Duerr, William A. Papers A Guide to the William A. Duerr Papers, 1934-1987 Ms.1975.006

A Guide to the William A. Duerr Papers, 1934-1987 Ms.1975.006


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Special Collections and University Archives, Virginia Tech
William A. Duerr Papers, 1934-1987
1 Cubic Feet, 2 boxes
Duerr, William A., 1911-2002
The materials in the collection are in English.
The collection contains extracts, reprints and typescripts of scientific reports on forestry, authored or co-authored by William A. Duerr, professor of Forestry at Virginia Tech, 1972-1980.

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Source of Acquisition

The William A. Duerr Papers were donated to Special Collections in several accruals, beginning in 1975 and ending in 1990.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement, and description of the William A. Duerr Papers commenced and was completed in May, 2012.

Biographical Note

William A. Duerr was born in Maine on July 7, 1911. By 1930, he was living in Manhattan with his widowed mother, Virginia R. Duerr. Duerr graduated from Iowa State College before obtaining a master's degree in agricultural economics (University of Minnesota) and a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard in 1944. He served in the research branch of the U. S. Forest Service for several years and was in charge of forest surveys and economics research at the Southern Forest Experiment Station in New Orleans for six years following World War II. Duerr served as chairman of the Forestry Economics Department at the New York State College of Forestry from 1952 until 1972, when he was hired to fill Virginia Tech's Thomas M. Brooks professorship in forestry. He served in that position until 1980. William A. Duerr died on December 25, 2002.

Scope and Contents

This collection contains writings of William A. Duerr, professor of forestry at Virginia Tech from 1972 to 1980. Included are extracts and reprints of articles for various scholarly journals, books, and professional conferences, as well as working copies of two books. The publications were all authored or co-authored by Duerr and relate to various topics in foestry.


The collection is arranged according to numbers assigned, apparently, at the time of accessioning. A few items which had no pre-assigned numbers were numbered at the time of processing and placed at the end of the collection. The arrangement follows a rough chronological order.

Separated Material

Several publications were separated from the collection and cataloged for the Rare Book Collection. These items may be accessed through a search of the library's catalog .

Subjects and Indexing Terms

  • Faculty
  • Forests and forestry
  • University History
  • Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute (1896-1944)
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1944-1970)
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1970-)

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The guide to the William A. Duerr Papers, Ms1975-006 by Special Collections and University Archives, Virginia Tech, is licensed under a CC0 ( https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/ ).

