A Guide to the Harry Lyons Collection Lyons, Harry Collection Acc 23

A Guide to the Harry Lyons Collection

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Special Collections and Archives, Tompkins-McCaw Library, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va.
Accession number
Acc 23
Harry Lyons Collection 1948-1987
Physical Characteristics
6.4 linear feet.

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Harry Lyons Collection, Accession #Acc 23, Special Collections and Archives, Tompkins-McCaw Library, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va.

Acquisition Information

This collection was donated by Dr. Lyons over a span of several years. It includes accessioning numbers Acc 23, Acc 77, Acc 86, PF-176, PF-181, PF-182, PF-183 and 88/Mar/13.

Biographical/Historical Information

Dr. Harry Lyons was born in Washington DC on March 18, 1900. His father moved the family to Lexington, Virginia when Lyons was a year old. It was in Lexington that he was raised and went to school. After a year at Washington and Lee University in the Student Army Training Corps, he followed his sister's advice and transferred to the Medical College of Virginia where he graduated with a degree in dentistry in 1923.

Impressed with his strong knowledge, Dr. Cameron Hoogan, Dean of the School of Dentistry, offered Lyons a faculty position right after graduation. Remembering a professor's comparison of the beauty of a bicuspid to a young girl, Lyons decided to make an engagement ring out of a tooth in a black vulcanite setting. Sara Miriam Wice would accept his unusual ring and they were married for 41 years until her death in 1967.

Lyons worked as a full-time faculty member until 1928 when he started his own practice in periodontics. He continued to teach part time until 1950, progressing through the academic ranks to become a professor of periodontia and oral pathology. He would eventually become the periodontal department chair. Then in 1951, he accepted a challenge from MCV President Dr. William Sanger, to create the best dental school in the country, and became Dean of the School of Dentistry.

Lyons was active professionally and served as president of several state and national dental associations including the American Academy of Periodontology, the American Association of Dental Schools, and the American Dental Association. It was during his tenure as President of the ADA that the issue of fluoridation of water became a national debate. Lyons was frequently quoted in the press advocating the benefits of fluoridation. He was called to testify before several state legislatures as well as the United State Congress. In the end, Lyons efforts were successful as many states adopted his recommendations adding this element to their community water supplies.

Lyons was a prolific writer and contributor to dental literature with over thirty articles to his credit. These range from specific clinical dental procedures to advice on professional behavior and grooming. . Lyons continued to teach classes even after he became Dean. Lyons disliked facial hair and forbid MCV students from having moustaches and beards for years during his tenure. While Dean, Lyons wrote about the relationship between research and education, including ways to improve dental instruction. Lyons twice earned the William J. Gies award for the best paper in the Journal of Dental Research.

Throughout his career Lyons was recognized for his hard work and dedication to the dental profession. He received Distinguished Service Awards from four national dental associations. He was named a Laurate of Virginia, and given the Edward Wayne Medal for outstanding service to Virginia Commonwealth University in 1981. After over fifty years of dedication to MCV, Lyons was awarded the Outstanding Alumnus Award in 1985. He also held four honorary doctoral degrees. Lyons married Doris Yingling, Dean of the School of Nursing in 1969.

Lyons retired as Dean in 1970, and was named Dean Emeritus. That same year, the new dental building was named in his honor. In addition VCU has named a scholarship, professorship, and an outstanding dental alumni award in his honor. Lyons established several endowments including a fund to support the School of Dentistry, libraries, and the VCU Center for Judaic Studies.

Lyons died April 15, 1997 and was buried in Hebrew Cemetery in Richmond, VA. At the time of his death, the School of Dentistry was ranked as one of the top ten in the country.

Scope and Content

The collection focuses on Lyons' writings, articles, clippings, photographs, and awards covering his professional career and tenure as Dean of the School of Dentistry, Medical College of Virginia, 1948-1979. The body of the collection is his papers and addresses. Lyons professional work was in periodontology, which deals with diseases of the gums These papers focus on problems and solutions related to this specialty, improving dental education, professional ethics. The collection also chronicles his gifts to the University and donations to local organizations. The collection does not include information regarding Lyons private dental practice or the official record of the School of Dentistry.


