A Guide to the Peter Nicholas Pastore, M.D. Papers 1934-1976 Pastore, M.D., Peter Nicholas, Papers 88/Mar/11

A Guide to the Peter Nicholas Pastore, M.D. Papers 1934-1976

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Special Collections and Archives, Tompkins-McCaw Library
Collection number
Peter Nicholas Pastore, M.D. 1934-1976
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5.5 linear feet
Peter Nicholas Pastore

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Box/folder, Peter Nicholas Pastore, M.D., 88/Mar/11, Special Collections and Archives, Tompkins-McCaw Library, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Acquisition Information

Collection was given to the department by Dr. Peter N. Pastore.

Processing Information

Collection processed in March 1988.

Biographical/Historical Information

Peter Nicholas Pastore was born November 8, 1907 in Bluefield, West Virginia. He attended Bluefield College receiving a Certificate of Proficiency in 1928. He continued his education at the University of Richmond, Virginia where he received his BA degree in 1930; in 1934 he received his MD degree from the Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Pastore continued his medical education at the Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota, receiving his MS degree in 1939.

In 1942, Dr. Pastore returned to Richmond to head the Department of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology at MCV. He continued at MCV in this capacity until 1976.

Dr. Pastore married Julia Ann Rourke, in 1939. They had five children: Anna, Julie, Mary, Peter N. and Louis, M.D. (deceased).

After his retirement from active practice, Dr. Pastore has devoted much of his time to the historical collections in the Special Collections and Archives Department at the Tompkins-McCaw Library. In 1981, he became Scholar-in-Residence at the Tompkins-McCaw Library and presently continues his efforts in fundraising and developing the Medical Artifacts Collection. Dr. Pastore died on September 16, 1989.

Scope and Content Information

Series I: Contains Dr. Pastore's written materials. Subseries A consists of the notes and drafts of articles and presentations written from the 1960s to the late 1970s. Some of the presentations and articles have photographs and medical illustrations. There is some correspondence. Subseries B consists of the research conducted on, notes, photographs, correspondence pertaining to, and drafts of, Dr. Pastore's thesis entitled "Effect of Quinine on Hearing" begun in 1937-38 to fulfill the requirements for Master of Science degree in Otolaryngology and Rhinology from the Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota in Rochester (conferred December 1939).

Series II: Contains correspondence with and information on various medical and business orgainization. Dates range from the late 1950s to the early 1980s.

Series III: Contains some correspondence and information from Dr. Pastore's tenure as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology, Medical College of Virginia, 1942-1976; including the search for Dean of the School of Medicine, 1956. The majority of the material dates from the 1960s to the 1970s and focuses on the development of the Otolaryngology Department. Applications for internships in Otolaryngology from the 1930s to the 1970s are present. Also, the series contains some information on area ENT physicians and former residents as well as other MCV ENT memorabilia.

Series IV: Subseries A contains personal memorabilia. Biographical information is contained in Dr. Pastore's current curriculum vitae in this series. Photostats of Dr. Pastore's many certificates and diplomas are present as are a few notable items such as Dr. Pastore's original application and letter of acceptance to an internship at MCV, 1934. Subseries B contains all of Dr. Pastore's medical article reprints. Subseries C and D are general medical reprints and publications. Subseries E contains clippings collected over a thirty year period, 1950 - 1980.

Series V: Photographs. Miscellaneous photographs of Otolarygology Dept. MCV, ENT staff photos, Drs. Charles and William Mayo, some photographs of individuals and family.Peter N. Pastore, M.D. Collection



The Pastore Collection, accession number 88/Mar/11, is an amalgamation of several different accessions. Included in 88/Mar/11 are the accessions 82/Jun/33 (reprints), 82/Jun/42 (reprints and programs) and 82/Sep/57 (ENT staff photographs).

The bulk of the collection was arranged much as it was found, (with the exception of the additions of the accessions noted above) some preliminary organization began when the collection was initially received.

Series I - III, V were organized alphabetically and chronologically. The Series IV was arranged according to subject matter.

The collection is arranged in sequence with the exception of Box 10, which contains oversized documents belonging to Series III. Series IV begins in Box 9 and is continued in Box 11.

