A Guide to the W. E. Bugg journals and papers, 1858-1977 Bugg, W. E., journals and papers, 1858-1977 41194

A Guide to the W. E. Bugg journals and papers, 1858-1977

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Accession Number
W. E. Bugg journals and papers, 1858-1977
1.8 cubic feet and 4 boxes
W. E. Bugg

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W. E. Bugg journals and papers, 1858-1877. Accession 41194. Personal papers collection, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

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Journals of William Emmanuel Bugg, 1848-1935: Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and Warren County, North Carolina, with Bugg, Davis, Hudgins, Nicholson, Smith, Walker.

Biographical Information

William Emmanuel Bugg was born in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and attended school there. He moved to Warren County, North Carolina, in 1870. He worked on his uncle John Askew's farm and also taught school for a few years. Bugg farmed in Warren County for many years before returning to Mecklenburg County to live with his daughter's family. Bugg married Mary Ella Smith (d. 1925) 1 March 1883 and they had ten children, nine of whom lived to adulthood. Bugg died April 1935 in Mecklenburg County.

Scope and Content

Journals and papers, 1858-1977, of W. E. Bugg (1848-1935) of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and Warren County, North Carolina, consisting of account books, cemetery records, clippings, copy books, correspondence, diaries, genealogical notes, memorandum books, notebooks, poems, scrapbooks and other papers, detailing Bugg's life and his activities as a farmer and teacher, as well as providing information on the communities in which he lived. Journals include account books of John Askew of Warren County and an unidentified partial account book from Pennsylvania. Papers contain personal and family correspondence, genealogical notes, notes on religion, receipts, and newspaper clippings.

Contents List

Box 1Folder 1
Account book and copy book, 1858, 1867-1868
Box 1Folder 2
Diary, 1871-1874
Box 1Folder 3
Account book, 1872-1874
Box 1Folder 4
Account book and diary, 1872-1875
Box 1Folder 5
Account book, 1872-1875, 1891-1901
Box 1Folder 6
Diary, 1875
Box 1Folder 7
Account book, 1875-1880
Box 1Folder 8
Memoranda book, 1881
Box 1Folder 9
Account book, 1885-1889, 1923-1925
Box 1Folder 10
Account book, 1990-1996
Box 1Folder 11
Account book, 1902-1906
Box 1Folder 12
Account book, 1906-1908
Box 1Folder 13
Account book, 1907-1918
Box 2Folder 1
Account book, 1908-1914
Box 2Folder 2
Diary and notebook, 1918-1935
Box 2Folder 3
Diary and account book, 1919-1923
Box 2Folder 4
Account book, 1923-1924
Box 2Folder 5
Account book and diary, 1923-1928
Box 2Folder 6
Diary and scrapbook, 1924-1929
Box 2Folder 7
Diary and notebook, 1925-1932
Box 2Folder 8
Diary, 1928-1933
Box 3Folder 1
Diary, 1929-1934
Box 3Folder 2
Memorandum book, 1930-1933
Box 3Folder 3
Diary and notebook, 1931-1933
Box 3Folder 4
Scrapbook (accounts), 1931-1935 (ca. 1920-1922)
Box 3Folder 5
Diary, 1932-1935
Box 3Folder 6
Acount book, 1933
Box 3Folder 7
Notebook and pouch, no date
Box 3Folder 8
Check register, 1935
Box 4Folder 1
Loose journal and accounts pages, no date
Box 4Folder 2
Loose scrapbook pages, no date
Box 4Folder 3
Scrapbook section, no date
Box 4Folder 4
New Testament
Box 4Folder 5
"Bible Briefs Against Hurtful Heresies"
Box 4Folder 6
Deed, 21 September 1896
Box 4Folder 7
Papers, 1911, 1917, 1919[?]
Box 4Folder 8
Papers, 1920-1929
Box 4Folder 9
Papers, 1931
Box 4Folder 10
Papers, 1932
Box 4Folder 11
Papers, 1933
Box 4Folder 12
Papers, 1934
Box 4Folder 13
Papers, 1935
Box 4Folder 14
Papers, 1962, 1968
Box 4Folder 15
Papers: correspondence, no date
Box 4Folder 16
Papers: genealogical notes, no date
Box 4Folder 17
Papers: miscellaneous, no date
Box 4Folder 18
Newspaper clippings, no date