A Guide to the Papers of the Kean Family Kean Family Papers 1331-c

A Guide to the Papers of the Kean Family

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Papers of the Kean Family 1859-1951
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This collection consists of ca. 1745 items

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Papers of the Kean Family, Accession #1331-c, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.

Acquisition Information

These papers were originally loaned to the University of Virginia Library by Jefferson Randolph Kean, Clifton Forge, Virginia, on December 4, 1989, and renewed by his sister, Margaret Kean Rubel, on January 31, 1995.

Biographical/Historical Information

Robert Garlick Hill Kean (1828-1898) married 1) Jane Nicholas Randolph (1831-1868) on April 24, 1854

Their children: a) Lancelot Minor Kean (1856-1931) m. 1) Elizabeth Tucker Prescott 2) Martha Foster Murphy; b) Patsy Cary (Kean) Morris (1858-1939) m. John Speed Morris; c) Dr. Jefferson Randolph Kean (1860-1950) ; d) Robert Garlick Hill Kean, Jr. [1861-1883?];e) Lewis Randolph Kean (d. 1864); f) George Randolph Kean (1866-1869)

R.G.H. Kean married 2) Adelaide Navarro de Maret Prescott on January 14, 1874.

Dr. Jefferson Randolph Kean (1860-1950) married 1) Louise Hurlburt Young (1877-1915) on October 10, 1894. Their children: a) Martha Jefferson Kean (1895-?) m. William Chason; b) Robert Hill Kean (1900-?) m. Sarah Rice Elliott

Dr. J.R. Kean married 2) Cornelia Butler Knox on March 24, 1919.

For additional information see the two volumes of the Collected Papers of the Monticello Association of the Descendants of Thomas Jefferson especially the article "Jane Nicholas Randolph and Robert Garlick Hill Kean" by Robert Hill Kean and Jefferson Randolph Kean, in Volume II, Chapter XV, pages 92-102 (E332.76.S49).

Scope and Content

This collection consists of bound volumes and correspondence of the Kean family, ca. 1,745 items (13 Hollinger boxes, ca. 7 linear feet), [1859]-1951, chiefly the 39 diaries of Dr. Jefferson Randolph Kean(1860-1950) and other bound volumes, and the correspondence between Dr. Kean and other members of the Kean family. The largest group of correspondence consists of letters from his father, Robert Garlick Hill Kean, a lawyer in Lynchburg, Virginia, and a member of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors (appointed in 1872 and in 1890), to Dr. Jefferson Randolph Kean, 1879-1898, full of family news, Lynchburgevents, the University of Virginiaand commentary on Virginia and local politics.

This collection consists of two series: Series I: Bound Volumes (Boxes 1-4) and Series II: Correspondence (Boxes 5-13).

Dr. Jefferson Randolph Keankept the diaries from 1891 until his death in 1950. In the first volume, he states his purpose in keeping the diaries as to jot down daily occurrences, especially those of a social nature, including new acquaintances, marriages, births, and deaths. At the back of each volume, Dr. Kean usually kept lists of all these plus a list of all letters sent and received by month. He also attempted to index the more notable pages of his diaries and some of these indexed items will be mentioned in the following diary summaries. Most diaries have numerous references to family news and events and medical colleagues.

Diary Summaries (see Boxes 1-3)

Vol. 1 - Lynchburg(1891 Dec) - St. Augustine(1893 May), mentions Levy & Monticello, and Edgehill

Vol. 2 - St. Augustine(1893 May 9 -1894 Nov 19) - Key West Barracks(1894 Nov 20-1895 Apr 19)

Vol. 3 - Key West Barracks(1895 Apr 21-1897 Apr 5) -On Leave to St. Augustine, Lynchburg, Washington, New York, and Boston(1897 Apr 5-May 3) - Fort Warren, in Boston Harbor(1897 May 3-Sep 10)

Vol. 4 - Fort Warren(1897 Sep 11-1900 Nov 1) -Left for Quemados, Headquarters Department of Western Cuba(1900 Nov 1), mentions Walter Reed, W. C. Gorgas, the sinking of The Maine, the Spanish-American War, the Armistice

Vol. 5 - Cuba(1900 Nov 13-1902 May 20) -Left for Newport Newson 1902 May 20 -chiefly in Washington(1902 May 31-1904 Jun 2), mentions Walter Reed's Yellow Fever Experiments, the assassination of President William McKinley, and the Medical Reorganization Bill; Pages 6-10 of the diary include the Pine Ridge Campaign, South Dakota(1890 Nov 19-1891 Mar 27) from an earlier time in his career

Vol. 6 - New York City(1904 Jun 5) - Cuba(1907 Jan 31), mentions winning the Seaman's Prize Essay Award, an auto trip through the Valley of Virginia, appointed by President Theodore Rooseveltto the Central Committee of the American Red Cross, the San Franciscoearthquake, intervention in Cuba, Kean takes charge as Health Officer of Cuba, and visit to Panama

Vol. 7 - Cuba(1907 Feb 1) - Washington, D.C.(1909 Nov 24), mentions his health work in Cuba

Vol. 8 - Washington, D.C.(1909 Nov 25) - Los Angeles, California(1911 Jul 1), mentions Painted Deserttrip, his presence at the Maneuver Camp, San Antonio, due to the unrest in Mexico, and the Nicholas lands

Vol. 9 - Los Angeles, California(1911 Jul 1) - Lexington, Virginia(1912 Sep 15) mentions examination of rats for plague at San Juanand elsewhere, trip to Paris, sanitary survey conducted by Kean, Amundsen reaching the South Pole, Monticello Graveyard, and typhoid prevention

