha White Foods.
    "The Cookie Collection."
    "Hot Rize Cakes 'n Extra Fine Icings."
    "Main Dish Casseroles."
    "Stir & Bake Bar Cookies."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 6
    Martin Bros. (Denver, CO).
    "Enticing Recipes for Sandwiches, Cooked Dishes, Snacks, Canapes Using Bluhill Natural Cheese."
    "Thrifty New Recipes for Healthful and Tasty Cheese Dishes." [Bluhill Cheese.]
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 40
    Mathews Industries, Inc.
    "Artistic Ice Cream Creations for the Discriminating Hostess." 1928.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 45
    McCormick & Co. (Baltimore, MD).
    "Selected Recipes That Keep the Family Happy." 1927.
    "Spice Up Your Holidays!" 1991.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 70
    McGraw Electric Company.
    Ripperger, Henrietta. "Entertaining Hints on How to Entertain." [Toastmaster.]
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 23
    McIlhenny Co.
    "Ten Famous Recipes from the 100 Year History of Tabasco." 1968.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 26
    Merrell-Soule Company (Syracuse, N.Y.).
    "Klim: The Wonderful Story of Powdered Milk."
    "Little Rhymes for Little People." [None Such Mince Meat.]
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 56
    Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.
    Rosenau, Milton J. "All About Milk." 1919.
    "Metropolitan Cook Book." March 1957.
    "Metropolitan Cook Book." February 1948.
    "Metropolitan Cookbook." November 1953.
    "Metropolitan Cook Book." 1964.
    Watson, Elizabeth C. "The Metropolitan Mother Goose."
    "Metropolitan Cook Book."
    "The Metropolitan Cook Book."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 10
    Minneapolis Mill Company (Later: Washburn-Crosby Co.; General Foods Corporation).
    "Gold Medal Cook Book." 1904.
    "Give Holiday Hilarity a Boost with Gingies." [Gold Medal.] Series No. 3, [item] 2.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 7
    Minute Tapioca Co.
    "Minute Tapioca." c.1900s-1910s.
    "The Minute Man Cook Book." 1909. [Alternate title: "The Minute Man A Brief Account of the Battles of Lexington and Concord by Wayne Whipple with Recipes for Minute Tapioca, Minute Gelatine (Plain) and Minute Gelatine (Flavored) by Janet McKenzie Hill, Marion H. Neil, Ella A. Pierce, and other culinary authorities."] 2 copies.
    "Minute Gelatine Cook Book." 1930.
    "Easy Triumphs with the New Minute Tapioca." 1934.
    "Minute Gelatine."
    "The Story of Tapioca."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 48
    Mrs. Schlorer's, Inc.
    Smith, Mrs. Anna Schlorer. "Salad Secrets."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 10
    N. K. Fairbank Company.

    Formerly Box 2-Folder 63

    "Cottolene: The New Shortening." c.1892?
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 27
    National Apple Shippers Association. (Later: International Apple Shippers Association; International Apple Association; National Apple Institute; International Apple Institute; U. S. Apple Association.)
    "Apples and You." 1976.
    "The Adaptable Apple."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 42
    National Biscuit Company (Later: Nabisco, Inc., Nabisco Brands, Inc.)

    See also Cereal Machine Company, Royal Baking Powder Company, and Standard Brands Incorporated. This folder also includes publications from The Fleischmann Company, a predecessor to company, prior to its merger with Standard Brands Incorporated in 1929.

