Books That Made the Difference Project Collection A Guide to the Books That Made the Difference Project Collection, 1980-1986 Ms.1985.003

A Guide to the Books That Made the Difference Project Collection, 1980-1986 Ms.1985.003


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Special Collections and University Archives, Virginia Tech
Books That Made the Difference Project Collection,1980-1986
5 Cubic Feet, 8 boxes
Sabine, Gordon
The materials in the collection are in English.
The Books That Made the Difference Project Collection consists of subject files, clippings, correspondence, manuscript drafts, and audio-visual materials. The project was conceived in l980 by Ann Heidbreder Eastman, formerly of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and executed by Gordon A. Sabine, formerly a professor at this university, and his wife Patricia, who interviewed people across the country, asking what book made the greatest difference in their lives, and what was that difference. The responses were collected for a book, Books That Made the Difference: What People Told Us, published by Shoe String Press in 1983. The theme of "Books Make a Difference" has been, and still is, used by public libraries for public relations campaigns. Noteworthy aspects of the collection include the 1983 book and the 1985 abridged version published by the Book-of-the-Month Club, and the original cassette tapes used by the Sabines to record the interviews.

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Source of Acquisition

The Books That Made the Difference Project Collection was donated to Special Collections in 1986.

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The processing, arrangement, and description of the Books That Made the Difference Project Collection commenced and was completed in 1986. Additional description was completed in 2010.

Historical Note

In a project jointly sponsored by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress and the College of Arts and Sciences of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, or Virginia Tech, the Books That Made the Difference (BTMTD) Project sought to discover how important a role books played in shaping people's lives. The project was planned, administered, and promoted by Ann Heidbreder Eastman, Director of Public Affairs Programs, College of Arts and Sciences, at Virginia Tech, and executed by Gordon Sabine, a professor of journalism at Virginia Tech, and his wife Patricia, an assistant professor at Ohio State University. The Sabines traveled across the country from July 1980 to March 1981, interviewed approximately 1,400 Americans, and asked them two questions: What book made the greatest difference in your life, and what was that difference? They interviewed a panoply of people, from celebrities and authors to farmers and laborers, who named books from the Bible to Raggedy Ann. The answers were collected for a book published in 1983 by Shoe String Press, Books That Made the Difference: What People Told Us. In addition, the Books Make a Difference (BMAD) idea was promoted nationally with, for example, Gordon Sabine's interview on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" in which listeners were asked to write NPR about significant books in their lives, and as the theme of national library ceremonies, such as the American Book Awards. The concept was also used on a local scale, from promotional ideas for libraries given in the back of the book. In 1985 the Book-of-the-Month Club published an abridged version of the book.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of Administration and Promotion subject files, Center for the Book material, magazine and newspaper clippings, correspondence, manuscript drafts, Book-of-the-Month Club material, and audio-visual material.

The Administration and Promotion subject files are arranged in rough chronological order. The Public Relations survey involved a form sent to public librarians asking about effective ways to promote read ing. The Spokane Public Library material includes ideas to promote adult literacy and information on their efforts to boost reading through the use of television. The Dana Library Public Relations Awards contest and the Library Awareness Idea Search were entered by Eastman with the BMAD concept. The BTMTD Kit, which is included with this material, never proved successful. Poster Sessions refers to the use of a BMAD exhibit at the 1982 American Library Association meeting. PM Magazine material includes information on the possibility of a BTMTD spot on the show. Susan Neuman material relates to this professor's research at Eastern Connecticut State University of children's reading habits and Neuman's inquiries to Eastman for duplicates of the recorded interviews. The Sabines' Houston presentation was made at Westfield High School in the Spring Independent School District, October 2-3, l984. The Sabines' conclusions focus on their summation about the difference books make to different people. Reader's Digest material consists of mostly manu script fragments of the book organized by Gordon Sabine for an article that was submitted to but never published by Reader's Digest. Miscellaneous administrative information consists mostly of memos, ALA and agent's information, notes, clippings, etc.

