A Guide to the John W. Landis Papers, 1949-1969 Landis, John W., Papers Ms1969-001

A Guide to the John W. Landis Papers, 1949-1969

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Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.
Collection Number
John W. Landis Papers, 1949-1969
Physical Characteristics
86.6 cu. ft. 62 boxes
Landis, John W., (John William), 1917-2013
Please note: Boxes 1-58 of this collection are in off-site storage and requires 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Please contact Special Collections for more information.
The collection contains correspondence, memos, proposals, reports, and other papers relating to Landis' work with nuclear reactor projects and memberships on various committees, including the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors, the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce, and the Virginia Advisory Board on Industrial Development.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish material from John W. Landis Papers must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Tech.

Preferred Citation

Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: John W. Landis Papers, Ms1969-001, Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The John W. Landis Papers were donated to Special Collections in 1969 and 1970.

Processing Information

The John W. Landis Papers are in their original order. A non-inclusive, box-level inventory was created after the materials were donated and the inventory was updated several times It forms the basis of the current finding aid.

Biographical Note

John W. Landis was born in 1917. He was educated at Lafayette College, the University of Rochester, and Princeton University. Landis worked for the U. S. Navy Department as a consultant in guided missiles (1946-1950), the Educational Testing Service (1948-1950), and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (1950-1953). For many years, beginning in 1953, he was associated with the Babcock and Wilcox Company in the field of nuclear engineering. He was successively the Head of Customer Relations (1953-1955), Assistant Manager (1955-1962), and Manager (1962-1965) of the Atomic Energy Division, and later, General Manager of their Washington, D.C. operations (1965-1969). Landis died in March 2013.

Scope and Content

Landis' work at Babcock and Wilcox involved him in a number of nuclear reactor projects both in the United States and abroad. The bulk of the collection is correspondence, memoranda, proposals, studies, and reports surrounding these projects.

Other papers relate to Landis' memberships on the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors (1966-1970); the Advisory Council of Virginia State Technical Services (1966-1969); the Virginia State Advisory Committee on Nuclear Energy (1956-1961); the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce (1954-1968); the Virginia Engineering Foundation of the University of Virginia (1962-1969); and the Virginia Advisory Board on Industrial Development (1962-1969).

In 2013, following Landis' death, an additional 4 boxes of materials were donated to Special Collections. Although not organized beyond the order in which they were received, these boxes generally contain photocopies of original materials: correspondence, reports, presentations and papers, articles by/about Landis, clippings, professional and personal writings, conference programs, notes, and teaching materials. A box-level inventory is at the bottom of the "Contents List" below.


The papers are in their original order. Boxes 1-21 are arranged alphabetically by subject/material type.

Boxes 22-52 contain materials related to nuclear projects. Materials are arranged by subject.

Boxes 53-58 include material relating to committees, boards, and foundations. Materials are arranged by organization.

A box-level inventory is available in the "Contents List" below, but please note that descriptions of boxes are general and may be non-inclusive.

Index Terms

    Corporate Names:

  • Babcock & Wilcox Company.
  • Subjects:

  • Nuclear energy
  • Nuclear propulsion
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Nuclear ships
  • Savannah (Nuclear ship)
  • Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Local Subjects:

  • Science and Technology
  • University Archives

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Landis, John W., (John William), 1917-2013

Contents List

Subject Files, Alphabetical, 1949-1968.
  • Box 1
    Scope and Content

    Accounting files for Babcock and Wilcox, Atomic Energy Division (1956-1965). Includes monthly reports on incomplete and completed contracts; memoranda; notes.

    Allis-Chambers Mfg. Co.--large fast reactor design study (1964)

    American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Nuclear Engineerings Division--newsletters, memoranda, etc. (1954-1964)

    American Institute of Management--memoranda, etc. (1957-1961)

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers--correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1955-1960)

    Babcock and Wilcox--press releases (1953-1963)

  • Box 2
    Scope and Content

    Babcock and Wilcox--general reports, circulars, memoranda (1952-1962)

    Babcock and Wilcox, Ltd. (London)--memoranda, correspondence, etc. (1954-1955)

    Bailey Meter Co.--memoranda, correspondence, etc. (1955-1968)

    Biology and medicine--memoranda, circulars, etc. (1955-1962). Deals with biological and medical ramifications of nuclear energy.

