A Guide to the William Moffett Papers, 1937-1984 Moffett, William Papers 2021.0026

A Guide to the William Moffett Papers, 1937-1984

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Augusta County Historical Society
Collection Number
William Moffett Papers, 1937-1984
Physical Characteristics
10 boxes, 4 ft., 8.5 in.
William Stuart Moffett, Jr.
Language of Materials
Materials in this collection are in English .

Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

The collection is open for research use.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Files and books from William Moffett's law practice in Staunton, Virginia, were in storage at the Augusta County Courthouse. The Courthouse donated the collection to the Augusta County Historical Society.

Biographical/Historical Note

Files and books from William Moffett's law practice in Staunton, Virginia, were in storage at the Augusta County Courthouse. The Courthouse donated the collection to the Augusta County Historical Society.

William Stuart Moffett, Jr., was born September 6, 1910, at Annandale Farm in Augusta County, Virginia. He was the son of Fannie Bailie and state Senator William Stuart Moffett, Sr. He married Cornelia Taylor Quarles on June 24, 1937.

He died at his home, on August 20, 2002, and is buried in Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Virginia.

William Moffett graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in Staunton and from Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering. While at VPI, he was captain of his company and president of the Corps of Cadets. He graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1936 and set up a law practice in Staunton the same year. From 1942 to 1946 he served in the U.S. Army's Judge Advocate General Corps, after which he returned to private practice in Staunton. His law office was in the Echols Building.

He was appointed Judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court on April 1, 1955, and served the counties of Augusta, Highland, and Rockbridge, including the cities of Staunton, Lexington, and Buena Vista for more than 28 years until his retirement in 1984.

Judge Moffett served on various boards and commissions, including the Augusta County Tuberculosis Association, Virginia Tech Board of Visitors, Board of the National Valley Bank, and the Board of People's Bank of Stuarts Draft. He was a member of the Staunton Rotary Club, the Virginia Tech William Preston Society, a Charter member and past president of the Hugh B. Sproul Tent of Circus Saints and Sinners, and was a lifelong member of Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church where he served as a chairman of the Board of Deacons.

Scope and Content

The files and books were in cardboard boxes. Dividers in the boxes indicated they were originally filed in alphabetical order. The alphabetical arrangement has, therefore, been maintained.

The collection is incomplete. There are no clients with last names beginning with A, I, J, M, N, O, Q, R, U, X, and Z, only one file with a name beginning with H, one with P, one with B (Bank of Craigsville), and two files with names beginning with S.

Some of the files contain, in addition to documents for the client whose name appears on the file, items apparently related to different clients. The documents may have been misfiled or mixed up when the files were transferred to the historical society. The files in this collection have been left as they were received, with no attempt to correct possible misfilings.

The contents of the files represent typical types of cases handled by a mid-20th century small town law practice. The majority are wills, divorces, adoptions, estates, and deeds drawn up for individual clients. Mr. Moffett also represented several churches, some local companies, associations, and cooperatives. They range in date from approximately 1946 to 1954.

In addition to the client files, there are 9 loose canceled checks in an envelope, related to the estate of A.N. Dull, of which Moffett was the executor.

There are loose ledger pages listing accounts of individual clients. There are pages from a legal pad with monthly trial balances of accounts.

Two boxes of books are account and check ledgers from Moffett's law practice. The ledgers date from 1937 to 1954 and list debits and credits. The writing is hard to read. Most of the entries are fees for legal services provided, and office expenses. Some entries record cash payments from one person, which Moffett's office then sends as a check to a second person.

There are 17 ledgers with check stubs, listing payments for costs of running the office, such as rent, social security, purchases of office supplies, utility bills, payments to sheriffs for summonses, notary fees, etc. There are salary payments to Emma H. Bishop, who in 1950 received $130 monthly.

There's a bank book from Staunton National Bank with 9 pages filled in. The entries go from 1949 to 1955 and are records of deposits with no notes. The rest of the book is blank.

One large ledger is labeled "Transfer Ledger Sheets from 1946 - Wm. S. Moffett, Jr., Attorney." Some pages appear to be client accounts; others are "general expenses."

There's a book, Almanac for Business Management , published in 1946.

