College of Education Restructuring Records

A Guide to the College of Education Restructuring Records, 1979-1996 Ms.2006.020


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Special Collections and University Archives, Virginia Tech
College of Education Restructuring Records1979-1996
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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. College of Education (1971-1996)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. College of Education (1971-1996)
The materials in the collection are in English.
The collection includes publicly circulated e-mails, reports, and meeting handouts that served as major communications during the restructuring of Virginia Tech's College of Education. Also contains transcripts of speeches given by officials as well as some meetings, and field notes by Jan Nespor of meetings with the "task forces." Also contains materials relating to the immediate response to Virginia Tech President Paul Torgersen's decision and the early planning for the merger with the College of Human Resources. The records essentially stop after January 1996.

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Source of Acquisition

The College of Education Restructuring Records were donated to Special Collections in 2006.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement and description of the College of Education Restructuring began in February 2007 and was completed in March 2007. The collection was previously arranged by Jan Nespor, the recorder of the events the collection is describing.

Historical Note

The phrase "Phase II" is intended to signify the transition to a more thoughtful period of review, restructuring, and renewal. In Phase II we will replace opportunism and expediency with a planned approach involving the entire university community in a careful analysis of options and priorities. (Phase II document from provost's office, 1993-09-24, pg. 1) Faculty salaries, graduate student stipends, and the host of new regulatory requirements we must address. The scale of this reallocation may need to increase if we are successful in stemming the decline in state support for higher education. (From Phase II document, "Accepting Greater Responsibility for our Own Destiny," 1993-10-4, pg. 10) This [cut] is not really abut enrollments, not really about weighted student credit hours, it is not about any other standard measures you come up... it's not really about quality - so much as, what I'm talking about today is the matter of mission and priorities, and in that sense a matter of focus, a real sharpening up of the College's fundamental purpose. [A full transcript of the provost's remarks can be found within the collection.] "There are a lot of colleges of education, schools of education out there. A [university governing] Board member asked... 'Why do we even have college of education? Radford [nearby Radford University] was set up as a teachers' college. It's 15-17 miles away, why don't you consider closing the College of Education?' ... I read only a couple of days ago, a member of the House of Delegates who was re-elected from Danville, was questioning whether we need all these colleges of education. I'm sorry that you're caught up in this, but part of it is symbolic. What the university is doing is saying "We had nine colleges, we now have eight." And believe me, that's going to be applauded across this Commonwealth like you can't believe. And the university needs support." [Full transcript contained within the collection.]

Scope and Contents

This collection contains records relating to the restructuring of Virginia Tech's College of Education and includes reviews of existing programs, task forces on revising the governance structure of the college and its curriculum. The collection primarily contains the publicly circulated e-mails, reports, and meeting handouts that served as major communications during the restructuring. There are also transcripts of speeches given by officials as well as some meetings, and a few descriptive field notes written by restructuring monitor Jan Nespor of things like "task forces." Anything pertaining to personnel issues has been omitted as have e-mails or other reports or communications that might reasonably be considered confidential. Although the archives contain materials relating to the immediate response to Virginia Tech President Paul Torgersen's decision and the early planning for the merger with the College of Human Resources, they essentially stop after January 1996.


The collection is arranged in a roughly chronological order.

Related Material

Related documents (e.g., relating to Phase I and Phase II of the university's restructuring) should be available within the appropriate University Archives Record Groups.

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  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. College of Education (1971-1996)

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Container List

box-folder 1 folder: 1
NCATE institutional report
box-folder 1 folder: 2
Miscellaneous field notes
box-folder 1 folder: 3
Memos related to Nespor's monitoring of restructuring
box-folder 1 folder: 3a
Interviews by Liz Roth
Mar-Apr 1995
Scope and Contents note