Vol. 10 - Washington(1912 Sep 28) - Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas(1914 Jul 14) includes family dates and genealogy, record of his foreign service with dates, list of correspondence with the Surgeon General's Office, and record of the first meeting of the Monticello Association

Vol. 11 - Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas(1914 Jul 18) - Washington, D.C.(1916 Mar 9), mentions outbreak of World War I, trip to Yellowstone Park

Vol. 12 - Washington, D.C.(1916 Mar 10) - Paris, France(1918 Feb 10), mentions preparations of the medical service for war, Monticello Association, mobilization of Base Hospitals, and Red Crosswork

Vol. 13 - Paris, France(1918 Feb 11) - Boston, Massachusetts(1919 Sep 7), describes his war work in Europe

Vol. 14 - Boston, Massachusetts(1919 Sep 9) - Boston, Massachusetts(1920 Oct 30)

Vol. 15 - Boston, Massachusetts(1920 Nov 1) - Boston, Massachusetts(1921 Nov 9), lists dates and places of his foreign service, homeopathic Base Hospitals, and trip to Europe

Vol. 16 - Boston, Massachusetts(1921 Nov 17 -1922 Nov 19)

Vol. 17 - Boston, Massachusetts(1922 Nov 24 -1923 Dec 8), mentions the death of President Wlliam J. Harding, accepts the position of editor of The Military Surgeon and secretaryship of the Association of Military Surgeons, sighting of the naval airship Shenandoah over Boston, and examination of some papers of his father's

Vol. 18 - Boston, Massachusetts(1923 Dec 13) - Ft. McIntosh, Texas(1924 Nov 16)

Vol. 19 - Washington, D.C.(1924 Nov 26 -1925 Oct 14)

Vol. 20 - Washington, D.C.(1925 Oct 15) - Walter Reed Hospital(1927 Apr 10), mentions the Walter Reed MemorialAssociation and Prohibition

Vol. 21 - Washington, D.C.(1927 Apr 10 -1928 Aug 31), mentions the Charles Lindberghflight, the Monticello Association, " Edgehill" and " Tuckahoe"

Vol. 22 - Washington, D.C.(1928 Sep 1 -1930 Mar 4), mentions Poplar Forestvisit (p. 102), and the Wall Street Stock Market Crash

Vol. 23 - Washington, D.C.(1930 Mar 8 -1931 Aug 20), mentions India& Gandhi(p. 179), and the Stuart portrait of Thomas Jefferson(p. 180)

Vol. 24 - Washington, D.C.(1931 Aug 21 -1932 Dec 24), contains genealogical notes, and mentions plans for the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Monticello Association, Prohibition, the Japanese seizure of Shanghai, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the flight of Amelia Earhart, the Bonus Army, and the Presidential election

Vol. 25 - Washington, D.C.(1932 Dec 25 -1934 Jul 15), mentions Franklin Rooseveltand the "New Deal" (pages 110-111), John L. Newcomb's election as President of the University of Virginia(p. 86)

Vol. 26 - Washington, D.C.(1934 Jul 21 -1935 Aug 31), mentions the Thomas Jefferson Memorials, the Walter Reed Memorial Association, and his resignation as secretary of the Association of Military Surgeons

Vol. 27 - Washington, D.C.(1935 Sep 1 -1936 Nov 12), includes his personal health record, mentions the award of the Grand Cross Order of Merit of Carlos Finlay by the President of Cuba, and the conquest of Ethiopiaby Mussolini

Vol. 28 - Washington, D.C.(1936 Nov 15 -1938 Mar 31), mentions the Jefferson cups, King Edward's VIII love affair, the annexation of Austriaby Hitler, Democratic conference, Hitler, the Jews of Europe, the Sully portrait of Martha Jefferson Randolph, Monticello Association, the North Pole, the sinking of the U.S. gunboat The Panay in Nankingby the Japanese, Romania, the inauguration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Supreme Court

Vol. 29 - Washinton, D.C.(1938 Apr 1 -1939 May 4), mentions aviation, especially Howard Hughes, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Commission

Vol. 30 - Washington, D.C.(1939 May 7 -1940 Jun 9), mentions Association of Military Surgeons International Congress, American Military History Institute, blitzkriegs, China, Battle of Flanders, Winston Churchill, Dunkirk, Finland, France, Hitler, Stalin, Income Tax, Jefferson Memorial, Japan& China, the Jefferson cups, the Netherlands, Norway, the capture of Parisby the Nazis, Russian attack on Finland, strike of W.P.A. workers, Wounded Knee, the invasion of Polandand other war events

Vol. 31 - Washington, D.C.(1940 Jun 10 -1941 May 13), mentions the Democratic convention, the Lend-Lease Bill, the U.S. take-over of Greenlandto establish an air base, Income Tax, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Commission, Dr. Fiske Kimball, labor strikes, Defense Production, the Oaksin Washington, D.C., numerous references to the war, the Republican National Convention, air raids over England, the Walter Reed Memorial Association, and the destruction of Westminster Abbeyand Plymouth

Vol. 32 - Washington, D.C.(1941 May 14 -1942 Apr 2), mentions the British Navy, Winston Churchill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rudolf Hess' flight, retirement of Chief Justice Hughes, the League of Nations, labor, death of Kaiser Wilhelm, Fiske Kimball, "Right-to-Work," Monticello Association, Thomas Jefferson Memorialand the inscriptions, Stalin-Hitler pact, General Douglas MacArthur, Congress and lobbies, Pearl Harbor, the progress of the war, and submarines

Vol. 33 - Washington, D.C.(1942 Apr 3 -1943 Feb 7), mentions Dr. Harry Clemons, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Commission, the Presidential election, rationing, the Gorgas medal, violin belonging to Thomas Jefferson, Dr. Fiske Kimball, Eddie Rickenbacker, saboteurs, suppression of bad news, Supreme Court, U-Boats, and much war news

