A Guide to the Silas Weir Mitchell Collection Mitchell, Silas Weir. 6337-b

A Guide to the Silas Weir Mitchell Collection

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Silas Weir Mitchell Collection 1870-1911
ca. 65 items

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Silas Weir Mitchell Collection, Accession 6337-b, Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library

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Deposit 1963 Dec 17

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Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Andrew D. White
  • Arthur Hale
  • Beatrice Tollemache
  • Beatrix Tollemache
  • Carl Benson
  • Charles Astor Bristed
  • Charles Strong
  • Cosntance J. Greer
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  • E. R. Robinson
  • Emily Tuckerman
  • Florence Marion Howe Hall
  • Francis F. Browne
  • Francis Scott Key
  • Frank B. Reazer
  • George E. B. Saintsbury
  • George Sechel Pepper
  • George Trevelyan
  • H. B. Fuller
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Howard Pyle
  • J. F. Davies
  • James MacAlister
  • James Whitcomb Riley
  • John Cadwalader
  • John Kearsley Mitchell
  • John W. [Karlson]
  • Joseph A. Stetson
  • Julia Ward Howe
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Lionel A. Tollemache
  • Moncure Daniel Conway
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • Oliver Wolcott Gibbs
  • Pariau S. Parsons
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Richard Watson Gilder
  • Robert Browning
  • Robert Underwood Johnson
  • Rofe Cholim
  • Rudyard Kipling
  • Sidney Lanier
  • Silas Weir Mitchell
  • Stanley Matthews
  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Virginia Moore
  • Walter George Smith
  • Weir Mitchell
  • William B. Dayton
  • William Morton Payne
  • William Pepper
  • William Vaughn Moody
  • Wolcott Gibbs
  • [Fitz-Greene] Halleck
  • [Helen] Grace Smith
  • [James] Bayard Taylor
  • [Richard Watson] Gilder
  • [Silas Weir] Mitchell
  • [Thomas Bailey?] Aldrich
  • [Walter George] Smith
  • [William Cullen] Bryant

Significant Places Associated With the Collection

  • Africa
  • America
  • Buffalo
  • Chicago
  • England
  • Maine
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Venice

Item Listing

  • Poem, " Friendship "
    n. d.
    TMs, 1 p.
  • Westways
    n. d.
    AMs, 15 p.

    [Early draft of the beginning of Westways , 1913.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Mr. Barney
    1870 Jan 26
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Gives thanks for satisfactory closure on sale of land; asks for account of sale of 160 acres.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to William B. Dayton
    1870 Mar 3
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Encloses account for consultations.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to John Cadwalader
    1877 Feb 24
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Says he has letter from Cadwalader's grandfather and will keep it for him or send it to him; offers him and his wife money if they need it; offers hospitality in Philadelphia . ]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to "Dear Madam"
    1887 Jul
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Responds to request for an autograph; says he is unable to write a selection.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to "My Dear Sir"
    1890 Jan 23
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Gives dates on which he could meet Howard Pyle in New York ; discusses a poem and illustration which will appear in a magazine.]

  • Representative of Houghton, Mifflin Co. to H. O. H. and Co.
    1892 Oct 25
    ANS, 2 p.

    [Informs company that Silas Weir Mitchell approved the page proof; wants manuscript of his preface returned so he may make corrections; encloses a copy of page proof, 3 pages of Francis Drake: A Tragedy of the Sea ; includes AN by Silas Weir Mitchell approving the page and requesting the manuscript of the preface for corrections.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Robert Underwood Johnson
    1893 Jan 4
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Says he read the book sent to him when he was ill; discusses the merits of poetry and Johnson's, Richard Watson Gilder 's , and his own work; promises to send his new book "for revenge."]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to "Dear Sir"
    1897 Nov 20
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Says he is willing to read for 20 minutes later on in the program when the audience has quieted down; thinks that too many readers are on the program for the time available; suggests that program be altered because, in its present form, it appears to be a commercial affair.]

  • Lionel A. Tollemache to Silas Weir Mitchell
    1899 Aug 14
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Replies to his letter to Beatrice Tollemache ; discusses his own writings, especially the character sketches, "talks with Mr. Gladstone," and a small volume sent to Mitchell containing reminiscences of Lewis Carroll ; talks at length about poetry, Mitchell's " When all the Woods are Green "; believes Mitchell's verses are reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling 's " Recessional Hymn "; mentions his schoolfellow, George Trevelyan ; refers to a friendly review of Characteristics in The Spectator of August 12.]

