A Guide to the Culpeper County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1829-1913 (bulk 1832-1913) Culpeper County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1829-1913 (bulk 1832-1913) Culpeper County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1829-001-1913-037.

A Guide to the Culpeper County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1829-1913 (bulk 1832-1913)

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Chancery Records Index: Culpeper County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1829-001-1913-037.


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Chancery Records Index
Culpeper County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1829-001-1913-037
Culpeper County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1829-1913 (bulk 1832-1913).
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Culpeper County (Va.) Circuit Court.
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Culpeper County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1829-1913 (bulk 1832-1913). (Cite style of suit and chancery index no.). Local government records collection, Culpeper County Court Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, 23219.

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Digital images were generated by PTFS through the Library of Virginia's Circuit Court Records Preservation Program.

Historical Information

Chancery Causes are cases of equity. According to Black's Law Dictionary they are "administered according to fairness as contrasted with the strictly formulated rules of common law." A judge, not a jury, determines the outcome of the case.

Culpeper County may have been named for Catherine Culpeper; for her mother, Margaret Lady Culpeper; or for Thomas Culpeper, second baron Culpeper of Thoresway, governor of Virginia from 1677 to 1683; or for their family, which long held proprietary rights in the Northern Neck. It was formed from Orange County in 1749.

A significant number of Culpeper County loose records are missing for the period prior to 1840. They were stolen, mutilated, and destroyed during the Civil War. Culpeper County was the site of several military engagements and experienced widespread pillaging by both Union and Confederate troops. The county courthouse was used as a jail for Confederate prisoners by Union forces. Volumes that record deeds and wills from the formation of the county exist. Minute books for the periods 1749-1762, 1765-1797, 1812-1813, and 1817 are missing.

Scope and Content

Culpeper County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1829-1913 (bulk 1832-1913), are indexed into the Chancery Records Index . Cases are identified by style of suit consisting of plaintiff and defendant names. Surnames of others involved in a suit, including secondary plaintiffs and defendants, witnesses, deponents and affiants, and family members with surnames different from the plaintiff or defendant are indexed. Chancery causes often involved the following: divisions of estates or land, disputes over wills, divorces, debt, and business disputes. Predominant documents found in chancery causes include bills (plaintiff's complaint), answers (defendant's response), decrees (court's decision), depositions, affidavits, correspondence, lists of heirs, deeds, wills, slave records, business records or vital statistics, among other items. Plats, if present, are noted, as are wills from localities with an incomplete record of wills or localities other than the one being indexed.

Chancery causes are useful when researching local history, genealogical information, and land or estate divisions. They are a valuable source of local, state, social, and legal history and serve as a primary source for understanding a locality's history.


Organized by case, of which each is assigned a unique index number comprised of the latest year found in case and a sequentially increasing 3-digit number assigned by the processor as cases for that year are found. Arranged chronologically.

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