Working Inventory of the Robert E. Marshak Papers, 1947-1990 Marshak, Robert E., Papers Ms1988-060

Working Inventory of the Robert E. Marshak Papers, 1947-1990

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Collection Number
Working Inventory of the Robert E. Marshak Papers, 1947-1990
Physical Characteristics
65.1 cu. ft. 65 boxes; 1 oversize folder
Marshak, Robert Eugene, 1916-1992
Please note:This collection is located in off-site storage and may require 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Contact Special Collections for more information.
The collection consist of Marshak's files on the Shelter Island Conferences (1947-49) and his administrative and correspondence files on the Rochester Conferences on High-Energy Physics (1950-57), which he founded. The papers also includes correspondence, notes, reports, files, speech texts, newsclippings, autographs, photographs, transcripts, and other personalia donated in 1994--these materials are unprocessed.

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Collection is open for research.

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Permission to publish material from Robert E. Marshak Papers must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Tech.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Robert E. Marshak Papers, Ms88-060, Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The Robert E. Marshak Papers were acquired by the Special Collections Department of the Virginia Tech University Libraries in two separate donations. The first 5 cubic feet of materials (Boxes 1-5), also known as the Rochester Conference Papers, was given in 1989. These papers are primarily about the Rochester Conferences on High Energy Physics (1950-70), which involved thirty-five Nobel Prize winners, twenty-seven of whom were conference participants.

The second approximately 61 cubic feet of materials was given to Special Collections in 1994. It includes items such as correspondence, notes, reports, speeches, news clippings, photographs, and other personalia from Dr. Marshak's high school days in the 1920s to his death in 1992. This second donation is unprocessed.

The bulk of the papers pertaining to Dr. Marshak's term as President of the City College of New York are archived by the Hoover Institute on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University.

Processing Information

The 1989 donation (Boxes 1-5) was processed and described prior to 1994. Additional description for these materials was completed in 2005 and 2010.

The 1994 donation is unprocessed. A print inventory was created in 1994. Please note: This is a working inventory and , for boxes other than 1-5, may not reflect all the contents of a particular box or folder.

Biographical Note

Robert E. Marshak was born in 1916 in the Bronx, a borough of New York City. Marshak's academic ability was recognized early, and despite their poverty, his family encouraged his studies. As a result, he finished James Monroe High School at the age of 15. From high school, he enrolled in the City College of New York (CCNY), a tuition-free university that served as an exit from poverty for generations of immigrants. After one semester at CCNY, he received a Pulitzer Scholarship which provided full tuition and a stipend which allowed him to continue his education at Columbia University. College appears to have been a profound intellectual experience for Marshak. He initially majored in philosophy and math, and served as the dance critic for the school newspaper. In his senior year, he switched to physics, and came into contact with Nobel Laureate I.I. Rabi. Rabi was initially skeptical of his commitment to physics, but later became a friend.

Marshak graduated from Columbia in 1936, and went to graduate school at Cornell University via a fellowship. At Cornell, he studied with Hans Bethe, who at the time was working on problems pertaining to energy production in stars, which later won Bethe a Nobel Prize. Marshak wrote his dissertation on energy production in white dwarf stars. His basic conclusion was confirmed about forty years later when the white dwarf orbiting Sirius came into view. He completed his Ph.D. degree in 1939 at the age of 22.

Jobs were hard to come by in the late 1930s, especially for Jewish scientists for whom positions were limited by quotas. Marshak nonetheless was able to get a one- year, non- renewable position at the University of Rochester. Here he met, among other notables, Victor Weiskopf, the future director of CERN, the nuclear accelerator facility in Geneva, Switzerland. During this time a tenure-track position opened in the Physics Department at Rochester which Marshak received.

Teaching at the University of Rochester was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II. Marshak became involved in the war effort, as did many scientists at the time. Initially, he worked on developing radar in Boston, Massachusetts, then on the British atomic bomb project in Montreal, Canada. In 1943, Marshak married Ruth Gup, a school teacher in Rochester. Later he joined the Manhattan Project which was developing the American atomic bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico. At Los Alamos, Marshak was a deputy group leader in theoretical physics, a rank which allowed him to be privy to the overall strategy of atomic bomb creation.

After the war, Marshak returned to the University of Rochester, where he moved quickly through the ranks. He become a chair professor (the Harris chair) and the head of the physics department in the 1950s. He was very active as a researcher, and was a participant at the famous Shelter Island Conference where he proposed the two-meson theory. During his fourteen year chairmanship the Physics Department at Rochester became one of the top 10 in the country, and a recognized center for advanced research in physics.

During his years at the University of Rochester, Marshak became intensely interested in international science. He felt that scientific cooperation was an important first step in the quest for global peace. In 1956, he was a member of the first delegation of approximately six American scientists to visit the USSR after the death of Stalin. Marshak met the leaders of the Soviet Physics community, including Lev Landau. He made more trips to the USSR during the 1950s (US State Department debriefings after these trips are in the files), and became an acknowledged expert on Soviet science.

During the 1950s, Marshak established the "Rochester Conference", considered by his colleagues to be one of his most significant achievements. The conference evolved over the years into "The International Conference on High-Energy Physics." The Rochester Conference was instrumental in bringing together scientists from around the world, and served as a model for the establishment of international conferences in other fields. One of the most challenging aspects of the early conferences was the attempt to bring real Eastern European and Soviet physicists (as opposed to KGB agents) to the meetings. This effort required Marshak to carry out intense negotiations with the US State Department and with members of Congress. His other involvement in international science included participation in the establishment of the International Center of Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, and the International Foundation for Science in Sweden.

Events at the University of Rochester received lots of publicity, and brought Marshak to the attention of the search committee looking for a new president for CCNY. They approached him with an offer to become president, just at a time when his social conscience had been roused. He accepted the offer and became CCNY President just at a time when the college was undergoing a vast change in demographics.

Typical of Marshak, he put his full effort into the struggle to redefine the college and bring it through these crises. In addition to improving the quality of several departments, he established important new programs such as the Biomedical Center and the Legal Center, raised the funds for a new performing arts center (the Leonard Davis Center), and pushed through the construction of a 150 million dollar academic complex. He also became involved in the debate about national educational policy and "Science and Public Policy", delivering many speeches on the subject. He also served on the board of directors for Harlem Hospital and for Colonial Penn Insurance Company. In the end, the success of his efforts was recognized by the naming of the 14-story science building on campus after him. The stress of his position at CCNY took a toll on his health, and he suffered a minor stroke during a confrontation with a student group. The stroke effected his balance for the remainder of his life.

After nine years at CCNY, his desire to return to physics led him to accept an offer as University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech, and he and Ruth moved to Blacksburg in 1979. During this period, he became President of the American Physical Society, the principle organization of physicists in the United States. Typical of his modus operandi, he took an activist approach to the job, using the weight of the society to debate the Reagan Administration on the issue of placing an anti-ballistic missile system into space, popularly known as "Star Wars."

Marshak officially retired as a professor at the age of 75. During the last five years of his life, he worked intensely on a book, entitled Conceptual Foundations of Modern Particle Physics. He finished the final corrections on the manuscript the day before he died. When he dropped the manuscript in the mailbox, he turn to his wife and said, in a joking voice, "It's done. Now I can die." The next day, December 23, 1992, he did. Minutes after the family convened in Cancun, Mexico, to celebrate Marshak's fiftieth wedding anniversary, he took the grandchildren down to the beach to enjoy the last hours of a sunny, windy afternoon. While the children played on the beach, he stepped into the warm water of the Gulf. The undertow was unexpectedly strong, and he apparently lost his balance. He fell into the water, couldn't stand up, and drowned.

A lengthy biography of Marshak is available on the Special Collections website:

Scope and Content

The collection consist of Marshak's files on the Shelter Island Conferences (1947-49) and his administrative and correspondence files on the Rochester Conferences on High-Energy Physics (1950-57), which he founded. After 1957 the conferences were held under the sponsorship of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and Marshak's files from the conferences from 1958 to 1970 are also included. The collection also includes correspondence files on IUPAP (1953-73) and on the Commission on High Energy Physics (1958-63); photographs (1950-70); and a photocopy of an oral history interview done by Charles Weiner (1970).

The papers also includes correspondence, notes, reports, files, speech texts, newsclippings, autographs, photographs, transcripts, and other personalia donated in 1994. Topics include the national and international development of high-energy physics, meetings and symposia, and scientific committees; awards and prizes, administration and education, science in the Eastern Bloc and Third World, and the scientist as social activist or citizen-scientist.

Please note: The 1994 donation (materials in boxes other than Box 1-Box 5) is unprocessed. The "Contents List" below contains information from a paper inventory created in 1994, beginning with "Box A1." This is a working inventory and may not reflect all the contents of a particular box or folder. Materials were collection from multiple locations and are in their original order.


Materials in from the 1989 donation (Boxes 1-5) are arranged chronologically within subject files. The beginning of the "Contents List" below provides a detailed inventory of these boxes.

Materials from the 1994 donation are unprocessed, but the "Contents List" below contains information from a paper inventory created in 1994, beginning with "Box A1." Please note: This is a working inventory and may not reflect all the contents of a particular box or folder. Materials were collection from multiple locations and are in their original order.

Index Terms

    Corporate Names:

  • International Conference on High Energy Physics.
  • Rochester Conference on High Energy Nuclear Physics.
  • Subjects:

  • Physics
  • Soviet Union--Foreign relations--United States
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Genre and Form Terms:

  • Correspondence
  • Proceedings
  • Local Subjects:

  • Faculty
  • Science and Technology
  • University Archives

Contents List

Shelter Island Conferences on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, 1947-1949.
  • Box-folder 1-1
    Correspondence from J. Robert Oppenheimer.
  • Box-folder 1-2
    Photograph of the 1947 conference.
University of Rochester High Energy Physics Conference. Rochester, New York, December 6, 1950.
  • Box-folder 1-3
    Institutional sponsorship.
  • Box-folder 1-4
    Invitations. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-5
  • Box-folder 1-6
    Scientific program.
  • Box-folder 1-7
  • Box-folder 1-8
    Post-conference tour.
  • Box-folder 1-9
    Post-conference correspondence--thank-you letters.
  • Box-folder 1-10
    Public relations.
  • Box-folder 1-11
    Manuscript proceedings and notes.
Second Annual Rochester Conference on Meson Physics. Rochester, New York, January 11-12, 1952.
  • Box-folder 1-12
    Invitations. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-13
  • Box-folder 1-14
    Scientific program.
  • Box-folder 1-15
  • Box-folder 1-16
    Public events.
  • Box-folder 1-17
    Post-conference correspondence--proceedings. Other correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-18
    Distribution list for proceedings.
  • Box-folder 1-19
    Public relations.
  • Box-folder 1-20
    Printed proceedings.
  • Box-folder 1-21
Third Annual Rochester Conference on High Energy Nuclear Physics. Rochester, New York, December 18-20, 1952.
  • Box-folder 1-22
    Institutional sponsorship--National Science Foundation.
  • Box-folder 1-23
    Invitations. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-24
  • Box-folder 1-25
    Administration. Budget.
  • Box-folder 1-26
    Administration. Lodging and transportation.
  • Box-folder 1-27
    Administration. Travel reimbursements.
  • Box-folder 1-28
    Scientific program.
  • Box-folder 1-29
    Public events.
  • Box-folder 1-30
    Post-conference correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-31
    Sociological matters.
  • Box-folder 1-32
    Public relations. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-33
    Public relations. Lists of countries represented, Nobel Laureates, etc.
  • Box-folder 1-34
    Printed proceedings.
  • Box-folder 1-35
Fourth Annual Rochester Conference on High Energy Nuclear Physics. Rochester, New York, January 25-27, 1954.
  • Box-folder 1-36
    Institutional sponsorship--National Science Foundation.
  • Box-folder 1-37
    Invitations. United States. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-38
    Invitations. United States invitees--lists.
  • Box-folder 1-39
    Invitations. Foreign. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-40
    Invitations. Foreign invitees--lists.
  • Box-folder 1-41
    Scientific program.
  • Box-folder 1-42
    Administration. Budget.
  • Box-folder 1-43
    Administration. Lodging and transportation arrangements. Lists.
  • Box-folder 1-44
    Administration. Lodging and travel arrangement requests.
  • Box-folder 1-45
    Administration. Local arrangements. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-46
    Public events--banquet and social program.
  • Box-folder 1-47
    Post-conference correspondence--conference proceedings.
  • Box-folder 1-48
    Sociological matters.
  • Box-folder 1-49
    Public relations.
  • Box-folder 1-50
    Printed proceedings.
Fifth Annual Rochester Conference on High Energy Nuclear Physics. Rochester, New York, January 31-February 2, 1955.
  • Box-folder 1-51
    Institutional sponsorship.
  • Box-folder 1-52
    Invitations. United States invitations.
  • Box-folder 1-53
    Invitations. Foreign invitations.
  • Box-folder 1-54
    Invitations. Invitees--lists and notes.
  • Box-folder 1-55
    Scientific Program.
  • Box-folder 1-56
    Administration. Reservations.
  • Box-folder 1-57
    Administration. Women's program.
  • Box-folder 1-58
    Public events, including banquet.
  • Box-folder 1-59
    Post-conference correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-60
    Sociological matters.
  • Box-folder 1-61
    Public relations. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 1-62
    Public relations. Newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Box-folder 1-63
    Printed proceedings.
  • Box-folder 1-64
Sixth Annual Rochester Conference on High Energy Nuclear Physics. Rochester, New York, April 3-7, 1956.
  • Box-folder 2-1
    Institutional sponsorship.
  • Box-folder 2-2
    United States invitations.
  • Box-folder 2-3
    United States invitations--industrial representatives.
  • Box-folder 2-4
    United States invitations--lists. Includes lists of University of Rochester graduate students.
  • Box-folder 2-5
    Foreign invitations.
  • Box-folder 2-6
    Foreign invitations--lists.
  • Box-folder 2-7
    Scientific program. Advisory board, tentative programs.
  • Box-folder 2-8
    Scientific program. General correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-9
    Scientific program. Tuesday morning session--notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-10
    Scientific program. Tuesday afternoon session--notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-11
    Scientific program. Wednesday afternoon session--notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-12
    Scientific program. Thursday morning session--notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-13
    Scientific program. Thursday afternoon session--notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-14
    Scientific program. Friday session--notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-15
    Scientific program. Saturday morning session--notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-16
    Scientific program. Saturday afternoon session--notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-17
    Administration. Advisory committee.
  • Box-folder 2-18
    Administration. Budget--general.
  • Box-folder 2-19
    Administration. Budget--travel costs.
  • Box-folder 2-20
    Administration. Local arrangements.
  • Box-folder 2-21
    Public events.
  • Box-folder 2-22
    Post-conference correspondence. General.
  • Box-folder 2-23
    Post-conference. Proceedings.
  • Box-folder 2-24
    Sociological matters. General, including MATS.
  • Box-folder 2-25
    Sociological matters. Visas.
  • Box-folder 2-26
    Sociological matters. Russian scientists.
  • Box-folder 2-27
    Public relations. General.
  • Box-folder 2-28
    Public relations. Television program. Everett M. Hafner correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-29
    Public relations. Press releases.
  • Box-folder 2-30
    Public relations. Newspaper articles.
  • Box-folder 2-31
    Printed proceedings.
  • Box-folder 2-32
Moscow Conference on High Energy Particles. Moscow, USSR, May 14-22, 1956.
  • Box-folder 2-33
  • Box-folder 2-34
    Pre-conference correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-35
    Passport and visa-correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-36
    Atomic Energy Commission.
  • Box-folder 2-37
    National Science Foundation.
  • Box-folder 2-38
    Scientific program.
  • Box-folder 2-39
    US publicity.
  • Box-folder 2-40
    Post-conference correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-41
    Impressions of Western scientists-Aage Bohr, RE Marshak, KH Panofsky, VF Weisskopf.
  • Box-folder 2-42
Seventh Annual Rochester Conference on High Energy Nuclear Physics. Rochester, New York, April 15-19, 1957.
  • Box-folder 2-43
    Institutional Sponsorship. Agencies.
  • Box-folder 2-44
    Institutional sponsorship. Industries.
  • Box-folder 2-45
    Invitations. United States.
  • Box-folder 2-46
    United States invitees-lists.
  • Box-folder 2-47
    Foreign invitations.
  • Box-folder 2-48
    Foreign invitees-lists.
  • Box-folder 2-49
    Scientific program. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-50
    Scientific program. Program copies.
  • Box-folder 2-51
    Administration. Attendance lists.
  • Box-folder 2-52
    Administration. Advisory committee.
  • Box-folder 2-53
    Administration. International Union of Pure and Applied Physics.
  • Box-folder 2-54
    Administration. Local arrangements.
  • Box-folder 2-55
    Administration. Local transportation.
  • Box-folder 2-56
    Administration. Finances.
  • Box-folder 2-57
    Administration. Travel arrangements.
  • Box-folder 2-58
    Public events. Banquet.
  • Box-folder 2-59
    Public events. Panel.
  • Box-folder 2-60
    Public events. "The Press Meets the Scientist." Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 2-61
    Public events. "The Press Meets the Scientist." Press release, questions, transcript.
  • Box-folder 3-1
    Post-conference tour. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 3-2
    Post-conference tour. Itineraries.
  • Box-folder 3-3
    Post-conference correspondence. General.
  • Box-folder 3-4
    Post-conference correspondence. Proceedings.
  • Box-folder 3-5
    Post-conference correspondence. Thank-you letters.
  • Box-folder 3-6
    Sociological matters. MATS.
  • Box-folder 3-7
    Sociological matters. Visas.
  • Box-folder 3-8
    Sociological matters. Russian and Eastern bloc scientists.
  • Box-folder 3-9
    Public relations. General.
  • Box-folder 3-10
    Public relations. News releases.
  • Box-folder 3-11
    Public relations. Newspaper articles.
  • Box-folder 3-12
    Printed proceedings.
  • Box-folder 3-13
Eighth Annual International Conference on High Energy Physics. CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, June 27-July 5, 1958.
  • Box-folder 3-14
    Advisory committee.
  • Box-folder 3-15
    Review committee.
  • Box-folder 3-16
    United States invitations.
  • Box-folder 3-17
    Scientific program.
  • Box-folder 3-18
    General correspondence.
  • Box-folder 3-19
Ninth Annual International Conference on High Energy Physics. Kiev, USSR, July 15-25, 1959.
  • Box-folder 3-20
    Invitations. Western invitees-Robert E. Marshak correspondence.
  • Box-folder 3-21
    Invitations. Western invitees-Robert E. Marshak and Wolfgang KH Panofsky joint correspondence.
  • Box-folder 3-22
    Invitations. Western invitees-Wolfgang KH Panofsky correspondence.
  • Box-folder 3-23
    Invitations. Western invitees-CJ Bakker correspondence.
  • Box-folder 3-24
    Invitations. Western invitees-Clifton T. McCleod correspondence.
  • Box-folder 3-25
    Invitations. American invitees-lists.
  • Box-folder 3-26
    Invitations. Lists of invitees by country, state.
  • Box-folder 3-27
    Scientific program. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 3-28
    Scientific program. Program copies.
  • Box-folder 3-29
    Administration. General, including correspondence with Soviet scientists.
  • Box-folder 3-30
    Administration. Travel.
  • Box-folder 3-31
    Documents on Soviet science and scientific institutions.
  • Box-folder 3-32
    Public relations. General. Includes correspondence on a 1964 New York Times article by Marshak.
  • Box-folder 3-33
    Public relations. Requests for information.
  • Box-folder 3-34
    Proceedings- correspondence.
  • Box-folder 3-35
    Printed proceedings-volume 1.
  • Box-folder 3-36
    Printed proceedings-volume 2.
  • Box-folder 3-37
Tenth International Conference on High Energy Physics. Rochester, New York, August 25-September 1, 1960.
  • Box-folder 3-38
    Institutional and industrial sponsorship. General.
  • Box-folder 3-39
    Institutional and industrial sponsorship. Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
  • Box-folder 3-40
    Institutional and industrial sponsorship. Atomic Energy Commission. Includes PSAC, AEC report, "Explanatory Statement on Particle Physics and a Proposed Federal Program in Support of High Energy Accelerator Physics."
  • Box-folder 3-41
    Institutional and industrial sponsorship. IUPAP.
  • Box-folder 3-42
    Institutional and industrial sponsorship. National Academy of Science.
  • Box-folder 3-43
    Institutional and industrial sponsorship. National Science Foundation.
  • Box-folder 3-44
    Institutional and industrial sponsorship. Office of Naval Research.
  • Box-folder 3-45
    Institutional and industrial sponsorship. Office of Ordnance Research.
  • Box-folder 3-46
    Institutional and industrial sponsorship. Industry.
  • Box-folder 3-47
    Invitations. United States invitations.
  • Box-folder 3-48
    Foreign invitations.
  • Box-folder 3-49
    CERN invitees.
  • Box-folder 3-50
    Soviet and Eastern bloc invitations.
  • Box-folder 3-51
    Foreign invitees-lists.
  • Box-folder 3-52
    Invitations. Lists of participants.
  • Box-folder 4-1
    Scientific program. General.
  • Box-folder 4-2
    Scientific program. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-3
    Administration. General.
  • Box-folder 4-4
    Administration. Organizing committee.
  • Box-folder 4-5
    Administration. Pre-conference-Theoretical Institute.
  • Box-folder 4-6
    Administration. Post-conference tour.
  • Box-folder 4-7
    Administration. Translators.
  • Box-folder 4-8
    Administration. Transportation for foreign attendees.
  • Box-folder 4-9
    Administration. Women's programs.
  • Box-folder 4-10
    Public events-banquet.
  • Box-folder 4-11
    Post-conference correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-12
    Sociological matters. International Atomic Energy Association.
  • Box-folder 4-13
    Sociological matters. MATS.
  • Box-folder 4-14
    Sociological matters. Russian and East European scientists.
  • Box-folder 4-15
    Sociological matters. Visas.
  • Box-folder 4-16
    Public relations. Requests for information.
  • Box-folder 4-17
    Public relations. Press releases.
  • Box-folder 4-18
    Public relations. Newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Box-folder 4-19
Eleventh International Conference on High Energy Physics. CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, July 4-11, 1962.
  • Box-folder 4-20
    Invitations. American Advisory Committee- US invitees. Robert E. Marshak correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-21
    American Advisory Committee-US invitees. William A. Jamison correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-22
    American Advisory Committee-US invitees. Edwin H. McMillan correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-23
    Lists of Western invitees.
  • Box-folder 4-24
    Scientific program.
  • Box-folder 4-25
  • Box-folder 4-26
    Public relations. Correspondence of William A. Jamison.
Twelfth International Conference on High Energy Physics. Dubna, USSR, August 5-11, 1964.
  • Box-folder 4-27
    Advisory Committee.
  • Box-folder 4-28
    Scientific program.
Thirteenth International Conference on High Energy Physics. Berkeley, California, August 31-September 7, 1966.
  • Box-folder 4-29
    United States invitations.
  • Box-folder 4-30
    Foreign invitations.
  • Box-folder 4-31
    List of invited delegates.
International Theoretical Physics Conference on Particles and Fields. Rochester, New York, August 28-September 1, 1967.
  • Box-folder 4-32
    Institutional sponsorship.
  • Box-folder 4-33
    United States invitations.
  • Box-folder 4-34
    Foreign invitations.
  • Box-folder 4-35
    Soviet and Eastern bloc invitations.
  • Box-folder 4-36
  • Box-folder 4-37
    Soviet and Eastern bloc.
  • Box-folder 4-38
    Atomic Energy Commission-correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-39
    Department of State-correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-40
    Scientific program. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-41
    Scientific program. Program copies and notes.
  • Box-folder 4-42
    Administration. Budget.
  • Box-folder 4-43
    Administration. Local arrangements.
  • Box-folder 4-44
    Administration. Women's program.
  • Box-folder 4-45
    Administration. Travel reimbursements.
  • Box-folder 4-46
    Public events. Banquet.
  • Box-folder 4-47
    Banquet speaker-Glenn Seaborg.
  • Box-folder 4-48
    Post-conference correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-49
    Public relations. General.
  • Box-folder 4-50
    Public relations. Requests for information.
  • Box-folder 4-51
    Public relations. Press releases.
  • Box-folder 4-52
    Public relations. Newspaper articles.
  • Box-folder 4-53
    Proceedings. General correspondence.
  • Box-folder 4-54
    Proceedings. Correspondence. Publisher-John Wiley and Sons.
  • Box-folder 4-55
    Proceedings. Correspondence. Sales and distribution.
  • Box-folder 4-56
