A Guide to the Papers of Emerson Hough, 1900-1920 Hough, Emerson, Papers of 7730

A Guide to the Papers of Emerson Hough, 1900-1920

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Papers of Emerson Hough, 1900-1920

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The letters discuss the composition of a series of articles for The Centurymagazine on the development of transportation in the west; possible publishers for a novel on John Law [ The Mississippi Bubble]; and a squabble with The Centurywhen the book was offered to another publisher. Letters also mention topographical and population information on the west; work as a scenario writer for Universal Films; the White Paper Club (Chicago); serialization rights to The Sagebrusher; and a reference made by Ripley Hitchcock to Hough's "Literary Misconstructions of the Modern West".

The collection also contains a photograph of Hough and a questionnaire filled out by him.

Contents List

Manuscript: Quotation from Juvenal, with commentary 1910 Nov 12
1p. AMsS.
  • Emerson Hough to Robert Underwood Johnson 1900 Mar 21
    1 p.TLS.

    Says that Appletons are getting his book out; well along on studies for "The Mississippians" and will begin writing it. Plans to be in N. Y. and would like to meet with R. U. J. (of The Centurymagazine).

  • 1900 Oct 26 E. H. to R. U. J.
    2 p. TLS.

    Comments on his stories which he fears are going to be longer than expected. Discusses possible solutions to this.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1900 Oct. 29
    1 p. TLS.

    Further comments on articles being written, including possible additions.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1900 Nov 17
    2 p. TLS.

    Speaks of series of articles on development of the west, and wealth of material available; could have written a novel with it all.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1900 Nov 19
    2 p. TLS.

    Encloses copies of ads from Montana Postof 1864. Asks him to attach them to article in transportation series.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1900 Nov 22
    1 p. TLS.

    Encloses short story for possible publication in The Century.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1900 Dec 10
    2 p. TLS.

    Encloses more clippings re western transportation for third article on the subject. Has heard plans for ship canal from Chicago to mouth of Mississippi.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1900 Dec 12
    1 p. TLS.

    Has begun John Law novel, [The Mississippi Bubble] and asks that The Centuryconsider it. McClures, Harper's, and Doubleday Page & Co. have all expressed interest.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1900 Dec 18
    1 p. TLS.

    Speaks of serial and book rights for his novel. Doubleday Page would like it, but he would rather The Centuryhad it. Discusses progress of the novel.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Mar 29
    1 p. TLS.

    Continues discussion of transportation articles and supplementary data offered by James Morris Morgan. Wants to get copy of Mr. Yagge's topographical map of America. Adds that his novel is steadily progressing. Map printed with the lines of the Santa Fe Railroad.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Apr 17
    1 p. TLS.

    Has written Senator Mason for 1880 census report which will show needed maps. Has also written to Col. H. C. Rizer, chief clerk of U. S. Geological Survey for topographical map. The Santa Fe Railroad has promised a copy of the Yagge map.

  • H. C. Rizer to E. H. 1901 Apr 20
    1 p. TLS.

    Explains that desired map may be had for ten cents, or a larger one for sixty cents. Adds that they may be obtained gratuitously from a Representative or Senator.

  • E. A. Hitchcock to E. H. 1901 Apr 20
    1 p. TLS.

    Is sending copy of 1880 census to E. H.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Apr 23
    1 p. TLS.

    Has sent for the needed maps and census report. American section of novel well under way.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Apr 26
    1 p. TLS.

    Is sending 1880 census to R. U. J. containing maps that might, or might not, be used. Still trying to get Yagge map.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 May 6
    1 p. TL.

    (Dictated), written and signed by H. R. Reed.] 1 p. [Acknowledges receipt of $800 check drawn to E. H., who has left for the Blackfoot Hills with Mrs. Hough.

  • R[ichard]W[atson]Gilder to R. U. J. 1901 Jun 20
    1 p. TL.

    Wants "The Mississippians" for The Centurymagazine.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Jun 24
    1 p. TLS.

    Will send rough copy of the ms. but apologizes for condition. If The Centurysees a book in the ms., he will cooperate completely.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Sep 15
    2 p. TLS.