The Center for the Book material includes meeting reports of, and publicity for, the BTMTD project.

The clippings are primarily about the BTMTD project, with a few scattered throughout on other related topics.

The correspondence consists of copies of the initial letters Eastman sent to State Librarians about the project, requests for information and materials from librarians, letters of inquiry about the project to the Center for the Book, and Walter Matthau's 1980 letter to the Sabines about his most meaningful book. Also included in the correspondence are the letters written to NPR in response to their request for listeners' to write in what book made the difference in their lives.

The book manuscripts include a card file of notes for the book, as well as drafts and cut- up fragments of the book. Book copy refers to a xerox copy of the finished book. A first edition copy of the book, Books That Made the Difference: What People Told Us is also included in the manuscripts section.

The Book-of-the-Month Club material includes a copy of its 1985 version of the book (pages 1-128 of the original Shoe String Press edition), as well as miscellaneous project material pertaining to the Book- of-the-Month Club.

The Audio-Visual material includes photographs, contact sheets, and negatives of interviewees in the project. One photograph is of Gordon Sabine at a teletype machine for deaf library users at the Free Library of Philadelphia and another is of him interviewing a woman on the beach at Sanibel. The order of the contact sheets and negatives follows the Sabines' trail around the country. See Container List for complete listing. Of the four 8-track tapes, one is of Susan Stamberg's NPR interview with Gordon Sabine, the second of an interview with Robert Cromie of Chicago, Illinois, the third is entitled "Eastman MS w/excerpts from BTMTD speech", and the last is of "various interviews." The slides are of interviewees. The videotapes include two U-matic cassettes, one labeled "Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Sabine, BTMTD, Black and White, no Sound", and the other of the BMAD slides which has a list accompany ing it. Another videotape is from the April 1981 BTMTD presentation for the Center for the Book, and a fourth is marked "Contents unknown". The interview tapes include conversations with such noteworthy people as Daniel Boorstin, Woody Hayes, Clare Booth Luce, Dottie Lamm, William G. Milliken, Studs Terkel, Andy Rooney, Edgar Bergen, Sam Bass Warner, Tony Randall, Barbara Tuchman, and Susan Stamberg. The interviewees on Tape are listed in a separate cassette index, appended to the back of the container list.


The collection is arranged by type of material.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

  • Eastman, Ann Heidbreder
  • University History
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1970-)
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. College of Arts and Sciences (1970-2003)
  • Women -- History

Rights Statement for Archival Description

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Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Eastman, Ann Heidbreder
  • Sabine, Gordon

