A Guide to the Al Gross Papers 1909-2000 Gross, Al. Papers Ms2001-011

A Guide to the Al Gross Papers 1909-2000

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Al Gross Papers 1909-2000
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10 cubic feet, 21 boxes, 110 folders, 4 oversize boxes.

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Biographical/Historical Information

Al Gross was born in Toronto, Ontario but was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Known as the father of wireless communications, Gross invented the walkie-talkie in 1938 at age 20 and by 1941 the Office of Strategic Services (now known as the CIA) was eager to develop a lightweight, portable communications system for air-to-ground contact. The OSS recruited Gross and he devised the "Joan-Eleanor System" using Hertzian radio waves which were virtually impossible to intercept even from behind emeny lines. Gross' invention was a huge success and was praised by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff as being one of the most successful wireless intelligence gathering methods ever employed.

After the war, Gross formed the Citizens Radio Corporation and sold his units to the public, mostly to farmers and the US Coast Guard. In 1949 Gross had another breakthrough invention, the telephone pager. That same year Gross attended a medical conference in Philadelphia to introduce the pager system to doctors. Unfortunately, many of the doctors were apprehensious of the device stating it would interfere with their leisure time or upset their patients. The pager never caught on for Gross, proving he was decades ahead of his time.

Gross contined to invent for his entire lifespan, compiling 12 patents. But Gross' patents expired long before the world was ready for pagers, cell phones, and CB radio. Instead of reaping the monetary benefits of his inventions, Gross is rich in awards and recognitions. Most recently, Gross became the sixth person to be awarded the Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000. Eight months later on December 28, 2000, Gross died at his Arizona home.

Scope and Content Information

The Al Gross papers are comprised of the following series: Employment, Publications, Inventions and Patents, Awards and Achievements, Personal Material, Technical Data, Radio Material, Government, Subject Files, and Oversize Materials. The collection also includes Gross' book collection and electronic parts. This collection contains materials relating to the significant contributions Al Gross made in the advancement of wireless technology. The collection provides a detailed look at the evolution of the walkie-talkie from a weapon against the Axis Powers in World War II to its functional and convenient purposes today. Throughout the progression of wireless technology, Al Gross remained an integral part of designing and updating wireless devices such as cellular phones and pagers to its now diminutive form using microminituarization and other scientific methods.

The Employment series (1944-81, n.d.) contains detailed materials from his first companies such as the Citizens Radio Corporation, Gross Communications, and Royalcall - the first telephone pager company ever. With his contributions in the wireless field, Al Gross became well known worldwide in the wireless front and companies such as True Temper and GTE Sylvania hired Gross not only for his engineering skill but for public relations as well. One example is Gross appearing on the popular television show "To Tell the Truth" while he worked for True Temper. Photographs of Gross on "To Tell the Truth" are located in the Personal Material series (1918-2000, n.d.) which also includes material spanning from Gross' Junior High School to notes on retirement. Also included are correspondence letters, resumes, and personal certificates.

The Publications series (1945-2000, n.d.) contains a comprehensive list of articles written about Gross and his work as well as articles written by Gross himself. Other publications used primarily for reference are found in the Technical Data series (1943-99, n.d.). Highlighting the series are technical diagrams, charts, and manuals. More information on the work of Al Gross can be found in the Inventions and Patents series (1909-2000, n.d.). Included in the series is a comprehensive photo collection and early drawings of inventions such as the Antenna, Citizens Transceiver, and the wrist-watch walkie-talkie. Complementing the material are photocopied patents with descriptions.

The Government series (1937-90, n.d.) includes materials from the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which recruited Gross and his walkie-talkies in World War II. Also included are five folders from the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) which gave Gross the rights to the first "Citizens Radio Service" after World War II. The FCC also served as the distributor of radio licenses. Original and photocopied licenses of Gross can be found in the Radio Material series (1934-86, n.d.) which also includes material from his amateur radio station W8PAL such as a station log and data book.

Complementing his lifetime of work in the wireless field is a vast collection of recognitions found in the Awards, Achievements series (1959-2000, n.d.). The series includes eighteen different awards and recognitions Al Gross received including awards from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) of which he was a Fellow member. Other awards of Gross are found in boxes 16, 17, and 21. More information on the IEEE can be found in the Subject Files series (1947-96, n.d.) which includes theses, stock certificates, and material highlighting Gross' visit to Virginia Tech.

