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A Guide to the List of Attorneys Practicing in the Supreme Court of Virginia, 1869-1978 List of Attorneys Practicing in the Supreme Court of Virginia, 1860-1978 00030578

A Guide to the List of Attorneys Practicing in the Supreme Court of Virginia, 1869-1978

A Collection in the
Supreme Court of Virginia Archives, Virginia State Law Library
Accession Number 00030578


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Supreme Court of Virginia Archives, Virginia State Law Library
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List of Attorneys Practicing in the Supreme Court of Virginia, 1869-1898
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Virginia. Supreme Court.

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List of Attorneys Practicing in the Supreme Court of Virginia, 1869-1978, Accession #00028932, Supreme Court of Virginia Archives, Virginia State Law Library, Richmond.

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These records were transferred from the office of the Clerk to the State Law Library in 2006.

Historical Information

The Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia was created by an act of the new General Assembly in 1779. Its jurisdiction was primarily appellate, and its members were elected by the legislature. The Constitution of 1971 changed the name of the court to its present title of Supreme Court of Virginia.

Any lawyer licensed to practice law in any court in Virginia was permitted to practice in any other court in Virginia, provided he take an "oath of fidelity to the Commonwealth of Virginia and to honestly demean himself in the practice of the law, and to the best of his ability execute his office of attorney at law." This provision also applied to residents of any state adjoining Virginia or the District of Columbia. (Code of Virginia, Including Legislation to the Year 1860, Chapter CLXIV, 699).

Scope and Content

The List of Attorneys Practicing in the Court of Appeals, 1869-1978, is a register of signatures of attorneys qualifying to practice in the Supreme Court of Virginia. Most entries include the date the year the oath was taken and the lawyer's residence (town, courthouse, county next hit, or city). Beginning in 1907, each entry includes the date the attorney qualified.

Individuals who took the oath from 1869 to 1896 are listed. Beginning in 1897, a written bar exam was given by the Supreme Court of Appeals and the names of those who passed were published by Virginia Law Register (Lynchburg: J.P. Bell Company).

List of attorneys taking the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1869:

Thomas S. Bocock

List of attorneys taking the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1870:

W.R. Berkeley, George L. Christian, Charles S. Cox, John Dunlop, James G. Field, James W. Green, John G. Griswold, James W. Humes, H.H. Robertson, William Terry.

List of attorneys taking the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, 1871-1872:

M. Dulany Ball (resident of Maryland), R.L.T. Beale, George S. Bernard, George W. Booker (Martinsville), Charles A. Bower, E. Holmes Boyd, James O. Brooke, Joseph Bryan (Richmond), L.A. Buckingham (Childress Store), Joseph s. Budd, E.C. Cabell, E.C. (Richmond), George Cabell (Danville), John R. Chambliss, John M. Chapman, C. D. Christian (Lynchburg), John A. Coke (Richmond), Robert S. Craighill (Lynchburg), Richard H. Christian, R.A. Coghill (New Glasgow, Amherst previous hitCounty next hit), F.M. Conner, Samuel Davies (Petersburg), James Davis, John B. Donovan (Mathews Courthouse), Gilbert Elliott, William Ellis, Thomas P. Fitzpatrick, J. Wesley Friend, John T. Garlick, George H. Gilmer (Pittsylvania Courthouse), John Gilmer, J.D. Godwin, E.P. Goggin (Lynchburg), John Goode, Jr. (Norfolk), William Gregory, Matthew Harrison, Luther D. Haymond, William Wirt Henry (Charles previous hitCounty next hit Courthouse), Drury A. Hinton (Petersburg), Robert Howard (Richmond), Robert T. Hubard, Jr. t T., Jr. (Thurston, Buckingham previous hitCounty next hit), George Hundley (Buckingham Courthouse), John Hunter, Jr. (Richmond), Eppa Hunton, Thomas G. Jackson, John Johns, Jr., Bradley T. Johnson, Otho G. Kean, Walter D. Leake (Goochland Courthouse), William J. Leake (Richmond), Francis Levitt,Jr., Richard Lillauny (?), R.H. Logan (Salem), Alfred Martin (Richmond), G. Martin (Norfolk), George A. Martin, George A., James M. Matthews (Richmond), Joseph Mayo, Jr., E.C. Moncure, E.B. Montague,(Shacklefords, King and Queen previous hitCounty next hit), J.B. Mordecai (Richmond), R. T. Musick, L.C. Neale, J.G. Nelson (Fredericksburg), William W. Old, John Orr (?)(Loudoun), Richard G. Pegram, John E. Penn (Patrick Courthouse), James Pleasants (Richmond), H.R. Pollard, John W. Riely (Halifax Courthouse), Harrison Robertson, L.A. Sale (Liberty, Bedford previous hitCounty next hit), John R. Scots, Jr. (Baltimore, Maryland), Robert Scott, Jr., M.B. Seawell (Gloucester previous hitCounty next hit), John Lane Stern, Charles Stewart, Charles Stringellow, William a. Swartz (?), W.B. Tabb, William B. Taliaferro (Gloucester Courthouse), John E. Taylor (Richmond), H. Terry (Lynchburg), Lee Thomas, W.W. Walker, A.M. Wallace, C. Wistar Wallace, Thomas N. Welch, (Flippos, Caroline previous hitCounty next hit), W. Winn, Frank V. Winston, and John S. Wise.