Vol. 34 - Washington, D.C.(1943 Feb 8 -Dec 31), mentions the Thomas Jefferson Bicentennial, Winston Churchill, rationing, Mississippi Valleyfloods, Keangenealogy, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Thomas Jeffersonportraits on exhibit in the National Gallery of Art, penicillin, Montgomery and the Eighth Army, the Moscow Convention, coal strike, war news, Thomas Jeffersondescendants, and the U-Boat menace

Vol. 35 - Washington, D.C.(1944 Jan 1 -Nov 10), mentions bureaucratic government, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Commission, Cuban election, nomination of Governor Dewey of New York, D-Day, Fiske Kimball, Italian King Umbertoretirement, invasion of Germanyand other war news, robot planes, sketch of Marshall Petain, Monticello Association, capture of Rome, Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, assassination attempt on Hitler, and the presidential election

Vol. 36 - Washington, D.C.(1944 Nov 15 -1945 Aug 21), mentions the Atomic Bomb, Atlantic Charter, Communism, concentration camps, United Nations, General Dwight Eisenhower, Hitler, Mussolini, war news, Okinawa, Poland, capture of Berlin, war criminals, Yalta Conference, Potsdam Conference, death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Harry S. Truman, San Francisco Conference, and British elections

Vol. 37 - Washington, D.C.(1945 Aug 21 -1946 Jun 26), mentions Atomic Bomb, Senator Byrd, Bernard Baruch, United Nations, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Fiske Kimball, labor, Nurembergtrials, the Red Cross, V-J Day, Secretary Stimson, politics, E.R. Stettinius, Japan, and end of war

Vol. 38 - Washington, D.C.(1946 Jul 1 -1948 Mar 11), mentions air crashes, Bikiniand the Atomic Bomb, Princess Elizabethof Great Britain, murder of Gandhi, personal health notes, Thomas Jefferson, Nazi criminals, labor, politics, Russia, Monticello Association, Henry Wallace, and President Harry S. Truman

Vol. 39 - Washington, D.C.(1947 Jan 15 -1950 Jul) "And So to Bed A Diary," mentions Secretary of State George Marshall, Monticello Association, John L. Lewis, Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, Great Britain's loss of power, Thomas Jefferson, Taft-Hartley Labor Bill, India, Atomic control, General George Marshall, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jeffersonand the Unitarian Church, Soviet movement into Czechoslovakia, the Berlinblockade, disposal of his books and papers, Korea, publication of Dumas Malone's book about Thomas Jefferson, and publication of Volume one of The Papers of Thomas Jefferson.

A list of the other bound volumes can be found in the box listing for boxes three and four at the end of the guide.

Letters from R. G. H. Keanto Dr. Jefferson Randolph Kean

These letters begin with J. Randolph Keanat the University of Virginiain 1879 where he attended the Medical School until 1883 June 25. His other locations during his correspondence with his father include:
at home in Lynchburg(1883 Jun 27-Aug)
New York City(1883 Sep 26-1884 Feb 14)
Ft. Sill, Indian Territory, Oklahoma(present day Comanche County), as assistant and post surgeon (1884 Jun 16-1887 Nov 30)
on leave from Ft. Sill(1887 Nov 30-1888 Jan 28)
return to Ft. Sill(1888 Feb -1891 Dec)
at Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota(1890-1891 Winter)
on leave in Lynchburg(1891 Jun)
on leave in Lynchburgdue to bullet wound (1891 Dec)
Captain & Post Surgeon, St. Francis Barracks, St. Augustine(1892 Mar 23)
marriage of J. Randolph Keanto Louise H. Young(1894 Oct 11)
orders to go to Key West Barracks(1894 Oct 31)
orders to go to Ft. Warren, Boston Harbor(1897 Mar 16)
arrival at Ft. Warren(1897 May 3)
war declared on Spain(1898 Apr 25)
R.G.H. Keanvery ill, J.Randolph Keanat Lynchburg(1898 May 16-24; Jun 2-15)
R.G.H. Keandies (1898 Jun 13)
J. Randolph Keanleaves Ft. Warrento report to Jacksonville, Florida(1898 Jun 24)

Subjects mentioned in letters of R.G.H. Keaninclude:

controversy over boarding houses at the University of Virginia(Apr 6)
Lynchburgelections and a legal case involving a railroad (May 18)
a big fire at Lynchburgon May 29th (Jun 1)
advice that medical service in the Army preferable to private practice (Jun 14)
discussion about John Warwick Daniel's speech at the unveiling of Lee's statue at Lexington(Jun 30)
Kean's dislike of William Mahoneand discussion about the elections (Nov 5 & 18; Dec 11)
Anthony Trollope's autobiography (Dec 3)
the growth of industry in the South and the importance of her ports (Dec 11)
sightings of Robert G.H. Kean, Jr.(Sep 26, Oct 24; 1884 Jan 9, Feb 3; 1886 Apr 15)

death of Aunt Mary Randolph(Jun 26)
train wreck near [Lovetown?] (Jun 30)
discussion of early Civil War Service of R.G.H. Kean& the army commission of J. Randolph Kean(Aug 3)
preparation for the case of Noble vs Davis (Aug 11)
Mahoneism & local elections (Sep 3)
local adultery scandal involving Dr. E.H. Murrellat the Springs (Sep 8)
comments about upcoming elections (Nov 1, 15)
Kean's speech at Washington & Lee(Nov 28)