Disks and transcripts of interviews with Dr. John Burton, Dr. Susie Murphy, and Dr. Sue Magliaro - concerning experiences with College of Education restructuring

box-folder 1 folder: 4
Constitution and by-laws
  • Constitution and by-laws of COE Faculty Association
    Oct 21 1988
  • By-laws of COE Classified Staff Association
box-folder 1 folder: 5
Budget cuts
box-folder 1 folder: 6
Alumni Association report on budget problems
box-folder 1 folder: 7
College of Education - annual reports
box-folder 1 folder: 8
University plan
box-folder 1 folder: 9
University Forum on Liberal Education
  • Report of the University Forum on Liberal Education
    Jan 23 1992
box-folder 1 folder: 10
Faculty work assignments
  • Memo from Dean Buffer to faculty
    Jan 20 1993
box-folder 1 folder: 11
Planning chronology
box-folder 1 folder: 12-12c
College of Education restructuring plans
Fall 1993
  • Multiple drafts of COE plan
box-folder 1 folder: 13-13b
Other restructuring plans
Scope and Contents note

Restructuring plans from other universities: Oregon State (1992), University of Minnesota (1982), University of Michigan (1984), University of New Mexico, (1992), University of Tulsa, (1984), University of Pittsburgh (1991), University of Maryland at College Park (1992), Penn State (1993), University of California (1993), Ohio State University (January 1994)

box-folder 1 folder: 14
Virginia Tech Administrative Fact Book
Fall 1993
box-folder 1 folder: 15
College of Education - graduate / undergraduate students, FTE and headcount
Fall 1993
box-folder 1 folder: 16
Bureau of Educational Services
  • Summary of research consortium surveys
  • Draft, "Bureau of Educational Services"
    Mar 29 1994
box-folder 1 folder: 17
E-Mail and memos prior to provost's announcement
Scope and Contents note

Memos containing information about reasons behind restructuring and recommendations for early restructuring plans.

box-folder 1 folder: 18
Provost's demands
  • Transcript of provost's remarks
    Feb 1 1994
  • COE faculty meeting minutes
    Feb 3 1994
box-folder 1 folder: 19
Restructuring updates
box-folder 1 folder: 20
Feb 2-6 1994
box-folder 1 folder: 21
Scheduling return of funds
box-folder 1 folder: 22
Feb 7-9 1994
  • Minutes of Planning Group meeting
    Feb 8 1994
  • Notes from informational staff meeting
    Feb 8 1994
  • Draft of Planning Committee memo on mission and focus of college
    Feb 8 1994
box-folder 1 folder: 23
Buffer's resignation
  • Transcript of Buffer's farewell speech
box-folder 1 folder: 24
Meeting with students
Feb 10 1994
  • Notes by S. Kimball
  • Notes by C. Metcalf
box-folder 1 folder: 25
E-mails and memos
Feb 13-18 1994
Scope and Contents note

Memo and e-mails on College of Education, including the provost's meeting with College of Education's faculty, information about Worner being appointed interim dean, time-line for preparation of preliminary plan, minutes of Planning Group meeting

