A Guide to the Papers of John M. Gandy 1914-1947 Gandy, John M. 1947-2

A Guide to the Papers of John M. Gandy 1914-1947

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Special Collections and Archives, Johnston Memorial Library, Virginia State University
Accession number
A Guide to the Papers of John M. Gandy 1914-1947
Physical Characteristics
The John Manuel Gandy papers reflect the life and work of the third president of Virginia State University. This manuscript group has personal and official correspondence as well as some writing of John M. Gandy.
Descriptive Summary
The Gandy Papers were given to Virginia State University in 1950.

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The John Manuel Gandy Papers, Accession # 1967-2, Johnston Memorial Library, Virginia State University.

Biographical/Historical Information

John Mumphis Gandy was born October 31, 1870 in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, (because he disliked the name " Mumphis" , he changed it to Manuel). He was the fifth of thirteen children born to Horace and Mary (Goodwyn) Gandy who were both slaves until 1865. The family remained in Oktibbeha until they could no longer make a living in a state of economic slavery as tenant framers. They moved to Sallisaw Oklahoma hoping to make a fresh start.

John Gandy began his education in the poor Mississippi one-room school system. At sixteen he entered Jackson College as an eight grade student. Two years later he completed their program and took a job teaching and later to earn more, at a local brickyard. Desiring more education he left the brickyard in 1892 and managed to make his way to Ohio. Here he was admitted to the Oberlin Academy where he remained until 1894. Forced to leave Oberlin because of funds he tried to enroll at Colgate University but failed to do so because of the same reason he had to leave Oberlin.

Some of the students at Colgate however collected some money on his behalf and hemanaged to reach Nashville, Tennessee where he enrolled at Fisk University. He graduated from Fisk in 1898 with the A. B. degree. After graduating he re-enrolled as a non-resident student and in 1901 was award the M. A.. Later in 1903 and 1911 he studied at Columbia University in the summer. He also took non-resident graduate courses at Illinois Wesleyin during the summers between the years 1903 and 1913

His teaching career began in Stone County Mississippi and he also taught briefly in Hanson Oklahoma. While a student at Fisk he taught at various schools in Tennessee and Kentucky. In 1898 he was appointed professor of Greek and Latin at Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute, now Virginia State University. When the college program was terminated in 1902 by the State he continued as professor of education until he was appointed president of the University in 1914.

After arriving at Virginia State John Gandy met and married Carrie Senora Brown in 1901. Four children were born out of this union.

In 1914 John Gandy became the third president of what is now Virginia State University. As president he oversaw the schools development which included becoming the "Land Grant College" for blacks in Virginia in 1920, the return of the college department in 1923 and the name changed from V. N. & I. I. to Virginia State college for Negroes in 1930 and the establishment of the graduate school in 1937.

While president of the University, he also served as : President of the Association of Negro Land Grant College, President of the Virginia State Teachers Association, and President of the National Association of Teachers in Colored Schools. He was also a member of several boards and a member of the Board of Trustees of Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia.

He served as President of Virginia State University until he retired in 1943 and as President Emeritus until his death in 1947.

Scope and Content

The Gandy Papers which are found in this manuscript group do not begin to reflect the rich and varied life of the man who was President of Virginia State University for twenty-nine years. They do however touch some of the highlights.

The strong points of the group are two unpublished manuscripts : " The Life and Works of John M. Gandy " and a " History of Virginia State College" , both edited by Dr. Edna Meade Colson. Included in this series are also a few articles and speeches.

Correspondence includes some family and general. The largest however involve the 1936 student strike at V. S. U.

There are also several photographs and some printed matter, and a very interesting scrapbook.

Series Description

Series I. Biographical Data Box : 1 Two folders. The first contains anobituary. Folder 2 contains material placed with the Gandy papers at a later date.

Series II. Literary Box : 1 Writings of John M. Gandy. Arranged by type.

Series III. Correspondence, 1914-1947 Box : 2 Correspondence. Letters, and telegrams arranged by type and then chronogically.

Series IV. Photographs Box : 2 Several photographs relating to John M. Gandy.

