A Guide to the Architectural League of New York: Archive of Women in Architecture Records, 1948-1977 Architectural League of New York: Archive of Women in Architecture Records Ms2005-016

A Guide to the Architectural League of New York: Archive of Women in Architecture Records, 1948-1977

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Architectural League of New York: Archive of Women in Architecture Records, 1948-1977
Physical Characteristics
4 boxes, 4 oversize folders; 4.0 cu. ft.
Architectural League of New York
The Architectural League of New York created the Archive of Women in Architecture collection in 1973 to gather biographical and project data about women professionals in the field of architecture and other related disciplines. This information was used to create a 1977 exhibition and the book, Women in American Architecture: A Historic and Contemporary Perspective, edited by Susana Torre.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Collection is open to research.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish material from the Architectural League of New York: Archive of Women in Architecture Records must be obtained from the Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Preferred Citation

Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Architectural League of New York: Archive of Women in Architecture Records, Ms2005-016, Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The Architectural League of New York: Archive of Women in Architecture Records were donated to the International Archive of Women in Architecture at the Special Collections by the creator in 2002.

Processing Information

Processing, arrangement and description of the Architectural League of New York: Archive of Women in Architecture took place in June and July of 2005. Minor revisions occurred in June 2006.

Historical Information

The Architectural League of New York is a non-profit organization that sponsors exhibitions, research studies, and projects that explore ideas in architecture and related art and design fields. The ALNY promotes excellence and innovation in architecture and urbanism by broadening the knowledge of these fields and communicating the importance of architecture in public life.

In 1973 the ALNY founded the Archive of Women in Architecture as a means to gather data about the careers of women in the field of architecture and other design professions. The project was made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and contributions from CBS, Inc., IBM Corporation, and Harry Winston, Inc. The archive committee consisted of Susana Torre, Coordinator, Phyllis Birkby, Regi Goldberg, Marjorie Hoog, Naomi Leff, Dimon Liu, Mimi Lobell, and Marita O'Hare.

In September of that year, the Archive began a national survey to collect both biographical and project data from women working in the profession. Committee members sent a form letter to women architects describing the archive and its mission, along with both a biographical worksheet and a project worksheet. At this time, Archive committee members also collected information about women who were no longer practicing architects in 1973. From the information gathered for the Archive, a 1977 exhibition and a book, Women in American Architecture: A Historic and Contemporary Perspective, were produced. The Archive of Women in Architecture ceased to collect material after this date.

Scope and Content

The Architectural League of New York: Archive of Women in Architecture collection consists mainly of copies of the form letters sent out by the Archive in 1973 and completed biographical worksheets, project worksheets, and other materials sent by women in reply to the solicitation. The form letter described the archive and its mission and was accompanied by a biographical worksheet and a project worksheet. The biographical worksheet includes information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone, education, awards, fellowships, grants, registration status, professional affiliations, work experience, areas of special interest and additional pertinent data. The project worksheet includes information such as project title, project category, project description, project data, participation in projects, and a place to list what media was submitted to the archive. Acceptable forms of project media included photos, photocopies, 35mm slides and written material not exceeding 8.5 x 11" when folded.

The amount of information about each woman architect in this collection varies because the selection of the materials was left to the judgment of the individual who submitted them. Some folders contain only a copy of the form letter from the Archive, while others include articles written by or about women, or photographs or blueprints of projects. If the folder title indicates "architectural projects," material includes an AWA project worksheet with supporting documentation of the projects, such as photos, slides or written information. If the folder title indicates "architectural drawings," the folder includes some form of architectural plans that accompany supporting documentation.

The collection also includes several publications that were donated to the Archive that deal specifically with working women, women in architecture, and architectural trends. Articles and booklets were retained in the collection, while full published works were cataloged individually. Removed items are listed below under Separated Items.


This collection is arranged into two series. Most material is stored in legal size folders, but some oversized material is stored in a flat box (Box 4) and in oversize folders.

Series I, Records of Individuals, contains material about women architects arranged alphabetically by last name. It includes some oversized architectural plans.

Series II, General Information about Women and Architecture, is arranged chronologically by date of publication.

Related Material

Additional material related to the 1977 exhibition and book Women in American Architecture is found in another IAWA collection, the Susana Torre Architectural Papers, 1976-2000, Ms90-016.

