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A Guide to the Roller Family Papers 1828-1974 Roller, Family Papers, 1828-1974 Mss1R6498bFA2

A Guide to the Roller Family Papers 1828-1974

A Collection in
the Virginia Historical Society
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Collection number
Roller Family Papers 1828-1974
Physical Characteristics
This collection consists of ca. 3.400 items, held in 33 manuscript boxes.
Includes correspondence, account books and loose accounts, commonplace books, and miscellaneous materials documenting the close relationship between members of the Cabell and the related Micklem and Eubank families, especially among the women. Prominently represented are Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell of "Inglewood," Nelson County, Va., who maintained a large household made up of her immediate family, her husband's sister, children who attended the school run by her son and daughter, and summer boarders; and her daughters, Mary Caroline Cabell, a teacher who ran the school at Inglewood; Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller, who married John Edwin Roller of Harrisonburg, Va., and had an active domestic and social life; and Margaret Etta (Cabell) Matthews, who married an Anglican missionary and lived with him for several years in Liberia; and Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore, of Richmond, Va., and Glens Falls, N.Y., daughter of Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller, who maintained an extensive social correspondence with friends, many of whom lived in or frequently travelled to foreign countries. In general the correspondence concerns domestic activities, including courtship and marriage, the births of children, illnesses and deaths, problems with servants, and the procurement of clothing and other household articles; the running of the Inglewood school and the work of other family members, split between teaching and the law; and social activities in Nelson County, Harrisonburg, and Richmond, Va., among the Cabell and Roller families and a wide network of friends and relations. Also included are the papers of John Edwin Roller, a Harrisonburg, Va., lawyer and active member of the Republican Party, largely concerning his plans to run for the Virginia House of Delegates in 1872 and his relationships with his wife, her daughters, and his daughters from his first marriage.

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Roller Family Papers, 1828-1974, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

Acquisition Information

The Roller Family Papers were received by the Virginia Historical Society in 1989 as the gift of Mrs. Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore. They were accessioned 25 September 1995.

Biographical/Historical Information

Records of three generations of the Cabell family of "Inglewood," Variety Mills, Nelson co., Va., and two generations of the Roller family of Harrisonburg, Va.

Represented are George Washington Cabell (1802-1869), farmer and planter, and his wife, Mary Anne (Anthony) Cabell (1808-1868), daughter of Christopher Anthony, Jr. (1776-1835), attorney of Lynchburg, Va.; their son-in-law, Joseph Laidley (1829-1861); their daughter, Lucy Brown Cabell (1836-1911), called "Lucie," who never married; their son, Patrick Henry Cabell (1837-1907), called "Pat," professor at Lynchburg Military College, Superintendent of Schools for Nelson co., and employee of Southern Railway; Patrick Henry Cabell's wife, Elizabeth Willis Eubank (1843-1907), called "Bettie," daughter of Royal H. Eubank of Nelson co., Va.; and their children, Patrick Henry "Carey" Cabell (1864-1920), of Richmond, Va., lawyer and representative of the Travelers Insurance Company; Mary Caroline Cabell (1866-1942), called "Callie," a Hollins Institute graduate who ran a school at the family home, "Inglewood"; Anne Woolston (Cabell) Flowers (1869-1958), graduate of the State Female Normal School at Farmville, Va. [now Longwood College], who married Charles H. Flowers of Vandemere, N.C.; Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller (1871-1914), called "Lily," teacher, who married John Edwin Roller of Harrisonburg, Va.; George Washington Cabell (1873-1943), of "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va., farmer and justice of the peace, graduate of the Virginia Military Institute who later studied law at the University of Virginia and ran, with his sister, Mary Caroline Cabell, the Inglewood school; Margaret "Etta" (Cabell) Matthews (1876-1969), who attended the State Female Normal School at Farmville, Va. [now Longwood College], and taught at schools in western Virginia, married the Rev. Nathan Matthews, Anglican missionary and priest from Newfoundland and lived with him in Liberia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Massachusetts; Royal Eubank Cabell (1878-1950), who attended Roanoke College, Salem, Va., Princeton University, the University of Virginia, and Richmond College (now the University of Richmond), lawyer of Richmond, Va., later U.S. Postmaster of Richmond, 1906-1909, and Commissioner of Internal Revenue under President Theodore Roosevelt before returning to Richmond to resume his law practice; and Somers Eubank Cabell (1885-1919), who studied electrical engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute at Blacksburg, Va., and later worked for General Electric and the Virginia Iron, Coal and Coke Company.

Also represented are Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller's husband, John Edwin Roller (1844-1918), prominent lawyer of Harrisonburg, Va., Confederate veteran, instructor at the Virginia Military Institute, which he attended, and active member of the Republican Party; his daughters by his first marriage, Frances Lewis (Roller) Grattan, called "Lewie," of Harrisonburg, Va., and Margaret Stuart (Roller) Cannady Ogilvie Merryman, called "Marco," of Harrisonburg, Va., and W. Va.; and his daughters with Lucy Brown Cabell, "Lucy Cabell" Roller (1899-1949) of Harrisonburg and Richmond, Va., who attended Randolph-Macon Women's College and Columbia University; Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore (1902-1993) of Harrisonburg and Richmond, Va., who attended Chatham Hall, Randolph-Macon Women's College, and Wellesley College, and married William Gordon Bottimore of Richmond and Glens Falls, N.Y.; and Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle (1904-1977) of Richmond, Va., who attended Chatham Hall and Wellesley College and married Wilfred Pyle (b. ca. 1907), son of artist Howard Pyle.

Also included are scattered letters of the Micklem, Eubank, Calwell, and related families.

Scope and Content Information

Chiefly the papers of Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell, her daughters Mary Caroline Cabell and Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller, Lucy's husband, John Edwin Roller, and Lucy and John's daughter, Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore, consisting primarily of correspondence among the various members of the Cabell family.

Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell's correspondence with her nine children documents their attendance at various Virginia universities, their work as lawyers, teachers, and engineers, their marriages and the births of their children, and her domestic activities running the large household at Inglewood and the taking of summer boarders.

Papers of Mary Caroline Cabell include correspondence with her siblings concerning the activities of various family members, social events in Nelson County, and the running of the Inglewood school.

Papers of Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller include correspondence with female family members and friends concerning her marriage, the births of her daughters, the activities of her Cabell relatives, and her involvement with several patriotic societies.

Papers of John Edwin Roller consist primarily of correspondence concerning his plans to run for election to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1872, and, after his marriage in 1896, the well-being of his wife and daughters, especially the activities of daughters Frances and Margaret while attending the Woman's College, Frederick, Md. [now Hood College], and Virginia Female Institute, Staunton, Va.

Papers of Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore consist mainly of correspondence with aging Cabell and Roller relations and with friends in America and abroad while she lived in Glens Falls, N.Y., and concern her social life and family news.


