A Guide to the Papers of William T. Sanger 1898-1975 Sanger, William T. Papers T83/Jul/12

A Guide to the Papers of William T. Sanger 1898-1975

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Papers of William T. Sanger 1898-1975
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William T. Sanger

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Biographical Information

William Thomas Sanger, the son of Samuel F. and Susan Thomas Sanger, was born on September 16, 1885 in Bridgewater, (Rockingham County) Virginia where he attended primary school at the academy associated with Bridgewater College until 1896.

The economic depression of the 1890s hit the Bridgewater area quite hard and the inability of Samuel Sanger to earn a living for his large family compelled him to take a salaried position with the Southern Railroad Company. The new job meant a move to Calverton, Virginia, where the family lived only one year before moving again to the larger community of Manassas, located about thirty miles south of Washington, D.C.

Tragically, the year 1898 ended with the death of Susan T. Sanger, and by the end of 1899 the family found themselves with a "new mother," actually the third wife of Samuel, his first wife having died years earlier leaving him with their one daughter. Shortly after the death of his first wife Samuel married Susan Thomas and the family was quickly increased to include William and his three sisters. Dr. Sanger notes in his 1971 autobiography, As I Remember, that his family was so well integrated that his half-sister never knew she was born to another mother until she was eventually told much later.

A few months after the third marriage, the Sanger family was again uprooted when Samuel announced the big move to South Bend, Indiana where he had accepted the position of traveling secretary of the Mission Board of the Church of the Brethren. Samuel Sanger was a minister of the Church, holding its highest rank; however, since in those days no salary was paid to the Brethren clergy, cash income had to be sought elsewhere.

It is interesting to note that frequent moves of the family home was quite unusual in American culture at this time. Dr. Sanger's early experiences with such a variety of horizons certainly added to his future skills as expansive orator and visionary.

William Sanger returned to his Bridgewater roots to attend Bridgewater College in 1906 after graduating from South Bend High School in Indiana. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree quickly and by 1909 was once again in Indiana to work on his Master of Arts degree in psychology which he earned in 1910 from that state's university. After receiving his M.A. Sanger retraced his steps yet again to begin his teaching career at his Bridgewater alma mater.

The years 1910 through 1920 were busy ones for Sanger in his personal life and educational growth. These years also mark the start of his lifelong commitment to teaching. The appointment to the faculty at Bridgewater began Sanger's experience teaching a variety of subjects including English writing, history, philosophy, and Greek psychology. During the summer of 1911 Sanger did graduate work in psychology and Physiology at Columbia University.

He resumed his teaching duties at Bridgewater College during the academic year 1911-1912 and by the fall of 1912 Sanger had enrolled at Clark University to begin his dissertation work on the subject of senescence under the famed psychologist G. Stanley Hall with whom he developed a fast friendship. The summer of 1913 and 1914 were spent teaching at Harrisonburg State Teachers' College while the academic year 1913-1914 was spent at Clark working on the dissertation. During the summer of 1913 Sanger married Sylvia Gray Burns whom he met while both were attending Bridgewater College. The academic year 1914-1915 brought Sanger's return to Bridgewater College and by the spring of 1915 he had returned to Clark University alone, leaving Sylvia working as a housemother at the college in Bridgewater. Sanger finished his dissertation and received his Ph.D. from Clark University in 1915. The academic year 1915-1916 brought Dr. Sanger back to Bridgewater College to resume his teaching duties.

The Sangers moved to Harrisonburg in 1917, where for two years Sanger acted as dean and head of the education department of Harrisonburg State Teachers' College (now James Madison University).

During the summer of 1920, the Sangers took a trip to California to visit Sanger's parents who had yet to see their grandson, Julian (born in the spring of 1918). Sanger took opportunity to teach graduate school at the University of Utah during this extended vacation. In fall of 1920 he returned to Bridgewater College to resume his liberal arts teaching responsibilities despite the offer an attractive position in the department of education at the University of Utah.