Separated Material

These publications were cataloged separately in the Addison library catalog, and are available through the Special Collections Reading Room:


Curran, June. Drawing Plans for Your Own Home. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1976. Call number NA7115 .C87 1976

Cutler, Laurence S., and Sherrie Stephens Cutler. System Ecologic: Phase II. Cambridge, Mass., 1973. Call number TH1000.C98 S9 1973

Hosken, Fran P. The Language of Cities. New York: Macmillan, 1972. Call number HT153 .H65 1972

Kutsenkow, F. Corinne, Florence Carr Randall, and James J. Jones. Voices of Earth: Man's Environment. San Francisco: Leswing Communications, 1971. Call number GF48.K8 1971

Perriand, Charlotte. Charlotte Perriand: Interior Equipment. New York: Architectural League of New York, 1997. Call number NK2004.3.P47 C43 1997


New York Cultural Center and Women in the Arts. Women Choose Women: January 12 - February 18, 1973. New York: New York Cultural Center, 1973. Call number N6512 .W59 1973

Contents List

Series I: Records of Individuals
  • Box-folder 1:1
    Armstrong, Leslie: Curriculum vitae and architectural projects, 1972-1974
  • Oversize 1
    Aycock, Alice: Williams College project, 1975
  • Box-folder 1:2
    Batorewicz, Valerie: Architectural projects, 1967-1974
  • Box-folder 1:3
    Bauer, Catherine: Short biography
  • Box-folder 1:4
    Beecher, Catharine: Short biography
  • Box-folder 1:5
    Bennett, Rachelle: Firm brochure
  • Box-folder 1:6
    Berke, Judy: Project plans for the Penn residence
  • Box-folder 1:7
    Berkeley, Ellen Perry: Articles, 1966-1974
  • Box-folder 1:8
    Berkley, Sheila: Photographs of sculptures, 1973
  • Box-folder 1:9
    Bertrand, Wendy: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 1:10
    Bethune, Louise: Research notes collected by the archive
  • Box-folder 1:11
    Birkby, Noel Phyllis: Photographs of studio built for David Jacobs
  • Box-folder 1:12
    Blackburn, M. Jane: Resume
  • Box-folder 1:13
    Blackwell, Linda: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 1:14
    Blaumanis, Dace: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 1:15
    Boutelle, Sara: Archive letter to Boutelle
  • Box-folder 1:16
    Bowers, Garland T: Project information for Fonticello Gardens residential development, 1956-1974
  • Box-folder 1:17
    Boyer, India: Biographical worksheet
  • Boyer, Mary-Louise
    • Box-folder 1:18
      Architectural projects, 1967-1974
    • Box-folder 4:1
      Architectural projects, 1970
  • Box-folder 1:19
    Brady, Constance L.: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:20
    Bradley, Susan: Correspondence
  • Box-folder 1:21
    Bregy, Carol: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 1:22
    Bresnan, Adrienne Green: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:23
    Browning, Andrea: Architectural drawings, 1972-1974
  • Box-folder 1:24
    Broz, Rose Aimee: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:25
    Bruck, Phoebe: Biographical worksheet and resume
  • Box-folder 1:26
    Brudno, Ann: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:27
    Burbank, Gertrude S.: Resume
  • Box-folder 1:28
    Bzik, Ann: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:29
    Campas, Anna: Architectural project, 1969-1973
  • Box-folder 1:30
    Celinska, Maria: Article, 1972
  • Box-folder 1:31
    Chadeayne, Olive: Architectural projects, 1973-1976
  • Box-folder 1:32
    Chafee, Judith: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:33
    Chase, Elizabeth: Student work, 1970-1973
  • Box-folder 1:34
    Chatfield-Taylor, Adele: Article, 1973
  • Chatfield, Ayla K.: Architectural projects
    • Box-folder 1:35
    • Box-folder 1:36
    • Box-folder 1:37
  • Box-folder 1:38
    Ch'en, Lena: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:39
    Christoffer, Margaret: Biographical information
  • Box-folder 1:40
    Close, Elizabeth: Architectural projects, 1941-1974
  • Box-folder 1:41
    Coblentz, Dorothy: Biographical information
  • Box-folder 1:42
    Coit, Elisabeth: Architectural projects, 1931-1963
  • Box-folder 1:43
    Collins, Grace: Form letter
  • Conway, Patricia
    • Box-folder 1:44
      Articles and Mass Transit project materials, 1965-1970
    • Box-folder 1:45
      Master's thesis, "Street Life: A Photo Essay,"1972
    • Box-folder 1:46
      Journal articles, 1973
    • Box-folder 1:47
      Plan description for Morgan's Run residential development, 1974
    • Oversize 2
      Morgan's Run development site plans, 1974
  • Box-folder 1:48
    Coplans, Patricia: Architectural projects, 1968-1972
  • Box-folder 1:49
    Crawford, Mary Ann: Application to American Insitute of Architects (AIA), 1949
  • Box-folder 1:50
    Curran, June: Architectural drawings, 1960-1970
  • Box-folder 1:51
    Cutler, Sherrie Stephens: Resume and office brochure, 1974
  • Box-folder 1:52
    Dabby, Stella: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:53
    Davis-Lakeman, Sandra: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 1:54
    de Bretteville, Shelia: Correspondence
  • Box-folder 1:55
    DiFate, Helen: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:56
    Donaldson, Ellen: Resume
  • Box-folder 1:57