The papers of the Cabell and Roller families are arranged into series as follows: Series 1.George Washington Cabell (1802-1869) account book, 1833-1839.Series 2.Mary Anne (Anthony) Cabell (1808-1868) commonplace book, 1828-1834.Series 3.Joseph Laidley (1829-1861) diary, 1853.Series 4.Lucy Brown Cabell (1836-1911) papers, including correspondence, 1854-1906; accounts, 1882-1893; commonplace book, 1849-1859; materials concerning Margaret Clifford Cabell (1835-1888), 1887-1888; and miscellaneous materials, 1852-1888.Series 5.Patrick Henry Cabell (1837-1907) papers, including correspondence, 1859-1906; accounts, 1898-1899; school materials, including school exercise books, 1854- 1858, commonplace book, 1858-1859, and class notes, 1858; and invitations, 1899-1906.Series 6.Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell (1843-1907) papers, including correspondence, 1897-1907; accounts; and miscellaneous materials.Series 7.Patrick Henry Carey Cabell (1864-1920) papers, including correspondence, 1896-1920; issues, 1877, of the Amateur Press, published in Monte Vista and Montreal, Va.; and miscellaneous materials.Series 8.Mary Caroline Cabell (1866-1942) papers, including correspondence, 1899-1940; financial materials, 1931-1932; school materials, 1853-1932; scrapbook; and miscellaneous materials.Series 9.Anne Woolston (Cabell) Flowers (1869-1958) correspondence, 1890-1951.Series 10.John Edwin Roller (1844-1918) papers, including correspondence, 1870-1916; financial materials, 1894-1918; historical manuscripts; school materials; and miscellaneous materials.Series 11.Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller (1871-1914) papers, including correspondence, 1888-1914; accounts, 1896-1912; materials concerning the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Virginia; materials concerning the Daughters of the American Revolution, Massanutten Chapter; invitations; visiting cards; and miscellaneous materials.Series 12.George Washington Cabell (1873-1943) papers, including correspondence, 1899-1920; and accounts, 1911-1914.Series 13.Margaret Etta (Cabell) Matthews (1876-1969) papers, including correspondence, 1888-1954; and miscellaneous materials.Series 14.Royal Eubank Cabell (1878-1950) correspondence, 1897-1912.Series 15.Somers Eubank Cabell (1885-1919) school materials, 1903-1904.Series 16.Frances Lewis (Roller) Grattan correspondence, 1897-1959.Series 17.Margaret Stuart (Roller) Cannady Ogilvie Merryman correspondence, 1899-1947; and school materials, 1897-1898.Series 18.Lucy Cabell Roller (1899-1949) correspondence, 1899-1947.Series 19.Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore (1902-1993) papers, including correspondence, 1927-1960; financial materials, 1955; certificates; commonplace books, 1942 and n.d.; invitations; and miscellaneous materials.Series 20.Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle (1904-1977) correspondence, 1912-1959.Series 21.Miscellaneous Cabell, Micklem, and Roller family correspondence, 1872-1907.

Contents List

Series 1.: George Washington Cabell (1802-1869) account book 1833-1839
Box 1
1 v.

Kept at "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va. Concerns farming operations and lumber trade. Includes short stories written by Lucy Brown Cabell (1836-1911).

Series 2.: Mary Anne (Anthony) Cabell (1808-1868) commonplace book 1828-1834
Box 1
1 v.

Kept at "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va. Includes essays and lines of verse, chiefly on religious topics.

Series 3.: Joseph Laidley (1829-1861) diary 1853 August 12-28
Box 1

Kept in Richmond, Va., at Huguenot Springs, Powhatan co., Va., and on a railroad trip from Richmond to Boston, Mass. Concerns activities as an officer of the American Pharmaceutical Association. Also, includes lists of members of the American Pharmaceutical Association, notes, and accounts.

Series 4.: Lucy Brown Cabell (1836-1911) papers
  • Box 1
    Series 4.1: Correspondence, 1854-1906 (66 items).
    66 items

    Include letters of Delphia Boudreaux (while serving with the Bienville Guards, Company C, 5th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, C.S.A., concerning the Chancellorsville Campaign, 1863), niece Anne Woolston (Cabell) Flowers (while away from home, teaching at Timberville, Va., Scotland, Ky., and Vandemere, N.C., concerning social life in Nelson co. and family news), William Henry Kinckle (concerning religious dedication), and niece Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller (after her marriage and removal to Harrisonburg, Va., concerning home life in both Nelson co. and Harrisonburg).

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Albin, Edgar W.
    Boudreaux, Delphia
    Burkhardt, Jane Carr (Dunn)
    Cabell, George Washington
    Cabell, Patrick Henry Carey
    Cabell, Richard Hawes
    Cabell, Sallie J. Laidley
    Cabell, Samuel Jordan
    Early, Ruth Hairston
    Eubank, Willis Milton
    Flowers, Annie Woolston (Cabell)
    Kinckle, William Henry
    Matthews, Margaret Etta (Cabell)
    Miles, Lavinia
    Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell)
    Roller, Lucy Cabell
  • Box 1
    Series 4.2: Accounts: check stub book 1882-1893; 1887-1890
    5 items

    Concerns the account of Lucy Brown Cabell in the National Exchange Bank of Lynchburg, Va.

  • Box 2
    Series 4.3: Commonplace book, 1849-1859
    1 v.

    Kept at "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va. Include lines of verse.

  • Box 2
    Series 4.4: Materials relating to Margaret Clifford Cabell (1835-1888) 1887-1888
    14 items

    Materials relate to Margaret C. Cabell, while an inmate at the Western Lunatic Asylum (now Western State Hospital), Staunton, Va.
    Include correspondence with C. J. Armistead, Margaret Clifford Cabell, Doctor Daniel Burr Conrad, Doctor Edward Carrington Fisher, Lizzie W. LeNeve, and George S. Walker.

  • Box 2
    Series 4.5: Miscellaneous materials, 1852-1888
    40 items

    Include obituary notices of George Washington Cabell (1802-1869), Mary Anne (Anthony) Cabell (1808-1868), William Washington Cabell, Sarah Syme (Cabell) Laidley (1830-1862), Mrs. Sallie Morris, Harriet W. Steptoe, and Sarah Armistead (Garland) Waller; visiting cards of Lucy Brown Cabell and Sarah Syme (Cabell) Laidley; materials concerning the Louisiana State Lottery; recipes; and lines of verse.

Series 5.: Patrick Henry Cabell (1837-1907) papers.
  • Box 3
    Series 5.1: Correspondence, 1859-1906
    75 items

    Correspondence of Patrick Henry Cabell of "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va., while serving as county superintendent of schools, and at Lynchburg, Va., while employed by the Southern Railway Company, chiefly with his wife, Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell, and daughters Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller and Mary Caroline Cabell. Of particular interest is a letter, 1862, of Mary Anne (Anthony) Cabell written prior to her death listing possessions to be distributed among her children; and a letter to J. W. Henley enclosed in a letter of Patrick Henry Carey Cabell concerning mineral rights and copper mines at "Inglewood" and other properties in Nelson Co.

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Cabell, Elizabeth Willis (Eubank)
    Cabell, George Washington
    Cabell, John Willis
    Cabell, Mary Anne (Anthony)
    Cabell, Mary Caroline
    Cabell, Patrick Henry Carey
    Cabell, Royal Eubank
    Cabell, Somers Eubank
    Cooley, Benjamin F.
    Flowers, Annie Woolston (Cabell)
    Flowers, Charles H.
    Hamilton, Robert S.
    Henley, J. W. See Cabell, Patrick Henry Carey
    Hoy, David L. See Cabell, Royal Eubank
    Matthews, Margaret Etta (Cabell)
    Roller, John Edwin
    Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell)
    Ruffner, William Henry
    Southern Railway Company
    Virginia State Board of Education
  • Box 3
    Series 5.2: Accounts, 1898-1899
    6 items

    Kept in Lynchburg, Va.

  • Box 3
    Series 5.3: School materials, 1854-1858
    5 v. plus 4 loose items

    Include notebooks and Latin and Greek exercise books, 1854-1858, kept as a student at Emory and Henry College, Emory, Va., and while teaching at Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Va.; commonplace book, 1858-1859, kept while teaching at Lynchburg College; and notes, 1858, concerning graduates of Emory and Henry College and classes at Lynchburg College.

  • Box 3
    Series 5.4.: Invitations, 1899-1906
    8 items

    Invitations to attend weddings and commencement ceremonies at the Episcopal Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va.

Series 6.: Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell (1843-1907) papers.
  • Boxes 4-6
    Series 6.1.: Correspondence, 1897-1907
    ca. 400 items

    Correspondence of Elizabeth Willis "Bettie" (Eubank) Cabell, of "Inglewood," Variety Mills, Nelson co., Va., chiefly with her children and female relatives. Most non-family correspondence are letters of condolence for the deaths of various family members or requests for summer board.
    Of particular interest are letters of John Willis Cabell while attending Roanoke College, Salem, Va., 1898-1900, and working on the construction of railroads in Kentucky and Tennessee, 1901-1907; Patrick Henry Carey Cabell of Richmond, Va., concerning his law practice, health, and family news; Royal Eubank Cabell while attending Princeton University and while in Richmond working as his brother Carey's law partner, often discussing his brother's health problems and business activities; Somers Eubank Cabell while attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Va., 1902-1906, and working as an electrical engineer in Schnectedy, N.Y., 1907; Annie Woolston (Cabell) Flowers concerning her employment as a teacher in Vandemere, N.C., 1903-1905; the Lorraine family of Richmond, Va., concerning mutual friends and relations; Margaret Etta (Cabell) Matthews while teaching school in Farmville and Salem, Va., in the late 1890s, and after her marriage to Rev. Nathan Matthews and move to Liberia, 1905-1907, describing the mission school and local customs; and Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller discussing her adjustment as stepmother to her husbands' teenage daughters, the birth of her own children, and servant problems.