The Sangers moved to Richmond in 1921 after Sanger accepted the first full-time position as executive secretary of the Virginia State Teachers' Association where his duties included editing The Virginia Journal of Education, the official publication of the association. The summers of 1921 and 1922 were spent teaching at the University of Virginia.

By 1922 Sanger had accepted an administration position with the State Board of Education where he remained until 1925 when he was chosen to fill the role as the first full-time president of the Medical College of Virginia (MCV).

As the history of the growth of MCV demonstrates, Sanger led the medical school through over thirty years of tremendous growth both in reputation and capacity and its standing among medical schools in the southeast was due chiefly to his broad vision during the first half of the twentieth century. Sanger's retirement in 1956 marked the end of an era for the school. The position of chancellor was created for Sanger so he could continue in the capacity of advisor to the school. He remained active in the affairs of the College until his death in 1975 at the age of 89.

Scope and Content Information

The majority of the Sanger papers are devoted to the period prior to his assumption of duties as president of the Medical College of Virginia.

Series I contains Sanger's college lecture materials; notes taken when he was a student at Bridgewater College, Clark and Columbia University. Series I also contains the hand and typewritten notes and research of Sanger's dissertation on the subject of senescence which he studied under G. Stanley Hall.

Series II consists of personal and professional correspondence; the bulk of which concerns Sanger's unsuccessful campaign for the presidency of Harrisonburg State Teachers' College (now James Madison University) in the summer of 1919.

Series III contains Sanger's hand and typewritten notes and drafts of speeches on a variety of topics related to education and the responsibilities of educators in Virginia dating from the early 1930s through the span of his career. The drafts for Sanger's two books As I Remember, an autobiography of his life and career, and MCV Before 1925, an early history of MCV, are also included in this series.

Series IV consists of a variety of information concerning MCV including block plots and tax assessments of the college area in 1940 as well as information detailing the gala affair held in 1950 honoring Sanger's twenty-five years as President of the College.

Series V deals with Sanger's avocations outside of the educational field. The collection holds information on Sanger's partnership with a Bridgewater College colleague, Dr. Paul Bowman, in the Ridgeway Orchard in southwestern Virginia during the 1920s. Also, the records of the purchase and upkeep of Sylvia Burns Sanger's family farm in Burnsville, Virginia is included, dating from the 1940s to the early 1970s. Sanger's passion for gardening is evident in the collection of correspondence and publications found in this series.

Series VI is entitled miscellany because it contains a variety of material including some biographical data on Sanger, personal items such as postcards and notes Sanger collected over the years, personal photographs of the Sanger family from the early years as well as a great number of photographs taken on important occasion throughout Sanger's professional career. The photographs in the Sanger collection are particularly interesting. This series also holds the newspapers and clippings Sanger collected over the years 1910-1970. The clipping collection includes the local obituary notices at the time of Sanger's death in 1975. Series VI contains a variety of publications dealing with the field of education and the publications of the Medical College of Virginia. Sanger's many honorary diplomas, his high school diploma from South Bend High School, Indiana in 1906 are included in this series.

Series VII consists of additional papers donated to the archives. In addition to some photographs, correspondence and materials relating to MCV, the addendum contains the notes of two works Sanger was researching at the time of his death. This first contains handwritten biographical sketches of MCV historical figures; the second contains drafts of a work on the homes of Virginia born presidents.


Materials are arranged by subject and chronologically therein.

The collection is organized into seven series: Series I: College Materials Subseries A: Lecture Notes Subseries B: Dissertation Work Series II: Correspondence Series III: Writings Subseries A: Speeches Subseries B: As I Remember Subseries C: MCV Before 1925 Series IV: Medical College of Virginia Series V: Avocations Subseries A: Orchard Subseries B: Farm Subseries C: Gardening Series VI: Miscellany Subseries A: Biographical Information Subseries B: Miscellany Subseries C: Photographs Subseries D: Clippings Subseries E: Publications Subseries F: Diplomas, Awards and Certificates Series VIII: Addendum