The Oversize Materials series consists of items such as his awards, blueprints, and original documents which were pulled from the other series as they were too large for inclusion with other items in the series. Key items highlighting the inventor's career are on permanent exhibit in Torgerson Hall.


This collection is arranged according to subject matter.

Contents List

Employment 1944-81, n.d.
  • Box-folder 1-1
    Stewart-Warner 1944-56, nd
  • Box-folder 1-2
    Royalcall 1944-76
  • Box-folder 1-3
    Gross Communications 1946-48
  • Box-folder 1-4-5
    Citizens Radio Corporation (2 folders) 1946-57, n.d.
  • Box-folder 1-6
    Gould Ocean Systems 1971-73
  • Box-folder 1-7
    True Temper 1976-81
  • Box-folder 1-8
    Sylvania 1977-78, n.d.
Publications 1945-2000, n.d.
  • Box-folder 2-1
    European Publications on Al Gross 1980-1993
    CB Illustrierte (March-April 1980) Germany
    Weekly Hibernia (March 3, 1980) Ireland
    Break-Break (July-August, 1980) The Netherlands
    NEI Bruce Peebles Newsletter (September, 1980) United Kingdom
    The Standard (November 2, 1981) London, England
    Daily Express (November 3, 1981) London, England
    The Daily Telegraph (November 3, 1981) London, England
    Sunday Independent (October 25, 1981) Dublin, Ireland
    Correo C.B. (1993) Spain
  • Box-folder 2-2
    Publications on Al Gross and his Inventions 1945-91
    The Saturday Evening Post (July 28, 1945)
    The "10-2" Copy (March 1977)
    The "10-2" Copy (April, 1977)
    Link/Gross - draft (July 13, 1978)
    Electronic Distributing Magazine (August, 1978)
    CB Magazine (October, 1978)
    CB Times (November, 1978)
    CB Magazine (June, 1979)
    Quarterly Journal - Radio Club of America (May, 1980)
    The Cannon Report (September, 1984)
    ITT Courier Dataline (February 8, 1985)
    Sperry Star (September, 1985)
    Western & Eastern Treasures (September, 1985)
    IEEE Spectrum (September, 1987)
    Mobile Radio Technology (November, 1991)
  • Box-folder 2-3-4
    Newspaper Articles (2 folders) 1946-2000, n.d.
  • Box-folder 2-5
    Publications written by Al Gross 1944-84, n.d.
    Basic Elements for High Effeciency VHF Oscillator (September 15, 1944)
    "Hints and Kinks of Relic Restoration," North South Trader (March-April, 1979)
    CB Radio and its First Cousins (original draft) (February 22, 1984)
    "Not Quite Flying Machines" (n.d.)
    "Earth Batteries" (n.d.)
  • Collected Publications 1946-2000
    • Box-folder 2-6-8
      General Magazines and Newsletters (3 folders) 1946-2000
      "Strange but True Football Stories" (1967)
      Electronics (April, 1946)
      Radio News Magazine (February, 1948)
      Civil War Times Illustrated (October, 1973)
      Civil War Times Illustrated (February, 1975)
      CB Views Newsletter (January, 1977)
      Consumer Electronics Show Daily (January 14, 1977)
      CB Scene (Popular Electronics, May 1977)
      CB Radio (July, 1977)
      Electronic Distributing (April, 1978)
      Electronic Distributing (April, 1979)
      Radio Electronics (October, 1979)
      FIR CB (Italy) (1984)
      Personal Communications (September, 1985)
      Western & Eastern Treasures (September, 1985)
      Popular Communications (June, 1991)
      Mobile Radio Technology (November 1991)
      Communications for Wireless Communications Professionals (September 1995)
      QCWA Journal (Fall 2000)
    • Box-folder 2-8-9
      Electronic Publications (2 folders) 1944-87, n.d.
      "Equivalent Circuits and Discontinuities in Transmission Lines" (February, 1944)
      "Coxial-Line Discontinuities" (November, 1944)
      "A Wide-Band Wattmeter for Wave Guide" Proceedings of the IRE and Wave and Electrons (October, 1946)
      "Printed Inductors and Capacitors" Tele-Tech & Electronic Industries (December, 1955)
      "Some Broad-Band Transformers" Proceedings of the IRE (August, 1959)
      "Let's standardize linear ICs" The Electronic Engineer (January, 1968)
      "A Practical Expanded Scale Milliohmmeter" Popular Electronics (October, 1970)
      "Ferromagnetic Loop Aerials" Wireless Engineer (April 27, 1971)
      "The Operational Amplifier" Popular Electronics (August, 1971)
      "Bill Orr on Antennas" (August, 1976)
      "How to Predict CB Radio Range" Popular Electronics (December 1976)
      "Build Three Low Cost CB Test Meters" Radio-Electronics (October, 1977)
      "Cellular System Design Using the Expansion Cell Layout Method" IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (May, 1984)
      "Small, High Efficiency Loop Antennas" (June, 1986)
      "Modular Design of Passive Components Improves System Performance" MSN & CT (February, 1986)
      "A Coordinate Conversion and SWR Nomogram" RF Design (April, 1986)
      "A High Performance VHF Crystal Oscillator Circuit" RF Design (March, 1987)
      "A Printed Circuit Stub Tuner for Microwave Integrated Circuits" IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (March, 1987)
      "Stable LC Oscillators" RF Design (March, 1987)
      "Analyzer Improvements Make Real-Time Antenna Tests Practical" MSN & CT (May 1987)
      "Gunn Sweepers for U and E Bands" MSN & CT (May, 1987)
      "Microstrip Low Pass Filter Design" (June, 1987)
      Electronic Tube Engineering Bulletin, General Electric (n.d.)
      Inductive and Reactive Effects in Straight Wires *Includes notes (n.d.)
      RC Timing Circuit Considerations (n.d.)
      "The Fusible Link - A Method of Protecting Primary Wiring Under Short Circuit Conditions" (n.d.)
      "Radiation Characteristics of a Triangular Microstrip Antenna" by Inder J. Bahl (n.d.)
      Military Standard - Connectors, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Filter Pin Contact - Department of Defense (n.d.)
  • Box-folder 3-1
    Aerovox Newsletters 1942-63

