A Guide to the Powhatan County (Va.) Records, circa 1780-1923 Powhatan County (Va.) Records, circa 1780-1923 1049877-1188885

A Guide to the Powhatan County (Va.) Records, circa 1780-1923

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the Library of Virginia
Barcode numbers: 1049877-1188885


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Barcode numbers
Powhatan County (Va.) Records, circa 1780-1923
Physical Characteristics
13 boxes--11 found at State Records Center--Archives Annex, Library of Virginia and 2 (1119390-1119391)found at Library of Virginia.
Powhatan County (Va.) Circuit Court.
Library of Virginia

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Powhatan County (Va.) Records, circa 1780-1923. Local government records collection, Powhatan County Court Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

Acquisition Information

These boxes came to the Library of Virginia in a transfer of records from Powhatan County.

Historical Information

Powhatan County was named for the paramount chief of the Powhatan Indians in the tidewater of Virginia in the late 16th and early years of the 17th century. The county was formed from Cumberland County in 1777, and part of Chesterfield County was added on 16 March 1850.

Scope and Content

Powhatan County (Va.) Records, circa 1780-1923, consist of the following series: Miscellaneous Records, Fiduciary Records, Bonds/Commissions/Oaths, Court Records (subfield series include Judgments, Criminal Records, Jury Records, Clerks' Records, Personal Documentation and Court Finance), Tax and Fiscal Records, Election Records, County Administrative Records (subfield series include Overseers of the Poor Records, Board of Supervisors Records, School Board Records and Sheriff's Records), Marriage Records and Vital Statistics, Business Records, Land Records, Wills, Organization Records and School Records.

Related Material

Additional Powhatan County Records can be found on microfilm at the Library of Virginia. Consult "A Guide to Virginia County and City Records on Microfilm" found on the Library of Virginia's web site.

Index Terms

    Corporate Names:

  • Powhatan County (Va.) Circuit Court.
  • Subjects:

  • Public records--Virginia--Powhatan County.
  • Geographical Names:

  • Powhatan County (Va.)--History.
  • Genre and Form Terms:

  • Local government records--Virginia--Powhatan County.

Contents List

Barcode number 1049877: Records, circa 1805-1809

Miscellaneous Records: Power of Attorney; Estray Papers; Fiduciary Records: Executors' Accounts; Inventories; Appraisements; Estate Accounts; Administrators' Bonds; Bonds/Commissions/Oaths: Varous Bonds. Court Records: Judgments: Delivery Bonds; Requests for Judgment. Tax and Fiscal Records: List of Insovlents; County Levy Papers; Court Records: Commonwealth Causes. UNPROCESSED.

Barcode number 1049879: Records, 1809-1829

Fiduciary Records: Guardians' Accounts; Inventories and Appraisements; Administrators' Bonds; Accounts of Sales; Assignments of Dower; Division of Negroes; Tax and Fiscal Records: Lists of Insolvents; County Levy Papers; Lists of Taxable Property; Bonds/Commissions/Oaths: Various Bonds. Court Records: Papers Related to Judgments; Election Records: Poll of Election of Overseers of Poor; County Administrative Records: Overseers of the Poor Records: Accounts; Miscellaneous Records: Power of Attorney; Marriage Records and Vital Statistics: Marriage Agreements. UNPROCESSED.

Barcode number 1049880: Records, 1828-1866

Bonds/Commissions/Oaths: Various Bonds; Election Records: Petitions Concerning Precincts; Fiducuiary Records: Appraisements; Administrators' Reports; Estate Accounts. Court Records: Judgments; Lists of Subpeonas. County Administrative Records: Overseers of the Poor Records: Accounts. UNPROCESSED.

Barcode number 1049954: Records, 1869-1923

Election Records: Notices of Candidacy and Reports; Marriage Records and Vital Statistics: Certificates of Births and Deaths.

Barcode number 1049982: Records, 1859-1923

Bonds/Commissions/Oaths, 1895-1896, 1911-1923; County Administrative Records: Board of Supervisors Records: Minutes, 1911-1913; Business Records: Correspondence and Accounts Re: David E. Harris, 1876-1910 and Account of William S. Warrock to Isaac Mercer, 1859.

Barcode number 1119390: Records, 1792-1835

Land Records: Lodged Deeds and Agreements, Memo of Deeds, Order of Deed, Receipts for Deeds; County Administrative Records: Overseers of the Poor Records; Miscellaneous Records: Powers of Attorney.

Barcode number 1119391: Records, 1836-1852

Land Records: Unrecorded Deeds, Memo about Deeds; Fiduciary Records: Guardians' Accounts, Lodged Guardian Account, Bonds; Miscellaneous Records: Powers of Attorney; Wills: Lodged Wills and inventories.

Barcode number 1178743: Records, circa 1780-1850

Bonds/Commissions/Oaths; Fiduciary Records; Organization Records; County Administrative Records: Overseers of the Poor Records; Tax and Fiscal Records; Marriage Records and Vital Statistics. Partially Processed.

Barcode number 1186825: Records, circa 1895-1900

Court Records: Various Series; Tax and Fiscal Records: Commonwealth Claims; Bonds/Commissions/Oaths; Court Records: Jury Records. Unprocessed.

Barcode number 1186829: Records, circa 1830-1913

Tax and Fiscal Records (Commonwealth Claims), Organizational Records (Appointment of Trustees; Includes de Sale Charter); Clerk's Records (Reports; List of Merchants in Powhatan County, 1854-1855); School Records (Commissioners Reports, 1830-1835) County Administrative Records: School Board Records: Huguenot District School Board Order to Purchase Land for Corinth School, 1913); Miscellaneous Records (Powers of Attorney); Bonds/Commissions/Oaths (1830-1835). Unprocessed.

Barcode number 1186859: Records, 1895-1911 [CONTAINS ADOPTION RECORDS--DO NOT SERVE]

Court Records: Jury Records (Venire Facias, 1903-1907); Bonds, Commissions, Oaths; Tax and Fiscal Records (Petitions and Applications for Liquor Licenses; Delinquent Land Records); Fiduciary Records; Organizational Records (Petitions to Appoint Church Trustees, 1895); Sheriff's Records (Report of Prisoners in Jail, 1904-1911); Court Records: Personal Documentation-DO NOT SERVE (Adoption Records, 1898-1905; Certificate of Citizenship, 1907; Declarations of Intention to Become a Citizen, 1910); Clerks' Records (Memos, Costs; Lists of Writings Committed to Record.)

Barcode number 1188799: Records, circa 1787-1900

Election Records (1881), Bonds/Commissions/Oaths; Fiduciary Records (Accounts, Inventories, and Appraisements, 1787, Divisions, Assignments of Dower; Includes a Plat of Samuel Woodfin's Land, 1832 and Report of Laying off of Abraham Depp's land, 1832); Tax and Fiscal Records (Levy Claims, Ordinary License Bonds, 1794), Commonwealth Claims; Receipts (includes receipt for Otis Toomer's and George White's Pedlar's License Tax, 1816) ; County Administrative Records: Overseers of Poor Records: Report, 1816; Coury Records: Jury Records: Return, 1844; Clerk's Records (Order to Index Deeds and Wills, 1872.)

Barcode number 1188885: Records, circa 1782-1900

Tax and Fiscal Records: Commonwealth Claims; Bonds/Commissions/Oaths (1782); Court Records: Court Finance: Fee Bills; Court Records: Jury Records, Returns; Miscellaneous Records: Powers of Attorney; Court Records, Wrappers.