List of attorneys taking the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals in Virginia, 1873-1875:

Stephen Adams (Lynchburg), John J. Allen (Waskeys Mills, Botetourt previous hitCounty next hit), Robert H. Armistead (Williamsburg), William R. Aylett (Ayletts, King William previous hitCounty next hit), R.b. Berkeley (Richmond), E.E. Bouldin (Danville), John M. Bouldin (Charlotte Courthouse), E.C. Burks (Liberty, Bedford previous hitCounty next hit), F.W. Christian (Richmond), James Clarke (Manchester), J. Preston Cocke (Richmond), Charles F. Collins (Petersburg), Richard B. Davis (Petersburg), S.S. Dinwiddie (Tazewell Courthouse), B.J. Epes (Dinwiddie Courthouse), H.r. Farrar (Amelia previous hitCounty next hit), J.P. Fitzgerald(Farmville), Lewis C. Fleming (Onancock, Accomack previous hitCounty next hit), George B. Harrison (Richmond), Lewis Lee Henderson (Lunenburg), F.D. Irving (Farmville), John M. Johnson (Alexandria), B.W. Lacy (Tunstall Station), John A. Logan, (Halifax Courthouse), L.M. (or T.M.) Logan (Richmond), W.B. Martin (Norfolk), Julius J. Mason, John Neely (Accomack previous hitCounty next hit), William H. Payne (Warrenton), E.P. Pitts (City of Norfolk), Edward D. Pitts (Norfolk), J. Benjamin South (or Sutton?) (Stafford Courthouse), Charles E. Stuart (Alexandria), R.T. Thorp (Boydton), Zeph. Turner (Woodville, Rappahanock previous hitCounty next hit), George Walker (Richmond), Richard Walker (City of Norfolk), and H.T. Wickham (Richmond).

List of attornreys taking the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals in Virginia, 1876, circa:

A.B. Chandler (Bowling Green), William T. Chandler (Bowling Green), N.T. Green (Halifax Couthouse), Alexander Hamilton (Petersburg), Powell Harrison (Leesburg), Wade Haskins (Richmond), Philip B. Hiden (Orange Courthouse), F.M. McMullan (Stanardsville), and Thomas Page (Richmond).

List of attorneys taking the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1877, circa:

(first name illegible) Cleary (District of Columbia), Alexander Coke (Richmond), C.D. Fishburne (Charlottesville), Theodore S. Garnett, Jr.(Norfolk), Asa Gray (Fluvanna), Addison Holladay (Richmond), George McIntosh (Norfolk), S.C. Redd (Hanover previous hitCounty next hit), Leigh Robinson (District of Columbia), Isaac Shields (Richmond), W.E. Sims (Chatham), James Walker (Madison Courthouse), S.G. Whittle (Henry Courthouse), E.B. Williams (Richmond), and T.R.B. Wright (Tappahannock).

