A Guide to the Isle of Wight County (Va.) Records, 1754-1956 Isle of Wight County (Va.) Records, 1754-1956 1114767, 1006289-1006291, 1006794, 1006297, 1161441-1161460 circa

A Guide to the Isle of Wight County (Va.) Records, 1754-1956

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the Library of Virginia
Barcode number: 1114767, 1006289-1006794, 1006297, 1161441-1161460 circa


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Barcode number
1114767, 1006289-1006794, 1006297, 1161441-1161460, circa
Isle of Wight County (Va.) Records, 1754-1956
Physical Characteristics
11 boxes and or volumes, and 1 negative photostatic volume (171 leaves);
Isle of Wight County (Va.) Circuit Court.
Library of Virginia

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Preferred Citation

Isle of Wight County (Va.) Records, 1754-1956. Local government records collection, Isle of Wight County Court Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

Acquisition Information

This negative photostatic volume was created by the Virginia State Library's (now the Library of Virginia) Archives Division, under the accession number 21594, from the original volume found in the Isle of Wight's Circuit Court Clerk's Office.

The eleven volumes and or boxes came to to the Library of Virginia in a shipment of court papers from Isle of Wight County. One collection was transferred under accession number 13860.

Historical Information

Isle of Wight County was one of the original shires, or counties, first enumerated in 1634. The present name was given in 1637. Parts of Nansemond County were added in 1769 and 1772.

The early tax laws required the tax commissioner in each district to record in "a fair alphabetical list" the names of persons owning land or town lots, the quality of land owned, the value of the land or lots and the amount of tax owed. Each tract or lot owned by an individual was to be entered separately.

"Processioning consisted of a person or persons appointed by the vestries (later the county court) meeting with the land owners and walking their property boundaries with them and remarking their lines and corners. At least one other person, preferably an adjacent land owner, would accompany the owner and the processioner. Perhaps this "processioning" of people walking the boundaries is the basis for the term "processioning." The objective of this practice seems to have been to prevent boundary disputes between adjacent land owners by renewing and maintaining survey marks. However, most of the marks used were temporary items such as trees and bushes. Processioning was not done annually, nor was the entire county done at the same time. Usually processioning was done by militia districts, or some other governmental subdivision of the county."

Until 1780, marriages could be performed only by ministers of the Established Church, who were required by law to record marriages in the parish register. In 1780, dissenting ministers (only four per county from each sect) were first permitted to perform marriage ceremonies. Ministers' returns were required by law beginning in 1780, so all marriages from that date would be of record in the county court clerk's office--thereby creating an official record. Some ministers adopted a custom of making collected returns--a list of marriages performed within a period of time such as a year or several years. Beginning in 1784, marriage certificates were returned annually. The law was rarely enforced, and ministers' returns were sometimes late, incorrect, incomplete and in many instances, not made at all. Once the marriage service was performed, the minister submitted a return to the county clerk. The county clerk recorded these returns along with other marriage records, such as licenses, in a volume.

The original records, from which this volume was comprised, were created by the County Court.

Scope and Content

Isle of Wight County (Va.) Records, 1754-1956, provides the following records; Board of Supervisors Records; Bonds, Commissions and Oaths Records; Business Records, Coporations, and Partnership Records; County Administrative Records; Court Records; Fiduciary Records; Health and Medical Records; Justice of the Peace Records; Land Records; Marriage Records and Vital Statistics Records; Miscellaneous Records; Road and Bridge Records; School Records; Tax and Fiscal Records and one photostatic copy of a volume of original items from early county records offering various record categories.

Related Material

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Isle of Wight County is one of Virginia's Lost Record Localities. Additional Isle of Wight County Court Records may be found in the Virginia Lost Records Localities Collection at the Library of Virginia. Search the Lost Records Localities Database found on the Library of Virginia's web site.

Adjunct Descriptive Data

Location of Originals

The original volume is found in the Isle of Wight's Circuit Court Clerk's Office.

