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A Guide to the Lindsay West Papers, 1975-1996

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Lindsay West Papers 1975-1996
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Lindsay West

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Biographical/Historical Information

Lindsay Butte West (born 1934) was a member of the Montgomery County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors from 1976-1987. One of six new supervisors elected in 1976, she was the first woman elected to the Board. She was vice-chair in 1976-1977 and chair in 1979-80 and 1986-87.

Taking a particular interest in human service and environmental and land-use issues, West represented the Board of Supervisors on the Montgomery County Social Services Board, the New River Community Action Board, and the Montgomery County Public Service Authority (1982-1989; chair, 1984-1985). Shortly after she was elected, West led an unsuccessful effort to reverse the decision of the previous Board to tear down the historic Montgomery County Courthouse building in Christiansburg.

While on the Board of Supervisors, West also served on the state Local Government Advisory Council (1981-1985) and the Local Government Advisory Committee of the Governor's Commission of Transportation (1986- 1987). She was Chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee from 1988-1997 and has been active in a variety of other community organizations and causes in Montgomery County, including the restoration of the Lyric Theater in Blacksburg. She also served on the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library Blacksburg Branch Building Committee in 1990. Lindsay West was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1934 and grew up in New York. She earned a B.A. from Radcliff College in 1956 and moved to Blacksburg in 1962.


Gina Beasley, "Lindsay West: Long Live the Lyric," Western Waters, Winter 2002, 40.

Scope and Content Information

The Lindsay West Papers span the years 1975-1996. The bulk of the collection is comprised of subject files West kept while she was serving on the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors in southwest Virginia. These files contain inter- and intra- office county government correspondence and memos, legal opinions, government documents, reports and studies, many of which include maps; and clippings. Most of the correspondence and documents are photocopies of county government documents distributed by the county staff to each member of the Board. The papers document Montgomery County government during a period of rapid growth and change in the New River Valley. Subjects include: annexation actions, the proposed Ingles Mountain Landfill in Radford, a proposed alternate for Route 460, and a proposal to develop a shopping mall along Route 460.

The collection also contains records documenting the following entities: New River Community Action, the New River Valley Workshop, and the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library Board Blacksburg Library Building Committee, including a poster announcing the dedication of the new building in 1996.


The papers are arranged into the following series: Montgomery County Board of Supervisors (the bulk of the collection), Local Government Advisory Committee to the Commission on Transportation in the Twenty- First Century, Montgomery - Floyd Regional Library Board Blacksburg Area Branch Building Committee, New River Community Action, New River Valley Workshop, Virginia Tech Horticulture Farm Rezoning Request Review Committee, Speeches and Writings, and Personal Papers (two folders comprised primarily of clippings).

Index Terms


  • West, Lindsay Butte (born 1934)
  • Subjects:

  • Blacksburg (Va.)
  • Local/Regional History and Appalachian South
  • Montgomery County (Va.)
  • University Archives
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Contents List

Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, 1975-1987
Box-folder: 1:1-2:8

This series is arranged into the following subseries: Minutes, Subject Files, and Legal Cases. It is comprised primarily of subject files.

  • Box-folder 1:1-1:5
    Minutes, Reports, and Agendas, August-October 1984

    Photocopies of agendas and minutes from Montgomery County Board of Supervisors meetings; includes copies of related correspondence and county documents pertaining to items on the meeting agendas.

  • Box-folder 1:6-2:6
    Oversize folder 1
    Subject Series, 1975-1987

    This subseries is comprised of subject files kept by Lindsay West in the course of her work as a member of the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors between 1975 and 1987. The files contain photocopies of correspondence, memoranda, and documents that were distributed to members of the Board of Supervisors; reports, studies, publications, clippings, and other materials. Some of the materials include notes made by West.

    Alphabetical by subject. Oversize materials are stored in map case drawer RR11.

    • Box-folder 1:6
      Accounting manual, county-government, 1980
    • Box-folder 1:7
      Annexation Report, 1985

      Memo outlining legal issues raised by annexation proceedings involving Radford and Christiansburg and a possible attempt by Blacksburg to attempt to seek city status.

    • Box-folder 1:8-9
      Blacksburg City Status, 1977-1983

      Copies of correspondence with County Administrator Betty Thomas, data on Blacksburg schools, Montgomery County social services, a 1977 city- status study, clippings, and other documents pertaining to a possible attempt by Blacksburg to seek city status.

    • Box-folder 1:10
      Blacksburg, Goals for, 1975

      Planning Department proposal to involve citizens in discussion of planning issues.

    • Box-folder 11
      Blacksburg, Government Structures Committee, Report of, 1976
    • Box-folder 1:12
      Blacksburg, Government Structure Committee, Subcommittee on Education, 1975

      Survey and summary of findings.

    • Box-folder 1:13-1:14
      Blacksburg in the '80s: Citizens Planning for Tomorrow, 1980-1981
      2 folders

      Correspondence, minutes, reports, and other materials documenting a commission established by the Blacksburg Town Council to encourage citizen participation in town planning.

    • Box-folder 1:15
      Oversize folder 1
      Blacksburg Library Building, 1979-1980
      Physical Location: Blueprint stored in RR11.

      Documents, correspondence, blueprint, and reports pertaining to construction of a library building for the Blacksburg branch of the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library.

    • Box-folder 1:16
      Capital Improvements Program Committee, 1977-1978
    • Box-folder 1:17
      Christiansburg Land Sludge Disposal Plan, 1983

      Includes copies of the draft plan and request for approval and correspondence pertaining to the request.