Container List

Administration and Promotion,, 1980-1983, undated..
  • Project proposal, with draft, to the Center for the Book,, April 1980.. 1, box-folder folder: 1,
  • Sabines vitas and photographs.. 1, box-folder folder: 2,
  • State Librarians contacted by Eastman for project,, 1980-1981.. 1, box-folder folder: 3,
  • Sabines' travel schedules,, 1980-1981.. 1, box-folder folder: 4,
  • Public Relations survey,, 1980.. 1, box-folder folder: 5,
  • Press releases,, 1981.. 1, box-folder folder: 6,
  • Spokane Public Library,, 1981.. 1, box-folder folder: 7,
  • Dana Library Public Relations Award Contest material,, 1982.. 1, box-folder folder: 8,
  • Library Awareness Idea Search with BTMTD Kit,, 1982.. 1, box-folder folder: 9,
  • Poster Sessions,, 1982.. 1, box-folder folder: 10,
  • PM Magazine,, 1982.. 1, box-folder folder: 11,
  • Promotion ideas,, 1980-1982.. 1, box-folder folder: 12,
  • Promotional materials.. 1, box-folder folder: 13,
  • Council for Florida Libraries Book and Author Festival packet and promotional tour material,, 1982.. 1, box-folder folder: 14,
  • Library Administrators and Managers Association, Public Relations section BMAD program,, 1983.. 1, box-folder folder: 15,
  • Shoe String Press material,, 1982-1983.. 1, box-folder folder: 16,
  • Sabine promotion,, 1982-1984.. 1, box-folder folder: 17,
  • Susan Neuman project,, 1983-1984.. 1, box-folder folder: 18,
  • Broward Co., FL BMAD program,, 1983-1984.. 1, box-folder folder: 19,
  • Houston presentation,, 1984.. 1, box-folder folder: 20,
  • "Conclusions.". 1, box-folder folder: 21,
  • Reader's Digest material,, 1981, n.d.. 1, box-folder 22 to 1-23 (2 folders),
  • Miscellaneous administrative material.. 1, box-folder 24 to 1-26 (3 folders),
  • Library of Congress Budget Record,, 1981.. 1, box-folder folder: 27,
  • Central Midwestern Regional Educational Laboratory, Inc.,, 1982-1983.. 1, box-folder folder: 28,
Center for the Book,, 1980-1983..
  • Meeting and interim reports and proposals,, 1980-1983.. 1, box-folder folder: 29,
  • Kit and correspondence,, 1981.. 1, box-folder folder: 30,
  • Publicity.. 1, box-folder folder: 31,
Clippings,, 1980-1986, undated..
  • Clippings,, 1980-1981.. 1, box-folder 32 to 1-33 (2 folders),
  • Clippings,, 1982-1986, undated.. 2, box-folder 1 to 2-2 (2 folders),
  • Roanoke Times and World News article material,, November 1981.. 2, box-folder folder: 3,
Correspondence,, 1981-1984..
  • Eastman letters to State Librarians with responses,, 1981.. 2, box-folder folder: 4,
  • Requests for information and materials,, 1980-1984.. 2, box-folder folder: 5,
  • Letters of inquiry about the BMAD program to the Center for the Book,, 1982.. 2, box-folder 6 to 2-7 (2 folders),
  • Walter Matthau letter to Sabines,, November 1980.. 2, box-folder folder: 8,
  • Gereral,, 1980-1984.. 2, box-folder folder: 9,
  • National Public Radio interview,, 1981.. 2, box-folder folder: 10,
  • List of states, respondents, books, and quality control form.. 2, box-folder folder: 11,
  • Letters, A-Z and unsigned.. 2, box-folder 12 to 2-17 (6 folders),
Manuscripts,, 1980-1983, undated..
  • Card file.. 2, box-folder folder: 18,
  • Fragments of early manuscrip drafts.. 2, box-folder 19 to 2-22 (4 folders),
  • What Americans Say: The Books that Made the Difference, 2 copies.. 2, box-folder 23 to 3-1 (2 folders),
  • First draft I,, April 1981.. 3, box-folder folder: 2,
  • Second mansuscript, version III with updated pages,, April 8, 1981.. 3, box-folder folder: 3,
  • Draft?, 1983. 3, box-folder folder: 4,
  • Draft with index.. 4, box-folder folder: 1,
  • Book copy.. 4, box-folder folder: 2,
  • Books That Made the Difference: What People Told Us. Hamden CT: The Shoe String Press, Inc.,, 1983.. 4, box-folder folder: 3,
Book-of-the-Month Club,, 1985, undated..
  • Miscellaneous materials.. 4, box-folder folder: 4,
  • Abridged edition of Books That Made the Difference: What People Told Us,, 1985.. 4, box-folder folder: 5,
Audio-Visual Materials..
  • Photographs.. 4, box-folder folder: 6,
    Scope and Contents note
    Contact Sheets and Negatives
    Ft. Myers; Sanibel Island; Stone Mountain (Atlanta, Georgia)
    Florida; New Jersey
    Atlanta, Georgia; Indian Reservation
    Grand Canyon
    Denver; San Francisco; Houston
    San Francisco (John Frantz, Ernie Gaines, Ferlenghetti); Concord, California
    Idaho (mayor to wheat farmer)
    New York, New York; Philadelphia
    Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • Films.. 4, box-folder folder: 7,
  • Audiotapes, slides.. 5, box
Cassette Tapes 1-28.. 5, box
  • Tape 1.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: St. Petersburg man; Emma Simpson, 81 year-old lady; 100-year-old lady; Manchild and the Promised Land; Helen Bradley; Island of the Blue Dolphins