Organization Series I: Writings (1938-1970) Subseries A: Articles, presentations Subseries B: Quinine Thesis Materials Series II: Professional Organizations (1950-1970) Series III: Medical College of Virginia (1942-1968) Series IV: Miscellany (1924-1980) Subseries A: Memorabilia Subseries B: Pastore Reprints Subseries C: General Reprints Subseries D: Publications Subseries E: Clippings Series V: Photographs

Contents List

Series I: Writings
  • Subseries A: Articles, Presentations
    • Box-folder 1.1
      Correspondence re: articles
    • Box-folder 1.2
      Article: Acute Histopathic Inner Ear...correspondence draft 1973
    • Box-folder 1.3
      Article: Adenoids and Tonsils and Two Decades of Chemotherapy, research, draft
    • Box-folder 1.4
      Article: Changed Pattern of Sinus Headache, draft, correspondence 1968
    • Box-folder 1.5
      Article drafts, misc. longhand
    • Box-folder 1.6
      Article: Mucormycosis of the Maxillary Sinus, research, draft
    • Box-folder 1.7
      Article: Mucole from the Paranasal Sinuses, research
    • Box-folder 1.8
      Medical Illustrations for presentations and articles
    • Box-folder 1.9
      Medical Illustrations for presentations and articles photographs
    • Box-folder 1.10
      Presentations: Diagnostic Aids in Otolaryngology
    • Box-folder 2.1
      Presentations: ENT Cases with Mark May, drafts, notes
    • Box-folder 2.2
      Presentations: Health Aspects of Hearing Conservation
    • Box-folder 2.3
      Presentation: Lateral Pharyngeal Band and Lateral Band Syndrome
    • Box-folder 2.4
      Presentation: Lump in the Throat
    • Box-folder 2.5
      Presentation: Lump in the Throat
    • Box-folder 2.6
      Presentation: Lump in the Throat
    • Box-folder 2.7
      Presentation: Lump in the throat, 2 LP recording
    • Box-folder 2.8
      Presentation: Otolaryngology and the Three P's
    • Box-folder 2.9
      Presentation: Observations on the Formation of...,Germany 1970
    • Box-folder 2.10
      Presentation: Physiology of Hearing
    • Box-folder 2.11
      Presentation: Sinus Disease
    • Box-folder 3.1
      Presentation: Tonsils and Adenoids
    • Box-folder 3.2
      Presentation: Tonsils and Adenoids
    • Box-folder 3.3
      Presentation: Tonsil and Adenoids, Case Reports
    • Box-folder 3.4
      Presentation: Treatment of Chronic Modern Sinusitis
    • Box-folder 3.5
      Scientific Papers used for research
    • Box-folder 3.6
      Treatment of Ventricular Fibullation and Treatment of Cardiac Arrest
  • Subseries B: Quinine Thesis
    • Box-folder 3.7
      Correspondence: Thesis
    • Box-folder 3.8
      Thesis Draft
    • Box-folder 3.9
      Quinine Thesis Draft
    • Box-folder 3.10
      Quinine Thesis Materials, notes, research
    • Box-folder 3.11
      Quinine Thesis Draft, notes, research
    • Box-folder 4.1
      Quinine Thesis Research Materials
    • Box-folder 4.2
      Quinine Thesis Research Materials, x-rays of rats
    • Box-folder 4.3
      Quinine Thesis, Materials, notes, research
    • Box-folder 4.4
      Quinine Thesis Material, research, notes
    • Box-folder 4.5
      Quinine Thesis Material, research, notes
Series II: Professional Organizations
  • Box-folder 5.1
    American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, Correspondence, certificates, letterhead
  • Box-folder 5.2
    American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, Report, Home Study Courses, Continuing Education
  • Box-folder 5.3
    American Cancer Society, Correspondence, programs
  • Box-folder 5.4
    American College of Surgeons, Programs
  • Box-folder 5.5
    American Laryngological Association, programs
  • Box-folder 5.6
    American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society, Correspondence, programs
  • Box-folder 5.7
    American Otological Society, programs
  • Box-folder 5.8
    Atlanta Graduate Medical Assembly, programs
  • Box-folder 5.9
    Benedictine High School, correspondence, programs, address to 1963 graduating class
  • Box-folder 5.10
    Bluefield College, program, correspondence
  • Box-folder 5.11
    Church materials
  • Box-folder 5.12
