A Guide to the Melville DeLancey Landon ("Eli Perkins") Collection Landon, Melville DeLancey ("Eli Perkins"). 7844

A Guide to the Melville DeLancey Landon ("Eli Perkins") Collection

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Melville DeLancey Landon ("Eli Perkins") Collection 1873-1895
ca. 11 items

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Melville DeLancey Landon ("Eli Perkins") Collection, Accession 7844, Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library

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Deposit [1963 Dec 17] 1965 Feb 17

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Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Charles F. Wingate
  • Eli Perkins
  • Ik Marvel
  • Mark Twain
  • Melville DeLancey Landon
  • Melville DeLancey Landon
  • Melville Delancey Landon
  • Melville Delancey Landon
  • Samuel Sidney McClure
  • Thomas Nast
  • Ulysses S. Grant

Item Listing

  • Brief description of a "bore"
    n. d.
    AMsS, 1 p.
  • Melville DeLancey Landon to "My Dear Arthur"
    1873 Dec 1
    AMsS, 1 p.

    [Encourages Arthur in his resolve to stop drinking.]

  • Melville DeLancey Landon to "My dear Eben"
    [1876?] Nov 30
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Sends a recipe for a hot rum drink; mentions Rev Mr. Talmodge; on verso is the top half of a page of a letter, dated 1878 Oct 26, to Melville DeLancey Landon regarding a collection of autographs and autographed letters of distinguished Americans since the Revolution.]

  • Melville DeLancey Landon to Samuel Sidney McClure
    1892 May 10
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Discusses columns he will write about women in the Orient for the "Woman's Page" of McClure's syndicate; attached clipping tells of Melville DeLancey Landon 's upcoming trip to the Orient; mentions Mrs. Pratt, Buddhism, Shintoism, Christianity.] (with newspaper article pasted on)

  • Melville DeLancey Landon to Charles F. Wingate
    1893 Apr 17
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Mentions his wife's sending $100 for a share of Sullivan County Club and a lot; says that, since he will do much for the club, he wants Mr. Wingate to take good care of him by picking out a good lot for him; mentions a trip to Oregon ; mentions Ik Marvel ; attached clipping discusses literature paying well in America , cites Mark Twain and Eli Perkins as examples.]

  • Melville Delancey Landon to Samuel Sidney McClure
    [1895] Apr 25
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Discusses writing a little book that "could let daylight through Coin;" says his India , Japan , and China experience with free coinage should help him; mentions upcoming lecture through the 29th; wishes for a meeting with McClure (as possible publisher for the book) on Tuesday, April 30; mentions Mr. Dana.]

  • Melville Delancey Landon to General Ulysses S. Grant
    [n. y.] May 4
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Discusses taking "care of Greeley in this direction;" mentions Greeley's "splendid character for satire;" mentions Thomas Nast . ]

  • Portrait of Melville Delancey Landon , with reproduction of pencil sketch of him on verso
    n.d., ca. 1893
  • Full face portrait of Melville Delancey Landon
    n. d.
  • Humorous "Season Ticket" to "Eli Perkins" Lectures
    n. d.

    ["Admit the Bearer . . . anywhere in the world, for years and years."]