A Guide to the Squire Bosworth Papers, 1848-1892 Bosworth, Squire Papers Ms2010-060

A Guide to the Squire Bosworth Papers, 1848-1892

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Squire Bosworth Papers 1848-1892
This collection has been digitized and is available online.
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Papers of Squire Bosworth, a physician and county court clerk of Randolph County, Virginia/West Virginia, including correspondence, legal papers, and financial documents.

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Acquisition Information

The Squire Bosworth Papers were purchased in three lots from the same source. The first two lots (one comprised entirely of materials dated prior to 1865; another, of materials dated from 1865 to 1892, and a single undated letter) were purchased in May 2010. The third lot, consisting of the September 6, 1864 letter of Squire Newton Bosworth, was purchased in May 2012.

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This collection has been digitized and is available online.

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The processing, arrangement and description of the Squire Bosworth Papers commenced in July 2010 and was completed in August 2010; the finding aid was revised after the addition of a single item in June 2012.

Biographical Information

Squire Bosworth, the son of Joshua Bosworth, was born in Montgomery, Massachusetts in 1785. He moved with his family to what is northwestern Virginia (now West Virginia) while still young. After teaching school in Parkersburg and Beverly, Bosworth studied medicine under a Dr. Dolbear and established his practice in Beverly. He served for a time as Randolph County court clerk and as deputy sheriff and represented Randolph and Tucker counties in the Virginia General Assembly. Bosworth married Hannah Buckey (daughter of Peter Buckey) in 1816, and the couple would have ten children: John W., Squire N., George W., Elam B., Rebecca, Lucy, Harriet, Martha, Christina, and Mary. Squire Bosworth died in Beverly, West Virginia in 1870. His son, John W. Bosworth, would also become a physician. Another son, Squire N. Bosworth, served during the Civil War in Company F of the 31st Virginia Infantry. Following the war, Squire N. Bosworth married Florence A. Brown (daughter of Bernard L. Brown). He worked as a dry goods merchant and served for many years as Beverly's postmaster. Squire Newton Bosworth died in 1922.

Scope and Content

This collection contains papers of Squire Bosworth, a physician and county court clerk of Randolph County, Virginia/West Virginia. The collection includes correspondence of Bosworth, other members of his family, and seemingly unrelated individuals. Included is an 1864 letter from Bosworth's son, Squire Newton Bosworth, of the 31st Virginia Infantry. Writing from the camp of Pegram's Brigade to an unidentified friend, Bosworth describes his regiment's marches and skirmishes with the enemy. He also mentions several women from Randolph County who have married Union soldiers, concluding, "I can't see how the girls of Randolph... can think of even countenancing men who are engaged in trying to destroy our country, & subjugate their friends & relations."

Also among the correspondence are several post-Civil War letters written by family and friends, discussing the political climate of the day in Virginia and West Virginia as well as Reconstruction issues in North Carolina and Virginia. The collection also contains a letter from Squire Bosworth filing a claim against the U. S. government for services he rendered as a physician during the war. An 1849 letter from E. D. Wilson of Philippi provides information on area politics and mentions the growing urbanization of Beverly, (West) Virginia. Also within the correspondence are several letters addressed to Bosworth in his capacity as Randolph County court clerk.

Among the legal papers in the collection is an 1848 bill of sale for a female enslaved person named Huldah, purchased by Squire Bosworth from Peter Buckey. The collection also contains a summons ordering Squire Bosworth to appear before a local voter registration board to explain why his name should not be stricken from the local roll of voters. Also contained are deeds, marriage certificates, Bosworth's medical license, and a certificate granting local patent rights to a hillside plow improvement. The collection also contains several documents relating to attempts by John W. Bosworth, acting as the executor of his father's estate, to secure a claim against the U. S. government for goods confiscated by the army during the Civil War.


The collection is arranged by document type, then chronologically.

Contents List

This collection has been digitized and is available online.

Folder 1
Papers 1848-1892, n.d.
  • Correspondence
    • E. D. Wilson (Philippi) to B. L. Brown (Beverly) Feb 16 1849
    • William H. Richardson to Squire Bosworth Jul 17 1859
    • "Newt" [Squire Newton Bosworth] (Camp Pegram's Brigade) to "Friend" Sep 6 1864
    • Alfred H. Reiss (Baltimore) to S. Bosworth Feb 3 1865
    • William [Ewin?] (St. George) to B. L. Brown Aug 31 1865
    • J. H. Arbogast (Waynesboro) to S. Bosworth Oct 14 1865
    • John B. Smith (Waynesboro) to S. Bosworth Dec 1 1865
    • Frank McIntosh (Richmond County, North Carolina) to J. W. Bosworth (Beverly [West] Virginia) Jan 1 1866
    • "John" [Bosworth?] (Baltimore, Maryland) to "Pa" Feb 22 1866
    • Mollie (Cumberland County) to "Mr. Bosworth" Feb 26 1866
    • M. A. Root (Philadelphia) to Squire Bosworth Mar 21 1866
    • "Sister Bee" (Sunny Manse) to "Bro Newt" Jun 29 1866
    • Benj. H. Smith (Wheeling) to S. Bosworth Jul 21 1866
    • S. Bosworth (Beverly, West Virginia) to E. B. French Dec 24 1866
    • J. W. Bosworth (Fishersville, Virginia) to "Pa" Sep 2 1867
    • [Unidentified] (Bridgewater, Virginia) to "Uncle" Oct 6 1867
    • "B" (Sunny Manse) to "Pa & Ma" Jan 3 1868
    • Mollie D. B. (Philippi, West Virginia) to "Pa" Sep 20 1869
    • "Sister Bee" (Sunny Manse) to "Bro." n.d.
  • Business and Personal Financial Records
    • Receipts (newspaper subscriptions) 1848-1869
      [7 items]
    • Pay voucher for Randolph County election officer 1860
  • Legal Papers
    • Bill of sale for female enslaved person named Huldah 1848
    • Deed granting Bosworth regional patent rights to William H. Babbit's improvements to the hillside plow 1856
    • Certificate of election for Randolph County justices of the peace 1860
      [2 items]
    • Summons for Archibald Earl, witness in matter of Senter v. Cottell 1860
    • Marriage certificate for Mary M. Chenoweth and Hicman Triplett 1861
    • Marriage license for Chenoweth B. Hart and Rhoda J. Lewis 1861
    • Marriage license for Marshall Schoonover and Eliza Louk 1861
    • Summons from Randolph County Board of Registration 1866
    • S. Bosworth medical license 1866
    • Petition filed in claim of Squire Bosworth estate against U.S. government for wartime losses 1888
    • Letters from attorney George A. King regarding Bosworth claim 1892
      [2 items]
    • Promissory note signed by S. N. Bosworth 1892
    • Interrogatories on loyalty n.d.
    • Interrogatories on merits of claim n.d.