Contents List

Barcode number 1006289: Isle of Wight County Records, 1876-1878

Ended Causes, 1876-1878 Retail Liquor Reports, 1878 Insolvent Capitation Lists, 1878 Reports and Reports Accounts, 1877-1878.

Barcode number 1006290: Isle of Wight County Records, circa 1886-1890

Board of Supervisors, Bonds/Commissions/Oaths, Fiduciary Records, Justice of the Peace Records, Road and Bridge Records.

Barcode number 1006291: Isle of Wight County Records, circa 1893-1903

Sheriff, Tax and Fiscal Records, Justice of the Peace Records, Land Records and Fiduciary Records.

Barcode number 1006294: Isle of Wight County Records, circa 1801-1903

Claims, 1840 Fifas Capias, 1801, 1827, Guardian Accounts, 1823 Crop Liens, 1892-1903 Ordinary License Bonds, 1822-1824.

Barcode number 1006297: Isle of Wight County Records, circa 1780-1816

Judgments, 1816 Estate Papers, 1787 Unrecorded Deeds, 1799-1814 Wills, 1780-1782.

Barcode number 1114767: Isle of Wight County Records, 1775-1837

Isle of Wight County (Va.) Various Record Series, 1775-1837, is a collection of original items from early county records related to the categories of tax, land, marriage and governmental activities. Leaves 1-14, 1778, cover appointments and returns from tax assessors. All taxable property was assessed in the county's three districts--including land and slaves. Processioners' reports are found on leaves 20-30 and span the years 1795-1796 and 1804. Ministers' Returns are recorded on leaves 44-72 and include the years 1785-1837. Whether single or in the form of lists, these returns record the date of marriage and the names of both parties. Returns frequently mentioned the minister's denomination. Processioners' returns from 1824 comprise the largest section of the volume from leaves 73-159. Elected committees noted all business related to county affairs from 1775 to 1832 and are found on leaves 160-171. Leaves 15-19 were skipped in the course of numbering these items to compile this volume. The volume was originally titled, Isle of Wight (Va.) Miscellany, 1775-1852.

Barcode number 1161441: Isle of Wight County Records, circa 1821-1952

Business Records, 1833-1952 School Records, 1821-1937 Sheriff, 1879-1886 Treasurer, 1905.

Barcode number 1161449: Isle of Wight County Records, circa 1773-1956

Contracts for Personal Property (Personality), 1951, Estray Papers, 1783-1832, Health and Medical: Lunacy Papers, 1786-1939, Register of Doctors (Physicians and Surgeons), 1892, Small Pox Epidemic Papers, 1853, Juvenile and Domestic Relations, 1924-1934, Liens and Miscellaneous, 1950, Mechanics and Liens Records, 1890-1950, Power of Attorney, 1815-1956, Weapons Petitions to Carry, 1906-1937.

Barcode number 1161454: Isle of Wight County Records, circa 1778-1911

Marriage Records and Vital Statistics, Marriage Statistics for Accomack-Amherst Counties, 1871, Tax and Fiscal Records: Land and Personal Property Tax Book, 1778 (Accession Number 13860), Oyster Tax List, 1905-1909; Treasurer, 1910-1911.

Barcode number 1161457: Isle of Wight County Records, circa 1803-1938

Court Records: Plats from: Boundary Line Establishment, 1912, 1921, 1923, 1938; Circuit Court Judgments, 1823, 1827, 1934, 1938; Deeds, 1907; Ejectments, 1803(1793 Patent), 1878, 1883-1884, 1889-1890, 1909, 1911; Land Records, 1917,1924, 1926-1929.

Barcode number 1161460: Isle of Wight County Records, circa 1754-1863

Commonwealth Causes, Judgments, Executions, Fiduciary Records, Officials Bonds, Tax and Fiscal, Criminal, 1754-1863. FRAGILE. DO NOT SERVE.