    51 total.

  • Box-folder 3-2-3
    Alternatives for Future Personal Radio Services, Vols. 1-2 May, 1978
  • Box-folder 3-4
    Surveillant 1990-91

    July-August, 1990
    January-February, 1991 *Includes note.

Inventions, Patents 1909-90, n.d.
  • Box-folder 3-5
    Citizens Transceiver 1946-54, n.d.
    • Box-folder 3-6
      Photos of the Citizens Transceiver 1948, n.d.
  • Box-folder 3-7
    Ultraphone 1946, n.d.
  • Box-folder 3-8
    Radiopager 1952-53
  • Box-folder 3-9
    Wrist-Watch Walkie-Talkie 1949-90, n.d.
  • Box-folder 3-10
    Antennas 1948-82, n.d.
  • Box-folder 3-11
    Patent Specifications 1909-65, n.d.
  • Box-folder 4-1
    Photos of Al Gross' Inventions 1938-85, n.d.
    World War II Joan/Eleanor OSS Walkie-Talkie (1965-81)
    Proximity Fuse (1968-69)
    Battery Operated Walkie-Talkie (1938)
    Al Gross with his Inventions (1984)
    Group Photos of Walkie-Talkies, Pagers, and Proximity Fuses (n.d.)
  • Box-folder 4-2
    Patents with Descriptions (copies) 1956-59
    Radio Tuning Apparatus (August 21, 1956)
    Radio Frequency Oscillator Mounting (August 21, 1956)
    Bracket Means for Joining Printed Circuit Panels - description only (February 24, 1959)
Awards, Achievements 1959-2000, n.d.
  • Box-folder 4-3-4
    Personal Awards, Achievements (2 folders) 1971-2000, n.d.
    FOPA member, Fraternal Order of Police Associates of Ohio (May 1, 1971)
    Member, Citizens Radio Federation of Virginia, Inc. (November 14, 1978)
    Certificate, Drexel University and IEEE (1979)
    Honorary Chairman, International Convention of CB'ers, Inc. (1979)
    Fellow Award, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2 pictures (1981)
    Member, Who's Who in Technology Today, 4th edition (May 18, 1984)
    Nomination, National Inventor's Hall of Fame (1984)
    Member, Who's Who in America, 44th edition (1985)
    Member, Who's Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology, 2nd edition (1985)
    Recipient, Fred M. Link Award, Radio Club of America, 3 pictures (November 20, 1992)
    Member, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc. (April 13, 1995)
    Permanent Honorary Membership, International Telecommunications Union (ITU), 2 pictures only (May 21, 1995)
    Recipient, Vladimir Karapetoff Eminent Members' Award (1998)
    Lifetime Achievement Award, Lemelson-MIT Program (April 27, 2000)
    Recipient, Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award, IEEE (June 19, 2000)
    Certificate, Federal Communications Commission (n.d.) Citation of Merit, Cuyahoga County Council for Civilian Defense (n.d.)
    Recipient, Avante Garde award, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, article only (n.d.)
    Professional Leadership Award, IEEE United States Activities Board, note only (n.d.)
  • Box-folder 4-5