    [Fleischmann Company calendar cards]. 1888.
    "Sixty-Five Delicious Dishes." [Fleischmann's Yeast.] 1919.
    "Diet for a Healthy Heart." [Fleischmann's Margarine and Egg Beaters]. 1988.
    "Triscuit Microwave Snackbook." 1989.
    Baker, Mary Ellen. "75 Delicious Desserts."
    "The Young Cook's Bake-a-Bread Book." 1965.
    "Sensible Eating for Healthy Living." [Fleischmann's Margarine and Egg Beaters]. 1983.
    "Nilla Wafers & Fruit Recipes." 1984.
    "Labor Saver Breads." [Fleischmann's Yeast.]
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 41
    National Cranberry Association. (Later: Ocean Spray Cranberry, Inc.) (Also: Cranberry Canners, Inc.)
    "Cape Cod's Famous Cranberry Recipes." 1941.
    "101 All-Time Favorite Cranberry Recipes."
    "Pure Cranberry Sauce."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 11
    National Dairy Council.
    "The Food Way to Weight Reduction." 1961.
    "Milk The Year 'Round Family Food."
    "The Food Way to Weight Reduction." 3 ed. 1963.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 12
    National Frozen Food Locker Association.
    "Frozen Food Suggestions." 1947.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 5
    National Live Stock and Meat Board.
    "Meat for Your Table: A New Collection of Attractive Recipes for Beef, Veal, Pork, and Lamb." 1932.
    "Meat in the Meal for Health Defense." 1942.
    "The Homemaker's Meat Recipe Book." 1948-1949. (2 copies.)
    "Meat Recipes 'Round the World." 1955-1956.
    "Be A Smarter Meat Shopper." 1982.
    "Cashing in on Beef: A Modern Merchandising Manual."
    "The New Pork."
    "Savor the Seasons with Beef."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 49
    National Macaroni Institute.
    Wilson, James J. "Nutritive Values of Macaroni, Spaghetti and Egg Noodle Products." c.1955.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 28
    National Oats Company (Cedar Rapids, Iowa).
    "3-Minute Brand Oatmeal: The Way Kids Like It."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 8
    National Potato Chip Institute. (Later: Potato Chip Institute International; Potato Chip/Snack Food Association; Snack Food Association).
    "Thank You, Mrs. Chips!"
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 21
    National Sugar Refining Company.
    "It's Fun to Cook--with Jack Frost."
    "Success Secrets for Fall Preserving." [Jack Frost Sugar.]
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 13
    Nestle's Milk Products, Inc (Later: Nestle Foods Corporation; Nestle USA, Inc.).

    Formerly Box 2-Folder 66

    "Give the Babies Nestle's Food." 1892.
    "Nestle Bakes the Very Best." 1991.
    "So Good For You Both." 1945.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 7
    New York State Electric and Gas Corporation [Home Services Division].
    Historical Note

    New York State Electric and Gas Corporation was consolidated in 1916 from the Homer and Cortland Gas Light Company (N.Y.), Ithaca Electric Light and Power Company (N.Y.), Ithaca Gas Light Company (N.Y.), and Norwich Gas and Electric Company (N.Y.).

    "Memorable Moments in Baking."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 9
    Nordic Ware (Firm).
    "Favorite Recipes (Bundt)."
    "For Microwave and Conventional Ovens: Helpful Hints, Use & Care, and Our Favorite Recipes."
    "Ninety-Six Home Tested Unusual Old World and American Recipes." (2 copies).
    "Unusual Old World and American Recipes." (2 copies).
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 24
    N. C. Millers Association.
    "Enriched Corn Meal Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 6
    Northwestern Consolidated Milling Co.
    "The Adventures of Ceresota: A Painting Book in Story Form." 1912.
    "Ceresota Cook Book." 1912.
    "Ceresota Cook Book." 2 undated.
    "Household Hints." [Ceresota.] [covers missing.]
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 25
    Northwestern Steel & Iron Works. (Later: National Pressure Cooker Company; National Presto Industries, Inc.)
    "National Presto Cooker Recipe Book."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 7
    Northwestern Yeast Company.
    "The Art of Making Bread." [Magic Yeast].
    "Dry Yeast as an Aid to Health."
    "Banana Recipes for Your Diet."
    "Delicious Homemade Bread and Rolls."
    "Favorite Banana Recipes and Interesting Stories of New England."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 35
    Omar Mills Inc.
    Blue Ribbon Recipe Book: Omar: Every Recipe a Prize Winner." 1938.
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 11
    Oster Corporation.

    Formerly Box 2-Folder 64

    "Spin Cookery: Osterizer Blender Cookbook." 1969.
    "The Adventures of Oster Super Pan." 1971.
    "Electric Food Grinder."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 2
    Oxo Limited.
    "Oxo Cubes."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 29
    P. Duff & Sons, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA).
    "Duff's Ginger Bread Mix."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 3
    Pacific Coast Borax Company.
    "The Magic Crystal." 1918.
    "First Aid for Housekeepers." 1934.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 8
    Palmer House (Chicago, IL).
    "Chef Amiet's Twenty-Five Favorite Recipes for Use in Your Home." 1931.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 30
    Parmelee-Dorhmann Co.
    "The Table as It Should Be Set."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 9
    Penick & Ford, Ltd.
    "Brer Rabbit's New Orleans Molasses Recipes." 1948.
    "Recipes." [Brer Rabbit.]
    Jordan, Ruth Washburn. "94 Brer Rabbit Goodies."
    "Brer Rabbit's Modern Recipes for Modern Living."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 51
    Pepperidge Farm, inc.
    "Creative Puff Pastry Recipes."
    "The Pepperidge Farm Quick 'N' Easy Patty Shell Primer."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 1
    Pet Milk Company (Later: Pet Incorporated).