    Budget estimates (1966-1967). Includes a file of internal circulars, "Sales in Which Washington Operations Has Played a Significant Role."

  • Box 3
    Scope and Content

    Camen procect, Livorno, Italy--memoranda, etc. (1960-1963)

    Case Institute of Technology--press releases, memoranda, etc. (1957)

    Combined operations reports (1960-1964)

    Consolidated Edison Co.--technical and consulting services. Correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1961-1965)

    Contract lists (1958-1965)

    Contract policy and procedures--correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1954-1963)

    Contract status reports (1960)

    Critical Experiment Laboratory, Lynchburg, Va.--memoranda, correspondence, circulars (1956-1959)

    Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico (CRDA), Trieste--correspondence, contract (1960)

    Decontamination (laundry) symposium (1960)

  • Box 4
    Scope and Content

    East Central Nuclear Group--Steam-cooled breeder reactor core designs. Correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1964-1965)

    Ebasco Services for AEC--Title I and II services for Advanced Test Reactor Gas-Cooled Loop. Memoranda (1963-1964)

    Education and training of Babcock and Wilcox personnel--correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1953-1963)

    Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace program--press releases, clippings, etc. (1953-1958)

    Electrical World--correspondence, etc. (1956-1962)

    Employees club--memoranda, etc. (1963-1966)

    Engineering Design Facility--report, correspondence, etc. (1961-1962)

  • Box 5
    Scope and Content

    Euratom (European Atomic Energy Community)--correspondence, reports, etc. (1958-1959)

    Euratom Experiemental Program--modification (1965)

    Finance--correspondence, memoranda, circulars on business conditions affecting the nuclear energy industry (1954-1963)

    Financial statements--correspondence, memoranda, etc., dealing with Babcock and Wilcox financial matters (1956-1959)

  • Box 6
    Scope and Content

    Financial statements--correspondence, memoranda, etc., dealing with Babcock and Wilcox financial matters (1959-1963)

    Florida, University of--nuclear engineering programs. Publications, etc. (1957-1960)

    Foreign reactors--correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings (1952-1960)

    Geneva Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy (1955)--correspondence, reports, publications

    Geneva Conference (Second) on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy (1958)--correspondence, reports, publications

    Great Lakes Conference of Railroad and Utilities Commissioners (1960)--program, etc.

  • Box 7
    Scope and Content

    Health physics--press releases, memoranda, publications on health aspects of nuclear energy (1957-1963)

    Industrial Participation Program--correspondence, memoranda, reports (1953-1955)

    Inter-American Nuclear Energy Symposium (1957)--correspondence, etc.

    International agreements on the civil uses of atomic energy--correspondence, reports, etc. (1955-1958)

    International Atomic Energy Agency--memoranda, clippings, etc. (1955-1962)

    Internuclear Company, Clayton, Missouri--correspondence, memoranda (1956-1962)

    Joint Committee on Atomic Energy--correspondence, memoranda, testimony, clippings, etc. (1955-1967)

  • Box 8
    Scope and Content

    Liability and insurance (with respect to the use of nuclear facilities)--correspondence, memoranda, reports, etc. (1950-1964)

    Lynchburg Office--general files (1964-1966). Deals with building lease, parking, etc.

    Lynchburg Central File--contains a filing coding system (1958)

    Manpower requirements (1960-1964)

    Materials and testing--correspondence, memoranda, reports, publications (1954-1964)

    Monthly reports (Atomic Energy Division status reports) (1962-1965). Includes reports, correspondence, and memoranda.

