A Guide to the Andrew C.L. Gatewood Papers 1860-1864 Gatewood, Andrew C.L. MS 0068

A Guide to the Andrew C.L. Gatewood Papers 1860-1864

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Archives, Preston Library, Virginia Military Institute
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MS 0068
Andrew C.L. Gatewood Papers 1860-1864
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Andrew C. L. Gatewood Papers, MS 0068, Virginia Military Institute Archives, Lexington, Virginia.

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Gift of John M. Dunlap.

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The Gatewood papers are available in full-text format on the VMI Archives website at: http://www.vmi.edu/archives

Biographical/Historical Information

Andrew Cameron Lewis Gatewood was born at Mountain Grove, Bath County, Virginia, on June 30, 1843, the son of Samuel Vance Gatewood (1810-1861) and Eugenia Sophia Massie (1819-1884). Gatewood entered the Virginia Military Institute at Lexington, Virginia in July 1860, where he served as a cadet until the outbreak of the Civil War in April 1861. On April 16, 1861, he accompanied the Corps of Cadets to Richmond, Virginia, where he served as a drillmaster to new Confederate recruits; he subsequently served in the same capacity under General Robert S. Garnett at Laurel Hill, Barbour Co., West Virginia. He joined the 11th Virginia Cavalry Regiment in March 1862 and was elected 2nd Lieutenant, "F" Company (Bath Squadron); he served in this unit until the end of the war.

At the close of the Civil War, Gatewood returned to Bath County. His father had died suddenly in 1861, without leaving a will, and as the oldest son Andrew took on responsibility for his family's affairs. He married his childhood sweetheart, Mary Skillern Warwick (1845-1922) in 1869. The couple moved to Big Spring, Pocahontas Co., West Virginia in 1877, where Gatewood spent the remainder of his life working as a farmer and stock raiser. Mary and Andrew Gatewood had 7 children: William Beale; Eugene Samuel; Massie Cameron; Andrew Warwick; Mary Preston; Eliza Pleasants, and one child who died in infancy. Andrew C. L. Gatewood died July 31, 1919, at Pocahontas Co.

Scope and Content Information

The bulk of the papers consist of 28 letters written by Gatewood to his parents and other family members, 1860-1864. Early letters describe life at the Virginia Military Institute (hazing, daily routine, excitement about secession, cadets as drillmasters) and in Lexington, Virginia, just prior to and during early months of the Civil War. Subsequent letters date from his service with the 11th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, Company F, (Bath Squadron), including a letter written after the second Battle of Manassas (2nd Bull Run), Sept 1862. The papers also include a "History of the Bath Squadron," consisting of manuscript fragment, copies of a series of published newspaper articles concerning the unit, and an edited transcription; miscellaneous publications concerning Confederate veterans reunions; and Gatewood's VMI cadet account book.



Arranged by date.


The papers are filed in one manuscript box.

Index Terms

    Gatewood family

  • Bull Run, 2nd Battle of, Va., 1862
  • Confederate States of America. Army. Virginia Cavalry Regiment, 11th
  • Gatewood, Andrew C.L. (Andrew Cameron Lewis), 1843-1919
  • Lexington (Va.)--History-- Civil War, 1861-1865
  • Soldiers--Virginia-- Correspondence
  • United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865-- Home life
  • Virginia Military Institute-- Cadet Life--1861-1865
  • Virginia Military Institute--Cadet Life--1839-1860
  • Virginia Military Institute--History--Civil War, 1861-1865

Contents List

Correspondence 1860
Folder 1
6 items
  • Folder 1
    Letter 1860 August 4

    Initiation of new cadets: early reference to term "rat" as a name for a new cadet; complains of homesickness; comments on living in camp.

  • Folder 1
    Letter 1860 August 25

    Describes daily routine of cadets; life in camp; difficulty of studies.

  • Folder 1
    Letter 1860 September 1

    Describes dismantling summer camp; moving into Barracks.

