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A Guide to the Carl Van Vechten-Mark Lutz Collection,

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Guide to the Carl Van Vechten-Mark Lutz Collection

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Guide to the Carl Van Vechten-Mark Lutz Collection, Accession #5, Rare Books and Special Collections, Boatwright Library, University of Richmond, Richmond, Va.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mark Lutz, 1969

Biographical/Historical Information

Carl Van Vechten: author; born Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 17th June 1880; son of Charles Duane Van Vechten and Ada Amanda Fitch; marriage, 1st, 1907, Anna Elizabeth Snyder; divorced 1912; marriage, 2nd, Fania Marinoff, Russian actress. Died New York, 1964. Education: University of Chicago; Ph.B. 1903. Assistant musical critic, New York Times , 1906-7, 1910-13; Paris Correspondent New York Times , 1908-1909; editor of Programme Notes Symphony Society of New York, 1910-11; dramatic critic New York Press , 1913-14; contributor, musical biographies to revised edition Century Dictionary , 1911; Member Art Commission, Fisk University; Member of Board, Cosmopolitan Symphony Orchestra; W. C. Handy Foundation for the Blind, 1952; Life Member Negro Actors' Guild; Founder of the James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection of Negro Arts and Letters at Yale University Library, 1941 (awarded the title of Honorary Curator in 1946); Founder: Carl Van Vechten Collection of Books and Manuscripts at the New York Public Library, 1941; and also of the George Gershwin Memorial Collection of Music and Musical Literature at Fisk University, 1944; Founder of Jerome Bowers Peterson Memorial Collection of Photographs of Celebrated Negroes by Carl Van Vechten, at Jonson Gallery, University of New Mexico, 1955; Rose McClendon Memorial Collection of Photographs of Celebrated Negroes by Carl Van Vechten, at Howard University, 1946; Anna Marble Pollock Memorial Library of Books about Cats, at Yale University Library, 1947; Florine Stettheimer Memorial Library of Books about the Fine Arts at Fisk University, 1949; Captain at AmericanTheatre Wing Stage Door Canteen in New York, 1942-45 and at their Merchant Seamen's Club, 1943-45; Honorary Doctor of Literature, Fisk University, 1955; Member National Institute of Arts and Letters, 1961. Publications: Composer; Five Old English Ditties , 1904; Author; Music after the Great War , 1915; Music and Bad Manners , 1916; Interpreters and Interpretations , 1917; The Merry-go-round , 1918; The Music of Spain , 1918; In the Garret , 1920; A Letter by Morgan Lewis Fitch , 1920; Interpreters , 1920; The Tiger in the House , 1920; Lords of the Housetops , 1921; Peter Whiffle--His Life and Works , 1922; The Blind Bow-Boy , 1923; The Tattooed Countess , 1924 (made into a musical by Coleman Dowell, produced New York 1961; Firecrackers , 1925; Excavations , 1926; Nigger Heaven , 1926; Spider Boy , 1928; Feathers , 1930; Parties , 1930; Sacred and Profane Memories , 1932; Nijinsky , 1946; Isadora Duncan , 1947; Pavlova , 1947; Alfred A. Knopf at 60 , 1952; Fragments from an Unwritten Autobiography , 1955; Gardenias for Alicia , 1960; Between Friends , 1961; editor Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein , 1946; editor Last Operas and Plays by Gertrude Stein , 1949; Photographer, 1932-64; (editor) Two: Gertrude Stein and Her Brother , 1951; Mrs. Reynolds , 1952; Bee-Time Vine , 1953; As Fine as Melanctha , 1954; Painted Lace , 1955; Stanzas in Meditation , 1956; and, finally, Book of the Alphabet and Birthdays , 1957.(See note 1 at the end of the guide.)

Mark Lutz: journalist/editor. Born Glassborough, New Jersey, 1901. Family moved to Richmond the following year where his father became editor of the Richmond News Leader . Living on Park Avenue the Lutz family and the Clarke family were next-door-neighbours. The young Emily Clarke was soon to become a founder member and co-editor of The Review , a literary magazine which achieved a certain degree of fame. Mark enrolled at the University of Richmond, where he lived on campus. He was graduated in 1923. Shortly thereafter he also joined the Richmond News Leader where he rose to become its book reviewer/critic. Subsequently, he wrote for both Richmond newspapers-the News Leader and the Times-Dispatch -as a book reviewer and theatre critic with a byline. Mark's elder brother, Earl, wrote also-a history called Chesterfield: An Old Virginia County , which became a textbook in the public schools in the Commonwealth. He also worked on a study of the Confederate Naval Academy and the students who absconded with the treasury, which Mark completed following his brother's death, although it was never published. It is not surprising, given this writing background that Mark too turned his hand to journalism. He moved to the Germantown area of Philadelphia in the mid-1930s, where he was for many years editor of the Philco News , and other industrial publications. Died Philadelphia, 1969.

Scope and Content Information

The collection includes letters, photographs, magazine articles, and other memorabilia of Mark Lutz, Virginia newspaper journalist, and Carl Van Vechten, writer, photographer, and New York Times journalist and fine arts critic.

Contents List

Photographic Portraits by Carl Van Vechten.
  • Box 1:1
    Louis Broomfield November 2, 1933


  • Box 1:2
    Paul Vincent Carroll April 26, 1938


  • Box 1:3
    Paul Gallico December 28, 1937


  • Box 1:4
    Robinson Jeffers September 7, 1934


  • Box 1:5
    Robinson Jeffers September 7, 1934


  • Box 1:6
    Robinson Jeffers September 7, 1934


  • Box 1:7
    Sinclair Lewis June 5, 1938


  • Box 1:8
    Mabel (Dodge) Luhan April 12, 1934


  • Box 1:9
    Mabel (Dodge) Luhan April 12, 1934


  • Box 1:10
    W. Somerset Maugham May 26, 1934


  • Box 1:11
    Carlotta O'Neil September 5, 1933


  • Box 1:12
    Eugene O'Neil September 5, 1933


  • Box 1:13
    Julia Peterkin February 26, 1933


  • Box 1:14
    Julia Peterkin February 26, 1933


  • Box 1:15
    I. J. Singer January 7, 1938


  • Box 1:16
    I. J. Singer January 7, 1938


  • Box 1:17
    Gertrude Stein (at Bilignin) June 13, 1934


  • Box 1:18
    Gertrude Stein (at Charvrottes) June 12, 1934


  • Box 1:19
    Gertrude Stein (New York) November 4, 1934


  • Box 1:20
    Gertrude Stein (in her lecture dress) November 4, 1934
  • Box 1:21
    Gertrude Stein (in her lecture dress) November 4, 1934
  • Box 1:22
    Gertrude Stein (in her lecture dress) November 4, 1934
  • Box 1:23
    Gertrude Stein (in her lecture dress) November 4, 1934
  • Box 1:24
    Gertrude Stein & Alice Toklas November 4, 1934

    cookery-book authoress

  • Box 1:25
    Alice B. Toklas Nov. 4, 1934

    cookery-book authoress

  • Box 1:26
    Alice B. Toklas Nov. 4, 1934

    cookery-book authoress

  • Box 1:27
    Carl Van Vechten-writer, critic & photographer (self portrait) June 16, 1934
  • Box 1:28
    Dr Lin Yutang October 29, 1936

    writer & academic

  • Box 1:29
    Unidentified-(almost certainly Mark Blitzstein, composer) October 23, 1933
  • Box 1:30
    Unidentified February 17, 1934
Photographs by Carl Van Vechten: Section devoted to Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, and Carl Van Vechten.
  • Box 2:1a
    Stein, Toklas, Carl Van Vechten, Pilot and Stewardess on the boarding-steps prior to their first flight-Cleveland-Chicago Photograph by Dudley Brumbach, Cleveland Plain Dealer November 7, 1934
  • Box 2:1b
    Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas displaying good-luck fetishes prior to departure November 7, 1934
  • Box 2:2
    Carl Van Vechten and Gertrude Stein May 2, 1935
  • Box 2:3
    Gertrude Stein (smaller print of No. 19 above) November 4, 1934
  • Box 2:4
    Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas November 4, 1934
  • Box 2:5a
    Alice B. Toklas November 4, 1934

    large, signed, portrais-souvenir of a visit to Richmond

  • Box 2:5b
    Alice B. Toklas November 4, 1934

    large, signed, portrais-souvenir of a visit to Richmond

  • Box 2:6
    Gertrude Stein-with dedicatory inscription January 4, 1935
  • Box 2:7
    Alice B. Toklas- with dedicatory inscription January 4, 1935
Photographs by Carl Van Vechten and others.
  • Box 3:1
    Edward Albee April 18, 1961