Contents List

Series I: College Materials
  • Subseries A: Lecture Notes, Thesis Work
    • Box-folder 1:1
      Adolescence 1900
    • Box-folder 1:2
      Heredity (Essay) 1910
    • Box-folder 1:4
      Logic, Eternal Values, Crystallography 1910, 1917-18
    • Box-folder 1:5
      Psychology of Religion 1910
    • Box-folder 1:6
      Higher Education (Dr. Hall) 1915
    • Box-folder 1:7
      Research for Thesis 1909-10
    • Box-folder 1:8
      Class Essays on Philosophers 1910
    • Box-folder 1:9
      Thesis (Indiana University) 1910
    • Box-folder 1:10
      Physiology, Columbia University
  • Subseries B: Dissertation Work
    • Box-folder 2:1
      Articles on old age 1912-13
    • Box-folder 2:2
      Case Reports 1912-13
    • Box-folder 2:3
      Correspondence 1915
    • Box-folder 2:4
      Dr. Hall's Lectures
    • Box-folder 2:5
      Text notes 1913
    • Box-folder 2:6
      Text notes 1913-1915
    • Box-folder 2:7
      Dissertation Draft I
    • Box-folder 2:8
      Dissertation Draft II
Series II: Correspondence
  • Box-folder 3:1
    Correspondence-G. Stanley Hall 1912-1916
  • Box-folder 3:2
    Correspondence re: Birth of Son 1918
  • Box-folder 3:3
    Correspondence-President Campaign Virginia Normal School 1919
  • Box-folder 3:4
    Correspondence-President Campaign Virginia Normal School 1919
  • Box-folder 3:5
    Correspondence-President Campaign Virginia Normal School 1919
  • Box-folder 3:6
    Correspondence-Search for Employment, Chapel Hill Professorship 1919
  • Box-folder 3:7
    Correspondence-Secretary Virginia Board of Education 1922-25
  • Box-folder 4:1
    Correspondence-MCV President 1925-1929
  • Box-folder 4:2
    Correspondence-MCV Business 1928-1939
  • Box-folder 4:3
    Correspondence-Personal 1931-1939
  • Box-folder 4:4
    Correspondence from historical figures 1925-1951
  • Box-folder 4:5
    Correspondence-Miscellaneous 1931-1966
  • Box-folder 4:6
    Correspondence-Awards 1948-1971
Series III: Writings
  • Subseries A: Speeches
    • Box-folder 5:2
      American Fetish of Bigness
    • Box-folder 5:2
      Bridgewater College, Founders' Day
    • Box-folder 5:3
      Budgeting the Day, Work vs. Play
    • Box-folder 5:4
      Churches, Sunday School
    • Box-folder 5:5
      Costs of Ignorance, Illiteracy
    • Box-folder 5:6
      Education: Building Morale
    • Box-folder 5:7
      Education: Children and Citizenship
    • Box-folder 5:8
      Education: Fundamental in Democracy
    • Box-folder 5:9
    • Box-folder 5:10
      The Next Conquest
    • Box-folder 5:11
      Pitkin, Walter B.
    • Box-folder 5:12
      Professional Standards
    • Box-folder 5:13
      Religions of the World
    • Box-folder 5:14
    • Box-folder 5:15
      Virginia of Tomorrow
    • Box-folder 5:16
      The World We Live In
Series III: Writings
  • Subseries A: Speeches
    • Box-folder 6:1
      At Indian University
    • Box-folder 6:2
      Tragedy of Isolation
    • Box-folder 6:3
      Free Treatment for Consumptives
    • Box-folder 6:4
      Industrial Psychology
    • Box-folder 6:5
      Miscellaneous Notes and Speeches
    • Box-folder 6:6
      Medical Education in the United States
    • Box-folder 6:7
      Articles, Speeches 1960s
    • Box-folder 6:8
      Articles, Speeches 1957-1970s
    • Box-folder 6:9
      Sanger Reprints
  • Subseries B: As I Remember
    • Box-folder 7:1
      Correspondence re: As I Remember
    • Box-folder 7:2
      Draft I
    • Box-folder 7:3
      Draft II
    • Box-folder 7:4
      Draft III
    • Box-folder 7:5
      Final Draft
  • Subseries C: MCV Before 1925
    • Box-folder 8:1
    • Box-folder 8:2
    • Box-folder 8:3
      Unbound Printing
    • Box-folder 8:4
    • Box-folder 8:5
    • Box-folder 8:6
      Index Cards Notes
Series IV: Medical College of Virginia
  • Box-folder 9:1
    Block Plots of College Area 1940-1941
  • Box-folder 9:2
    Board of Visitors Meeting 1968
  • Box-folder 9:3
    Charter 1898
  • Box-folder 9:4
    Egyptian Building Gavel
  • Box-folder 9:5
    Larrick Student Center
  • Box-folder 9:6
    Negus, Dr. Sidney Dedication
  • Box-folder 9:7
    Policies and Procedures 1955
  • Box-folder 9:8
    "Quarter Century of Progress at MCV"