List of attorneys taking the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, 1878-1888 (in chronological order, as they appear in the register):

Thomas W. Pierce, William Ellyson (Richmond), J.H.C. Jones (St. Stephens, King and Queen previous hitCounty next hit), Richard N. Lee (Millwood), B.F. Bland (Saluda, Middlesex previous hitCounty next hit), John B. Moon (Scottsville), Edgar Allen (Farmville), William R. Barksdale (Halifax Courthouse), John H. Dinnall (Richmond), C. Mason, F.D. Irving (Farmville), James Lyons, Jr.(Richmond), David L. Pulliam (Manchester), B.A. Hancock (Chesterfield previous hitCounty next hit), Henry W. Hobson (Richmond), Beverly T. Crump (Richmond), F.H.M. McGuire (Richmond), John Martin (Danville), Henry Heaton (Leesburg), Howard R. Bayne (Richmond), Elisha E. Meredith (Brentsville, Prince William previous hitCounty next hit), A.D. Payne (Warrenton), M.P. Burks (Liberty, Bedford previous hitCounty next hit), Charles Stage (Richmond), Harvey Willson (Onancock, Accomack previous hitCounty next hit), Tucker R. Warren (Richmond), Micajah Woods (Charlottesville), L.B. Cox (Cincinnati, Ohio), James Caskie (Richmond), William M. Walker (Montross, Westmoreland previous hitCounty next hit), James L. Tredway (Chatham), J.W. Hudgin (Bowling Green), John W. Porter (Portsmouth), Johh Goode (Norfolk), W. Almond (Petersburg), Robert M. Newton (District of Columbia), Samuel G. Brent (Alexandria), Tazewell Ellett (Richmond), Graham Claytor (Liberty, Bedford previous hitCounty next hit), William C. Roane (Richmond), William Gordon Robertson (Richmond), William W. Field (Richmond), Robert M. Hughes (Norfolk), Henry C. Coke (Richmond), Solomon L. Bloomberg (Richmond), H.E. Davis (District of Columbia), B.P. Noland (Middleburg), T.E. Conn (Weatherford, Texas), Richard Fuller Shryock (Charlottesville), Frank S. Blair (Wytheville), L.T. Hanckel (Charlottesville), Linden Kent (Alexandria), Thomas L. Brown (Charleston, West Virginia), B.D. Peachy (Williamsburg), Henry Harrison (Leesburg), J.M. Foster (Leesburg), Louis H. Powell (Leesburg), Edmund Burke (Alexandria), I.F. Hubbard (Yorktown), D.M. Bernard (Lawrencville, Brunswick previous hitCounty next hit), G. Santini (Richmond), William P. De Saussure (Richmond), D.S. Hournshell (Richmond), John W. Ashby (Luray), Jackson Guy (Richmond), Richard M. Venable (Baltimore), Frank Clark (Baltimore), William H. Mann (Nottoway Courthouse), George J. Hooper, Jr. (Richmond), Thomas Smith homas (Warrenton), S. Patteson (Richmond), H. Taylor, Jr. (Richmond), William Hegenheuer (Richmond), Edward D. Minor (Henrico previous hitCounty next hit), Willis B. Smith (Portsmouth), Odin G. Clay, Jr. (Richmond), T.F. Bayard (Wilmington, Delaware), J. Alston Cabell (Richmond), W.G. Elliott (Norfolk), Arthur S. Segar (Hampton), W.T. Shields (Lexington), James O. Shepherd (Palmyra, Fluvanna previous hitCounty next hit), W. Sydnor (Hanover previous hitCounty next hit), H.R. Miller (Danville), Henry E. Bastian (Danville), P.B. Borst (Luray), J. Fitzpatrick (Chesterfield Courthouse), L.M. Fowler (Louisa Courthouse), B. Rand Wellford (Richmond), William McKierney (Westmoreland Courthouse), Wyndham R. Meredith (Richmond), James M. Ambler (Hanover previous hitCounty next hit), R.H. Cardwell (Hanover Courthouse), W. Peek (Hampton), H.W. Smith, Jr., George Bryan (Richmond), L.D. Starke (Norfolk), Archibald Taylor (Baltimore), E.E. Nicol (Brentsville, Prince William previous hitCounty next hit), Daniel Lewis (Manassas), Berryman Green (Danville), Langhorne Scruggs (Pittsylvania Courthouse), Cassius Carter (Fairfax