Records are arranged in chronological order.

Contents List


This series contains a biography as well as early personal records.

  • Box-folder 1.1

    This folder contains a biography, publications list, selected bibliography and several newspaper clippings with biographic information.

  • Box-folder 1.2
    Elementary and High School records 1907-1917

    Original school records bound in a binder

  • Box-folder 1.3
    Army discharge papers, MCV documents. 1918-1925

    Grades, early employment documents, and Army discharge paperwork.

Correspondence 1924-1979

Letters on a wide variety of subjects. Most are personal or are related to Lyons' work with his many dental associations.

  • Box-folder 2.1
  • Box-folder 2.2
    Correspondence 1924-1958
  • Box-folder 2.3
    Correspondence 1959-1966
  • Box-folder 2.4
    Correspondence 1967-1978
  • Box-folder 2.5
    Correspondence 1979
Subject Files

This series include varied subjects and papers. Each is organized either by event, organization, or person.

  • Box-folder 3.1
    Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia PA April 5, 1959

    Dental Clinic Dedicatory Address.

  • Box-folder 3.2
    Alpha Omega Fraternity December 30, 1956

    Achievement Award, Life membership card. (Audio on reel-to-reel)

  • Box-folder 3.3
    American Academy of Periodontology November 4, 1954

    President's Address. (Audio on cassette)

  • Box-folder 3.4
    American Association of Dental Examiners 1957
  • Box-folder 3.5
    American Association of Dental Schools 1961-1965

    This folder contains correspondence and speeches given during these years.

  • Box-folder 3.6
    American Association of Dental Schools. 1964

    Bound volume, Proceedings of the 41st Annual Meeting

  • Box-folder 3.7
    American Association of Dental Schools. 1954

    Committee on Social Trends in Professional Relations report.

  • Box-folder 3.8
    American College of Dentists. 1951

    Convocation, Washington D.C.

  • Box-folder 3.9
    American College of Dentists. 1962 -1965

    See Gies Award, 1978

  • Box-folder 3.10
    American Dental Association 1957

    President's Reports

  • Box-folder 3.11
    American Dental Association 1939

    81st Annual Session. Milwaukee, WI

  • Box-folder 3.12
    American Dental Association 1957

    98th Annual Session. Miami, FL

  • Box-folder 3.13
    American Dental Association 1961

    102nd Annual Session. Philadelphia, PA. (see folder 4.28)

  • Box-folder 3.14
    American Dental Association 1956

    Conference on Dental Research. Atlantic City, NJ

  • Box-folder 3.15
    American Dental Association 1960

    Conference of National Organizations for Areas of Dental Practice. Chicago, IL

  • Box-folder 3.16
    American Dental Association 1966-1969

    Council on Dental Education.

  • Box-folder 3.17
    American Dental Association 1980

    Distinguished Service Award.

  • Box-folder 3.18
    American Dental Association


  • Box-folder 3.19
    American Dental Trade Association. 1955-1964
  • Box-folder 3.20
    American Fund for Dental Health. 1975-1976

    1st Annual Founders' Award

  • Box-folder 3.21
    American Fund for Dental Health. 1976-1977
  • Box-folder 3.22
    Arizona State Boards. 1963-1966
  • Box-folder 3.23
    Baylor College of Dentistry 1973

    Commencement Address. See Folder 9.3

  • Box-folder 3.24
    Belgian Dental Congress 1963-1964

    Brussels, Belguim

  • Box-folder 3.25
    Canadian Dental Association 1956

    Annual Meeting. Banff, Alberta, Canada (See folder 6.2)

  • Box-folder 3.26
    Case Reports 1934-1950

    Photographs, x-rays and reports concerning individual cases Lyons worked on while in private practice.