    Side B: Edgar Bergen; Mr. Degruy; Master's student, encyclopedias; Cora Groff; Dan Runge; Sarah Cook; Harry Wharton, postal clerk; Joan Hopkins; Ringling Art Librarian; David Williams (blind); Frank Cucksey

  • Tape 2.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Aldrane Schuchmann; Bill Stonex; Kercher; Dauthtroy; Ann Marie Costa; Dan Bernstein; Bruce Sparks; Mark Goumas

    Side B: Morris; Blue; Steffan Mallory and Tonya; Lois Rice; Ken Stevenson

  • Tape 3.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Librarian from Georgia; Anne Russell; Mary Rheay; Colleen; Thomas Moore; Jack Kraus; Mary Warren; Alma Greene; Sybil Bain; Roxanna Austin

    Side B: Ella Yates, Hawaii; Army rules and regulations; John Harte; Christopher Kane; Dr. Ellwood Boddie; France Fritzen; Judy Albright; Casper Jordan

  • Tape 4.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Willis Johnson; Vincent Davis, Native Son; V.P. Rush Honda, comic books; about George Bernard Shaw (Shaw Society)

    Side B: About George Bernard Shaw (con't); Bonnie Miller; Weller; About Carol Burnett; Sue Stacy

  • Tape 5.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Ft. Sumter (then speeds up, cannot be understood on this recorder)

    "Family Business"

  • Tape 6.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Gordon Canterbury; South African, Cry the Beloved Country; Mark Grubham; Arthur Brown; Mr. Linstrom; Nancy White; Joy Culp, Spokane, WA

    Side B: Leon Skip Roland; Utah Phillips; Barbara Scott; more on Joy Culp; info on Joy Culp's driver Kathy; Ron Dubberly

  • Tape 7.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Mr. Stuntz, guide and ticket seller at Tom Edison's house, Dan Youman; Josephine Mannella; (static...); Elizabeth Bryan; James Letizia

    Side B: James Letizia (cont.); Linda Letizia; Anne Dennis, Jonathan Livingston Seagull ; Dr. Marvin Odro; Bruce Hugh, Peter Marshall; (static...); Teacher in Canada; Mrs. Payne

  • Tape 8.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Joan and Malcolm Miller, High Ice

    Side B: Malcolm Miller (cont'd); Mary Poppins; Textbook; Cope Gall Jr., Grapes of Wrath; Mr. Nelson; Gary Morris; Boy Scout Handbook; Irv Brown, Cry the Beloved Country

  • Tape 9.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Mrs. Pond, Seattle, WA; Wainwright; Virgina Burnside; Ken Ragland; Don Zoller; Ben Moon Railroad, sailor; Fisherman from Norway

    Side B: blank

  • Tape 10.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: blank

    Side B: Roy Beck; W. R. Henderson; Minton Moore; Mr. Meek; Luther Baker; David Perkins; Sterling and Elizabeth Hinman; Mr Beach; Mr. Dabney

  • Tape 11.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Mark Couchman, The Monkey Wrench Gang; Beth Stolzy; Jane Diaz; Rev. Ramsey; Jane Diaz (again); stewardess; Ed Byers; Seibel; Mary Anne Toliver: Mrs. DeReemer; Pauley

    Side B: Pauley (cont'd); Ellen Crowley; Shirley Wittler; Halliburton Books; Boorstin's History Books; Little Anna of Lapland; G. Henney's Books; Lawrence Webber, (children should be read to); real estate consultant; Edgar Rice Burrough's books

  • Tape 12.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Tarzan, Zane Grey Books; Henry Shearouse; Lee Ambrose, The Fountain Pen; college course called "Age of Johnson"; Glenn Holliday; Ellen Kessler, PASSAGES

