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A Guide to the Carneal & Johnston Architectural Drawings and Plans Collection, 1911-1990 Carneal & Johnston, Architectural Drawings and Plans, 1911-1990 43738

A Guide to the Carneal & Johnston Architectural Drawings and Plans Collection, 1911-1990

A Collection in
the Library of Virginia
Accession Number 43738


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The Library of Virginia
Accession Number
Carneal & Johnston Architectural Drawings and Plans Collection, 1911-1990
Physical Description
38.95 cu. ft.
Carneal & Johnston

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Preferred Citation

Carneal & Johnston Architectural Drawings and Plans, 1911-1990. Accession 43738. Business records collection, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Ballou, Justice, & Upton, Architects, 2008.

Biographical Information

William Leigh Carneal, Jr. (1881-1958) and James Markam Ambler Johnston (1885-1974) began their firm around 1908 after spending a year working independently out of the same office space. The firm went on to become one of the most prolific and long-established architectural practices in Virginia.

Carneal, born in Richmond on October 24, 1881, graduated in 1903 from the Virginia Military Institute. He began his architectural practice around 1906 following a three year stint as a clerk in his father's company, Sitterding-Carneal-Davis Company. Johnston, born in Rockbridge County next hit on May 18, 1885, studied engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Cornell University before moving to Richmond in 1906. He worked at the Richmond Cedar Works for one year until he began his own architectural practice.

From 1908 until 1950, the firm of Carneal and Johnston (the firm was known as Carneal, Johnston, and Wright from 1928 through 1945, when Oscar Pendleton Wright was a partner) helped to mold the architectural environment of central Virginia, especially Richmond. Responsible for over 1,300 buildings, Carneal and Johnston practiced in a wide range of project types, from the mundane to the monumental. While they did execute some residential buildings, the firm generated a far greater number of public, commercial, and industrial structures. Some of their most notable structures include First Virginia Regiment Armory (1913), the Virginia Mutual Building (1919-1921), the Virginia State Office Building (1922-1923), Saint Joseph's Villa (thirteen buildings, 1930-1931), the Virginia War Memorial (1932), and various structures on the campuses of Richmond College (now the University of Richmond) and Virginia Military Institute.

The firm survived following the founders' retirements in the 1950s. Subsequent owners were Miles Cary Johnston, James Beck, and Raymond Browder who sold the firm to employees Carlos H. Costas, W. Fred Hughes III, and Kenneth E. Bunch in 1984. In 1999, the surviving firm of Carneal and Johnston merged with Ballou Justice & Upton, Architects, and ceased to exist as an architectural firm.

Scope and Content

Architectural drawings and plans, 1911-1990, of the firm Carneal & Johnston (Richmond, Va.). Included in this collection are 67 projects by the firm, including state and local government buildings, public schools, and private commissions, including residences, banks, rest areas, churches, and some college buildings. Most of the drawings document structures built in Richmond, Virginia, however a number of buildings from surrounding cities and previous hitcounties next hit are also included. These include: Buena Vista, Lexington, Newport News, and Petersburg; Albemarle Chesterfield, Henrico, King William, previous hitMecklenburg next hit, and Montgomery previous hitCounties next hit.

Contents List

6251 River Road, Apartments (Richmond, Va.), 1980.

42 sheets.

Baptist Home for Aged Women (Richmond, Va.), 1911-1912.

11 sheets.

Belle Grove (Port Royal, Va.), 1988.

52 sheets.

Bon Air United Methodist Church (Richmond, Va.), 1982-1985.

44 sheets.

Broad & Grace Arcade (Richmond, Va.), 1929.

30 sheets.

Byrd Park - Field, Gate, and Pump Houses (Richmond, Va.), 1924.

22 sheets.

Central Fidelity, Meadows Branch (Chesterfield previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1980.

55 sheets.

Chamber of Commerce (Richmond, Va.), 1912.

42 sheets.

Charlottesville Fashion Square (Albemarle previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1978-1980.

148 sheets.

Chesterfield Public Schools, Activities and Library Buildings: Bon Air Elementary, C.E. Curtis Elementary, Falling Creek Elementary (Chesterfield previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1982-1983.

68 sheets.

Chesterfield Public Schools, Falling Creek Elementary School (Chesterfield previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1962-1967.

41 sheets.

Chesterfield Public Schools, Meadowbrook High School/Central High School (Chesterfield previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1962, 1986-1987.

149 sheets.

Collegiate School (Richmond, Va.), 1960-1988.

122 sheets (in 2 folders).

Collegiate School, Athletic Complex and Computer Room (Richmond, Va.), 1980-1983.

40 sheets.

Confederate Memorial Institute (Richmond, Va.), by Bakerville & Lambert, Architects (Richmond, Va.), 1920.

5 sheets.

Confederate Memorial Institute (Richmond, Va.) by Bissell & Sinkler, Architects (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1911.

7 sheets.

Dabbs House (Henrico previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1988-1989.

7 sheets.

Federal Reserve Bank (Richmond, Va.), 1921.