  • Beatrix Tollemache to Silas Weir Mitchell
    1899 Aug 15
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Thanks him for books; mentions Characteristics , " When all the Woods are Green , " and her own attempt to write character sketches; discusses an old saying from Cheshire; relates stories about her nephew's exploits in the Rockies and in Africa ; tells a story about a Benedictine monk who was sent from England to America . ]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Virginia Moore
    1900 Nov 23
    ALS, 3 p. w/env

    [Discusses details of speaking engagement at Smith College . ]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Centurion
    1906 Oct 27
    ALS, 1 p. initialed

    [Responds to inquiry.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Wolcott Gibbs
    1906 Nov 26
    TLS, 2 p.

    [Speaks with affection about Gibbs' deceased sister and her hospitality to him; sends him some theses that give evidence of the activity in Smith's department.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to [Walter George] Smith
    1908 Jun 4
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Responds to request for and autograph.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Miss Belton
    1908 Dec 10
    TLS, 2 p. w/env

    [Regrets that he is unable to attend the funeral of his old friend; promises to write again in a few days; sends regards to Emily Tuckerman . ]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Miss Belton
    1908 Dec 15
    ALS, 3 p. w/env

    [Expresses feelings on the death of her uncle; fears the slow decay of old age; talks affectionately about [ Oliver Wolcott Gibbs ], his old friend.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Joseph A. Stetson
    1909 Feb 11
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Praises Arthur Hale as a proper member of the Players; says he cannot promise to autograph book because he may not be in New York for months.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Walter George Smith
    1909 Feb 18
    AN, 1 p. w/env

    [Expresses thanks.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Walter George Smith
    1909 Mar 3
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Remarks on the sonnets of the "Wingless Hours" by an unnamed author he sent to him; believes the author to be an invalid lacking in self-criticism; comments that he himself does not know how to use the "terrible" sonnet form.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to William Morton Payne
    1911 Apr 15
    TLS, 2 p.

    [Gives him the times he can see him in Chicago ; asks to see some people while there as well as Payne's museum in the Park; requests hotel arrangements for himself and his valet; declines a fee; AN accepts cost of travel and hotel only.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Rev. Frank B. Reazer
    1912 Mar 25
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Thanks him for an encouraging letter concerning "his best work"; believes that although the book did not sell as well as others, there were rewards of another nature; mentions the many letters from people with similar histories who came to him; singles out letter of woman who told about the influence of drink on her husband.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Francis F. Browne
    [ca. 1890] Dec 24
    ALS, 3 p. w/env

    [Says he is glad to receive The Dial ; wishes that magazine luck, larger space, and competent length of reviews; believes that reviews ought to be signed by the reviewers; speculates that George E. B. Saintsbury wrote an article on "Chicago Fair"; calls S[aintsbury] "really a pestilent fellow"; recommends that Browne reprint Saintsbury's article on Lowell and the Civil War which Saintsbury called "a parochial disturbance"; praises H. B. Fuller 's The Cliff Dwellers . ] (Includes 2 typed carbon copies)

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to William Morton Payne
    [ca 1911] May
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Wonders about the rooms that were engaged for them in Chicago ; sends a list of people he wants to see, especially Dr. Billings and [Patriott]; hopes a lot of doctors will attend his lecture; promises it will be brilliant and original; asks for travel expenses only because he never takes a fee for lectures.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Countess Iddesleigh
    Jul 5
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Sends her one of his books, which was very successful in America ; speaks about a young man he felt sorry for but was unable to help.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to "Dear Sir"
    Oct 4
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Says he will send out invitations later than the correspondent will send his announcements; believes Professor Barker will be more helpful than Wood.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to "Dear Sir"
    Oct 5
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Requests 2 copies of Hephzibah Guiness for minor corrections; says no corrections are needed for Wear and Tear ; asks that he find the number of editors and the publisher of the first edition of Wear and Tear . ]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Newbold
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Complains that he finds the commercial side of his life distasteful; insists that his own doctor take fees; sends him his consultant account.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to [Thomas Bailey?] Aldrich
    n. d.
    ALS, 4 p.

    [States that Aldrich has recovered from illness and has returned to making verse about Longfellow; says he is working on the third copy of his new novel which will appear next November in The Century ; mentions that [Richard Watson] Gilder is excited about the novel; believes it to be a good sign in an editor; refers to his son's new play.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Rofe Cholim
    n. d.
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Expresses interest and comments on book Cholim sent to him on Cholim's "race."]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to "Dear Sir"
    n. d.
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Remarks that a book presented to Thomas Jefferson would be worth more if it has Jefferson's signature.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Miss Forbes
    n. d.
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Advises her to go without Bismuth for some time; recommends four books to be read to her father; mentions a nice note he received from Mrs. Forbes.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Wolcott Gibbs
    n. d.
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Speaks about telepathic sympathies between them; admires Gibbs' handwriting which belies his age; describes his visits to his patients; notes that he works as a doctor only in the winter and spends summers fishing for salmon and writing fiction in Maine ; believes some essential difference exists between scientific work and creative fiction.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Miss Harris
    n. d.
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Sends regrets because he is unable to undertake "this pleasant and interesting matter."]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Mrs. Russell
    n. d.
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Turns down trip to Buffalo to see a mental patient; discusses the problems of diagnosing and treating mental patients; asks for contribution to enlarge his nervous hospital; reports that Mr. Robb is very well, but unaware of the peril he was in.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Charles Strong
    n. d.
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Feels that members of the W. Island Club that are not present should be able to vote on new members; thinks it should use the same procedure as in the Round Table Club ; suggests that Strong make some change in the laws.]