    Side B: Dottie Lamm, Working It Out; Father Woodridge

  • Tape 13.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Bill Barrett, author of Lilies of the Field and The Left Hand of God; Howlet; John Gardner's Excellence; John Murdock; Owner of a gold mine, Jesse Peterson

    Side B: Das Kapital, Mary Kennelli; Jahn McCardy; John Frantz; Jade Snow Wong; black writer

  • Tape 14.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Autobiographies; Poet, The Literary San Francisco Coney Island of the Mind; Positive Thinking, guide in Barringer Vineyards; Betty Theriot, Book of Mormon; Books on child rearing, Peresia Jackson; Rrobert Yamada

    Side B: Mary Kraetzer; Asst. Librarian; Gunther Barth

  • Tape 15.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Ed McMillan; (Nobel)

    Side B: Mendlesohn; woman who works on The Examiner; Elwood Nestler

  • Tape 16.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Greg Rayner; Louie Welch; Librarian; Mike Benedict; Penrod

    Side B: Librarian; Boy Scout Handbook; Chester Rozell; Willia Carey Graves; D.D. Lewis

  • Tape 17.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: The Late Great Planet Earth; Stanley Marcus; Doorman; Patricia Sabine

    Side B: blank

  • Tape 18.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Sylvia Batenhorst

    Side B: Sylvia Batenhorst; Green River Bar, Alice Wenner

  • Tape 19.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Gerhard Zuther; Alex Lazzarrino; Lonnie Tilley, books by Roy Rogers; Frank Hulac

    Side B: Joe Kimbrough; Fr. Alan Moss; Carol Chrislock; Gail See; Harold Kittleson

  • Tape 20.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Zygmont Choroszy, concentration camp survivor

    Side B: Zygmont Choroszy

  • Tape 21.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Steve Nisbet; Louise Pratt Calcott; Roland Robbins

    Side B: Roland Robbins

  • Tape 22.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Roland Robbins (talking about Thoreau)

    Side B: Robbins (cont'd); Edna Heidbreder; Jane Gorden at Alcott House

  • Tape 23.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Bert Perkins; Edgar Allen, Sherlock Holmes; Leonard Quintavalla, U.S.S. Constitution; Durgur Park Waitress; David McCord; General Gavin

    Side B: George Gloss; Fenn; Sam Bass Warner; Tonroy

  • Tape 24.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Tonroy, Vanity Fair; Florence Ladd; Writer in residence at Emerson College; Millions of Cats

    Side B: Woman from Peron's Argentina (Manti); Newman's idea of the University, The Second Spring; Jane Manthorne, The Little Matchgirl, The Man Without a Country; Danny Thiel; Anthony Buscetti

  • Tape 25.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Unidentified man; Clara Garcia; Alberto Barreto

    Side B: Alberto Barreto (cont'd); Maria Sanchez; Mayor Willian Musso; Steven Aschoff; Jim Moomaw; Bob Van Dyne

  • Tape 26.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Bob Van Dyne; Bea MacDdonald; Fred Crossland; Marie Davis; Mary Flournoy

    Side B: Mary Flournoy; Hagemayer; Bill Andrews; Debbie Andrews; Wes Pippert

  • Tape 27.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Ed Newman; Nina Keenan; Tom Keenan

    Side B: Tom Keenan (cont'd); James Fox (cop); Family business

  • Tape 28.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: William G. Milliken (Governor of Michigan); Bob Cromie; Bill Veeck; Kerri Byrnes

    Side B: Clare Booth Luce; Paul Tibbets

Cassette Tapes 29-55.. 6, box
  • Tape 29.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Paul Tibbets; Dr. Mayberry Mayo; Paul Tibbets; War and Rememberance; Pat Bartlett

    Side B: About Richard Burton; Bobbie Estrada; Jeanne Hart

  • Tape 30.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Woman in Indian Community; Bundy; Paul Beach; Pat Walker; Stacy; Fellow Graduate from University of Wisconsin