    National Association of Manufacturers--correspondence, etc. (1964-1967)

    National Association of Manufacturers--printed reports (1966-1967)

    Nuclear Activities Summaries--reports, correspondence, memoranda (1954-1961)

    Nuclear Congresses (1958, 1959)--see Box 22

    Nuclear Development Center--correspondence, memoranda, reports (1961-1964)

  • Box 9
    Scope and Content

    Nuclear power economics--correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1955-1961)

    Nuclear rocketry--press releases, correspondence, reports, etc. (1961-1962)

    Nuclenor Power Plant, Spain--correspondence, reports, etc. (1964-1965)

    Organization (general)--personnel announcements, organizational memoranda, etc. (1958-1965)

    Organization--Departmental Responsibilities. Memoranda, reports, etc. (1956-1965)

    Organization--Division Operations. Memoranda, reports, etc. (1961-1962)

    Organization--Division Operations Guide. Memoranda, reports, etc. (1962-1965)

    Organization--External Procedures. Memoranda, reports, etc. (1957-1964)

  • Box 10
    Scope and Content

    Organization--Internal Procedures. Memoranda, etc. (1957-1967)

    Organization--Organization Charts. Also includes memoranda, etc. (1953-1964)

    Organization--Personnel Utilization. Memoranda, etc.(1957-1968)

  • Box 11
    Scope and Content

    Organization--Principles and Directives. Correspondence and memoranda. (1953-1956)

    Organization--Procedures Manual. Memoranda (1958-1959)

    Organization--Special Directives. Memoranda (1958-1964)

    Organization and Personnel--memoranda, organization charts, etc. (1957-1964)

    Patents--correspondence, memoranda, press releases, etc. (1953-1956, 1962)

    Planning--memoranda (1964-1966)

    Policy (U. S. Government)--reports, memoranda, testimony of Babcock and Wilcox officials before Congressional committees (1954-1957)

  • Box 12
    Scope and Content

    RAMPS (Resource Allocation and Multi-Project Scheduling)--memoranda, committee minutes (1964)

    Reactor computation--correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1956-1962)

    Reactor location and safety--correspondence, reports, memoranda (1954-1963)

    Reactor roundup (general information on nuclear reactors)--newsletters, memoranda, etc. (1951-1961)

    Regulations and information (AEC regulations)--circulars, memoranda (1955-1959)

  • Box 13
    Scope and Content

    Regulations and information (AEC regulations)--circulars, memoranda (1960-1963)

    Research Institute Recommendations--circulars, correspondence (1956-1957)

    Research reactors (general)--correspondence, memoranda (1950-1959)

    Sales contracts (domestic)--correspondence, memoranda (1954-1961)

    Sales contracts (government)--correspondence, memoranda (1961-1964)

  • Box 14
    Scope and Content

    Sales estimate summaries (1963-1964)

    Sales policy--reappraisal. Report (1959)

    Sales policy and procedure--correspondence, memoranda, reports (1949-1965)

    Sea water conversion--reports, correspondence, memoranda (1951-1964)

    Security--correspondence, memoranda, reports (1953-1961)

  • Box 15
    Scope and Content

    Senior staff meetings--agendas, memoranda (1957-1961)

    SIR--Mark B Emergency Cooler System. Memoranda, committee minutes, etc. (1953-1958)

    Site location (general)--correspondence, publications, etc., dealing especially with Memphis (1962-1966)

    Slides, pictures, and films. Includes c.20 publicity photos on nuclear reactors, correspondence, memoranda (1955-1962)

    Solar energy--clippings, news release (1954-1955)

    Southeastern Nuclear Exchange--correspondence (1956-1957)

    Special Nuclear Equipment Committee--minutes, memoranda (1961-1962)

    Special nuclear material--news releases, memoranda, reports (1955-1967)

    SPERT (Special Power Excursion Test Reactor)--news releases (1961)

    STR Mark I and Mark II--reports, correspondence, etc. (1953-1958)

    Submersible tankers--correspondence (1955-1958)

  • Box 16
    Scope and Content

    Ships--Sea-Land Service, Inc. Correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1966)

    Ships--various companies. Correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1965-1966)

    Ship propulsion (nuclear)--correspondence, memoranda, reports, etc. (1955-1968)

  • Box 17
    Scope and Content

    Ship propulsion (nuclear)--prospectus for a CNSGII nuclear reactor for military application (1965)

    Ship propulsion (nuclear)--marine plants, Babcock and Wilcox and competitors. Correspondence, reports, etc. (1959-1964)

    Ship propulsion (nuclear)--Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Meeting programs, memoranda (1959-1966)