Index Terms


  • Moffett, William Stuart, Jr.
  • Subjects:

  • Lawyers - Virginia - Staunton

Contents List

Box-folder 1-1
Bank of Craigsville
Box-folder 1-2
J.E. Cale
Box-folder 1-3
Waddell C. Calhoun
Box-folder 1-4
J.S. Callison
Box-folder 1-5
John Walker Callison
Box-folder 1-6
Fred N. Campbell
Box-folder 1-7
J.S. Carrier Estate
Box-folder 1-8
B.G. Cash
Box-folder 1-9
Charlie L. Cash
Box-folder 1-10
Clyde Franklin Cash
Box-folder 1-11
Arthur R. Cason
Box-folder 1-12 to 1-15
Ceda-Cene Products Inc.
Box-folder 1-16
DeWitt Chandler estate
Box-folder 1-17
T.A. Chandler vs Powell et als
Box-folder 1-18
Mrs. Raymond Chaplin
Box-folder 1-19
Box-folder 1-20
Luther E. Childress
Box-folder 2-21
Walter Chilton
Box-folder 2-22
Civil and Police Justice Court
Box-folder 2-23
Civil Defense
Box-folder 2-24
Harry T. Clark
Box-folder 2-25
Houston A. Clark
Box-folder 2-26
James Robert Clark
Box-folder 2-27
Burnett S. Clatterbaugh
Box-folder 2-28
Grace Kuhn Clatterbaugh
Box-folder 2-29
George E. Clements
Box-folder 2-30
C.E. Clemmer
Box-folder 2-31
Irvine G. Cline
Box-folder 2-32
Joseph Minor Cline
Box-folder 2-33
Kermit Russell Cline
Box-folder 2-34
Mrs. Minnie Belle Cline
Box-folder 2-35
P.F. Cline Estate
Box-folder 2-36
Mrs. Ruth Diamond Clough
Box-folder 2-37
Frank M. Coffey
Box-folder 2-38
Nellie Woodzell Coffey
Box-folder 2-39
Virgil L. Coffey
Box-folder 2-40
Roy Y. Coffman, executor, estate of Elizabeth C. Coffman
Box-folder 2-41 to 2-43
Mrs. Alice V. Coleman (J.A. Coleman estate)
Box-folder 3-44
Ora C. Collins & others
Box-folder 3-45
Mrs. Virginia Madeline Colvin
Box-folder 3-46
Virginia F. Conner estate
Box-folder 3-47
Consolidated Hair Goods Co.
Box-folder 3-48
Florence Mae Reece Cornett
Box-folder 3-49
Ernest B. Craun
Box-folder 3-50
Mrs. Emma L. Crawford, admix, John W. Carpenter estate
Box-folder 3-51
C.M. Crummett
Box-folder 3-52
A.J. Cullen
Box-folder 3-53
Lee A. Cupp
Box-folder 3-54
James A. Curd
Box-folder 3-55
Walter S. Daggy
Box-folder 3-56
Margaret T. Daniel
Box-folder 3-57
Carrie & Henry Darcus
Box-folder 3-58
Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Davis
Box-folder 3-59
L. Walter Davis
Box-folder 3-60
Dean & Parrish
Box-folder 3-61
Mrs. Cora E. Dedrick
Box-folder 3-62 to 3-66
Deeds and contracts (miscellaneous)
Box-folder 4-67
Henry C. DeJarnette
Box-folder 4-68
J.C. Dell, Jr.
Box-folder 4-69
Mrs. Drucilla E. Demastus
Box-folder 4-70
W.E.B. Dennison
Box-folder 4-71
B.M. DePriest
Box-folder 4-72
Clarence Desper
Box-folder 4-73
Clarence H. Desper estate - Madeline R. Desper
Box-folder 4-74
S.W. Desper
Box-folder 4-75
Larry D. DeVenny
Box-folder 4-76
Harry B. Dice
Box-folder 4-77
Marguerite R. Dickerson
Box-folder 4-78 to 4-79
T.C. Dickerson, Jr.
Box-folder 4-80
A.J.S. Diehl estate
Box-folder 4-81
William Garnet Dill
Box-folder 4-82
Mrs. Ella Dodd
Box-folder 4-83
Mrs. Pearl M. Dodge
Box-folder 4-84
Isaac Donner
Box-folder 4-85
Meredith C. Dortch
Box-folder 4-86
D.B. Driver
Box-folder 4-87
Henry J. Drummond
Box-folder 4-88
Dennis W. Dull, admin. W.H. Dull
Box-folder 5-89
W.E. Dull estate
Box-folder 5-90
Everett Lesley Dunaway
Box-folder 5-91
Reba C. Dunlap
Box-folder 5-92
E.I duPont de Nemours & Company
Box-folder 5-93
Carl E. Durham
Box-folder 5-94
Felix B. Dutton estate
Box-folder 5-95
Harry D. Dyer
Box-folder 5-96
Hunter Eugene Earhart
