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Blake W. Corson, Jr., Papers1861-19841934-1979
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Corson, Blake W.
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The Blake W. Corson Jr., Papers are comprised of professional and personal files, correspondence, and published materials from 1861-1984 (bulk, 1934-1979), primarily relating to his career as an engineer at NASA Langley.

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Biographical Note

Family History Blake Wilson Corson was born in Cumberland Virginia In 1874. Wilson Corson had five sisters. Corson attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1895. Corson married Anne Mason "Annie" White on April 23, 1907.

Blake Wilson Corson, Jr., was born to Blake Wilson Corson (1874-1962) and Anne Mason Corson (1874-1968) on October 1st in 1908 in Henrico, Virginia. Corson had two youngers sisters Juidith Parker (born July 20, 1911) and Georgina White (born June 26, 1915). Blake W. Corson, Jr. married Shirley Huxter (1921-2014) on December 6, 1947. They had one daughter.

Corson, Jr.'s father died in 1962. Blake Wilson Corson was buried with Grace Episcopal Church. Anne Corson died in 1968; she was buried next to her spouse.

Blake W. Corson, Jr., died at 83 on December 23, 1991. He was survived by his wife and daughter. Corson was burried in Peninsula Memorial Park Newport News. Shirley Corson died in 2014 at the age of 93.

Education and Work Blake W. Corson, Jr., graduated from John Marshall High School. Corson, Jr., attended the University of Richmond and earned a B.S. in Mathmatics and Physics in 1932. In 1935 Corson, Jr., began working with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and the Natioanl Aeronautical and Space Association. Corson, Jr., retired in 1972.

Degrees and Universities University of Richmond B.S. Mathmatics B.S. Physics


Cascade Plug Nozzle, Filed :1974, 07, 12, Publication: 1976, 02, 17 Nozzle: Filed: 1960, 05 , 23; Publication: 1961,12,12


"The Aerodynamics of a Wind Tunnel Fan." NASA. 1941. "Model Tests of a Wing-Duct System for Auxiliary Air Supply." NASA. 1941. "The Belt Method for Measuring Pressure Distribution." NASA. 1943. "Cooling Characteristics of a Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Engine Installed in an NACA Short-nose High-inlet-velocity Cowling." NASA. 1944. "Analysis of Propeller Efficiency Losses Associated with Heated-air Thermal De-icing." NASA. 1946. "The Effect of Simulated Icing on Propeller Performance." NASA. 1946. "Investigation of the Effect of a Tip Modification and Thermal De-icing Air Flow on Propeller Performance." NASA. 1946. "A Review Of Propeller Theory" NASA. 1948. "The Langley 2,000 Horsspower propeller Dynamometer and Tests at High Speed of an NACA 10-(3)(08)-03 Two Blade Propeller". NASA. 1952. "Static Thrust of an Annular Nozzle with a Concave Central Base." NASA. 1960. "Transonic Thrust and Drag Characteristics of an Annular Nozzle Having a Semitoroidal Concave Plug." NASA. 1964. "Summary of Research on Jet Exit Installations." NASA. 1966. "Calibration of the Langley 16-Foot Transonic Tunnel with Test Section Air Removal." NASA. 1974.

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Scope and Contents

The Blake W. Corson Jr., Papers are comprised of professional and personal files, correspondence, and published materials from 1861-1984 (bulk, 1934-1979), primarily relating to his career as an engineer at NASA Langley. Topics include aerodynamic performance of aircraft propellers and manned aircraft; wind tunnel fans, jet noise suppression, and tunnel calibration. This collection is organized into five series by material type.


This collection is organized into five series by material type.

Series I: Personal Papers, 1861-1865, 1962-1966, n.d. includes Corson's resume, personal photographs, and materials relating to the Corson family history, genealogy, and copies of family correspondence. This series is arranged by material type.

Series II: Personal Projects, 1941-1979, n.d. consists of research, subject files, patent forms, and extensive notes on a variety of research projects conducted by Corson outside of his work for Langley. The majority of this series surrounds two projects: "Toward Energy Independence" and Corson's interest in environmental clean up in the Newport News area. This series is arranged by project/topic.

Series III: Correspondence/Memorandum, 1938-1978, n.d. contains letters to and from a variety of scientists, researchers, community members, government employees, and some corporations and agencies. In addition, there are extensive memos written reporting on projects of which Corson was a part. There is a list of major correspondents below. This series in in chronological order.