  • Box-folder 3.27
    Congregation Beth Ahabah 1937-1975

    President Reports

  • Box-folder 3.27
    Correspondence, General 1976-1987
  • Box-folder 3.29
    Federation Dentaire Internationale 1957-1959, 1964
  • Box-folder 3.30
    Federation Dentaire Internationale 1955

    43rd Annual Meeting. Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Box-folder 3.31
    Florida Board of Examiners 1966-1970


  • Box-folder 3.32
    Florida Board of Examiners 1964-1968

    Clippings and exhibits.

  • Box-folder 3.33
    Fluoridation 1957-1959
  • Box-folder 3.34
    Geis, William J. Award 1965-1966

    American Academy of Periodontology

  • Box-folder 3.35
    Geis, William J. Award 1978

    American College of Dentists

  • Box-folder 3.36
    Hebrew University - Hadassah School of Dentistry 1959-1966
  • Box-folder 3.37
    Hill, Senator Lister. 1961

    Citation, American College of Dentists

  • Box-folder 3.38
    International Conference on Dental Education and Dental Research. 1959

    New York, NY

  • Box-folder 3.39
    James, E. John 1935
  • Box-folder 3.40
    Joint Session: (AADS-IADR) 1958

    Detroit, MI

  • Box-folder 3.41
    Kentucky Dental Association 1960

    Centennial Meeting. Lexington, KY

  • Box-folder 3.42
  • Box-folder 3.43
    Licensure 1956-1959

    This folder includes correspondence involving various state and national licensing boards

  • Box-folder 3.44
    "The Lion of Dentistry" 1956

    Indiana Dental School

  • Box-folder 3.45
    "H. Lyons Collection"
  • Box-folder 3.46
    Maimonides Award 1978

    Health Services award, State of Israel.

  • Box-folder 3.47
    Massachusetts Dental Society 1964

    Centennial Meeting. Boston, MA

  • Box-folder 3.48
    Mid-Continent Dental Congress 1956

    15th Annual Meeting. St. Louis, MO

  • Box-folder 3.49
    Miscellany 1919-1978
  • Box-folder 3.50
    Miscellany 1974-1975
  • Box-folder 3.51
    Nagle, Raymond F. 1965-1967

    Dean, New York School of Dentistry.

  • Box-folder 3.52
    National Conference of Christians and Jews 1966

    Brotherhood Citation

  • Box-folder 3.53
    National Conference of the Joint Council to Improve the Health of the Aged. 1959
  • Box-folder 3.54
    New York University 1965

    Honorary Degree.

  • Box-folder 3.55
    NYU, New York College of Dentistry 1965

    Centennial celebration. New York, NY

  • Box-folder 3.56
    North Carolina Dental Association 1954

    Annual Meeting. Pinehurst, NC

  • Box-folder 3.57
    Ohio State Dental Association 1956

    91st Annual Meeting. Columbus, OH

  • Box-folder 3.58
    Omicron Delta Kappa 1973

    Honorary Initiation

  • Box-folder 3.59
    Pilcher, Dr. William 1931, 1934
  • Box-folder 3.60
    Richmond Dental Society 1956

    33 year in the Society.

  • Box-folder 3.61
    Richmond, Department of Public Health. City Dental Clinics 1962-1970
  • Box-folder 3.62
    Robinson, J. Ben 1953-1964

    Testimonials, correspondence.

  • Box-folder 3.63
    Talley, Frank E.
  • Box-folder 3.64
    Tel Aviv University 1977

    Board of Governors

  • Box-folder 3.65
    Tel Aviv University 1977


  • Box-folder 3.66
    Temple University 1956

    Honorary Degree. Philadelphia, PA

  • Box-folder 3.67
    "Two Centuries of Dentistry in Virginia" 1976

    Virginia Dental Association Fellowship(Audio on reel-to-reel)

  • Box-folder 3.68
    US Army Dental Corps 1961-1967

    Consultant to..

  • Box-folder 3.69
    U.S. Army Walter Reed Army Institute of Research 1956-1963
  • Box-folder 3.70
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration 1950-1961

    Consultant to...

  • Box-folder 3.71
    U.S. House Subcommittee on Legal and Monetary Affairs 1958

    This folder deals with attempts to regulate ads for toothpaste.

