The Papers of Alice and Henry Colson Jackson Papers, 1835-1972 Alice and Henry Colson Jackson 1977-13a

The Papers of Alice and Henry Colson Jackson Papers, 1835-1972

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The Alice and Henry Colson Jackson Papers, 1835-1972
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50 items
Alice and Henry Colson Jackson
Correspondence, photographs, and memoralbilia, most of which is directly related to the business activities of the colson family during the antebellum. Included is a 1835 letter from Joseph Jenkins Roberts wgo later became the first President of Liberia. Acc.#1977-13a

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The Alice and Henry Colson Jackson Papers, Accession #1977-13a , Special Collections and Archives, Johnston Memorial Library, Virginia State University, Petersburg, VA.

Biographical/Historical Information

Alice Jackson was born in Petersburg, Virginia. The daughter of Ella and Andrew hugo Jackson. Alice jackson graduated from Peabody High School and earned a B.S. degree from Virginia State College. She then went on to the library school at Hampton Institute where she earned a B.S. degree in library science. At a later date, Miss Jackson attended Columbia University School of Library Science where she earned a master science degree in library science.

She began her employment as a librarian at Virginia State College for Negroes in 1930. In 1944 she left Virginia State College and during the following years she held a variety of positions st a number of institutions in the United States. In 1962 she returned to Virginia State College as the educational librarian and retired in 1972.

Miss Jackson in 1929 was a Rosenwald Fund Scholar,and in 1937 she was awarded the General Education Scholarship to pursue her M.S. degree in library science at Columbia. her masters thesis topic: "Sources of Main Entries for Negro Collections."

Henry Colson Jackson was born in Petersburg, Virginia in 1903. His career spanned seventy years as a teacher and counselor. He taught at the Brick Junior College, Enfield, North Carolina, the Peabody High School, Petersburg and Virginia State College where he later became the Dean of Men. He served in the United States Army in World War II.

Henry Colson and Alice Atwell Jackson were in the family of the Colsons of Petersburg. James Major and Ella Colson were siblings, first cousins of James Major Colson.

More information about the Colsons may be found in the Colson-Hill Family Papers, Accession#1965-13 at the Virginia State University in Special Collections/University Archives.

Scope and Content Information

Correspondence, photographs, writings, and printed matter documenting this branch of the Colson Family history. The correspondence pertaining to the house of Roberts and Colson is of particular value

Series Description

Series I. Correspondence Correspondence, some with family members. Most of the correspondence documents Alice and Henry Jackson's educational and professional activities. The correspondence of Miss Jackson's regarding her pursuit of a graduate degree in Library Science is particularly intresting.

Series II. Family Documents Family correspondence documenting the House of Roberts and Colson. The company was established by joseph Jenkins roberts and William Nelson Colson in 1831. Included is a letter from Joseph Jenkins Roberts. Arranged chronologically, all ALS.

Series III. Photographs Family and friends of Alice and Henry Colson Jackson.

Series IV. Printed Sub-series A. Awards Statements of appreciation awarded to Alice and Henry Colson Jackson over the years.

Sub-series B. Programs and Pamphlets Printed items, programs, obituaries, and a few newsclippings. Sub-series C. Degrees High School and College degrees arranged by date, earned by members of the family.

Series V. Scrapbooks, yearbooks, Teacher's Registry Sub-series A. Scrapbook Photographs of family members. Sub-series B. Yearbook A 1940 Peabody High School. Sub-series C. Teachers Registry in Petersburg, Virginia maintained by Ella Colson 1896-1898. Twenty-nine pages, unidentified names and ages of students at the Jones Street School.

Series VI. Literary Book of poems written by Fannie Meade Bolling Colson. Many of the poems were written for birthdays. Alice Jackson M.S. Thesis 1938.