Fourteenth International Conference on High Energy Physics. Vienna, Austria, August 28-September 5, 1968.
  • Box-folder 5-1
    Invitations-United States. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 5-2
    Scientific program. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 5-3
    Scientific program. Program copies.
  • Box-folder 5-4
    Selected comments from visitors.
Fifteenth International Conference on High Energy Physics. Kiev, USSR, 1970.
  • Box-folder 5-5
    Invitations. Correspondence.
  • Box-folder 5-6
    Israeli delegates. Correspondence.
US-Soviet Scientific Relations, 1956-1966.
  • Box-folder 5-7
    Correspondence, documents, note, 1956.
  • Box-folder 5-8
    Correspondence, documents, notes, 1958.
  • Box-folder 5-9
    Correspondence, documents, notes, 1959.
  • Box-folder 5-10
    Correspondence, documents, notes. Includes materials on a trip by an American delegation to the USSR under the McCone-Emelyanov Agreement, 1960.
  • Box-folder 5-11
    Correspondence, documents, notes, 1961-1962.
  • Box-folder 5-12
    Correspondence, documents, notes, 1963.
  • Box-folder 5-13
    Correspondence, documents, notes, 1965-1966.
International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) 1953-1967.,
  • Box-folder 5-14
    Correspondence, 1953-1954.
  • Box-folder 5-15
    Documents and minutes, 1953-1954.
  • Box-folder 5-16
    Correspondence, 1956.
  • Box-folder 5-17
    Documents and minutes. Includes materials on the creation of the IUPAP Commission on High Energy Physics, 1956-1957.
  • Box-folder 5-18
    Correspondence, 1958.
  • Box-folder 5-19
    Documents and minutes, 1958.
  • Box-folder 5-20
    Correspondence, 1959.
  • Box-folder 5-21
    Documents and minutes 1959.,
  • Box-folder 5-22
    Correspondence, 1960.
  • Box-folder 5-23
    Documents and minutes, 1960.
  • Box-folder 5-24
    Correspondence, 1961.
  • Box-folder 5-25
    Documents and minutes, 1961.
  • Box-folder 5-26
    Correspondence. General correspondence, 1962.
  • Box-folder 5-27
    Correspondence. Letter of Robert E. Marshak asking for advice on holding future International High Energy Physics Conferences and responses.
  • Box-folder 5-28
    Documents and minutes, 1962.
  • Box-folder 5-29
    Correspondence 1963.,
  • Box-folder 5-30
    Documents and minutes, 1963.
  • Box-folder 5-31
    Correspondence, 1964-1972.
  • Box-folder 5-32
    Documents and minutes, 1964-1972.
Miscellaneous, 1970-1990.
  • Box-folder 5-33
    Oral history interview with Robert E. Marshak done by Charles Weiner of the American Institute of Physics, 1970.
  • Box-folder 5-34
    Robert E. Marshak, "The Rochester Conferences: The Rise of International Cooperation in High Energy Physics." Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, June 1970.
  • Box-folder 5-35
    Robert E. Marshak, "Scientific Impact of the First Decade of the 'Rochester' Conferences." A paper given by Marshak at a symposium on "Particle Physics in the 1950s: Pions to Quarks." Fermilab, 1985 Conference Proceedings, edited by L. Brown and L. Hoddeson.
  • Box-folder 5-36
    Robert E. Marshak, "Contribution of the First Decade of the 'Rochester' Conferences to the restructuring of Particle Physics (1950-1960)." A paper presented by Marshak at a conference on "The Restructuring of the Physical Sciences in Europe and the United States, 1945-60" in Rome during September 1988; to be published in the conference proceedings edited by M. De Maria and M. Grilli.
  • Box-folder 5-37
    Robert E. Marshak, "The Khrushchev Detente and Emerging Internationalism in Particle Physics." Physics Today, January 1990.
  • Box-folder 5-38
    Microfiche copy of the collection.
Box A1
  • Box-folder A1-1
    A-AMD, including:
    • 1. Abashian - misc. correspondence to/from.
    • 2. P.T. Abraham - misc. correspondence to/from.
    • 3. African Mission - correspondence to/from Salam, S. Husain, etc.; also articles.
    • 4. AIA - Accuracy in Academia - articles, newspaper copies; and papers written.
  • Box-folder A1-2
    American Academy of Arts and Sciences - council meetings, correspondence.
  • Box-folder A1-3
    American Academy of Arts and Sciences - budgets, proposed software policy, progress reports.
  • Box-folder A1-4
    American Academy of Arts and Sciences - recommend candidates for election '88, listing of the officers, councilors, and standing committeers.
  • Box-folder A1-5
    American Academy of Arts and Sciences - council meetings, correspondence, etc.
  • Box-folder A1-6
    American Academy of Arts and Sciences - correspondence.
  • Box-folder A1-7
    AAAS agendas for 1983, 1984 meetings; biographical sketches.
  • Box-folder A1-8
    AAAS agendas for 1985, 1986, 1987, etc.
  • Box-folder A1-9
    AAAS committee on scientific freedom and responsibility.
Box A2
  • Box-folder A2-1
    1983-84 Directory of the AAAS Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs.
  • Box-folder A2-2
    Chalk, R. - correspondence and draft papers sent by Rosemary Chalk.
  • Box-folder A2-3
    AAAS Projects and correspondence under this group; AAAS public sector programs - addresses and telephone no. of past and present congressional science and engineering fellows.
  • Box-folder A2-4
    1990 AAAS Symposium - correspondence, articles, presentation cover sheets, etc.
  • Box-folder A1-5
    American Association of Physics Teachers - correspondence from C. L. Andrews, Chairman, William Fidler, etc.
  • Box-folder A1-6
    American Association of Physics Teachers, including:
    • 1. ACLS - correspondence from Georgene B. Lovecky.
    • 2. American Philosophical Society - program for general meeting '84 '87; listing of nominations for membership '84; correspondence Randolph Klein, etc.
  • Box-folder A2-7
    AMF-AS, including:
    • 1. Arms Control Association - correspondence to/from Spurgeon M. Keeny, Jr.; article by Spurgeon Keeny; Arms Control Association Annual Report.
    • 2. Associated Universities - correspondence; reports; booklets on organization and its objectives for '63, '65, '68; etc.
  • Box-folder A2-8
    AT-AZ - correspondence in connection with atomic sciencists, atomic development, etc.
    • Notebook 1: correspondence about high energy group, etc.
  • Box-folder A2-9
    Atomic Energy Commission - correspondence from and to various people concerning the Atomic Energy Commission.
Box B1
  • Box-folder B1-1
    B-BES, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: John Bailey and Robert Bacher.
    • 2. Baldo-Ceolin (correspondence).
    • 3. Bethe-correspondence to/from.
    • 4. Talks at VPI-mailing lists, letters, reports.
  • Box-folder B1-2
    BF-BK, including:
    • 1. BITNET-correspondence concerning BITNET (IBM communication network).
  • Box-folder B1-3
    Blacksburg Workshop '79 "Weak Interactions," including:
    • 1. Participants lists, correspondence, and booklet (banquet menu).
  • Box-folder B1-4
    Workshop, including: (1980).
    • 1. Letters and comments on the workshop.
    • 2. Workshop budget.
    • 3. 1982 workshop.
  • Box-folder B1-5
    Bills, Expenditures, Purchases, etc.
  • Box-folder B1-6
    Blacksburg Workshop, including: (1983).
    • 1. Mailing list, schedules, descriptions of the workshop, confirmation of reservations, etc.
  • Box-folder B1-7
    Bohr Symposium II, including:
    • 1. The Niel Bohr Symposium, reports, articles, letters of intent for support, etc.
  • Box-folder B1-8
    BLAH-BQ, including:
    • 1. Various correspondence to/from: Stephen Blaha, Gertrude Blanche, etc.
    • 2. Bonn Conference: registration forms, name lists of participants, etc.
    • 3. Book (with Sudarshan)-Marshak wrote book with Sudarshan. Includes: book review, correspondence, list of names to send book to.
    • 4. Book gifts-correspondence, donating of books, etc.
    • 5. Book orders, bills, catalogue, etc.
  • Box-folder B1-9
    BR-BRD, including:
    • 1. Various correspondence from: John Brademas, Hugh Bradner, etc.
    • 2. Branco, G.-correspondence to/from Gustavo C. Branco.
    • 3. Brazil-request, reports, articles.
  • Box-folder B1-10
    BRE-BZ, including:
    • 1. Various correspondence-Gregory Breit, D. A. Bromley.
    • 2. Brookhaven Lab-correspondence.
    • 3. Bulletin of Atomic Scientist.
Box B2
  • Box-folder B2-1
    CUSPEA (China-U.S. Physics Examination and Application Program) Record Booklet.
  • Box-folder B2-2
    1982 CUSPEA-Correspondence and Lists.
  • Box-folder B2-3
    1983 CUSPEA-Correspondence and Lists.
  • Box-folder B2-4
    1984 CUSPEA-Correspondence and Lists.
  • Box-folder B2-5
    1985 CUSPEA Record Booklet.
  • Box-folder B2-6
    1986 CUSPEA Record Booklet.
  • Box-folder B2-7
    1987 CUSPEA Record Booklet.
  • Box-folder B2-8
    C-CA, including:
    • 1. Letters to/from: Robert Cahn; Curriculum Vitae by John Cairns, etc.
    • 2. Carnegie Institute of Technology-awards, letters, and articles.
    • 3. Calling cards-business cards.
    • 4. Carlisle, Fred-correspondence.
  • Box-folder B2-9
    CB-CHI, including:
    • 1. CEBAF (Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Faculty).
    • 2. Cern-correspondence.
    • 3. Chang, L. N.-correspondence.
  • Box-folder B2-10
    China Committee, including:
    • 1. Correspondence, reports, etc.
  • Box-folder B2-11
    CHJ-COLLINS, including:
    • 1. Choices and Challenges (pamphlets, etc.).
    • 2. Chou, Kuang-Chao (Publications list, correspondence to/from).
    • 3. City College (letter and program).
    • 4. City University (Poster).
    • 5. Correspondence to/from: Edward Clancy, Kenneth Clark, etc.
  • Box-folder B2-12
    CHINA, including:
    • 1. Reports from China, pamphlets, etc.
    • 2. China Trip Report '81 (reports and correspondence).
  • Box-folder B2-13
    COLM-COMN, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from the Columbia Broadcast Center; Joseph Comfort, etc.
  • Box-folder B2-14
    Committee of Concerned Scientists, including:
    • 1. New letters and reports.
  • Box-folder B2-15
    Committee of Urban Program Universities (CUPU), including:
    • 1. Correspondence and reports.
  • Box-folder B2-16
    Committee on National Educational Policies in Science and Engineering-A Report.
Box C1
  • Box-folder C1-1
    Coral Gables-correspondence concerning the Coral Gables conferences.
  • Box-folder C1-2
    International Conference on Theoretical Physics, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan, September '53-correspondence.
  • Box-folder C1-3
    Symposium on Basic Research '59-correspondence.
  • Box-folder C1-4
    Tata Summer School '60-'61. Correspondence from Bhabha, etc.; book on the inauguration of new buildings at Tata.
  • Box-folder C1-5
    Japanese conference-correspondence to/from: N. Fukuda, Hideki Yukawa, etc.
  • Box-folder C1-6
    Misc. correspondence-to/from/about: 4th annual workshop on Novae; R. F. Sawyer, etc. (1980).
  • Box-folder C1-7
    1981-Papers on conferences and symposiums.
  • Box-folder C1-8
    TWOGU-correspondence about the Third Workshop on Grand Unification.
  • Box-folder C1-9
    1982-Symposiums, correspondence from Wick Haxton, Andre Bertholet, etc.
  • Box-folder C1-10
    FWOGU-Fourth Workshop on Grand Unification-participants list and registration form.
  • Box-folder C1-11
    DPF Meeting in Sante Fe.
  • Box-folder C1-12
    Wingspread-seminar schedule.
  • Box-folder C1-13
    Santa Fe Meeting-Rio Grande Institute: schedules for workshops.
  • Box-folder C1-14
    1985-correspondence to/from Stefan Pokerski, Grzegor Bialkowski, etc.
  • Box-folder C1-15
    Japan '85-papers written by Marshak, forms from international travel requests, etc.
  • Box-folder C1-16
    June 1985 Meeting-scientific notes, correspondence from Janet Manning, etc.
  • Box-folder C1-17
    Notes on 1985 conference.
  • Box-folder C1-18
    Fermilab, May 1985-programs, correspondence, etc.
  • Box-folder C1-19
    1986 Meeting.
  • Box-folder C1-20
    Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics (13th) 1986.
  • Box-folder C1-21
    Conferences, including:
    • 1. 1987: Meetings, Symposiuim on Conversation Law in Physics.
    • 2. Landau Symposium in Copenhagen.
    • 3. Hamburg Conference of 1987-listing of participants, and scientific notes.
    • 4. 1987-schedule for tentative workshop.
    • 5. Summer 1987, Bristol: notes and papers concering trips to United Kingdom, London, etc.
    • 6. 1988-miscellaneous correspondence to/from: I. M. Khalatnikov, Frank Kockling, etc.
    • 7. Rome Conference-notes, correspondence, etc.
    • 8. Triest Conference 1989-general info about it.
    • 9. 1989-correspondence, etc.
    • 10. 1990-correspondence, etc.
    • 11. Okubo Spymposium 1990.
    • 12. Sakita '90-symposium in honor of Bunji Sakita's 60th birthday.
    • 13. Singapore-a meeting of the organizing committee.
    • 14. 1991-workshop on Electoweak Symmetry Breaking.
    • 15. Sudashan Workshop-scientific notes.
    • 16. 1992-correspondence to/from: Gaetano Scarpetta, Lillian Hoddeson, etc.
    • 17. 1993-correspondence concerning the Fifth International Symposium on "Neutrino Telescopes."
  • Box-folder C1-22
    CONG-COV, including:
    • 1. Contracts and grants-correspondence about the subject.
    • 2. Council of Graduate Schools in the U.S.
    • 3. Council of Scientific Society Presidents.
    • 4. Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Box-folder C1-23
    COW-CZ, including:
    • 1. CSSS-Center for the Study of Science in Society-correspondence from Arthur Donovan, etc.
    • 2. Cunningham Fellowships-correspondence from David Roselle.
  • Box-folder C1-24
  • Box-folder C1-25
    Manpower-Manpower in the High Energy Physics, lists, correspondence.
  • Box-folder C1-26
    Subpanel on Non-Accelerator Particle Physics-listings; correspondence from J. Sandweiss.
  • Box-folder C1-27
    TACUP (DOE)-Technical Assessment Committee for University Programs-correspondence from Harold K. Ticho.
  • Box-folder C1-28
    Proposal Reviews-correspondence to/from: Robert L. Thews, P. K. Williams, etc.
  • Box-folder C1-29
    CRAY-correspondence concerning the CRAY X-MP machine from William A. Wallenmeyer, etc.
  • Box-folder C1-30
    RD&D-research and development correspondence to/from William Wallenmeyer, Notice ov Energy RD & D Project.
Box C2
  • Box-folder C2-1
    Progress reports on DOE (Department of Energy) under the title Theory of Weak Interactions and Related Topics.
  • Box-folder C2-2
    Department of Energy (DOE)-correspondence dealing with progress reports and proposals.
  • Box-folder C2-3
    1981-correspondence concerining the proposals for and extension of the DOE grant; revised budget, etc.
  • Box-folder C2-4
    1982-correspondence concerning DOE grants, budgets, etc.
  • Box-folder C2-5
    1983-correspondence about the budget, DOE progress, etc.
  • Box-folder C2-6
    Report-report on DOE, High Enery Physics.
  • Box-folder C2-7
    1984-DOE Proposals, etc.
  • Box-folder C2-8
    1985-Research proposals.
  • Box-folder C2-9
    1986-Correspondence concerning research proposals.
  • Box-folder C2-10
    1987-Correspondence concerning DOE proposals.
  • Box-folder C2-11
    DEQ-DN, including:
    • 1. Development of Elementary Particle Physics-correspondence.
    • 2. DeWind Committee.
    • 3. Division of Particles and Fields (meeting).
  • Box-folder C2-12
    DIRAC Price-correspondence.
  • Box-folder C2-13
    DO-DQ, including:
    • 1. Donovan, A.-correspondence to/from.
    • 2. Doswald, H.-correspondence to/from.
  • Box-folder C2-14
  • Box-folder C2-15
    E-EO, including:
    • 1. Energy-Suggestions for a Phase-II National Energy Policy (1977), by William M. Brown and Herman Kahn.
    • 2. Enrico Fermi Award-correspondence concerning nominations.
    • 3. EPS-European Physical society-copies of paid membership checks.
  • Box-folder C2-16
    EPSCOR-Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.
  • Box-folder C2-17
    EQ-EZ-Eric Conferernce '79: bulletin, scientific notes.
  • Box-folder C2-18
    F.O.R.G.E.-correspondence concerning FORGE grants.
  • Box-folder C2-19
    F-FEDERATION-miscellaneous correspondence to/from Wolt Fabrycky, Clifton T. McLoed, etc.
Box D1
  • Box-folder D1-1
    FEE-FERMI, including:
    • 1. Miscellaneous correspondence from Feinberg, B. Feld, D. Feldman, etc.
    • 2. Fellowships-letters to tehe University of North Carolina, University of Michigan, etc.
    • 3. Miscellaneous correspondence form Farinholt, Feshback, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-2
    Fermilab (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory), including:
    • 1. Newsletters, correspondence, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-3
    FES-FQ, including:
    • 1. Feynman-correspondence from R. P. Feynman.
    • 2. Miscellaneous correspondence to/from: H. Feshbach, S. Feuer, etc.
    • 3. Finn, D.-correspondence to/from David Finn.
    • 4. Miscellaneous correspondence to/from Fiorini, Fitzgerald, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-4
    FR-FZ, including:
    • 1. Florida State University-correspondence from Vasken Hagopin.
    • 2. Correspondence to/from V. Fraenckel, W. Fretter, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-5
    G-GH, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: J. Gammel, W. Gannett, etc.
    • 2. Geng-Dr. Chaoqiang Geng's correspondence, curriculum vitae, applications, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-6
    GI-GN, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to Alexander Giacco.
    • 2. Correspondence to/from R. Gibbs, T. Gilmer, etc.
    • 3. Glasgow Conference-program, correspondence, etc.
    • 4. Correspondence to/from: R. Glass, S. Glashow, etc.
    • 5. Correspondence to/from Nathan Glazer.
    • 6. Correspondence to/from Stephen Globus.
  • Box-folder D1-7
    GO-GUF, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from V. Goldanskii, M. Goldberg, etc.
    • 2. Gorbachev-Report on the Council Delegation Visit to the U.S.S.R.
    • 3. Correspondence to/from W. Gordon, I. Greenberg, etc.
    • 4. Correspondence to/from: F. Gonnenwein, Grenoble, etc.
    • 5. Correspondnece to V. Gribov.
    • 6. Correspondence to/from T. Griffith, F. Gross, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-8
    Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, including:
    • 1. Fellowships, Fellowship programs 1981-1983, reports for 1979.
  • Box-folder D1-9
    GUH-GZ, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: D. Guinier, P. Gulmanelli, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-10
    H-HD, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: W. Hass, H. Halban, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-10
    Heineman Prize, including:
    • 1. Correspondence about the prize.
  • Box-folder D1-10
    HEPAP, including:
    • 1. High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP)-summer study and research programs.
  • Box-folder D1-10
    HE-HON, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: C. Hebel, W. Helmreich, etc.
    • 2. Honor Program-VA Tech's University Honors Program.
    • 3. Honor System-VA Tech's Honor System-plagiarism, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-10
    HOO-HUL, including:
    • 1. The Physical Society correspondence.
    • 2. Hotels-reservation, cancellation, and receipt.
    • 3. Correspondence to/from: C. Houska, J. Howard, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-10
    Human Rights, including:
    • 1. Correspondence, pending cases, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-10
    HUM-HZ, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Hubert Humphret, Henry Hurwitz, R. Huntoon, etc.
  • Box-folder D1-10
    ICSU, including:
    • 1. International Council of the Scientific Unions Program (ICSU). Advisory Committee for ICSU Propsal.
Box D2
  • Box-folder D2-1
    IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics)-notebook of info.; news bulletins; minutes from meetings; articles; reports; correspondence.
  • Box-folder D2-2
    IUPAP-nominations for commission; info regarding the 17th General Assembly; correspondence; statutes; general report of '82; tentative agenda for the Meeting of the U.S. Liaison Committee for IUPAP.
  • Box-folder D2-3
    I-INT, including:
    • 1. India-agenda to India; correspondence from L. S. Kothari, etc.
    • 2. IHEP-correspondence from Luke W. Mo; A. Abashian; etc.
    • 3. Institute for Advanced Study-list of visiting professors and long time members; newletters.
    • 4. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)-newsletters.
  • Box-folder D2-4
    Institute of International Education (IIE) book: U.S. College Sponsored Programs Abroad; Annual Report 1978.
  • Box-folder D2-5
    Institute-notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder D2-6
    Scientific Council Meeting-correspondence from John Hall, Paolo Budini, etc.; reports, etc.
  • Box-folder D2-7
    International Atomic Energy Agency 1960-61-correspondence.
  • Box-folder D2-8
    International Centre for Theoretical Physics, including:
    • 1. Trieste Center-correspondence from Marshal Rosenbluth, Luciano Vertocchi, H. R. Dalafi, etc.
  • Box-folder D2-9
    ICTP Council Meeting-correspondence Paolo Budinich, L. Bertocchi; agendas.
  • Box-folder D2-10
    INU-IZ-correspondence from Irving S. Norry, J. F. Detoeuf, D. Invanenko.
  • Box-folder D2-11
    J-JA-scientific notes; correspondence to/from: Dr. M. Jacob, Boris A. Jacobson, etc., including:
    • 1. Japan-schedules, correspondence from Yoshio Fujioka, paper/article about Information on Tokyo for U.S. Delegation.
  • Box-folder D2-12
    JB-JZ-correspondence from Zhang Jianzi, M. H. Johnson, etc.
  • Box-folder D2-13
    K-KEK-correspondence to/from: P. K. Kabir, Malu wa Kalenga, Calvin Kalmon, etc.
  • Box-folder D2-14
    KEL-KN-Charles A. Keller, Armand W. Kelly, etc.
Box E1
  • Box-folder E1-1
    KO-KZ-correspondence to/from: Kobayashi, Julius Ashkin, Mayor Edward Koch, etc.
  • Box-folder E1-2
    L-LD-correspondence to/from: Parker Ladd, Lansing Lamot, etc.; curriculum vitae for Paul G. Langacker, etc.
  • Box-folder E1-3
    Lee, C. Y.-Correspondence and scientific paper from Ching-Yieh Lee.
  • Box-folder E1-4
    LE-LEVICH-correspondence to/from: T. D. Lee, Edward Levi, etc.; cirriculum vitae for Evgeny Levich.
  • Box-folder E1-5
    LEVIENS-LH-Levien, Raphael: correspondence concering what to do about an eleven year old boy taking senior courses at Virginia Tech, 1981-1984.
  • Box-folder E1-6
    LI-LIO-correspondence to/from: Y. Liang.
  • Box-folder E1-7
    LIP-LOS-correspondence to/from: H. J. Lipkin, Seth Lipsky, etc.
  • Box-folder E1-8
    Los Alamos Reunion;-listing of invited guests; newspapers.
  • Box-folder E1-9
    LOT-LZ-correspondence to/from: Elmer Louis, Arnold N. Loawn, Gungru Lu, etc.
  • Box-folder E1-10
    M-MAR-correspondence from: Zhong-Qi Ma, Frank J. Macchiarola, Richard Medey. etc.
  • Box-folder E1-11
    Maryland APS Meeting-paper by different speakers; scientific notes.
  • Box-folder E1-12
    MAS-MD-correspondence to/from: McGraw Hill Book Company, Inc
  • Box-folder E1-13
    Mexican Symposium-correspondence.
  • Box-folder E1-14
    Mehra visit 1988-correspondence.
  • Box-folder E1-15
  • Box-folder E1-16
    ME-fax; paper, correspondence, etc.
  • Box-folder E1-17
    Miniconference-program, agenda.
Box E2
  • Box-folder E2-1
    Proposal for American Participation in Phase II of the Neutron Oscillation Experiment at Ill, Grenoble, reports.
  • Box-folder E2-2
    Luke W. Mo-recommended for the Panofsky Prize, works written by Mo, etc.
  • Box-folder E2-3
    MOA-MZ-correspondence to/from: John W. Moffat, R. N. Mohapatra, Michael J. Moravcsik, etc.
  • Box-folder E2-4
    National Academy of Engineering-pamphlet for nomiations.
  • Box-folder E2-5
    N-National-correspondence to/from: Nasser Nafari, M. el Nadi, etc.
  • Box-folder E2-6
    National Research Council of Canada-correspondence concerning the NRCC to/from M.H. Trytten, etc.
  • Box-folder E2-7
    Correspondence concerning proposals for nomination to/from Philip Handler, etc.
  • Box-folder E2-8
    National Academy of Scienes (NAS), including:
    • 1. Correspondence from Hans Frauenfelder.
    • 2. High Technology Meeting-report: International Relations in a Technologically Advanced Future by Richard N. Cooper and Ann L. Hollick.
    • 3. Committee on Human Rights (NAS)-correspondence to/from: Lipman Bers, etc.
    • 4. Correspondence on NAS activities.
  • Box-folder E2-9
    NAS-China-correspondence on Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China (1985); eight chapter drafting of Scope of Exchange Study.
  • Box-folder E2-10
    NAS-Foreign Associates (1981)-correspondence to/from: H. H. Barschall, Robert G. Sachs, etc.
  • Box-folder E2-11
    NAS-Proposal for nominations for foreign associates-biographical information.
  • Box-folder E2-12
    NAS-Votes for 1982-proposals for nominations, biographical information, etc.
  • Box-folder E2-13
    NAS-1984 nominating letters.
  • Box-folder E2-14
    NAS-Foreign Associates-proposals for nominatino of foreign associates membership.
  • Box-folder E2-15
    1986-NAS proposals for nomination of membership.
  • Box-folder E2-16
    1988-NAS Panel for Foreign Associates.
  • Box-folder E2-17
    1988-NAS nominations for foreign associates.
  • Box-folder E2-18
    1989-NAS nominations for foreign associates.
  • Box-folder E2-19
    1990-NAS correspondence to solicit foreign associates.
  • Box-folder E2-20
    1991-NAS nomination for foreign associates.
  • Box-folder E2-21
    1992-NAS soliciting nominations for foreign associates.
  • Box-folder E2-22
    NAS Human Resource-various NAS documents/reports/reviews of national educational policies in science and engineering.
  • Box-folder E2-23
    NAS meeting-pre-registration forms.
Box F1
  • Box-folder F1-1
    NAS Members-proposals for nominations; a 1985 and 1987 book on election of members; papers on the selection of the screening panel.
  • Box-folder F1-2
    NAS Nominations-proposals for nominations; correspondence concerning nominations.
  • Box-folder F1-3
    NAS Panels-correspondence from Steve Adler, including:
    • 1. 1986 Panel-correspondence.
    • 2. 1987-correspondence concerning candidates.
    • 3. 1988-correspondence concerning candidates.
    • 4. 1989-correspondence.
    • 5. 1990-proposals for members.
    • 6. 1991-informal ballot.
    • 7. 1992-correspondence.
  • Box-folder F1-4
    NAS Proceedings Office.
  • Box-folder F1-5
    National Research Council, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Melvin Thompson, etc.
  • Box-folder F1-6
    NAS 1983 Workshop-agenda; notes; list of invited participants; essays/reports.
  • Box-folder F1-7
    National Accelerator Laboratory-correspondence to/from: E. Goldwasser, etc.
  • Box-folder F1-8
    National Association-National Institution, including:
    • 1. Minutes of NAM Committee on Research.
    • 2. National Humanities Center-list of names; brochures; booklet.
  • Box-folder F1-9
    National Science Board-correspondence concerning the names for the nominations.
  • Box-folder F1-10
    Correspondence concerning the proposal for the Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction from Harold S. Zapolsky, etc.
  • Box-folder F1-11
    Correspondence concerning the National Science Foundation.
Box F2
  • Box-folder F2-1
    National Science Foundation (NSF).
  • Box-folder F2-2
    NB-NH, including:
    • 1. Letters to the New York Times,
    • 2. Newsletters from Research Division, memorandum, humanities, etc.
  • Box-folder F2-3
    New York Academy of Science-pamphlet.
  • Box-folder F2-4
    NIG-NIGD-correspondence to/from: Rodney W. Nichols, etc.
  • Box-folder F2-5
    Nigeria-correspondence from Moyibi Amoda; meeting of the Nigera-United States Workshop on Technological Development in Nigeria.
  • Box-folder F2-6
    NIH-NZ, including:
    • 1. Nishijima Festschrift-correspondence from Akira Ukawa; paper prepared for Festschrift in honor of Kazuhiko Nishijima.
    • 2. Nobel Prize-names of winners for 1977 in the press release from the Royal Swedish Academy of Science; booklet from 1900-Nobelstiftelse, The Nobel Foundation, Code of Statutes given; listing of winners fron 1980 in physics, chemistry, economt; 1981 for physics, sconomy, chemistry; 1979 in economy and physics.
    • 3. University of North Carolina Evaluation Committee.
    • 4. Nuclear Forces and the Few-Nucleon Problem (conference).
    • 5. Nucleonics-scientific notes, etc.
  • Box-folder F2-7
    ON-OP, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from Yuko Okamoto.
    • 2. Scientific notes and correspondence; booklet entitled "Supplement of the Progress of Theoretical Physics"; correspondence from S. Okubo.
  • Box-folder F2-8
    Orbis Scientiae, including:
    • 1. 1980 correspondence from Arnold Perlmutter; list of participants; papers from 1980 talks.
    • 2. 1981 list of participants; brochure.
  • Box-folder F2-9
    Oppenheimer 1982-Marshak receives the J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Prize. Letters to/from: Robert Oppenheimer.
  • Box-folder F2-10
    OR-OZ, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from/about Peter Orland.
  • Box-folder F2-11
    P1071-Physics 1071 (1979). Notes, grades, syllabus, and evaluations.
  • Box-folder F2-12
    P-PAR, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: M. K. Parida; biography; list of publications; paper.
  • Box-folder F2-13
    Particle Physics Group-agendas and memos.
  • Box-folder F2-14
    Particle Physics Report-Physics in the 80's Elementary Particle Physics. Report of the Elementary Particle Physics Panel...1984.
  • Box-folder F2-15
    PAS-PHW, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: J. Pasupathy.
  • Box-folder F2-16
    Phi Beta Kappa Scholar-correspondence concerning contributions, information inviting visiting scholars, etc.
Box G1
  • Box-folder G1-1
    Correspondence about manuscripts and copryrights to/from D. L. Norstrom, Stanley Brown, etc.; scientific papers.
  • Box-folder G1-2
    Copyright forms.
  • Box-folder G1-3
    PHY-PHZ-Physics Today: letters to/from the editor, Gloria Lubkin; articles; American Institute of Physics History Newsletter, May 1989; etc.
  • Box-folder G1-4
    PHY-PHZ-Faculty Meetings-memos, etc.
  • Box-folder G1-5
    PHY-PHZ-General: Physics department reports; data.
  • Box-folder G1-6
    PHY-PHZ-Graduate Committee: questionaire for graduate program; planning for graduate courese; orientation agenda; etc.
  • Box-folder G1-7
    PHY-PHZ-Promotions and Tenure: dossiers in tenure and promotion cases and dossier preparation, etc.
  • Box-folder G1-8
    PHY-PHZ-Review: Report on Assessment of the Physics Department from the Physics Review Committee.
  • Box-folder G1-9
    PHY-PHZ-Astrophysics Group Long Range Planning Report.
  • Box-folder G1-10
    PHY-PHZ-Physics Department Head search: correspondence, etc.
  • Box-folder G1-11
    PHY-PHZ-News: VPI&SU Physics Department News; Annual report for '89-'90.
  • Box-folder G1-12
    PHY-PHZ-Physics Department: report on the plans and strategies for the "longer term," '87.
  • Box-folder G1-13
    PI-POQ-Pisa Conference: Italian Physical Society for the International Conference, 1955-agenda, correspondence.
  • Box-folder G1-14
    POS-PRE-Portugese Agreement; correspondence from: J. M. Araujo, Robert Dyck, etc.
  • Box-folder G1-15
    POS-PRE-Articles published by Pramana.
  • Box-folder G1-16
    POS-PRE-President's House: concerning charge number for certain extension.
  • Box-folder G1-17
    POS-PRE-Presidential Symposium: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming.
  • Box-folder G1-18
    Pugwash Conference-Pugwash Newsletter, 1982-1987; correspondence from William Swartz.
  • Box-folder G1-19
    PRES-PZ, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from Henry Primakoff.
    • 2. Provost-VPI-handwritten notes.
  • Box-folder G1-20
    R-REP, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from/about I. I. Rabi; schedule for symposium honoring Rabi.
  • Box-folder G1-21
    Paper about Frank Quinn's career; correspondence to/from: Roger A. Teekell, Bernard E. La Berge, etc.
  • Box-folder G1-22
    Reports: Education: Education Americans for the 21st Century.
  • Box-folder G1-23
    Research Cooperation correspondence; research project approval; etc.
  • Box-folder G1-24
    REQ-ROL-correspondence to/from: R. Revelle.
  • Box-folder G1-25
    REQ-ROL-Richmond correspondence; report on a conference: The Place of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 1984.
  • Box-folder G1-26
    REQ-ROL-Correspondence to/from/about Thomas Rizzo.
  • Box-folder G1-27
    REQ-ROL-Correspondence to/from: Arthur Roberts.
  • Box-folder G1-28
    REQ-ROL-Correspondence to/from: Don Robson.
  • Box-folder G1-29
    REQ-ROL-Rochester Conference: correspondence to/from: J. McComas; listing sent to P. Gaslion from 1954-1959.
  • Box-folder G1-30
    ROM-RT, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: L. D. Roper.
    • 2. Correspondence to/from: D. Roselle.
Box G2
  • Box-folder G2-1
    RU-RZ, including:
    • 1. Russia 1989: correspondence concerning cancellation of Marshak's visit.
    • 2. Russia: concerning budget cuts and denial for a visiting USSR professor.
  • Box-folder G2-2