  • Box 3:2
    Marguerite d'Alvarez March 23, 1933


  • Box 3:3
    Judith Anderson January 5,1937

    actress. Portrayed as Gertrude in Hamlet

  • Box 3:4
    Anthony Armstrong-Jones December 23, 1958

    photographer; the first Earl of Snowdon-spouse of Princess Margaret, for a time

  • Box 3:5
    James Branch Cabell April 30, 1935


  • Box 3:6
    Willa Cather January 22, 1936


  • Box 3:7
    Willa Cather January 22, 1936


  • Box 3:8
    Christopher Davis January 30, 1962


  • Box 3:9
    Lukas Foss undated


  • Box 3:10
    Lillian Gish April 12, 1937


  • Box 3:11
    Martha Graham and Bertram Ross June 27, 1961


  • Box 3:12
    Chaim Gross May 14, 1963


  • Box 3:13
    Philip Johnson January 18, 1933


  • Box 3:14
    Bruce Kellner May 5, 1953


  • Box 3:15
    Lotte Lenya February 13, 1962


  • Box 3:16
    Mark Lutz 1932

    one time journalist,and extremely close friend

  • Box 3:17
    Jacob Marinoff *Date?

    writer/editor and father-in-law?

  • Box 3:18
    Alicia Markova May 15, 1963

    prima ballerina

  • Box 3:19
    W. Somerset Maugham March 22, 1936


  • Box 3:20
    Francisco Moncion November 30, 1944


  • Box 3:21
    Grace Moore January 5, 1933


  • Box 3:22
    Pierre Olaf June 7, 1960

    actor, in La Plume de la Tante

  • Box 3:23
    Carlotta Monterey O'Neil September 5, 1933


  • Box 3:24
    Eugene & Carlotta O'Neil September 5, 1933
  • Box 3:25
    Eugene O'Neil September 5, 1933


  • Box 3:26
    *Domingo Ortega June 5, 1935

    bullfighter "Lester Zittreu at El Soto" on reverse--correction[?] made on typed list.

  • Box 3:27
    Edna Perker December 14, 1938
  • Box 3:28
    Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings January 18, 1953


  • Box 3:29
    Paul Robeson September 5, 1953

    singer (bronze by Epstein)

  • Box 3:30
    'Stage Door Canteen' Group April 8, 1943

    (Busboy--Langston Hughes; hostess--Terry Keane; U.S. Seaman--Andy Meakes; and Canadian Seaman--J. H. Keller.)

  • Box 3:31
    George Szell January 5, 1954


  • Box 3:32
    Paul Taylor January 12, 1960


  • Box 3:33
    Pavel Tchelitcher November 14, 1934


  • Box 3:34
    Andrew Turnbull April 18, 1962


  • Box 3:35
    Carl Van Vechten (self-portrait) May 8, 1934
  • Box 3:36
    Violette Verdy December 4, 1961


  • Box 3:37
    Ethel Waters February 19, 1939


  • Box 3:38
    Evelyn Waugh December 15, 1948


  • Box 3:39
    Thomas Wolfe April 14, 1937


  • Box 3:40
    Paul Bowles September 9, 1958

    writer, poet & composer--with Carl Van Vechten (taken by S. Mauriber)

Postcards and Postcard-sized Prints of Carl Van Vechten, his homes, wife, friends and acquaintances.
  • Box 3(a):1
    Childhood home of Carl Van Vechten at Cedar Rapids, Iowa No Date
  • Box 3(a):2
    Childhood home of Carl Van Vechten at Cedar Rapids, Iowa No Date
  • Box 3(a):3
    Carl Van Vechten (photograph by Hoppe) 1926
  • Box 3(a):4
    Carl Van Vechten (photograph by Hoppe) 1926
  • Box 3(a):5
    Norman Douglas (writer) and Carl Van Vechten No Date
  • Box 3(a):6
    Carl Van Vechten (plaster cast for bronze head by G. Lechais) 1931
  • Box 3(a):7
    Caricature of Carl Van Vechten ("...the young 'un." By R. Barton) No Date
  • Box 3(a):8
    Fania Marinoff, Russian actress and future wife of Carl Van Vechten. 1903
  • Box 3(a):9
    Fania Marinoff in Ada Van Vechten's wedding dress 1931
  • Box 3(a):10
    Fania Marinoff's dressing table in her bedroom 1931
  • Box 3(a):11
    Carl Van Vechten's New York apartment: Drawing Room early 1930s
  • Box 3(a):12
    Carl Van Vechten's New York apartment: Drawing Room early 1930s
  • Box 3(a):13
    Carl Van Vechten's New York apartment: A corner of the Drawing Room early 1930s
  • Box 3(a):14
    Carl Van Vechten's New York apartment: A corner of the Drawing Room early 1930s
  • Box 3(a):15
    Carl Van Vechten's New York apartment: Victorian Room early 1930s
  • Box 3(a):16
    Carl Van Vechten's New York apartment: A corner of the Victorian Room early 1930s
  • Box 3(a):17
    Carl Van Vechten's New York apartment: A window in the Victorian Room early 1930s
  • Box 3(a):18
    Carl Van Vechten's New York apartment: Dining Room early 1930s
  • Box 3(a):19
    Carl Van Vechten's New York apartment: A sideboard in the Dining Room early 1930s
  • Box 3(a):20
    (Carl Van Vechten in his home at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Photograph by Kilborn[?] December 17, 1881

    Van Cechten at 18 months of age

  • Box 3(a):21
    Diahann Carroll circa 1940s

    actress (in all probability taken by Van Vechten)

  • Box 3(a):22
    Paul Meares No Date


  • Box 3(a):23
    Paul Meares No Date

    Both of the above were taken with a backdrop of St. Mark's, Venice.

  • Box 3(a):24
    William Saroyan 1936


  • Box 3(a):25
    Postcard photograph of bust of Carl Van Vechten 1931
  • Box 3(a):*26
    Photographs taken at Taos, New Mexico 1929-1930

    "Spud" Johnson, alleged to have been D. H. Lawrence's secretary for a short time, Mabel Dodge Luhan, and others. Those featured are identified on the reverse in Van Vechten's own hand:"Here is the Maestro with Tony Luhan and Weller Bynner. This taken at the corner of Mabel's in Taos-circa 1929-30."

Carl Van Vechten; Articles, Reveiws, and Tributes to. about, of, and to.
  • Box 3:1
    Newsweek , (January 4, 1965), pp. 62-65. Article: 1965

    "The Connoiseur," featuring Carl Van Vechten, and some of his great photographic portraits: self; Luise Rainer; Bill " Bojangles" Robinson; Paul Robeson; Grace Moore and Sir Laurence Olivier.

  • Box 3:2
    Cue (Manhattan edition), (April 9, 1949), pp. 18-19. 1949

    "Carl Van Vechten--Novelist of the Twenties is now a Superb Portrait Photographer." A one column article accompanied by six of his photographs: Gertrude Stein; self-portrait; Bessie Smith; Mary Martin; F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Meg Mundy.

  • Box 3:3
    Issues [3 & 4] of The New Republic , 1955

    (May 16, 1955), pp. 36-37. One of these has: *"For Marco [Mark Lutz] with love from Carlo, May 12 [?] 1955. New York[?]." Article by Edmund Laeders entitled: " Mr. Van Vechten of New York City,"an appraisal to mark his approaching 75th birthday on June 17, 1955. No photographs.

  • Box 3:4
    Issues [3 & 4] of The New Republic , 1955

    As above, but no inscription.