Contents List

Series I: Correspondence 1925, 1991
  • Box-folder 1:1
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1925
  • Box-folder 1:2
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1937
  • Box-folder 1:3
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1937
  • Box-folder 1:4
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1938
  • Box-folder 1:5
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1938
  • Box-folder 1:6
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1938
  • Box-folder 1:7
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1939
  • Box-folder 1:8
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1941-1942
  • Box-folder 1:9
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1943-44
  • Box-folder 1:10
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1949
  • Box-folder 1:11
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1950
  • Box-folder 1:12
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1953-1957
  • Box-folder 1:13
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1960-1962
  • Box-folder 1:14
    Correspondence, Alice A. Jackson 1991
  • Box-folder 1:15
    Correspondence, Henry Colson Jackson 1943,1985
Series II.: Family Documents
  • Box-folder 1:16
    Family History
  • Box-folder 1:17
    Alice Jackson Birth and Marriage reords (copies)
  • Box-folder 1:18
    Family Documents
  • Box-folder 1:19
    Letter 1836
  • Box-folder 1:20
    Letter 1836
  • Box-folder 1:21
    Letter 1836
  • Box-folder 1:22
    Legal Passport (copy) 1835
  • Box-folder 1:23
    Schools bills 1937-1938
Series III.: Photographs
  • Box-folder 1:24
    Colson Home
  • Box-folder 1:25
    Luther Foster
  • Box-folder 1:26
    Alice Jackson
  • Box-folder 1:27
    Aunt May Peters
  • Box-folder 1:28
    Howard Colson Myricks
  • Box-folder 1:29
    Birthday Party
  • Box-folder 1:30
  • Box-folder 1:31
    East end of main Building, Vawter Hall at VSU
  • Box-folder 1:32
    A photograph, Orange, N.J. 1923
  • Box-folder 1:33
    Kate Hill Colson
  • Box-folder 1:34
    Amaza Meredith
Series IV. Printed: Printed
  • Sub-series A: Awards
    • Box-folder 2:1
      Dedicated Volunteer Service Certificate 1977
    • Box-folder 2:2
      Dedicated Volunteer Service Certificate 1981
    • Box-folder 2:3
      Letter of Recognition 1984
    • Box-folder 2:4
      Friends of the center 1984
    • Box-folder 2:5
      Statue of Liberty
    • Box-folder 2:6
      Adjuntant Generals School 1943
    • Box-folder 2:7
      Certificate of Recognition
    • Box-folder 2:8
      Alpha Epsilon Chapter
  • Sub-series B: Programs and Pamphlets
    • Box-folder 2:9
      Class Program
    • Box-folder 2:10
    • Box-folder 2:11
      Commencement 1921
    • Box-folder 2:12
      Orange High Commencement 1923
    • Box-folder 2:13
      Programs 1924
    • Box-folder 2:14
      VSU graduate program 1936-1937
    • Box-folder 2:15
      VSU graduate program 1936-1937
    • Box-folder 2:16
      Hampton Institute Program
    • Box-folder 2:17
      Hampton Institute Commencement 1977
    • Box-folder 2:18
      Virginia State Federation of Colored Women Club 1950
    • Box-folder 2:19
      Funeral 1966
    • Box-folder 2:20
    • Box-folder 2:21
      AKA certificate 1974,1976,1985
    • Box-folder 2:22
      AKA pamphlets
    • Box-folder 2:23
      AKA pamphlets 1970
    • Box-folder 2:24
      John Gandy's funeral program 1947
    • Box-folder 2:25
      AKA books
  • Sub-series C.: Degrees
    • Peabody High School-Henry Jackson 1920
    • Henry Jackson 1921
    • Peabody High School-Alice Jackson 1923
    • Orange, New Jersey H.S.-Fannie Meade Jackson 1923
    • Upsala College B.A.-Lawrence Oliver Quallo 1930
Series V: Scrapbooks, Yearbook, and Teacher's Registry
  • Sub-series A: Scrapbook
    • Photographs of Family members
  • Sub-series B: Yearbook
    • 1940 Peabody Yearbook
  • Sub-series C: Teacher's Register
    • Public Schools register for the City of Petersburg, Virginia. Twenty-nine pages, Jones Street School for the years 1896-1898.
Series VI.: Literary
  • Book of poems and writings by Fannie meade Bolling Colson, and mrs. Alice jackson master Thesis. A number of poems written by Fannie Meade, some are in celebration of family members birthdays. alice Jackson M.S. Thesis intitled Main Entries for negro Collection.