A Guide to the George Green Shackelford Student Papers, 1963-1989 Shackelford, George Green, Student Papers Ms2011-006

A Guide to the George Green Shackelford Student Papers, 1963-1989

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Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.
Collection Number
George Green Shackelford Student Papers, .1963-1989
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2.0 cu. ft. 5 boxes
Shackelford, George Green
The collection contains student papers from Dr. George Green Shackelford's Historic Preservation classes spanning 1963-1989.

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Collection is open for research.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: George Green Shackelford Student Papers, Ms2011-006, Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The George Green Shackelford Student Papers were donated to Special Collections in 2011.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement, and description of the George Green Shackelford Student Papers was completed in February 2011.

Biographical Note

Geroge G. Shackelford (1921-2010) was a Professor of History at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University from 1955-1986, and Professor Emeritus since 1986. Among various projects, Shackelford helped start the renovations of Smithfield Plantation at Virginia Tech. He also served on the Board of Advisors of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and on the board of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities.

Shackelford was married to Grace Howard McConnell Shackelford. He died in November 2010.

Scope and Content

The collection contains student papers from Dr. George Green Shackelford's Historical Preservation classes spanning 1963-1989. The paper topics cover specific people, places, or general geographic locations throughout Virginia, as well as some locations in West Virginia and North Carolina. Papers detail the history and design of the building or structure in question, and often include pictures and floor plans. Items have been kept in their original order as organized by Dr. Shackelford.


The collection is arranged in alphabetical order, as organized by Dr. Shackelford.

Related Material

George Green Shackelford Papers, c.1955-1986. Ms83-008. The collection contains clippings, correspondence, memoranda, bulletins, scrapbooks, and other materials relating to the APVA; the National Trust; the New River Historical Association; the Virginia Landmark Commission the Democratic Committee of Montgomery County next hit (Virginia); the Visiting Scholar Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences for VPI&SU; Blacksburg, Virginia, and Southwest Virginia history; historic properties in Blacksburg and Southwest Virginia, particularly Smithfield Plantation; and of Virginia and VPI&SU related topics. Please note: This collection is open for research, but it is unprocessed.

Index Terms


  • Local/Regional History and Appalachian South
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University--Dept. of History.