Courthouse), John B. Brockenbrough (Liberty, Bedford previous hitCounty next hit), R. Walton Moore (Fairfax), David H. Pannill (Chatham), W.P. Houston (Lexington), J.L. Hubbard (Nelson previous hitCounty next hit), William Westham (Lexington), Guy H. Thompson (District of Columbia), William F. Atkins (Boydton), Angus M.D. Green (Culpeper), Landon C. Berkeley, Jr. (Danville), Charles W. Turner (Richmond), Robert E. Scott (Richmond), W.E. Bibb (Louisa Courthouse), J.S. Powell (Spotsylvania previous hitCounty next hit), William O. Fry (Charlottesville), R. Douglas Wortham (Richmond), Thomas M. Miller (Manchester), H.G. Moffett, Jr. (Rappahannock previous hitCounty next hit), W.E. Townes (Boydton), Frank E. Anderson (Richmond), Courtland H. Smith (Alexandria), T.N. Jones (Smithville, Charlotte previous hitCounty next hit), John P. Pickett (Richmond), E.P. Phelps, W.W. Henry, Jr.(City of Roanoke), Robert McCandlish (Middlesex previous hitCounty next hit), James E. Heath (Richmond), I. Brown Thompson (Arrington Depot, Nelson previous hitCounty next hit), H.S. Menfee (Washington, Rappahannock previous hitCounty next hit), Charles J. Everett (Utica, New York), Thomas Williams (previous hitMecklenburg next hit, West Virginia), Frank Gilmer (Charlottesville), Edmund Waddell (Richmond), W.L. Jeffries (Culpeper), J.L. Jeffries (Culpeper), W.W. Hubard (Buckingham Courthouse), J.J. Powell (Columbia, Fluvanna Courthouse), James F. Crocker (Portsmouth), C.W. Murdaugh (Portsmouth), W.W.H. Harris (Lynchburg), T.H. Hill (Madison Courthouse), James F. Epes (Nottoway previous hitCounty next hit), Eppa Hunton, Jr. (Warrenton), James E. Heath (Norfolk), George A. Jones (Hanover previous hitCounty next hit), John W. Haffner (Portsmouth), L.R. Watts (Portsmouth), W.B. Barton (Alexandria), William Stewart (Portsmouth), William B. Tinsley (Lynchburg), Leonidas D. Yarrell (Hicksford), Samuel Williams (Blount Courthouse, West Virginia?) 1883, Robert D. Yancey (Lynchburg), W.S. Holland (Isle of Wight previous hitCounty next hit), L.M. Kean (Lynchburg), R. Deveraux Doyle (Norfolk), J.M. Gregory (Drewrys Bluff, Chesterfield), Allan C. Hill (Charles City previous hitCounty next hit), James Lamb (Richmond), Issac H. Christiera (?), Page Morris Page (Lynchburg), J. Singleton Diggs (Lynchburg), William H. Sands (Richmond), Charles H. Carter (Ashland), G. Carlton Jackson (Richmond), J.O. Reddy (Richmond), William H. Dudley (Lynchburg), J.B. Johnston (Richmond), M.L. Spotswood (Richmond), Ben Gunter (Accomack Courthouse), R.T. Wilson (Petersburg), Arthur P. Thom (Norfolk), R.A. Ayers (Estilleville), James G. Holladay (Portsmouth), William D. Casell (Portsmouth), James Pollard (Baltimore), R.B. Seurs (District of Columbia), R.W. Peatross , R.W. (Danville), Charles H. Lee (District of Columbia), Richard B. Tunstall (Norfolk), T.R. Borland (Norfolk), I.I. Deures (Manassas), P. Virney (?) (Fauquier previous hitCounty next hit), Rosewell Page (Danville), Frederick N. Fleming (Goochland Courthouse), Thomas G. Jones (Urbanna, Middlesex previous hitCounty next hit), Edward Spalding (Norfolk), B.W. James (Goochland Courthouse), R.H. Rawles (Suffolk), R.H. Steger (Richmond), R.C. Marshall (Portsmouth), R.M. Dickinson (Farmville), A.A. Tunstall (Lynchburg), R. W. Watkins (Halifax Courthouse), A.B. Geldner (Norfolk), a.K. Leake (Goochland Courthouse), William Flanagan (Powhatan Courthouse), James P. Harrison (Danville), Geroge Perkins (Charlottesville), Samuel B. Woods (Charlottesville), (first name illegible) Rixey (Culpeper), Charles H. Sackett (Appomattox Courthouse), William