  • Box-folder 3.72
    U.S. National Advisory Council on Education for Health Professionals 1964-1967

    This folder includes information on the promotion of dental education

  • Box-folder 3.73
    U.S. National Advisory Dental Research Council 1953-1957
  • Box-folder 3.74
    U.S. National Advisory Dental Research Council 1961-1972
  • Box-folder 3.75
    U.S. Navy Surgeon-General 1955-1960

    Honorary Civilian Consultant

  • Box-folder 3.76
    U.S. Senate Committee of Consultants on Medical Research 1959-1960
  • Box-folder 3.77
    University of Manitoba 1960

    Honorary Degree, Official Opening Ceremony-School of Dentistry. Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Box-folder 3.77
    University of Pennsylvania 1956

    Skytop. Philadelphia, PA

  • Box-folder 3.79
    University of Tennessee 1964

    Commencement Address. Memphis, TN

  • Box-folder 3.80
    Veterans Administration 1962-1971

    Consultant work

  • Box-folder 3.81
    Virginia Commonwealth University, Harry Lyons Fund for Judaic Studies 1972-1974

    This folder includes the initial paperwork involved in setting up this endowment to the University.

  • Box-folder 3.82
    VCU-Tillie Lyons Ethics Collection Endowment 1987-1988

    This folder contains the documentation setting up this endowment to the University.

  • Box-folder 3.83
    VCU/MCV Lyons Building: Correspondence 1970-1971

    This folder includes official correspondence in the naming of the new Dental building after Lyons, as well as personal letters of congradulations.

  • Box-folder 3.84
    VCU/MCV Lyons Building: Miscellany 1967-1971

    The folder includes the speech, articles, invitations and other items associated with the opening of the building.

  • Box-folder 3.85
    VCU Service Awards Program 1973, 1975

    This folder includes programs from the VCU Service Awards program.

  • Box-folder 3.86
    VCU/MCV Alumni Association 1971

    Correspondence with Minnie Frank, Executive Secretary of the MCV Alumni Association.

  • Box-folder 3.87
    VCU- Portrait of Harry Lyons 1955

    This folder includes correspondence and publications concerning the presentation of Lyon's portrait at the University.

  • Box-folder 3.88
    VCU/MCV School of Dentistry 1951-1969

    Annual Reports

  • Box-folder 3.89
    VCU/MCV School of Dentistry 1968-1970

    "Clean-shaven dental students"

  • VCU/MCV School of Dentistry 1968

    "Encouraging Excellence"

  • Box-folder 3.91
    VCU/MCV School of Dentistry 1972

    Homecoming flyers and clipping

  • Box-folder 3.92
    VCU/MCV School of Dentistry 1974

    Honors Convocation

  • VCU/MCV School of Dentistry 1970

    This folder contains official documents as well as personal correspondence on Lyons' retirement.

  • Box-folder 3.94
    VCU/MCV School of Dentistry 1948-1970

    Salary records

  • Box-folder 3.95
    VCU/MCV School of Dentistry 1974-1986

    This folder contains documents regarding the Endowment Fund

  • Box-folder 3.96
    VCU/MCV School of Dentistry 1977
  • Box-folder 3.97
    VCU Service Award 1964, 1975

    This folder includeds official documents and the Service Award.

  • Box-folder 3.98
    Virginia State Dental Association 1963-1964


  • Box-folder 3.99
    Virginia State Dental Association 1963-1964


  • Box-folder 3.100
    Virginia State Dental Association 1978

    Signal Honor Award

  • Box-folder 3.101
    Virginia State Dental Association 1957

    Testimonial to Harry Lyons.