use of morphine in pregnancy (Jan 7, 28)
vacant professorship in Law and Chemistry at the University of Virginia(Jan 7)
controversy over Indian lands (Jan 28)
strike of South Pacific Railroadworkers, "silver politics" and economics (Mar 10)
the President's proclamation re the settlers in the Oklahoma Indian Territory(Mar 19)
mention of proposal to use "colored troops" in Central America(Mar 30)
dedication of the Observatory at the University of Virginia(Apr 9 & 19)
worries over the changes in faculty at the University of Virginia(May 16)
Jefferson Harrisonat Edgehillapparently insane (Jun 10, 15)
death of little Addie (Jun 20)
death of little Lancelot and R.G.H. Kean's sister, Nannie (Jul 17)
burial of Dr. John Staige Davis at the UVA cemetery; death of General Grant (Jul 27)
T. J. Levy barring access to the Monticello burying ground (Aug 19)
description of the [Denmark ?] circulating library out of Raleigh, N.C.(Sep 25)
local politics, including Fitzhugh Lee's success in his Democratic canvass for the Governor's race (Sep 25)
controversy in their synod over the teaching of evolution (Oct 24)
his support for Civil Service Reform (Mar 30; Nov 23; Dec 12)
the solution for the "Indian Problem" (Nov 17)

essay by R.G.H. Kean re "Jefferson as Legislator" (Jan 4; 1887 Jan 8)
bankruptcy of John Morris causes bankruptcy of R.G.H. Kean& Lancelot Kean; Kean wants to give Universal History formerly belonging to Thomas Jefferson to his son, Dr. Kean (Jan 23) the possibility of working on a Jefferson concordance; his wonder at Jefferson's versatility (Mar 7, 27)
the death of Lanty's boy (Mar 13)
reference to a strike in New York by the Knights of Labor(Mar 27)
mention of the Andersonville Prison, federal prisoners, and General Grant's policy of attrition (Mar 27)
reference to railroad riots and bloodshed which he sees as a war between classes, Capital & Trade vs Labor, and other social changes (Apr 11)
financial details; his concern over the loss of his law library due to bankruptcy (Apr 15 & 25, May 2)
sale of Kean's house and property; views on local option; his speech against Prohibition pushed by the Methodists and Baptists; and his views on religious intolerance which is hindered by the wide diversity of sects present in the United States (Apr 25)
the "prohibition election" in Lynchburg; his low opinion of John Morris; daughter Patty is working while pregnant but will probably go to Edgehillfor her confinement; and General Early's desire for him to run for Commonwealth's Attorney (May 2 & 4)
Kean's bankruptcy and bad behavior of John Morris: and the rejection of Mr. Button by the Senate and Button's quarrel with J.R. [Mabee?](May 15)
discussion of alcohol; belief that John Morrisdepends on his wife or friends for support (May 23 & 31)
attempted suicide of Mrs. Nowlin (Jun 14)
arrest of George A. Kinnearfor the theft of registered letters at the post office (Jun 29)
UVA gossip about Dr. James F. Harrisonwho was caught engaging in "criminal amour" with George F. Holmes' "cracked or eccentric daughter" and was urged by the Board of Visitors to leave his position in the School of Medicineand take up farming in Prince William County(Jul 17)
the difficult delivery and death of a neighbor, Mary (Mrs. Clayton Manson) (Jul 17, 26 & 29)
changes at the University of Virginia Medical Schooland faculty (Aug 9)
concerns over the agriculture and economy of Virginia -many young men going out West (Aug 16)
discussion of Civil Service Reform, the Democratic Nominating Convention at Lynchburgto replace Daniel and the debt question (Aug 22; Sep 1)
description of local earthquake (Sep 1)
Patsy's milk business begun (Sep-Oct)
a legal case involving a company who manufactures cigarette making machines and the inventor of its most successful model (Oct)
the burning of the Medical Hall at the University of Virginia(Nov 26)
wants J. Randolph Keanto send his fossil discovery to University of Virginia; discussion of the possible ramifications of a Comanche word which might mean "elephant" (Dec 21)

[John W.] "Daniel's morbid greed for patronage" and public drunkenness in Washington(Jan 8; Mar 1)
comments re Uncle Tom's Cabin (Mar 1)
the effect of railroads on agricultural land (Mar 13)
Prescott Keanreceives two young alligators from Louisiana(Apr 11)
St. Paul'sneed for a new church building (Apr 17)
young boys addicted to cigarettes; the closing of the school at Edgehill(Apr 24)
reference to Louis Pasteur's germ theory (Apr 29)
long discussion on the participation of the Knights of Laborin the municipal elections with the political canvassing of "all the Negroes, most of the more ignorant mechanics and pretty much all the white riffraff"; belief that William Mahoneis manipulating the Knights of Labor in order to succeed H.H. Riddlebergerin the Senate; and Wilson Randolphhas returned to the nail factory (May 7 & 29; Jun 12)
many young Virginians heading West to make a living (Jun 4)
the return of old Confederate battle flags protested by the G.A.R. Union veterans; his opinion of General Thomas Rosser(Jun 19)
visit to Wythevilleand the U.S. Fish Hatchery(Jun 27)
election of city officers by the new City Council of Lynchburg; Kean re-elected City Attorney; his "fishing excursion" (Jul 3)
plans to visit J. Randolph Keanat Ft. Sillfor a month in August ([Jul 29])
Lanty's preparations to leave for Sioux City, Iowato make a living (Oct 2)