Cosby, William, Jr. (Richmond), A.W. Armstrong (Alexandria), C.H. Causey (Suffolk), L.W. Marye (Richmond), William M. Peyton (Martinsville), A.M. Aiken (Danville), George T. Rison (Chatham), W.P. Dillard (Orange Courthouse), Edward Nicols (Leesburg), Graham Gordon (Baltimore), William A. Little, Jr. (Fredericksburg), James E. Edmunds (Lynchburg), C.C. Faulkner (Bergston), F.M. Whitehurst (Norfolk), William E. Ennis (Bowling Green), J. Samuel Parrish (Columbia, Fluvanna previous hitCounty next hit), Thomas S. Martin (Scottsvillle), John Critcher, Jr. (Alexandria), Floyd Hughes (Norfolk), George A. Mushback (Alexandria), G.D. Wooton (District of Columbia), G. Harman (?) (District of Columbia), James Hay (Madison Courthouse), William F. Wickham (Richmond), W.T. Robins (Gloucester Courthouse), Carter K. Louthan (?) (Clarke previous hitCounty next hit), Allen Watts (Roanoke), Edmund Pendleton (Richmond), Thomas P. Bagby (West Point), G.E. Caskie (Lovingston, Nelson previous hitCounty next hit), Frank A. Massie (Charlottesville), R.O. Thomas (Stanardsville), Morgan H. Beach (Alexandria), James E. Clements (Alexandria), Edward R.D. Wayne (District of Columbia), Thomas Tabb (Hampton), A.b. Evans (Churchview), Robert B. Campbell (Warrenton), W.G.W. Farthing (Lightfoot, James City previous hitCounty next hit), Beverley B. Munford (Chatham)), W.B. McIlwaine (?)(Petersburg), J.r. (surname illegible) (Richmond), R.S. Lacy (Talleysville, New Kent previous hitCounty next hit), George W. Mayo (Richmond), John H. Greene (Alexandria), James Kerr (Norfolk), James W. Martin (Orange Courthouse), Robert Christy (District of Columbia), Thomas C. Croxton (Tappahannock), John G. Williams (Orange Courthouse), W.W. Burgess (Orange Courthouse), John B. Goode (Department of Justice, District of Columbia), William C. Preston (Richmond), John W. Bell (Culpeper), Charles P. Janney (Leesburg), Milton White, Jr. (Abingdon), John r. Moss (Buckingham Courthouse), William H. Innis (Petersburg), John Jackson (Richmond), A.W. Patterson (Richmond), J.M. Ricks (District of Columbia), B. Minor (District of Columbia), Matthew F. Maury (Richmond), Richard H. Gibbs (Leesburg), Charles Pollard (Leesburg), William Turpin (Richmond), Bernard Manns (Petersburg), George T. Garrison (Accomack Courthouse), Thomas H. Bayly Browne (Accomack Courthouse), Hugh C. Davis (Norfolk), Gordon, R.L. (Louisa Courthouse), F. Wilmer Sims (Louisa Courthouse), Abner H. Dickinson (Fredericksburg), Lloyd T. Smith (Heathsville), John G. Blackstone (Accomack Courthouse), Giles B. Jackson (Richmond), G. Hatton (Portsmouth), John Booker (Hampton), Samuel F. Coleman (Oak Forest), John O. Reynolds, John O. (Ashby), George Shackleford (Orange Courthouse), J. Fleshman, (Nebraska, Va.) (Appomattox), J.B. McCabe (Leesburg), Thomas Hughes (Baltimore), A. Merriman (District of Columbia), C. Whittle Sams (Norfolk), W.A. Jones (Warsaw), Charles H. Taylor (Kansas City, Kansas), W.W. Berry (Liberty, Bedford previous hitCounty next hit), W.W. Moffett (District of Columbia), A.T. Holtzmann, (Washington, Rappahanock previous hitCounty next hit), H.F. Woodhouse (Berkley, Norfolk previous hitCounty next hit), George F. Parramore (Accomack Courthouse), James Reeves Lassiter (Petersburg), Claude A. Swanson (Chatham), W.T. Harris (Danville), W.W. Hardaway (Martinsville), R.B. Brown (Petersburg), A.D. Smith, Jr. (District of Columbia), R. Washington, R. (Oak Grove, Westmoreland previous hitCounty next hit), Overton Howard (Richmond), A. Waller (District of Columbia), and L. Bristow (Saluda, Middlesex previous hitCounty next hit)

