A Guide to the Liane Zimbler Architectural Collection, 1912-1982, 1993-1994 Zimbler, Liane, Architectural Collection Ms1988-005

A Guide to the Liane Zimbler Architectural Collection, 1912-1982, 1993-1994

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Liane Zimbler Architectural Collection, 1912-1982, 1993-1994
Physical Characteristics
4.0 cu. ft. 4 boxes; 1 oversize folder
Zimbler, Liane
Professional papers of Liane Zimbler, Architect and Interior Designer. Collection includes graphic and printed material, writings, drawings, and correspondence relating to Zimbler's architectural and interior design work in Europe and the United States.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Collection is open to research.

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Permission to publish material from the Liane Zimbler Architectural Collection must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Liane Zimbler Architectural Collection, Ms1988-005 - Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Acquisition Information

The collection was donated to the International Archive of Women in Architecture in 1988; 1994.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement, and description of the Liane Zimbler Architectural Collection commenced in October 2003 and were completed in March 2004. Some preliminary processing was done prior to this time.

Biographical/Historical Information

Liane Zimbler was born in Czechoslovakia in 1892. She studied Art and Architecture at the State Art School in Austria, became the first women in Europe to be awarded an architect's license, and opened offices in Vienna and Prague. Her work ranged from bank buildings, offices, and stores to homes and designs for multi-purpose, mass-produced furniture. Her other activities included serving as chairman of the Austrian board of the International Housing Society and giving lectures on the sociological and artistic aspects of housing to students and various women's clubs.

Fleeing the Nazi invasion of Austria, Zimbler moved with her family to Los Angeles, California in 1938. There she worked with interior decorator Anita Toor and began to pursue a career in interior design. She soon headed her own design firm, did considerable lecturing and wrote articles on topics connected with decorating problems, and regularly took part in design shows and exhibitions. Her daughter, Eva Zimbler Huebscher, joined her as an apprentice in 1958 and thereafter became her associate. They became well known as a mother-daughter team.

Zimbler was a member of the American Institute of Interior Designers and the Association of Women in Architecture. Her work was published in various architecture and design periodicals (such as Interior Design, Designers West, and The Architectural Digest) and in the home section of daily newspapers (such as the Los Angeles Times). She also contributed articles and columns to various publications.

Zimbler carried on her design work until she was well into her seventies. She died in 1987 in Los Angeles.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of material related to Zimbler's work as an architect and interior designer in Vienna, Austria during the time period from 1921 to 1938 and in Los Angeles, California during the time period from 1941 to 1975. Material includes photographs, slides, stereo transparencies and viewing device, exhibition programs, architectural and interior design periodicals, newspaper and magazine clippings, manuscripts of biographical essays, speeches, and articles, presentation and design drawings, and correspondence. The collection documents Zimbler's various projects (some in conjunction with her daughter, Eva Zimbler Huebscher), her participation in various design exhibitions and shows, her contribution to various publications, and her speeches to various organizations.


The collection is arranged into one series of Professional Papers and five subseries according to type of material.

Series I. Professional Papers, 1912-1982, 1993-1994 This series consists of material created and collected by Zimbler in the course of her work as an architect and interior designer. Some material relates to her various projects in Vienna including the Harpner residence (1933) and the Preminger residence (1935). Most of the material relates to her various projects in Southern California including Dr Toch's residence, Santa Monica (1941), the Panzer residence, Beverly Hills (1942), the Barbas residence, Beverly Hills (1951), the Candianides Residence, Ventura (1961), the Barasch residence, Los Angeles (1960-1965), as well as to her participation in American Institute of Decorators (A.I.D) shows (1954, 1960-1961, 1967, 1973), "Living with Famous Paintings" shows (1956, 1958-1959, 1961) and Design House West shows (1970-1971). The series is arranged into five subseries, Subseries A. Correspondence, Subseries B. Writings, Subseries C. Drawings, Subseries D. Printed Material, and Subseries E. Photographs and Other Graphic Material.

Index Terms

    Local Subjects:

  • International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA)

Contents List

Professional Papers, 1912-1982, 1993-1994
  • Correspondence, 1956, 1960-1962, 1975
    Scope and Contents note

    Includes letters written and received by Zimbler relating to her participation in various A.I.D. shows, to a speech for the Women's Division of the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, and to a story in The Christian Science Monitor .