  • Folder 1
    Letter 1860 September 20

    Discusses family matters, including court summons.

  • Folder 1
    Letter 1860 December 22

    To his parents. Discusses examinations, Christmas at VMI; the secession of South Carolina.

  • Folder 1
    Letter 1860 December 22

    To his brother. Mentions examinations; secession of South Carolina.

Correspondence 1861 January-March
Folder 2
5 items
  • Folder 2
    Letter 1861 January 9

    Informs his parents that he did well on his examinations and gives his class standing; mentions secession of Florida and other states.

  • Folder 2
    Letter 1861 February 1

    Discusses the family's runaway slave, Jesse; mentions willingness of cadets to fight to "save Virginia."

  • Folder 2
    Letter 1861 February 8

    General news, including invitation to a party; comments on his studies; requests money.

  • Folder 2
    Letter 1861 March 10

    Squad drill; general news; speculates about Virginia secession/war.

  • Folder 2
    Letter 1861 March 25

    Needs new summer pants; cloth costly.

Correspondence 1861 April-June 7
Folder 3
9 items
  • Folder 3
    Letter 1861 April 2

    General news; is tired of living in barracks and is anxious to return to summer camp in July.

  • Folder 3
    Letter 1861 April 15

    Describes the "flag raising incident," a confrontation between Lexington secessionists (including cadets) and pro-Union citizens.

  • Folder 3
    Letter 1861 April 18

    Excitement among VMI cadets as Virginia decides to secede; suspension of academic duty; cadets prepare for war.

  • Folder 3
    Letter 1861 April 20

    Informs his parents that the Corps of Cadets will be ordered to Richmond, probably to drill recruits.

  • Folder 3
    Letter 1861 April 28

    Describes the cadets' journey from Lexington to Richmond; more news of drilling new recruits.

  • Folder 3
    Letter Early May

    Gatewood is now in Richmond, VA; informs his parents that he is drilling a company of new recruits; hopes for a commission.

  • Folder 3
    Letter 1861 May 11

    Has been transferred to the Ashland Camp of Instruction to drill army recruits.

  • Folder 3
    Letter 1861 May 29

    Has returned to VMI to drill new cadets and University of Virginia students who are at VMI to receive training. Complains that he is not paid for his services and is still expected to pay room and board; hopes to get a furlough.

  • Folder 3
    Letter 1861 June 7

    Written from Mountain Grove; is preparing to serve as drillmaster with 81st regiment.

Correspondence 1862-1863
Folder 4
3 items
  • Folder 4
    Letter 1862 September 3

    To his sister; a description of the second Battle of Manassas.

  • Folder 4
    Letter 1863 March 16

    In camp with the 11th Virginia Cavalry; thinks he will soon be sent to Harrisonburg; mentions victory at Vicksburg.

  • Folder 4
    Letter 1863 March 26

    In camp; general news.

Correspondence 1864
Folder 5
5 items
  • Folder 5
    Letter 1864 April 9

    The regiment is encamped at Falling Springs Church, Rockbridge County, VA.

  • Folder 5
    Letter 1864 April 16

    In camp; Gatewood's regiment presented the VMI Corps of Cadets with a captured flag; review of troops by General Smith.

  • Folder 5
    Letter 1864 April 27

    In camp at Waynesboro; orders to march and battle expected.

  • Folder 5
    Letter 1864 April 29

    Brigade ordered to Eastern Virginia.

  • Folder 5
    Letter 1864 August 9

    General News from camp.

Additional items, not in numbered folder
  • "History of the Bath Squadron." partial manuscript in Gatewood's hand, reproduction of newspaper articles as they appeared in the Bath News ; and typescript with annotations by Gatewood's grandson, John M. Dunlap, Jr.
  • Confederate veterans reunion publications
    5 items
  • Cadet Gatewood's VMI Account Book