    Society of Physics Students (SPS): memo, newsletter.
  • Box-folder G2-3
    Science Research Associates (SRA): correspondence from Richard Giesne, R. D. Bovenschulte, etc.
  • Box-folder G2-4
    SSC [Senate Subcommitte?]: correspondence from Paul Trible, Frederick Boucher, etc.
  • Box-folder G2-5
    Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA): correspondence from W. E. Lavery, etc.
  • Box-folder G2-6
    S-SAK, including:
    • 1. Telegrams and correspondence from R. G. Sachs.
    • 2. SAHEP membership list.
  • Box-folder G2-7
    Correspondence to/from: Salam.
  • Box-folder G2-8
    SAL-SCHL-Correspondence to/from: Winfield W. Salisbury, Edwin E. Salpeter, etc.
  • Box-folder G2-9
    SCHM-SCIENCE-Correspondence to/from Carl E. Schorske.
  • Box-folder G2-10
    Nomination of S. I. Schwartz to Who's Who, and American Men & Women of Science; correspondence.
  • Box-folder G2-11
    Science, Technology, and Human Values: draft agenda for Task Force on Science Policy.
  • Box-folder G2-12
    Scientists' Institute for Public Information-correspondence to/from: Alan McGowan, Fred Jerome, etc.
  • Box-folder G2-13
    Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (SALT), including:
    • 1. Nature of the four fermion interactions: notes, etc.
  • Box-folder G2-14
    UNESCO paper clippings.
Box H1
  • Box-folder H1-1
    SCIENTIFIC-SHA, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from Carl Shakin, Gino Sengre, etc.
    • 2. Correspondence to/from/about G. Senjanovic.
  • Box-folder H1-2
    SDI, including:
    • 1. Newspaper clippings, articles, and reports.
  • Box-folder H1-3
    Applications, resumes, and papers for jobs at Virginia Tech in research, associate professor, and assistant professor.
  • Box-folder H1-4
    Search Committee, including:
    • 1. Suggested applicants.
    • 2. Search committe for a theoritical particle physicist.
  • Box-folder H1-5
    Seattle Center, including:
    • 1. Concerning the National Theoretical Nuclear Physics Institute.
  • Box-folder H1-6
    Senior Seminar, including:
    • 1. Emerging syntheses in modern science.
    • 2. Santa Fe Institute newsletters, etc.
    • 3. Proposal by Joseph Pitt about emerging synthesis project.
  • Box-folder H1-7
    SHB-SIK, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Takeshi Shirafuji, Harold Shimberg, etc.
    • 2. Sigma Xi.
    • 3. Sigma Xi Centennial.
  • Box-folder H1-8
    SIL-SL, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Paula Silberstein, Albert Simon, etc.
    • 2. Correspondence to/from: Paul Slattery.
  • Box-folder H1-9
    Sloan Foundation, including:
    • 1. Reports, letters, and suggestions.
    • 2. Lists and letters concerning the Sloan Research Fellows for '68-'69.
    • 3. Sloan program committee.
    • 4. Nominations and eliminations.
    • 5. Meeting of the program committee.
    • 6. The role of the Sloan Foundation.
    • 7, Information and correspondence concerning the foundation.
  • Box-folder H1-10
    Sloan Foundation, including:
    • 1. Letters, name lists, and reports.
  • Box-folder H1-11
    Sloan Foundation-1970, including:
    • 1. Correspondence, reports, nominations, etc.
Box H2
  • Box-folder H2-1
    Sloan Foundation, including:
    • 1. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Reports for 1979, 1980, 1981; invites to attend dinners, etc.
  • Box-folder H2-2
    SM-SP, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Lloyd P. Smith, Ralph Carlisle Smith, etc.
  • Box-folder H2-3
    Soviet, including:
    • 1. Reports, newsletters, and correspondence from Yori Orlov, concerning the Soviet.
  • Box-folder H2-4
    Correspondence to/from Gary Staebler.
  • Box-folder H2-5
    STEG-ST, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: J. Steinberger, Florence Stern, etc.
  • Box-folder H2-6
    SU-SUZ, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: E. C. G. Sudarshan.
  • Box-folder H2-7
    T-TEC, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: H. Takebe, Igor Tamm (Moscow), etc.
  • Box-folder H2-8
    Technology and Foreign Affairs, including:
    • 1. Symposium on Technology Frontiers and Foreign Relations: program, agenda; listing of attendees; correspondence.
  • Box-folder H2-9
    TELEX Forms, including:
    • 1. Western Union telex forms.
  • Box-folder H2-10
    TEL-TN, including:
    • 1. Correspondence concerning Tiomno Festschrift paper.
    • 2. Correspondence and reports to/from Jayme Tiomno.
  • Box-folder H2-11
    Correspondence to/from: Y. Tolsa.
  • Box-folder H2-12
    Italy '85, including:
    • 1. Approval for travel papers, reimbursement papers.
  • Box-folder H2-13
    Third World Academy of Science, including:
    • 1. Correspondence concerning International Workshop to Assess the Coverage of the Scientific Output of the Third World.
  • Box-folder H2-14
    TWAS Prize: awards awarded each year; meeting of committees; etc.
  • Box-folder H2-15
    TO-TROV, including:
    • 1. TRIUMF program; correspondence concerning the Theory Group at TRIUMF.
  • Box-folder H2-16
    Trieste, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from those unable to attend Trieste Symposium.
    • 2. List of participants attending.
    • 3. Correspondence with Abdus Salam.
  • Box-folder H2-17
    Trieste, including:
    • 1. Participants.
    • 2. Notes, correspondence, and reports.
    • 3. Trieste Center-notes and papers.
    • 4. Correspondence concerning the International Center for Applied Physics (ICAP).
Box I1
  • Box-folder I1-1
    Trower, P., including:
    • 1. VPI&SU proposal internal approval; proposal to the NSF by W. Peter Trower; correspondence from P. Trower.
  • Box-folder I1-2
    TROW-TZ, including:
    • 1. CV of Hsiung Chia Tze.
  • Box-folder I1-3
    U, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: B. M. Udgaonkar, B. A. Uhlendorf; scienctific notes from G. Uhlenbeck.
  • Box-folder I1-4
    United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), including:
    • 1. Scientific notes, agendas, summary of minutes for the 33rd meeting (1969).
  • Box-folder I1-5
    UNESCO, including:
    • 1. Transcript of proceedings for the 71st executive committee meeting of the U. S. National Commission of UNESCO (1973).
    • 2. Correspondence from John E. Upston, etc.
  • Box-folder I1-6
    UNESCO, including:
    • 1. Newspaper articles (copies); correspondence from Sigvard Eklund; reports and papers by Abdus Salam, etc.
    • 2. Correspondence to Shibli from Abdus Salam; correspondence from people in separated countries (i.e. Brazil, China, etc.).
  • Box-folder I1-7
    Union of Concerned Scientists, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from George Kistiakowsky, etc.
  • Box-folder I1-8
    University Distinguished Professor, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from John D. Wilson, Walk Fabrycky; listing of distinguished professors.
    • 2. President search: Correspondence from Paul Zeifel and Frank Quinn.
  • Box-folder I1-9
    Lunar Science Institute, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from H. M. Van Horn, Robert L. Sproull, etc.
  • Box-folder I1-10
    Universities Research Association, Inc. (URA) Charter: Bylaws as of July 1, 1968.
  • Box-folder I1-11
    URA, including:
    • 1. Notes; correspondence from James C. Matheson, Luke W. Mo; listing of the members of the insitution.
  • Box-folder I1-12
    V, including:
    • 1. Visitors-Correspondence concerning visits and invites from Zhao Zhi-yong, T. E. Gilmer, Jr., etc.
    • 2. Visitors-People interested in visiting VPI.
  • Box-folder I1-13
    VPI&SU, including:
    • 1. 1983 Faculty Handbook; newsletter; interim report; procedural guidelines; policies and procedures from grad school, 1987-88.
    • 2. Correspondence/Memorandums to/from: George Crofts, etc.
  • Box-folder I1-14
    VPI Development, including:
    • 1. VPI Panel Discussion-correpondence concerning the 1984 Fall Administrator Conference.
    • 2. Research opportunities.
  • Box-folder I1-15
    VPI, including:
    • 1. Correspondence fom Donald Nurse concerning program for gifted high school students, a VPI school of science.
Box I2
  • Box-folder I2-1
    Von Humboldt-Stifling Award, including:
    • 1. Awards for Senior U. S. Scientist.
  • Box-folder I2-2
    W-WAS, including:
    • 1. Letters to/from: James Wadsworth, Ivar Waller, etc.
    • 2. Letters to/from/about: Ping Wang.
  • Box-folder I2-3
    Washington Hotels, including:
    • 1. Brief list of hotels in D. C.
  • Box-folder I2-4
    Washington Reporters' Seminar.
  • Box-folder I2-5
    WAT-WE, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Steven Weinberg, Charles Weiss, Jr., etc.
    • 2. Letters to/from Victor Weisskopf.
    • 3. Weisskopf visits.
  • Box-folder I2-6
    Weapons in Space (Panel Discussion).
  • Box-folder I2-7
    WF-WILE, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: John Wheeler, Milton White, etc.
  • Box-folder I2-8
    WILF-WILSON, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: David Wilkinson, Franklin Williams, etc.
    • 2. Correspondence from John Wilson.
  • Box-folder I2-9
    Correspondence to/from Richard Wilson.
  • Box-folder I2-10
    Wilson, Robert R., including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from R. R. Wilson.
    • 2. Proposal for a 10 gev electron synchtron at Cornell.
  • Box-folder I2-11
    Correspondence concerning the World University.
  • Box-folder I2-12
    WIM-WZ, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from Lincoln Wolfenstein, A. Wishart, etc.
    • 2. Wood hole (VHEA).
  • Box-folder I2-13
    X, including:
    • 1. Corerspondence from Xerox Corp, Dong Fang Xiau, etc.
  • Box-folder I2-14
    Y, including:
    • 1. Correspondence from Fujia Yang, Herbert York, etc.
  • Box-folder I2-15
    Z, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Walter Zablocke, Zhao Zhi-yong.
    • 2. Correspondnece to/from/about P. E. Zweifel.
Box J1
  • Box-folder J1-1
    AAP (American Institute of Science), including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Gloria B. Lubkin, Norman F. Ramsey, Spencer Wert, etc.
    • 2. Center for History of Physics Archives: correspondence to/from John N. Warnow.
    • 3. Weiner Interview: correspondence with Spencer R. Wert, Charles Weiner interview of Marshak.
    • 4. Niels Bohr Library/American Institute of Physics Newsletter.
  • Box-folder J1-2
    American Institute of Physics (AIP), including:
    • 1. Correspondence from Joan Warnow, Charles Weiner, etc.
    • 2. American Institute of Physics Annual Report 1966.
  • Box-folder J1-3
    Miscellaneous correspondence, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from Michael J. Moravcsik, Michel Baranger, etc.
    • 2. Article by S. L. Quimby on the future organization of the American Physical Society.
  • Box-folder J1-4
    APS, including: 1968.
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Shelley M. Mark, R. C. Desai, etc.
    • 2. Participants of the World Meeting.
  • Box-folder J1-5
    Awards, including:
    • 1. 1985 APKER Award nominees.
    • 2. Correspondence of nominations.
  • Box-folder J1-6
    APS, including:
    • 1. 7 envelopes addressed to the American Physical Society.
    • 2. Correspondence from John C. Crowley, 1982 Council and committees on the American Physical Society.
    • 3. 1982 nominating committee.
  • Box-folder J1-7
    Bickford, L., including:
    • Correspondence from George M. Woodwell.
  • Box-folder J1-8
    APS Brazil, including:
    • Trip report to Brazil 1983.
  • Box-folder J1-9
    Burton, J., including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from Joseph Burton.
    • 2. Letters to/from Sakurai.
  • Box-folder J1-10
    CAP, including:
    • Correspondence from H. D. Keith.
  • Box-folder J1-11
    CESSE-APS, including:
    • Correspondence concerning the need for APS assistance to the National Coalition for Science & Techology; the goals and objectives for the National Coalition, etc.
  • Box-folder J1-12
    APS (Chinese Project), including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: Harry Lusting, Treasurer of the American Physical Society.
    • 2. APS Magazine, May 1992.
    • 3. APS China Program final report, 1983-1991.
Box J2
  • Box-folder J2-1
    APS Committees, including:
    • 1. Correspondence on committee memberships.
    • 2. Correspondence on Committee on Minorities.
    • 3. Correspondence on nominating committees.
    • 4. Announcements of prize winners.
    • 5. Phone list of prize committee members.
    • 6. Correspondence on Salary Committee.
  • Box-folder J2-2
    APS-Committee on International Freedom of Scientists (CIFS), including:
    • Correspondence to/from: Andrew M. Sessler, Pascal Schirato, etc.
  • Box-folder J2-3
    APS-Communication on public education.
  • Box-folder J2-4
    Congressional Fellowship Program, including:
    • Correspondence to/from members.
  • Box-folder J2-5
    Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs (CAIP), including:
    • Correspondence from Joseph Burton.
  • Box-folder J2-6
    Constitutions and bylaws.
  • Box-folder J2-7
    Corson Report, Scientific Freedom, including:
    • 1. Articles.
    • 2. Correspondence to Dale Corson, David A. Wilson.
  • Box-folder J2-8
    CSSP-Concern and Issues of Our Societies talk by Marshak, 1983.
  • Box-folder J2-9
    APS Council Meeting, including: 1983.
    • List of motions and actions during the meeting.
  • Box-folder J2-11
    Miscellaneous Correspondence, including:
    • 1. Correspondence to/from: E. L. Goldwasser, A. Wattenbuerg, Carl M. York.
    • 2. Meeting minutes.
  • Box-folder J2-11
    Division of Particles and Fields (DPF), including:
    • Correspondence and papers concerning the Chicago DPF Meeting, 1970.
  • Box-folder J2-12
    APS Development: Correspondence.
  • Box-folder J2-13
    Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Report, including:
    • AIP news releases; APS press releases; correspondence; articles; APS study.
  • Box-folder J2-14
    DPF Correspondence.
  • Box-folder J2-15
    Correspondence to/from Mildred S. Dresselhaus.
  • Box-folder J2-16
    Copies of APS Email Correspondence.
  • Box-folder J2-17
    APS Executive Committee, including:
    • Listing of 1983 officers; agenda for 1984 meeting, etc.
  • Box-folder J2-18
    APS European Physical Society (EPS), including:
    • Correspondence to/from Jacques Friedel, J. A. Burton, etc.
Box K1
  • Box-folder K1-1
    APS Fellowship Committee/Correspondence re: nominations for the APS.
  • Box-folder K1-2
    Correspondence re: forums on Physics and Society.
  • Box-folder K1-3
    Correspondence to/from W. Havens.
  • Box-folder K1-4
    High School Panel, including:
    • Articles, reports, correspondence dealing with the crisis in Science and Technology education.
  • Box-folder K1-5
    Institute for Theoretical Physics, including:
    • Mailing list for the advisory board; suggested candidates for nomination; etc.
  • Box-folder K1-6
    Bylaws and correspondence from the International Physics Group.
  • Box-folder K1-7
    APS/IUPAP, including:
    • Correspondence fromW. Havens to APS Council concerning the IUPAP 1987 General Assembly.
  • Box-folder K1-8
    Latin America, including:
    • Pan American Symposium on Particles and Technology; AAAS Western Hemisphere Cooperation Project and Intercience Association; tentative proposals.
  • Box-folder K1-9
    Correspondence to/from D. Lazarus, including:
    • Correspondence concerning the Publications Committee.
  • Box-folder K1-10
    Correspondence to/from J. Lebowitz.
  • Box-folder K1-11
    Correspondence concerning various meetings.
  • Box-folder K1-12
    Correspondence concerning the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
  • Box-folder K1-13
    Miscellaneous Correspondence.
  • Box-folder K1-14
    Nuclear Arms Control, including:
    • Weinberger's Address to Virginia Tech on Founder's Day, 1986.
    • Draft of the Science and Technology of Directed Energy Weapons.
  • Box-folder K1-15
    Nuclear Arms Control, including:
    • Correspondence re: study.
  • Box-folder K1-16
    APS Officers/Correspondence from Neal Lane.
  • Box-folder K1-17
    Personal correspondence to/from: J. A. Burton, W. Havens, etc.
  • Box-folder K1-18
    Reports concerning the physics budget.
  • Box-folder K1-19
    Correspondence to/from Jan S. Nilsson, J. A. Burton, etc., re: Physics in Development (PID).
  • Box-folder K1-20
    Correspondence from J. A. Burton re: Baddeck Workshop.
  • Box-folder K1-21
    Correspondence re: Pork Barrel Peer Review.
Box K2
  • Box-folder K2-1
    Correspondence re: APS and the Panel on Public Affairs.