  • Box 3:5
    Bulletin of The New York Public Library, Vol. 59, No. 7 1955

    (July 1955.) Inscribed on cover by Van Vechten: "For my Baby as her getting-well, going away present, with all love from Carlo. August 29, 1955." Pp. 331-366, an article by John D. Gordon entitled, "Carl Van Vechten: Notes for an exhibition in Honor of His Seventy-Fifth Birthday." Photograph (self-portrait) of Van Vechten attired in top hat and formal dress together with buttonhole. Armed with cup and saucer.

  • Box 3:6
    Bulletin of The New York Public Library , Vol. 59, No. 7 1955

    (July 1955.) Inscribed by Van Vechten on p. 331: "For Mark with love Carlo, July 30, 1955. New York."

  • Box 3:7
    The Yale University Library Gazette , Vol. 38, No. 4 1965

    (April 1965). This number was a special publication marking the Dedication of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. pp. 156-159 are Van Vechten related.

  • Box 3:8
    The Yale University Library Gazette , Vol. 38, No. 4 1964

    Inscription at top of p. 156 reads: Inscribed by Van Vechten: "To Bino [? unidentified] with much love from Carlo, June [?]4, 1964."

  • Box 3:9
    The Yale University Library Gazette , Vol. 39, No. 4 1965

    (April 1965). pp. 157-162 feature a Tribute to the late Carl Van Vechten by Lincoln Kirstein, entitled:"Carl Van Vechten (1880-1964)." Portrait of Carl Van Vechten by Romaine Brooks reproduced opposite, p. 157.

  • Box 3:10
    Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the National Institute of Arts and Letters , Second Series, No. 15 1965

    (1965). pp. 504-506; "Carl Van Vechten, 1880-1964," by Langston Hughes.

  • Box 3:11
    Phylon: The Atlanta University Review of Race and Culture , Vol. VI, No. 4 1965

    (Fourth Quarter 1965). pp. 310-314 feature an article by Dr. Hugh M. Gloster entitled: "The Van Vechten Vogue."

  • Box 3:12
    Publishers Weekly: The American Book Trade Journal , Vol. 168, No. 3 1955

    (July16, 1955.) P.178 has a photograph of Carl Van Vecten, Alfred A. Knopf, publisher, and Miss Texas Guinan [socialite? actress?] at the signing of the contract for the publishing of Van Vechten's novel, Parties by Knopf, 1930.

  • Box 3:13
    Loew's Weekly , Vol. 9, No. 36 1928

    (May 21, 1928). Front page, under caption: "AUTHORS VISITING HOLLYWOOD FLOCK TO AILEEN PRINGLE'S SET!" Picture of "Mal St. Clair and Aileen Pringle 'read copy' on Carl Van Vechten's latest story when the popular novelist visited M.G.M. studio where the new Lew Cody-Aileen Pringle picture, 'Beau Broadway' is being made." [ This fascinating little period-piece publication contains a claim by the theatre owners to have installed the forerunner of air conditioning in their movie theatres--something to do with 'iced air flow.' ]

  • Box 3:1
    Wagner Literary Magazine , No. 3 (1962). pp. 26-41 1962

    contain an appraisal by John Schneider entitled: "A World of Whiffles: The Novels of Carl Van Vechten" Inscribed at top of first page of this article by Van Vechten: "This is not very hot, but it is jeune publicity.-Love to Mark from Carlo." Includes reproduction of a portrait of him by Romaine Brooks, and one of his own photographs of himself with Ethel Waters.

  • Box 3:2
    The American Record Guide , Vol. 26, No. 10 1960

    (June 1960). pp. 776-777 carry a Tribute to Van Vechten by the Editor, James Lyons: "Evviva Carlo," on the occasion of his 80th birthday. P. 777 features a recent photograph taken of C. V. V. by Paul Mascriber, above which Carl wrote: "For dearest Baby Fania with all my on my eightieth birthday! Carlo, octogenarian. June 16 1960 New York." pp. 782-784 features an appreciation of Carl Van Vechten on his 80th birthday by Edward Jablonski, entitled: "Carlo Patriarch."

  • Box 3:3
    W. Somerset Maugham: Novelist, Essayist, Dramatist. 1925

    With a Biographical Note by Charles Hanson Towne. New York: George H. Doran Company, 1925. P. 52 of this book contains a passage of very high praise of Carl Van Vechten's prose style by Maugham.

  • Box 3:4
    Jet , Vol. XVIII, No. 12. P. 40 1960

    features a brief report on Carl Van Vechten's 80th Birthday Party: "New York's famous author-photographer-art patron Carl Van Vechten . . . ."

  • Box 3:5
    Bibliography : Pamphlets; broadsheets; prefaces; and a bibliography of books containing papers by Carl Van Vechten. No Date
  • Box 3:6
    Opportunity: A Journal of Negro Life, Vol. 4, No. 46. pp. 316-317, & 330 Date?

    review of Van Vechten's book Nigger Heaven by James Weldon Johnson entitled: "Romance and Tragedy in Harlem--A Review."

  • Box 3:*7
    The Yale University Library Gazette , Vol. 35, No. 1 (July 1960). 1960

    Pages 17-22 carry a piece by Fanny Hurst [writer? academic?] entitled: "Zora Hurston [black authoress]: A Personality Sketch." P. 19 contains a flattering allusion to Van Vechten which he inscribed above and below with: "For dearest Baby this magnificent tribute . . .. . . all love from Carlo the happy octogenarian July 6, 1960. New York."

  • Box 3:8
    The Van Vechten Revolution , by George S. Schuyler. 1950

    (Reprinted from Phylon: The Atlanta University Review of Race and Culture (4th Quarter 1950).

  • Box 3:9
    Postcard with ink sketch mailed in Milwaukee on August 22, 1950. 1950
  • Box 3:10(a) & (b)
    Blue cards Nos. 13 & 14 bumming up Carl Van Vechten. No Date
  • Box 3:11
    Gallery programme of an exhibition of sculptures featuring actress Fania Marinoff, and other thespians in leading roles. No Date
Geometric-Patterned Box: Material by Carl Van Vechten.
  • Box 4:1
    Esquire: The Magazine for Men , Vol. VII, No. 6 (December 1962). 1962

    pp. 170-174, & 256-258, feature "Portraits of the Artists," by Carl VanVechten. Those depicted: Henry "Homicide Hank" Armstrong, simultaneously World Boxing Champion in three weight divisions--feather-, light-, and welterweight; Alice Toklas & Gertrude Stein about to make their first flight; Salvador Dali & Man Ray, avante-garde artists--staring frightfully into the lens; Alexander Woollcott, ????; W. Somerset Maugham, writer; Carlotta & Eugene O'Neil, actress, writer/playwright; Marsden Hartley, artist; Billie Holliday, legendary blues singer; Henry L. Mencken, dictionary compiler and general know-it-all; and Madame "Bricktop, " Montmartre night-club proprietoress.

  • Box 4:2
    Ebony , Vol. V, No. 7 (May 1950). 1950

    On p. 73 Carl Van Vechten is pictured at Fiske University's (Nashville, Tennessee) Carl Van Vechten Gallery on the occasion when the Alfred Stieglitz Collection was donated by his widow, the artist Georgia O'Keefe.

  • Box 4:3
    Vogue (incorporating Vanity Fair ) (November 1, 1936). 1936

    P. 67 sees Carl Van Vechten caricatured amongst a crowd of theatregoers attending a production of Macbeth in Harlem by an all-black caste. Article by Robert Littell entitled: "Everyone Likes Chocolate."

  • Box 4:4
    Golfer and Sportsman , Vol. 17, No. 101 (October 1935). 1935

    P. 40, "Spud" Johnson, former secretary to the late D. H. Lawrence, and prominent citizen of Taos, New Mexico, photographed by Carl Van Vechten.

  • Box 4:5
    Harper's Bazaar , No. 2818 (80th year) October 1946). 1946

    pp. 238, 353-356, article by Carl Van Vechten entitled:"The World of Florine Stettheimer" [primitive-impressionist painter]. Included is a portrait of him by Florine. Inserted beneath the title is an inscription by Van Vechten: "For Mark, November 7, 1946, Carl Van Vechten." Also in this issue--p. 166--included in 'The Editor's Guest Book' is a photograph of Van Vechten, together with a thumbnail sketch of that worthy.