Box-folder 5-97
Early Dawn Cooperative Dairy, Inc.
Box-folder 5-98
William H. East
Box-folder 5-99
D.H. Eavers estate, Ira W. Eavers, Adm.
Box-folder 5-100
William B. Edwards
Box-folder 5-101
James W. Elick
Box-folder 5-102
Mrs. Georgia J. Ellis
Box-folder 5-103
O.R. Engleman (Engleman Hardware Co.)
Box-folder 5-104
Erwin Motor Company, Inc.
Box-folder 5-105
Mary Bryant Eutsler
Box-folder 5-106
Charles B. Evans
Box-folder 5-107
Robert T. Evans
Box-folder 5-108
Walter L. Evans estate
Box-folder 5-109
Mrs. Anna Louise Wright Faison
Box-folder 5-110
Ellis E. Fauber
Box-folder 5-111
James Fauber
Box-folder 5-112
Charles M. Fielder
Box-folder 5-113
Finley Memorial Presbyterian Church
Box-folder 5-114
John Franklin Fisher
Box-folder 5-115
Katherine Isabelle Painter Fisher
Box-folder 5-116 to 5-117
Mrs. Lilly Mary Fisher
Box-folder 6-118
Fishersville Methodist Church
Box-folder 6-119
B.G. Fitzgerald, Jr.
Box-folder 6-120
Mrs. Edna Fitzgerald
Box-folder 6-121
John Franklin Fitzgerald & others, estate of Isaac Fitzgerald
Box-folder 6-122
Manley L. Fitzgerald
Box-folder 6-123
Robert Frank Fitzgerald
Box-folder 6-124
Roy Austin Fitzgerald, incompetent
Box-folder 6-125 to 6-126
Samuel F. Fitzgerald
Box-folder 6-127
John H. Flavin
Box-folder 6-128
O.C. Flory
Box-folder 6-129
C.S. Fogle
Box-folder 6-130
James W. Forbes v. Edward M. VanFossen
Box-folder 6-131 to 6-132
John K. Forrer
Box-folder 6-133
Waide H. Frank, estate of G.A. Frank
Box-folder 6-134
Millard C. Fridley
Box-folder 6-135 to 6-136
Fruit Growers Cooperative Corporation, Crozet, Virginia
Box-folder 6-137
William Fuqua
Box-folder 7-138
Charles S. Gaw, guardian of Anne Gaw
Box-folder 7-139
F.M. Gayhart
Box-folder 7-140
Vivian D. Gibson, estate of Beverley V. Gibson
Box-folder 7-141
Miss Blanche Gilbert
Box-folder 7-142
A.C. Gilkeson
Box-folder 7-143
A. Crawford Gilkeson, executor, Georgie B. Harbeson, deceased
Box-folder 7-144
G.M. Gilkeson, guardian of Mary Hope Howe
Box-folder 7-145 to 7-146
Mrs. Louise Doniphan Gilkeson
Box-folder 7-147
Mrs. Dorothy Ballew Glenn
Box-folder 7-148
Boyd J. Glock
Box-folder 7-149
Samuel W. Glover
Box-folder 7-150
David E. Gochenour
Box-folder 7-151
Mrs. Fannie H. Gochenour, guardian of Frances Lee Hughes
Box-folder 7-152
Mr. William B. Goodloe
Box-folder 7-153 to 7-154
Grooms v Grooms, et als
Box-folder 8-155 to 8-156
George M. Grove estate
Box-folder 8-157
Herman L. Gwin
Box-folder 8-158
Isabelle Lumsden Hevener
Box-folder 8-159
John T. Key
Box-folder 8-160
Charles B. Kilburn
Box-folder 8-161
King’s Daughters Hospital
Box-folder 8-162
Milton N. Kinsinger
Box-folder 8-163
A.J. Kiracofe
Box-folder 8-164
C.W. Kiracofe estate, Annie M. Kiracofe executrix
Box-folder 8-165
L.S. Kiracofe estate
Box-folder 8-166
Clark C. Kirby
Box-folder 8-167 to 8-169
Clark C. Kirby estate
Box-folder 8-170
Mrs. Sue Kirby
Box-folder 8-171
Frances M. Kreitzer
Box-folder 8-172
Mary Lou Kunkel
Box-folder 8-173
Ray R. Landes
Box-folder 8-174
Dr. Frank A. Lasley, Sr.
Box-folder 8-175
Lawyers Title Insurance
Box-folder 9-176 to 9-177
Lawyer’s Weekly Letter
Box-folder 9-178
William B. Lee
Box-folder 9-179
W.H. Lessley
Box-folder 9-180
Trustees of Lexington Presbytery c/o Rev. W.C. Jamison
Box-folder 9-181
Mrs. Alice B. Lightner
Box-folder 9-182
Robert A. Lightner
Box-folder 9-183
Little River Hunt Club
Box-folder 9-184