    Crippled Children's Hospital, Easter Seals, Correspondence, program, information
  • Box-folder 5.13
    Gill Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, Roanoke
  • Box-folder 5.14
    Governor's Advisory Council, correspondence 1961
  • Box-folder 6.1
    International Association of Secretaries of Ophthalmological and Otolaryngological Societies, Correspondence
  • Box-folder 6.2
    International College of Surgeons, Correspondence, programs
  • Box-folder 6.3
    International College of Surgeons, Constitutions and Bylaws
  • Box-folder 6.4
    International College of Surgeons, Minutes, Correspondence 1960-1970
  • Box-folder 6.5
    International Symposium in Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology
  • Box-folder 6.6
    Lion's Club
  • Box-folder 6.7
    Mayo Foundation
  • Box-folder 6.8
    National Conference of Christians and Jews
  • Box-folder 6.9
    Pennsylvania Medical Society
  • Box-folder 7.1
    Programs, misc.
  • Box-folder 7.2
    Research Study Club Programs
  • Box-folder 7.3
    Richmond Academy of Medicine
  • Box-folder 7.4
    A.H. Robins, Co.
  • Box-folder 7.5
    St. Mary's Hospital
  • Box-folder 7.6
    University of Richmond
  • Box-folder 7.7
    Virginia Academy of General Practice
  • Box-folder 7.8
    Virginia Hearing and Speech Foundation
  • Box-folder 7.9
    Virginia Society of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, Post-Graduate Session 1951
  • Box-folder 7.10
    Virginia Society of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, Post-Graduate Session 1953
  • Box-folder 7.11
    Virginia Society of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, Correspondence, information
Series III: Medical College of Virginia
  • Box-folder 8.1
    Alumni Association, correspondence, notes
  • Box-folder 8.2
    Committee Minutes, News Bulletin
  • Box-folder 8.3
  • Box-folder 8.4
    Correspondence, medical, some personal 1951-1980s
  • Box-folder 8.5
    Family Practice
  • Box-folder 8.6
    Home Study Course, Pathology
  • Box-folder 8.7
    Medicine, School of Search for Dean 1956
  • Box-folder 8.8
    Miscellaneous Materials
  • Box-folder 8.9
  • Box-folder 8.10
    Otolaryngology, History of Applications for Internship 1930-1970
  • Box-folder 8.11
    Otolaryngology, History of Information on ENT Doctors and former residents
  • Box-folder 9.1
    Otolaryngology, History of publications and articles
  • Box-folder 9.2
    Otolaryngology, letters from former residents on the occasion of Dr. Pastore's retirement
  • Box-folder 9.3
    Speech Center, St. Paul's Church
  • Box-folder 9.4
    University Library Services
Series IV: Miscellany
  • Subseries A: Memorabilia
    • Box-folder 9.5
      Curriculum Vitae
    • Box-folder 9.6
      Certificates and Diplomas, photostats
    • Box-folder 9.7
    • Box-folder 9.8
      Mayo Clinic 1937-1941
    • Box-folder 9.9
      MCV Internship 1933-1935
    • Box-folder 9.10
      Personal Memorabilia, passport, early job miscellany
    • Box-folder 9.11
      Personal Miscellany, correspondence, notes, postcards
    • Box-folder 10.1
      Blueprints, plans for renovations to McGuire Hall, School of Pharmacy
    • Box-folder 10.2
      Blueprints, plans for renovations to McGuire Hall
    • Box-folder 10.3
      Blueprints, plans for renovations to McGuire Hall, correspondence
  • Subseries B: Pastore Reprints
    • Box 11
      Dr. Pastore's Reprints (list)
  • Subseries C: General Reprints
    • Box 11
      Misc. Medical Reprints
  • Subseries D: Publications
    • Box 12
      Misc. Journals, medical Publications
  • Subseries E: Clippings
    • Box 12
      Miscellaneous Clippings
Series V: Photographs:
  • Box-folder 13.1
    Photographs: Dr. Ellie, Chief of Otolaryngology, Mayo Clinic
  • Box-folder 13.2
    Photo: C.H. Mayo, W.J. Mayo
  • Box-folder 13.3
    Photo: Pastore Family
  • Box-folder 13.4
    Photo: American Cancer Society
  • Box-folder 13.5
    Photo: Governor's Advisory Council
  • Box-folder 13.6
    Photo: Alumni Reunion 1962
  • Box-folder 13.7
    Photo: Mills E. Godwin
  • Box-folder 13.8
    Photo: Otolaryngology Dept., MCV
  • Box-folder 13.9
    Photo: Class of Medicine annual photo