  • Box 4:6
    Opportunity: The Journal of Negro Life , Vol. XVII, No. 2 1939

    (February 1939). pp. 46-47, review by Carl Van Vechten of Mamba's Daughters , an all-black stage production-derived by Dorothy and Du Bois Heyward from Du Bois Heyward's novel of the same name. Carl Van Vechten is mentioned under 'Our Contributors' on the opening page.

  • Box 4:7
    Theatre Arts Monthly , Vol. XXIII, No. 4 (April 1939). 1939

    pp. 271-278, "Actor Photographs by Carl Van Vechten," (listed in the order the portraits appear): Alfred Lunt; Ina Claire; Sara Allgood; John Gielgud; Ethel Waters; Judith Anderson; Lillian Gish; and George M. Cohan.

  • Box 4:8
    Dance Magazine , Vol. XXVIII, No. 9 (September 1954). 1954

    pp. 30-31; 57; & 60-61 are Van Vechten related.

  • Box 4:9
    Rogue , Vol. I, No. 2 (April 1, 1915). pp. 8 ,9 & 10, short story by Carl Van Vechten entitled "How Donald Dedicated His Poem." 1915
  • Box 4:10
    Dance 62 , Vol. I (January 1963). 1963

    " Dance 62 is a bonus offering for subscribers to Dance Perspectives a quarterly magazine." pp. 26-28 carry an article about Negro dancing by Carl Van Vechten, rather sloppily inscribed by him above the title and at foot of title page thus: "My title was 'Roses for Alvin'! With love to Marco from Carlo. Feb. 28, 1963 New York."

  • Box 4:11
    The Double-Dealer: A National Magazine from the South, published in New Orleans , Vol. III, No. 16 (April 1922). 1922

    On pp. 185 & 186 is a review by Carl Van Vechten entitled: "Ronald Firbank."

  • Box 4:12
    The Yale University Library Gazette , Vol. 37, No. 4 1963

    (April 1963). pp. 124-129. A humorous biography of one on the periphery of the Van Vechten circle, entitled, "Ma Draper," by Carl Van Vechten, with dedicatory inscription:"To dearest Baby Fania, with all my love, Carlo. May 3, 1963. New York."

  • Box 4:13
    The Yale University Library Gazette , Vol. 38, No. 2 1963

    (October 1963). Piece by Carl Van Vechten, pp. 43-50, "Rogue Elephant in Porcelain," purporting to describe Wallace Stevens [poet]. Inscribed by Van Vechten: "For dearest Bino with love from Carlo. November 8, 1963. New York."

  • Box 4:14
    The Yale University Library Gazette , Vol. 22, No. 3 1947

    (November 1947 [?]). pp. 85-92 contain a piece by Carl Van Vechten, "How I Remember Joseph Hergesheimer [writer]." A reproduced portrait of the man by Florine Stettheimer follows on p. 93.Inscribed by Van Vechten: "Dear Mark, for you with love, Carl Van Vechten. January 25, 1948."

  • Box 4:15
    Challenge: A Literary Quarterly, Vol. I, No. 2 1934

    (September 1934). P. 23, a brief comment on"the Negro Renaissance" by Carl Van Vechten, entitled, appropriately enough, "Carl Van Vechten comments." Signed:"Carl Van Vechten. September 8, 1934. New York."

  • Box 4:16
    The American Record Guide , Vol. 26, No. 10 1960

    (June 1960). pp. 778-781, article by Van Vechten:"Why Music is so Unpopular." Prior to these pages he wrote over his photograph opposite " Evviva Carlo ,"by the Editor: "For dearest Bino on June 17, 1960 with love from Carlo, loving octogenarian."

  • Box 4:17
    Reprinted article by Carl Van Vechten: 1942

    "The James Weldon Johnson Collection at Yale." Appeared in Crisis , July 1942. Inscribed by Van Vechten: "For Mark with love from Carl Van Vechten. July 29, 1942. New York."

  • Box 4:18
    Reprint of Carl Van Vechten's article: 1940

    "The Proposed J. W. Johnson Memorial," in Opportunity: The Journal of Negro Life , February, 1940.

"Carl Van Vechten Pamphlets"
  • Box 5:1a
    Photograph of bronze bust of Carl Van Vechten by Max Ewing(?) No Date
  • Box 5:1b
    Lithograph of Portrait of Carl Van Vechten by Robert V. Cherlie[?] No Date
  • Box 5:2
    "Five Old English Ditties with Music by Carl Van Vechten." June 24, 1933

    Explanatory note and dedicatory line by Van Vechten.

  • Box 5:3
    Acid-decayed folder with hand-written title: "Van Vechten's List of his Books presented to The New York Public Library." Above is a signed explanatory piece addressed to his close friend, Mark Lutz,". . . New York, June 24, 1941." June 24, 1941
  • Box 5:4
    Stan' Still Jordan , the music of a Negro Spiritual, arranged by J. Rosamond Johnson--1926, by Harold Flammer, Inc., New York. 1926

    On the title page: "To my esteemed friend, Carl Van Vechten, with Sincere Admiration, J. Rosamond."

  • Box 5:5
    The Music of Nigger Heaven Blues, presented by the Manhatters. 1927

    Words by George S. Oppenheimer; music by Alfred Nathan, Jr. Copyright 1927 by De Sylva, Brown & Henderson, Inc., New York.

  • Box 5:6
    Four-paged typescript entitled, "American Negro Exhibition," at Syracuse University Library, December, 1945" 1945

    A note by Carl Van Vechten on the exhibit containing his photographs is signed: "Carl Van Vechten, December, 1945

  • Box 5:7
    Two-page typescript, "News from the American Academy of Arts & Letters." Deals with "Rare Van Vechten Portrait-Photograph on view." September 12,1967
  • Box 5:8
    Replica of a Tribute in The New York Public Library Bulletin , June 15, 1960. 1960

    Inscribed to: "Carl Van Vechten Who, over a period of almost two decades, has been a Benefactor of . . . on the occasion of your eightieth birthday . . . ." Beneath in Van Vechten's hand:"For dear Marco, with love from Carlo. August 17, 1960."

  • Box 5:9
    The issue of the N. Y. P. L. Bulletin cited above. June 15, 1960
  • Box 5:10
    Fiske University, Nashville, Tennessee; 81st. Annual May 28-31, 1955

    Commencement, May 28-30, 1955. Honorary degree of Doctor of Literature conferred upon Carl Van Vechten. Contains newspaper clipping with photograph of presentation taken from The Nashville Tennessean , May 31, 1955.

  • Box 5:11
    Unique picture of a cat grooming itself on the front of a box June 24, 1933

    Holding Edition No. 1 of The Tiger in the House , by Carl Van Vechten. Green paper. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1933. The author has written on this: "This was pictured on the original box which held the edition No. 1 of the Tiger . A Philadelphia bookseller objected to the cat's occupation and a more demure label was pasted on. Mark from Carl. June 24, 1933."

  • Box 5:12
    Yale University Exercises marking the Opening of the James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection of Negro Arts & Letters, founded by Carl Van Vechten. Sprague Memorial Hall, January 7, 1950. January 7, 1950

    Page 4 has a reduced sized replica of the Resolution of Gratitude to Carl Van Vechten. December 10, 1949.

  • Box 5:13
    Carl Van Vechten (a facsimile of his signature rendered in green.) February 18, 1977

    Published by the Goodwill Gallery in conjunction with an exhibition of forty (40) photographs by Carl Van Vechten. First publication, No. 18, 1977. Estate of Carl Van Vechten.

  • Box 5:14a
    "Harold'sMother suffers stroke of paralysis. Posed Expressly for The Chicago American , with Miss Elsie Buerlier of the 'Royal Chef' Company as Mrs. Borradale." circa 1905

    Above this is inscribed by Van Vechten: "Note: One of the illustrations for a novel which ran serially in The Chicago American , circa 1905. I posed for the hero! C. V. V." Newspaper clipping pasted on cardboard.

  • Box 5:14b
    Another clipping taken from the above without comment. circa 1905
  • Box 5:15
    Color reproduction of a satiristic portrayal of Carl Van Vechten by Miguel Corrubias.

    Inscribed by Van Vechten beneath in appropriate green ink are the words:"For Marco from Carlo. New York, August 8, 1939."