  • Box-folder K2-2
    Correspondence and proposals.
  • Box-folder K2-3
    APS Protests, including:
    • Correspondence to/from/about Piccioni.
  • Box-folder K2-4
    APS Public Relations.
  • Box-folder K2-5
    Articles and papers related to retiring President of the APS.
  • Box-folder K2-6
    Correspondence with Abdus Salam.
  • Box-folder K2-7
    APS Subcommitee on International Scientific Affairs (SISA), including:
    • Correspondence concerning the group and other issues.
  • Box-folder K2-8
    APS Topical Groups, including:
    • Correspondence re; Scientific Freedom (editorial) in Physics Today, Jan. '84.
  • Box-folder K2-9
    APS Seminars, including:
    • Plans for future activities.
  • Box-folder K2-10
    Correspondence of the APS Toll Committee.
  • Box-folder K2-11
    Trieste Conference, including:
    • List of lecturers; approval for travel requests; correspondence.
  • Box-folder K2-12
    Washington Office/APS Office of Public Affairs, including:
    • Reports; correspondence from Robert Part.
Box L1
  • Box-folder L1-1
    A-Correspondence; Notes from meeting with T. Keith Glennan.
  • Box-folder L1-2
    B-Correspondence to/from: Raymond N. Ball, Shirley Brignall, etc.
  • Box-folder L1-3
    C-Correspondence, including:
    • 1. Chairman's reports, papers, etc.
    • 2. Class roster.
  • Box-folder L1-4
    Correspondence; Council meetings.
  • Box-folder L1-5
    College of Arts and Sciences-Meetings and Reports 1969-1970.,
  • Box-folder L1-6
    Computing Center at the University of Rochester, including:
    • Details on services for the month's ending.
  • Box-folder L1-7
    Correspondence on Contracts and Grants.
  • Box-folder L1-8
    Listing of the Library Committee.
  • Box-folder L1-9
    Long Range Planning Committee, including:
    • Proposal for the development of a new class of scanning photometer; projects for 1980.
  • Box-folder L1-10
    Correspondence to Members of the Committee of Name Professors.
  • Box-folder L1-11
    DuBridge Symposium, 1984.
  • Box-folder L1-12
    Correspondence from: J. B. French, S. Okubo, J. Rosen, etc.
Box L2
  • Box-folder L2-1
    • Including correspondence to/from: A. Ecksteing, J. Eden, G. Emch.
  • Box-folder L2-2
    Correspondence to/from Eastman Kodak Company.
  • Box-folder L2-3
    F- Correspondence.
    • Including correspondence to/from: F. Fairbanks, G. Ford.
  • Box-folder L2-4
    Faculty Senate Correspondence.
  • Box-folder L2-5
    • 1. Including correspondence to/from: D. Gilbert, L. Gillman
    • 2. Geology Department.
    • 3. General Electric (GE).
  • Box-folder L2-6
    • Including correspondence to/from: H. Hanson, J. Hoffmeister.
  • Box-folder L2-6
    High Energy Physics Information Exchange (HEPIE).
    • Including correspondence to/from: E. Lofgren, H. Wolfe.
  • Box-folder L2-7
    Honorary Degree Committee.
    • Correspondence concerning nominations for the Honorary Degree recipient from Alfred Harris.
  • Box-folder L2-8
    I-Correspondence (Empty).
  • Box-folder L2-9
    Inter-Unversity Committee on Travel Grants.
    • Including correspondence to/from: W. Wallis, L. Mitchel. Also, Annual Reports for '64-'65 and '62-'63.
  • Box-folder L2-10
    J-Correspondence (Empty).
  • Box-folder L2-11
    • Including correspondence to/from: Morton Kaplon.
  • Box-folder L2-12
    • Including correspondence to/from: Martin Lessen, E. Lofgren, Sol. Linowitz.
  • Box-folder L2-13
    • Including Math Department correspondence to/from: Robert Anderson, J. Kemperman.
    • Including correspondence to/from: D. McLeod, David McBride.
  • Box-folder L2-14
    • Including correspondence to/from: Albert Noyes, B. Nigam, H. Nussenzvief.
    • News releases from 1955-1956.
  • Box-folder L2-15
    National Academy of Sciences (NAS).
    • Including correspondence to/from: Henry Faul, Wallace Atwood, Walter Gleason.
  • Box-folder L2-16
    • Including correspondence to/from: S. Okubo.
  • Box-folder L2-17
    • Including correspondence to/from: S. Potter and Donald Parry.
  • Box-folder L2-18
    • 1. Schedules.
    • 2. Correspondence and report, "A Proposal for Arms Control and Disarmament."
  • Box-folder L2-19
    Dr. Bernard Peters Correspondence.
  • Box-folder L2-20
    HET Group Left Publications.
    • Including publications by: C. Hagen, V. Mathus, Y. Liu.
  • Box-folder L2-21
    Publications Group Left.
    • Names of the publication group.
  • Box-folder L2-22
    Q-Correspondence (Empty).
  • Box-folder L2-23
    • 1. Including correspondence to/from: A. Ravin, F. Reichsman.
    • 2. Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation correspondence to/from: R. Kraybill, R. Kruger.
    • 3. Correspondence concerning the 4th Annual Insitute of International Affairs.
    • 4. Correspondence concerning the Rochester Museum.
  • Box-folder L2-24
    • Including the "Report of the Committee on Recreuitment by Outside Agencies."
  • Box-folder L2-25
    • Including "Priviliged Preliminay Statistical Data from the Study of Postdoctoral Education in the United States" and "Graduate Study in Physics."
  • Box-folder L2-26
    • Including "Migration of Scientists from Latin America: Causes and Possible Solutions."
Box M1
  • Letters of Recommendation for/Correspondence with
    • Box-folder M1-1
      T. Becherrawy.
    • Box-folder M1-2
      Dr. Giordano Bisiacchi.
    • Box-folder M1-3
      Dr. R. Chanda.
    • Box-folder M1-4
      J. Chen.
    • Box-folder M1-5
      S. Cohen.
    • Box-folder M1-6
      Dr. J. A. Cronin.
    • Box-folder M1-7
      Dr. Peter Cziffra.
    • Box-folder M1-8
      T. Das.
    • Box-folder M1-9
      Dr. Ezio Ferrari.
    • Box-folder M1-10
      Dr. H. Goldberg.
    • Box-folder M1-11
      Graduate Students.
    • Box-folder M1-12
      M. Grynberg.
    • Box-folder M1-13
      G. S. Grunalnik.
    • Box-folder M1-14
      Dr. C. R. Hagen.
    • Box-folder M1-15
      John P. Holden.
    • Box-folder M1-16
      J. P. Hzu.
    • Box-folder M1-17
      Dr. Afzaal Hussain.
    • Box-folder M1-18
      M. Kaplon.
    • Box-folder M1-19
      Dr. M. P. Khanna.
    • Box-folder M1-20
      Dr. T. W. B. Kibble.
    • Box-folder M1-21
      K. Kikkawa.
    • Box-folder M1-22
      Ick Joh Kim.
    • Box-folder M1-23
      Jean Marc Levy-Leblond.
    • Box-folder M1-24
      Yu-Chien Liu.
    • Box-folder M1-25
      K. T. Mahanthappa.
    • Box-folder M1-26
      A. K. Mohanti.
    • Box-folder M1-27
      A. J. Martin.
    • Box-folder M1-28
      Dr. V. S. Mathur.
    • Box-folder M1-29
      W. J. Meggs.
    • Box-folder M1-30
      Dr. Rabindra N. Mohapatra.
    • Box-folder M1-31
      Michael J. Moravcsik.
    • Box-folder M1-32
      D. A. Nutbrown.
    • Box-folder M1-33
      Dr. S. Obuko.
    • Box-folder M1-34
      Dr. P. Olesen.
    • Box-folder M1-35
      Yuri Orlov.
    • Box-folder M1-36
      Dr. L. K. Pandit.
    • Box-folder M1-37
      Dr. J. Pasupathy.
    • Box-folder M1-38
      Publications Group.
    • Box-folder M1-39
      Dr. M. Rashid.
    • Box-folder M1-40
      Dr. Riazuddin.
    • Box-folder M1-41
      Dr. C. P. Ryan.
    • Box-folder M1-42
      M. Samuel.
    • Box-folder M1-43
      M. P. Savedoff.
    • Box-folder M1-44
      Salvatore Serio.
    • Box-folder M1-45
      Hugo Strubbe.
    • Box-folder M1-46
      Dr. Robert L. Thews.
    • Box-folder M1-47
      Dr. P. Thrunauer.
    • Box-folder M1-48
      Dr. Y. Ueda.
    • Box-folder M1-49
      Dr. Arvind Vaidya.
    • Box-folder M1-50
      Dr. T. C. Yang.
    • Box-folder M1-51
      Y. Yang.
  • Box-folder M1-52
    Review of papers.
  • Box-folder M1-53
    Copies of the Rochester Review (1960, 1962, 1966, 1968); Final reports of the Senate Committee on the Administration of Graduate Studies.
  • Box-folder M1-54
    Seminar Distribution List, 1969-70; Theoretical Particle Physics Group.
  • Box-folder M1-55
    Alumni Relations.
    • Including correspondence from: Donald E. Smith, R. James Shoup.
  • Box-folder M1-56
    University of Rochester, including:
    • Explanation of operating costs.
    • Supplementary information on High Energy Program.
    • Notes.
    • Listing of those with a Ph.D. in High Energy Theory.
Box M2
  • Box-folder M2-1
    S-Correspondence, including:
    • 1. Faculty Scholarship Fund: agenda (1966); list of contributions; correspondence from Catherine Bartholomew.
    • 2. Sherwood Project (1959): correspondence to/from Harry Harrison, Clifton T. MacLeod; contract for research at University of Rochester.
  • Box-folder M2-2
    Science Development Committee, including:
    • 1. Space Science Center correspondence from R. S. Knox.
    • 2. Space Science Center Advisory Committee meeting minutes.
  • Box-folder M2-3
    Seminars and Lectures, including:
    • First two Pulsar Seminars (1969); seminar notes, reports, etc.
  • Box-folder M2-4
    By-laws and Senate Charter.
  • Box-folder M2-5
    Communications on Improvement in Teaching.
  • Box-folder M2-6
    Communications on student-University Relations.
  • Box-folder M2-7
    Communications on contracts and grants.
  • Box-folder M2-8
    Communication on recruitment.
  • Box-folder M2-9
    Communication on student residences.
  • Box-folder M2-10
    Communication on faculty benefits.
  • Box-folder M2-11
    Communication on University-community relations.
  • Box-folder M2-12
    Correspondence concerning academic affairs.
  • Box-folder M2-13
    Communication on cultural climates.
  • Box-folder M2-14
    Research policy and external grants.
  • Box-folder M2-15
    Research policy communications.
  • Box-folder M2-16
    Newspaper articles.
  • Box-notebook M2-1
    Senate information.
  • Box-folder M2-17
    Sigma Xi, including:
    • Correspondence from William Aldridge; nominations for membership; list of nominees.
  • Box-folder M2-18
    State Atomic Committee, including:
    • Subcommittee listings; correspondence.
  • Box-folder M2-19
    State Advisory Council to the Legislature, including:
    • Correspondence; agenda from first meeting; notebook with biographies of Science Advisory.
  • Box-folder M2-20
    Campaign Steering Committee, including:
    • Minutes to the meeting (1967); information from meetings.
  • Box-folder M2-21
    Minutes of the Senate, 1964-1969.
  • Box-folder M2-22
    Steering Committee Minutes.
  • Box-folder M2-23
    Ravin Report: Report of the Student-Faculty Committee.
  • Box-folder M2-24
    Senate Committee-Listing of newly elected senators, senate subcommittees.
  • Box-folder M2-25
    Correspondence with Patrick Parker.
Box N1
  • Box-item 1
    Certificate from the Anglo-American-Hellenic Bureau of Education
  • Box-folder N1-1
    Correspondence from Robert L. Sproull and others; reports and letters to the Senate Steering Committee.
  • Box-folder N1-2
    Steering Committee: agendas; minutes of meetings; correspondence to Faculty Senate.
  • Box-folder N1-3
    Travel expense materials, including.:
    • Requests for approval of foreign travel.
    • Travel expenses to the Trieste International Symposium.
    • Correspondence concerning travel.
  • Box-folder N1-4
    Teaching activity materials, including;
    • Correspondence concerning CV and publications lists.
    • Student course opinion questionnaire.
    • Paper on graduate study in phyics, 1968.
  • Box-folder N1-5
    Telescope project, including:
    • Proposal for a 60-inch Metal Mirror Telescope for the Mees Observatory.
    • Notes for the Telescope project.
  • Box-folder N1-6
    Correspondence to/from University of Rochester President, Allen Valentine.
  • Box-folder N1-7
    • Including correspondence to/from: Bryon B. Williams, W. D. Walker.
  • Box-folder N1-8
    Robert E. Marshak (REM) Personal.
    • Including; newspaper clippings, articles by/about REM, papers.
  • Box-folder N1-9
    • Including: Correspondence concerning 1967 trip to Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
  • Box-folder N1-10
    REM Personal.
    • Including: personal correspondence.
  • Box-folder N1-11
    • Including: reports and papers by REM, correspondence.
  • Box-folder N1-12
    • Including: articles written by REM, correspondence to REM, other memoirs.
  • Box-folder N1-13
    Victor Weisskopf.
    • Including: Copy of correspondence from Weisskopf to Albert Einstein (1948); correspondence from REM and S. A. Goudsmit to Weisskopf.
  • Box-folder N1-14
    Photography Department.
    • Including: correspondence concerning photography and exhibit proposals, magazine Camera (1963).
  • Box-folder N1-15
    Personal correspondence to REM; registration and accomodation files.
  • Box-folder N1-16
    REM Personal.
    • Including: correspondence from 1976, articles.
  • Box-folder N1-17
    REM Physics Symposium, January 21-22, 1977.
    • Including: correspondence.
Box N2
  • Box-folder N2-1
    Memoirs-NEH Grant, including:
    • Microfilm of memoir, memoirs as President of City College.
    • Correspondence; list of addresses.
  • Box-folder N2-2
    REM Personel, including:
    • Biographical data on REM.
    • Correspondence from N. Michael Carfora.
  • Box-folder N2-3
    REM Personal, including:
    • Correspondence to/from: Austin M. Gleeson, Katsumi Tanaka.
  • Box-folder N2-4
    REM Personal, including:
    • Newspaper article re: new position at VPI.
  • Box-folder N2-5
    REM Personal, including correspondence.
  • Box-folder N2-6
    REM Personal Data, including:
    • Letter of resignation to University of Rochester, 1970.
    • Resume, list of publications.
    • Correspondence of congradulations.
Box O1
  • Box-folder O1-1
    American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), including:
  • Box-folder O1-2
    Atoms for Peace Awards: finanacial statements, programs, and nominations (1957, 1959).
  • Box-folder O1-3
    Atoms for Peace: correspondence and notes.
  • Box-folder O1-4
    Atoms for Peace Awards: correspondence.
  • Box-folder O1-5
    Atoms for Peace Awards-Advisory Committee on Nominations, 1959-1960.
  • Box-folder O1-6
    Atoms for Peace Awards-Advisory Committee on Nominations, 1958-1959.
  • Box-folder O1-7
    Atoms for Peace Awards-Advisory Committee on Nominations, 1957-1958.
  • Box-folder O1-8
    Atoms for Peace Awards, 1960-1961.
  • Box-folder O1-9
    International Foundation for Science adn Technology (IFS): correspondence.
  • Box-folder O1-10
    Atoms for Peace Awards, 1960-1961.
  • Box-folder O1-11
    Correspondence concerning the ISF to/from: C. Yang, M. Paic.
  • Box-folder O1-12
    ISF Correspondence, reports, and notes, 1970-1971.
  • Box-folder O1-13
    ISF Correspondence, reports, and notes, 1972-1973.
Box O2
  • Box-notebook O2-1
    The Royal Society-International Foundation for Science.
  • Box-folder O2-1
    Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), including:
    • Report: OTA Priorities for 1979.
    • Correspondence from Joseph Coates.
  • Box-folder O2-2
    Nigeria: Workshop, Meeting notes, Working documents (1979).
  • Box-folder O2-3
    International Organization Affairs, including:
    • Correspondence to/from Charles William Maynes.
    • Papers by Cyril D. Tyson, Moyibi Amoda, and Beverly Elizabeth (Jewish-Black Relations: Aggressive Monologues of the Two Victim Group).
  • Box-folder O2-4
    International Foundation for Science (IFS), including:
    • Correspondence to/from Nicolai Herlofson, Sven Brohult.
    • Minutes to meetings.
  • Box-folder O2-5
    IFS Annual Report, 1977.
  • Box-folder O2-6
    Correspondence, including:
    • Claudia B. Alston, Harland Cleveland.
  • Box-folder O2-7
    IFS, 1977-1978.
    • Article by W. Murray Todd.
    • Correspondence from Abdus Salam, Joseph L. Birman.
  • Box-folder O2-8
    IFS, 1974-1975.
    • Budget proposal for 1974.
    • Invited participants and board meeting agenda.
    • Correspondence from Roger Revelle, Michael Greene.
  • Box-folder O2-9
    IFS, including:
    • Correspondence from W. Murray Todd.
  • Box-folder O2-10
    Correspondence to/from W. Murray Todd; Proposals.
  • Box-folder O2-11
    IFS, including:
    • Papers on research grants.
Box P1
  • Box-folder P1-1
    Science and Technology, including:
    • Paper and reports: Solar Energy and the Third World by Norman L. Brown; The Management and Control of Technology by Keith Pavitt.
  • Box-folder P1-2
    University Committee on International Programs (UCIP), including:
    • Correspondence from Robert Dyck.
    • Position paper on Faculty Exchange and Leave Policies.
  • Box-folder P1-3
    U.S.-Japan Committee, including:
    • NSF/Tokyo reports for 1970.
    • Proposal for research.
  • Box-folder P1-4
    U.S.-Japan Committee, including:
    • NSF/Tokyo reports for 1971, 1972.