    Driskel, Jean: Architectural projects, 1972-1974
  • Dry, Carolyn
    • Box-folder 1:58
      Student work, 1966-1968
    • Box-folder 1:59
      Plans for Como Elementary School and art work, 1970-1973
  • Box-folder 1:60
    DuBose, Meda: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:61
    Duerk, Donna: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 1:62
    Duke, Katherine: Architectural projects, 1970-1973
  • Box-folder 1:63
    Duncombe, A. Jane: Architectural projects, 1956-1974
  • Box-folder 1:64
    Dunning, Ann: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 1:65
    Durr, Ruth: Form letter
  • Box-folder 1:66
    Easton, Merle: Architectural project for a school, 1970
  • Box-folder 1:67-68
    Edelman, Judith: Architectural projects, 1960-1974
  • Box-folder 2:1
    Fisher, Jan: Form Letter
  • Box-folder 2:2
    Forrest (Watson), Claire: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:3
    Frank, Suzanne: Print of article based on doctoral dissertation, "Michel de Klerk's Designs for Amsterdam's Spaarndammerburt," in Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, ca. 1968
  • Box-folder 2:4
    French, Helen: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:5
    Friedman, Beatrice: Book photocopy, Better Housing for the Family, by Beatrice S. Friedman. New York: Women's City Club of New York, 1948
  • Box-folder 2:6
    Geise, Carolyn: Form letter
  • Box-folder 2:7
    Gerevitz, Rina: Resume
  • Box-folder 2:8
    Glanz, Amy: Form letter
  • Box-folder 2:9
    Glynn, Margaret: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:10
    Goldberg, Regi: Resume
  • Box-folder 2:11
    Goldschmidt, Gabriela: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:12
    Goldstein, Carol: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:13
    Gray, Wanda C.: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:14
    Green, Susan: Form letter
  • Box-folder 2:15
    Greenwald, Audrey: Firm brochure
  • Box-folder 2:16
    Griffin, Marion Mahony: Article, ca. 1972
  • Box-folder 2:17
    Hagen, Carol: Form letter
  • Box-folder 2:18
    Hall (Johnson), Jane: Biographical worksheet and firm brochure
  • Box-folder 2:19
    Halsband, Frances: Architectural project, 1966-1973
  • Hann, Marlys
    • Box-folder 2:20
      Articles, 1971-1973
    • Box-folder 2:21-22
      Preliminary design of the RCA Management Conference Center, 1974
    • Box-folder 4:2
      RCA Management Conference Center drawings and plans, 1974
    • Box-folder 2:23
      RCA Conference Center design, 1974-1975
  • Harkness, Sarah Pillsbury
    • Box-folder 2:24
      Biographical worksheet and articles, 1965-1974
    • Box-folder 2:25
      Architectural projects, 1968-1973
  • Haigh, Pamela
    • Box-folder 2:26
      Biographical worksheet
    • Box-folder 2:27
      Booklet, Ramapo Mountain: A New Community in Mahwah, New Jersey, by Garden Cities Development Corp., 1972
  • Box-folder 2:28
    Hayden, Delores: Form letter
  • Box-folder 2:29
    Hayden, Sophia: Research notes collected by the archive about the Women's Building at the 1891 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago
  • Box-folder 2:30
    Heller, Catherine: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:31
    Hemenway, Audrey: Article about ecological sculpture
  • Box-folder 2:32
    Herriman, Rosalin: Form letter
  • Box-folder 2:33
    Hersh, Anne: Architectural projects, 1970-1974
  • Box-folder 2:34
    Hitchcock, Charlotte: Architectural projects, 1975
  • Box-folder 2:35
    Hodgdon, Rosaria: Curriculum vitae, 1975
  • Box-folder 2:36
    Homsey, Victorine: Articles, 1966
  • Box-folder 2:37
    Hosken, Fran P.: Curriculum vitae and articles, 1970-1975
  • Box-folder 2:38
    Howe, Lois: Bibliography and project list
  • Box-folder 2:39
    Jacknis, Marlene: Master's thesis, "United Nations Expansion, Manhattan,"1971
  • Box-folder 2:40
    Johanson, Patricia: Booklet, Some Approaches to Landscape, Architecture, and the City,1972
  • Johnson, Carol R.
    • Box-folder 2:41
      Biographical worksheet and firm brochure
    • Box-folder 2:42
      Architectural projects, including Lowell Model Cities program, 1972
  • Box-folder 2:43
    Johnson, Carolyn: Biographical worksheet and Women in Architecture: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Sources of Information, ca. 1973
  • Box-folder 2:44
    Johnson, Jane Hasting: Form letter
  • Box-folder 2:45
    Johnson, Olive: Biographical worksheet
  • Kasuba, Aleksandra
    • Box-folder 2:46
      Architectural projects, 1972
    • Box-folder 4:3
      Plans for Manhattan Community Rehabilitation Center
  • Box-folder 2:47
    Kagan, Ellen B.: Paper, "Brasilia, New Capital in the Wilderness,"1974
  • Box-folder 2:48
    Kerbis, Gertrude Lempp: Biographical worksheet and architectural projects
  • Kiaulenas, Vassia
    • Box-folder 2:49
      Architectural projects, including Kiaulenas Museum House, 1970
    • Box-folder 2:50
      Architectural projects, 1973
  • Box-folder 2:51
    King, Isabel: Resume
  • Box-folder 2:52
    Klein, Judy Graf: Architectural projects, 1973-1974
  • Knowles, Alison
    • Box-folder 2:53
      Resume and project worksheets, 1968-1972
    • Box-folder 4:4