J.E. Lotts estate
Box-folder 9-185
L.W.H. Peyton
Box-folder 9-186
Stuarts Draft Volunteer Fire Company
Box-folder 9-187 to 9-188
Mary F. Taylor
Box-folder 9-189
Mrs. Karl C. Teufel
Box-folder 9-190
W.H. Tewalt
Box-folder 9-191
Everett W. Thomas
Box-folder 9-192
Harry L. Thomas
Box-folder 9-193
Mrs. Willa S. Thomas
Box-folder 9-194
Mr. William W. Thomas
Box-folder 9-195
Mrs. Edna P. Thompson
Box-folder 9-196
Imogene Thompson
Box-folder 9-197 to 9-198
James E. Thornton
Box-folder 9-199
David A. Tinsley (re property owned by M.E. Green estate)
Box-folder 9-200
Houston I. Todd
Box-folder 9-201
Dr. Howard E. Topping
Box-folder 9-202
Mrs. Ephra V. Townley
Box-folder 10-203 to 10-206
Joseph Baxter Trimble estate
Box-folder 10-207
Mrs. W.B. Trimble
Box-folder 10-208
Tuberculosis Association
Box-folder 10-209
Eugene Conway Tuttle
Box-folder 10-210
James B.Tuttle
Box-folder 10-211
John B. Tuttle
Box-folder 10-212
Valley Trading Corporation
Box-folder 10-213
Wallace B. Varner
Box-folder 10-214
George B. Venable, Jr.
Box-folder 10-215
Mary Ellen Vest, guardian of Arthur Vest
Box-folder 10-216
VFW Post, Stuarts Draft
Box-folder 10-217
Mrs. Gary Vinson
Box-folder 10-218
L.A. Vint
Box-folder 10-219
Wade & Miller vs Sheffer
Box-folder 10-220
James A. Wade
Box-folder 10-221
H. Wallace
Box-folder 11-222
N.C. Waller
Box-folder 11-223
Grady B. Ware
Box-folder 11-224
Virginia Brown Ware
Box-folder 11-225
Fannie Mae Becks Watts
Box-folder 11-226
Mrs. Vallie S. Weaver
Box-folder 11-227
Mrs. Cecil H. Weller
Box-folder 11-228
Warren Newton Wescott
Box-folder 11-229 to 11-230
John D. White
Box-folder 11-231
Lillie Ellen White
Box-folder 11-232
W.H. Wright
Box-folder 11-233
Mrs. R.H. Young, estate of R.H. Young
Box-folder 11-234
Mr. R.R. Yount
Box-folder 11-235
Accounts (monthly trial balances)
Box-folder 11-236
Loose pages from account ledgers & checks
Box 12
  • Staunton National Bank, account of Wm. S. Moffett, Jr., May 11, 1949-June 9, 1955
  • Expense journal, August 15, 1937
  • Expense journal, February 1938
  • Expense journal, October 1938
  • Expense journal, October 1939
  • Expense journal, October 1940
  • Expense journal, August 1941
  • Expense journal, August 1942
  • Expense journal, fall 1946
  • Checkbook, November 12, 1936-May 31, 1938
  • Checkbook, June 1, 1938-May 24, 1939
  • Checkbook, May 24, 1939-December 4, 1939
  • Checkbook, December 11, 1939-June 21, 1940
  • Checkbook, June 28, 1940-December 11, 1940
  • Checkbook, December 12, 1940-May 29, 1941
  • Checkbook, National Valley Bank, July 17, 1939-October 21, 1942
  • Checkbook, May 31, 1941-October 31, 1941
  • Checkbook, November 1, 1941-May 6, 1942
  • Checkbook, May 6, 1942-October 24, 1942
  • Checkbook, January 3, 1947-October 7, 1947
  • Checkbook, October 29, 1942-January 3, 1947
  • Checkbook, October 10, 1947-June 22, 1948
  • Checkbook, June 25, 1948-September 24, 1948
  • Checkbook, September 29, 1948-March 28, 1959
  • Checkbook, March 31, 1950-May 31, 1951
  • Checkbook, June 1, 1951-September 11, 1952
  • Checkbook, Staunton National Bank, September 11, 1952-March 30, 1954
Box 13
  • Ledger #2, October 1, 1947
  • Ledger #3, October 1, 1949
  • Ledger #4, July 3, 1951
  • Ledger #5, April 1, 1953
  • Transfer ledger sheets from 1946
  • Almanac for Business Management (NY: Prentice-Hall, 1946)