Major correspondents in this collection include:

A.W. Vogley
Abe Silverstien
Acoustics Division (Position Transfer)
Admiral Ralph W. Cousins (Cleaning Up Newport News)
Anita Cavagnara Associate Director (Cooperation and Research with Boeing)
Bill Greathoose Booth (High Speed Tunnel)
Chief Of Aerodynamics (High Speed Tunnel Reports)
Chief of Compressibility Research (16ft High Speed Tunnel Rotating Seal)
Chief of Compressibility Research (Project Z)
Chief of Research (Mechanical Sink)
Chief of Research (Propeller Projects and Papers)
Chief of Research (Thermal Deiceing Propeller and Jet Driven Propeller)
Clyde Lumpkin Construction Office, John D.R. Zeno (ASME Talk on Propeller Theory)
David Biermann (Moffett Field/Langley Field Fans, R-2800 Engine)
Director John R. Erwin (Shadow Graph Wing Shock)
Donald D. Amos (Oscillating Orfice Pump)
Donald D. Baals
Dr. Adolph Busemann
Dr. Clinton C. Kemp E. Boxer (Compressor Noise Reduction)
E. J. Manganilleo E. Johnson (Moffett Field Fans)
Edgar M. Cartright Energy Research and Development Administration Engineer in Charge (High Speed Tunnel)
Engineer in Charge (Servo Control) FAECT-- PAC Committee of Chapter 15
Frank Smiley (Newport News City Manager)
G.W. Lewis
George R. Kinney
H. J. E. Reid
H.B. Edwards (16 foot Wind Tunnel Fan Blades)
Hamilton Standard Division
Harleth G. Wiley (Research and Technology Resume Numbering System)
Harry E. Shanner
Henry Balfour
Howard J. Osborn; Office of Patent Council LRC (Mutiple Cell Toridal Vortex Tube)
Hugh L. Dryden (University Conference on Aerodynamics)
J. G. McHugh
J.M. Carson, Jr. (Office Patent Council)
J.O. Tresansky (Office Patent Council)
J.W. Crowly
James B. Delanor
John L. Crigler
John N. Randolph (Patent, Improved Type of Crate for Bottled Beverages)
John V. Becker (Moffett Field Tunnel Fans)
Keffer (Langley Field Rear Propeller)
L. R. Quarles (Blade Elements)
Lawrence K. Loftin, Jr. (McDonnel Douglas Review)
Leland B. Salters, Jr.
Lindsey I . Turner (Oscillating Orfice Pump)
Lowell Hasel
Manned Spacecraft Center
Mark R. Nichols (VTOL, FSRD)
Mason (16 ft Wind Tunnel Study and Alteration)
Mason (Gust Tunnel)
Messick (Langley Field Rear Fan)
Michael A. Chaszeyka (McDonnel Douglas Review)
Mr. DeFraue (Two Dimensional Pressure Tunnel)
Mr.Wood (Free-Flight Tunnel)
NACA/LMAL Travel Permission
Norman Silvers
P.W. Mangen (Hotel New Yorker)
Paul Taynton (Texaco; Hydrazine in Fuel)
Peninsula Planning District Commission (Cleaning Up Newport News)
Planning Office of the Technical Service Division
President Jimmy Carter (Energy Crisis)
R.C. Platt
R.J. Landberg (McDonnell Douglas Review)
Ray W. Hooker (Gust Tunnel)
Richard O. Carden
Robert R. Gilruth
S. Walter Hixton Jr. (Management Training)
State Corporation Commission
Sylvia Thomas (S.A.E.)
Tab Smith (York County Board of Supervisors)
Travel Request and Authorization U.S. Office of Patents (Purox System)
Union Carbide Corporation (Cleaning up Newport News/ Towards Energy Independence)
William A. Harding
William A. Scheller

Series IV: Professional Projects, 1937-1984, n.d. includes a small group of outlines and reports. This series primarily consist of five subseries, organized by topic/project, consisting of a variety of formats from Corson's work as an Aerospace Engineer with NASA. Subseries A: Research Tunnels includes papers and research relating to a variety of tunnels on which Corson worked (other than the 16 foot Transonic Tunnel (which is its own subseries below). Subseries B: Propellers and Propeller Research includes notes, graphs, calculations, and subject files on propellers and fan designs. Subseries C: Nozzles and Nozzle Research includes reports, notes, figures, proposals, and designs for nozzles. Subseries D: Research Projects contains drawings, calculations, notes, and subject files on topics relating to aspects of flight and engineering, especially certain parts or processes. Subseries E: 16 Foot Transonic Tunnel and Research includes extensive notes, photographs, calculations, notes, and reports on one of Corson's major projects and research topics. Materials in these series, subseries, and sub-subseries are organized by topic/subject.

Major projects in this series include:

19 Foot Pressure Tunnel
20 Spin Tunnel
AERL Ice Tunnel
Air Breathing Propulsions Systems
Annular Nozzle with a Concave Central base
Annular Nozzle with a Semi Toridal Base
Carderock Wind Tunnel
Cascade Plug Nozzle
Convergent Divergent Nozzle
Exhaust Nozzle and Jet Nozzle Performance
High Speed Tunnel
Jet Interference Program
McDonnell Douglas Review
Moffett Field
Perforated Diffuser Nozzle Bifurcated Rotary Joint
Propeller Research Tunnel
Stability Tunnel
Swept Wing
Transonic Tunnel
Two Dimensional Pressure Tunnel

Series V: Publications, Journals, and Reports, 1934-1982 contains published works by Corson or collected by him for research purposes. The majority are directly related to projects on which Corson worked. This series includes six subseries, organized by type of publication (Publications, Reports, Papers, Journals, Articles, and Pamphlets, Brochures, and Directories). Materials in each subseries are organized alphabetically by title.

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1861-1865, 1962-1966, n.d.
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