    • Proposals for fellowship, research work.
    • Report on the status of U.S.-Japan Cooperative Science Program, 1971.
  • Box-notebook P1-1
    U.S.-Japan Committee on Scientific Cooperation, Ninth Meeting, Tokyo, July 7-10, 1969.
  • Box-notebook P1-2
    Office of the Foreign Secretary.
  • Box-notebook P1-3
    Proceedings of a Conference: A National Policy for Urban America, 1976.
  • Box-folder P1-5
    National Academy of Science (NAS), including:
    • NAS Correspondence, 1958-1959.
    • Report on Soviet Union trip, 1963.
    • Correspondence related to work on nuclear forces at Rochester.
Box P2
  • Box-folder P2-1
    NAS Files, including:
    • Centennial program, 1963.
    • Correspondence to/from: E. C. Rowan, Mary Ryan.
    • Article by Philip Handler.
    • Listing for doctorate graduates at City College, 1963.
  • Box-folder P2-2
    NAS Files, including:
    • Papers concerning changes in minutes.
    • Correspondence from Allen V. Astin, E. C. Rowan.
  • Box-folder P2-3
    NAS Files, including:
    • Correspondence to/from: Adolph Y. Wilburn.
    • Prograom for 1971.
  • Box-folder P2-4
    Annual Report of the Foreign Affairs.
  • Box-folder P2-4
    Advisory Committee on International Organization and Programs (ACIOP), including:
  • Box-folder P2-5
    ACIOP Meeting, Septempber 1971.
  • Box-folder P2-6
    ACIOP Subcommitee on Science in UNESCO March 1972.,
Box Q1
  • Box-folder Q1-1
    Correspondence to/from: Frances Hightower, James A. Shannon, Aaron Rosenthal.
  • Box-folder Q1-2
    Independence de Charge on Physique Nucleaire, including:
    • Correspondence from Harrison Brown, Ralph W. Taylor.
    • Proposals for a symposium on Soviet Science, 1965.
  • Box-folder Q1-3
    Consequences of Chance Independence for the Magnetic Moments and Masses of E. Hypersons, including:
    • Correspondence to/from: John D. Lynn, III, Marcel Bouisset, Harrison Brown.
    • Scientific notes; parts of Yugoslav monthly magazine, 1964.
  • Box-folder Q1-4
    Harrison Brown: notes on draft agreement; reports on scientific exchanges (1962, 1964).
  • Box-folder Q1-5
    Phenomenological Two-Nucleon Potential up to 150 Mev., including:
    • Correspondence to/from: Martin J. King, Lawrence B. Buttenwieser, Richard W. Tims.
  • Box-folder Q1-6
    Present States of the Meson Theory of Nuclear Forces, including:
    • Correspondence to/from: Harrison Brown, Conyears Herring.
  • Box-folder Q1-7
    Second Order Weak Processes and Weak Instruction Cutoff, including:
    • Correspondence to Academician M. V. Keldysh, Lawrence Mitchell.
    • Agenda for meeting of the Advisory Committee in Eastern Europe.
Box Q2
  • Box-item Q2-1
    New York Times magazine, Section 6, October 11, 1964.
  • Box-folder Q2-1
    AEC Theoretical Proposal, including:
    • Reports, theories, and book listings by Marshak.
  • Box-folder Q2-2
    Pion Production by Polarized Beam of Nucleons, including:
    • Correspondence and reports.
  • Box-folder Q2-3
    Re-Examination of Soviet Scientific Challenge, including:
    • Correspondence to Mrs. John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Jerome B. Weisner from Frederick Seitz.
    • Reports.
  • Box-folder Q2-4
    Old correspondence, including:
    • To/from Allan Valentine, George Collins.
    • Reports and notes.
  • Box-folder Q2-5
    Correspondence related to Remarks on Heavy Mesons.
  • Box-folder Q2-3
    Different copies of theories scientifically stated, including:
  • Box-notebook Q2-4
    Eleventh Meeting of the Scientific Councikl of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, November 21-22, 1974.
  • Box-notebook Q2-5
    Tenth Meeting of the Scientific Council of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, November 22-23, 1973.
Box R1
  • Box-folder R1-1
    Correspondence to/from C. W. de Kiewiet.
  • Box-folder R1-2
    Correspondence to/from Enrico Fermi.
  • Box-folder R1-3
    Correspondence to/from Alan Wallace.
  • Box-folder R1-4
    Correspondence concerning visiting professors.
  • Box-folder R1-5
    Proposals and correspondence concerning the Reports for NET Publications Group.
  • Box-folder R1-6
    REM-Personal, including:
    • 1. REM: Correspondence and photos.
    • 2. John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation-correspondence concerning fellowships.
  • Box-folder R1-7
    Publications of REM.
  • Box-folder R1-8
    REM-Personal, including correspondence.
  • Box-folder R1-9
    Correspondence to/from Dubridge.
  • Box-folder R1-10
    Draft of the Scientific Council of the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), including correspondence.
  • Box-folder R1-11
    ICTP-11th Meeting, 1974.
  • Box-folder R1-12
    ICTP-Explanatory information about the group.
  • Box-folder R1-13
    REM-Articles and writings.
  • Box-folder R1-14
    Interdepartmental Folder 1: 7 Tapes-Weak Interaction.
Box R2 (Theory of T-S Box)
  • Box-folder R2-1
    Reports, including: A Status Report on American Science; A Reply to Congressional Critics; Theory of the T-S Box.
  • Box-folder R2-2
    International Scientific Program.
  • Box-folder R2-3
    Reports, including: Transmission of Gamma Rays through Spheres of Scattering Material.
  • Box-folder R2-4
    Properties of Neutron Stars: reports, theories, and research.
  • Box-folder R2-5
    Processings of Weak Interactions, and related topics, 1979.
  • Box-folder R2-6
    Notebook: Proposal for a National Electron Accelerator Laboratory (NEAL).
Box T1
  • Box-folder T1-1
    Astrophysics I.
  • Box-folder T1-2
    Astrophysics II.
  • Box-folder T1-3
    Eletromagnetic Theory.
  • Box-folder T1-4
    Electromagnetic Theory.
Box T2
  • Box-folder T2-1
    Mathematics, including:
    • Paper written on the Language and the Structure of Mathematics, 1936.
    • Math notes and notebooks.
    • Final exam papers.
  • Box-folder T2-2
    Neutron Diffusion, including:
    • Scientific notes on the Pile Theory.
    • Notes on Black Sphere.
    • F. Lander calculations.
Box U1
  • Box-folder U1-1
    Nuclear Physics-Field Theory, including:
    • Wigner, E. P.-On the Matricies Which Reduce the Kronector Products of Representations of S. R. Groups.
    • Nuclear physics course.
  • Box-folder U1-2
    Nuclear Methods in D. E. by Poritsky; The Theory of Plasticity by Prager Hydrodynamics by Richard van Mises and Kurt O. Friedrichs.
  • Box-folder U1-3
    Radar Research: u-Mesons Scattering Research Forbidden B-transitions.
Box U2
  • Box-folder U2-1
    Statistical Mechanincs, including;
    • Scientific notes.
    • Advanced dynamics.
Box V1
  • Box-folder V1-1
    Articles (non-scientific).
  • Box-folder V1-2
    Berkeley Conference notes, 1986.
  • Box-folder V1-3
  • Box-folder V1-4
    Bonn Conference-notes.
  • Box-folder V1-5
    City College-article by REM.
  • Box-folder V1-6
    Clark-Kerr Award, including recommendations.
  • Box-folder V1-7
    Class grades.
  • Box-folder V1-8
    Class lectures, including notes and grades.
  • Box-folder V1-9
    Colloquim talks-notes.
  • Box-folder V1-10
    Conferences-notes, program (1983).
  • Box-folder V1-11
    Erice Conference reports, 1983, 1984.
  • Box-folder V1-12
    Fermilab, including talks and correspondence.
  • Box-folder V1-13
  • Box-folder V1-14
    Gibson, J.-notes.
  • Box-folder V1-15
    Global Mission, including articles by REM.
  • Box-folder V1-16
    Honors seminar, including: correspondence to/from Ronald J. Nurse and honors roll.
  • Box-folder V1-17
    Japan (1985), including: approval for travel and a list of participants for the MESON50.
  • Box-folder V1-18
    Lecture notes.
  • Box-folder V1-19
    Lecture notes, including:
    • Stora lecture notes.
    • Superstring lecture notes.
    • Veneziano lecture notes.
  • Box-folder V1-20
    Grenoble lectures.
  • Box-folder V1-21
    Li, X, including notes and articles by Xiaoyuan Li.
  • Box-folder V1-22
    Correspondence from VPI, including William Lavery and John R. Ficenec.
  • Box-folder V1-23
    REM Personal, including correspondence, invitations, itineraries, contacts, and publications.
  • Box-folder V1-24
    Retirement luncheon-letters of regret.
  • Box-folder V1-25
  • Box-folder V1-26
    John J. Carty Medal (1991), including REM CV and data, and correspondence for REM's nomination.
  • Box-folder V1-27
    Fermi Award (1987), including REM CV and data, and correspondence for REM's nomination.
  • Box-folder V1-28
    Fermi Award (1990), including REM CV and data, and correspondence for REM's nomination.
  • Box-folder V1-29
    AAAS Prize, including letters of nomination and appreciation.
  • Box-folder V1-30
    Fermi Award (1992), including REM CV and data, and correspondence for REM's nomination.
  • Box-folder V1-31
    Fermi Award (1993), including nominations.
Box V2
  • Box-folder V2-1
    "Academic Renewel in the 1970's: Memoirs of a City College President by Robert E. Marshak."
  • Box-folder V2-2
    Mohaparta, R.N., scientific notes.
  • Box-folder V2-3
    New Releases: articles on beginning research on intermediate vetor boson.
  • Box-folder V2-4
    Newspaper clippings, including excerpts from Gorbachev's speech on Chernobyl.
  • Box-folder V2-5
    Notes on papers concerning the Soviet Union, including Soviet science.
  • Box-folder V2-6
  • Box-folder V2-7
    Oppenheimer Prize; Physics Today, September 1982.
  • Box-folder V2-8
    Particle Physics Course, including roll, grades, evaluation forms.
  • Box-folder V2-9
    Class notes, including:
    • Nuclear Physics course.
    • Winter 1987.
    • Spring 1987.
  • Box-folder V2-10
    Physics 6723-class enrollment.
  • Box-folder V2-11
    Particle Theory Group Budget-notes.
  • Box-folder V2-12
    Correspondence to/from D. C. Peasleee concerning n-n oscillations.
  • Box-folder V2-13
    Phi Beta Kappa Lecture: "Science and World Affairs."
  • Box-folder V2-14
    Phi Beta Kappa speech.
  • Box-folder V2-15
    Physics Lectures by Marshak.
  • Box-folder V2-16
    REM Physics Papers: properties of neutron stars.
  • Box-folder V2-17
    Preon Papers-notes and papers on the Three Preon Models.
  • Box-folder V2-18
    Publicity on REM: articles, newspaper clippings, Physics Today (June 1982).
  • Box-folder V2-19
    Research Program of Gordon Pusch.
Box W1
  • Box-folder W1-1
    Research Problems, including notes and correspondence.
  • Box-folder W1-2
    REM Research Notes.
  • Box-folder W1-3
    Non-preon and So(10) Research Notes.
  • Box-folder W1-4
    Riazuddin Notes.
  • Box-folder W1-5
    REM Referee Comments.
  • Box-folder W1-6
    Correspondence, including:
    • 1. From Frank Avignone.
    • 2. From Karl Berkelman (with articles and notes).
    • 3. From R. Casalbuoni, R. Gatto.
    • 4. From Bob Christy.
    • 5. D Correspondence.
    • 6. Fidecaro Meeting.
    • 7. From Don Groom.
    • 8. To/from T. Koboyashi.
    • 9. To/from T. D. Lee, L. Lyons.
    • 10. From Luke Mo.
    • 11. To/from Frank A. Nezrick.
    • 12. Reports, notes, and correspondence relating to the Neutron Oscillation Experiment.
    • 13. Nussinov Notes.
    • 14. From Robert Oppenheimer.
    • 15. From Y. Okamoto.
    • 16. From J. Pasupathy.
    • 17. To/from Norman Ramsey.
    • 18. To/from Jack Sandweiss.
    • 19. From Y. Tosa.
    • 20. To/from Wallenmeyer.
    • 21. From Ping Wang.
    • 22. From N. Yukawg.
    • 23. From Tony Zee.
    • 24. Neutron Oscillation Proposals and Reports, 1985.
  • Box-folder W1-7
    Correspondence and reports to/from Sakharov.
  • Box-folder W1-8
    Sakharov Documents, including correspondence, threats to, magazine articles.
  • Box-folder W1-9
    Sakharov Documents, including essays by and correspondence about.
  • Box-folder W1-10
    Correspondence from Raj Gandhi and A. Salam.
  • Box-folder W1-11
    Scientific Impact of the Rochester Conference, including talks at Fermilab and notes.
  • Box-folder W1-12
    Photograph of a group of scientists.
  • Box-folder W1-13
    Shelter Island Conference, including notes, essays, and correspondence.
  • Box-folder W1-14
    Shelter Island Conference II, including notes, transparancies, and lectures by REM.
  • Box-folder W1-15
    Speeches by REM.
  • Box-folder W1-16
    Solvay Conference, including correspondence and notes.
  • Box-folder W1-17
    Notes on Supersymmetry.
  • Box-folder W1-18
    REM Talks, including:
  • Box-folder W1-19
    Y. Tosa-Scientific Notes.
Box W2
  • Artifact 1
    Photograph of International Institute of Physics and Chemistry members.
  • Box-folder W2-1
  • Box-folder W2-2
  • Box-folder W2-3
    REM Travel, including receipts, itineraries, and approvals.
  • Box-folder W2-4
    Articles by REM.
  • Box-folder W2-5
  • Box-folder W2-6
    Program from 1981 conference on Science and Technology Development.
  • Box-folder W2-7
    Corson Report Volumes 1 and 2: Report and appendicies, from the Scientific Communication and National Security.
Box X1
  • Box-folder X1-1
    Correspondence to Robert A. Corrigan; Association of Urban Univeristies.
  • Box-folder X1-2
    Ben Beherson Report; Chinese American Basic Research Report.
  • Box-folder X1-3
    The Structure of the Standard Model of Particle Interactions, report by REM; Correspondence from Alice Chanler.
  • Box-folder X1-4
    Report: CEBAF and Future Nuclear Physics by Hermann A. Grunder, 1991.
  • Box-folder X1-5
    Correspondence to/from Ronald E. Doel, Herman K. Doswald.
  • Box-folder X1-6
    Correspondence to Robert Eberly.
  • Box-folder X1-7
    Correspondence about the McMaster Center; from E. S. Fradkin.
  • Box-folder X1-8
    Gellhorn Affair; Faxes and correspondence from Jose Garcia.
  • Box-folder X1-9
    Hoover Institution.
  • Box-folder X1-10
    Correspondence to/from Lev Ioffe.
  • Box-folder X1-11
    Correspondence concerning establishment of the JPS Washington Liaison Office.
  • Box-folder X1-12
    Kendall Statement; Correspondence from Kurstedt.
  • Box-folder X1-13
    Correspondence to/from Leon Lederman, Xiaoyuan Li.
  • Box-folder X1-14
    J. Menhra: list of publications, paper, correspondence.
  • Box-folder X1-15
    Nuclear pioneers; Correspondence from Sigvard Eklund, James D. McComas.
  • Box-folder X1-16
    Correspondence to/from Yuko Okamoto, S. Okubo.
  • Box-folder X1-17
    Correspondence to/from M. K. Parida, J. Pasupathy.
  • Box-folder X1-18
    Riazuddin papers, notes, correspondence, and recommendations.
  • Box-folder X1-19
    Correspondence and faxes to/from Riazuddin.
  • Box-folder X1-20
    Correspondence to/from Roper.
Box X2
  • Box-folder X2-1
    Sakhorov Conference of 1991: list of invited speakers.
  • Box-folder X2-2
    Superconducting Super Collider (SSC): Correspondence to/from Bob Adair, John Warner, Senator Charles Robb, Rich Boucher.
  • Box-folder X2-3
    Correspondence to/from V. Telegdi, etc.
  • Box-folder X2-4
    UDP Fund: Correspondence to/from Provost David Roselle, Assistant Provost James Wolfe, Acting Provost John Perry, etc.
  • Box-folder X2-5
    UDP Fund: Correspondence from G. V. Gibbs.
  • Box-folder X2-6
    Correspondence to Hugh Van Horn.
  • Box-folder X2-7
    World Scientific Probability Company including correspondence to editors Barbara Aman and Kim Tan.
  • Artifact 1
    Envelope 1: Floppy disk for setting index for book; sample index listing.
  • Box-folder X2-8
    Correspondence from Bruce Wallace, Alvin M. Weinberg.
  • Box-folder X2-9
    Correspondence to/from C. N. Yang and Paco Yndurian.
Box Y
  • Box-folder Y-1
    Newspaper articles.
  • Box-folder Y-2
    International Foundation for Science: Letters about the organization.
  • Box-folder Y-3
  • Box-folder Y-4
    12 photographs of Nagasaki Torpedo Work and Mitsrihishi Steel; Political correspondence.
  • Box-folder Y-5
    Federation of American Scientists (FAS) correspondence, reports, and by-laws.
  • Box-folder Y-6
    Correspondence to/from Hans Bethe, including materials concerning the Bethe Symposium.
  • Box-folder Y-7
    Chapters 1-10 from a physics book.
  • Box-folder Y-8
    Subject index for book.
  • Box-folder Y-9
    Subject index for book; correspondence.
Box Desktop 1
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-1
    Scientific Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-2
    Backup Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-3
    FFF Chapter 10; Backup Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-4
    FF Chapter 9, REM Backup Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-5
    CF Chapters 1-4; Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-6
    FV Chapter 1; Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-7
    FF Chapter 2; Backup Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-8