frequent use of morphine in treatments by doctors (Feb 13)
J. Randolph Kean's transfer to Ft. Robinson (Dawes County) Nebraska(Mar 13)
the double sin of C.W. [Price ?]who not only decided to run as an independent after his loss in the primary but also kept a mistress and bought her a house (Apr 22)
the shortage of nurses who are engaged for four weeks service in advance to care for new babies (Apr 22)
daughter Pat delivers a boy almost without help (May 6)
Addie goes to Philadelphiafor treatment at a private hospital (May 3-Oct 1)
trip of J. Randolph Keanto Rawlinsand Green River City, Wyoming Territory(Jun-Jul)
U.S./Canada disagreement under Grover Clevelandand Kean's good opinion of Philip Sheridan(Aug 25)
Pat and R.G.H. Keanattend the Exposition at Richmond(Oct 22)
discussion of the "dirty turmoil of politics," approval of President Grover Cleveland(Nov 4, 11)
"the race question," sexual relations between the races, criticism of Darwin & Huxley (Dec 8)

working on a paper for the annual State Bar Association meeting called "Judiciary of Virginia" (Jan 20)
decision of vestry of St. Paul's Churchto build a new church on the Slaughter lot (Jan 20)
description of the appearance of Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria-Hungary(Feb 3)
overdoses of quinine, opium, and other drugs in the neighborhood (Feb 3)
his mistake in not networking during his legal career (Feb 11)
belief that Indians in the future will virtually disappear or mix with white or Negro races (Feb 17)
the altercation between Senators [William Eaton?] Chandlerand [ Joseph Clay Stiles Blackburn?] in Committee (Feb 24)
the problem of lobbyists and their influence in Congress (Mar 3)
discussion of "the Negro question," women in French society and the drawbacks in the liberty of American women in choosing husbands (Mar 10)
death of General Hatch (Apr 16)
discussion about the admission of African Americans to church administration and voting, especially the Episcopal Church and his belief that they would vote as a block (May 29)
Kean is Chairman of the Lynchburgdelegation to the State Democratic Convention at Richmond(Aug 10)
Hattie Drakehas gone into professional nursing and is prepared to serve in Europewith the Red Crossin military hospitals if war should break out (Aug 18 & 28)
stamp collecting (Aug 28)
John Morrishas left to work in the Indian Territory in Caney, Kansas(Nov 1 & 22)
trouble with [Jefferson ?] Levyover the legal rights of the heirs of Jefferson Randolphto access the Monticello burying ground; fox hunting in Albemarle; lack of confidence in juries (Nov 8)
J. Randolph Keanwill be promoted to Captain in February of 1890 (Dec 4, 15)
description of Pat's new home in Caney, Kansas(Dec 22)

Lynchburgin the throes of prohibition fever; Kean's disapproval that both sexes and races are allowed to speak out against alcohol on the same platform in the spirit of social equality; Prescott Keanhas lost almost all of his belongings in a fire in one of Abbott's school buildings (Jan 12)
full discussion on Senator [John James ?] Ingall's speech on the race question in which he proposes "justice -i.e., a full and fair vote"; Kean proposes the allotment of several states or portions of states solely to African American citizens (Jan 26 & Feb 10)
appointment of R.G.H. Keanto the University of Virginia Board of Visitors; Lizzie finally able to join Lancelot Keanin Sioux Cityafter two and a half years (Jan 29)
mentions the building up of cities such as Roanokeand Buena Vista(Mar 16)
mentions concerns of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors, especially the Law Department (Mar 18, Jul 20, Aug 10)
memorial observed for Robert E. Leeat the University of Virginia(Jun 8)
discussion of geology and J. Randolph Kean's trip to Wyomingwith the Princetongeology team (Aug 24)
the good reputation of the University of Virginia(Sep 9)
death of a V.M.I.Cadet Taliaferro of Norfolk by fist fighting with a Texas Cadet (Sep 28)
concern over possible Sioux Indian conflicts, J. Randolph Keanat Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota, 9th Cavalry Battalion where the Indians were roused by Messianic promises and the Ghost Dance, events leading up to the massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota(1890 Nov 23 & 27; Dec 5; 1891 Jan 1)
disapproval of Benjamin Harrison's treatment of the Indian rebellion and quotes Texan [Louis Tresvant ?] Wigfall's disparaging comments concerning Jefferson Davis(Dec 5)
refers to the death of Sitting Bullleading to new hostilities; heavy snows at Roanokeand Fincastle(Dec 18)

news that J. Randolph Keanis supposed to come East with the "K" troop detail; he spends June in Lynchburg(May 19)
J. Randolph Kean's gunshot accident & injury to his leg (Jul 30, Aug 3, 8, & 13; Oct 4, Nov 5)
J. Randolph Kean's pedigree for Sons of the American Revolution(Aug 18)
description of church run schools in Bedford City(Sep 14)

new post assignment for J. Randolph Keanat St. Francis Barracks, St. Augustine, Florida(Mar 25)
legal problems at Edgehill following the death of Sarah [Randolph?]and the possible sale of the Thomas Jefferson manuscripts to Congress (Apr 30)
the University of Virginia- Johns Hopkins baseball game (May 21)
possible law partnership with Lile (May 26)
discussion of the possibility and theory of flight (Jun 11)
collapse of the old Winston furniture store on Main Street killing J.H.C. Winston and two black laborers (Jul 3)
higher education for women and the University of Virginia (Jul 21)
discussion of Sir J. Crichton Brown on Sex in Education (Aug 12)
the illness of Professor William Elisha Petersat the University of Virginia and the need of an assistant in Latin (Aug 20)
concern over cholera and the sewer system in Lynchburg(Sep 23)
J. Randolph Keanat Asheville, North Carolina(Oct 2)
J. Randolph Keanat Sioux City, Iowaon a visit (Oct 10)
Virginia politics, mention of the Dalton Gang and Coffeyville near where Pattie lives (Oct 15)
University of Virginia Board of Visitorsmeeting about the water supply (Oct 24)
more discussion of Virginiapolitics, death of R.G.H. Kean's sister Hattie (Nov 12)
details about the possibility of an endowed chair in English Literature at the University of Virginia(Dec 11,16, & 23)