    This folder also includes pamphlets from other companies purchased by Pet Milk Company in the early 20th century, including Sego Milk Products Company (owned by the Utah Condensed Milk Company), bought in 1925, and the Mountain Pass Canning Company.

    Historical Information

    The Pet Milk Company first began as the Helvetia Milk Condensing Company in 1885. In 1923, it was renamed Pet Milk Company, after its best-selling brand. After World War II and through the 1960s, it expanded into other markets, acquiring a variety of food-product-based companies in the United States and Canada.

    "What to Serve for 2 or 4 or 6." 1936.
    "Tempting Low Cost Meals for 2 or 4 or 6." c.1940
    "Money-Saving Meals for 2 or 4 or 6." c.1949.
    "Let's Bake Bread." 1962.
    Taylor, Mary Lee. "Thrifty Dishes for 2 or 4 or 6."
    Taylor, Mary Lee. "Tempting Dishes the Easy Way for 2 or 4 or 6."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 41
    Pfaltzgraff Co.
    "Stoneware: Its Uses and Economies."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 2
    Philadelphia Gas Works.
    "Modern Cookery with Gas." 1932.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 10
    Planters Edible Oil Company. (Later: Planters Peanut Oil; Standard Brands Incorporated; Nabisco Brands, Inc.).
    "Cooking the Modern Way" 129 Home Tested and Proved Recipes to Please Your Family." 1948.
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 4
    Plymouth Rock Gelatine Co. (Boston, MA).
    "Dainties and Household Helps."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 3
    Pillsbury Flour Mills Company (Later: Pillsbury Mills, Inc.; Pillsbury Company).
    "The Pillsbury Cook Book." 1914.
    "Ring of Excitement Bundt Brand Cake Mix Ring." 1978.
    "Calorie Slim Recipes [Sweet*10]." [c.1964-1969.]
    "Fast 'n Easy Yeast Baking."
    "Fun-Filled Butter Cookie Cookbook."
    "New Pillsbury's Best Butter Cookie Cookbook, Volume II."
    "Party Best Butter Cookies."
    "Pillsubry's Best 12th Grand National Bake-Off Cookbook."
    "Pillsbury's Family Of Foods." [2 items from the series].
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 4
    Pompeian Corporation.
    Scott, Anna B. "Prepare Your Own Salad Dressing with Pompeian Olive Oil." 1916.
    "Pompiean Salads." 1928.
    "Health-and Sunshine from the Mediterranean Olive Groves." 1929.
    "Salads for Health." [Pompeian Olive Oil]. 1929
    "Pompeian Olive Oil: Recipes for Salads."
    "So You're Going to Serve a...Salad."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 8
    Popeil Brothers.
    "Veg-o-Matic Use & Care." 1963.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 7
    Postum Company (Later: General Foods Corporation).
    "Swans Down Wants You to Meet Two Friends Who Will Make Your Cakes Even More Delicious." [Swans Down Cake Flour, Calumet Baking Powder, and Baker's Chocolate.]
    "The Swans Down Way to Perfect Cakes." 1928.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 29
    Potato Board (U.S.). (Also: National Potato Promotion Board (U.S.).)
    Gibbons, Barbara. "The Potato Lover's Diet Cookbook." 1973.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 32
    Premier Malt Products Company.
    "Tested Recipes with Blue Ribbon Malt Extract." 1928.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 46
    Price Flavoring Extract Co.
    Historical Note

    It is likely this company was related to the Dr. Price Baking Powder, later acquired by Royal Baking Powder and then Standard Brands Incorporated.

