Roque-Gourary, Judith Architectural Collection Judith (Dita) Roque-Gourary Architectural Collection, 1926-1981 Ms.2011.074 A Collection in Special Collections

Judith (Dita) Roque-Gourary Architectural Collection, 1926-1981 Ms.2011.074

A Collection in Special Collections


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Special Collections and University Archives, Virginia Tech
Judith (Dita) Roque-Gourary Architectural Collection 1926-1981
4.2 Cubic Feet, 2 Boxes 9 Tubes of Rolled Drawings 1 Oversized Folder
Roque-Gourary, Dita, b.1915
Materials are in French, German and Dutch.
Born in 1915 in St. Petersburg, Russia; Architect and founder of the Union of Women Architects in Belgium. Studied in Germany and Austria before emigrating to Belgium at the onset of World War II. She specialized in remodels of 19th century residences. Outspoken advocate for women in the profession. Collection consist of drawings, personal journals, business records, as well as published articles about the Union of Women Architects of Belgium and Roque-Gourary.

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The processing, arrangement, and description of the Judith (Dita) Roque-Gourary Architectural Collection took place in September and October of 2011.


Judith (Dita) Roque-Gourary was born July 26, 1915 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her family fled the country following the revolution of 1917 and relocated to Naples, Italy. As a child, she studied abroad in Germany and Austria. When Nazi Germany annexed Austria in 1938, Roque-Gourary was three tests away from receiving her architecture degree. She promptly left Vienna and transferred to La Cambre in Belgium to finish her studies. She remained in Belgium for the remainder of her career. Much of her work from 1941-1945 was destroyed in the occupation. From 1945-1948 she worked alongside architect Jean Nicolet-Darche until departing to form her own private practice. Roque-Gourary specialized in remodeling and modernizing 19th and 20th century residences during the reconstruction period.

In 1978, Roque-Gourary created the Union of Women Architects in Belgium and acted as president until 1983. She was an outspoken advocate for women in the profession and a noted speaker for The International Union of Women Architects (UIFA). Numerous articles and interviews are attributed to her work and she continued to promote the work of women in architecture until her retirement in 1984.

Scope and Content

The collection contains notebooks and sketchbooks from Roque-Gourary's childhood, documents and drawings related to her work with Jean Nicolet-Darcge as well as her private practice, and numerous publications of her work. In addition, one will find personal documents, speeches, and various ephemera relating to women in architecture. The majority of the collection is in French, however early grade and secondary school work is in German while articles from late in her career are written in Dutch.

Separated Material

The following publications were cataloged separately in the Addison library catalog, and are available through the Special Collections Reading Room:

Die Alte Deutsche Stadt [The Old German Town]
Die Darstellung von Bauzeichnungen im Hochbau [The Presentation of Building Drawings]
Bau Entwurfslehre [Construction Design Theory]

Subjects and Indexing Terms

  • Architects
  • Architectural drawings (visual works)
  • International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA)
  • Women -- History

Container List

SERIES I: Personal Papers
  • box 1
  • box 1
    Personal Poetry
  • Diaries/Journals
    • box 1
      Poetry Journal, 1924-1926
    • box 1
      Poetry Journal, 1927-1928
    • box 1
      Journal, 1931-1940
    • box 1
      Journal, 1932-1937
  • Student Work
    • box 3 box 9 oversize Folder 1
      Class Artwork
    • box 1
      Class notebook
    • box 1
      Primary School Report Cards
    • box 1
      Secondary School course certificates
    • box 1
      Transfer documents and Diploma Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture et des Arts Decoratifs de Belgique
  • box 1
    Photographs, Architectural social events
SERIES II: Professional Papers
  • Publications
    • box 1
      "Architects J. Nicolet et R. Gourary." Architecture: Urbanisme-Habitation, Jan.-Mar. 1946: 18-19. Print.
    • box 1
      J. -J. Stephane. "Quatre zones pour un grenier." Le Soir 27 Jan.1979. Print.
    • box 1
      "Union des Femmes Architectes de Belgique affiliee a l'U.I.F.A., ..." Perspectives Mar. 1979: 7-10. Print
    • box 1
      Danielle Leroy. "Reflexions sur le Metier de Femme Architecte." Batiment Oct. 1979: 56-58. Print
    • box 1
      Marianne Burton. "Les maisons des femmes architectes." Libelle Jan. 1980: 57-61. Print
    • box 1
      "Dialogue/Gresprek." Decors 1981: 82-83. Print.
    • box 1
      Diane de Clopper. "Wij bouwen net zo goed als de mannen." Panorama May 1981: 20-21. Print.
      Dutch; Flemish.
    • box 1
      "Dita Roque-Gourary specialiste en restauration/ Dita Roque-Gourary specialiste in vernieuwbouw." Bati Deco/Deco Bouw Apr. 1981: 52-59. Print.
    • box 1
      Roger Lecut. "Plus de 400 Femmes Architectes en Belgique." G Magazine 1982: 18-19. Print.
    • box 1
      Various Article Referencing Women Architects
  • box 1
    1st Response to Licensure Application in Belgium,
  • box 1
    Professional Correspondence, 1946
    1946 English.
  • box 1
    Account Ledger,
  • box 1
    Conference Program, Union Internationale Des Femmes Architectes Exposent,
  • box 1
    Public Speeches,
    1976 and 1982
  • box 1
    International Archive of Women in Architecture Newsletter [Fall 2002] includes personal correspondence with Milka Bliznakov
SERIES III: Project Records
Scope and Content