28 sheets.

First & Merchants, McLean Branch (Fairfax previous hitCounty next hit, Va.) colored elevations, undated.

1 sheets.

First & Merchants, Robinson & Broad (Richmond, Va.), 1947-1982.

37 sheets.

George Mason University, Physical Education III Arena (Richmond, Va.), 1983.

165 sheets.

Grace Baptist Church (Richmond, Va.), 1948.

50 sheets.

Grace Baptist Church Sunday School (Richmond, Va.), 1953.

19 sheets.

Guaranty Trust Company (Richmond, Va.), 1927.

10 sheets.

Haas Residence (Richmond, Va.), 1990.

14 sheets.

Henrico Health Department, Eastern Satellite Clinic, Glen Echo Office Building, 1980.
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Downtown Campus (Richmond, Va.), 1978-1980.

81 sheets (in 2 folders).

Johnston, J. Ambler, Residence (Richmond, Va.), 1927.

10 sheets.

Joseph Bryan Park, Entrance (Richmond, Va.), 1958.

1 sheets.

King William previous hitCounty next hit Court House (King William previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1928.

10 sheets.

Memorial Hospital, 1201 E. Broad Street (Richmond, Va.), 1988-1990.

21 sheets.

Monroe Park, Fire Alarm Central Station (Richmond, Va.), 1922.

9 sheets.

Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company (Newport News, Va.), 1941-1970.

145 sheets (in 2 folders).

Passenger Station (Richmond, Va.), 1917.

73 sheets (in 2 boxes).

Regency Square, Mall Building (Henrico previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1974-1976.

100 sheets.

Retreat for the Sick (Richmond, Va.), 1918.

1 sheet.

Reveille Methodist Church (Richmond, Va.), 1953-1964.

75 sheets (in 2 folders).

Richmond College, Refectory (Richmond, Va.), by Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson, Architects (Boston & New York), undated.

10 sheets.

Richmond Memorial Hospital (Richmond, Va.), 1975-1976.

44 sheets.

Richmond Public Schools, Bellevue Public School (Richmond, Va.), 1911-1912.

32 sheets.

Richmond Public Schools, Elkhardt Middle School (Richmond, Va.), 1989.

87 sheets.

Richmond Public Schools, Fulton Hill School (Richmond, Va.), 1915.

16 sheets.

Richmond Public Schools, Maggie L. Walker High School (Richmond, Va.), 1950-1962.

40 sheets.

Richmond Public Schools, Springfield Public Schools (Richmond, Va.), 1913.

16 sheets.

School for Glen Echo (Henrico previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1938.

24 sheets. [Scanned images of some of the drawings available on Photo Lab #10_1244]

South Hill Extended Care Facility (previous hitMecklenburg next hit previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1975.

58 sheets.

Sovran Bank, Buena Vista Branch (Buena Vista, Va.), 1986.

13 sheets.

St. Joseph's Academy and Orphan Asylum (Richmond, Va.), 1929-1931.

121 sheets (in 3 folders).

Sydnor & Hundley Store (Richmond, Va.), 1931.

30 sheets.

University of Richmond, Richmond Stadium (Richmond, Va.), 1976-1978.

28 sheets.

Virginia Commonwealth University, Alterations to Randolph Minor Hall, Health Sciences Division (Richmond, Va.), 1973.

21 sheets.

Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO), Alexandria, Hampton, Midlothian, and Richmond, Va., offices, 1930-1981.

247 sheets (in 2 boxes).

Viaduct (Richmond, Va.), 1917.

8 sheets.

Virginia Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (VAABC), Proposed Office Additions (Richmond, Va.), undated.

6 sheets.

Virginia Department of Highways, Rest Area/Information Center (Accomack, Bland, and Prince William previous hitCounties next hit, Va.), 1967-1979.

56 sheets.

Virginia Department of Highways, Rest Area/Information Center (Amelia, Carroll, and Prince William previous hitCounties next hit; Charlottesville and Williamsburg, Va.), 1965-1979.

43 sheets.

Virginia Diocesan Center, Roslyn (Henrico previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1950.

24 sheets.

Virginia Historical Society, Battle Abbey (Richmond, Va.), 1956.

48 sheets.

Virginia Historical Society, Battle Abbey Topographical Map (Richmond, Va.) by LaPrade Brothers, Civil Engineers and Surveyors (Chesterfield previous hitCounty next hit, Va.), 1956.

1 sheet.

Virginia Historical Society, Battle Abbey Richmond, Va.) Addition, 1958.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Hillcrest Dormitory (Montgomery previous hitCounty, Va.), 1970-1973.

11 sheets.

Virginia Power District Headquarters, Alterations (Petersburg, Va.), 1985.

19 sheets.

Washington & Lee, Law Building (Lexington, Va.), 1935.

22 sheets.

Westminster-Canterbury House (Richmond, Va.), 1973-1989.

58 sheets (in 2 folders).

Windsor Farms, Topographical Features of Block 13 Plan (Richmond, Va.), undated.

1 sheet.