causes for personal depression (Jan 20)
more discussion about the endowed chair in English Literature at the University of Virginiaby Mrs. Kent (Jan 12)
the politics of Jefferson Coolidge(Feb 5)
opinions about child rearing (Feb 14)
Prescott Keanenlists in the Navy (Mar 21, Apr 4 & 18, Jun 2, Dec 1 & 23)
domestic adultery scandal in Nelson Countyinvolving two law partners (May 28)
University of Virginia Board of Visitorsmeeting re the Law Department and John B. Minor, Jr.(Jul 18 & 23)
"currency famine" [the Panic of 1893] and the suit against Congressman W.C.P. Breckinridgeof Kentuckyfor breach of promise to marry (Aug 13 & 20, Sep 5; see also 1894 Apr 15)
his opinion of Charles Triplett O'Ferrallas a candidate for Governor (Aug 20)
mentions Lucy Cocke(Aug 26)
sudden death of Dr. William B. Towles, Chair of Anatomy, and need for University of Virginia Board of Visitorsmeeting (Sep 17 & 21)
the engagement of J. Randolph Keanto Louise H. Young(1877-1915) (Sep 21)
R.G.H. Kean's gladness that his term on the Board of Visitorswill soon be over, "wild horses could not drag me into another term on the Board. Eight years of careful conscientious work, to the loss of much valuable time, in a most thankless duty, is as much as comes to my share." (Oct 13)
belief that Senator Daniel's speeches help keep Democrats from defecting to the 3rd party [the Populist Party ?], wish that Congress had stayed in session long enough to pass the Tariff and Election Bills rather than to go home to "look after their fences" (Nov 4)
wheat harvesting in Kansas(Dec 1)
the proposal to build a hospital at the University of Virginiapresented to the Board of Visitors (Dec 18)
the death of Dr. Morris, father-in-law of Pattie (Dec 23)
wife and child beating case in Lynchburg(Dec 23)

University of Virginia Board of Visitorsmeeting about using the Fayerweather money to build and equip a hospital on grounds provided the Legislature adopts the hospital as a state hospital (Jan 13)
the death and observations about the life of General Jubal A. Early(Mar 4)
meeting Mr. George Young, father of Louise (Mar 9)
death of Aunt Betty [ Elizabeth Garlick Hill] (Mar 12)
discussion about the Census of 1890 and his fears about immigration, mention of a bullet proof "jacket," the Kelly Army at Omaha and Council Bluffs, and Populist agitators (Apr 29)
R.G.H. Kean's visit to St. AugustineJuly 7-August 3 (Jul 3 & 7)
death of Dr. W. C. Dabneyat the University of Virginia(Aug 21, Sep 6)
marriage of J. Randolph Keanon October 10 (Oct 10)
abuse of cocaine (Nov 5)
Eleanor going to Baltimoreto take lessons in design at one of the Art Schools (Nov 24)
the promotion of athletics at the University of Virginiaby the Board of Visitors (Nov 27)
Fayerweather will and the University of Virginia(Dec 26)

visit from Lancelot Keanwhile on business in Washingtonlobbying for the railroads (Jan 13)
despair over understanding the "currency question" and the silver issue (Feb 13)
embezzlement case in Lynchburgby a teller of the First National Bank(Feb 24)
an assault against some lawyers in the Law Building (Feb 27)
the Spanish-Cuban trouble and his concern over possible U.S. involvement (Mar 24, Apr 10, May 5, Jul 28, and Sep 24)
description by Pat of a sandstorm which swept over the states to the east of the Rockies (Apr 10)
the University of Virginia's attempt to keep track of alumni, the retirement of Schele de Vere, and other news about the University (Apr 21)
the presentation of a bust of cousin John at the University of Virginia with a speech by Senator Daniel (Jun 7)
a copy of R.G.H. Kean's remarks about the Jubilee of Professor John B. Minorat the University of Virginia Law School from the Virginia Law Register (Jul 1)
Kean lost his position as City Attorney to A. W. Nowlin as a result of politics (Jul 6)
the death of cousin John [Barbee Minor?]and his burial at the University of Virginia cemeteryand the work of the Board of Visitors to fill Minor's chair (Aug 4)
Martha Jefferson Keanborn to J. Randolph Keanand Louise Kean(Sep 1)
Lancelot Keanrunning as a Democrat for State Senate in Iowa(Sep 24)
Prescott Keanon leave (Oct 7)
the Monroe Doctrine and the Cuban controversy; and Thomas Jefferson's role in the Monroe Doctrine (Oct 20, Dec 12)
Great Britain-Venezuela boundary dispute over Guiana (Oct 20, Dec 24)
"the disastrous fire" at the University of Virginia and rebuilding plans for the Rotunda(Nov 3, 10, Dec 2, 17)
Addie Kean's attendance at a meeting of the Daughters of the Confederacyin Atlanta(Nov 15)
Kean's opposition to a third term for President Grover Cleveland and Lancelot's lost election (Nov 22, Dec 4, and 1896 Apr 11)

