A Guide to the Lawn Residents Survey Project, 1995-1997 Lawn Residents Survey Project RG-25/3/1.971

A Guide to the Lawn Residents Survey Project, 1995-1997

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Lawn Residents Survey Project 1995-1997
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This collection was transferred to the library on 1997 January 28.

Scope and Content Information

The Lawn Resident Survey Project was fostered during plans to commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the Rotunda Fire in conjunction with the kick-off of the Capital Campaign.

Approximately 3,300 former lawn and range room residents were located and sent a brief survey with a cover letter from President John T. Casteen III regarding the compiling of a Lawn residents directory. There was a 70 percent return of the survey. One of the questions asked of the alumnus was "Would you be willing to provide an oral history for 100 Years of Life on the Lawn? " As response was overwhelming, with ca. 1,200 affirmative answers, the Rotunda Fire Anniversary Committee was compelled to opt for a second more complete survey in lieu of the oral histories.


Group I contains the brief, Lawn Resident Survey #1; folders of the residents responses are filed alphabetically within each decade folder.

Group II contains the second, lengthier Lawn Resident Survey #2; each resident's response is filed in its own folder and arranged alphabetically within each decade.

Group III contains a small amount of office files that accummulated during this project. The few photographs and memoirs that were received during the course of this project have been accessioned separately on Virgo.

Contents List

Group I: Lawn Residency Survey # 1
  • Box 1
    Lawn Resident Survey #1 (1 folder) 1920s
  • Box 1
    Lawn Resident Survey #1 (1 folder) 1930s
  • Box 1
    Lawn Resident Survey #1 (2 folders) 1940s
  • Box 2
    Lawn Resident Survey #1 (2 folders) 1950s
  • Box 2
    Lawn Resident Survey #1 (2 folders) 1960s
  • Box 3
    Lawn Resident Survey #1 (2 folders) 1970s
  • Box 3
    Lawn Resident Survey #1 (2 folders) 1980s
  • Box 4 (1/2 Box)
    Lawn Resident Survey #1 (2 folders) 1990s
Group II: Lawn Residency Survey #2
  • Box 5
    Index 1920s-1930s
  • Box 5
    (5 folders) 1920s
  • Box 5
    A-Z 1930s
  • Box 5
    Index 1940s
  • Box 5
    A-B 1940s
  • Box 6
    C-Z 1940s
  • Box 7
    Index 1950s
  • Box 7
    A-L 1950s
  • Box 8
    M-Z 1950s
  • Box 8
    Index 1960s
  • Box 8
    A-C 1960s
  • Box 9
    D-Z 1960s
  • Box 10
    Index 1970s
  • Box 10
    A-Z 1970s
  • Box 11
    Index 1980s
  • Box 11
    A-Z 1980s
  • Box 12
    Index 1990s
  • Box 12
    A-Z 1990s
Group III: Office Administrative Files
  • Box 13
    Form letters for survey #1 and #2 1996
  • Box 13
    Newspaper clippings regarding the Capital Campaign, construction on the University of Virginia grounds, and the Prism Coffeehouse's 30th anniversary 1995-1996
  • Box 13
    Newspaper clippings regarding the Rotunda Fire Anniversary projects 1995-1996, n.d.
  • Box 13
    Notes, including the Directory for Follow-Ups on the Rotunda Fire ca. 1995-1997
  • Box 13
    Rotunda Fire Committee Projects--Firefighter's reception, including photographs of firefighter plaque 1995
  • Box 13
    Rotunda Fire Committee Projects--HIUS 330 1996
  • Box 13
    "Snapshots of a Century: Stories from the Lawn 1895-1995 " by Jennifer Mendelsohn (Col '90); UVa Alumni News; 1996
  • Box 13
    Miscellaneous materials submitted with surveys

    Includes a file of the Lawn Chowder and Marching Society, 1996-1997, including a copy of the statement signed by all Lawn residents admitting to have had women in their rooms in violation of University regulations; a photograph of Martha Chanutin who lived with her parents in Pavilion V; a copy of "Memories of a happy life at the dear old U. Va. " by Eleanor Lile Tucker, 1968; additional information for 1896 law student David Cummins; and excerpts from the diary of student Preston Hampton Edwards, 1899-1900, which includes a description of the ceremonies unveiling the bust of Edgar Allan Poe.