    • Box-folder 1-1
      Correspondence, 1956, 1960-1962
    • Box-folder 1-2
      Correspondence, public relations, 1968, n.d.
    • Box-folder 1-3
      Correspondence, The Christian Science Monitor , 1975
  • Writings, 1949-1981, n.d.
    Scope and Contents note

    Includes manuscripts of biographical essays, speeches, and articles written by Zimbler.

    • Box-folder 1-4
      Manuscripts, A.I.D. shows, descriptions and publicity releases, 1960-1962
    • Box-folder 1-5
      Manuscripts, biographical essays, 1958-1975, n.d.
    • Box-folder 1-6
      Manuscripts, speeches and articles, 1949-1981, n.d.
  • Drawings, 1922-1977, n.d.
    Scope and Contents note

    Includes presentation drawings for such projects as the Harpner residence and the Preminger residence in Vienna, the Placek residence in Brno, Czechoslovakia, and the Lanai Apartment in California as well as design drawings for such projects as the Gnadenwald House in Tyrol and the Barrett Condominium, the Barasch residence, and the Ross residence in California.

    • Box-folder 1-7
      Drawings, various projects, Vienna, Austria and Brno, Czezchoslovakia, 1922, 1930-1936, n.d.
    • Box-folder 1-8
      Drawings, Gnadenwald House, Tyrol, n.d.
    • Box-folder 1-9
      Drawing, Barrett Condominium, 1974
    • Box-folder 1-10
      Drawings, Lanai project, 1975, n.d.
    • Box-folder 1-11
      Drawings, Granny House, n.d.
    • Oversize 1
      Drawings, various projects, 1938, 1964, 1977
  • Printed Material, 1912-1982, 1993-1994, n.d.
    Scope and Contents note

    Includes programs from various shows and exhibitions in which Zimbler participated, a scrapbook of German-language newspaper clippings and various foreign language periodicals with articles about Zimbler's projects in Vienna, newspaper and magazine clippings and various architecture and design periodicals with articles about Zimbler's various projects in Southern California, as well as some clippings and periodicals with articles and columns by Zimbler herself.

    • Box-folder 1-12
      Programs, "Wiener Frauenkunst," Vienna, Austria, 1930, 1933
    • Box-folder 1-13
      Programs and related material, 1950-1956, 1968, 1977
    • Box-folder 1-14
      Programs, A.I.D. shows, Los Angeles, CA, 1954-1973
    • Box-folder 1-15
      Programs, "Living with Famous Paintings," Los Angeles, CA, 1956-1962
    • Box-folder 1-16
      Programs, Design House West, Los Angeles, CA, 1970-1971
    • Box-folder 1-17
      Magazine clippings about Zimbler, 1932-1962, n.d.
    • Box-folder 1-18
      Magazine clippings about Zimbler, Interior Design , 1940-1974
    • Box-folder 1-19
      Magazine clippings about Zimbler, Home Building and Remodeling , 1974-1975
    • Box-folder 1-20,21
      The Architectural Digest , 1953, 1958
    • Box-folder 1-22
      A.I. D. West , 1960-1962
    • Box-folder 1-23,24
      Designers West , 1963-1976
    • Box-folder 1-25
      Perfect Home Magazine , 1965-1979
    • Box-folder 1-26,27
      House and Garden Remodeling Guide , 1967-1973
    • Box-folder 1-28
      House Beautiful's Home Remodeling, 1967-1969
    • Box-folder 1-29-32
      Various periodicals, 1933-1982
    • Box-folder 2-1,2
      Various foreign language periodicals, 1931-1935
    • Box-folder 2-3
      Das Schone Heim, 1931-1936
    • Box-folder 2-4
      Innen-Dekoration, 1931-1936
    • Box-folder 1-5,6
      Die Kunst, 1931-1937
    • Box-folder 2-7
      Das Ideale Heim, 1934-1935
    • Box-folder 2-8
      Moderne Bauformen, 1934, 1936
    • Box-folder 2-9
      Nuestra arquitectura, 1935, 1952
    • Box-folder 2-10
      German-language articles about Zimbler, 1993-1994, n.d.
    • Box 3
      Scrapbook of German-language newspaper clippings about Zimbler, 1912-1939
    • Box-folder 2-11
      Newspaper clippings about Zimbler, 1948-1949, n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-12
      Newspaper clippings about Zimbler, 1950-1958, n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-13
      Newspaper clippings about Zimbler, 1960-1968, n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-14
      Newspaper clippings about Zimbler, n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-15
      Articles by Zimbler, 1948-1961, n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-16
      Various periodicals with articles by Zimbler, 1947, 1961, 1965
  • Photographs and Other Graphic Material, 1930-1976, n.d.
    Scope and Contents note

    Includes presentation photographs, albums, stereo transparencies, and slides of various architecture and interior design projects in Vienna and Los Angeles, as well as a stereo viewing device and portraits of Zimbler.