List of attorneys signing oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in December 1888:

Walter Addison (Richmond), James R. Caton (Alexandria), Thomas Temple Powell (Richmond), Edmund S. Ruffin (Norfolk), and John H. Wright, (Suffolk).

List of attorneys taking the oath to pracitice in the Supreme Court of Virginia in 1889:

L.B. Allen (Norfolk), R.G. Bickford (Newport News), Thomas E. Blakey (Tappahannock), Watson Boyle (District of Columbia), E.B. Brown (Hampton), E.P. Buford (Lawrenceville), John C. Bullitt (Philadelphia), Charles Caldwell (Warrenton), William Calvin Chase (District of Columbia), Joseph S. Clark (Philadelphia), N.B. Clark (Newport News), J.J. Cocke (Petersburg), Charles E. Foster (District of Columbia), James H. Hayes (Richmond), John W. Helbig (Richmond), Robert W. Hunter (Winchester), Richard W. Johnston (Arlington), Joseph Leedom (?) (Philadelphia), William H. Lyons (Richmond), Leonard Turner Mauxy (University of Virginia), H. Gordon McCinch (Philadelphia), John H. McGraw (Richmond), James M. McMullen (Petersburg), William P. McRae (Petersburg), A.J. Montague (Danville), Hosea B. Moulton (District of Columbia), J. Norton (Alexandria), Eston Randolph (Danville), John Rutherford (Richmond), E. Beverly Slater (Richmond), John N. Staples (Greensboro, North Carolina), Charles D. Swett (District of Columbia), and L. Wendenburg (Richmond).

List of attorneys signing the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1890:

J. Wesley Avery (Alexandria), A.H. Burroughs (Lynchburg), John W. Carter (Martinsville), W.D. Dabney (Charlottesville), J.M. Dayton (Petersburg), Isaac Diggs (West Point), A.C. Drunisfore (?) (Philadelphia), W.E. Garrett (Leesburg), Roger Gregory (Lester Manor, Virginia), C. Kowaslav (?) (Berryville), J.E. Mann (King George previous hitCounty next hit), N.C. Manson, Jr. (Lynchburg), George Mason (Petersburg), Samuel McCue (Charlottesville), J.M. McDougal (Lynchburg), William A. Moncure (Richmond), Robert L. Montague (Richmond), G. Hartley Norton (District of Columbia), Conway R. Sands (Richmond), R.W. Scott (Richmond), Edwin B. Shawnasee (?) (Richmond), R.E. Thornton (District of Columbia), R. Turnbull (Lawrenceville), and Hugh S. White (Martinsburg, West Virginia).