  • Box-folder 3.102
    Washington and Lee University 1972

    Establishment of the Max and Jennie Lyons Fund

  • Box-folder 3.103
    Washington and Lee University 1979

    Honorary Degree. Lexington, VA

  • Box-folder 3.104
    White House Conference on Health 1965
Addresses and Speeches 1928-1987
  • Box-folder 4.1
    "Achievement" 1956

    response to Alpha Omega Achievement Medal. (See folder 3.2)

  • Box-folder 4.2
    "Acute Necrotizing Gingivitis" 1955

    Read at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Federation Dentaire Internationale. (See Folder 3.30)

  • Box-folder 4.3
    "Acute Nocrotizing Periodontal Disease" 1948

    Published in Journal of the American Dental Association , Vol. 37. Sept. 1948

  • Box-folder 4.4
    The American Dental Association Research Program 1956

    (See Folder 3.14)

  • Box-folder 4.5
    "Courses for Profit and Self-Aggrandizement" 1958
  • Box-folder 4.6
    "A Critique of the Dental School Clinic"
  • Box-folder 4.7
    "The Crystal Ball" 1957

    Originally written as a President's Address to the American Dental Association. (See Folder 3.12, Audio on reel-to-reel)

  • Box-folder 4.8
    "Dental Education"
  • Box-folder 4.9
    Dental Education in Relation to Dental Responsibility and Practice.
  • Box-folder 4.10
    Dental Education in the U.S. 1964

    Address given at the Belgian Dental Congress (See Folder 3.24)

  • Box-folder 4.11
    Variations on 'Dental Licensure'

    (See Folder 3.43)

  • Box-folder 4.12
    Dentistry: Is it Traveling to the Right or the Left? 1960

    Read at the Kentucky Dental Association (See Folder 3.41)

  • Box-folder 4.13
    Dentistry - Its Role as a Health Profession 1957

    Printed in the Arkansas and Arizona Dental Journals

  • Box-folder 4.14
    Dentistry Peers Through a Window 1955
  • Box-folder 4.15
    Dentistry's Future
  • Box-folder 4.16
    Drugs in Periodontal Therapy 1939-1940

    Printed in the Journal of the American Dental Association , Vol 27 Jun. 1940

  • Box-folder 4.17
    "Essentials" 1971

    Read at the Rotary Club. Richmond, VA

  • Box-folder 4.18
    "Fiction and Facts in Periodontology" 1949

    Printd in the Journal of the American Dental Association . Vol 39 Nov. 1949

  • Box-folder 4.18
    "Fluoridation of Municipal Water Supplies" 1952

    (See Folder 3.33)

  • Box-folder 4.19
    "How Do National Organizations Serve the Dental Profession?" 1960

    Read at the Annual Meeting of the American Dental Association. Chicago, IL

  • Box-folder 4.23
    "How May the Quality of Teaching Be Evaluated?" 1956

    Read at the Mid-Coninent Dental Congress. St. Louis, MO (See Folder 3.48)

  • Box-folder 4.22
    "Illustrated Needs for Research in Dental Therapeutics." 1947
  • Box-folder 4.23
    "The Importance of Periodontal Diagnosis."
  • Box-folder 4.24
    "Medico-Dental Relations" 1937
  • Box-folder 4.25
    Miscellaneous Journal and Magazine Articles. 1932-1987
  • Box-folder 4.26
    "The Obligations of the New Dentist to Society, to his Profession and to his Fellow Dentists." 1961

    Printed in the Journal of the American Dental Association . Vol. 64 Jan. 1962

  • Box-folder 4.27
    Opportunities in Dentistry 1961

    (See Folder 3.13, Audio on reel-to-reel)

  • Box-folder 4.28
    "The Other Side" 1957

    Read at the West Virginia Dental Conference

  • Box-folder 4.29
    "Principals of Periodontal Therapy" 1950, 1955, 1958

    Read at the American Academy of Peroidontology meeting in Atlantic City, NJ.