  • Box 5:16
    Two-page typescript--(work of an amateur journalist, Carl Van Vechten?)--addressed to: *"My dear uncle and Aunt," being a graphic description of a disastrous fire in a Chicago theatre on January 5, 1903. Carl Van Vechten January 5-1903 312 East Eeins[?] St. Chicago." 1-5-1903
Miscellaneous Carl Van Vechten Materials
  • Box 6:1
    Two Letters from Willa Cather to Carl Van Vechten. 1937

    One of the above incorrectly dated "1927." Also included in this folder are photocopies of the letters, plus analysis by G. E. Van Wissink.

  • Box 6:2
    Various pamphlets, programmes, and so forth to which Carl Van Vechten contributed in some way. 1925-1947

    Most of these bear his signature with a brief commentary.

  • Box 6:3
    Booklets, broadsheets, and typescripts by, for, or of Carl Van Vechten. 1933-1964
  • Box 6:4
    Saturday Review containing Van Vechten reviews 1953-1956
  • Box 6:5
    The Publishers' Weekly , Vol. 105, No. 7. 2-16-1924

    Van Vechten Bibliography.

  • Box 6:6
    The Theatre Annual , pp. 32-38 by Carl Van Vechten. 1943
  • Box 6:7
    New Mexico Quarterly (Summer 1951).
  • Box 6:8
    Carl Van Vechten mentioned twice. Taos period--Mabel Dodge Luhan, Spud Johnson, and others.
  • Box 6:8
    Letter to Fania Marinoff [Van Vechten's wife] dated May 24, 1938, from Paul Leyersac [?] of 151 East 51st Street, New York. He sends a copy of Oh It's perfectly Fine --together with his apologies for not having done so sooner. He extends "Kindest regards' to "Mr. Van Vechten." 5-24-1938
  • Box 6:9
    A List of those who signed their names in, and in some cases contributed to, a commemorative tribute in book form: Alfred A. Knopf: Quarter Century, 1915-1940. Carl Van Vechten's contribution was a photographic portrait of Knopf on an opening page. 1940
  • Box 6:10
    Typewritten Cast of a Play--with Carl Van Vechten and Fania Marinoff heading it. No Date
  • Box 6:*11
    Scrap of a Booklist, *signed by Willa Cather March 1932
  • Box 6:12
    Newspaper clippings, Carl Van Vechten, various. Various
Mark Lutz Materials
  • Box 7:1
    Magazines containing articles by Earle Lutz
  • Box 7:1a
    Autograph Collectors' Journal , Vol. V, No. 3 (Spring 1953), pp. 32-36. 1953

    Article entitled, "Soldier Newspapers in the Civil War."

  • Box 7:1b
    Two copies of the Bulletin of the New York Public Library , Vol. 57, No. 9 (September 1953), pp. 461-463. 1953

    Article entitled, "'Stars and Stripes' Now a Symbol."

  • Box 7:1c
    Two copies of the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society , Vol. XLVI, No. 2 (Summer 1953), pp. 132-141. 1953

    Article entitled, "The Stars and Stripes of the Illinois Boys in Blue."

  • Box 7:*2
    Signed dedicatory copy of With Formality and Elegance: A Selection of Inscriptions to Bruce Kellner from Carl Van Vechten. *"Bruce Kellner, 26 November, 1968." 1968
  • Box 7:**3
    Twice inscribed copy of The Reviewer [Richmond, VA] Vol. IV, No. 1 (January, 1924). 1924

    pp. 98-103 contain Carl Van Vechten's "Pastiches et Pistaches." The first "Pastiche" is "The Sabbath Glee Club of Richmond"--a Negro weekly social event. The Reviewer was founded in 1921 by Richmonders Emily Clark and Hunter Stagg. It ceased publication in the summer of 1924. Both Lutz and Van Vechten had social contacts with these editors. Gertrude Stein also had a piece in this literary magazine entitled, "An Indian Boy." The front cover bears the List of Contents and beside her entry she wrote: *"Mark Earl[?] Each[?] What [?] and [?] It happens To be true Gtde St." Van Vechten's response: *"Dear M L In [?] Queensborough [Richmond] These notes written For (and also [?] about) Queensborough! Will be [?] To M L!" Penned in green ink top left-hand corner of title page of " Pastiches et Pistaches. "

  • Box 7:*4
    Inscribed article by Carl Van Vechten in Ellen Glasgow , 1928 by Dorothea Lawrance Mann. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1927, pp. 39-42.

    'A Virginia Lady dissects a Virginia Gentleman.' *"Dear Mark, From Carl, these lines on a book about Queensborough [Richmond, VA]. June 27, 192[8?] New York."

  • Box 7:*5
    Why and What , an advertising vehicle for a magazine Called The Trend , of which Carl Van Vechten became Editor in 1917 [?]. 6-24-1933

    Flyleaf inscription reads: *"In 1917[?], returned from the wars--see Sacred and Profane Memories --I became editor of a magazine called The Trend and wrote this piece to advertise it.--Mark from Carl, 1933--June 24 New York."

  • Box 7:6a
    Christmas Card from Earle & Elizabeth Lutz: About Fort Meade, Maryland -a booklet authored by Major Francis Lutz. No Date
  • Box 7:6b
    Another copy of above book. Transferred to Lutz Military Folder-Box IX: Folder 30.
  • Box 7:7
    The Green Bulletin ; New York unit of The Herb Society of America, Nos. 13 & 14 1953-1954. 1953-1954
  • Box 7:8a
    Cutting with photograph captioned: "Earle Lutz: Fighting Man." University of Richmond Alumni Bulletin , (Winter 1959) p. 12. 1959
  • Box 7:8b
    Also a cut-out cardboard-backed photograph of Earl Lutz. No Date
  • Box 7:9
    Three copies of Academy News , published by The Richmond Academy of Arts, Vol. I, No. 1 (January 1933)-Marl Lutz, Associate Editor. January, 1933
  • Box 7:9a
    Academy News , Vol. I, No. 1 (October, 1932) October, 1932
  • Box 7:9b
    Academy News , Vol. I, No. 1 January, 1933 January, 1933
  • Box 7:9b
    Academy News , Vol. I, No. 1 January, 1933 January, 1933
  • Box 7:10
    Philco News , January-December 1950 (Bound) *Mark Lutz, Associate Editor of this Philco Corporation's Department of Public Relations Publication. 1947
  • Box 7:11
    Philco News , December 1950 (Christmas issue) December, 1950

    *Mark Lutz, Editor of this Philco Corporation's Department of Public Relations publication.

  • Box 7:12
    The Choate Literary Magazine Supplement , Vol. IX, No. 2 (February 1935). February, 1935
  • Box 7:13
    Germantowne Crier (Philadelphia) Vol. 20, No. 3 (September, 1968. Published by The Germantown Historical Association. Addressed to Mark Lutz, who was, at the time a resident of Germanstown. September 1968
  • Box 7:14
    University of Richmond Alumni Bulletin , Vol. V, No. 2 (March 1941). * Mark Lutz has two pieces in this publication . (1) The leading article: "Warren Chappell, '26: Distinguished American Artist," pp. 1 & 20. (2) "From the Alumni Chapters" section; roughly one column under "Philadelphia." March 1941
  • Box 7:15
    The Shield & Diamond of Pi Kappa Alpha, Vol. 79, No. 1 (September 1968), centennial issue. September 1968
  • Box 7:16
    Byline --Philadelphia industrial Editors Association-Vol. V, No. 8 (April 1951). *Mark Lutz pictured on page 1. April 1951
  • Box 7:17
    Stet: The House Magazine for House Editors , No. 211 (April 1958). On back page (p. 8), *Mark Lutz-1st Prize Winner, and picture. April 1958
  • Box 7:18
    The Music Box Playbill (Sam H. Harris & *Irving Berlin, Managers) for a production of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men [c.1937] (1st. dramatization?). The opening night was Monday, December 13, 1937. Photographs of leading members of the cast are featured. December 13, 1937
  • Box 7:19
    Program for the Richmond News Leader January 25, 1927

    Presents Elizabeth Rothberg, Soprano (Prima Donna of The Metropolitan Opera Company In Recital; Max Jaffa on the piano." At the City Auditorium on January 25, 1927-com-mencing at 8.30 p.m.. Program notes by Mrs. Channing Ward.