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to "Dear Ann"
    n. d.
    AN, 2 p. initialed

    [Says number 5-c has been ready for her for awhile; fears that it will be part of a collection nobody will buy.]

  • Legal agreement for publication of A Christmas Venture
    1908 Jan 29
    TDS, 2 p.

    [Signed by Silas Weir Mitchell and George William Jacobs & Co. and witnessed by Cosntance J. Greer and Pariau S. Parsons . ]

  • Magazine reproduction of Silas Weir Mitchell in profile
    1914 [Jan]

    [Includes biographical sketch listing Mitchell's accomplishments as a physician and writer

  • Silas Weir Mitchell to Mr. [Dutihl]
    1874 Jan 1

    [For medical attendance.]

  • " >A Prayer " by Silas Weir Mitchell
    n. d.

    [Includes 2 copies of a poem.]

  • " Ave Pennsylvania "
    n. d.
    Leaflet, 3 p.

    [Poem, signed by Silas Weir Mitchell . ]

Autograph Book
  • "Autographs of Poets"
    n. d.
    AMsS, 45 p.

    [Volume bound in dark blue leather with gilt ornamentation; includes following items.]

  • Robert Browning to Mr. Field
    1883 Feb 8
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Reflects on six weeks spent in Venice . ]

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to [ Silas Weir Mitchell ]
    1866 Dec 13
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Thanks him for the book which he is looking forward to reading.]

  • "I see the immediation sweet . . " by Ralph Waldo Emerson
    n. d.
    AMsS, 1 p.
  • [James] Bayard Taylor to [ John Kearsley Mitchell ]
    1854 Nov 4
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Recommends his brother for the position of physician at Lazarette.]

  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti to "My dear sir"
    n. d.
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Regrets that he cannot help with the binding.]

  • [Fitz-Greene] Halleck to John Kearsley Mitchell
    1840 Feb 26
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Declines invitation.]

  • Poem, " Identity " by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
    1905 Mar 19
    AMsS, 1 p.

    [Inscribed to Silas Weir Mitchell . ]

  • Oliver Wendell Holmes to [ John Kearsley Mitchell ]
    1846 Dec 14
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Says he is pleased by comment about poem; includes AN on verso, initialed W. M., 1892, describes when Holmes gave Mitchell the poem and letter.]

  • Poem, " Old Ironsides " by Oliver Wendell Holmes
    n. d.
    AMsS, 2 p.
  • Francis Scott Key to John Kearsley Mitchell
    1841 Sep 25
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Discusses his publishing projects.]

  • [William Cullen] Bryant to John Kearsley Mitchell
    1840 Feb 26
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Declines invitation.]

  • Poem, " Lincoln " by James Whitcomb Riley
    1905 Feb 12

    [Includes signed autograph dedication to Silas Weir Mitchell . ]

  • Florence Marion Howe Hall to Mrs. Mitchell
    Jul 11
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Asks her to send copy of " Battle Hymn of the Republic . "]

  • Florence Marion Howe Hall to [Silas Weir] Mitchell
    Jul 16
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Encloses autograph copy of " Battle Hymn of the Republic "; claims share of credit for writing it since her mother wrote while staying with her; compliments his book.]

  • Poem, " Battle Hymn of the Republic " by Julia Ward Howe
    n. d.
    AMsS, 3 p.

    [Inscribed to Silas Weir Mitchell . ]

  • Poems, " Hymn of the Marches " and " Individuality " by Sidney Lanier
    n. d.
    AMsS, 7 p.

    [Signed by author.]

  • Poem, " Chopion " by [Helen] Grace Smith
    n. d.
    AMsS, 1 p.
  • Printed poem, " On a soldier fallen in the Phillippines " by William Vaughn Moody
    n. d.
  • Fragment of poem, "From the forest down to the river were ten broad ditches or more, . . ." by Carl Benson ( Charles Astor Bristed )
    Aug 7
    AMsS, 3 p
  • List of words or terms regarding Morris-dancing
    n. d.

    [Laid in back of volume.]

  • Printed card for Social Art Club Dinner
    Sep 16
    Printed Card

    [Includes 17 autographs, 10 identifiable as Moncure Daniel Conway , John W. [Karlson] , Stanley Matthews , Andrew D. White , Weir Mitchell , E. R. Robinson , [ J. F. Davies ], James MacAlister , George Sechel Pepper , William Pepper . ]