Project/Client Name (location, date, project type) Collaborator (role) [Format - Ms=Manuscripts, Dr=Drawings, Ph=Photographs]

  • box 1
    Michelin Tire, Rue Gustave Gibon (Zuen, Belgium, 1947, Commercial) Collaborator Jean Nicolet [Dr]
  • box 1
    J.B. de Mol. Mrs. J.B. de Mol Residence (St. Gilles, Belgium, 1947 Residence) Collaborator Jean Nicolet [Dr]
  • box 1 box 10
    J.B. Decant, J.B. Decant Residence (Waterloo, Belgium, 1947 Residence) Collaborator Jean Nicolet [Dr]
  • box 1
    Mr. and Mrs. Gaullet, Project of a Semi-Detached House (Wasmuel, Belgium, 1949 Residence) Collaborator Jean Nicolet [Dr]
  • box 5 box 1
    Mr. and Mrs. G. Van Den Hecke, Van Den Hecke Residence (Brussels, Belgium, 1950 Residence [Dr]
  • box 1
    Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Godfriaux, Transformation of Store on Adolphe Maxiaan Street (Brussels, Belgium, 1952 Commercial) [Dr]
  • box 1
    Mr. and Mrs. J. de Ridder, Remodel of Office (Brussels, Belgium, 1954 Commercial) [Dr]
  • box 1
    Design for Israel Fair in Brussels (Brussels, Belgium, 1954 Commercial); Photographer unknown [Dr,Ph]
  • box 1
    Mrs. Wulliger, Villa Construction (Schaerbeek, Belgium, 1954 Residence) [Ms, Dr]
  • box 1 box 7 box 8
    Mr. and Mrs. J Brysz, Brysz Residence (Brussels, Belgium 1955 Residence) [Ms, Dr]
  • box 1
    Ms. Zmigrod, Zmigrod Residence/Investment Property (Brussels, Belgium 1956 Residence) [Ms, Dr]
  • box 6 box 2
    Mr. and Mrs. Ch. Perelman, Perelman Residence (Brussels, Belgium 1950-1970 Residence) [Ms, Dr, Ph]
  • box 4
    Apartment Remodel Rue Faider, n.d.
  • box 3
    Avery Residence, (n.d.)
  • box 2
    Ms. Fourvel, Fourvel Pavillion (n.d. Residential) [Dr]
  • box 2
    Ms. Fuss, Door Mantle Design Detail (n.d.) [Dr]
  • box 2
    Hirsh Department Store (Brussels, Belgium, n.d. Commercial) [Dr]
  • box 2
    Modification of an Old Mansion (Brussels, Belgium n.d. Residential) [Dr, Ph]
  • box 9
    Project d'un Centre Hotelier et d'Habitation (n.d.) [Dr]
  • box 2
    Project of a Hotel and Residential Center (n.d) [Dr]
  • box 2
    Project of Houses for the Michelin Society of Zuen (Zuen, Belgium n.d. Residential) [Dr]
  • box 2
    Project to Realize Removable Housing (Ardennes, France n.d. Residential) [Dr]
  • box 2
    Rassco Settlement (Tel Aviv North, Isreal, n.d. Residential) [Dr]
  • box 11 box 2 box 10
    Residence Remodel, Hewitt Bay Park, NY, n.d.
  • box 2 box 9
    Shoham Store Remodel on Ravenstein Street (Brssels, Belgium) [Dr]
  • box 2
    Transformation and Arrangements in 19th Century Patrician House (Brussles, Belgium, n.d. Residential) [Dr]
  • box 2
    Unidentified Projects and Details (n.d.) [Dr]