  • Box 7:20
    Kristians Tonny [Dutch artist, 1907-19??-pupil of Pascin]. Gallery guide to an exhibition of his works. Galerie Th. Briant, Rue de Berri (Pres. le Faubourg St. Honor=eacute;,) Paris. Par Fevrier 2-15, 1927. February 2-15, 1927
  • Box 7:21
    Scottsboro Limited: Four Poems and a Play in Verse. 1932

    By Langston Hughes. Illustrated with Lithographs by Prentiss Taylor. New York: Golden Stair Press. Publishers advertisement, 1932. *Mark Lutz obtained a copy.

  • Box 7:22
    Men's Personnel Rules , Philadelphia Stage Door Canteen, American Theatre Wing. *Chairman of Men's Personnel Committee-Mark Lutz. No Date
  • Box 7:23
    The Saint Barbara Photographs. No Date

    57 archival photographic likenesses of various statues, framed paintings, murals, and stained glass images of this saint-[the patron saint of artillerymen] -housed in cathedrals, churches, chapels, and shrines throughout the Iberian peninsula. A typed accompanying inventory account for 31 only -of these a mere 28 have been cross-checked against the list.

  • Box 7:24
    Sts. Christopher and Sebastian. No Date

    Assorted materials-including two rather decayed typescripts for a potential play based on the former holy man and his life. Also a woodcut of an article about St. Christopher.

  • Box 7:25a & 25b
    Two similar but not identical programs. Lucienne Boyer in Continental Varieties, New York. No Date
  • Box 7:26
    French Casino Theatre Restaurant program-"French Casino Folies." No Date
  • Box 7:27
    The Imprint. No Date

    A booklet about woodcuts, lithographs, etc..

Mark Lutz
  • Box 8:1
    The Connoisseur , American Edition (May 1961). May 1961

    On p. 204, Under "Books Received" is an entry, Parker Lesley, Handbook of the Lillian Thomas Pratt Collection of Russian Imperial Jewels . Richmond, Virginia: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 1961.

  • Box 8:2
    Bundle of Thirteen (13) Souvenir programs of Colonel Basil's Opera et Ballet de Russe-*the earliest of these is an extremely lavish one for the Season 1914 at the Royal Theatre, Drury Lane, London. 1914-W. de
  • Box 8:3
    Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art. February 1948

    Edited by Cyril Connolly. Vol. XVII, No. 9 (February 1948). Featuring The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh, making its prior-proper publication debut

  • Box 8:4
    Ben Hur . 1926. 1926

    A Publication covering the history of the story, the making of the movie, and showing many stills from the film.

  • Box 8:5
    Brown-covered Notebook. No Date

    First page has notes for a book review of Joseph Hergesheimer latest. On the last page notes about St. Christopher-a passion with Lutz, along with St. Barbara. All the material in between seems to be about The Peep Show; its origin, history and mechanics.

  • Box 8:6
    Foreign language notebook. No Date

    Spanish. Probably for the research below-item No. 16.

Mark Lutz Materials
  • Box 9:1
    Three Cards from an Admirer No Date

    (Seemingly an Actress)

  • Box 9:*2
    Three Letters from James Branch Cabell to Mark Lutz: 1928, 1929, 1933

    3-31-1928 declines an invitation; 10-23-1929 2nd expresses appreciation; and 3-28-1933 also expresses appreciation.

  • Box 9:*3
    Ellen Glasgow. 1941

    Letter, 4-14-1941. Short letter on high quality writing paper and maching envelope.

  • Box 9:4
    W. C. Handy. Two page letter to Mark Lutz. 1941

    Typed and signed by his secretary.

  • Box 9:5
    Langston Hughes. Book parcel cover-hand addressed. 1930s
  • Box 9:*6
    Langston Hughes. Letter to Mark Lutz. 1936

    Brief note (typed) agreeing to Sign books. "Best wishes" extended to Hunter Stagg (Richmond literary figure, and former co-editor-with Emily Clark-of the, by then defunct, Review.

  • Box 9:7
    Two letters recommending Mark Lutz for a Commission in the United States Naval Reserve Force. 1942

    Both are dated September (22 & 23) 1942. One is from a Lieutenant Bryan, U.S.N.R., Office of Naval Procurement, Richmond, Virginia. The other is from the President of the Charles Bond Company, Philadelphia, PA-none other than Charles Bond.

  • Box 9:8
    Miss Ettie Stettheimer-Mark Lutz's letters to. 4-9-1936, 5-27-1936, 6-8-1936, 6-17-1936, 9-28-1936, 10-8-1936, 10-21-1936, 8-30-1949, 3-19-1951, *4-10-1951

    The correspondence spans the years April 1936 up to April 1951. No Stettheimer letters survive in this collection, although one can safely assume they were written. Seven out of the ten in this folder were mailed in the mid 1930s, one in the late 1940s, and two in the late 1950s. The large gap between the last mid '30s letter and the first late '40s one is an unusually long period of time for a correspondence of this nature to lapse. It may well be that some of Mark Lutz's letters to Miss Stettheimer for this intervening blank were lost, or they may have been retained by the Stettheimer estate. A lot of the Lutz letters take the form of flattery and/or invitations of one sort or another. *In the last of these letters (4-10-1951) Mark Lutz divulges that, owing to moving house, he has given a sizeable roportion of his extensive and valuable library to the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Box 9:9
    Postcard-photographs of Three Modern Art Sculptures featuring "Muriel," by Max Ewing. 1930
  • Box 9:10
    Later Bookplates & Marks of Rockwell Kent . 1937

    Publishers' (Pynson Printers) advertising pamphlet, 1937. Also a clipping from a magazine regarding the same. The volume itself is housed in the Rare Book Room-Call No, Z996.K37 1937.

  • Box 9:11
    American War Mothers Membership Application Form 1932

    Gives details of First Lieutenant Francis Earle Lutz, father of Mark Lutz, Headquarters Company, 110th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, together with his War Service on the Western Front. Dated September 15, 1932.

  • Box 9:12
    Several typesheets of information about the Confederate States of America's Naval School Ship, the Patrick Henry . Lists of Officers 1861-1863, and 1863-1865. No Date
  • Box 9:13
    Picture-postcard of a Venetian Room 1945

    circa 1718, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. "To Mark Lutz" from "J. W. P." Mailed in New York City, July 12, 1945.

  • Box 9:14
    Three Picture-postcards: A Rodin Bronze Male Nude; "Cows Grazing," by Chabot; and the Cunard Liner Berengaria No Date
  • Box 9:15
    From Random House a letter from Bennett A. Cerf (see note number 2 at the end of the guide) 1934

    Comments on Mark Lutz's review of Gertrude Stein's Portraits and Prayers which appeared in the November 15, 1934, issue of the Richmond News Leader .

  • Box 9:16
    Clipping from the New Yorker 1967

    Following the death of Langston Hughes the New Yorker (December 30, 1967) carried a piece in its "Talk of the Town" section entitled: "Hughes at Columbia." The clipping preserves four columns-but not the complete article.

  • Box 9:17
    Odd bits of correspondence to Mark Lutz. Various
  • Box 9:18
    "Your Philadelphia Museum." Circa 1938(?)

    Typescript. Presumably Mark Lutz's handiwork.

  • Box 9:19
    Typescript notes for Review of "Ouida's" In a Winter City . New York: Boni & Live-right, 1928. 1928
  • Box 9:20
    Fragment of typescript of Book Review of Hemingway's latest novel To Have and to Have Not [Harry Morgan; Key West; & Cuba] 1937

    His only novel to be set in North America. Published 1937. [Scribners' Sons?]

  • Box 9:21
    Publishers' flyer for Andr=eacute; Levinson's Serge Lifar: Destin d'un Danseur. Paris: Editions Bernard Grasset, 1933? 1933
  • Box 9:22
    Four Items 1942

    : (1) Photograph-clipping from Life Magazine (September 20th. 1942)-of Sir Max Beerbohm; part of an article on Cambridge where he was the year's Rede Lecturer and spoke on Lytton Strachey, lamenting the "Century of the Common Man." (2) Postcard communication to Mark Lutz from New York Public Library. Date difficult to determine. (3) Subject/Page No. notes on both sides of a scrap of paper. No Date (4) Typed fragment: "Colossus is a very artful book." No Date

  • Box 9:23
    Incomplete draft of letter to James Weldon Johnson from Mark Lutz about the former's autobiography. Dated June 8, 1934. 1934
  • Box 9:24
    "Bibliography of Gertrude Stein," 1935?