box-folder 1 folder: 26
E-mails and memos
Feb 23-Mar 2 1994
  • Report on meeting from Sherman to Worner
  • Copy of Dean Bates' handout at meeting
  • Minutes of Planning Group meeting
  • Handouts from Jim Hoerner
  • Minutes from Planning Group meeting (Holford)
box-folder 1 folder: 27
Action teams
Feb-Mar 1994
  • Jim Hoerner's "Points for Consideration..."
  • Draft of COE mission statement
  • Draft of mission statement
  • Draft from Wildman on mission statement
box-folder 1 folder: 28
Planning meeting and mission statement
Mar 1994
  • Summary from Creative Proposals Task Group: Steve Parsons, "Defining K-12 Schooling;" George Graham, "Suggestion for a 21st Century Approach to Student Teacher Supervision;" Robertshaw, "Administrative Functions"
  • Minutes
    Mar 8 1994
  • Robertshaw, "What to Tell Students"
box-folder 1 folder: 29
First draft of restructuring plan
  • Worner's draft plan for COE
  • Robertshaw on early retirement / buy out
box-folder 1 folder: 30
Planning meeting
Mar 16 1994
  • Notes from planning meeting (Holford)
  • Transcript of meeting
box-folder 1 folder: 31
Planning meeting
Mar 25 1994
  • Minutes of meeting (Holford)
  • Materials distributed at meeting
    • Anonymous letter to Worner
    • Memo from Jim Wolfe on academic priorities
    • Memo from Carlisle on academic priorities and Phase II
    • Memo from Joshia Tlou on international education in the COE mission statement
    • Memo from Gabriella Belli on COE reorganization plan
    • Letter from Belli, Boucouvalas, Stubblefield & Wiswell with proposal for Northern Virginia Campus reorganization
    • Memo from Daisy Stewart with memo from VTE Administrative Unit Three over "Another View" on college restructuring
    • Memo from Jim Hoerner on future mission and direction of COE
box-folder 1 folder: 32
Exercise physiology transfer
box-folder 1 folder: 33
Planning meeting
Apr 1 1994
  • Discussion notes (Metcalf)
  • Minutes of Planning Group meeting (Metcalf)
  • "Planning for Work Teams" worksheet
  • Schedule of upcoming events (Apr 15-Jul 1)
box-folder 1 folder: 34
Executive Committee meeting
Apr 15 1994
  • Preliminary plan for restructuring
  • Table 1 handout on 1993-4 FTE resource allocations and approved 1997-98 allocations
  • Appendices to preliminary plan
  • Work team worksheet
  • Minutes
box-folder 1 folder: 34a
Reorganization information manual
Apr 1994
box-folder 1 folder: 35
Outside stakeholders' responses to April 15 plan
  • Memo from Worner: "Request for External Review of Preliminary Plan"
  • Worner on response to VCCS chancellor's response to plan and letter from chancellor
box-folder 1 folder: 36
Announcement of Provost Carlisle's departure
Apr 1994
  • Memo from Torgersen to university staff
    Apr 26 1994
  • Announcement of Dec 9 reception honoring Carlisle
box-folder 1 folder: 37
C & I faculty meetings
Fall 1994
  • Meeting agenda
    Aug 18 1994
  • Rough notes from meeting (Nespor)
  • Official minutes (Glasson)
box-folder 1 folder: 38-38b
Foundations Program
  • Draft of program profile
box-folder 2 folder: 39
Task force reports
Jun 1994
box-folder 2 folder: 40
Steering Committee
  • Notes from Steering Committee meeting
  • Directory of Steering Committee members
box-folder 2 folder: 41
Meetings of dean's staff and division directors
  • Memo from Worner to OOD staff on "Restructuring, Next Stage Planning - Update"
  • Memo from Worner on "Provost's Meeting with Deans and DD Meeting Follow-up," including "Report from Janet Johnson to Deans, 5-25"
  • Memo from Worner on "Dean's Meeting," with attachments
  • Memo from Gordon Davies et al to General Professional Advisory Committee on "Restructuring Plans"
  • "Notes on Restructuring VPI&SU"
box-folder 2 folder: 42
Worner memo on "Political and Strategic Planning"
May 13 1994
box-folder 2 folder: 43
Admission trends and parent focus groups
May 20 1994
box-folder 2 folder: 44
Task force functions and memberships
box-folder 2 folder: 45-45a
Governance and Organization Task Force
Summer 1994
  • College of Education organizational chart
    Feb 1994
  • Official meeting minutes
    May 4 1994
  • Rough meeting notes by Jan Nespor
    May 4 1994
  • Statement of task force's charge