    Correspondents include:
    Alexander, Margaret Anthony (Palmer)
    Ayres, Davis
    Ayres, Lina
    Barney, Rosa
    Bentley, Mary Grey
    Bentley, Virginia Lee
    Billups, L. A.
    Braisley, Arthur L.
    Brown, Sarah Randolph (Cabell)
    Burkhardt, Jane Carr (Dunn)
    Cabell, Charles Ellet
    Cabell, George Washington
    Cabell, John Willis
    Cabell, Lillian Hoge (Lorraine)
    Cabell, Lucy Gilmer
    Cabell, Mary Holmes (McGuire)
    Cabell, Mary Virginia (Ellet)
    Cabell, Mary Caroline
    Cabell, Patrick Henry Carey
    Cabell, Royal Eubank See also Cabell, Patrick Henry Carey
    Cabell, Somers Eubank
    Coleman, Frances Rutherfoord (Goodwin)
    Cutchins, Cary (Valentine)
    Darst, Thomas Campbell
    De Soucy, Pierre
    Dillard, S. C.
    Dunn, Annie Lewis
    Dunn, Elizabeth Irvine (Anthony) See: Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell)
    Dunn, Susie Lamb (Hill)
    Early, Mary Washington (Cabell)
    Elsom, Anna Louise (Shepherd)
    Emerson, Jane P.
    Eubank, Elias Newman
    Eubank, Louise
    Eubank, Mollie M. (Purcell) See: Eubank, Otis A.
    Eubank, Otis A.
    Eubank, Sidney P.
    Fitzpatrick, J. F.
    Flowers, Anne Woolston (Cabell)
    Flowers, Charles H.
    Flowers, W. A.
    Ford, T. W. (Mrs.)
    Gardner, Alice Jane (Mosby)
    Gentry, John Edwin Roller
    Gillespie, Ellie
    Goode, Elvue
    Harris, L. W.
    Herrell, Hallie (Eubank)
    Higginbotham, Mary Ida (Day)
    Higginbotham, Mary Frances Coleman
    Holladay, Sallie Syme (Ayres)
    Hoofnagle, Lillie G. (Carrington)
    Hutson, Daisy H.
    Jamar, Annie Roberts
    Johnson, Eliza D.
    Johnson, Emma A.
    Lorraine, Emma Louise
    Lorraine, Martha Evelyn (Bohannon)
    Lorraine, Mary Eloise (Moore)
    Lorraine, Wellford Bohannon
    McCue, Lavinia M.
    McDunnough, Ethel Davison
    Mathews, Jessie Woods (Higginbotham)
    Matthews, Margaret Etta (Cabell)
    Meier, A. (Mrs.)
    Merryman, Margaret Stuart (Roller) Cannaday Ogilvie
    Micklem, Margaret Etta (Eubank)
    Moore, Cary Ann (Coleman)
    Morton, Blanche (McKay)
    Myers, Nellie L.
    Palmer, Alice Winston (Cabell)
    Pence, Mary Hagey (Wunder)
    Repass, Laeta Moore (Goodwin)
    Riggan, S. G.
    Roller, John Edwin
    Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell)
    Roller, Lucy Cabell
    Saunders, O. Lee See: Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell) (1905)
    Seddon, Elvira Bruce (Cabell)
    Sessoms, Virginia Constance (Quarles)
    Shipman, Sarah Louise (Johnson)
    Shipman, William Jordan
    Simpson, Emma B.
    Simpson, Mary Grace
    Skinner, Emma (Ayres)
    Taylor, George Braxton
    Tucker, Anna J.
    Valentine, Allen Wilson
    Valentine, Sally Cary (Finch)
    Whelan, Anna La Mott (McClelland)
    Wilson, Aggy P.
    Wilson, Edward F.

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
    Box 4: A-Cabell, Patrick Henry
    Box 5: Cabell, Royal Eubank - J
    Box 6: L - end

  • Box 6
    Series 6.2.: Accounts and miscellaneous materials 1901-1906

    Including visiting cards, recipe, notes on health care, and lines of verse.

Series 7.: Patrick Henry Carey Cabell (1864-1920) papers.
  • Box 7
    Series 7.1.: Correspondence, 1896-1920
    42 items

    Correspondence of Patrick Henry "Carey" Cabell, chiefly with his brothers and sisters. Letters, 1899-1907, to George Washington Cabell of Inglewood, Nelson co., Va., concern purchases of supplies for the farm and advice on farming and land transactions. Letters, 1897-1920[?], to Mary Caroline Cabell of Inglewood discuss family activities, Carey's health, and his engagements to Ethel Davison McDunnough of Montreal, Canada, in 1900 (later broken) and Mrs. Anne (Renfro) Tomlinson of Philadelphia, Pa., whom he married just months before his death in 1920. Letters, 1913-1918, to Mrs. Mary Hunter of Pendleton, Va., indicate the existence of a close friendship and mutual admiration. Letters, 1896-1912, to Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller of Harrisonburg, Va., include a letter, 1899 May 31, announcing Carey's engagement to Ethel Davison McDunnough and giving information about her background, and a letter, 1900 March 16, enclosing a sketch by Carey of Samuel Jordan Cabell (1756-1818).

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Cabell, George Washington
    Cabell, Mary Caroline
    Cabell, Somers Eubank
    Flowers, Anne Woolston (Cabell)
    Eichelberger, Harry D.
    Hunter, Mary (Mrs.)
    Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell)
    Roller, Lucy Cabell
    Talley, Robert H.
  • Box 7
    Series 7.2.: Amateur Press, Monte Vista and Montreal, Va., 1877 May - October
    9 items

    "A lively little journal edited and printed entirely by boys." Percy G. Elsom, editor; Patrick Henry Carey Cabell, associate editor.

  • Box 7
    Series 7.3.: Miscellaneous materials
    3 items

    Includes a bookplate, business card, and program for University of Virginia Public Day exercises, 1890 July 2, listing Patrick Henry Carey Cabell as receiving a Bachelor of Law degree.

Series 8.: Mary Caroline Cabell (1866-1942) papers, 1853-1940
  • Boxes 8-12
    Series 8.1.: Correspondence, 1899-1940
    ca. 600 items