Series V. Printed Box : 2 Two items in one folder.

Series VI. Scrapbook Box : 3 News clipping, photographs, both personal and official. ( Included are several of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's visit to Virginia State ) In addition there are programs and a couple of letters.

Contents List

Series I: Biographical Data
  • Box-folder 1:1
  • box-folder 1:2
Series II: Literary
  • box-folder 1:3
    "Foreward to Life History"
  • box-folder 1:4
    Family Background
  • box-folder 1:5
    "Horace and Mary Gandy-My Parents"
  • box-folder 1:6
    "Entering School"
  • box-folder 1:7
    "Activities as a boy"
  • box-folder 1:8
    "Prepared to enter Jackson College in 1888"
  • box-folder 1:9
    "A Student at Jackson College"
  • box-folder 1:10
    "An Effort To Go To Liberia Africa"
  • box-folder 1:11
    "Problems at Berlin"
  • box-folder 1:12
    "I Decided to go to another College"
  • box-Folder 1:13
    "Experience at Fisk University"
  • box-Folder 1:14
    "Reaching Virginia State College"
  • box-folder 1:15
    "Courtship and Marriage"
  • box-folder 1:16
    "Early Experiences at Virginia State College"
  • box-folder 1:17
    "The Origin, Early History and Developement of the N.F.A. (New Farmers of America) Organization"
  • box-folder 1:18
    "A Trip to Europe"
  • box-folder 1:19
    "A Trip to the National Education Association"
  • box-folder 1:20
    "A Vacation on wheels"
  • box-folder 1:21
    "A trip to the National Boys Conference at Estis Park Colorado"
  • box-folder 1:22
    "The Need of Negro Rural Life In Virginia"
  • box-folder 1:23
    "Race Relation in Virginia. A message from the Negro Organization Society and Negro Teachers Association of Virginia"
  • box-folder 1:24
    "The Health of the People"
  • box-folder 1:25
    "Pushing the work of the Negro Organization Society"
  • box-folder 1:26
    "The Virginia Teachers Association"
  • box-folder 1:27
    "The Virginia Teachers Association"
  • box-folder 1:28
    "The School Improvement League"
  • box-folder 1:29
    "The School Improvement League"
  • box-folder 1:30
    "The Greek Conception of Liberal Education"
  • box-folder 1:31
    "The Honor of two educators"
  • box-folder 1:32
    "The American Negro: Asset or Liability"
  • box-folder 1:33
    "Forward to the History of Virginia State College for Negroes"
  • box-folder 1:34
    "The Development of Virginia State College For Negroes"
  • box-folder 1:35
    "Alfred William Harris"
  • box-folder 1:36
    "College Lyceum"
  • box-folder 1:37
    "James Storum"
  • box-folder 1:38
    "John Mercer Langston"
  • box-folder 1:39
    "James Hugo Johnston. The Second President of the College"
  • box-folder 1:40
    "Course of Study-1886-1887"
  • box-folder 1:41
    "Relation the Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute should sustain to the people (loss of College)"
  • box-folder 1:42
    "On Becoming Elected the Third President"
  • box-folder 2:43
    "Course of Study -1914-1922"
  • box-folder 2:44
    "Course of Study (High School)"
  • box-folder 2:45
    "An Accredited Normal School"
  • box-folder 2:46
    Acquiring the Land Grant Status
  • box-folder 2:47
  • box-folder 2:48
    "Agricultural Experiment Work at the College"
  • box-folder 2:49
    "The Division of Education"
  • box-folder 2:50
    "The Division of Mechanical Arts"
  • box-folder 2:51
    "Music Department"
  • box-folder 2:52
    "Library Department"
  • box-folder 2:53
    "History of the Arts and Sciences"
  • box-folder 2:54
    "Physical Education"
  • box-folder 2:55
    "Division of Arts and Sciences"
  • box-folder 2:56
    "Model School"
  • box-folder 2:57
    "Extension Work"
  • box-folder 2:58
    "Establishing Graduate Work at the College"
  • box-folder 2:59
    "Religion in the College"
  • box-folder 2:60
    "Extracts from Rules"
  • box-folder 2:61
    "The Organization of a Debating League"
  • box-folder 2:62
    "The Tongue and Pen Society of The Virginia Normal and Industrial Institute Petersburg,Virginia"
  • box-folder 2:63
    "The Clarion"
  • box-folder 2:64
    "Reserve Officers Training Corp"
  • box-folder 2:65
    "Student Strike, Extension Work, As seen by a visitor, Curricula Explanation"