    • Box-folder 1:18
      Christiansburg-Montgomery County Settlement Agreement, 1987

      Materials include a Statement of Response from Ann Hess, Supervisor, District B; correspondence, clippings and maps pertaining to the agreement between Christiansburg and Montgomery County regarding annexation and implementation of systematic provision of utility service.

      • Oversize 2
        Map Exhibits, Montgomery County Annexation Proceedings, 1986

        Maps illustrating effects of proposed annexation on the provision of local government services.

      • Oversize 1
        Maps of the Town of Christiansburg and Environs showing existing land use for proposed annexation area, 1987
        7 maps
    • Box-folder 19
      Harman Farms/Yellow Sulphur Springs, 1976

      Documents pertaining to a request on the part of Harman Farms for an amendment to the zoning ordinance and a conditional-use permit.

    • Box-folder 1:20
      Legal Issues (miscellaneous), 1979-1986

      Memos and correspondence from County Attornies Roy Thorpe and Paul Mahoney with analysis of legal issues of concern to the Board of Supervisors.

    • Box-folder 1:21-1:22
      Oversize 1
      Montgomery County Courthouse Renovation, 1975-1979
      Physical Location: Oversize materials in RR 11.

      Correspondence, documents, blueprints and drawings pertaining to the proposed renovation of the Montgomery County Courthouse.

    • Box-folder 1:23
      Montgomery County Museum, 1984

      Documents pertaining to construction of the museum.

    • Box-folder 1:24
      Montgomery County Public Service Authority, Agreement with the Town of Christiansburg, 1977

      Contract, agreement, and other documents pertaining to the water agreement between the Town of Christiansburg and Montgomery County.

    • Box-folder 1:25-26
      Montgomery Shopping Mall, 1978
      2 folders

      Development proposal, memo from County Administrator regarding the proposal, and a traffic-impact study.

    • Box-folder 1:27
      "The New and Little: A River Access Study," by Edward M. DeTrude, Jr., Mike Birchner, and Tom Bain, Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Department, 1985
    • Box-folder 1:28
      New River Resource Authority, 1985


    • Box-folder 1:29
      New River Valley Planning District, Grant to Western Virginia EMS Council, 1979

      Report summarizing grant.

    • Box-folder 1:30-1:36
      Radford, City of, 1984-1986
      7 folders
      • Box-folder 1:30
        Montgomery County Statement and Answer to Radford City Council, 1985-1986

        Documents pertaining to negotiations over sewage treatment, erosion, and a proposed landfill.

      • Box-folder 1:31
        Radford Annexation, 1986

        Documents pertaining to the Montgomery County Annexation Case.

      • Box-folder 1:32
        Proposed Settlement Agreement, City of Radford and Montgomery County, 1986
      • Box-folder 1:33-1:36
        Oversize 1
        Ingles Mountain Landfill (proposed), 1985-1986
        Physical Location: Oversize map stored in RR 11.
        4 folders and 1 oversize map

        Reports, staff analysis, correspondence, clippings, and topographic base map showing site of the proposed Ingles Mountain Landfill.

    • Box-folder 1:37-1:38
      Roanoke River Upper Basin Public Assistance Committee, 1978-1985
      2 folders

      Correspondence, memoranda, clippings, and reports, including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Plan of Study for the Roanoke River Upper Basin.

      • Oversize 2
        Planning Brochure, Roanoke River Upper Basin, Virginia Water Resources Study, 1979
        Physical Location: RR 11

        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report; includes conceptual and topographic maps.

    • Box-folder 2:1-4
      Route 460 Alternate (proposed), and Blacksburg to Roanoke Connector, 1986-1991

      Correspondence, clippings, studies, speeches and writings.

      • Box-folder 2:3
        Route 460 Corridor Study, Virginia Department of Transportation, 1990
      • Box-folder 2:4
        Blacksburg to Roanoke Connector, Pre-Hearing Publication, Virginia Department of Transportation, 1991
    • Box-folder 2:5
      Solar Energy Education and Research Center, 1984

      Correspondence and staff analysis of a proposal to build a facility for manufacturing solar homes.

  • Legal Cases, 1975-1977
    • Box-folder 2:7
      Allegheny Construction Company v. Graves Construction Company v. Montgomery County, 1977
    • Box-folder 2:8
      Peter C. Snyder v. Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, 1975
Commission on Transportation in the Twenty-First Century, Report of the Local Government Advisory Committee to the Commission, 1987
Box-folder: 2:9

Report and speech notes.

Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library Board, Blacksburg Area Branch Committee, 1969-1996
Box-folder: 2:10-2:11
Oversize folder: 1

Minutes, Building Program, Report on Collection/Circulation Statistics, Records documenting bond referendum, feasibility study, poster from building dedication, and map showing plot of property on Miller Street to be exchanged between the Town of Blacksburg and Charles N. Liskey.

New River Community Action, 1990-1992
Box-folder: 2:12

Report, by-laws, publications, journal of World Share visit to Celaya, Guanahuato.

New River Valley Workshop, Inc., 1989-1993
Box-folder: 2:13

Goals and Objectives, Long-Range Planning Document, financial statements, and report on New River Valley "Idea" Conference on Creating Spin-off Industries and Jobs Using Recoverable Materials from Solid Waste.

Virginia Tech Horticultural Farm, Re-zoning Request Review Committee, 1989-1990
Box-folder: 2:14
Personal Papers, 1987-1988
Box-folder: 2:15-2:16

Notes for remarks West made pertaining to a Democratic party meeting, the New River Community Council, and the library; and a file of photocopies of memos, correspondence, and other materials pertaining to a proposal to condemn a portion of Nellie's Cave Road.