      Computer printout list for project "A House of..."
  • Box-folder 2:54
    Kozak, Mary: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:55
    Kramer, Etel Thea: Architectural projects, 1964-1973
  • Kutsenkow, F. Corinne
    • Box-folder 2:56
      Resume and article, 1973
    • Box-folder 2:57
      Play manuscript, Chiaroscuro
    • Box-folder 2:58
      Master's thesis, "Children and Architecture,"1949
  • Box-folder 2:59
    Laleyan, Marie: Architectural projects, 1969-1974
  • Box-folder 2:60
    Langhorst, Lois: Biographical worksheet
  • Largent, Margie
    • Box-folder 2:61
      Architectural projects, 1961-1974
    • Oversize 3
      Architectural drawings
  • Box-folder 2:62
    Lawrence, Megan: Form letter
  • Box-folder 2:63
    League, Ellamae Ellis: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:64
    Lee, Deborah: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 2:65
    Lepp, Maxine: Architectural project
  • Box-folder 2:66
    Lichtblau, Lucy: Biographical worksheet
  • Lobell, Mimi
    • Box-folder 3:1
      Resume and articles
    • Box-folder 4:5
      Articles by Lobell about architecture, 1974-1975
  • Box-folder 3:2
    Lombana, Elvira: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:3
    Long, Mary Jane: Biographical worksheet and architectural project
  • Box-folder 3:4
    Lucey, Lenore: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:5
    Macko, Helen: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:6
    Malloy, Dolores: Architectural projects, 1966-1972
  • Box-folder 3:7
    Marriott, Bett Kniseley: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 3:8
    Martini, Elisabeth: Biographical worksheet and article, 1971
  • Box-folder 3:9
    Maurer, Laurie: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:10
    Mazwell, Linda: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:11
    McAvoy, Amy: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 3:12
    McCormick, Ann Marie: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:13
    McManus, Anne: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 3:14
    Merz, Mary: Project information for Creek Bend Heights residential development
  • Box-folder 3:15
    Miao, Nancy: Architectural projects
  • Box-folder 3:16
    Miller, Nory: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:17
    Milligan, Carina: Articles about Connecticut architects, 1974-1975
  • Box-folder 3:18
    Miss, Mary: Plans for a sunken pool, 1974
  • Box-folder 3:19
    Moore, Kathrin: Architectural projects
  • Box-folder 3:20
    Moore, Sandra: Class materials
  • Box-folder 3:21
    Morgan, Julia: Research notes collected by the archive
  • Box-folder 3:22
    Moser-Khalili, Moira: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:23
    Moynahan, Elizabeth: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:24
    Muir, Edla: Architectural projects
  • Box-folder 3:25
    Murawski, Lucille: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:26
    Myers, Mary: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:27
    Myhrum, Maglet: Form letter
  • Box-folder 3:28
    Neski, Barbara: Articles, 1968-1973
  • Box-folder 3:29
    Newburgh, Selma: Architectural projects, 1967-1973
  • Box-folder 3:30
    Newman, Judith York: Articles, 1965-1976
  • Box-folder 3:31
    Newton, Jean: Form letter
  • O'Brien, D. Susan
    • Box-folder 3:32
      Biographical worksheet and proposed projects
    • Box-folder 3:33
      Architectural projects, 1968-1970
    • Box-folder 3:34
      Architectural projects, 1971-1974
    • Box-folder 3:35
      Campus development plan for Texas Christian University, 1973
    • Box-folder 3:36
      Interim Design Report to the National Museums of Canada and the National Capital Commission on an Investigation of Housing the NMC in the Proposed Cultural Bridge, 1973
    • Box-folder 4:6
      Plans for Tarrant County Junior College Northwest, 1973
    • Oversize 4
      Architectural drawings, 1971-1974
  • Box-folder 3:37
    Paine, Judith: Resume and research notes on women architects, 1974
  • Box-folder 3:38
    Peddle, Juliet: Resume
  • Box-folder 3:39
    Perkins, Ruth: Application to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), 1949
  • Box-folder 3:40
    Pierce, Irene: Architectural projects
  • Box-folder 3:41
    Polsak, Sandra: Project information and development plan for MUND, the Model Urban Neighborhood Demonstration program in Baltimore, 1969
  • Box-folder 3:42
    Ramati, Raquel: Article, 1974
  • Box-folder 3:43
    Scott Brown, Denise: Curriculum vitae and articles
  • Box-folder 3:44
    Siris (Coombs), Jane: Architectural projects, 1973
  • Box-folder 3:45
    Vinciarelli, Lauretta: Biographical worksheet
  • Box-folder 3:46
    Willis, Beverly: Resume and architectural project
  • Box-folder 3:47
    Yowell, Linda: "Housing Goals and Policy Planning: The Mitchell-Lama Program in New York City, "1973
Series II: General Information about Women and Architecture
  • Box-folder 4:7
    Ladies Home Journal, July 1892
  • Box-folder 4:8
    Los Angeles Times, Home Section, featuring Women in Architecture, January 23, 1955 (complete original section)
  • Box-folder 3:48
    Los Angeles Times, Home Section, January 23, 1955 (copies of arcticles)

