A Guide to the Alice and Phoebe Cary Collection Cary, Alice and Phoebe. 6978-c

A Guide to the Alice and Phoebe Cary Collection

A Collection in the
Clifton Waller Barrett Library of American Literature
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Collection Number
Alice and Phoebe Cary Collection 1855-1870, n.d.
ca. 23 items

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Alice and Phoebe Cary Collection, Accession 6978-c, Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library

Acquisition Information

Deposit, 1964 May 25

Funding Note

Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Alice Cary
  • Charles Deems
  • Charles F. Deems
  • Charles Force Deems
  • Emily Hartley
  • Emily [Hartley]
  • J. A. J. Wilson
  • Phoebe Cary
  • Richard Henry Stoddard
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Thurlow Weed
  • [Frederick West] Lander
  • [James Ripley] Osgood
  • [John Greenleaf] Whittier
  • [Richard Watson] Gilder

Item Listing

  • "Our spirits seem to me as wines ..." by Alice Cary
    1855 Mar
    AMsS, 1 p.
  • "Adelied" by Alice Cary
    AMsS, 1 p.
  • "Uncertainty" by Phoebe Cary
    AMsS, 1 p.
  • "Alas" by Phoebe Cary
    AMsS, 1 p.

    [in folder with newspaper clippings under Miscellaneous]

  • Alice Cary to Mr. Foster
    1860 Dec 21
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Explanation that ill health of others for whom she had to care prevented her from writing.]

  • Alice Cary to "My dear friend"
    1862 Mar 6
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Mentions death of friend General [Frederick West] Lander , whose life she characterizes as a "brilliant failure."]

  • Alice Cary to Richard Henry Stoddard
    1866 Oct 21
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Compliments his poems and advises him to "stick to what you see and know and feel" as topics for poetry.]

  • Phoebe Cary to "My dear friend"
    1869 Feb 25
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Is compiling a hymn book with Rev. Dr. Charles F. Deems . ]

  • Phoebe Cary to Emily [Hartley]
    1870 Aug 21
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Doing some editing-work; took Emily's ms to a publishing house.]

  • Alice Cary to Eddie (nephew)
    n.y. Apr 18
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Writing for the Ledger and visit from [John Greenleaf] Whittier ; her new book is selling well and she mentions plans to publish her poetry in the winter.]

  • Phoebe Cary to Mrs. McKaye
    n.y. Apr 21
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Complies with request for an autograph.]

  • Phoebe Cary to Mr. Leaver
    n.y. Jul 20
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Encloses poems for possible public ation, their prices, and return addresses. Also note, possibly by Leaver, which indicates that the poems were not accepted.]

  • Phoebe Cary to Edwin (nephew)
    n.y. Sep 27
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Information from Mr. Owen about private Europe an school "Hofwyl."]

  • Phoebe Cary to [Richard Watson] Gilder
    n.y. Nov 6
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Encloses poem by Charles Deems for review by Hours at Home . ]

  • Alice Cary to Emily Hartley
    n.y. Nov 19
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Encourages Emily to send her articles for children on Africa to Riverside magazine.]

  • Alice Cary to [James Ripley] Osgood
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Asks to have her books sent to Clark, Waggoner & Son and Thurlow Weed , where she hopes they will receive favorable reviews.]

  • Phoebe Cary to Mr. Foster
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Regrets unable to see him due to Alice's ill health and the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Trillis.]

  • "Anonymous" ( Phoebe Cary ) to [ Charles Force Deems ]
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Offers advice on Deems' poetry. Explanatory note on verso by Deems.]

Photographs and prints
  • Alice Cary by J. A. J. Wilson
  • Alice Cary "from a daguerreotype from life" with same engraving titled, "Miss Alice Cary, first president of Sorosis" by Johnson, Wilson & Co. , Publishers, N.Y.
  • Phoebe Cary , Brady's, National Photographic Galleries , Broadway & 10th St. N.Y.
    Original photograph and two engravings
  • Engraving of Phoebe Cary
  • Newsclippings in bound volume include: Poems by Phoebe Cary , "Thou and I" "A poetic tribute to Susan B. Anthony at her 50th birthday," "Peace," "Nearer Home," "Prayer," and "The Christian's Evening Tide." Several obituary notices of both Alice Cary and Phoebe Cary and an item entitled, "Pleasant Evenings: Reminiscences of the Cary Sisters." Bound volume also includes AMsS for "Alas"
    14 newspaper clippings