    Carbon-copy typescript. Latest publication date given is 1934 so the following year for these sheets would seem a reasonable assumption.

  • Box 9:25
    Seven sheets of carbon-copy typescript Designated "Gertrude Stein Reviews." circa 1934, 1933, 1934
  • Box 9:26
    Publishers' advertising pamphlet for Painted Veils , a hard core pornographical work by one James Gibbons Huneker. New York: Boni & Liveright, 1920. 1920

    Louis Bromfield's review of The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas appeared in the New York Herald Tribune, September 3, 1933. Four Saints in Three Acts reviews came out in 1934. The Making of Americans was first reviewed in 1920. Clifton Fadiman reviewed it for the New Yorker, February 10, 1934.

  • Box 9:27
    Fragment of typescript No Date

    Typescript which would appear to relate to a series of interviews with a writer formerly a reporter with The Chicago American . Carl Van Vechten?-He started his career with it.

  • Box 9:28
    Two Letters from Alice Toklas 1934-35

    , Written from the Hotel Algonquin, 59-65 West Forty-Fourth Street, New York, to Mark Lutz, 1123 West Franklin St. Richmond, Virginia. The first post-marked November 1, 1934; the second January 30, 1935.

  • Box 9:29
    Book reviews by Mark Lutz

    Folder of reviews. Photocopies made from decaying newsprint clippings.

  • Box 9:30
    Photocopies fragments taken from newspapers dealing with the military Lutz's career.
Gertrude Stein Materials
  • Box 10:1

    Large Buff-colored Envelope containing photocopies of newspaper clippings apper-taining to Gertrude Stein.

  • Box 10:2
    "Gertrude Stein on Record." Two Record Companies' (Dorian Records and Folkways) advertising sheets/pamphlets. 1952
  • Box 10:3
    Vogue (July 1, 1942). pp. 60, 61, & 70, article, "Gertrude Stein in France," by Th=eacute;r賥 Bonney. Five Photographs. 1942
  • Box 10:4
    The Sketch , Vol. CLXXVIII, No. 2310 (May 5, 1937 ) 1937

    Pictures and captions of "The Wedding Bouquet," Sadlers Wells Ballet arranged by Lord Berners; words by Gertrude Stein.

  • Box 10:5
    The University of Virginia Magazine , Vol. XCIII, No. 3 (January, 1935). 1935

    pp. 2-4: "A Valentine for Gertrude Stein," by Dewitt Eldridge, in anticipation of her planned visit to the University of Virginia.

  • Box 10:6
    Two page typescript guide to an exhibition "Looking at Pictures with Gertrude Stein." No Date
  • Box 10:7
    The Reporter , Vol. 13, No. 2 (August 11, 1955). pp. 46-51, "Gertrude Stein's American Years," by Elizabeth Sprigge. 1955
  • Box 10:8
    Two consecutive issues of Real America: The Out-spoken Magazine , Vol. 6, Nos. 4 & 5 (January, February, 1936). 1936

    Both of these carry articles about Gertrude Stein. January's has a piece by Lucille Hecht entitled: " Gertrude Stein's Magnificent Hoax," on pp. 8-11, & 70. While February's issue has a second by the same reporter called: "Gertrude Stein's Conquest of the Mid West." pp. 43, & 76-77 feature a much more ambitious article, entitled: "James Joyce and Gertrude Stein: A Well Known Literary Critic Gives His Impressions of Modernistic Authors." Harry Beardsley is the "Well Known Literary Critic" whose "Impressions" well and truly slam Stein's style and grammar, whilst jolly Jim Joyce garners all the plaudits.

  • Left hand side-from last entry-(a continuation.)
  • Box 10:9
    Harper's Magazine , Vol. 195, Serial No. 1171 (December 1947). pp. 519-528, an article by Katherine Anne Porter entitled: "Gertrude Stein: A Self-Portrait." 1947
  • Box 10:10
    Academic Observer , Utica, New York, Vol. LI, No. 4 (February, 1937). 1937

    "Gertrude Stein Number." p. 4, "Gertrude Stein," by Associate Editor Margaret Lucha. Opposite on p. 5 is a Facsimile of a letter written her by Gertrude Stein-undated.

  • Box 10:*11
    The Choate Literary Magazine , Vol. XXI, No. 2 (February, 1935). 1935

    "How Writing is Written," by The Woman Herself-the text of a Lecture delivered the previous month under the auspices of the above magazine, pp. 5-14. Inscribed: *"For Mark ["Illegible"] [Signed] "Gtde."

  • Box 10:12
    Letters: A Quarterly of Unpublished Letters and other Belles Lettres , 1935

    No. 1 (Spring 1935). [pp. 16-17 pages are not numbered]. On the one hand is a facsimile of Stein's handwriting; on the other "Gertrude Stein to Cousins in Baltimore." No date.

  • Box 10:**13
    The Reviewer , Vol. IV, No. 3 (April 1924). *Published in Richmond, VA. 1924

    Founded and edited by Emily Clark and Hunter Stagg. Table of Contents on the cover, beside which the inimitable Gertrude wrote: *"To Mark and Carl [illegible] is for both of them with much pleasure. Gtde." The article by Gertrude Stein is "Van or Twenty Years After: A Second Portrait of Carl Van Vechten" pp. 176-177.

  • Box 10:14
    Books Abroad: An International Quarterly 1939

    Vol. 13, No. 3 (Summer 1939). pp. 306-308, "My Debt to Books," a composite article by Roda Roda and Gertrude Stein, separate and distinct, but under a common heading.

  • Box 10:15
    An Exhibition: Pictures for a Picture of Gertrude Stein as a Collector and Writer On Art and Artists . 1951

    Yale University Art Gallery, February 11-March 6, 1951, and The Baltimore Museum of Art, March 21-April 21, 1951.

  • Box 10:16
    M.S.S. 1940

    A Publication of The Scroll and Stylus Club of Stockton Junior College and the College Of the Pacific, 1940. pp. "Is Dead," a Story by Gertrude Stein.

  • Box 10:*17
    The Flowers of Friendship: Letters written to Gertrude Stein . 1953

    Edited by Donald Gallup. New York: Alfred A Knopf, Publisher, 1953. Publisher's Pamphlet. Inscribed: *"For Marko only From Carlo Always June 11, 1953."

  • Box 10:18
    Bibliographer of Gertrude Stein

    Photocopies of acid-eroded typescript.

Gertrude Stein Pamphlets
  • Box 11:*1
    Gertrude Stein: Catalogue 1964 Gotham Book Mart . 1964, 1963

    Cover photograph by Carl Van Vechten-also Introduction, "More laurels for Our Gertrude." At the back: "Reprinted from our Catalogue No. 36." Carries a piece by James Laughlin, IV entitled: "About Bilignin and Literature and the G.B.M." Above "More Laurels for Our Gertrude," Its author inscribed: *"For Bino (See note number 3) with Much Love from Carlo November 16, 1963 New York."

  • Box 11:2
    Gotham Book Mart Catalogue No. 36 1937

    Introduction by James Laughlin, IV, Entitled: "About Bilignin and Literature and the G.B.M." (See above.)

  • Box 11:3
    Playbill--Off Broadway, Inc.-for the New York Premi貥 of Yes IS For a Very Young Man 1949

    Directed by Lamont Johnson. Opening night June 6, 1949. On back "A Word to You from Gertrude Stein.

  • Box 11:4
    French publishers' handout for Am=eacute;ricains d'Am=eacute;rique par Gertrude Stein. Juillet 1933. 1933
  • Box 11:5
    Columbia University Libraries, An Exhibition of the Writings of Gertruded Stein. No Year

    Lent by the Courtesy of Yale University Library .... Tuesday, April 29, at 8.30p.m. Low Memorial Library. [Printed Card.]