Container List

box-folder 1 folder: 1
Publications 1-5
  • The Ames Forester . Ames, IA: Iowa State College Forestry Club,
  • "A Yield Table for Northern Hardwoods in the Lake States." Journal of Forestry 35.4: 340-343,
    Apr 1937
  • "Comments on the General Application of Gehrhardt's Formula for Approach Toward Normality." Journal of Forestry 36.6: 600-604,
    Jun 1938
  • "Growth Prediction and Site Determination in Uneven-Aged Timber Stands." Journal of Agricultural Research 56.2: 81-98,
    Jan 15 1938
  • "Methods of Predicting Growth of Forest Stands." Economic Notes (Lake States Forest Experiment Station) 9,
    Apr 1938
box-folder 1 folder: 2
Publications 6-8
  • "Results of a Commercial Selective Cutting in Northern Hemlock-Hardwoods." Journal of Forestry 36.12: 1224-1230,
    Dec 1938
  • Volume and Yield of Northern White Cedar in the Lake States . St. Paul, MN: Lake State Forest Experiment Station,
  • "Farm Forestry in the Lake States: an Economic Problem." Circular (United States Department of Agriculture) 661,
    Nov 1942
box-folder 1 folder: 3
Publication 9
  • "The Forest Situation in Piedmont Virginia." Forest Survey Release (Appalachian Forest Experiment Station) 13,
    May 15 1943
box-folder 1 folder: 4
Publications 10-17
  • "Appalachian Forests: Full and Better Use." Land Policy Review 7.1: 16-21,
    Spring 1944
  • "A Postwar Program for Forestry in the Appalachian Region." Journal of Forestry 44.2: 100-107,
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    Sep 15 1946
  • "Farms and Forests of Eastern Kentucky in Relation to Population and Income." Bulletin (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station) 507,
    Aug 1947
  • "The New Southern Forest Survey" typescript,
  • "Research in the Economics of Forestry." Ames Forester 32-35: 11-23,
box-folder 1 folder: 5
Publications 18-26
  • "Farm Management." Journal of Forestry 46.1: 57-58,
    Jan 1948
  • "Forest Survey of Arkansas Ozarks Completed" typescript,
  • "Management of Forests in an Eastern Kentucky Area." Bulletin (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station) 518,
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  • "The Forest Economics Scope and Method Project: Progress and Problems." Proceedings Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting ,
  • "A Guide to Profitable Tree Utilization." Occasional Paper (Southern Forest Experiment Station) 114,
    Nov 1949
  • "Mississippi Forest Area Increases but Timber Quality Declines." Mississippi Farm Research 12.11: 8,
    Nov 1949
  • "Mississippi's Timber Resources" typescript,
box-folder 1 folder: 6
Publications 27-40
  • "The New Forest Survey of Mississippi." Southern Lumberman 179.2245: 54-55, 58, 62,
    Oct 15 1949
  • "Pine and Hardwood Trends in the Lower South" typescript,
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  • "Private Forest Management in the Lower South." Ames Forester 37: 32-46,
  • "Second Forest Survey of Southwest Arkansas" typescript,
  • "Tree Distribution in Mississippi." Forest Survey Release (Southern Forest Experiment Station) 64,
    Jun 1950
  • "Guides to Profitable Forest Management." Forest Farmer 10.11: 8, 15,
  • "The South's Income from Timber Products." Forest Farmer 10.6: 5,
  • "Undergraduate Forest Economics: Its Function and Content" typescript,
  • "The Forest Future of the South." Journal of Forestry 50.3: 179-181,
    Mar 1952
  • "Optimum Stocking of a Selection Forest." Journal of Forestry 50.1: 12-16,
    Jan 1952
box-folder 1 folder: 7
Publications 41-51
  • "Private Forest Management in the American 'Lower South.'" Unasylva 6.2: 59-65,
    Jun 1952
  • "Private Forest Management in the Lower South." Alabama Conservationist 24.4: 14-15, 32-33, 35,
    Jan 1953
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  • "Program Summary." New York Forester 15.3: 4-5,
    Aug 1958
box-folder 1 folder: 8
Publications 52-66
  • "The Economics of Forestry, Introduction." Economics for Agriculture . Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP,
  • "Teaching Forestry Economics." Iowa State Journal of Science 34.4: 507-512,
    May 15 1960
  • "The Future Demand for Wood." The Challenges of Forestry . Syracuse, NY: State University College of Forestry,
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    Jun 1961
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    Nov 1961
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    Apr 1964
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box-folder 1 folder: 9
Publications 67-72
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box-folder 1 folder: 10
Publication 73
  • "Research Needs and Priorities for BLM Forestry in Western Oregon" [draft]. Portland, OR: U. S. Bureau of Land Management,
box-folder 1 folder: 11
Publications 74-79
  • "The Role of Faith in Forest Resource Managment." Man and the Ecosystem . Burlington, VT: Queen City Printers,
  • "The Heredity and Environment of Professional Forestry Eduction" typescript,
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    Feb 1975
  • "Allowable Timber Cuts on Federal Lands in Oregon: a Tempest in a Teapot." Congressional Record : 374-387,
    Jan 17 1966
box-folder 2 folder: 1
Publications 80-81
  • "Some Financial Optima for Timber." Scandinavian Forest Economics 18: 3-7,
    May 1978
  • "Social Sciences in Forestry as a Field of Research: What Is the Forest Service Doing, and How Well?"
box-folder 2 folder: 2
Publication 82
  • Forest Resource Management: Decision-Making Principles and Cases . Corvallis, OR: O.S.U. Book Stores,
box-folder 2 folder: 3
Publication 83
  • Forest Resource Management: Decision-Making Principles and Cases . Corvallis, OR: O.S.U. Book Stores,
    [2 folders]
box-folder 2 folder: 4
Publications 84-[89]
  • "Some Economics of Forestry Practice Controls." Proceedings Seventh Annual Forestry and Wildlife Forum : 73-81,
  • "Our Exciting Future." Ames Forester 66: 30-31,
  • Rev. of The Microeconomics of the Timber Industry by David H. Jackson. Journal of Forestry : 79.1: 40,
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