  • Box-folder 4.30
    "Problems and Relations of the Constituent Society with the Medical Profession" 1955

    Read at the American Dental Associations Management Conference. Chicago, IL

  • Box-folder 1937
    "Problems in the Teaching of Periodontology." 1937
  • Box-folder 4.32
    The Professional Gentleman and his Monopoly 1965
  • Box-folder 4.33
    "Recent Advances in Dental Care" 1950
  • Box-folder 4.34
    "A Suggested Method of Examination for Licensure." 1939

    Read at National Association of Dental Examiners Annual Meeting. Milwaukee, WI (See Folder 3.4)

  • Box-folder 4.3
    "Survey of the Important Advances Made in Dental Education in the U.S. in the Last 50 Years." 1959

    Read at the International Conference of Dental Education. New York, NY (See Folder 3.38)

  • Box-folder 4.36
    "Technical Procedures in Periodontology."
  • Box-folder 4.37
    "Techniques of Various Forms of Periodontal Therapy" 1956

    (See Folder 3.78)

  • Box-folder 4.38
    "The Training of Teachers" 1951
  • Box-folder 4.39
    "Two Centuries of Dentistry in Virginia" 1976

    Read at the Annual Meeting of the Virginia Dental Association. (See Folder 3.67, Audio on reel-to-reel)

  • Box-folder 4.40
    "Vincent's Infection of the Mouth" 1938, 1942

    Written for a chapter in Samuel Gordon's book, Dental Science and Dental Art Updated in 1943.

  • Box-folder 4.41
    "A Virginian Contributes"

    Article written in response to J. Wilson Ames.

  • Box-folder 4.42
    "What is Required of a Dental Teacher?" 1955

    Read at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Dental Schools.

  • Box-folder 4.43
    "You Face a Challenge" 1956

    (See Folder 3.14)

  • Box-folder 4.44
    Untitled Addresses.
  • Box-folder 4.45
    Untitled Addresses 1928-1957
  • Box-folder 4.46
    Untitled Addresses 1959-1973
Newspaper Clippings and Press Releases. 1950-1979

This series consists of clippings and press releases covering Lyons' professional career.

  • Box-folder 5.1
    Undated clippings.

    Mounted newsprint clippings.

  • Box-folder 5.2
    Newspaper Clippings 1950-1959

    Mounted newsprint clippings. Topics include Lyons named Dean of School of Dentistry, President of the ADA, and the fluoridation campaign.

  • Box-folder 5.3
    Newspaper Clippings 1960-1979

    Mounted newsprint clippings. Topics include awards won by Lyons, retirement from University, and philantrophy.

  • Box-folder 5.4
    Press Releases 1951-1970

    This folder contains press releases from the American Dental Association and Virginia Commonwealth University. Subjects include Lyon's efforts at fluoridation, his demand for better dental education, and the naming of the Harry Lyons dental building at VCU.

Newsletters, Bulletins and Journals 1951-1975

This series contains journals, newsletters and bulletins regarding Lyons or featuring his writings.

  • Box-folder 6.1
    Newsletters and Bulletins 1931-1975

    This folder contains bulletins and newsletters with information concerning Lyons from the American Dental Association, American Association of Dental Schools, Medical Society of Virginia, American Dental Trade Association, Kiwanis Club, National Conference of Christians and Jews, and the Rotary Club.

  • Box-folder 6.2
    Journals and Publications. 1931-1987

    This folder contains journals that have articles written by or about Lyons.

    • Box-folder 6.2
      Proceedings of the 8th Annual Meeting, American Association of Dental Schools . 1931
    • Box-folder 6.2
      Bulletin of the North Carolina Dental Society 1934

      Vol. 18, No 1

    • Box-folder 6.2
      Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the National Association of Dental Examiners. 1939
    • Box-folder 6.2
      Proceedings of the 73th Annual Meeting of the National Association of Dental Examiners 1956
    • Box-folder 6.2
      The Alpha Omegan 1941

      Vol. XXV No. 1

    • Box-folder 6.2
      The Alpha Omegan 1951

      Vol. XLV No. 1

    • Box-folder 6.2
      The Alpha Omegan 1956

      Vol. L No. 3

    • Box-folder 6.2
      The Alpha Omegan 1963

      Vol. LVI No. 3

    • Box-folder 6.2
      Bulletin , Medical College of Virginia 1952

      Vol. XLIV No. 2

    • Box-folder 6.2
      Bulletin , Medical College of Virginia 1955

      Vol. LII No. 3

    • Box-folder 6.2
      Bulletin , Medical College of Virginia 1970

      Vol. LXVII No. 2

    • Box-folder 6.2
      The Scarab , Alumni Association of MCV 1953

      Vol. 2 No. 3

    • Box-folder 6.2
      The Fortnight Review of the Chicago Dental Society 1956

      Vol. 31 No. 9

    • Box-folder 6.2
      Transactions of the Canadian Dental Association 1956
    • Box-folder 6.2
      Transactions of the American Dental Association 1957
    • Box-folder 6.2
      Revista Odontologica de Conception 1956