  • List of "Critical Values" within COE mission
  • Memo from D. Robertshaw on retreat
  • Retreat agenda
  • Outline of G&O Task Force report
  • Memo from Parks announcing draft of task force report
  • Draft of G&O Task Force report
box-folder 2 folder: 46
Governance and Organization Task Force
  • Agenda for Governance and Organization Task Force meeting
  • Memo to COE faculty announcing meetings for 1994-1995
  • Agenda for meeting
  • Statement of task force mission
  • Statement of Task Force Steering Committee's seven issues
  • Chronology of restructuring events
  • Partial transcript of meeting
box-folder 2 folder: 47-47b
Curriculum Task Force
  • Curriculum Task Force report
  • Copy of program planning documents
    Jul 1 1994
  • Memo from Worner re-defining charge of Curriculum Committee
  • Memo from Pat Hyer on new graduate degree proposals
  • Minutes from meeting
box-folder 2 folder: 48
Curriculum Task Force listserv
Mar-May 1995
box-folder 2 folder: 49
Collaboration Task Force
  • Charge of the committee
  • Directory of members of the Collaboration Committee
  • Summary of committee meeting (from Harris)
  • Survey from Collaboration Committee to COE faculty
  • Results from faculty survey
  • Field notes from Mountain Lake retreat
  • Draft of the Collaboration Task Force report (with revisions in brackets)
  • Survey from committee to COE faculty
  • Agenda for Collaboration Committee meeting
  • Summary of task force meeting
box-folder 2 folder: 50
Correspondence with alumni and others on restructuring
Summer 1994
box-folder 2 folder: 51
Letters to superintendents
  • Memo from AACTE to "Chief Institutional Representatives"
  • "Opportunities for Schools, Colleges and Departments of Education"
  • Letter from dean
box-folder 2 folder: 52
Salary adjustments
  • Memos on "Merit Raises and Structural Adjustments"
  • Memo from Worner on salary adjustments
box-folder 2 folder: 53
Money for "transition costs"
box-folder 2 folder: 54
Program area work plans
  • Draft plans for Instructional Technology and Educational Psychology
  • Program planning documents, All COE Programs
box-folder 2 folder: 55
Jul 20 1994
box-folder 2 folder: 56
Classified staff issues
  • Lists of staff in college divisions
  • Memo from Worner on restructuring
box-folder 2 folder: 57
box-folder 2 folder: 58
Procedures for program elimination
  • Memo from Harris and Lewis: "Procedures for Closing Programs Targeted for Elimination"
  • Memo from Worner: "Follow-up on Survey of Students in Programs Being Closed"
box-folder 2 folder: 59-59a
Reports and materials
Jul 1994
  • Memo from Worner on plan and meeting
  • Draft of restructuring plan
  • Restructuring plan
  • Appendices to restructuring plan
  • Michele Connolly's notes from meeting
box-folder 2 folder: 60
Responsibility centers and additional reversions
  • Memo from Carlisle to Worner
box-folder 2 folder: 61
LASc/middle school option
  • Letter from E. Creamer to Worner
  • Letter from Worner
    [memo from Lalik on LASc/middle school option attached]
box-folder 2 folder: 62
College of Education faculty meeting
  • Agenda
  • Minutes (Glasson)
box-folder 2 folder: 63
Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting and Planning
  • Memo from Worner on request to use ACSBP as review mechanism
  • Formal request from Worner to use council as review mechanism
  • Partial transcript of meeting
    Sep 7 1994
box-folder 2 folder: 64
Adult education privatization and termination plans
box-folder 2 folder: 65
Sep 1994
  • Meeting
    Sep 30 1994
  • Memo announcing schedule revision
  • Handout on purpose of the university-level review
  • Flowchart tracking "plan"
box-folder 2 folder: 66
Rosters for Units A and B
box-folder 2 folder: 67
Unit A
  • Memo on April 26 meeting of Teacher Preparation Group
  • Memo from Stewart and Niles on "getting organized"
  • Memo from Stewart and Niles on "organizational matters"
  • Memo from Magliaro on conversations about future direction of department
  • Ballot for chair election
box-folder 2 folder: 68
Unit B
  • Agenda / minutes from meeting (Tom Hunt)
  • Memo from Earthman on organizational plan for Unit B
  • Memo from Jimmie Fortune on reorganization consideration