Contents List

Box-folder 1-1
1127 Second Street, Roanoke, 1982.
Box-folder 1-2
A Style Sheet for Term Papers, 1967.
Box-folder 1-3
Albemarle Churches, 1981.
Box-folder 1-4
Allegheny Springs, 1984.
Box-folder 1-5
Allegheny Turnpike, 1969.
Box-folder 1-6
Allen Caperton, 1986.
Box-folder 1-7
Architecture of Colonial and Revolutionary Virginia, 1975.
Box-folder 1-8
Bedford previous hitCounty next hit Houses, 1983.
Box-folder 1-9
Beechwood Plantation, 1986.
Box-folder 1-10
Botetourt previous hitCounty next hit Jail, 1980.
Box-folder 1-11
Botetourt Structures, 1980-1986.
Box-folder 1-12
Catawba Red Sulphur Springs, 1977.
Box-folder 1-13
Chesterfield previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse, 1977.
Box-folder 1-14
Clarke previous hitCounty next hit, VA, 1989.
Box-folder 1-15
Craig previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse and Jail, 1977-1983.
Box-folder 1-16
Cumberland previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse, 1977.
Box-folder 1-17
Danville Structures, 1977-1981.
Box-folder 1-18
Egyptian Style Architecture in U.S., 1967.
Box-folder 1-19
Fairfax previous hitCounty next hit, 1980.
Box-folder 1-20
Fauquier White Sulphur Springs, 1977-1980.
Box-folder 1-21
Fieldale, VA, 1988.
Box-folder 2-1
Floyd Structures, 1976-1981.
Box-folder 2-2
Fluvanna previous hitCounty next hit, 1984.
Box-folder 2-3
Fort Chiswell, 1976.
Box-folder 2-4
Franklin previous hitCounty next hit Jail, 1980-1986.
Box-folder 2-5
Fredericksburg, 1963-1987.
Box-folder 2-6
Fredericksburg Courthouse, 1979-1985.
Box-folder 2-7
George Hancock, 1966-1974.
Box-folder 2-8
Germanic Houses and Music, 1984.
Box-folder 2-9
Giles previous hitCounty next hit Structures, 1977-1987.
Box-folder 2-10
Gordonsville, VA, 1971-1981.
Box-folder 2-11
Greenbriar, n.d.
Box-folder 2-12
Hanover previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse, 1979-1988.
Box-folder 2-13
Hanover previous hitCounty next hit Houses, 1980.
Box-folder 2-14
Hardy previous hitCounty next hit, WV, 1987.
Box-folder 2-15
Henry previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse, 1977-1989.
Box-folder 2-16
Hoge and Plank Farm, 1980.
Box-folder 2-17
J. Hoge Tyler and Bellehampton, n.d.
Box-folder 2-18
Jefferson previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse, 1978.
Box-folder 2-19
Lancaster, VA Houses, 1984.
Box-folder 2-20
Land Policies, 1971.
Box-folder 2-21
Lead Mines of Wythe previous hitCounty next hit, 1975.
Box-folder 3-1
Log Cabins, 1985-1989.
Box-folder 3-2
Loudon previous hitCounty next hit, 1987.
Box-folder 3-3
Lynchburg's Urban Slaves, 1963-1970.
Box-folder 3-4
Marion, VA Structures, 1984.
Box-folder 3-5
previous hitMecklenburg next hit previous hitCounty next hit, n.d.
Box-folder 3-6
Montgomery previous hitCounty next hit Waifs and Wards, 1977.
Box-folder 3-7
Mufreesboro, NC Houses, 1980.
Box-folder 3-8
New River Navigation, 1982-1983.
Box-folder 3-9
Newport, VA Church, 1980.
Box-folder 3-10
Orkney Springs, 1977.
Box-folder 3-11
Patrick previous hitCounty next hit Jail, 1980-1985.
Box-folder 3-12
Petersburg Taverns, n.d.
Box-folder 3-13
Pittsylvania previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse, n.d.
Box-folder 3-14
Portsmouth, VA, 1980.
Box-folder 3-15
Pulaski previous hitCounty next hit, 1980-1981.
Box-folder 3-16
Pulaski previous hitCounty next hit, 1985.
Box-folder 3-17
Pulaski previous hitCounty next hit, 1985-1986.
Box-folder 4-1
Pulaski previous hitCounty next hit Churches, 1981-1982.
Box-folder 4-2
Pulaski Courthouse, 1988-1990.
Box-folder 4-3
Pulaski Jail and Cemetery, 1980.
Box-folder 4-4
Pulaski Top Ten, 1985.
Box-folder 4-5
Radford City, 1980-1984.
Box-folder 4-6
Richmond Churches and Houses, 1967-1980.
Box-folder 4-7
Roanoke City Structures, 1980-1989.
Box-folder 4-8
Roanoke previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse, 1977.
Box-folder 4-9
Rockbridge previous hitCounty next hit, 1980-1988.
Box-folder 4-10
Salem and Roanoke previous hitCounty next hit Structures, 1981-1985.
Box-folder 4-11
Sears and Roebuck House in Alexandria, VA, 1989.
Box-folder 4-12
Shutters and Windows 1750-1820, n.d.
Box-folder 4-13
Smith previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse (Marion), 1980.
Box-folder 5-1
Smithfield Restoration, n.d.
Box-folder 5-2
Spotsylvania previous hitCounty next hit Massaponax Baptist Church, 1981.
Box-folder 5-3
Springs of Virginia, 1976-1980.
Box-folder 5-4
Staunton, Augusta previous hitCounty next hit Houses, Roads, and Churches, 1981.
Box-folder 5-5
Swann, 1969.
Box-folder 5-6
Tayloe of Roanoke previous hitCounty next hit, 1980.
Box-folder 5-7
Tayloe and Cloverdale Furnace, 1983.
Box-folder 5-8
Tayloe Slaves at Mt. Airy, 1984.
Box-folder 5-9
Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1979-1987.
Box-folder 5-10
Wade and Wiley House, 1980.
Box-folder 5-11
Warm Springs, 1976.
Box-folder 5-12
William Christian, 1975.
Box-folder 5-13
Warren previous hitCounty next hit, NC, n.d.
Box-folder 5-14
Warrenton, VA, n.d.
Box-folder 5-15
Washington previous hitCounty next hit Structures, 1980-1981.
Box-folder 5-16
Westover, 1976.
Box-folder 5-17
Windows, 1976.
Box-folder 5-18
Woodlawn Plantation, 1983.
Box-folder 5-19
Wythe previous hitCounty next hit Jail and Courthouse, 1977-1980.
Box-folder 5-20
Wythe previous hitCounty next hit Houses, 1979-1982.
Box-folder 5-21
Wytheville and Wythe previous hitCounty Structures, 1976-1989.