A Guide to the Henry Morgan Jacocks Papers, 1898-1919 Jacocks, Henry Morgan Papers Ms1992-008

A Guide to the Henry Morgan Jacocks Papers, 1898-1919

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Collection Number
Henry Morgan Jacocks Papers, 1898-1919
Physical Characteristics
2 Cubic Feet 2 boxes; 2 oversize
Jacocks, Henry Morgan
Papers of Henry Morgan Jacocks, graduate of Virginia Tech (class of 1900), assistant superintendent at Mathieson Alkali Works (Saltville, Virginia), independent businessman, and Virginia State Highway Department employee. Correspondence, trade catalogs, instructional booklets, blueprints, and drawings from Jacocks' years at Mathieson Alkali Works. Also includes a set of drafting standards for the Virginia Bridge and Iron Company and several photographs.

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Collection is open to research.

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Permission to publish material from the Henry Morgan Jacocks Papers must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Tech.

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Henry Morgan Jacocks Papers, Ms92-008 - Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Acquisition Information

The Henry Morgan Jacocks Papers were donated to Special Collections in 1992.

Four photographs were donated in July 2014. Note: Donation of the photographs was made by Matthew Kyle Jacocks, great-grandson of Henry Morgan Jacocks B.S. Civil Engineering, 2007, M.S. Civil Engineering, emphasis in Construction, 2009.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement and description of the Henry Morgan Jacocks Papers commenced and was completed in December 2007. Earlier processing of the collection had been done in 1992. Additional description was completed in July 2017.

Biographical Information

Henry Morgan Jacocks, son of Jonathan Henry and Mary Katherine Harrell Jacocks, was born in Durant's Neck, North Carolina on December 31, 1878. He graduated from Berkeley Military Institute in 1895 before attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. A general science student at Virginia Tech, Jacocks was president of the Thespian and German clubs, vice-president of the Maury Society and served as literary editor of the Grey Jacket and editor-in-chief of The Bugle . (A younger brother, Jonathan Wilbur Jacocks, also graduated from Virginia Tech in 1900.)

Together with his younger brother Jonathan Wilbur, Jacocks graduated from Virginia Tech in 1900. He was hired by the Mathieson Alkali Works in Saltville, Virginia as an assistant draftsman. During his 17-year career at Mathieson, Jacocks would eventually rise to the position of assistant superintendent.

Around 1919, Jacocks moved to Craddock, Virginia, where he worked briefly for the Portsmouth Cotton Oil Refining Company before establishing H. M. Jacocks and Company. Selling fuel, feed and fertilizer, the business closed in 1933, a victim of the Depression and a warehouse fire. Following the closure of his business, Jacocks worked for the Virginia State Highway Department before retiring in 1950. He died in an automobile accident on August 20 of that same year and is buried in Norfolk's Magnolia Cemetery.

Scope and Content

This collection contains the papers of Henry Morgan Jacocks (1878-1950), graduate of Virginia Tech (class of 1900) and assistant superintendent of the Mathieson Alkali Works in Saltville, Virginia. The collection includes correspondence, operation notes, printed materials, blueprintsm, and photographs.

While Jacocks' papers contain a small selection of correspondence and records pertaining to Mathieson's operation, they largely consist of trade publications (both promotional and instructional). The catalogs promote steel products as well as various pieces of machinery and other products. The instructional materials consist of manuals for specific pieces of machinery as well as general technical publications. Within the collection is also a set of undated drafting standards for the Virginia Iron and Bridge Company (Roanoke, Virginia).

The papers also include a set of approximately two dozen blueprints and drawings, mostly for parts and machinery to be used at Mathieson. Except where otherwise noted, the drawings seem to have been completed in-house (a few were drawn by Jacocks himself). Among the drawings is a 1914 aerial view of Mathieson Alkali Works.


The collection is arranged by document type, then chronologically, with the exception of the printed materials. These are divided by function, with promotional materials arranged by corporation name and instructional materials arranged in bibliographical order.

Separated Material

The following works were transferred to the Rare Book Collection in 1992:

The following works were tranferred to the Rare Book Collection in 2007:

Index Terms


  • Local/Regional History and Appalachian South
  • Science and Technology
  • University Archives
  • Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