    General Award Material 1959-2000
    Program, National Convention on Military Electronics (1959)
    Privileged Information, Nomination for National Technology Medal (1984)
    Program, IEEE Honors Ceremony (June 28, 1997)
    Program, IEEE Awards Presentation (June 19, 2000)
Personal Material 1918-2000, n.d.
  • Box-folder 4-6
    Childhood 1918-34
    Permit to leave Canada - Nathan Gross (original) (1918)
    Alexander Hamilton Junior High School (certificate, pictures) (1932-33)
    John Adams High School Track Photo (1934)
    Cleveland pictures (1918-1931)
  • Box-folder 4-7
    Miscellaneous pictures of Al Gross 1939-2000, n.d.
  • Box-folder 4-8
    Correspondence Letters 1940-2000, n.d.
  • Box-folder 4-9
    Certificates (marriage, death, religious, naturalization) 1942-82
  • Box-folder 4-10
    University of Idaho: Al Gross Chronology 1955-64, n.d.
  • Box-folder 5-1
    Photos of Al Gross and his findings with his metal detector 1970, n.d.
  • Box-folder 5-2
    Letters and forms concerning owning a handgun 1974-81, n.d.
  • Box-folder 5-3
    George Sterling letter and picture July 27, 1977
  • Box-folder 5-4
    Pictures from the show "To Tell the Truth" 1977
  • Box-folder 5-5
    Al Gross in Europe 1980-81
  • Box-folder 5-6
    Resume n.d.
  • Box-folder 5-7
    Cartoons n.d.
  • Box-folder 5-8
    Retirement Plans, Notes n.d.
Technical Data 1943-99, n.d.
  • Box-folder 5-9
    Technical Diagrams, Drawings, Charts 1943-87, n.d.
  • Box-folder 5-10
    Wideband Technical Data 1944-85, n.d.
  • Box-folder 5-11
    Printed Circuits, US Department of Commerce 1947
  • Box-folder 6-1
    Proceedings of Symposium May 9-11, 1950
  • Box-folder 6-2
    Microwaves 1952-85
  • Box-folder 6-3-4
    Manuals (2 folders) 1953-79, n.d.
    UHF Antennas, Converters, & Tuners (March, 1953)
    Radio Receiver R390-A/URR (January 16, 1961)
    CB Radio Handbook (1977)
    CB Citizens Band Radio Service Rules (1978)
    Lloyd's Accumatic 999 Microelectronic Slide Rule Calculator (n.d.)
    Fisher M-Scope VLF 440 Series (n.d.)
    RHO-Tector VSWR Detector (n.d.)
    Ultrascan Scanning Electron Microscope (n.d.)
  • Box-folder 6-5
    Microminaturization 1959-99
  • Box-folder 6-6
    Reference and Equivalent Charts 1956-67, n.d.
  • Box-folder 6-7
    MMIC Capacitors and Inductors 1956-85
  • Box-folder 6-8
    Diamond Fuse Ordnance Laboratories (DOFL) 1959-64
  • Box-folder 6-9
    Clippings and Manuals for Transistors and Converters 1959-78, n.d.
  • Box-folder 7-1
    Measurement of Electromagnetic Field Strength October, 1963
  • Box-folder 7-2
    Reference Material, Fact Sheets 1965-86
  • Box-folder 7-3
    Electric Field Meter Data July 21, 1967
  • Box-folder 7-4
    Starfish High Altitute Nuclear Explosion on the F2 region 1967
  • Box-folder 7-5
    Solar Energy 1974, n.d.