    Article by Robert Barton, member of the Board of Visitors

  • Box-folder 9:9
    Sanger Lecture Materials
  • Box-folder 9:10
    Tax Assessment Details 1940
  • Box-folder 9:11
    Property Plots 1944-1945
  • Box-folder 10:1
    MCV 25th Anniversary as President, Correspondence 1955
  • Box-folder 10:2
    25th Anniversary Tributes, Biographical Information
  • Box-folder 10:3
    Sanger's 25th Anniversary Tributes, Biographical Information
  • Box-folder 10:4
    25th Anniversary Committee
  • Box-folder 10:5
    25th Anniversary Clippings
  • Box-folder 10:6
    25th Anniversary News Releases, Programs, Invitations
  • Box-folder 10:7
    MCV Retirement
  • Box-folder 10:8
    Congratulatory Letters, MCV Chancellor
  • Box-folder 10:9
    European Trip
Series V: Avocations
  • Subseries A: Ridgecrest Orchard
    • Box-folder 11:1
      Bills, Bank Notes 1920
    • Box-folder 11:2
      Bills, Bank Notes 1920-1921
    • Box-folder 11:3
      Correspondence 1920
    • Box-folder 11:4
      Correspondence 1921
    • Box-folder 11:5
      Correspondence 1922
    • Box-folder 11:6
      Property Plot 1920
  • Subseries B: Alloway Farm
    • Box-folder 12:1
      Correspondence 1944-1945
    • Box-folder 12:2
      Insurance, Correspondence 1967-1973
    • Box-folder 12:3
      Bills, Notes on Livestock 1940-1950
    • Box-folder 12:4
      Bills 1948-1955
    • Box-folder 12:5
      Bills, Notes 1947-1955
    • Check Book, Farm Inventory 1947-1952
  • Subseries C: Gardening
    • Box-folder 13:1
      Sketches of House Plans for Garden 1919-1922
    • Box-folder 13:2
      Correspondence, Orders 1922-1927
    • Box-folder 13:3
      Correspondence 1924-1927
    • Box-folder 13:4
      Correspondence 1927-1928
    • Box-folder 13:5
      Correspondence 1929-1930
    • Box-folder 13:6
      Garden Club
    • Box-folder 13:7
      Bonnewitz Wholesale Gardens 1927
    • Box-folder 13:8
      Garden Publications, Better Plants 1923-24
    • Box-folder 13:9
      Garden Publications, Price Lists 1923-1928
    • Box-folder 13:10
      Garden Bulletin Pamphlets, price lists
    • Box-folder 13:11
      Clippings, articles pamphlets
Series VI: Miscellany
  • Subseries A: Personal Miscellany
    • Box-folder 14:1
      Sanger Biographical Information
    • Box-folder 14:2
      Correspondence 1944-1971
    • Box-folder 14:3
      Sanger Residence Maintenance
    • Box-folder 14:4
      First Presbyterian Church
    • Box-folder 14:5
      Gradation Programs 1906-1922
    • Box-folder 14:7
      Indiana University Yearbook 1910
  • Subseries B: Miscellaneous Materials
    • Box-folder 15:1
      Reprints: G. Stanley Hall and J. Shelton Horsley
    • Box-folder 15:2
      Temperance Information
    • Box-folder 15:3
    • Box-folder 15:4
    • Box-folder 15:5
    • Box-folder 15:6
    • Box-folder 15:7
      Stereopticon photos
    • Box-folder 15:8
      Education Materials, pamphlets
    • Box-folder 15:9
      Colonial Williamsburg
    • Box-folder 15:10
      Homestead Information
    • Box-folder 16:1
      Invitations 1922-1938
    • Box-folder 16:2
      Invitations 1940-1971
    • Box-folder 16:3
      Initiations from Governor of Virginia
    • Box-folder 16:4
      Richmond Symphony Programs 1933
    • Box-folder 16:5
      Richmond Historic Homes
    • Box-folder 16:6
      Historic Homes of Virginia
    • Box-folder 16:7
      Historic Homes Correspondence, Old Richmond News
    • Box-folder 16:8
      Historic Homes Clippings
    • Box-folder 16:9
      List of Grave sites of Distinguished Virginians
    • Box-folder 16:10
      "Homes of Virginia Born Presidents of the U.S."Transcript
    • Box-folder 16:11
      "Observations and Impressions of South America" Essay
    • Box-folder 16:12
      Miscellaneous print
    • Box-folder 16:13
      Miscellaneous information
    • Pencil sketch of Sanger
    • Watercolor of plantation
    • Sketch plan of plantation
    • Silk screen poster of Egyptian Building
    • Prints by Dr. John Brodnax