    Correspondence of Mary Caroline "Callie" Cabell, primarily with female family members and friends. Many letters are condolences for the deaths of various family members, including Patrick Henry Cabell (1907), Elizabeth Willis (Eubank) Cabell (1907), Lucy Brown Cabell (1911), Somers Eubank Cabell (1919), Patrick Henry Carey Cabell (1920), and Ann Elizabeth (Moore) Cabell (1932). Also included are letters from the parents of students at the Inglewood school, chiefly concerning arrivals and departures and fees.
    Prominent correspondents include Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore (early letters are from Mary Caroline at Inglewood, Nelson co., Va., to Elizabeth as a child living in Harrisonburg; later letters are from Elizabeth in Richmond, Va., just before and after her marriage. Topics include family activities in Nelson co., and activities of Elizabeth and her sisters Lucy Cabell Roller and Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle), Elsie (Hughes) Cabell (of Tom's Creek, Va., wife of Somers Eubank Cabell, discussing their courtship, marriage, and family life), John Willis Cabell (while attending Roanoke College, Salem, Va., 1899-1900, teaching and working for railroads in Kentucky, 1900-1902, and living in Charlotte, N.C., with his family, 1920-1921), Royal Eubank Cabell (while attending Princeton University, 1898, working as a lawyer in Richmond, Va., as Commissioner of Internal Revenue in Washington, D.C., and after his return to his Richmond law practice, concerning the health of his brother, Patrick Henry Carey Cabell, the activities of the Roller children and the settlement of John Edwin Roller's estate, and family news), Somers Eubank Cabell (while attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1903-1906, and working for General Electric in Schnectady, N.Y.), Annie Woolston (Cabell) Flowers (while teaching in Kentucky and Vandemere, N.C., detailing life in Nelson co., illnesses among family members, plans for family weddings, including hers in 1905, and her life in Vandemere after her marriage), Margaret Etta (Cabell) Matthews (chiefly from early in her marriage to Rev. Nathan Matthews and while living in Liberia, and later while living in Danvers, Mass., concerning her husband's abuse and her quandary over whether to leave him), Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle (early letters concern her childhood in Harrisonburg, Va., and, after her mother's death in 1914, her education and social life in Richmond, Va.), Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller (chiefly after her marriage to John E. Roller and while living in Harrisonburg, Va., letters written to her from Mary Caroline concerning life in Nelson co., including the comings and goings of Cabell and Micklem family members and boarders, marriages, illnesses, deaths, servant troubles, the activities of sister Margaret Etta (Cabell) Matthews, including her return from Africa for the births of her children, requests for the purchase of various items of clothing, and the well-being of Lucy's three daughters), and Lucy Cabell Roller (while living as a child in Harrisonburg, Va., and after the deaths of her parents, at school and living in Richmond, Va.).

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Bates, Minnie
    Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
    Boyce, H. G.
    Bradshaw, Katherine E. S.
    Brown, Sarah Randolph (Cabell)
    Burkhardt, Jane Carr (Dunn)
    Cabell, Anne E.
    Cabell, Anne Elizabeth (Moore)
    Cabell, Anne (Renfro) Tomlinson
    Cabell, Charles Lorraine
    Cabell, Charles Patrick
    Cabell, Edmonia Elizabeth
    Cabell, Elsie (Hughes)
    Cabell, George Washington
    Cabell, John W.
    Cabell, Lillian Hoge (Lorraine)
    Cabell, Louisa Withers
    Cabell, Lucy Gilmer
    Cabell, Margaret
    Cabell, Mary
    Cabell, Royal Eubank
    Cabell, Samuel Jordan
    Cabell, Sallie J. Laidley
    Cabell, Somers Eubank
    Calloway, Patrick Henry
    Coleman, Frances LeBaron
    Coleman, Rutherfoord
    Coleman, Samuel Henry
    Cook, W. E. (Mrs.)
    Dawson, Gertrude H.
    Dortch, Jeffress Samuel
    Dunn, Susie Lamb (Hill)
    Eichelberger, Lillie M.
    Field, John P.
    Flowers, Anne Woolston (Cabell)
    Flowers, Charles H.
    Gardner, Francis Kinlock Nelson
    Gardner, Virginia Cabell
    Glover, Emma S.
    Grattan, Frances Lewis (Roller)
    Guy, Scott
    Herrell, Hattie (Eubank)
    Horsley, Clara Lee
    Horsley, Eliza Richardson
    James, Caroline Elizabeth (Micklem)
    Kirkpatrick, Lorraine (Mrs.)
    Lawson, Ethel M.
    Lee, Virginia L.
    Lemmon, Edward Travis
    Lienan, Oscar B.
    Lorraine, Charles
    McDunnough, Ethel Davison
    Mason, Bessie H.
    Mason, S. B.
    Massie, Barksdale
    Massie, William Withers
    Mathews, Jessie Woods (Higginbotham)
    Matthews, Margaret Etta (Cabell)
    Matthews, Patrick Cabell
    Micklem, Alice
    Moore, Robert T.
    Morton, Blanche (Mckay)
    Moss, Helen Carlton (Gardner)
    Mundy, C. D.
    Mundy, Ida C.
    Palmer, Alice Winston (Cabell)
    Pence, Mary Gertrude
    Phillips, Gillie
    Pyle, Anne Woolston (Roller)
    Randolph, Louisa H.
    Repass, Laeta Moore (Goodwin)
    Rich, Arnold Hoyer
    Rich, Ruth (Moncure) See Rich, Arnold Hoyer
    Roller, John Edwin
    Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell)
    Roller, Lucy Cabell
    Sheringham, Helen F.
    Sidbury, Helen M.
    Simpson, Mary
    Simpson, Walter
    Taylor, George Braxton
    Turpin, Edna Henry Lee
    Valentine, Sally Cary (Finch)
    Waters, Louisa Anderson
    Whelan, Anna La Mott (McClelland)
    Winold, Susie A.
    Wormeley, Lucy DuVal
    Yonce, Jo (Mrs.)
    Daughters of the American Revolution. Virginia. Massanutton Chapter
    Lynchburg National Bank & Trust Co., Lynchburg, Va.
    Miller & Roads, Incorporated, Richmond, Va.
    Nelson Parish, Nelson co., Va.
    Traveler's Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn.

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent:
    Box 8: A - Cabell
    Box 9: Calloway - L
    Box 10: M - P
    Box 11: R - Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell)
    Box 12: Roller, Lucy Cabell - end

  • Box 13
    Series 8.2.: Financial materials, 1931-1932
    15 items

    Include scattered accounts and a check stub book.

  • Box 13
    Series 8.3.: School materials, 1853-1932
    7 items

    Include an account book, 1915-1916, for the Inglewood school; an issue of "The Album," student magazine published by Hollins Institute, 1883; and Mitchell's School Atlas (Philadelphia, 1853).

  • Box 13
    Series 8.4.: Scrapbook n.d.

    Contains engravings, lines of verse, and prose.

  • Box 13
    Series 8.5.: Miscellaneous materials
    ca. 100 items

    Includes calling cards, wedding invitations, tombstone inscriptions, and advertising materials.

Series 9.: Anne Woolston (Cabell) Flowers (1869-1958) correspondence, 1890-1951
Box 14
116 items

Correspondence of Anne Woolston (Cabell) Flowers, chiefly with her sisters, Margaret Etta (Cabell) Matthews (concerning her life in Africa, 1904), and Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller (including letters to Lucy from Anne describing her teaching experiences in Timberville, Va., Scotland, Ky., and Vandemere, N.C.).

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

Correspondents include:
Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
Cabell, George Washington
Cabell, John Willis
Cabell, Lillian Hoge (Lorraine)
Cabell, Royal Eubank
Flowers, Charles H.
Gardner, Alice
Mason, S. B.
Matthews, Margaret Etta (Cabell)
Pence, Gertrude
Roller, John Edwin
Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell)
Roller, Lucy Cabell
Wierman, Rosamond
Series 10.: John Edwin Roller (1844-1918) papers, 1835-1918
  • Boxes 15-18
    Series 10.1.: Correspondence, 1870-1916
    ca. 400 items

    Correspondence of Gen. John Edwin "Ned" Roller, chiefly falling into two periods, 1870-1872, concerning Roller's plans to run for election to the Virginia House of Delegates, and 1895-1916, concerning his marriage in 1896 to Lucy Brown Cabell, and after, concerning his family life. Many correspondents from the earlier period give details of political sentiment on the local level (see William Withers Adams, William B. W. Brooking, Henry B. Harnsberger, Henry Marcellus Keyser, John Marshall McCue, William Merry Perkins, E. D. Pettit, Charles Summerville Rohr, Lawrence Royster, Ezra Eugenius Stickley, William Harrison Triplett, John Richard Wingfield, Charles Junius Woodson, and others). Non-family letters from the later period are typically letters of congratulations on his marriage.
    Letters to Lucy Brown Cabell during their courtship discuss the objections of Roller's teenage daughters to their marriage, the age difference between Roller and Lucy, and Lucy's father's objections to the proposed marriage settlement. Letters after their marriage are chiefly exchanged while Roller is traveling on business and during Lucy's annual visits to her family at Inglewood, Nelson co., and discuss their children and domestic issues.
    Letters to Roller from daughters Frances Lewis (Roller) Grattan and Margaret Stuart (Roller) Cannady Ogilvie Merryman concern their attendance at Woman's College, Frederick, Md. (now Hood College), in particular social activities and financial needs. Letters from Roller to daughters Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore, Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle, and Lucy Cabell Roller contain family news and fatherly advice while they are away visiting Cabell relatives.
    Also included is scattered correspondence with Roller's brothers, Oliver Brown Roller, Peter Samuel Roller, Robert Douglas Roller, and William Wirt Roller, largely concerning the financing of their respective educations. Oliver attended the Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va. Peter attended Augusta Military Academy. Robert attended the Episcopal Theological Seminary of Virginia.