    "Delicious Desserts and Candies." 1923.
    "Delicious Desserts and Candies." 1928.
    "Dr. Price's Excellent Recipes for Delicious Desserts." [Dr. Price's Delicious Flavoring Extracts and Corena Yeast].
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 21
    Procter & Gamble Company.
    Neil, Marion Harris. "The Story of Crisco: 250 Tested Recipes." 1913.
    "Better Baking." c.1948-1950. Includes newspaper clipping.
    Carter, Winifred S. "Cooking Hints and Tested Recipes." [Crisco.] 1937.
    "New Recipes for Good Eating." [Crisco.] 1949.
    "Creative Cooking Made Easy: The Golden Fluffo Cookbook." 1956.
    Allen, Olive S. "200 Tested Recipes." [Crisco.]
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 22
    Prudential Insurance Company of America (Later: Prudential Financial (Firm)).
    Brown, Chester T. "What to Eat: An Aid to Good Health." c.1925. 2 copies.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 67
    Quaker Oats Company.
    Historical Note

    Prior to incorporation in 1901 as the Quaker Oats Company, the company was known as The American Cereal Co. Pre-1901 pamphlets in this folder are copyrighted under this earlier name.


    Formerly Box 2-Folder 67

    "America's Cereal Foods and How to Cook Them." 1893.
    "Quaker Nursery Rhymes." 1895.
    "The Frolie Grasshopper Circus." 1896.
    "Around the World with Hob." 1929.
    "The Quaker Oats Wholegrain Cookbook." 1979.
    "Quaker Oats Do It Right Cookbook." 1990.
    "Quaker Rolled White Oats."
    "Educational Material of the Quaker Oats Company."
    "Pettijohn's Breakfast Food."
    "Quaker Quotes: Sing a Song of Christmas." Issue No. 11-64.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 25
    Quality Bakers of America.
    "10 Recipes for Delicious Desserts." 1927.
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 12
    R. B. Davis Company. (Later: Clabber Girl and The Davis Baking Powder Company (Hoboken, NJ).)

    Formerly Box 2-Folder 65

    "Davis Baking Powder Cook Book: Useful Information and Interesting Data." 1904.
    "Tempting Davis Recipes." 1925.
    "Children of the Sun." [Cocomalt.]
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 31
    R. T. French Company.
    "Dining Delights." 1948.
    "Meals with a Flair: 72 Exciting Ways to Liven Up Your Meals."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 57
    Ralston Purina Company.
    "A Mother's Manual." 1928.
    "Easy Guide to Good Eating with Simple Step-by-Step Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 31
    Republic Metalware Co.
    "Savoy Price Recipe Book I for the 'Savory' Roaster." 1916.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 31
    Reynolds Metals Company.
    "Parties and Presents."
    "Barbecue Basics with Reynolds Wrap."
    "Microwaving It's in the Bag."
    "Short Cut Cooking for Busy Work Weeks."
    "Preparing Foods with Reynolds Wrap Pure Aluminum Foil."
    "Quick Cooking with Reynolds Cooking Fold."
    "Reynolds Freezer Paper."
    "Selections of A Treasury of Holiday Recipes from the Reynolds Wrap Kitchens."
    "Turkey Techniques."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 8
    Rice Council for Market Development (U.S.)
    "Man-Pleasing Recipes." 1971.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 27
    Richard Hellmann (Firm). (Later: Best Foods, Inc.)

    Richard Hellmann, Inc. was later bought out by Best Foods, Inc. Additional Best Foods, Inc. publications are located in the "Best Foods, Inc." folder.

    "Salad-Ideas." [Hellmann's Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise.] 1927.
    "The Hellman Salad Book." 1930.
    "Recipes." [Hellmann's Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise.]
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 9
    Rival Manufacturing Company.
    "Crock-Pot Slow Electric Stoneware Cooker Cookbook."
    "Rival Crock-Pot 3 1/2 Quart Stoneware Slow Cooker."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 23
    Royal Baking Powder Company (Later: Standard Brands Incorporated; Nabisco Brands, Inc.).

    Please note: Later Royal Baking Powder Company publications (after 1929) can be found under "Standard Brands Incorporated." See also "Cleveland Baking Powder Co. (New York, N.Y.)."