  • Memo from Ed. Admin. electing to join Unit B
  • Memo from Career and Occupational Studies faculty electing to join Unit B
  • Memo from Counselor Education / Student Affairs electing to join Unit B
box-folder 2 folder: 69
Dean's support staff
  • Report and justification on Dean's support staff
  • Memo from Worner on support staffing for interim programs
box-folder 2 folder: 70
Budget numbers
  • C&I budget
  • C&I budget
  • FY93 research expenditures for university
box-folder 2 folder: 71
Project ENABLE
  • "The Enabler" vol. 1 (2)
  • Spectrum article
box-folder 2 folder: 72
Governor Allen's policies
  • Announcements
  • Memo on exemptions to Executive Order 38
box-folder 2 folder: 73
Vito Perrone talk
Oct 28 1994
  • Flyer announcing talk and introducing Perrone
box-folder 2 folder: 74
Old folks retreat
  • Memo from Cathy Metcalf to participants, details on meeting time and place
box-folder 2 folder: 75
Merger talks between College of Education and College of Human Resources
  • Memo from Worner on sharing restructuring and Phase II plans
  • Spectrum article on Carlisle's memo
box-folder 2 folder: 76
Meeting with University Rewards Committee
  • E-mail announcing meeting
  • E-mail reminder of meeting
  • Notes from meeting (Nespor)
box-folder 2 folder: 77
Worner's memo on capital campaign
Aug 1994
box-folder 2 folder: 78
Reduction in force policies
  • Memo from Woodard on layoff planning
  • Memo from Sherman to Worner on AUUP downsizing policy
  • Proposed changes in faculty handbook 2.10.3
  • Policy Memorandum 146 - Revision of RIF Policy
    Aug 8 1994
  • Memo: Sherman RIF policy
  • Memo from Don Creamer on Committee on Faculty Affairs: "Deliberations on Involuntary Separation Policies"
    Nov 12 1994
  • Memo from Sherman: draft of RIF policies
    Mar 3 1995
box-folder 2 folder: 79
Retirement buyout plans
  • Memo from Hyer on "Faculty Retirement / Buyout Plan"
  • Draft of "Individual Transition Option Plan: VPI&SU"
box-folder 2 folder: 80
Executive Committee minutes
box-folder 2 folder: 81
Faculty Senate minutes
box-folder 2 folder: 82
Report of Ad Hoc Review Committee
box-folder 2 folder: 83
Board of Visitors "Approval of Plan"
box-folder 2 folder: 84
Memo extending Worner's appointment as dean
Dec 1994
box-folder 2 folder: 85
Restructuring plans from Virginia Tech and other Virginia universities
  • "Appendix: Restructuring Criteria"
  • "Restructuring Virginia Tech"
  • "Addendum to VT's Restructuring Plan"
  • "Virginia's Plan: Preparing for the 21st Century"
  • Plans of Mary Washington, George Mason, William & Mary, and Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Related Spectrum article
    Nov 17 1994
box-folder 2 folder: 86
College of Education restructuring plans
  • "Plan for Restructuring the College of Education"
  • E-mail from Worner: "Therefore be it resolved" (notification of Board of Visitors approval of restructuring plan)
  • E-mail from Worner - "Initiatives"
  • Memo from Worner - "Progress report"
box-folder 2 folder: 87
Curriculum Task Force materials
box-folder 2 folder: 88
Governance and Organization Task Force materials
box-folder 3 folder: 89
College of Education faculty meeting
  • Agenda
  • Annual report to faculty
  • Summary of Executive Committee meetings
box-folder 3 folder: 90
Mountain Lake College of Education retreat
box-folder 3 folder: 91
College of Education promotions and tenure concerns
box-folder 3 folder: 92
International programs in the College of Education
box-folder 3 folder: 93
Partnerships with the public schools
box-folder 3 folder: 94
Memos - Dean Worner
box-folder 3 folder: 95
Tom Sherman - "A Proposal for Change"
box-folder 3 folder: 96
College of Education faculty meeting
  • Agenda
  • Memo - "Report of the adhoc faculty committee to review the College of Education restructuring plan"
  • Memo from Worner - "Progress report and memorandum of understanding"
    Feb 28 1994
box-folder 3 folder: 97
E-mail - "College vision"
Feb 9 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 98
E-mail - "Workforce Transition Act"
Mar 6 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 99
College of Education and College of Human Resources Merger Committee