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Adams, William Withers
    Apple, Gertrude (Harner)
    Ashby, John Woodville
    Blume, Jack
    Boteler, Alexander Robinson
    Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
    Bradford, Taliaferro C.
    Brooking, William B. W.
    Brown, Alexander
    Brown, D. D.
    Brown, Oliver Matthews
    Cabell, Anne Elizabeth (Moore)
    Campbell, James Lawrence
    Campbell, Samuel Sprigg
    Carichoff, Lewis A.
    Clarke, Bettie J.
    Comer, Christian
    Conrad, Edward Smith
    Cosby, H. P.
    Craun, John Samuel
    Daniel, John Warwick
    Danner, Margaret
    Echols, Edward
    Ellington, R. J.
    Ergenbright, R. R.
    FauntLeRoy, Emily Henry
    Fitzsimons, J. F.
    Flannagan, William Walker
    Fleming, James P.
    French, Samuel Bassett
    Funk, P. G.
    Funkhouser, Robert Daniel
    Gilkeson, Francis
    Gordon, Armistead C.
    Gordon, Lulu E.
    Grabill, John H.
    Grattan, Frances Lewis (Roller)
    Grim, William
    Grimsley, Daniel Amon
    Gum, John E.
    Guy, John Henry
    Hale, Giles William Bruce
    Hanger, James Marshall
    Hannah, Samuel Baldwin
    Harnsberger, Henry B.
    Harris, Frederick
    Helms, R. A.
    Hendrick, D. S.
    Heneberger, Lucy B.
    Hickman, Joseph T. (Dr.)
    Hinde, Hugh
    Hoge, Charles E.
    Holladay, Alexander Quarles
    Huffman, Emanuel
    Isaacs, Sallie E. (Roller) Richardson
    Jones, Hilary Pollard
    Jones, John Robert See Huffman, Emanuel
    Keyser, Henry Marcellus
    Leake, Andrew Kean
    Letcher, Samuel Houston
    Lewis, John Francis
    McCue, John Marshall
    MacQueary, Emma Clarkson (Harris)
    Martin, Helen Reimensnyder
    Meem, John Gaw
    Merryman, Margaret Stuart (Roller) Cannaday Ogilvie
    Michie, [?]
    Miller, Edwin Lunn
    Minor, Carter Nelson Berkeley
    Moffett, P. B.
    Morris, James Cheston
    Odell, W. S.
    Page, Thomas Nelson
    Patterson, Benjamin G.
    Pence, Milton
    Perkins, William Merry
    Pettit, E. D.
    Pettit, William Beverly
    Preston, Robert John
    Pyle, Ann Woolston (Roller)
    Richardson, William Harvie
    Riddell, Thomas J.
    Rohr, Harrison
    Rohr, Charles Summerville
    Rohr, William S.
    [Roller, Edwin]
    Roller, Lucy Brown (Cabell)
    Roller, Lucy Cabell
    Roller, Oliver Brown
    Roller, Peter Samuel
    Roller, Robert Douglas
    Roller, William Wirt
    Root, E. D.
    Royal, William Lawrence
    Royster, Lawrence
    Scott, William Wallace
    Smith, Francis Lee
    Spangler, S. S.
    Spindle, Robert H.
    Spitler, Mann
    Stickley, Ezra Eugenius
    Stonesifer, James B.
    Strasburger, [?]
    Stribling, Francis Taliaferro
    Stringfellow, Franklin See Roller, Robert Douglas
    Stuart, Flora (Cooke)
    Trevey, Jacob Cowan
    Triplett, William Harrison
    Turley, C. M.
    Walker, Charles Duy
    Walker, Richard Frederick
    White, William L.
    Wingfield, John Richard
    Woods, Micajah
    Woodson, Charles Junius
    Woolston, Clarence Herbert
    Wright, Thomas Roane Barnes
    Young, William Townsend
    Lauriat (Charles E.) Company, Boston, Mass.
    Friends of Greeley & Brown, Luray, Va.
    Marshall Literary Society, Mercersburg College, Pa.
    Centennial Committee of Philadelphia, Pa.
    Republican Party. Congressional Executive Committee
    Settlers' And Immigrants' Aid Society, Norfolk, Va.
    Virginia. Auditor of Public Accounts
    Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.
    Virginia. Military institute, Lexington, Va.
    Walsh (Rees) Law & General Bookseller, Philadelphia, Pa.

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent:
    Box 15: A - G
    Box 16: H - Roller, Edwin
    Box 17: Roller, Lucy Brown
    Box 18: Roller, Lucy Cabell - end

  • Box 19
    Series 10.2.: Financial materials, 1894-1918
    15 items

    Includes accounts, 1894-1918, chiefly with Harrisonburg, Va., merchants, and including protests, 1912, against a note given to Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller.

  • Box 19
    Series 10.3.: School materials 1866, n.d.
    5 items

    Includes a list of students in Roller's class at the Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va.; and examination questions from law classes at the University of Virginia, 1866.

  • Box 19
    Series 10.4.: Historical manuscripts 1824, 1835, 1868
    4 items

    Includes scattered letters of David Crockett, Browns Hotel, [Tex.], 1835; Samuel Houston, Washington, D.C., 1824; and William Gilmore Simms, Charleston, S.C., and New York, N.Y, 1868.

  • Box 19
    Series 10.5.: Miscellaneous materials
    ca. 50 items

    Includes wedding invitations, dinner invitations, commencement invitations for Woman's College of Frederick, Md. (now Hood College) and the Virginia Female Institute, Staunton, Va. (now Stuart Hall), responses to invitations, calling cards, and commissions, 1866 and 1868, appointing Roller vice-president of Mt. Crawford and Rockingham co. councils, Virginia State Council of the Friends of Temperance.

Series 11.: Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller (1871-1914) papers, 1888-1913
  • Boxes 20-26
    Series 11.1.: Correspondence, 1888-1914
    ca. 800 items

    Correspondence of Lucy Brown "Lily" (Cabell) Roller of Harrisonburg, Va., chiefly with her family and female friends discussing family activities (marriages, births, and deaths), social activities, and visits. Prominent correspondents include her daughter Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore (while accompanying her father, John Edwin Roller, on trips west, 1907 and 1908, and visiting the Cabells at "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va.), brother John Willis Cabell (while living at "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va., attending Roanoke College, Salem, Va., while working on railroads in Tennessee, and in Richmond, Va., working for his brother, Patrick Henry Carey Cabell, lawyer for the Travelers Insurance Company, concerning news of family and friends, social activities in Nelson co., railroad construction in Tennessee, and his engagement to Anne Elizabeth "Bessie" Moore); sister-in-law Lillian Hoge (Lorraine) Cabell (of Richmond, Va., and Washington, D.C., wife of Royal Eubank Cabell, discussing her children and social life in Richmond; letter of 1905 November 19 includes illustrations of children in various poses); cousin Lucy G. Cabell (of Norwood, Wingina, and "Union Hill," Nelson co., Va., giving news of Cabell relations, discussing the health of her invalid mother and brother-in-law, and discussing her embroidery work), cousin Mary Holmes (McGuire) Cabell (of Waynesboro, Va., concerning her domestic life), Virginia C. Gardner (of Valley Farm, Broaddus, Va., and other places, concerning her work as a school teacher, her recreational reading, mutual friends, clothing, social activities, the births of Lucy's children, and various Cabell marriages), Minnie (Cox) Graham (while visiting Summerville, S.C., and Rockbridge Alum Springs, Va., and while living at Tazewell, Va., after her marriage to Judge Samuel Cecil Graham, concerning her social activities at Rockbridge Alum Springs, her views on Arctic exploration, her decision to break her engagement in order to accept Judge Graham's proposal, her wedding plans, and the birth of a daughter); step-daughter Frances Lewis "Lewie" (Roller) Grattan (while attending the Woman's College, Frederick, Md. [now Hood College], 1896-1897, and visiting relatives along the Eastern seaboard, concerning school life, clothing, and social activities), Lucy Bailey Heneberger (of Harrisonburg, Va., concerning the Massanutten Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution), cousin Caroline Elizabeth "Carrie" (Micklem) James (of "Roseland," Nelson co., Va., and at "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va., while attending Mary Caroline Cabell's school, discussing family life), sister Margaret "Etta" (Cabell) Matthews (while living with her missionary husband at Cape Mount and St. John's Station, Liberia, describing her daily life in Africa, 1904-1906 and 1909-1910, and while living at home at "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va., discussing family news), stepdaughter Margaret "Marco" Stuart (Roller) Cannady Ogilvie Merryman (while attending Woman's College, Frederick, Md. [now Hood College] and Virginia Female Institute, Staunton, Va., discussing school life, clothing and social activities), sister-in-law Caroline (Booker) Roller (of Charleston, W. Va., wife of Rev. Robert Douglas Roller, discussing family life), daughter Lucy Cabell Roller (during visits to Cabell relatives in Nelson co., Va., discussing social activities and family news), and Emma Louise (Lorraine) Sanders (of Richmond, Va., discussing social and family life and the activities of Frances Lewis (Roller) Grattan).