    Side B: Marcus Cohn; Minnie Pearl; Ann Eastman

  • Tape 31.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: John Gardner

    Side B: Electronic reader for the Blind

  • Tape 32.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Blank except for a small clip from a broadcast, Daniel Boorstin

    Side B: blank

  • Tape 33.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Ruth Boorstin

    Side B: Susan Stamberg

  • Tape 34.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Dan Fader, English Professor from Baltimore

    Side B: Dan Fader (cont'd); Prof. John Forsythe; Mechanical Engineer; Phil Samson

  • Tape 35.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Charlotte Huck

    Side B: Charlotte Huck (cont'd); Les and Dorothy Moeller, The Limits to Growth; Ralph Reeder; Earl Butz; Man at Nrao (astronomer)

  • Tape 36.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Pastor's Wife, Sue Stacy; Forever Amber; A Farewell to Arms; Dick Stoufer; The New Science Politics; Norman Cousins; Virginia Mathews

    Side B: Virginia Mathews; Bookmobile; Bruce Oliver; Norman Cousins

  • Tape 37.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Professor Stan Idzerda; Julie James; Elnora Betsy Ross (Ray of Hope); Tom McCall

    Side B: Tom McCall (cont'd); Jim Green; Jane Anderson Gunn; Pat Walker (bar owner)

  • Tape 38.
    Scope and Contents note

    Librarian (cont'd); Russ Wiggins; Lady Bible; John Hancock, Nuremburg Testimonies; Joe Howland (The Tru Believer); Manager (Education Our Daughter)

  • Tape 39.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Sue Stacy; Edwin Busick; Kathy Coster

    Side B: Kathy Coster (cont'd); Sue Stacy

  • Tape 40.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Interview (no name given); Nancy Larrick on reading; Irish Tom Campbell

    Side B: Sabines (miscellaneous)

  • Tape 41.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Person in State Department of Commerce, Hawaii; Mr. Amburgey, Asst. Commissioner of Education in Colorado; Utah Bookmobiles; John Zangmeister; Book Service to Alaskans

    Side B: Book Service to Alaskans (cont'd), Woman from Syria, Great Expectations

  • Tape 42.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Bess Sheller

    Side B: Silvia Barsuyan; Henry Dubinsky; Becky Pippert, Camping and Woodcraft; Head of Recreation, Richard A. Tapply; Man writing his memoirs; Eugene Power

  • Tape 43.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Cat's Cradle; Voltaire's Candide, Willard Thompson; Sue Stacy

    Side B: Firefighter, Clough; Augusta Baker; Dr. Kein; Melton; Sue Stacy; Marie Davis

  • Tape 44.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Pat Walker; Dorothy Moeller

    Side B: Art Smith, Shakespeare; Postman, Our Plundered Planet; Dan Lacy; Why people don't read (Nault); Susan Stamberg

  • Tape 45.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: The Scottish Chiefs, The White Company, The Belgian Twings); Henry Taylor; Book about Clarence Darrow; Aristotle's Poetics; Sol Gordon; Candle maker; The Deaf

    Side B: Jane Howard; Doris Saunders; Betty Elliott; Minister's Daughter

  • Tape 46.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Director of Energy Research Lab; Man in Washington who served on committee in State Department

    Side B: The Americanization of Edward Buck; Nevada State Librarian; Book service to "Cathouses"; The Adveturers (Shirley); Crime and Punishment ; Alaska mail delivery; Elizabeth Yon; Sue Stacey; Marie Davis; chatter

  • Tape 47.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Woody Hayes; Ed Koopminers; Helen E. Lee; Reverend Mullins; Ed Koopminers; Bruce Dixon

    Side B: Bruce Dixon; Zygmont Choroszy; Tim Melton; Hazel Dicken-Garcia; Tex Potter

  • Tape 48.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Jimmy Carter's Pastor, The Book of Acts; Bruce Edwards; Mortimer Adler; R. T. Kingman; Sue Stacy