Contents List

Correspondence, 1906-1919
Box-Folder 1 folder: 1
Equipment maintenance ledger, 1918-1919
Box-Folder 1 folder: 2
Operational notes, 1917-1919, n.d.
Box-Folder 1 folder: 3
"Virginia Bridge and Iron Company (Roanoke, Va.) - General rules and standards for draftsmen", n.d.
Box-Folder 1 folder: 4
Photographs, c.1898
Box-Folder 2 folder: 13
Printed material: trade catalogs and promotional material, 1896-1918, n.d.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 5
    • Barber and Kluttz, Architects, n.d.
    • Basic Mineral Company, n.d.
    • Beaumont Manufacturing Company, 1918
    • Boston Gear Works, 1918
    • Brown Engineering Company, n.d.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 6
    • Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company, 1916-1918
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 7
    • Cleveland Twist Drill Company, 1918
    • Crucible Steel Company of America, 1910-1916
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 8
    • The Fairbanks Company, n.d.
    • Flextallic Gasket Company, n.d.
    • H. Boker & Company, 1913-1914, n.d.
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 9
    • I. H. Dexter Company, 1915
    • Industrial Press, 1907
    • J. J. McCabe, n.d.
    • Joseph Dixon Crucible Company, 1915-1916
  • Box-Folder 1 folder: 10
    • Lagonda Manufacturing Company, n.d.
    • Laidlaw-Dunn-Gordon Company, 1905
    • Lawrence Machine Company, 1913
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 1
    • Mason Regulator Company, 1913
    • Midvale Steel Company, 1912
    • National Lead Company, n.d.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 2
    • Peter A. Frasse & Company, 1917
    • Risdon-Alcott Turbine Company, 1896, n.d.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 3
    • S. Morgan Smith Company, 1911
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 4
    • Terry Steam Turbine Company, 1914, n.d.
    • Trumpbour-Whitehead Brass & Copper Company, n.d.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 5
    • Warren Webster & Company, 1904
    • Westinghouse Air Brake Company, 1904-1907
    • Wm W. Nugent & Company, 1905
Printed material: instructional booklets and technical bulletins, 1896-1918
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 6
    • "American pipe manual for engineers, contractors, water and gas works superintendents and all other users of cast iron pipe", n.d.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 7
    • "The Blue book of rope transmission", 1905
    • "Book of instructions for installing and operating Dean boiler tube cleaner", n.d.
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 8
    • "Clay products for building construction", [1916?]
    • "Directions for installing and operating Morse silent running power chains", [1917?]
    • "Dont's [sic] for machinists and draftsmen", 1907
    • "Geodesy or measurement of the earth", [1904]
    • "Gravity", [1904]
    • "How to case-harden, color and anneal with granulated raw bone", n.d.
    • "How you may save money in operating your steam boilers", 1916
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 9
    • "'Imperial' type ten duplex steam driven air compressors: instructions for installing and operating", 1915
    • "Instructions for installing copes type "B-H" boiler feed regulator", [1917]
    • "Instructions for operating, erecting, inspecting and repairing Green's economizers", 1899
    • "Instructions for the installation and operating of alternating current generators", 1899
    • "Instructions for valve gear adjustment for Hamilton Corliss engines", 1912
  • M-Z,
    • Box-Folder 2 folder: 10
      Myers, David Moffat, "The Factory fuel problem", n.d.
    • "Power notes: a steam, mechanical and consulting engineer's paper", May 1919
    • "Reference guide for users of tank cars", 1910
    • Scott, Charles F., "The Systems and apparatus used in power transmission", 1898
    • "Welding and cutting with oxy-acetylene process", n.d.
General printed materials, 1898-1918
  • Box-Folder 2 folder: 11
    Inorganic chemistry: instruction paper with examination questions , 1898
  • Lefax : ["a magazine of concentrated useful facts, self indexed and classified ready for filing"], 1913-1918
Oversize Materials, 1898-1919, n.d.
  • Folder 1
    Blueprints and drawings, 1898-1913
    • 40-inch centrifugals (American Tool & Machine Company), 1898
    • Carbonating tower - division plate and mushroom, 1902
    • Assembled elevation driving end, 1903
    • 9-inch loading conveyor bevel gears, 1903
    • Philadelphia vacuum engine - 4-inch poppet discharge valve, 1903
    • Rotary furnace - 6-foot 10 1/8-inch sprocket, 1903
    • Lime kiln - section and elevation, 1904
    • Morgan gas producer flues - valves between producers and main flue, 1905
    • Rotary furnace - miter gears for feed screw, 1907
    • Rotary furnace - gear and pinion for feed screw, 1907
    • Traps - automatic drain, 1908
    • Engine room traps, automatic diaphram discharge, 1908
    • Ammonia absorbing vat, assembled, 1909
    • Lime kiln - assembled, 1909
    • Bevel gear (Fawcus Machine Company), 1910
    • Spiral jaw clutch and thrust collar for McTear cooler drive, 1910
    • Centrifugal pump, assembled, 1912
    • Centrifugal pump - details of impeller, 1912
    • Centrifugal pump - assembled 10 hp G. E. motor, 1913
    • Rotary furnace-feed end assembly, 1913
  • Folder 2
    Blueprints and drawings, 1914-1919, n.d.
    • Mathieson Alkali Works (aerial view), 1914
    • Crushing plants (Hardaway Contracting Company), 1914
    • Distillers - detail of cast iron pedestal, 1915
    • Caustic plant - plan and elevations of evaporators and condensers, 1916
    • 6 x 6 Type A engine (American Blower Works), 1916
    • Rotary furnace - gas inlet piping with valve rig and connections, 1917
    • Water supply - plan and elevation of piping and centrifugal pumps, 1917
    • Gas producer plant - details C. I. valve, exp. door, manhole and C., 1917
    • Gas producer - plan and elevation Wickes boiler, 1917
    • Rotary furnace - drivers to coolers, elevators, and conveyors, 1917
    • N. P. C. 87, 1917
    • Victor vertical engine assembly (Erie Engine Works), 1917
    • Mud distiller - assembled, 1918
    • Forged steel evener with renewal cap 10 producer gas machine, 1919
    • Plant lime slakers - details "log washer slaker", 1919
    • Milk of lime de-sander, 1919
    • Milk of lime de-sander (revised), 1919
    • Pinion for Dorr decanters, n.d.