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Act, Elizabeth Hanson
    Amiss, John B. (Mrs.)
    Anderson, Joseph Reid
    Armentrout, H. A.
    Ayres, Andrew Hart
    Ayres, Davis (Mr. and Mrs.)
    Baer, Emma M.
    Baer, M. G.
    Bayless, D. B.
    Beery, Nora
    Bentley, Elizabeth Lee
    Bentley, Mary Gray
    Bentley, Virginia Lee
    Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
    Bradley, Sue
    Briscoe, D. L.
    Brooking, Esther F. C.
    Brooking, Rosa
    Brooking, Robert U.
    Brown, Alexander
    Brown, Mayo Cabell
    Brown, Sarah Randolph (Cabell)
    Burkhardt, William Hulliher
    Cabell, Alice
    Cabell, Caroline A.
    Cabell, George Washington
    Cabell, John Willis
    Cabell, Lillian Hoge (Lorraine)
    Cabell, Louisa Withers
    Cabell, Lucy Gilmer
    Cabell, Mary Holmes (McGuire)
    Cabell, Royal Eubank
    Cabell, Ruth Holmes
    Cabell, Sallie Jordan Laidley
    Cabell, Somers Eubank
    Cabell, Virginia Lehew
    Call, Lucy Lee
    Calwell, Alberta
    Calwell, Frances Antoinette (Roller)
    Cannaday, John Egerton
    Carter, Bettie J. C.
    Clarke, Bettie J.
    Clarken, Alice Shriver
    Coleman, Frances Rutherfoord (Goodwin)
    Conrad, Mary Lynn
    Cornell, Josepha R.
    Cornell, Mary E.
    Cornell, Mary L.
    Cowan, S. Alice
    Dean, Mattie
    Dean, William
    Dechert, Bessie
    de Soucy, Pierre
    Devier, C.
    Devier, Hortense
    Dunn, Annie Lewis
    Early, Mollie J.
    Echard, Carolynne
    Eichelberger, Lillie M.
    Ellis, Josiah R.
    Ellis, Lucy A. W.
    Elsom, Anna Louise (Shepherd)
    Fauntleroy, Bettie S.
    Fauntleroy, Mary B.
    [Firth], Roberta L.
    Fitzpatrick, J.
    Funkhouser, A. P. (Mrs.)
    Gantt, N. Horsley
    Gardner, Virginia Constance
    Gentry, John Edwin Roller
    Gibson, Robert A.
    Gilham, John A. P.
    Glover, Ada
    Goodwin, Ella Harvie
    Goodwin, E. L.
    Goodwin, Lettie R.
    Graham, Minnie (Cox)
    Grattan, Frances Lewis (Roller)
    Gwatkin, W. E.
    Haas, T. N. (Mrs.)
    Hanckel, William C.
    Harris, Anna
    Harris, Elizabeth Randolph
    Heath, F. E. R.
    Heetzel, Susan R.
    Hendrick, Elizabeth C.
    Hendrick, Ree
    Heneberger, Lucy Bailey
    Henry, R. R.
    Herring, Charles Griffin
    Herring, Elizabeth Gould
    Herring, Lillian
    Herring, Mary
    Higginbotham, Mary Frances Coleman
    Hill, Annie A.
    Hoffman, [?] (Mrs.)
    Holladay, Syme Ayres
    Hollingsworth, C. M.
    Hollingsworth, Charles
    Hotchkiss, Alice
    Hubard, Alice Wilson
    Hubard, Isa C.
    Hubard, Lila C.
    Isaacs, Sallie E. (Roller) Richardson
    Jackson, H. M.
    James, Caroline Elizabeth (Micklem)
    John, Edith
    Johnson, Ella M.
    Jones, Laura
    Landers, Emma C.
    Lewis, J. M.
    Lewis, M. Botts
    Loewner, A. W.
    Logan, Bettie C. See Logan, Margaret
    Logan, Conrad T.
    Logan, Margaret
    Lorraine, Charles Cabell
    Lorraine, Martha Evelyn Bohannon
    Lorraine, Wellford Bohannon
    McCabe, Cora Ross
    McClelland, E. L. (Mr. and Mrs.)
    McKay, Roberta First
    McVeigh, Charles S.
    Marko, Helen
    Martz, Stella Bowcock
    Mash, Emily M.
    Mason, Robert I.
    Mathewes, Mary Hubard
    Matthews, Jessie Woods (Higginbotham)
    Matthews, Margaret Etta (Cabell)
    Merryman, Margaret Stuart (Roller) Cannaday Ogilvie
    Micklem, Alice
    Micklem, Bella
    Micklem, Ernest
    Micklem, Margaret Etta (Eubank) See Micklem, Earnest
    Milburn, Etherbert
    Mosby, Ella F.
    Moss, Helen Carlton (Gardner)
    Neff, B. M.
    Nicodemus, A. W.
    Ott, Elizabeth E.
    Palmer, Alice Cabell
    Palmer, Margaret
    Pattison, Marguerite S.
    Pattison, Mary Stuart
    Paul, Bessie
    Paul, K. S.
    Paul, Virginia Marion
    Paxton, Isabella Crenshaw
    Pence, Caroline Heater
    Pence, Gertrude
    Pence, Lizzie E.
    Pence, M[amie] N.
    Pence, Sallie
    Points, William J.
    Price, Mary
    Proctor, Sallie J.
    Prugh, Charlotte A.
    Pugh, Bessie
    Purcell, Bessie Heaton
    Pyle, Anne Woolston (Roller)
    Ranson, Eleanor S.
    Richardson, Sarah Bradford
    Robertson, Ellen Booker (Roller)
    Robinson, Caroline May (Roller)
    Robinson, Evelyn C.
    Rodes, Adeline V.
    Rodgers, Lucy Hooke
    Roller, Alberta
    Roller, Caroline (Booker)
    Roller, Lucy Cabell
    Roller, Robert Douglas
    Rothget, [?] (Mrs.)
    Rutherfoord, Jane M.
    St. John, Edith (Mrs.)
    Sanders, Emma Louise (Lorraine)
    Schmidt, Marie L.
    Seddon, Elsie
    Seddon, Elvira Bruce (Cabell)
    Shacklett, Fannie
    Simpson, Mabel Margaret
    Sipe, Marion M.
    Smiley, Cora L.
    Smith, Essie W.
    Smith, Henrietta
    Sprinkel, W. G.
    Stringfellow, Frank
    Stuart, Flora (Cooke)
    Tantum, W. R. (Mrs.)
    Valentine, Sally Cary (Finch)
    Van Lear, [?]
    Van Pelt, R. A.
    Waddill, Mattie
    White, Robert
    Wiley, Georgia B.
    Wilson, Alice
    Wilson, Edward F.
    Woodward, Anna B.
    Wunder, Grace
    Yerger, O. M.
    Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
    Bayless Stove & Range Co., Cincinnati, Ohio
    Century Co., Union Square, N.Y.
    Churchman Company, New York, N.Y.
    Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal Church, Harrisonburg, Va.
    Ferguson (L. M.), Columbus, Ohio
    Higgins & Seither, New York, N.Y.
    Hines (Junius) & Son Baltimore, Md.
    Knox (Charles B.), Johnstown, N.Y.
    Low (D.) & Co., Salem, Mass.
    Meserole (W. A.) & Bro., Harrisonburg, Va.
    Nichols (Miss J. D.), Commissionaire, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Palais Royal, Washington, D.C.
    Paul Revere Memorial Association, Boston, Mass.
    Wanamaker (John), Philadelphia, Pa.
    Wells (Miss), Church Embroidery, Geneva, N.Y.
    West (Geo. M.) co. (Richmond, Va.)
    Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, D.C.