    FV Chapter 3; Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-9
    FV Chapter 4; Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-10
    Scientific Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-11
    Papers written by Y. Nambu.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-12
    E. S. Fradkin-Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-13
    F. T. Avignone, III-Information of magazines.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-14
    F. Stecker-copies from magazines.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-15
    B. Stech-copies of materials from magazines and books.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-16
    Papers by G. Staebler.
  • Box-folder Desktop 1-17
    Papers and notes by E. R. Caianiello.
Box Desktop 2
  • Box-folder Desktop 2-1
    Correspondence and publications.
  • Box-folder Desktop 2-2
    CCNY papers.
  • Box-item Desktop 2-1
    Box Contaiing REM's book with annotation and correspondence.
  • Box-folder Desktop 2-3
    Chapters 1-10 of REM's book.
  • Box-item Desktop 2-1
    Notebook of scientific notes from Madison Conference.
  • Box-folder Desktop 2-4
    Scientific Notes.
  • Box-folder Desktop 2-5
    Scientific Notes.
Box Desktop 3
  • Box-folder Desktop 3-1
    Scientific Notes and Articles.
  • Box-folder Desktop 3-2
    Scientific Notes; Articles on gravity, cosmology.
  • Box-item Desktop 3-1
    Papers relating to science notes, travel notes, correspondence, scientists from around the world.
  • Box-item Desktop 3-2
    Photograph-Virginia Tech Observatory, Halley's Comet, January 9, 1986.
  • 29 tapes of Weinberger Addresss at Virginia Tech (1986); correspondence from 9/92; lectures from 5/4/87; corrected book chapters.
  • Medal.
  • Assorted papers and rolodex.
Box Desktop 4
  • Box-notebook Desktop 4-1
    International Centre for Theorectical Physics (ICTP) Council Meeting, 1986.
  • Personal papers.
  • Box-item Desktop 4-1
    Miscellaneous tape.
  • Box-folder Desktop 4-1
    Notes, articles, and papers by B. J. Bjorken.
  • Box-folder Desktop 4-2
    Papers and articles by Enrico Fermi.
  • Notebook; Proceedings of the 29th Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs (1979); etc.
  • Box-folder Desktop 4-3
    Reports, notes, and research by Riazuddin.
  • Box-folder Desktop 4-4
    Articles and notes by S. G. Rajeev.
  • Box-folder Desktop 4-5
    Notes, articles, and research papers by Y. Oakmoto.
  • Box-folder Desktop 4-6
    Papers submitted to Physics Letters, Physics Review D., Physics Review Letter; Notebook for Proposal for a Dedicated Collider at the Fermi Mational Accelerator Laboratory (1983).
Box Home 1
  • Projector Tape: Hilton Hotel, NY: Banquet of the International Symposium.
  • Personal papers: Scientific notes, papers, correspondence.
  • Box-folder Home 1-1
    Program of the Pundit Club's 150th Meeting (1970); article from The New Yorker.
  • Box-folder Home 1-2
    Correspondence to/from Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky, G. B. Kistiakowsky, others.
  • Box-folder Home 1-3
    Correspondence to/from Rabi.
  • Box-folder Home 1-4
    Correspondence from Eugene Wigner; discussion of agenda for physicists' conference.
  • Box-folder Home 1-5
    Correspondence to/from S. A. Goudsmit, others.
  • Box-folder Home 1-6
    Correspondence to/from Kenneth Keating, others.
  • Box-folder Home 1-7
    Correspondince to/from Eugene Wigner, Arthur Roberts, others.
  • Box-folder Home 1-8
    Scientific notes and papers; nominations for the Wolfe Prize in Physics, 1979.
  • Box-folder Home 1-9
    Scientific Notes.
  • Box-folder Home 1-10
    Paper by Allen Franklin.
  • Box-folder Home 1-11
    Correspondence and paper from Marian S. Rothernberg.
  • Box-folder Home 1-12
    Kiev Conference-Correspondence to C. J. Bakker.
  • Box-folder Home 1-13
    Papers and articles written for the Moscow Conference (1956).
  • Box-folder Home 1-14
    Correspondence from C. J. Bakker.
  • Box-folder Home 1-Box 1
    Correspondence to/from Geoffrey F. Chew, G. Bernardini; Conference Materials, including:
    • 1. Rochester Conference 3 &4: Programs and correspondence.
    • 2. Rochester Conference 5: Programs and correspondence.
    • 3. Rochester Conference 6: Programs and correspondence.
    • 4. Rochester Conference 7: Programs and correspondence.
    • 5. Rochester Conference 8: Programs and correspondence.
    • 6. Rochester Conference 9: Programs and correspondence.
    • 7. Rochester Conference 10: Programs and correspondence.
    • 8. Proceedings for the 14th International Conference on High-Energy Physics, 1968.
    • 9. Proceedings for the 19th International Conference on High-Energy Physics, 1978.
    • 10. Proceedings for the 25th International Conference on High-Energy Physics, 1970.
    • 11. Proceedings for the 9th International Conference on High-Energy Physics, 1962.
    • 12. Proceedings for the 13th International Conference on High-Energy Physics, 1967.
    • 13. Proceedings for the 17th International Conference on High-Energy Physics, 1974.
    • 14. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1980.
    • 15. Proceedings for the 23rd International Conference on High-Energy Physics.
  • Box-folder Home 1-Box 2
    IUPAP Information, including correspondence.
Box Home 2
  • Box-folder Home 2-1
    Correspondence, papers, articles.
  • Box-folder Home 2-2
    Correspondence and papers on the Universal V-A Theory of Weak Interactions.
  • Box-item Home 2-1
    Papers: REM-Mehra materials, replacements in Part Three of Weiner's interview.
  • Box-folder Home 2-3
    News articles, reports, correspondence.
  • Box-folder Home 2-4
    Sakharov Talk I, 1990.
  • Box-folder Home 2-5
    Sakharov Talk II, 1990.
Box Home 3
  • Box-folder Home 3-1
    Articles by and about REM; 2 issues of Change (1981, 1982).
  • Box-folder Home 3-2
    Photographs, including Faculty Advisory Selection Committee.
  • Box-folder Home 3-3
    Bohr II: Neils Bohr Symposium (1989), including:
    • Correspondence to/from Ove Nation, Victor Weisskopf, Sidney Drell.
    • American Academy Follow-up Action.
    • Notes from Sakharov and Yelena Bonner.
    • Agenda for the Neils Bohr Symposium (1989); notes from the American Academy Advisory Committee.
    • Bohr II Symposium: Notes from meeting in Copenhagen (1988); proposals for co-sponsorship of the conference.
    • Bohr II Symposium: prospective new members for the committee; correspondence.
    • Articles, including one by REM ("The Pragmatic Humanism of Bohr, Einstein, and Sakharov."
  • Box-folder Home 3-4
    Correspondence, newspaper clippings from 1957.
  • Box-folder Home 3-5
    Nuclear Pioneers program; Princeton conference on Atomic Energy and World Organization (1947); articles by REM; correspondence.
  • Box-folder Home 3-6
    Newspaper articles; FAS newsletter.
  • Box-folder Home 3-7
    Articles by REM, including: Nature of the Soviet Scientific Challenge; Scientific Research in the Soviet Union, and The Rochester Conferences.; newspaper articles.
  • Box-folder Home 3-8
    Newspaper clippings and articles.
  • Box-notebook Home 3-1
    Interview with REM by Dr. Charles Weiner, September 19, 1970.
  • Box-notebook Home 3-2
    Interview with REM by Dr. Charles Weiner, September 19, 1970.
  • Box-folder Home 3-9
    Articles, correspondence, and reports, including:
    • Articles by/about REM.
    • Correspondence to/from I. D. Rojanski, L. Landau.
    • Copy of program from The USSR Conference on High-Energy Physics; Reporton Personal Contacts with Soviet Scientists at the Conference on High-Energy Physics in Moscow (May 1956), including letter from Victor F. Weisskopf.
Box Home 4
  • Box-folder Home 4-1
    Newsletters, notes.
  • Box-folder Home 4-2
    Memoirs; correspondence, including letters nominating REM for the Enrico Fermi Award.
  • Box-folder Home 4-3
    Articles and reports.
  • Box-folder Home 4-4
    Correspondence and articles.
  • Box-folder Home 4-5
    Newspapers clippings and articles.
  • Box-item Home 4-Tapes 1-2
    Inserts for FC 4.
  • Box-item Home 4-Record 1
    Science Report-A Radio Presentation, 12th edition.
  • Box-item Home 4-Records 2-23
    This Atomic World, March 31, April 7, April 14, May 5, May 12, June 4, 1946.
Box Home 5
  • Box-item Home 5-Book 1
    Daedelus, Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fall 1990.
  • Box-item Home 5-Book 2
    Daedelus, Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Winter 1990.
  • Box-folder Home 5-1
    Final Report on City College Development Campaign.
  • Box-folder Home 5-2
    Series of Virginia Tech Lectures; articles, 1986.
  • Box-folder Home 5-3
  • Box-folder Home 5-4
    Pieces to Write: Texas Q-Sakharaov.
  • Box-folder Home 5-5
    Soviet Rescue Mission.
  • Box-folder Home 5-6
  • Box-folder Home 5-7
    Sudarshan Talk.
  • Box-folder Home 5-8
    REM Summary of accomplishments.
  • Box-folder Home 5-9
    Newspaper clippings.
  • Box-folder Home 5-10
    Conferences, agendas.
  • Box-folder Home 5-11
    Notes, transparancies.
  • Box-item Home 5-Magazines
    9 issues of: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (July 1992-January 1993); Issues in Science and Technology (Winter 1989-1990-Fall 1990); Science (December 1992); Physics Today (November 1992); Current Science (July 1992).
Box Floor, 1980 Blacksburg Workshop
  • Box-item Floor-1
    "Weak Interaction as Probes of Unification," extensive work from the proceedings of a VPI workshop, 1980; correspondence from Janet Manning, George Collins.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 1
    Invitations to participants from VPI; chairmen and speakers; to banquets.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 2
    Articles and papers.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 3
    List of names of the theorists who sent manuscripts; list of those invited; post card replies.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 4
    Preliminary programs and programs for workshop, 1980.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 5
    List of names of participants, including arrivals and departures, lodgings, correspondence from Lynn Kesler.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 6
    Workshop replies.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 7
    Invitations and list of invited participants.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 8
    Participant's list.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 9
    T. Goldman; Barger Discussion; Session IIA, 1A discussion.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 10
    Greenberg: papers.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 11
    R. Davis: Session IIA, 1.b (experimental).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 12
    Huang: Session IIA, 3.b.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 13
    N. Chang: Session IB, 2.c (theory).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 14
    W. Manciano: Session IB, 2.b (theory).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 15
    Biedenharn (discussion): Session IID, 3.c.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 16
    V. Barger: Session IIA, 1.a.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 17
    T. Kamae: Session IC, 2.c (experimental).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 18
    R. Mischke: Session IIA, 1.c (experimental).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 19
    R. Peccei: Session ID, 2.e.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 20
    Raffi: experiment.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 21
    P. Rosen: Session 2B, 1.d.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 22
    L. Trueman: Session ID, 3.c.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 23
    Zee: Session IIC, 3.a.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 24
    F. Avignone: Session IA, 1.c.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 25
    Sat AM copies: Perl, Weinberg, Nambu, Ginsey, Veltman, Mohapatra.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 26
    Sudanshan (discussion): Session IIC, 3.a.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 25
    M. Beg: Session IID, 3.b.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 26
    Anderson: Session IC, 2.c (discussion).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 27
    R. Shrock: Session IIA, 1.c (theoretical).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 28
    Srednicki: Session IID, 3.b.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 29
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 30
    M. Turner: Session IIA, 1.b (theoretical).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 31
    Turner: Session IC, 2.d.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 32
    H. Tye: Session ID, 3.b (theory).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 33
    Wali: Session IIC, 3.a.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 34
    Scientific papers and notes.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 35
    C. S. Wu: Session IA, 1.a.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 36
    Yao: Session IIC, 3.a.
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 37
    Tasue: submission?
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelope 38
    G. Young: Session IC, 2.c (experiment).
  • Box-folder Floor-Envelopes 39 to 45
    Scientific notes and paeprs used at the workshop.
  • Box-item Floor-Tapes 1-12
    Talks from the workshop.
Box 100 - Books, Pamphlets, Bound Reports, etc.
  • Box-item 100-1
    Rotblat, J. Scientist in the Quest for Peace. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1972.
  • Box-item 100-2
    Congres International sur le Rayonnement Cosmique, 1953.
  • Box-item 100-3
    Fujii, A. The Relativistic Quantum Theory of Elementary Particle Interactions. Lectures given by P. T. Matthews, 1957.
  • Box-item 100-4
    Conferenza Internazionale sulle particelle elementari e XLI Congresso Nazionale die Fisica, 1955.
  • Box-item 100-5
    Proceedings of the First Anniversary Symposium. In honor of R. E. Marshak, January 14-16, 1963.
  • Box-item 100-6
    Klaw, Spencer. The New Brahmins Sc ietific Life in America. New York: William Morrow & Company, 1968.
  • Box-item 100-7
    Cheng, Ta-Pei and Ling-Fong Le. Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physics.
  • Box-item 100-8
    Marshak, R. E. Lectures on Weak Interaction. Matscience Report 10. Notes prepared by T. K. Radha and K. Raman.
  • Box-item 100-9
    International Conference on Mesona and Recently Discovered Particles. Padova-Venezia, 1957.
  • Box-item 100-10
    Columbia College Tomorrow. Special Report prepared by the Association of Alumni of Columbia College, 1969.
  • Box-item 100-11
    Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs. India, January 13-19, 1976.
  • Box-item 100-12
    International Conference on Theoretical Physics, Abstract Book, Section A. Kyoto and Tokyo, 1953.
  • Box-item 100-13
    Neutrino '72, Europhysics Conference. Volume II. Hungary, June 11-17, 1972.
  • Box-item 100-14
    Neutrino '72, Europhysics Conference. Volume I. Hungary, June 11-17, 1972.
Miscellaneous Box
  • Box-item Misc.-1
    Yellow notepad.
  • Box-item Misc.-2
    Correspondence from Bookworm & Silverfish for appraisal of manuscript collection, 1990.
  • Box-item Misc.-3
    Letters from Robert Oppenheimer (1953), Albert Einstein (1953), Simon Sonkin (1941), Abdus Salam (1955).
  • Box-item Misc.-4
    Summary of REM Papers at Special Collections.
  • Box-item Misc.-5
  • Box-folder Misc.-1
    Copy of Rochester Conference article.
  • Box-folder Misc.-2
    16 photographs.
  • Box-folder Misc.-3
    Robert E. Marshak Collection Inventory (1994?).
  • Box-folder Misc.-4
    Oral history transcript-Part I & II.
Folder 1
Oversize Folder
  • Architects of Modern Physics poster: photograph on poster displays the "delegates to the fifth of the series of international congresses on physics." For each of the 29 scientists, there is also a description of their education and accomplishments.
  • Institue Interuniversitaire des Sciences Nucleaires: Robert E. Marshak..."The Charge Independence Hypethesis in Nuclear Physics," 1954.
  • Photograph of the International Institute of Physics and Chemistry, XVIII, 1982.
  • Photograph of the Instituts Internationaux de Physique et de Chimie Fondes par E. Solvay, 1967.
  • Folio of Cinquantenaire due Premier Conseil de Physique Solvay, 1911-1961.
  • Broadside: Italian Physical Society, International School of Physics...Summer Course to be held in Varenna, Lake Como, 1954.