    • Box-folder 2-17
      Portraits, 1930, 1965-1967, n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-18
      Photograph, Bankhaus Ephrussi U. Co., Vienna, 1921
    • Box-folder 2-19
      Photographs, Residence of Dr. F., Vienna, 1925
    • Box-folder 2-20
      Photographs, various projects, Vienna, 1929-1936, n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-21
      Photographs, Gnadenwald House, 1934-1938
    • Box-folder 2-22
      Photographs, Dr. Toch residence, Santa Monica, CA, 1941
    • Box-folder 2-23
      Photographs, Panzer residence, Beverly Hills, CA, 1942
    • Box-folder 2-24
      Photographs, Boswell residence, Los Angeles, CA, 1944
    • Box-folder 2-25
      Photographs, Dahlberg residence, Beverly Hills, CA, 1945
    • Box-folder 2-26
      Photographs, Foster bedroom & bath, Beverly Hills, CA, 1950
    • Box-folder 2-27
      Photographs, Barbas residence, Beverly Hills, CA, 1951
    • Box-folder 2-28
      Photographs, Dr. J. Brody residence, Beverly Hills, CA, 1952
    • Box-folder 2-29
      Photographs, Moore residence, Los Angeles, CA, 1955
    • Box-folder 2-30
      Photographs, Stewart residence, Beverly Hills, CA, 1955
    • Box-folder 2-31
      Photographs, 'Series of Face Liftings of a Small House,' Los Angeles, CA, 1956, 1966
    • Box-folder 2-32
      Photographs, Feldman kitchen, Los Angeles, CA, 1956
    • Box-folder 2-33
      Photographs, Schwartz residence, Camarillo, CA, 1956-1957
    • Box-folder 2-34
      Photograph, 7th Annual Antiques and Decorators Show, 1956
    • Box-folder 2-35
      Photographs, Huebscher residence, Los Angeles, CA, 1959-1960
    • Box-folder 2-36
      Photographs, Elliot Evans Company Reception Room, Los Angeles, CA, 1960
    • Box-folder 2-37
      Photographs, Candianides residence, Venture, CA, 1961
    • Box-folder 2-38
      Photographs, Herbert Silverberg apartment, Los Angeles, CA, 1962
    • Box-folder 2-39
      Photographs, Barasch residence, Los Angeles, CA, 1960-1965, 1975
    • Box-folder 2-40
      Photographs, Engelman residence, Los Angeles, CA, 1965
    • Box-folder 2-41
      Photographs, Levy residence, Los Angeles, CA, 1965
    • Box-folder 2-42
      Photographs, Dog proof house, Los Angeles, CA, 1967, 1971
    • Box-folder 2-43
      Photographs, Wasserman residence (foyer), Los Angeles, CA, 1968
    • Box-folder 2-44
      Photographs, unidentified office, Los Angeles, CA, 1973
    • Box-folder 2-45
      Photographs, Recycled House, Beverly Hills, CA, 1974
    • Box-folder 2-46
      Photographs, Dr. R. S. Rubaum Reception Room, Los Angeles, CA, 1974
    • Box-folder 2-47
      Photographs, Penthouse Condominium, Beverly Hills, CA, 1975-1976
    • Box-folder 2-48
      Various and unidentified photographs, 1942-1971, n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-49
      Slides (from stereo transparencies), n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-50
      Color photographs (from slides), n.d.
    • Box-folder 2-51
      Presentation album with works by Zimbler (unidentified prjects), Vienna, Los Angeles, 1933-1945
    • Box 3
      Stereo transparencies, 1950-1974
      Scope and Contents note

      Exhibits in various design shows (1951-1959) and various office and residential projects, including Mautner, Barasch, Levy, Engleman, and Wasserman residences.

    • Box 3
      Stereo viewing device, n.d.
    • Box 4
      Presentation album with works by Zimbler (various projects), Vienna, Austria, 1921-1935
    • Box 4
      Presentation albums with works by Zimbler (unidentified projects), Los Angeles, CA, (3 items), 1951-1953