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent:
    Box 20: A - B
    Box 21: Cabell
    Box 22: Call - Gardner
    Box 23: Gentry - J
    Box 24: L - N
    Box 25: O - Rodgers
    Box 26: Roller - end

  • Box 27
    Series 11.2.: Accounts, 1896-1912
    38 items

    Chiefly with Harrisonburg, Va., merchants for a variety of household items.

  • Box 27
    Series 11.3.: Materials concerning the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Virginia. 1897-1912
    35 items

    Include Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller's applications, dues notices, and correspondence, chiefly meeting announcements.

  • Box 27
    Series 11.4.: Materials concerning the Daughters of the American Revolution, Massanutten Chapter. 1898-1914
    5 items

    Include a resolution, 1914, on the death of Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller.

  • Box 27
    Series 11.5.: Invitations n.d.
    17 items

    Invitations to weddings and graduations, and regrets to a party hosted by Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller and John Edwin Roller.

  • Box 27
    Series 11.6.: Visiting cards n.d.
    ca. 100 items

    Include several of Lucy Brown (Cabell) Roller's before her marriage, and cards of visitors to the Rollers during their first year in Harrisonburg, Va. (ca. 100 items).

  • Box 27
    Series 11.7.: Miscellaneous materials n.d.
    5 items

    Include contracts and estimates for house repairs, and embroidery patterns.

Series 12.: George Washington Cabell (1873-1943) papers, 1899-1920
  • Box 28
    Series 12.1.: Correspondence, 1899-1920
    26 items

    Correspondence of George Washington Cabell of "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va., farmer and justice of the peace. Chiefly letters of condolence for the deaths of his parents, Patrick Henry Cabell (d. 1907) and Betty Willis (Eubank) Cabell (d. 1907), and brother Patrick Henry Carey Cabell (d. 1920). Prominent correspondents include brother Royal Eubank Cabell (of Richmond, Va., while practicing law and working for the Liability Department, Traveler's Insurance Company) and sister Margaret Etta "Ettie" (Cabell) Matthews (of Danvers, Mass., concerning the illness of brother Patrick Henry Carey Cabell and her marital problems).

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Bates, Minnie
    Brown, Mayo Cabell
    Cabell, John Willis
    Cabell, Mary Virginia (Ellet)
    Cabell, Royal Eubank
    Cabell, Somers Eubank
    Davis, T. C.
    Dunn, C. C.
    Dunn, E. C.
    Dunn, R. A.
    Fitzpatrick, J. T.
    Gordon, Bennett T.
    Johnson, J. E.
    Matthews, Margaret Etta (Cabell)
    Plecker, W. A.
    Simpson, Mary Grace
    Turpin, John B.
    Independent Order of Odd Fellows. National Lodge #346 (Shipman, Va.)
    National Soapstone Co., New York, N.Y.
    Winn & Saunders, Broaddus, Va.
  • Box 28
    Series 11.2.: Accounts, 1911-1914
    2 items

    Include a list of accounts from W. M. Miller & Son, Inc., Lynchburg, Va., given to George Washington Cabell for collection.

Series 13.: Margaret Etta (Cabell) Matthews (1876-1969) papers, 1888-1954
  • Box Folder: 28
    Series 13.1.: Correspondence, 1888-1954
    36 items

    Correspondence of Margaret Etta "Ettie" (Cabell) Matthews, including letters from family and female friends, mostly concerning social and family life at "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va. Of particular interest are letters to nieces Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore and Lucy Cabell Roller, ca. 1905-1910, while Margaret and her husband, Nathan Matthews (1870-1936) were missionaries in Liberia.

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Elsie [?]
    Ethel [?]
    Mimmie [?]
    Bentley, Sallie P.
    Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
    Cabell, Elsie Francis
    Cabell, Margaret
    Cabell, Royal Eubank
    Cabell, Somers Eubank
    Donald, Josephine
    James, Caroline Elizabeth (Micklem)
    Roller, Lucy Cabell
    Seddon, Ella B. C.
    Shipman, Hattie
    [Theirdon], Catherine R.
    Witt, Annie
  • Box 28
    Series 13.2.: Miscellaneous materials
    3 items

    Include accounts, 1903, and an essay on "Fires," 1888.

Series 14.: Royal Eubank Cabell (1878-1950) correspondence, 1897-1912
Box 28
7 items

Chiefly with niece Lucy Cabell Roller of Harrisonburg, Va., while Cabell was travelling to the West Coast. Of particular interest is a letter of Mrs. Thomas B. Land enclosing an advertisement for the Woodstock School, Mathews co., Va., 1899.

Cabell, George Washington
Cabell, Somers Eubank
Fox, L. A.
Lane, Thomas B. (Mrs.)
Roller, Lucy Cabell
Series 15.: Somers Eubank Cabell (1885-1919) school materials, 1903-1904
Box 28
4 items

Include monthly reports from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Series 16.: Frances Lewis (Roller) Grattan correspondence, 1897-1959
Box 29
20 items

Correspondence of Frances Lewis "Lewie" (Roller) Grattan, primarily with her half-sister, Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore, and other female relatives concerning family affairs. Included are two love-letters from P. Howell Lightfoot of Petersburg, Va., 1901.

"Whistles" (otherwise unidentified)
Margaret [?]
Baker, Miriam Lee
Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
Lightfoot, P. Howell
Mayo, Louisa R.
Merryman, Margaret Stuart (Roller) Cannady Ogilvie
Penets, S. V.
Pyle, Anne Woolston (Roller)
Roller, Lucy Cabell
Series 17.: Margaret Stuart (Roller) Cannady Ogilvie Merryman papers, 1899-1947
  • Box 29
    Series 17.1.: Correspondence, 1899-1947
    21 items

    Scattered correspondence of Margaret Stuart "Marco" (Roller) Cannady Ogilvie Merryman, including letters to her half-sisters, Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore, Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle, and Lucy Cabell Roller (concerning the disposal of John Edwin Roller's library).

    Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
    Mason, H. Norton
    Pyle, Anne Woolston (Roller) See Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
    Roller, Lucy Cabell
  • Box 29
    Series 17.2.: School materials, 1897-1898
    5 items

    From Woman's College, Frederick, Md. [now Hood College] and Virginia Female Institute, Staunton, Va., including programs, grade reports, accounts, and an essay.

Series 18.: Lucy Cabell Roller (1899-1949) papers, 1899-1947
  • Box 29
    Series 18.1.: Correspondence, 1899-1947
    69 items

    Correspondence of "Lucy Cabell" Roller (of Harrisonburg and Richmond, Va., and while attending Randolph-Macon Women's College, Lynchburg, Va.) with her sisters, Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore and Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle, and female friends and relatives, chiefly discussing family and social activities. Includes letters, 1910-1911, from Doria S[?] concerning the Camp Fire Girls.