List of attorneys signing the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1891:

John H. Alexander (Leesburg), W.H. Beveridge (Richmond), Patrick J. Brennan (District of Columbia), William E. Burnes (Lebanon, Virginia), Charles C. Clokey (District of Columbia), T.T. Cockrell (Reedville), William B. Coles (Richmond), G.M. Dillard (Norfolk), John C. Foster (Newark, New Jersey), Robert Grasty (District of Columbia), Randolph Harrison (Lynchburg), Addison Haythe (Buena Vista), L.L. Kelley (Richmond), Wilbur J. Kilby (Suffolk), Julian Lewis (District of Columbia), Robert W. Mallert (?) (Norfolk), Bellum Miller (District of Columbia), H.L. Newbill (Essex previous hitCounty next hit), Howard P. Okie (District of Columbia), W.N. Portlocke (Norfolk), Charles H. Rauman, (Alexandria), A.B. Rawlings (Spotsylvania Courthouse), R.G. Southall (Amelia Courthouse), Walter F. Taylor (District of Columbia), and Hank C. Townsend (Alexandria).

List of attorneys signing the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1892:

Frank S. Appleman (District of Columbia), Richard B. Ayer (District of Columbia), Strode Barton (Culpeper), M.K. Chamblin (?) (District of Columbia), T.K. deGraffenried (Atlanta, GA), J.H. Deploe (Richmond), T.H. Edwards (West Point), R.R. Fauntleroy (Richmond), W.A. Fentress (Portsmouth), G.W. Fitzgerald (District of Columbia), A.D. Flood (Appomattox Courthouse), W.C. Franklin (Pamplin City, Virginia), J.B. Gunn (Richmond), B. Lacy Hoge (Roanoke), Mateo H. Jeffer (District of Columbia), J.P. Jeffries (Warrenton), H. Lewis (West Point), William M. McCallister (Warm Springs), J.B. McGirr (District of Columbia), J.F. McNabb (District of Columbia), Julian Meade (Danville), R.H. Merchant (Lynchburg), Ralph C. Minor (Richmond), C.L. Munson (West Point), J.P. OBrien (District of Columbia), D.C. Richardson (Richmond), J. Edgar Smith (District of Columbia), C.M. White (Warrenton), Westel Willoughby (District of Columbia), and R.W. Winborne (Buena Vista).

List of attorneys signing the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1893:

B.S. Barret (Richmond), W.R. Booker (Richmond), Wallace Brown (Richmond), P.H.C. Cabell (Richmond), W.D. Cardwell (Richmond), Louis Cuvillier (Alexandria), Will W. Douglas (District of Columbia), T.C. Gordon (Richmond), Newton B. Gorham (Richmond), W.H. Graveley (Martinsville), Charles D. Hine (Vienna, Fairfax previous hitCounty next hit), W.M. Justis, Jr. (Richmond), R.T. Irvine (Big Stone Gap), Walter Manly (District of Columbia), Leonard Marbury (Alexandria), Eugene C. Massie (Richmond), Chapman W. Maupin (Bedford), George H. Maxwell (District of Columbia), A.R. Monteiro (Goochland previous hitCounty next hit), C.L. Munson (West Point), John H. Nelson (Leesburg), Willoughy Newton,Jr. (Richmond), J.D. Smith (Roanoke), P.A.L. Smith (Richmond), Z.P. Smith (Culpeper), and George Copping Warner (University Station, Charlottesville).

List of attorneys signing the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1894:

George Ainslee (Richmond), William P. Barksdale (Houston, Virginia), Bentley Bleamsbed (?) (Amherst), Gardner L. Boothe (Alexandria), P. Bouldin, Sr. (Stuart), J.W. D. Brady (Petersburg), C.C. Carlin (Alexandria), A.E. Chalmers (Richmond), Alfred Cohen (Richmond), Malcolm Argyle Coles (Northumberland previous hitCounty next hit), Alden March Collins (Fairfax Courthouse), James J. Corridan (District of Columbia), Edwin P. Cox (Richmond), Abram C. Eby (Richmond), W.A. Farmer (Richmond), John M. George (District of Columbia), Daniel Grinnan (Richmond), Howard Hathaway (White Stone), J. Jordan Leake (Richmond), John L. Lee (Amherst), Lee Lindsey (Norfolk previous hitCounty next hit), Robert Marye (Richmond), George A. Melvin (Portsmouth), Cornelius Mimms (Chesterfield previous hitCounty next hit), John Garland Pollard (Richmond), J. Breckenridge Robertson (Charlottesville), Beverley T. Sewer (Charlottesville), E.B. Taylor (Alexandria), C.W. Throckmorton (Danville), Charles M. Waite (Culpeper), William Leigh Williams (Norfolk), and Eugene Withers (Danville).