    Has reviewed proofs of first two articles on the west. Asks that they be kept free from eastern editorial opinion. Regrets news of President's death. Gives opinions on immigration and anarchists. Has not written as strongly as he feels since it might not fit editorial policy of the magazine.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Oct 19
    3 p. TLS.

    Attempts to resolve difficulty arising out of publication of his book by firm other than The Century.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Oct 19
  • E. H. to R. W. Gilder 1901 Oct. 19
    4 p. TLS.

    Explains to editor of The Centuryhis reasons for contracting with Bowen-Merrill Co. to publish his book while Centurywas publishing his other material. Replies to charges he acted in bad faith. Did not think that Centuryliked or wanted the book.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Oct 31
    1 p. TLS.

    Everybody'smagazine wants E. H. to do stories on American frontiersmen; would this interfere with Centuryarticles? Apologizes for being late with the proofs of recent articles.

  • E. H. to R. U. J. 1901 Nov 2
    2 p. TLS.

    Apologizes for misstatement in one of his articles. Discusses book in progress.

  • E. H. to W. G. [William Gerard ?] Chapman 1912 Dec 26
    1 p. TLS.

    Asks W. G. C. to read newspaper clippings and to write to Neal Brown.

  • W. G. Chapman to E. H. 1912 Dec 30
    1 p. TL(carbon).

    Replies to E. H. letter advising him that Mrs. Neal Brown's travel letters, while perhaps of local interest, would not be a good syndicate feature.

  • E. H. to W. G. C. 1915 Apr 1
    3 p. TLS.

    Replies to offer to do a scenario for Universal Film Mfg. Co. Wants at least $5000.00; should receive at least $7500.00. Suggests that this type of writing is not worthy of established author. Will pay 10% commission, but not to his regular agent and to Chapman, both. It is up to these two to work this out.

  • W. G. C. to E. H. 1915 Apr 2
    1 p. TL(carbon).

    Replies to E. H. letter of Apr 1: matter not yet resolved by Universal Co. Two teams in competition for the serial story, but payment should exceed $5000.00

  • W. G. C. to E. H. 1916 Jan. 27
    1 p. TL(carbon).

    Proposes setting up a weekly luncheon club in Chicago along lines of New York's Dutch Treat Club. Invites E. H. to meet them on following Tuesday.

  • E. H. to W. G. C. 1916 Mar 20
    1 p. TLS.

    Replies to idea of Chicago luncheon club. Would like to attend an early session.

  • W. G. C. to E. H. 1916 May 8
    1 p. TL(carbon).

    Would like to introduce E. H. to a new publisher. Could send Mr. Doran one or two of E. H. novels for review, but a ms. would be even better.

  • E. H. to W. G. C. 1916 May 18
    1 p. TLS.

    E. H. prefers to stay with publisher who has made generous proposition. His books therefore not on the market.

  • W. G. C. to E. H. 1916 Jun 26
    1 p. TL (carbon).

    Thanks E. H. for providing a trout fishing list.

  • W. G. C. to E. H. 1918 Aug 8
    1 p. TL(carbon).

    Resigns as secretary of The White Paper Club because of pressing business demands.

  • E. H. to W. G. C. 1918 Aug 11
    1 p. TLS.

    Replies to letter of resignation and suggests a new secretary.

  • W. G. C. to E. H. 1919 Apr 3
    1 p. TLS(carbon).

    Asks who has second serial rights to The Sagebrusher; would like to make an offer as a syndicate serial.

  • E. H. to W. G. C. 1919 Apr 4
    1 p. TLS.

    Tells Chapman that D. Appleton & Co. has second serial rights of The Sagebrusher. Feels it might do well as it had no magazine serialization.

  • E. H. to M. W. LeFevre 1920 Aug 30
    1 p. TLS.

    Encloses photograph as requested by The Sunday Telegram(Albany, N. Y.).

  • E. H. to John O'Hara Cosgrave n. y. Jul 31
    2 p. ALS.

    Congratulatory letter to a friend.

  • Ripley Hitchcock to R. W. Gilder n. y. Sep 30
    1 p. ALS.

    Encloses article by Hough on "Literary Misconstructions of the Modern West," in hope that Gilder can use it.

  • Photograph of E. H., head and shoulders[Signed] 1920 Aug 30
  • Questionnaire filled out in hand of E. H. 1920 Aug 29
    1 p.