  • box-folder 2:66
    "To the Alumni Building Fund, An Awaken Consciousness, V.N.I.I. Alumni Meeting, May 1920"
  • box-folder 2:67
    "The Meeting of the Alumni Association"
  • box-folder 2:68
  • box-folder 2:69
    Student Strikes Appendix A- "Robert B. Bacus"
  • box-folder 2:70
    Appendix B- "Samuel A. Brown"
  • box-folder 2:71
    Appendix C- "James A. Estes, Jr."
  • box-folder 2:72
    Appendix D- "L. Amasa Knox"
  • box-folder 2:73
    Appendix E- "Lloyd A. Perkins"
  • box-folder 2:74
    Appendix F- "The Naming of the Trojans"
  • box-folder 2:75
    Appendix- "Student Strike"
  • box-folder 2:76
    Appendix- "Impressive Ceremonies; Mark Harmon Awards To Distinquished Virginia Educators"
  • box-folder 2:77
    Appendix- "Honor John M. Gandy"
  • box-folder 2:78
    Appendix- "Awards and Ceremonies"
  • box-folder 2:79
    Appendix- "The V.N. & I.I Spirit"
  • box-folder 2:80
    Article- "A Step Forward- 1905"
  • box-folder 2:81
    Article- "He's of Age in the Service of Education-1909"
  • box-folder 2:82
    Article- "The Tendency of Negro land Ownership to Decline"
  • box-folder 2:83
    Article- "The Greek Conception of a Liberal Educator"
  • box-folder 2:84
    Article-Title Unknown
  • box-folder 2:85
    Address- "To the Negro School Teacher of Richmond, Virginia"
  • box-folder 2:86
    Address- "Educational Movements"
  • box-folder 2:87
    Address- "Welcome to the 22nd Anual Christian Conference of Negro Women"
  • box-folder 2:88
    Address- "The Tragedy of Waste"
  • box-folder 3:89
    Address- "On Silence"
  • box-folder 3:90
    Address- "Are Athletics in our Negro Colleges to Remain Amateur or to Become Professional"
  • box-folder 3:91
    Address- "State Y.M.C.A. Conference"
  • box-folder 3:92
    Address- "Some remarks from Elementary Principals Meetings"
  • box-folder 3:93
    Address- "The Mind of Jesus"
  • box- 3:94
    Address- "Factors in Negroes Progress"
  • box-folder 3:95
    Address-Title Unknown
  • box-folder 3:96
    Address-Title Unknown
  • box-folder 3:97
    Address-Title Unknown
  • box-folder 3:98
    Address-Title Unknown
  • box-folder 3:99
    Address-Title Unknown
  • box-folder 3:100
    Address-Title Unknown
Series III: Correspondence
  • box-folder 3:101
  • box-folder 3:102
  • box-folder 3:103
  • box-folder 3:104
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:105
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:106
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:107
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:108
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:109
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:110
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:111
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:112
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:113
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:114
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:115
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:116
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:117
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:118
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:119
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:120
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:121
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:122
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:123
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:124
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:125
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:126
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:127
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:128
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:129
    Correspondence-Student Strike
  • box-folder 3:130
    Correspondence-Selective Service
  • box-folder 3:131
    Correspondence-Selective Service
Series IV
  • box-folder 3:132
  • box-folder 3:133
Series V.: Printed
  • box-folder 3:134
Series VI.: Scrapbook

News clippings, photographs, both personal and official. (Included are several of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's visit to Virginia State). In addition there are programs and a couple of letters.