    "Royal Baker and Pastry Cook." 1911.
    "Royal Baker and Pastry Cook." 1913.
    "55 Ways to Save Eggs." 1917.
    "Royal Fruit Gelatin Suggestions." 1926.
    "Royal Desserts." 1932.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 24
    Rumford Company.
    Rumford Company Department of Home Economics. "Good Breads." 1919.
    Wallace, Lily Haxworth. "Recipes for Cake and Cookie Making." 1926. [sliding recipe card]
    Wilson, Mary A. "Rumford Southern Recipes." [copy includes newsclipping and handwritten ephemera.] c.1930s.
    Farmer, Fannie Merritt. "Rumford Cook Book."
    Hill, Janet McKenzie, comp. "The Rumford Way of Cookery and Household Economy."
    Splint, Sarah Field. "The Rumford Modern Methods of Cooking."
    Wallace, Lily Haxworth, comp. "Rumford Receipts."
    Wilson, Mary A., Lily Haxworth Wallace, and Janet McKenzie Hill, comp. "Rumford Everyday Cook Book for the Housewife and Student."
    "Attractive Menus Planned Complete: 32 Menus, 72 Recipes."
    "Rumford Sugarless Recipes."
    "Twenty-Five Recipes: Cheer About."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 58
    S. Gumpert Co., Inc.
    "Tempting Recipes Made with Gumpert's Gelatine Dessert." c. 1900s-1940s?
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 10
    San Giorgio Macaroni, Inc. (Lebanon, PA).
    "How to Play Pick-aroni." 1957.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 43
    Sargent and Company (New Haven, Conn.).
    "Gem Chopper Cook Book." 1902
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 14
    Scovill Manufacturing Company (Later: Scovill, Inc.).
    "Instructions and Tested Recipes." [Hamilton Beach Food Mixer.] 1947.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 26
    Sealtest, Inc.

    This folder also has pamphlets from subsidiaries and acquisitions of Sealtest, Inc., including the Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Company.

    "Intriguing New Ways to Serve Ice Cream." 1939.
    Sealtest Laboratory Kitchen. "The Sealtest Food Advisor." Fall 1939.
    "Make It with Milk." [Supplee Milk.]
    "Serve Cottage Cheese: Selected Recipes from the Sealtest Kitchen."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 47
    The Semon Ice Cream Co.
    "Ice Cream Rhymes of Mother Goose."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 32
    Seven-Up Company.
    "You're Really Cooking When You're Cooking with Seven-Up!" 1957.
    "Quick Recipes Favorites...Distinctly Different with 7-Up." 1963.
    "For Happy Colidays--7-Up Your Party." 1964.
    "Put the Un in Cooking Fun with 7up The Uncola." 1969.
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 33
    The Shotwell Mfg. Co.
    "Unusual Dishes for Hostess and Homemakers." 1929.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 36
    Sokol & Company.
    "Tested Solo Recipes Made Quick and Easy." 1960.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 11
    Southern California Fish Canners (Organization). (Later: California Fish Canners Association; Tuna Research Foundation (U.S.)).
    "Tuna: As You Like It."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 25
    Southern California Fruit Exchanges (Later: Southern California Fruit Exchange; California Fruit Growers Exchange; Sunkist Growers, inc.).
    "Telling Fortunes with Foods." 1928.
    "Sunkist Recipes for Every Day." 1934. (2 copies)
    "Sunkist Lemons Bring Out the Flavor!" 1939. (2 copies, including one with "Exciting New 1951 Recipes from the Sunkist Kitchen" insert)
    "Sunkist Orange Recipes for Year-Round Freshness!" 1940.
    "Lemon Ideas with a Fresh Twist." 1975.
    "From Lemons With Love." 1988.
    "Grapefruit Roundup." 1988.
    "Sunkist Fresh Grapefruit Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 12
    Southern Laboratory Kitchens (Dallas, TX).
    Chitwood, Ida. "Centennial Cook Book: 100 Famous Recipes." 1936.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 26
    Southwestern Milling Company (Also: Standard Milling Company).
    "Aristos Flour Cook Book." 1911.
    "Household Hints: 205 Other Tricks and Tips." [Aristos Flour]. c.1930s.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 13
    Sperry Flour Company.
    "Sperry Flour Co. Cook Book." [Alternative title: "Flour-Cereal Cook Book."] 4th edition.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 14
    "Bread: The Most Important of All Foods."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 33
    Staley Sales Corporation.
    "Staley's Approved Recipes." 1928.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 27
    Standard Brands Incorporated (Later: Nabisco Brands, Inc.).

    Please note: Earlier Royal Baking Powder Company publications (prior to 1929) can be found under "Royal Baking Powder Company."