    Ship propulsion (nuclear)--"Proposal...for an Advanced Marine Demonstration Reactor," 2 volumes (1964-1965)

    Ship propulsion (nuclear)--"Proposal to American Export Isbrandtsen Lines for a Consolidated Nuclear Steam Generator" (1965)

  • Box 18
    Scope and Content

    Talks by others--speeches, correspondence, memoranda (1954-1965)

    Technical Papers Coordinating Committee--memoranda, etc. (1955-1963)

    U.S. Atomic Energy Commission--releases, correspondence, etc. (1955-1962)

    U.S. Atomic Energy Commissioners' speeches (1951-1959)

  • Box 19
    Scope and Content

    U.S. Atomic Energy Commissioners' speeches (1960-1968)

  • Box 20
    Scope and Content

    U. S. Atomic Energy Commission--zero power tests on Army Core. Contract (1965)

    U. S. Atomic Energy Commission--File #36. Correspondence, etc. dealing with U.S.S. Savannah (1963-1965)

    U. S. Atomic Energy Commission--Yankee conversion to SSCR (Spectral Shift Control Reactor). Correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports (1962-1964)

    U. S. Atomic Energy Commission--organization and personnel. Releases, memoranda (1951-1967)

    U. S. Atomic Energy Commission--staff speeches. Also includes correspondence, memoranda (1953-1968)

    U. S. Atomic Energy Commission--university research. Circulars listing research grants (1955-1962)

  • Box 21
    Scope and Content

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce-- Washington Reports (1957-1962)

    Waste disposal--correspondence, releases, publications, reports (1955-1961)

    Yankee Atomic Energy Company--correspondence, memoranda, reports (1954-1961)

Subject Files, Nuclear Projects, 1954-1969.
  • Box 22
    Nuclear Congresses.
    Scope and Content

    1958 Nuclear Congress--correspondence, memoranda, notes, abstracts of papers, etc.

    1959 Nuclear Congress--memoranda

  • Box 23
    Nuclear Plants and Systems.
    Scope and Content

    Nuclear steam generating systems, nuclear power plants (specific)--Babcock and Wilcox reports, specifications, and proposals. c. 20 items (c.1959-1965)

  • Box 24
    Ship Reactors.
    Scope and Content

    Nuclear ship reactors--Babcock and Wilcox reports, specifications, proposals. Also includes press kit for launching of the N. S. Savannah (1959); testimony from Atomic Energy Commission hearings on N.S. Savannah (1961)

  • Box 25-26
    Ship Reactors.
    Scope and Content

    Nuclear ship reactors (especially N.S. Savannah)--reports, specifications, safety studies, etc. c. 25 items (c.1959-1965)

  • Box 27-28
    Indian Point Reactor.
    Scope and Content

    Indian Point Reactor, Westchester County, New York--reports, c. 50 items (c.1959-1962); correspondence (1956-1957) concerning Indian Point.

  • Box 29
    Liquid Metal Experiment.
    Scope and Content

    Liquid Metal Fuel Reactor Experiment--reports, c. 40 items (1959-1961)

  • Box 30-31
    German Nuclear Ship.
    Scope and Content

    German Nuclear Ship Otto Hahn--reports, specifications, etc. (1962-1964)

  • Box 32-33
    Nuclear Systems.
    Scope and Content

    Universal Pressure Reactor System; Steam-Cooled Breeder Reactor Study; Gas Suspension Reactor; National Circulation Thermionic Reactor; Boiling Water Reactor; Steam-Cooled, Moderated, and Controlled Reactor--reports, c. 50 items (1959-1966)

  • Box 34
    Scope and Content

    Spectral Shift Control Reactor--reports, proposals (1959-1964)

  • Box 35-36
    Nuclear Development.
    Scope and Content

    Advanced Test Reactor; Nuclear Development Center--reports

  • Box 37
    Development Companies.
    Scope and Content

    Atomic Power Development Associates, Michigan (originally Dow-Detroit Edison Project)--correspondence, memoranda, minutes, etc. (1954-1964)

    Power Reactor Development Company, Michigan--correspondence, memoranda, contracts, etc. (1955-1963)