      Vol. 3 No. 4

    • Box-folder 6.2
      98th Annual Meeting, American Dental Association 1957
    • Box-folder 6.2
      Journal of the Canadian Dental Association 1960

      Vol. 26 No. 5

    • Box-folder 6.2
      Proofs, the Dental Trade Journal . 1964

      Vol. 47 No. 5

    • Box-folder 6.2
      Profiles , The Virginia Cultural Laureate Society 1988
    • Endowment Opportunities 1988

      VCU Endowment Proposition.

Convention Programs and Flyers. 1940-1966

This folder contains convention programs and folders from many dental conventions. Associations included are the American Dental Association, American Dental Trade Association, American College of Dentists, American Association of Dental Schools, American Academy of Periodontology, and several state dental associations.

  • Box-folder 7.1
    National Association conventions.
  • Box-folder 7.2
    State and Local conventions.
Photographic Collection. 1922-1976

This series focuses on Lyons many awards and professional gatherings. Also it includes some personal photographs.

  • Box-folder 8.1
    Early dental school photographs 1922

    Lyons with sister Tillie Lyons and Constance Haller. These were two of the first women admitted into the MCV Dental School.

  • Box-folder 8.2
    Groundbreaking of the Wood Memorial Building 1951

    (Audio on cassette)

  • Box-folder 8.3
    12th International Dental Congress 1957

    Rome, Italy (See Folder 3.29)

  • Box-folder 8.4
    55th Hawaiian Territory Dental Society meeting 1957

    Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Box-folder 8.5
    U.S. Navy Dental School 1958

    Bethesda, MD (See Folder 4.7)

  • Box-folder 8.6
    Senate Commission of Consultants on Medical Research 1959-1960

    (See Folder 3.37)

  • Box-folder 8.7
    Hebrew University Hadassah School of Dentistry 1960

    (See Folder 3.36)

  • Box-folder 8.8
    University of Manitoba, Dentistry faculty. 1960

    (See Folder 3.77)

  • Box-folder 8.9
    American Association of Dental Schools 1961

    (See Folder 3.5)

  • Box-folder 8.10
    Dental Class Reunion 1963

    (Classes 1918, 1923)

  • Box-folder 8.11
    American Dental Association 1947-1963

    Photographs of multiple events and functions.

  • Box-folder 8.12
    American College of Dentists 1963

    (See Folder 3.8)

  • Box-folder 8.13
    New York University College of Dentistry 1965

    (See Folder 3.51, 3.54)

  • Box-folder 8.14
    National Conference of Christian and Jews 1966
  • Box-folder 8.15
    VCU/MCV miscellaneous photographs

    (See Folder 3.84)

  • Box-folder 8.16
    Dedication of the Harry Lyons Building 1970

    (See Folder 3.83, 3.84, Audio on reel-to-reel)

  • Box-folder 8.17
    Groundbreaking of the Harry Lyons Building 1967

    (Groundbreaking audio on reel-to-reel; naming ceremony on reel-to-reel, cassette)

  • Box-folder 8.17
    Baylor College of Dentistry 1973

    (See Folder 3.23, 9.3)

  • Box-folder 8.19
    Virginia Dental Association Bicentennial 1976

    (See Folder 3.67, 4.40. Audio on reel-to-reel)

  • Box-folder 8.20
    Friends of Tel Aviv University 1976

    (See Folder 3.64, 3.65)

  • Box-folder 8.21
    VCU/MCV Outstanding Alumni Award 1987

    (See Folder 3.96)

  • Box-folder 8.22
    Undated photographs

    These photographs are of Lyons' birth certificate, and early dental advertisement.

