A Guide to the Aviation Brochures and Pamphlets Collection, 1910-1958 Aviation Brochures and Pamphlets Collection Ms1994-015

A Guide to the Aviation Brochures and Pamphlets Collection, 1910-1958

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Aviation Brochures and Pamphlets Collection, 1910-1958
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A collection of printed materials relating to the first half-century of aviation, consisting mostly of promotional materials from various manufacturers. Also contains a few periodicals (including an issue of Contact, published by the Women's National Aeronautical Association), and a menu from a dinner honoring Amelia Earhart.

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Collection is open for research.

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Permission to publish material from the Aviation Brochures and Pamphlets Collection must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Tech.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Aviation Brochures and Pamphlets Collection, Ms1994-015, Special Collections, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The Aviation Brochures and Pamphlets Collection was purchased in 1994. Materials from an undated acquisition were added to the collection in 2016.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement, and description of the Aviation Brochures and Pamphlets Collection commenced and was completed in February, 2016.

Scope and Content

This collection contains a variety of printed materials relating to the first half-century of aviation. The collection consists largely of promotional materials published and distributed by manufacturers of airplanes and airplane parts. Represented in the collection are such well-known companies as Boeing, Lockheed, and Cessna, but the collection also holds materials from a number of lesser-known and/or defunct businesses. The collection includes material dating to the first decade of aviation, including a 1911 White Aeroplane Company catalog; more heavily represented is the World War II era. Most of the materials are from companies based in the United States, but the collection also contains materials from European companies. In addition to the promotional materials are a few periodicals (including an issue of Contact, published by the Women's National Aeronautical Association) and a menu from a 1932 dinner honoring Amelia Earhart.


The collection is arranged in alphabetical order by title of publication.

Index Terms


  • Archives of American Aerospace Exploration (AAAE)
  • Science and Technology
  • Genre and Form Terms:

  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets

Contents List

Box-folder 1-1
  • Aeromarine inertia starter (Aeromarine Starter Co., Inc.), 1928
  • The Aeromarine Klemm AKL Plane (Aeromarine Plane and Motor Corporation), n.d.
  • Aircraft materials: parts, instruments, accessories at greatly reduced prices (Fairchild Aircraft Corporation), n.d.
  • Airplanes must fly: the story of the development of the Douglas transports (Douglas Aircraft Company), [1939?]
Box-folder 1-2
  • American Aeronautical Corporation, n.d.
  • Aviation fuels: a brief treatise on how and why they differ from automobile fuels (Vacuum Oil Company), 1930
Box-folder 1-3
  • Beauty, comfort, performance - the new Cessna 190 & 195 (Cessna Aircraft Co.), n.d.
  • Blazes (American-LaFrance-Foamite Corporation), 1943
Box-folder 1-4
  • Boeing (Boeing Airplane Co.), n.d.
  • Boeing 25th anniversary (Boeing Airplane Co.), [1941]
  • The British & Colonial Aeroplane Company, Limited: sole agents in Great Britain & colonies for "Gnome" aviation engines, n.d.
Box-folder 1-5
  • The Call aviation engine: "the magnalium engine" (Aerial Navigation Company of America), n.d.
  • Care and operation: Hall-Scott big six type A-5a 150 h.p. airplane engine (Hall-Scott Motor Car Company), n.d.
  • Cessna 170 (Cessna Aircraft Co.), n.d.
Box-folder 1-6
  • Contact (Women's National Aeronautical Association) (vol. 1, no. 3), 1933
  • Curtiss Airports Corporation, [1929?]
  • Curtiss "D-12" and "Conqueror" engines: their use of nickel alloy steel (International Nickel Company), n.d.
Box-folder 1-7
  • Dinner in honor of Amelia Earhart Putnam in recognition of her solo trans-Atlantic flight (Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America), 1932
  • Dixie Magneto 20th century ignition: Model 120 for 12 cylinder motors (Splitdorf Electrical Co.), 1915
  • The Douglas Sleeper ([Douglas Aircraft Company]), n.d.
  • The Ercoupe: for transportation or training (Ercoupe Engineering and Research Corporation), [1942]
Box-folder 1-8
  • Fairchild "all purpose" cabin monoplane (Fairchild Airplane Manufacturing Corporation), 1928
  • Field instructions for assembly of standard model E-1 airplane (Aero Standard Corporation), n.d.
  • First name in aviation: a brief history of the Wright Aeronautical Corporation, n.d.
  • Flight with a new flair: 1957 Cessna 182 180 (Cessna Aircraft Co.), [1957?]
Box-folder 1-9
  • Gallaudet review (Gallaudet Aircraft Corporation), 1920
  • Grande, audaz, bellow: Cessna 175 (Cessna Aircraft Co.), 1958
Box-folder 1-10
  • Hall-Scott type A5a 150 h.p. 6 cylinder airplane engine (Hall-Scott Motor Car Company), n.d.
  • Hall-Scott type L-4 125 h.p. 4 cylinder airplane engine (Hall-Scott Motor Car Company), n.d.
  • Hall-Scott type L-6 200 h.p. 6 cylinder airplane engine, liberty type (Hall-Scott Motor Car Company), n.d.
  • Hall-Scott types L-4 125 h.p., L-6 200 h.p. airplane engines: care and operation book (Hall-Scott Motor Car Company), n.d.
Box-folder 1-11
  • Heralding the Aeroneer (Aero Engineering Corporation), n.d.
  • High lights of aviation history: a brief record of the steps by which man achieved the conquest of the air (First National Bank of Detroit), 1929
  • How to make small airports pay with Aeronca (Aeronca Aircraft Corporation), 1944
Box-folder 1-12
  • Imperial Airways gazette (vol. 7, no. 10), 1935
  • Instruction book and parts list of the Simms high tension magneto systems (Simms Magneto Company), n.d.
  • Interstate Cadet for 1942 (Interstate Aircraft & Engineering Corp.), [1941]
  • Junkers-Junior (Junkers-Flugzeugwerk A-G. Dessau), n.d.
Box-folder 1-13
  • Kollsman precision aircaft instruments (Kollsman Instrument Company), n.d.
Box-folder 1-14
(2 folders)
  • Lockheed model V-309 liaison airplane: preliminary data (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation), 1945
  • Lockheed 12 (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation), n.d.
  • Low wing, all metal airplanes (Northrup Corporation), n.d.
  • LWF (LWF Engineering Company), n.d.
Box-folder 1-15
  • Model XR 60-1 mock-up conference (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation), 1944
  • The Monocoupe (No. 3) (Mono Aircraft Inc.), 1928
Box-folder 1-16
  • The New B/J: the first full vision plane (Berliner-Joyce Aircraft Corporation), [1930?]
  • New, more powerful for 1948: Cessna 140 (Cessna Aircraft Co.), n.d.
  • A new Wasp (Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Company), n.d.
  • 1932 accomplishments of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, [1933?]
Box-folder 1-17
  • North American Aviation, Inc. annual report, 1956
  • Now YOU can fly! The Stearman-Hammond Model "Y" (Stearnman-Hammond Aircraft Corp.), [1937]
Box-folder 1-18
  • The Packard diesel aircraft engine: a new chapter in transportation progress (Packard Motor Car Company), 1930
  • The perfect starter: aeroplane model "L": manufactured by the Motor-Compressor Co., [1918?]
  • Pilots depend on Erco (Erco Radio Laboratories, Inc.), n.d.
Box-folder 1-19
  • Rainbow Neon aeronautical lighting equipment (Rainbow Light Inc.), [1930]
  • Rearwin Airplanes Inc., Fairfax Airport, Kansas City, U.S.A., n.d.
  • Republic previews: Thunderbolt Amphibian post victory private plane (Republic Aviation Corporation), n.d.
  • Robert Esnault-Pelterie: aeroplanes monoplans (feuille no. 13), [1910?]
  • Robert Esnault-Pelterie: moteurs d'aviation (feuille no. 14), [1910?]
Box-folder 1-20
(2 folders)
  • So you want an airplane! [Ercoupe] (Engineering and Research Corporation), n.d.
  • The Spartan Challenger (Spartan Aircraft Company), n.d.
  • Special features and innovations: the Vega 50 liaison observation airplane (report no. 50-101) (Vega Airplane Company), n.d.
  • Special features and innovations: the Vega 51 liaison observation airplane (report no. 51-101) (Vega Airplane Company), n.d.
  • The Swift: manufactured by Globe Aircraft Corporation, 1944
Box-folder 1-21
  • Turbo-starter: ground support for jet aircraft (Boeing Airplane Co.), n.d.
  • Van Sicklen chronometric tachometer (Van Sicklen Co.), n.d.
  • Vultee: the outstanding executive airplane, tested and proved in airline service (Airplane Development Corporation), n.d.
Box-folder 1-22
  • Wasp Hornet aircaft engines and their use of nickel steel (International Nickel Company), n.d.
  • "The West Point of the Air" in pictures: Randolph Field, Texas, 1942
Box-folder 1-23
  • What does the name Fairchild mean to you? (Fairchild Airplane Manufacturing Corporation), n.d.
  • The White Aeroplane Co. catalogue, 1911
  • Willard Storage Battery aviation ignition battery (bulletin no. 144) (Willard Storage Battery Co.), 1918
  • Wright Whirlwind Engine (International Nickel Company), n.d.
Box-folder 1-24
  • XP2V-1 progress report: the first flight (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation), 1945
Box-folder 1-25
  • Your wings (United Air Lines), [1941?]