List of attorneys signing the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1895:

Archer Anderson, Jr.(Richmond), P. St. George Barraud (Richmond), William W. Barrow (Richmond), E. Boggs (Atlanta, Georgia), William Brinnan (?)(Fincastle), Irving E. Campbell (Richmond), James E. Cannon (Richmond), Edgar Carrington (Richmond), George D. Carter (Henrico previous hitCounty next hit), C.H. Causey, Jr. (Suffolk), W.L. Clark (Winchester), Walter A. Dunn (Richmond), Charles W. Dunstan (Richmond), William N. Fisher (District of Columbia), H.W. Flournoy (Richmond), W.H. Garnett (Manchester), S. Hamilton Graves (Roanoke), James W. Green (Culpeper), N.T. Greene (Danville), Raleigh Gunn (Richmond), R. Randolph Hicks (Roanoke), Volney E. Howard (Lynchburg), E. Hilton Jackson (District of Columbia), Claggett B. Jones (Bruington, King and Queen previous hitCounty next hit), F. Kirkpatrick (Lynchburg), Benjamin Watkins Leigh (Houston, Virginia), W.H.T. Lyall (Norfolk), Laurence T. McCormick (Berryville), John B. Minor (Richmond), Kirkwood Mitchell (Richmond), Hill Montague (Richmond), George W. Morris (Charlottesville), John J. Murphey (District of Columbia), John Adair Pleasants (Richmond), Allen Potts (Richmond), John P. Pryor (Alexandria), Samuel Regester (Richmond), Edward W. Robertson (Roanoke), Walter H. Ryland (Richmond), William Skelton (Richmond), Walter H. Taylor (Norfolk), John G. Tilton (Norfolk), Littleton W. Waller (Norfolk), Edmund Williams (Richmond) and George E. Wise (Richmond).

List of attorneys signing the oath to practice in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in 1896:

J.C. Asbury (Norfolk), Edward R. Baldwin (Norfolk), J. Warren Booker (Richmond), Hunsdon (?) Cary (Richmond), J. Edward Cole (Norfolk), Allen Collins (Richmond), Frederick Cox (District of Columbia), Frederick L. Davidson (Richmond), Marion L. Dawson (Richmond), William Fendall, Lewis H. Finney, Jr. (District of Columbia), R.C. Florance (Richmond), Minstres (?) Folkes (Richmond), James W. Gordon (Richmond), Charles B. Glenn (Richmond), Harrcy C. Glenn (Richmond), John E. Heath, Jr. (Norfolk), James H. Hitchen, Jr. (Accomack Court House), A.A. Hochling, Jr. (District of Columbia), Thomas F. Keith (Fairfax Courthouse), William B. King (District of Columbia), James Mann (Nottoway Courthouse), M.M. Martin (Richmond), Thomas McDougall (Cincinnati, Ohio), C.F. McMullan (Madison Courthouse), Warren H. Mercer (Richmond), Bernard L. Metruck (?) (Baltimore), P. Morris (Norfolk), W.G. Pilkinton (Powhatan previous hitCounty), Robert Ramsey (Cincinnati, Ohio), W.A. Ross (Norfolk), William W. Smith (Cumberland Courthouse), E.J. Spade (Eastville), Minton W. Talbot (Norfolk), C.H. Vines (Roanoke), George R. Wales (District of Columbia), Charles M. Wallace, Jr. (Richmond), A.E. Warren (Portsmouth), Asa D. Watkins (Farmville), Jeremiah M. Wilson (District of Columbia), G.D. Wingo (?) (Green Bay, Virginia), and W.W. Woodward (Saluda).