  • Box 38
    Nuclear Propulsion and Equipment.
    Scope and Content

    "Rogear" rocket engine by Henry B. Shields--typescript book, correspondence, etc. (1965-1969)

    Nuclear propulsion plant and generating equipment for nuclear powered merchant ships--contract and specifications

    Reappraisal summaries (1957)

  • Box 39
    Reports and Hearings.
    Scope and Content

    "Safety Analysis Summary of Babcock and Wilcox's CNSG Maritime Reactor"--report (1968)

    "Reactor Engineering and Plant Design" by JWL--report (1957)

    Nuclear Merchant Ship Reactor core--correspondence, etc. (1958-1959)

    Public hearings on Nuclear Merchant Ship Reactor ( Savannah)--correspondence, etc. (1962-1963)

    U.S. Atomic Energy Commission--Nuclear Merchant Ship Reactor estimates

  • Box 40
    Reports and Hearings.
    Scope and Content

    Miscellaneous files, including: Profit Improvement Program (1962-1965); public hearings on Indian Point Station; American Society of Naval Engineers programs (1956-1968); power survey forecast study.

  • Box 41-42
    N.S. Savannah.
    Scope and Content

    N.S. Savannah--reports. etc. c. 25 items

  • Box 43
    N.S. Savannah; Publications.
    Scope and Content

    N.S. Savannah--public relations and advertising. Correspondence, memoranda, etc. (1957-1967)

    Atomic Energy News Indicator (1956-1959)

    Nucleonics--N.P.P. Equipment Study (1959-1960)

  • Box 44-50
    Babcock and Wilcox Proposals.
    Scope and Content

    Printed proposals for nuclear power projects, c. 200 items (c. 1958-1967)

  • Box 51
    Babcock and Wilcox Publicity; Reports.
    Scope and Content

    Babcock and Wilcox Monthly Advertising and Publicity portfolis (1965-1966)

    U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Allis-Chalmers, and Aero-Jet technical reports, c. 10 items

    Argonne National Laboratory proceedings (1961)

  • Box 52
    Nuclear Industry.
    Scope and Content

    Nuclear industry--miscellaneous publications, c. 20 items

Committee, Board, and Foundation Files, 1956-1969.
  • Box 53-54
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
    Scope and Content

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1958-1959). Includes correspondence; financial information; quarterly reports of the president to the Board of Visitors; typescript of annual reports of the president; minutes of the Board of Visitors (1966-1969)

  • Box 55
    Commonwealth of Virginia.
    Scope and Content

    Commonwealth of Virginia (1956-1969). Includes correspondence related to industrial development and nuclear energy in the state (1961-1969); minutes, reports, etc., of the Advisory Council, Virginia State Technical Servies (1966-1969); minutes, reports, etc., of the Virginia State Advisory Committee on Nuclear Energy (1956-1961); programs, brochures, etc., of the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce (1954-1968); and minutes, reports, etc., of the University of Virginia and its Virginia Engineering Foundation (1957-1969).

  • Box 56-58
    Virginia Advisory Board on Industrial Development.
    Scope and Content

    Virginia Advisory Board on Industrial Development (1962-1969). Includes minutes; reports; correspondence; newspaper clippings (1962-1969); files of the Committee on the Commercial Code (1963-1966).

2013 Addition (unprocessed)
  • Box 59
    Box 59
    Scope and Content

    Includes mostly photocopies of: articles by/about Landis and reports.

  • Box 60
    Box 60
    Scope and Content

    Includes mostly photocopies and some originals of: conference programs, newsletters, press releases, certificates, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, clippings, articles by/about Landis, papers and presentations given, personal and professional correspondence, book chapter drafts, scholarship materials, and poetry.

  • Box 61
    Box 61
    Scope and Content

    Includes mostly photocopies and some originals of: papers and presentations given, correspondence, conference programs, lecture notes, articles by and about Landis, project reports, meeting agendas, and newsletters.

  • Box 62
    Box 62
    Scope and Content

    Includes mostly photocopies and some originals of: articles by/about/quoting Landis, pamphlets, personal notes, lecture notes and slides, and personal memoirs.