Apr 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 100
Dave Hutchins - "Ideas on the revitalized College of Education"
box-folder 3 folder: 101
College of Education faculty meetings
Aug 1995
  • Memo from Worner - "Restructuring: next steps"
  • List of "Issues, concerns, future goals, 1995-1996" distributed at COE meeting
  • Memo from Worner - "More on restructuring: next steps"
    Aug 18 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 102
College of Education program review
  • Memo from Worner - "Program review processes and procedures"
  • Number of teaching certificates earned
  • Table of admissions requirements, EdD, PhD, Masters by degree area
  • Memo from Worner - "Program review: fine tuning"
box-folder 1 folder: 103
College of Education constitution
  • Memo - Terry Wildman: "Thoughts on the constitution"
box-folder 3 folder: 104
Tom Hunt - "The College of Education at Virginia Tech, 1971-1991"
box-folder 1 folder: 105
E-mail - Tom Sherman to COE faculty: "Message for faculty" (RIF policy)
Oct 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 106
Personnel resource allocation matrix
c. 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 107
Dianne W. Robertshaw and Larry Harris - "Restructuring a College of Education to Meet Contemporary Public School Needs"
box-folder 1 folder: 108
Racial equality
  • Breakdown of advanced degrees by race - COE vs. university
box-folder 3 folder: 109
Interviews with College of Education faculty
box-folder 3 folder: 110-110a
Dismantling the College of Education
  • Memo from Worner to Torgersen - "Argument against decision"
  • Memo from Torgersen to COE faculty and staff announcing merger
  • Agenda of COE Executive Committee meeting
  • Sherman announcing Faculty Senate meeting with Torgersen
  • Roanoke Times article - "College merger a tough lesson"
  • Roanoke Times article - "Faculty protest merger"
  • Faculty Senate resolution
  • E-mail from Worner - "College of Education status"
  • Newspaper article (Roanoke Times?) "Discontent at Virginia Tech: campus upset about education college merger"
  • Worner e-mail - "Meeting with superintendents and Spectrum article"
  • Worner e-mail - "Communication"
  • Spectrum article - "President outlines changes for College of Education"
  • Photocopy of Spectrum article - "Torgersen answers staff questions"
  • Minutes of November Staff Senate meeting
  • "Myths and 'myth-information' surrounding the decision to close the College of Education at Virginia Tech" (written by Worner; distribution, if any, unclear)
  • "Restructuring at Virginia Tech: a (Grim) Fairy Tale" (by Worner; distribution, if any, unclear)
  • Agenda and Worner's summary of all-day meeting on merger
  • Letter from Torgersen attached to letter from Meszaros to Torgersen recommending merger
  • Letter from Pat Edwards (chair) to "faculty, staff participants in interviews for the Dean of Human Resources and Education" - list of finalists, short vitas attached
  • E-mail from Emily Oliver (dean's office) - "Merger planning activities"
box-folder 3 folder: 111
Transcript - Torgersen at College of Education faculty meeting
Nov 15 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 112
Transcript of Torgersen at Staff Senate meeting
Nov 16 1995
  • Transcript
  • Minutes
box-folder 3 folder: 113
Torgersen interviewed by C. Pinson
Dec 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 114
Restructuring in Arts and Sciences
box-folder 3 folder: 115
Dean Worner's presentation to the Board of Visitors
box-folder 3 folder: 116
Meeting with provost on future of College of Education
Dec 12 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 117
Second meeting with provost on future of College of Education
Dec 14 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 118-118a
Third meeting with provost on future of College of Education
Dec 18 1995
box-folder 3 folder: 119-119b
Mobilizing protest against merger
box-folder 3 folder: 120-120a
Protest letters to Torgersen
box-folder 3 folder: 121
Open letter to the Virginia Tech community
Apr 23 1996
box-folder 3 folder: 122
Archive interviews, College of Education
Dec 1994
  • VHS tape of interviews