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
    Burkhardt, Elizabeth Melville
    Cabell, Anne E.
    Cabell, Lucy Gilmer
    Calloway, Patricia
    Darley, Albert Roller
    Dunn, Emmett
    Edmonds, Campbell
    Ellis, Nannie P.
    Gardner, Virginia Cabell
    [Gatewood], Margaret
    Gibson, [?]
    Graham, Minnie (Cox)
    Herring, [?]
    Jackson, John L.
    James, Caroline Elizabeth (Micklem)
    Levy, Helen M.
    Micklem, Alice
    Mosby, Ella F.
    Pyle, Anne Woolston (Roller)
    Robinson, Evelyn
    Roller, Sara
    S[?], Doria
    Stephenson, Susan C.
    Times-Dispatch, Richmond, Va.
    Virginia. State library, Richmond, Va.
  • Box 29
    Series 18.2.: Miscellaneous materials
    4 items

    Include account, 1937, with Sydnor & Hundley, Inc., Richmond, Va.; calling card bearing the Cabell coat of arms; newspaper clipping, n.d., announcing Lucy Cabell Roller's election as Commissioner of Girl Scouts in Richmond, Va.; and appraisal of personal property of the estate of Lucy C. Roller, Richmond, Va., 1949.

Series 19.: Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore (1902-1993) papers, 1927-1960
  • Boxes 30-31
    Series 19.1.: Correspondence, 1927-1960
    133 items

    Correspondence of Elizabeth Henry (Roller) Bottimore of Richmond, Va., and Glens Falls, N.Y., chiefly with female friends and relatives concerning social activities, political events, etc. Prominent correspondents include her mother-in-law, Mrs. John S. Bottimore (of Tazewell, Va.), aunt Annie Cabell (Roller) Flowers (of Inglewood, Nelson co., Va.), half-sister Frances Lewis (Roller) Grattan (of Harrisonburg, Va.), aunt Margaret Etta "Ettie" (Cabell) Matthews (while living in Arrington, Va.), sister Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle (of Richmond, Va.), sister Lucy Cabell Roller (of Richmond, Va.), niece Lucy Cabell (Pyle) Sommerell (of Richmond, Va., and while attending Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass., and on a European tour), and Edna Turpin.

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

    Correspondents include:
    Bessie [?]
    Bobby & Leo [?]
    Bruchie [?]
    Eleanor [?]
    Eloise [?]
    Elsa [?]
    Emily [?]
    Diane [?]
    Gertrude [?]
    Johns [?]
    Lucy [?]
    Margaret [?]
    Rosa [?]
    Anderson, Charles (Mrs.)
    Archer, William W. (Mrs.)
    Battey, Dorothy Dewing
    Belk, Kathleen (Cabell)
    Bott, Bettie Cabell
    Bottimore, Elizabeth Henry (Roller)
    Bottimore, John S.
    Cabell, Charles
    Cabell, James Branch
    Cabell, Sallie
    Calloway, Patricia
    Cassell, Emma (Plecker)
    Clay, Eddie
    Carnahan, Katherine
    Chu, Grace
    Conrad, Edward S. (Mrs.)
    Copping, Allan B.
    Danzell, Francis S. (Mrs.)
    Darley, Alberta Roller
    Edmunds, Patsy
    Fauntleroy, Mary B.
    Freeman, Douglas Southall
    Grattan, George Gilmer, III
    Halliburton, Richard
    Hard, Walter
    Haskell, Alex C.
    [Henry], Rebecca
    Herring, Hildegarde
    Herring, K. G.
    Hook, Clarke W.
    Johnson, Pattie
    Keddy, [Latice]
    Lake, Helen [Bottimore]
    McLandress, Smith
    March, Bob
    Matthews, Hazel
    Matthews, Patrick Cabell
    Mitchell, S. C. (Mrs.)
    P[?], Mary
    Parkinson, Betsy
    Poulen, Tina & Jim
    [Pyle], Anne R[oller]
    Pyle, Anne Woolston (Roller)
    [Pyle], Howard
    Roller, John Edwin
    S[?], M. M.
    S[?], Nonnie M.
    Sadler, Helen
    Shahuck, Rose
    Somerville, Lila
    Sommerell, Lucy Cabell (Pyle)
    [Tidman], P.
    Troubetzkoy, [?]
    Turpin, Edna Henry Lee
    Van Laer, Eleanor
    Walcott, Sarah
    Warnen, James M., III
    Willis, L. Mary
    First and Merchants National Bank, Richmond, Va.
    Johnston's Linens, Medin, N.Y.
    Loewner Granite & Marble Co., Inc.
    St. Paul's Church, Richmond, Va.
    Virginia. State Library, Richmond

    Arranged alphabetically by correspondent:
    Box 30: A - H
    Box 31: J - end

  • Box 32
    Series 19.2.: Financial materials, 1955, n.d.
    33 items

    Include list of personal property belonging to the estate of Lucy Cabell Roller (1899-1949).

  • Box 32
    Series 19.3.: Commonplace books, 1942, n.d.
    2 v.

    Volume I (1942) contains notes on Christmas gifts and cards, household and gardening tips, [notes for a garden society]. Volume II (n.d.) contains notes on music, religion, canning of vegetables, and interior decorating.

  • Box 32
    Series 19.4.: Invitations, announcements, etc., 1931-1976
    14 items

    Include announcement for the marriage of Elizabeth Henry Roller and William Gordon Bottimore, 1931; and invitation and program for the marriage of Kathleen Cabell to James Patrick Belk, 1976.

  • Box 32
    Series 19.5.: Miscellaneous materials
    13 items

    Include Certificate of confirmation, 1916 August 20, Christ Church (Episcopal), Norwood, Va.; certificate of marriage, Elizabeth Henry Roller to William Gordon Bottimore, 1931 February 14, St. Paul's Church (Episcopal), Richmond, Va.; notes, recipes, and Red Cross cards and certificates, ca. 1942.

Series 20.: Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle (1904-1977) correspondence, 1912-1959
Box 33
12 items

Scattered correspondence of Anne Woolston (Roller) Pyle including correspondence with camp directors at Green Cove and Mondamin concerning her children, reports from Chatham Episcopal Institute, Chatham, Va., and a letter from Mrs. Margaret S. Rothert, Richmond, Va., enclosing a bank note on the Central Bank of Virginia signed by J. S. Roller.

Huston, Alice S.
Matthews, Margaret Etta (Cabell)
Pyle, Anne Roller
Pyle, Howard
Rothert, Margaret S.
Chatham Episcopal Institute, Chatham, Va.
Green Cove Camp
Mondamin Camp
Series 21.: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1872-1907
Box 33
21 items

Miscellaneous correspondence of various Cabell, Micklem and Roller family members, and others. Chiefly letters to Caroline Elizabeth (Micklem) James while attending school at "Inglewood," Nelson co., Va., including letters from John Willis Cabell, Lettie R. Goodwin, and Margaret Etta (Eubank) Micklem. Also included are letters of Anne Woolston (Cabell) Cabell to Margaret Clifford Cabell and Sallie Laidley Cabell; letter of Ellen B. (Roller) Robertson to Frances Antoinette (Roller) Calwell; and a letter from George S. Gibbs, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., 1873, to Robert Douglas Roller concerning the gaiety of fellow patrons of the springs. Caroline Elizabeth (Micklem) James correspondence is grouped together. All other correspondence alphabetically by author.

James, Caroline Elizabeth (Micklem) correspondence
Miscellaneous correspondence
Charlotte [?] to Miss Edythe Cornell
Nettie [?] to Sallie [?]
Cabell, Anne Woolston (Cabell), to Margaret Clifford Cabell
Cabell, Anne Woolston (Cabell), to [Sallie Jordan Laidley Cabell]
Gibbs, George S., to Robert Douglas Roller
Halsey, Virginia H., to Mrs. W. H. "Anna" Whelan
[Higginbotham], Lula [Coleman], to Allen [?]
Higginbotham, Mary Ida (Day), to Mary Frances Coleman Higginbotham and Jessie Woods (Higginbotham) Matthews
Rialto grain and securities company, St. Louis, Mo., to Willis Milton Eubank
Robertson, Ellen Booker (Roller), to Frances Antoinette (Roller) Calwell
S[?], J[?] C[?], to Margaret Etta (Eubank) Micklem
Surber, Thad, to Michael Bowyer Calwell