  • Box-folder 8.23
    Miscellaneous Photographs 1950-1960

    This folder includes photographs of Lyon's receiving awards and speaking.

  • Box-folder 8.24
    Professional Portraits

    Photographs for use in publications and other official uses.

Artifact and Award Collection

This series contains several artifacts and bound volumes

  • Box-folder 9.1
    Miscellaneous artifacts 1828, 1868, 1892

    This folder contains a special tax receipt for a dentist office from the Internal Revenue Service, 1868. A ticket for the 1892 Democratic Convention, and a dental school text dated 1828.

  • Box-folder 9.2
    Yearbook, Dental Columbian 1955

    Columbia University

  • Box-folder 9.3
    Yearbook, The Baylor Burr 1973

    Baylor Univerisity

  • Box-folder 9.4
    Awards and Certificates


  • Box-folder 9.5
    Awards and Certificates


  • Box-folder 9.6
    Awards and Certificates


  • Box-folder 9.7
    Awards and Certificates

    Oversized. Held in oversized storage.

Scrapbooks 1953-1957

This series contains two scrapbooks each chronicling Lyons' professional career.

  • Box-folder 10.1
    American Dental Association scrapbook. 1956-1957

    This scrapbook highlights Lyons work with the ADA. A folder with clippings found in back of book, 1950-1967. This scrapbook contains mostly newspaper clippings and official newsletters.

  • Box-folder 10.2
    Sara Wice Lyons scrapbook. 1953-1958

    This scrapbook was compiled by Lyon's wife and covers his professional activities. This scrapbook contains much more in the way of photographs, and memorabilia.

Audio Recordings 1954-1984
Box-folder: 11

This series contains audio recordings of Lyons on multiple formats.

  • Audio Recordings

    The following audio tapes are part of their respective series but are held within the Audio Collection.

    • Box-folder 3.3
      "President's Address, A.A.P."


    • Box-folder 3.100
      "Testimony to Harry Lyons"

      7 in. reel-to-reel

    • Box-folder 4.1

      7 in. reel-to-reel.

    • Box-folder 4.7
      "The Crystal Ball"

      7 in. reel-to-reel.

    • Box-folder 4.12
      "Dentistry and the Future"

      5 in. reel-to-reel.

    • Box-folder 4.28
      "Opportunities in Dentistry"

      5 in. reel-to-reel.

    • Box-folder 4.40
      "Two Centuries of Dentistry in Virginia"

      7 in. reel-to-reel.

  • Box-folder 11
    "Interview with Alden Aaroe of WRVA radio. On the occasion of the opening of the Wood Memorial Building." 1954


  • Box-folder 11
    "Wood Memorial Building dedication" Feb. 01, 1954


  • Box-folder 11
    Interview with John Wingate of the Home News from NY. 1956

    5 in. reel-to-reel

  • Box-folder 11
    "Groundbreaking of Dental Building Two (Lyons Building)" Nov. 08, 1967

    5 in. reel-to-reel

  • Box-folder 11
    "Dedication of Dental Building Two (Lyons Building)" Jan. 26, 1970

    7 in. reel-to-reel

  • Box-folder 11
    "Naming ceremony of Lyons Building" Jan. 26, 1971

    5 in. reel-to-reel, cassette

  • Box-folder 11
    Oral History Interview, Temple Beth Ahabah Feb. 22, 1972


  • Box-folder 11
    "Opening remarks, VCU/MCV endowment fund workshop" Jan. 31, 1982


Video Recordings 1959, 1985, 1987
Box-folder: 12

This series contains video recordings of Lyons on multiple formats.

  • Box-folder 12
    "Patterns of a Profession" 1959

    American Dental Association centennial, 16mm color sound film. 2x 11 in. reels. Stored with Film Accessions.

  • Box-folder 12
    "Dean's Fund testimonial" 1985

    VHS videotape

  • Box-folder 12
    "Virginia Dental Association meeting" 1987

    VHS videotape