Great Britain- Venezuela controversy, national politics, and a discussion of the book The English in the West Indies (Jan 1, Apr 11)
South Africa and Great Britain-the failed raid led by [Dr. Leander Stan Jameson] into the Transvaal (Jan 8)
treaty between Russia and Turkey(Jan 27)
Cuba(Feb 4 & 29, Mar 21, Apr 11, May 4 & 10, Jun 2, 10, & 26, Oct 31, Dec 13, 19 & 20)
meeting of the Fortnightly Literary Club(Feb 15)
national politics (Feb 23)
the annual banquet of the University of VirginiaAlumni (Apr 19)
appointment of Fitzhugh Leeas Consul General, 1896-1898, to Havana, Cuba(Apr 19 & 24, Jun 2)
the misuse of Thomas Jeffersonquotes and discussion about the graduated income tax (May 10)
the chances of William McKinleybeing nominated at the Republican Convention and the silver controversy (Jun 10)
the Board of Visitors at the University of Virginia"unloading some of their deadwood" [professors] and the competition between the University and Washington & Lee Law Departments (Jun 20)
the platform of the Democratic Convention held in July in Chicago (Jun 26, Jul 12)
Kean's bad memories of the Republican Party during Reconstruction and his decision to vote for William Jennings Bryan(Jul 19)
the silver question (Jul 30)
discussion of economics and the disparity of the very rich and others (Aug 6)
death of Aunt Ellen [Wayles Harrison](Aug 16, 18)
the restoration of the Rotunda(Aug 18)
the Presidential race (Sep 19; Nov 14)

the awkwardness of the Monroe Doctrine in a shrinking world; concern over the amount of the Federal budget pensions consume; and a discussion of Quo Vadis (Jan 5)
discussion of articles by Richard Harding Davis and sketches by Frederic Remington; problems of unemployment due to labor saving machinery and cheap immigrant labor (Jan 9 & 13)
Cuba(Feb 27, Mar 10)
distrust of Senator Daniel on the issues (Feb 27)
mentions various strikes and Eugene Debs(Aug 14)
discussion about Vaughan and other genealogy; New York politics (Oct 8, 23; Nov 6)
Buffalo Bill's Rough Riders (Oct 17)
activities of Addie Keanat the United Daughters of the Confederacy(Oct 23)
the death of a Georgiafootball player during a game at the University of Virginia(Nov 13, 21)
Dr. Randolph resigned the rectorship but not his membership on the Board of Visitors at the University of Virginiadue to poor health (Dec 13)
U.S. currency controversy; the problem of numerous pensioners and abuse of the pension system (Dec 19 & 25)

genealogy (Jan 23)
article about pension abuse by Kean, "Pensions v. Coast Defenses" (Jan 17 & 23)
unsuccessful search for a servant willing to go to Bostonby Addie (Jan-Feb)
the Maine disaster and danger of war; the value of the Hawaiian Islands(Feb 19, 23,27; Mar 3, 9, 19, 27, 31; Apr 9, 14, 16)
Kean's serious illness (Apr 23, 28, 30)

There is also one folder of letters between Mrs. R.G.H. Kean, ( Adelaide Navarro de Maret Prescott) and Dr. J. Randolph Kean, from the time J. Randolph Keanwas teaching school in Onancock, Virginiain 1880 until 1922. There are also occasional letters from Addie to Randolph in the letters from R.G.H. Keanto his son described above.

There are four folders of letters from Dr. J. Randolph Keanto his wife, Louise Hurlburt Young Kean(1877-1915), beginning in 1898 after the declaration of war on Spainand continuing during his absences until shortly before her death in 1915. The first group of letters, in 1898, were written from Ft. Ethan Allen, Essex Junction, Vermont; Lynchburg, Virginia, where J. Randolph Keanattended his father in his last illness, May 16-June 13; and describing his life and work at Camp Cuba Libre, Jacksonville, Florida, Headquarters and Field Hospital, 2nd Division, 7th Army Corps, June 27-September 5, 1898. For more details of this period, 1898-1900, see his diary, volume number 4. The letters in 1900 were written while J. Randolph Keanwas stationed in Quemados, Cuba, the Headquarters Department of the Province of Havanaand Pinar Del Rio, Chief Surgeon's Office, mentioning yellow fever cases and Dr. W. C. Gorgas. When the letters were written in 1902, Kean was chiefly in Washington, D.C.but made visits to Camp G.H. Thomas, Lytle, Georgia, and elsewhere, on Army business, while his wife Louise was visiting at Edgehilland the University of Virginia. The last two folders contain Kean's correspondence to his wife in 1912-1913, on War Department, Office of the Surgeon General stationery, describing a tour of inspection in the South, a period covered in volumes 9 & 10 of his diaries.

Another large group of correspondence consists of the letters from J. Randolph Keanto and from his mother-in-law (two folders) and Louise H. Young Keanto her mother (12 folders), Louise Hurlburt Young, beginning with the marriage of Randolph and Louise in 1894. These letters describe the Army surgeon career and travels of J. Randolph Keanfrom his wife's perspective, especially their experiences in Cuba.

Another group of letters is comprised of correspondence between J. Randolph Kean and his son, Robert Hill Kean(1900 -?) during the Great War (3 folders), while Kean was serving with the American Expeditionary Forces, Headquarters, U.S. Army Ambulance Service, chiefly in Tours, France, and Robert was attending Woodberry Forest School, and 1946-1950 (10 folders). There is also a single folder of letters from Robert Keanto his father, 1917-1918, and 1947. Kean particularly describes his work with the Services of Supply in 1918 when censorship was relaxed for those serving away from the Advance Section, also mentioning his promotion to Brigadier General, Medical Corps. He also mentions the Jefferson's Day Centennial Celebration by the University of Virginia Overseas Alumni on April 12 & 13, 1919; his marriage to Cornelia B. Knox(1919 Apr 1, 22; May 2, 26); and his receipt of the Legion of Honor from the French government (Apr 13).