    "Why has Nation Lagged in Field of Solar Energy?" (May 5, 1974)
    The Sun Motor (nd)

  • Box-folder 7-6
    Flying Machines 1975, n.d.
  • Box-folder 7-7
    Nuclear Power Material 1976-82, n.d.
  • Box-folder 7-8
    Proceedings of the IEEE March, 1979
  • Box-folder 7-9
    Harry Diamond Laboratories Fiscal Year Review 1980
  • Box-folder 7-10
    Metal Detectors n.d.
  • Box-folder 7-11
    Panaramic Adapters n.d.
Radio Material 1934-86, n.d.
  • Box-folder 7-12
    W8PAL 1934-39, n.d.
  • Box-folder 7-13
    Radio Amateur Station Log and Data Book for W8PAL 1947-49
  • Box-folder 7-14
    Radio licenses (original and photocopied) 1935-65
  • Box-folder 7-15
    Creation of Additional Personal Radio Service (FCC) June, 1979
  • Box-folder 8-1
    Radio Club of America (RCA) 1980-86
Government 1937-90, n.d.
  • Box-folder 8-2
    Security Clearance - Department of Defense 1942-86, n.d.
  • Box-folder 8-3-4
    Gross vs. Goddard (2 folders) 1944-55, n.d.
  • Box-folder 8-5
    US Senate and House Hearings 1954, 1973
  • Box-folder 8-6
    Marconi vs. United States Supreme Court October, 1942
  • Box-folder 8-7
    CIA Documents 1944-79, n.d.
  • Box-folder 8-8
    World War II 1943-46
  • Box-folder 8-9, 9-1
    Titan II rocket (2 folders) 1969
  • Box-folder 9-2-5
    FCC Papers (4 folders) 1937-83, n.d.
  • Box-folder 9-6
    FCC Letters 1947-49
  • Box-folder 9-7-9
    Office of Strategic Services (OSS) (3 folders) 1945-92, n.d.
  • Box-folder 10-1
    United States Coast Guard 1949, n.d.
  • Box-folder 10-2
    Characteristics of the German V2 Rocket n.d.
  • Box-folder 10-3
    B17s, pictures n.d.
Subject Files 1947-96, n.d.
  • Box-folder 10-4
    John Mulligan 1947-78
  • Box-folder 10-5
    Wayne Coy Speech March 23, 1948
  • Box-folder 10-6
    Miscellaneous 1948-91, n.d.
    National Archives - 1994-95 Publications
    Souvenir Program - Illinois State Amateur Roller Skating Championships (1950)
    Cleveland Electronics Conference Manual (1961)
    Sun City 79'ers Lions Club Newsletter (1982)
    Identification Cards and Membership Cards (1983-87)
  • Box-folder 10-7
    Gun Catalogs 1954-85, n.d.
  • Box-folder 10-8
    Business cards, notes 1959-78, n.d.
  • Box-folder 10-9
    Photos of the first landing on the moon July 20, 1969
  • Box-folder 10-10
    "Regulation and Growth of the Citizens Band Radio Service" thesis by Nicholas Retson (includes correspondence letters) 1976-78
  • Box-folder 10-11
    American Steel Export Company April 11, 1979, n.d.
  • Box-folder 10-12
    Stock Certificates 1980
  • Box-folder 11-1-2
    IEEE Material (2 folders) 1980-93
  • Box-folder 11-3
    IEEE Membership Listing 1980, 1982
  • Box-folder 11-4
    Revised presentation to the Soceity for the History of Technology, by Jeanne Allen, Temple University 1984-85

    Includes correspondence letters between Jeanne Allen and Al Gross.