      "The Anatomist,""Peyton,"and "Only a Dream."

  • Subseries C: Photographs
    • Box-folder 17:1
      Awards, Group Photos 1933-19070s
    • Box-folder 17:2
      Clark University, Psychology Conference 1909
    • Box-folder 17:3
      G. Stanley Hall 1917
    • Box-folder 17:4
      Sanger's 25th Anniversary Celebration as President of MCV
    • Box-folder 17:5-6
      Sanger Portraits
      2 folders
    • Box-folder 17:7
      Family Photographs
    • Box-folder 17:8
      Personal Photographs
    • Box-folder 17:9
      Miscellaneous Photographs
    • Intercollegiate Debate Team, Bridgewater College
      2 photos
    • Sylvia Burns Sanger Class Photo
  • Subseries D: Clippings
    • Box-folder 18:1
      Clippings 1913
    • Box-folder 18:2
      Clippings 1913-1939
    • Box-folder 18:3
      Daily News Record 23 July 1919

      Harrisonburg, VA

    • Box-folder 18:4
      Daily Independent 23, 24 July 1919

      Harrisonburg, VA

    • Box-folder 18:5
      Richmond Times-Dispatch 31 December 1939
    • Box-folder 18:6
      Clippings 1940s
    • South Bend Tribune 7 October 1941

      South Bend, IN

    • Box-folder 18:8
      Clippings MCV 1941-1963
    • Box-folder 18:9
      Clippings 1950s
    • Box-folder 18:10
      Clippings 1954-1958
    • Box-folder 18:11-12
      Clippings 1960s
    • Box-folder 18:13
      Richmond News Leader1 June 1961
    • Box-folder 18:14
      Clippings 1963-1973
    • Box-folder 18:15
      Clippings 1970-1971
    • Box-folder 18:16
      Sanger Obituary Clippings 19 April 1975
  • Subseries E: Publications
    • Box-folder 19:1-3
      Bulletin of the Medical College of Virginia 1930, 1932, 1954-1960s
    • Box-folder 19:4-5
      Miscellaneous MCV Publications
    • Box-folder 19:6
      Medicovan 1956-1957
    • Box-folder 19:7
      Skull & Bones 1935
    • Box-folder 20:1
      Medical Education
    • Box-folder 20:2
      Medicine in Virginia
    • Box-folder 20:3
      Virginia Medical Monthly
    • Box-folder 20:4, 8
      Virginia Journal of Education
    • Box-folder 20:5
      Education in Virginia
    • Box-folder 20:6
      Public Education in Virginia
    • Box-folder 20:7
      Education Reprints
    • Box 21
      Philomathean Monthly 1903-1904, 1906-1910, 1918, 1920-1921