There are also four folders of condolence letters and telegrams to J. Randolph Keanupon the death of his first wife, Louise H. Young, 1915-1916 from friends and associates. Other folders of correspondence include one of letters from Robert Landis Hershey to Robert Hill Kean, 1924-1927; one of John Kean to J. Randolph Kean, 1942-1950; and a folder of miscellaneous Kean familycorrespondence, 1859-1950. The latter folder includes: a recommendation for R.G.H. Kean(1859); Nannie R. Keanto her brother R.G.H. Kean(1868 Oct 26); Professor John B. Minorre the "Miller Deed to the University of Virginia" (1869 Mar 12); V. Dabney(1873 May 17); letters from R.G.H. Keanto Addie Keanwhile visiting J. Randolph Keanat Ft. Sill, Indian Territoryand St. Francis Barracks, St. Augustine, Florida(1887 & 1894); a summary of R.G.H. Kean's debt (1897); newsclippings concerning the Edgehillfire in 1916 and the death of Lancelot Keanin 1931; and Louise Keanto J. Randolph Kean(1906 Oct 10).

The last group of correspondence consists of miscellaneous correspondents to Cornelia Knox Kean and Jefferson Randolph Kean alphabetically arranged. These include: Estela Agramonte; Alderman Library; Mary Beth Anderson; Randolph Anderson; John H. Andrus; David Rankin Barbee; Grace Berl; Mrs. George A. Bradford; Frank P. Brent; Honorable Jefferson B. Browne; Mary Stuart Chamberlain; Robert L. Chason; Josephine Colt; Ross Cooley; Mary Coolidge; Helen Crump; John Dalton; Annis & John [Ewell]telegram; Alfred Fanton; General Charles Fevrier; Caroline Gallup(sister of J.R. Kean); William Crawford Gorgas; Andy Hall; Mrs. H.L. Harrell; Dr. Phillip S. Hench; Lancelot Minor Kean; Mary E. Lazenby; Fitzhugh Lee; Camilla Lippincott; Major Lledge; Mary McAdie; Professor W.F. Magie; Aunt Maria Mason; Colonel Edgar W. Miller; Grace Minns; Pattie Morris; General [R.M.] O'Reilly; Papers of Thomas Jefferson, returning a letter press copy of a letter from Thomas Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph(1792 June 22); James M. Phalen; William S. Potter; J. Wardwell Proctor; Randolph Family; Colonel Robert Isham Randolph; Alice Young Rich; Frank B. Rogers; A. Owen Seaman; J.F. Siler; Mary R. Slocum; Willard Springer, Jr.; Eloise A.C. Suter; Olivia Taylor; Kim Vardaman; H.A. Webster; Peggy Wells; Walter Muir Whitehill; William Holland Wilmer; and Mason Young.

Container List

Box 1
Diaries of Dr. Jefferson Randolph Kean
(15 Volumes)
Box 2
Diaries of Dr. Jefferson Randolph Kean
(15 Volumes)
Box 3
Diaries of Dr. Jefferson Randolph Kean
(9 Volumes)
Box 3
Order Book of Dr. Jefferson Randolph Kean, including France and Boston
Box 3
Memoranda Book of R.G.H. Kean
ca. 1865-1866
Box 3
Journal & Itineraries of Marches from Ft. Robinson to: 1) Fort Duchesne, Utah (1888); 2) Badlands, South Dakota, with Princeton Scientific Group (1890 Aug); 3) Fort Wishakie (1890 Sep)
Box 3
Notes re Dr. J.R. Kean's Diaries, Volumes I-VI
Box 4
Memoranda re The Military Surgeon
Box 4
Memoranda Books kept by Dr. J.R. Kean
ca. 1943-1949
(3 volumes)
Box 4
Temperature and Weather Records kept by Dr. J.R. Kean, including notes about the garden
ca. 1927-1949
(6 volumes)
Box 5
Robert Garlick Hill Kean to Dr. J. Randolph Kean
(9 folders)
Box 6
Robert Garlick Hill Kean to Dr. J. Randolph Kean
1888-1891 Jul
(9 folders)
Box 7
Robert Garlick Hill Kean to Dr. J. Randolph Kean
1891 Aug-1894 Oct
(10 folders)
Box 8
Robert Garlick Hill Kean to Dr. J. Randolph Kean
1894 Nov-1898
(6 folders)
Box 8
Mrs. R.G.H. Kean to and from Jefferson Randolph Kean
ca. 1880-1922
Box 8
Dr. J. Randolph Kean to Louise H. Young Kean
Box 9
Dr. J. Randolph Kean to Louise H. Young Kean
1902, 1912-1913
(3 folders)
Box 9
Dr. J. Randolph Kean to Louise Hurlburt Young
1894-1904, n.d.
Box 9
Louise Hurlburt Young to Dr. J. Randolph Kean
Box 9
Louise H. Young Kean to Louise Hurlburt Young
1885-1896 May
(3 folders)
Box 10
Louise H. Young Kean to Louise Hurlburt Young
1896 Jun-1908
(9 folders)
Box 11
Dr. J. Randolph Kean to Robert H. Kean
(3 folders)
Box 11
Dr. J. Randolph Kean to Robert H. Kean
(6 folders)
Box 12
Dr. J. Randolph Kean to Robert H. Kean
(4 folders)
Box 12
Robert H. Kean to Dr. J. Randolph Kean
Box 12
Letters to Dr. J. Randolph Kean re the death of his wife, Louise H. Young Kean
ca. 1915-1916
(3 folders)
Box 12
Telegrams to Dr. J. Randolph Kean re the death of his wife, Louise H.Young Kean
1915 Dec
Box 13
Robert Landis Hershey to Robert Hill Kean
Box 13
John Kean to Dr. J. Randolph Kean
Box 13
Miscellaneous Kean Family Correspondence
Box 13
Miscellaneous Correspondents to Cornelia and Dr. J. Randolph Kean
ca. 1882-1951
(4 folders)