    Side B: Sue Stacy (cont'd); Nancy Lopez Melton; Bill Branch

  • Tape 49.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Catherine Gillie on reading

    Side B: Crawford Lincoln Sturbridge; Gerald Utley; Catherine Gillie; Milton Caniff; Betty Elliot

  • Tape 50.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: George Wilson (Director of Interlochen); Reading Researcher

    Side B: Poet, (Red Fox); Former President of Union and Lumber Inspec- tor; Zygmont Choroszy, underground newspaper in Poland

  • Tape 51.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Englishman, Reading Without Nonsense; Washburn, Huckleberry Finn; Bessie Moore, Dictionary; Nichols; Paul Ouelette-Silver

    Side B: Jeff MacNelly; Timothy Johnson; W. Lyle Eberhardt; Ed Newman; Babbitt; History book (no contact with non-whites); Speaking about Ghandi and Nehru; William Asp; Raymond Kuhn

  • Tape 52.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Former bookmobile driver; Sue Stacy

    Side B: Sue Stacy

  • Tape 53.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Simon Michael Bessie, Harper & Row; Nathan Leblang, architect

    Side B: Zygmont Choroszy; Robert B. Downs

  • Tape 54.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: M/chf. Ray Kuhn; Mac Bundy; Leon Somat; Rabbi Friehof; Don Lee Keith

    Side B: Piano player; Ruby Bridges; Jeff McNelly; Connie Kay; Tony Randall; Andy Rooney

  • Tape 55.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Andy Rooney; Barbara Bannon; Herb Simon; Zygmont Choroszy

    Side B: Irv Kupcinet; Studs Terkel; Bob Cromie; Barbara Moro

Cassette Tapes 56-75.. 7, box
  • Tape 56.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Lady from Publishing Co.; Rita Furst; Clay Herrick; McClennan; Tom Barensfeld with Board of Education, Andre Cristo; Virginia Matthews, Nancy Oakley

    Side B: blank

  • Tape 57.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Cohn

    Side B: Man who has passages in a book marked

  • Tape 58.
    Scope and Contents note

    Backup for Reel Tape of BTMTD Interview excerpts

  • Tape 59.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Helen Hoke Watts

    Side B: Helen Hoke Watts

  • Tape 60.
    Scope and Contents note

    WRNG in Atlanta - Ray Mooney interview show, August 2, 1980

  • Tape 61.
    Scope and Contents note

    "4/6/81 BTMTD"

  • Tape 62.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Jonard

    Side B: Linda Letizia

  • Tape 63.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Linda Letizia (cont'd)

    Side B: Ragland

  • Tape 64.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Ross

    Side B: Fleharty (in Alaska)

  • Tape 65.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Hart

    Side B: Branch

  • Tape 66.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Blue Collar Journal

    Side B: Ann Garcia

  • Tape 67.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: 60 Minutes Self-Examination

    Side B: 60 Minutes (cont'd); Coster

  • Tape 68.
    Scope and Contents note

    Side A: Ross; Hart

    Side B: Dottie Lamm

  • Tape 69.
    Scope and Contents note

    Radio Call-in Show with Jim Eason

  • Tape 70.
    Scope and Contents note

    1/27/81 Gordon Sabine Interview - aired as Public Affairs Pro- gram on WVWR in Roanoke, VA on 2/18/81

  • Tape 71.
    Scope and Contents note

    copy of Tape 70

  • Tape 72.
    Scope and Contents note

    Gordon Sabine speech about BTMTD (for Center for the Book?), April, 1981

  • Tape 73.
    Scope and Contents note

    "All Things Considered" interview—National Public Radio, 2/6/81. Gordon Sabine interviewed by Susan Stamberg.

  • Tape 74.
    Scope and Contents note

    "All Things Considered," National Public Radio, March, 1981. Susan Stamberg reads letters in answer to request for listeners to write in about significant books.

  • Tape 75.
    Scope and Contents note

    "Virginia Bookshelf"—Gordon and Patricia Sabine interviewed by Seth Williamson, 1981?