  • Box-folder 11-5
    Taurus Space Launch Vehicle August 25, 1992
  • Box-folder 11-6
    Al Gross visit to Virginia Tech 1992-93
  • Box-folder 11-7
    Veteran Wireless Operators Association 1995-96
  • Box-folder 11-8
    Cleveland Metal Specialties Progress Report n.d.
Book Collection 1938-97
Box: 12, 13
Sterling, George E. The Radio Manual: For Radio Engineers, Inspectors, Students, Operators, and Radio Fans. 3rd ed. New York: Van Norstrand, 1938.
Henney, Keith. Radio Engineers' Handbook. 3rd ed. New York: McGraw- Hill, 1941.
Cooke, Nelson M. Mathematics for Electricians and Radiomen. 1st ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1942.
Terman, Frederick Emmons. Radio Engineers' Handbook. 1st ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1943.
Dietz, David. Atomic Energy in the Coming Era. New York: Avon, 1945.
Kraus, John D. Antennas. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Series. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1950.
Marconi, Degna. My Father, Marconi. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1962.
Jolly, W.P. Marconi. New York: Stein and Day, 1972.
Box 13
Kahn, David. The Code Breakers: The Story of Secret Writing. New York: Macmillan, 1967.
Brown, Anthony Cave. The Secret War Report of the OSS. New York: Berkley Publishing Corp., 1976.
Price, Alfred. The History of US Electronic Warfare. Vol. I. 1st ed. The Association of Old Crows, n.p., 1984.
Young, Harry E. Wireless Basics. Chicago: Intertec, 1992.
Nebeker, Frederik. Sparks of Genius: Portraits of Electrical Engineering Excellence. New York: IEEE, 1993. Roosevelt, Kermit. The Overseas Targets: War Report of the OSS. Vol. II. New York: Walker, 1976.
Moyer, Albert E. Joseph Henry: The Rise of an American Scientist. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1997.
Electronical Parts 1978, n.d.
  • Box 14, 15
    Electronic Material and Parts 1978, n.d.
    True Temper Fiberglass CB Antenna advertising and sales notebook (1978)
    Metal Detector, blue
    Motorola HT 220 Handie-Talkie FM Radio
    Samsung CDMA Phone
    Motorola Bravo Pager
    Pickett slide rule in leather case
    International Rectifier in small leather case
    Slide Rule in brown plastic case
    Compass (4) in black leather pouch
    Motorola Micro TAC Prototype Cell Phone
    Ledger, I.A. Gross Electronics, Inc.
    Negatives (11 small boxes)
    Tapes - 3 cassette tapes and 2 microcassette tapes
    Videocassettes (5)
    White plastic ruler, labeled "983.5 MHZ .000000001SEC"
    Mile-O-Graph mileage measurer in red box
    Nametag - Al Gross W8PAL
    Cases for walkie-talkies (4). Three green leather cases and one blue felt soft case
    Frequency Spectrum Chart (2)
    Small picture frame, gray
    Antenna, white
    Funnel attached by chain to small scoop, brass
    Box 15
    Several unidentified electronical parts in small black suitcase (n.d.)
Awards (2) 1996, n.d.
  • Box 16
    "Personal Communications Industry Association 1996 Industry Award" September 18, 1996
    Engraved glass and wood frame.
  • Box 17
    Plaque "Office of Strategic Services Veterans" n.d.
Oversize Materials 1935-96, n.d.
  • Box 18
    Bullets (duds) n.d.

    2-40 millimeter and 2-20 millimeter bullets.

  • Oversize 19, 20
    Awards 1952-92, n.d.
    Election to the Senior Member of the IEEE, framed certificate (November 1952)
    Election to Life Fellow of the IEEE, framed certificate (n.d.)
    IEEE Third Millenium Medal, paper certificate (n.d.)
    "To Al from his good buddies in London" handwritten note in wooden frame (February 11, 1982)
    Commission as Captain in the Navy of the Confederate States of America, framed certificate (November 25, 1964)
    Oversize Box 20
    "Presented In Appreciation to Al Gross on the Occasion of His Centennial Seminar..." commemorative plaque (October 1992)
    Election as a Fellow of the IEEE, laminated paper on wood (January 1, 1982)
    Election to the Board of Directors and a Fellow of the Radio Club of America, certificate on laminated wood (November 1980)
  • Oversize 21
    Awards, Originals, Articles 1935-96, n.d.
    Blueprints (1949-78, n.d.)
    Publications, Awards (1952-80)
    Article "Phone Me by Air" The Saturday Evening Post, original (July 28, 1945)
    Al Gross Patents (4) - original copies (1952-56)
    Montgomery Ward Blanket Order Form - Citizens Radio Corporation (original)(June 9, 1948)
    Amateur Radio Operator License (original) (November 26, 1935)
    Photocopied images from the Virginia Tech Imagebase (n.d.)
    Photo, Symposium Internacional de Electronica (March 1996)
    Cloth sign, "Presented to Mr. A. Gross by Dundalk C.B. Club" (1980)
    Cloth sign, "Europa Burger Band" (n.d.) Drexel University and IEEE, framed certificate (Fall 1979)
    Letter confirming Al Gross as an IEEE Fellow (December 7, 1981)
    The Cleveland Press Victory Edition (WWII) (August 15, 1945)