A Guide to the Robert Green Ingersoll Collection Ingersoll, Robert Green. 7025-a

A Guide to the Robert Green Ingersoll Collection

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Robert Green Ingersoll Collection 1877-1899
21 items

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Deposit, 1964 November 17

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Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • A. Palmer
  • Clark Mills
  • Edgar Fawcett
  • J. Frank
  • J. W. Keller
  • James B. Pond
  • James W. Taylor
  • John J. Brady
  • John Sherzer Hittel
  • Raley Husted Bell
  • Robert Green Ingersoll
  • Samuel S. McClure
  • William Reed Dunrey
  • [Charles Warren] Clifford
  • [James B.] Pond
  • [John King] Cowen

Item Listing

  • Essay on Religion
    AMsS , 13 p.

    [States that religious sincerity is no guarantee against being deceitful, providing numerous examples of liars from the Bible, Jehovah not excluded. Includes two pages of typescript from the essay.]

  • Essay: "Has religion civilised the world?"
    AMs , 1 p.

    [Argues against Christianity, claiming Christians do not turn the other cheek but rather have developed many sophisticated weapons.]

  • Essay on Religion
    TMs , 2 p.

    [Argues that lying and falsehood are essential to orthodox religion.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to James W. Taylor
    1877 Dec 26
    ALS , 2 p.

    [Thanks him for sending him the remarks of the Reverend A. Palmer which were stolen from his Steinway Hall speech; and calls Palmer a dishonest man.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to Clark Mills
    1881 May 12
    ALS , 2 p.

    [Sends condolences on the occasion of the death of Mills' father.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to Mr. Hutchins
    ALS , 2 p.

    [Offers his condolence.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to the Editor of the Herald
    1884 Dec 11
    ALS , 3 p.

    [Denies that he copied his lecture on "The Mistakes of Moses" from a work by John Sherzer Hittel and offers a one thousand dollar reward to anyone who can prove it.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to Mr. Raymond
    1889 Feb 20
    ALS , 2 p.

    [Mentions Judge John J. Brady and his gratitude for an invitation to dine with the Insurance Men.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to Major James B. Pond
    1890 Oct 23
    ALS , 2 p.

    [Asks Pond to advise Baron Harden-Hickey, an expert on Indian matters who was introduced to Ingersoll by Edgar Fawcett on the possibility of lecturing on Indian philosophy and religion.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to "My dear Friend"
    1890 Dec 14
    ALS , 3 p.

    [Compliments correspondent on his new political novel (no title given).]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to [John King] Cowen
    1891 Apr 8
    ALS , 2 p.

    [Promises his correspondent tickets for his lecture on Shakespeare at the Brooklyn Academy of Music . ]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to [Charles Warren] Clifford
    1891 Aug 28
    ALS , 2 p.

    [Asks Clifford to call the stock-brokers together to raise money before September 15, as he cannot depend on him for a dollar.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to [Charles Warren] Clifford
    1892 May 6
    ALS , 2 p.

    [Writes concerning financial matters.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to Mr. Deacon
    1893 Apr 6
    ALS , 1 p.

    [Regrets his inability to come to the Clover Club because he wil not be in the city at that time.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to Samuel S. McClure
    1893 Aug 10
    ALS , 1 p.

    [Requests the payment of $1,000 to "Ouida," as the agreed upon price of her manuscript on "Birds."]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to J. Frank
    1894 May 12
    ALS , 1 p.

    [Insists that he has never been indicted for blasphemy in Delaware or in any other state.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to [James B.] Pond
    1897 Feb 15
    ALS , 1 p.

    [Has instructed his agent to give Pond a box and regrets not receiving Pond's letter in time.]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to Raley Husted Bell
    1897 Mar 28
    ALS , 4 p.

    [Has read Bell's article about himself in Bell's magazine; does not consider himself worthy of such praise but is deeply grateful; cautions Bell not to injure himself by praising him too much in Georgia . ]

  • Robert Green Ingersoll to Mr. Bloch
    ALS , 2 p.

    [Returns a letter which he does not find worth answering; and promises to write something on the subject soon.]

  • Engraved New Year's card with text by Robert Green Ingersoll , plus a calling card
    Greeting card
  • J. W. Keller to the Managing Editor of Nebraska State Journal

    [Keller wants Ingersoll interviewed on the prayers that were offered in Cleveland, Ohio for him but Ingersoll refuses. With ANS by William Reed Dunrey and Robert Green Ingersoll . ]