    "Excellent Recipes for Baking Raised Breads." [Fleischmann's Yeast]. 1910.
    "Royal Cook Book." 1930.
    "Recipes for Delicious Varieties of Bread..."1931.
    "Frying Coast to Coast with Planters Peanut Oil." 1980.
    "Delightful Breads...Buns..and Coffee Cakes." [Fleischmann's Yeast]. 1939 revised ed.
    "Royal Cook Book." 1939.
    "Royal Dessert Recipes." 1940.
    "The Bread Basket." [Fleischmann's Yeast]. 1941.
    "A Guide to Royal Success in Baking." 1942.
    "Royal Recipe Parade." 1942.
    "Fleischmann's New Treasury of Yeast Baking." [1968?].
    "Mr. Peanut's Guide to Nutrition." 1970.
    "50 Delicious Desserts." [Nabisco Products].
    "Time-Tested Royal Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 5
    Standard Rice Company, Inc. (Houston, TX).
    "White House Cereals Recipe Book."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 6
    Stull Brothers Inc. (Sebree, KY).
    "Stull's Corn Note Book."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 7
    Sumner Rhubarb Growers Association.
    "Here Again! Mountain Sheltered Sumner Hot-House Rhubarb."
    "28 Delicious Ways to Serve Sumner Hot-House Rhubarb."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 59
    Sun-Rayed Company.
    "46 Ways to Use Tomato Juice." [Kemp's Sun-Rayed Pure Tomato Juice]. 1940.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 17
    Swift & Company. (Later: JBS Swift & Company.)
    Logan, Martha. "Captivating Cookery with Allsweet."
    "Swift's Premium Oleomargarine."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 24
    T. Kingsford & Son. (Also: National Starch Company.)
    Hewitt, Emma Churchman. "What a Cook Ought to Know about Cornstarch." 1909.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 28
    Tested Recipe Institute [New York, N.Y.].
    "Tested Recipe Institute Calendar."1954.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 47
    Thomas Bell & Sons, Ltd.
    "Be-Ro Home Recipes: Scones, Cakes, Pastry, Puddings." [Be-Ro Self-Raising Flour.]
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 44
    Thomas J. Lipton, Inc.
    "Cooking with Ease...Recipes from Lipton Cup-a-Soup."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 36
    Tielman's Dairy (Ashland, PA).
    [Drink More Milk Calendar]. 1949.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 15
    Tildesley & Co. (Chicago, IL).
    Hayward, Agnes Carroll. "Yacht Club Manual of Salads." 1914.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 18
    Tillamook County Creamery Association.
    "Prize Winning Tillamook Full Cream Cheese Recipes." Volume IX.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 11
    Tru Blu Biscuit Company (Spokane, WA).
    "Tru-Blu Recipes." 1930.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 19Folder 1
    United Fruit Company.
    "About Bananas." 1931.
    "A Short History of the Banana and a Few Recipes for Its Use."
    "Bananas: One of Nature's Finest Foods." [In oversize folder]
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 32
    Universal Foods Corporation.
    "New and Easy Yeast Recipes." 1974.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 16
    Van Camp Sea Food Company.
    "19 Proven Recipes." [Chicken of the Sea Brand Fancy Tuna.]
    "Tested Tuna Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 20
    Virginia-Carolina Peanut Promotions.
    "A Collection of Peanut Recipes."
    "Microwave Peanut Treats."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 29
    Vitamin Food Company.
    "Food and Life: Something New about Eating." [Vegex.] 1926.
    "Vegex Cook Book."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 22
    W. J. McCahan Sugar Refining & Molasses Co.
    "Sunny Cane Sugar." 9th edition. 1937.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 42
    Walker & Pratt Manufacturing Co.
    "While You Play [Crawford Electric Ranges]." 1928.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 9
    Waring Products Corporation (Later: Waring Products, Inc.).
    "340 Recipes for the New Waring Blendor." 1947.
    "Waring Blendor Cook Book." 1962.
    "Basic Cook Book for the Waring Blendor."
    "Whirl and Serve [Waring Drink Mixer]."
  • Box-Folder 4 folder: 34
    Wear-Ever Aluminum, inc.
    "Wear-Ever Electric Chicken Bucket Low Pressure Fryer." c.1970s.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 20
    Wesson Oil People. (Later: Wesson Oil and Snowdrift People [New Orleans, LA].) (Also: Hunt-Wesson Foods.)
    "Everyday Recipes." 1930.
    "How to Win Compliments for Your Cooking," 1948.
    "Cook's Tour." (2 copies)
    "Home Made Salad Dressings."
    Rorer, Sarah Tyson. "Recipes."
    "60 Recipes for Making Things Good to Eat."
    [Snowdrift Recipes.]
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 10
    West Bend Aluminum Company (Later: West Bend Company; Regal Ware, Inc.).
    "The Waterless Cooker American Model." 1936.
    "West Bend Old-Fashioned Bean Pot Cookery." 1952.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 12
    West Coast Lumbermen's Association. (Later: Western Wood Products Association).
    "Famous Recipes from West Coast Kitchens."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 13
    Western States Grocery Company.
    "Western States Grocery Company [Catalog]." 1933.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 4
    Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company. (Including: Home Economics Institute).
    "The Westinghouse Refrigerator Book: Tested Recipes." 1933.
    "The Westinghouse Refrigerator Book: Hints, Helps and Recipes." 1935.
    "How to Pack Lunch Boxes for War Workers." 1943.
    "Westinghouse Refrigerators: Recipes...Care...Use." 1949.
    "Westinghouse Speed Electric Range Recipes." 1956.
    "Flavor Zone Electric Cookery: Instructions for Operating Westinghouse 'Flavor Zone' Electric Ranges and a Book of Recipes."
    "48 Delicious Recipes Waffle-ized."
    "Westinghouse Automatic Toaster."
    "The Westinghouse Kitchen-Approved Refrigerator Book."
    "Your New Westinghouse Spped Electric Range: Recipes, Care and Use."
    "Your Westinghouse Dual-Automatic Flavor Zone Electric Range." [Alternative Title: "Dual-Automatic Flavor Zone Electric Cookery."]
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 31
    Wheatsworth, Inc.
    "The Gingerbread Castle."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 48
    Wilcolator Co.
    "Cook Book by Reddie Wilcolator." c.1940s.
    "The Wilcolator Cook Book."
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 50
    The William G. Bell Company.
    "Bell's Seasoning Makes Good Food Taste Better." 1939.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 43
    William J. Moxley (Chicago, IL).
    Riesenberg, Emily. "Original Recipes [William J. Moxley's Special Oleomargarine]."
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 30
    William Underwood Company.
    "Good Tastes for Good Times." 1915.
    "Snacks, Sandwiches, and Such from the Underwood Kitchen." c.1960s
    "The Little Devil Recipes." (2 copies)
    "Underwood Fine Foods."
    "Underwood Red Devil Recipes."
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 60
    Wilson & Co. (Chicago, Ill.).
    Wright, Eleanor Lee. "Wilson's Meat Cookery." 1923.
    Rector, George. "Wilson's B-V Taste Temping Recipes." c. 1940s?
    "Wilson's Certified Foods."
  • Box-Folder 6 folder: 15
    Wisconsin Condensed Milk Company.