  • Box 11:6
    Typed folded flyer: An Exhibition of the Writings of Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) . Stewart Memorial Library, Coe College. 1947?
  • Box 11:7
    Card in Envelope. Another of the two above. Booth Library, Newtown, CT. 1947?
  • Box 11:*8
    Cheque drawn on Mechanics & Merchants Bank, Richmond, VA., made out to, and *endorsed by, Gertrude Stein. For $200 from Mark Lutz. Dated: February 9, 1935. 1935
  • Box 11:9
    Have They Attacked Mary. He Giggled. 1917

    (A Political Caricature) , by Gertrude Stein. Limited, and Unabridged, Edition (200 copies) Of a Poem which first appeared in Vanity Fair (June, 1917). Inscribed on flyfleaf: "For Mark, 'A great many settlers have mercy,' I like what I say to Mark, and what he does. You are proud. I am proud of my [illegible] courage' [?] Paper 7 [?] For Mark Gtde. Stn."

  • Box 11:*10
    Looking At Pictures With Gertrude Stein No Date

    Tiny booklet with facsimile [?] signature on flyleaf. Six leaves; three photographs.

  • Box 11:11
    Envelope addressed to Mark Lutz, and postmarked New York, January 3, 1935. Enclosed is a photograph, taken at Bilignin, of Mark Lutz with Gertrude Stein and her two dogs. 1935
  • Box 11:12
    Admission Card for "Plays and What They Are." No Date

    A Lecture by Miss Gertrude Stein. Inscribed:"For Mark. Gtde."

  • Box 11:13
    Portrait of Mabel Dodge at the Villa Curonia , by Gertrude Stein. 1912[?]

    Privately printed, bound with wallpaper, and published in Italy.

  • Box 11:14
    Postcard from Belley, Ain, France-addressed by Alice Toklas (to ensure delivery, no doubt)-from Gertrude Stein to Mark Lutz. Post-marked: October 23, 1936. 1936
  • Box 11:15(a) & (b)
    Two almost identical 'Christmas Cards'-[not sent] from Fania Marinoff & Carl Van Vechten. 1948

    Pale blue, pink & pale green. Two (hitherto unpublished) Poems , by Gertrude Stein. Copyright 1948 by Alice B. Toklas. Limited (205 copies of this First Edition) edition. Banyan Press.15(a) No. 4, inscribed: "Dearest Baby The Banyan Press [illegible] kept Nos. 1,2, & 3 and you have the rare No. 4.With all my love.Carlo December 1948." 15(b) is like unto it namely this: *"Dear Marco, The Banyan [illegible] have [ sic ] Nos. 1, 2, 3, Fania has No. 4, Alice No. 5, I No. 6 and you have the rare No. 7. Love Carlo!"

  • Box 11:*16
    Sir Francis Rose , by Gertrude Stein. 1934

    Elaborate exhibition catalogue of the artist's works. At the Marie Harriman Gallery, 61-63 East 57th Street, New York City. December 7 to 29, 1934. Inscribed:*"For Mark, ... [Illegible] Gtde, Stn."

  • Box 11:17
    Exhibition brochure 1951

    Pictures for a Picture: Of Gertrude Stein as a Collector and Writer on Art and Artists. Yale University Gallery, February-March, 1951, and The Baltimore Museum of Art, March-April, 1951.

  • Box 11:18
    Large manilla envelope containing various playbills, programs, exhibition cataloges, etc.. Various
  • Box 11:*19
    Large manilla envelope containing newpaper cutouts and clippings of book reviews of Stein's works Various, 1934

    One is the whole edition of Vol. XI No. 17 (Saturday, November 10, 1934) of The Saturday Review of Literature , which bore on the front page and p. 2, an article by Gertrude Stein, "Plays and Landscapes"-("a condensed form of the lecture on plays she planned to deliver during her current American trip." [Editor's note]) Inscribed above the title: *"For Mark who will [illegible] it all ... Gdte."

Gertrude Stein
  • Box 12:1
    Town & Country , Vol. 101, No. 4296, (May 1947). May 1947

    pp. 80-81: "The Mother of Us All," by Saul Steinberg-with drawings to fit the score of the opera of that name which Gertrude Stein helped to create and produce.

  • Box 12:2
    Harper's Bazaar , No. 2825 (May 1947) May 1947

    "The Mother of Us All," pp. 144-145. An excerpt from the new opera by Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thomson. On the extreme Left of this two-page spread is a photograph of Gertrude, on a summer holiday, singing an old song she loves; "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine."

  • Box 12:3
    Vanity Fair , Vol. 43, No. 5 (January 1935) January 1935

    P. 25: "Impossible Interview-Gracie Allen versus Gertrude Stein," by Miguel Covarrubias. Large coloured caricature by that artist.

  • Box 12:4
    The Bystander , Vol. CXXXIV, No. 1743 (May 12, 1937). May 12, 1937

    pp. 262-263: two-page spread with six photographs of the ballet "A Wedding Bouquet," a Berners-Stein-Ashton production at Sadlers Wells.

  • Box 12:*5
    The Yale University Library Gazette , Vol. 27, No. 2 (October 1952). October 1952

    "Carl Van Vechten's Gertrude Stein," by Donald Gallup, pp. 77-86. This is a fascinating and highly informative piece inasmuch as it gives a detached account of how and when the two met; who was instrumental in bringing about the meeting, & c., & c.. At the top of page 77 is inscribed: *"For Marco with love from Carlo. Nov. 11, 1952. New York."

  • Box 12:5
    The Yale University Library Gazette , Vol. 28, No.2 (January 1954). January 1954

    Article by Donald Gallup entitled, "Gertrude Stein and The Atlantic ," pp. 109-128.

  • Box 12:6(a) & 6(b)
    Bulletin of Bibliography and Dramatic Index , Vol. 17, No. 10 (January-April 1943). January-April 1943

    Coupled with the subsequent issue of the above, Vol. 18, No. 1 (May-August 1943) completes Parts I & II May-August 1943 of "Gertrude Stein: A Check List."

  • Box 12:7
    The Black and Blue Jay , Vol. VI, No. 5, (April 1926). April 1926

    John Hopkins University, Baltimore. One page (16) devoted to our Gertrude. Two boxed insets: One of which is a facsimile of the lady's handwriting. The other is a sixteen-line poem[?] entitled: "One Has Not Lost One's Marguerite."

  • Box 12:*8(a) & 8(b)
    Two acid-eroded issues of an avante garde French publication-printed in Holland-called Transition [ed. Eugene Jolas] No. 15 (Winter Number-February 1929); and No. ? 1934-1935. February 1929, 1934-1935

    The former carries on pp. 47-58 a "Bibliography of Gertrude Stein," over the title page of which the Stein inscribed: *"For Mark, Gtde." 8(b) which also boasts a big piece on James Joyce's Work in Progress -[later to become Finnegan's Wake ]- includes a pamphlet, called: The Testimony against Gertrude Stein ,

Gertrude Stein Materials. Magazines Containing Articles by
  • Box 13:1
    Harper's Bazaar , No. 2856 (December 1949) pp. 93, 148, 154, 156 & 157: "Raoul Dufy," by Gertrude Stein. [Written in Plain English !] December 1949
  • Box 13:2
    Vanity Fair , Vol. 43, No. 1 (September 1934) September 1934

    "And Now," by Gertrude Stein, pp. 35 & 65. Largely dealing with her success it is "written" -as the Editor puts it-"in a not too difficult style." Page 13, 'The Editor's Uneasy Chair' prepares readers for the anticipated visit of Stein and Toklas to the United States.

  • Box 13:*3
    Hearst's International, Combined with Cosmopolitan , Vol. XCVIII, No. 2 (February 1935) "I Came and Here I Am," 1935

    pp. 18, 19, 167, & 168. Photographs on opening spread, below which, inscribed in green ink: *"For Mark in Babylon[?] and[?] [illegible] Gtde."
    **Editor's note in box states that "orthodox punctuation has been inserted to make it easier to read."

  • Box 13:4
    Issues of The Atlantic 1933-1937

    Magazines for years 1933, 1934, and 1937 featuring pieces by and about Gerty Stein. In the 1933 issues the Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas is serialized.

  • Box 13:5
    The Book League Monthly , Vol. 1, No. 1 (November 1928) 1928