    Shows work by Jean Driskel, Lucille Raport, Olive Chadeayne, and Lutah Maria Riggs

  • Box-folder 3:49
    Booklet, The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, 1972-1974
  • Box-folder 3:50
    Progressive Architecture, August 1974
  • Box-folder 3:51
    Booklet, Rockefeller Family Fund Report,1974
  • Box-folder 3:52
    "Answers from Women Architects" in House & Garden Remodeling Guide,Spring-Summer 1974, 136-151.

    Shows work by Leslie Armstrong, Kirsten Childs, Susan Bragstad, Judith York Newman, Nancy Copely, Carol Bain, Judith Edelman, and Astra Zarina

  • Box-folder 3:53
    Advertisement for Women's Organizations and Leaders Directory, 1975
  • Box-folder 3:54
    Journal of Long Island History, Vol. XI, No. 2 Spring 1975
  • Box-folder 3:55
    Directory of the Alliance of Women in Architecture, August 1975
  • Box-folder 3:56
    Progressive Architecture featuring Women in Architecture, March 1977
  • Box-folder 3:57
    "Why Have There Been No Great Women Architects?" by Elena Bortein, in womanart, Vol. 1, No. 4, Spring/Summer 1977
  • Box-folder 3:58
    Women's Building calendar and program for Women's Caucus for Art, ca. 1977
  • Box-folder 4:9
    Poster, Women in Architectural Symposium at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Box-folder 3:59
    "Columbus, Indiana: Architecture and the Quality of Life" by Elmer H. Johnson, from cultures, Vol. 1, No. 2
  • Box-folder 3:60
    Requests for use of the Archive of Women in Architecture, 1974-1976