    Formerly Box 2-Folder 68

    "The Milky Way." [Lion Brand Condensed Milk]. c.1941-1945.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 37
    Wise Potato Chip Co.
    Wise, Dorothy. "Recipes that Pep-Up Meals with Wise Potato Chips." 1957.
  • Box-Folder 3 folder: 31
    Woman's Day
    "Gifts From Your Kitchen." No. 82. November 1963. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "50 Gifts from Far Away Places." No. 70. November 1962. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Toast." No. 88. May 1964. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Chocolate." No. 96. January 1965. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "The Cheese Dream Cook Book." No. 98. March 1965. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Christmas Cookies from Scandinavia." No. 107. December 1965. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Cabbage." No. 108. January 1966. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Pancakes and Waffles." No. 110. March 1966. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Pies." No. 112. May 1966. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Scottish Recipes." No. 113. June 1966. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Frankfurters." No. 114. July 1966. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Dutch Cooking." No. 121. February 1967. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Corned Beef." No. 122. March 1967. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Special Poultry." No. 124. May 1967. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Hawaiian Cooking." No. 125. June 1967. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Summer Cooking Shortcuts." No. 126. July 1967. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
    "Tomatoes." No. 127. August 1967. [Woman's Day Kitchen Series: The Collector's Cook Book.]
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 34
    Woodcock Brand.
    "Fifty Good Ways of Serving Woodcock Macaroni." 1919.
  • Box-Folder 5 folder: 28
    Worcester Salt Company. (Later: Morton Salt Company.)
    "The History of Salt." 1959.
    "Tickle Your Taste Buds."
    "Worcester Salt Cook Book." [Title page title: "Worcester Recipes.]