      Publication of Bridgewater College. v. 7 nos. 6-9, 1903; v.8 nos.4-6, 1904; v.11 nos.1-9, 1906-07; v.10 nos.1-9, 1907-1908; v.11 nos.1-9, 1908-09; v.14 no.6 1910; v.22 no.5, 1918, v.24 no. 9, 1920; v.25 no.7, 1921; Graduation Volume, 1921

    • Box 22
      MCV Assessment Study
    • Box 22
      MCV Proposed Plan for Adult Education Building 1944
  • Subseries F: Diplomas, Awards and Certificates
    • Box 22
      Clark University, Doctor of Philosophy 1915


    • Box 22
      Hampden-Sydney College, Doctor of Laws 1926

      honorary diploma

    • Box 22
      University of North Carolina, Doctor of Laws 1956

      honorary diploma

    • Box 22
      University of Florida Doctor of Science 1953

      honorary diploma

    • Box 22
      Miscellaneous Awards and Recognitions
      20 items
    • South Bend High School Diploma 1906
      Physical Location: Flat File
    • Bridgewater College Bachelor of Arts Diploma 1909
      Physical Location: Flat File
    • Indiana University Masters of Arts Diploma 1910
      Physical Location: Flat File
    • University of Richmond, Doctor of Laws 1939
      Physical Location: Flat File

      honorary degree

    • Medical College of Virginia, Doctor of Civil Laws 1957
      Physical Location: Flat File

      honorary degree

    • Life Membership Certificate, MCV Alumni Association 1964
      Physical Location: Flat File
    • Virginia Chamber of Commerce Recognition 1952
      Physical Location: Flat File
    • National Society for Crippled Children Resolution 1953
      Physical Location: Flat File
    • Virginia Academy of Science Distinguished Service Award 1956
      Physical Location: Flat File
Series VII: Addendum
  • Box-folder 23:1
    MCV Figures Biographical Sketches A-M

    written 1972-1974

  • Box-folder 23:2
    MCV Figures Biographical Sketches N-Z
  • Box-folder 23:3
    MCV Figures Biographical Sketches

    miscellaneous notes and correspondence

  • Box-folder 23:4
    MCV Figures Biographical Sketches Clippings
  • Box-folder 23:5
    MCV Sanger's Acceptance as President 1925

    correspondence, inaugural invitation

  • Box-folder 23:6
    MCV Clippings 1925, 1950-1956

    Sanger's inauguration and retirement periods

  • Box-folder 23:7
    MCV 1939 1939

    Report of Senior-Freshman Classes of Medicine

  • Box-folder 23:8
    Statement of the MCV Board of Visitors 1940
  • Box-folder 23:9
    MCV Property Block Maps 1955
  • Box-folder 23:10-11
    MCV Sanger's Retirement Dinner 1956

    program, speeches, correspondence

  • Box-folder 23:12
    MCV Miscellaneous Correspondence
  • Box-folder 23:13
    Sanger Biographical Materials 1940-1960


  • Box-folder 23:14
    Sanger Biographical Materials

    vitae, sketches

  • Box-folder 23:15
    Sanger Biographical Materials


  • Box-folder 23:16
    Sanger-Beale Consultants
  • Box-folder 23:17
    Photographs Southern Regional Educational Conference 1950
  • Box-folder 23:18
    Photographs MCV Related

    Cabaniss Hall, Nelson Clinic, E.G. Williams Hospital. Lyons Building, Hunton Hall, Larrick Center, Tompkins-McCaw Library (construction), Nursing Education Building, Harold West, John Cullen, Richard Lafon Bohannon, Augustus Warner, Lewis Webb Chamberlayne, Socrates Maupin

  • Box-folder 23:19
    Photographs: Ariel View of MCV West Hospital Under Construction
  • Box-folder 24:1
    Homes of Virginia Born Presidents

    notes, correspondence

  • Box-folder 24:2
    Homes of Virginia Born Presidents


  • Box-folder 24:3
    Homes of Virginia Born Presidents

    photographs of presidents

  • Box-folder 24:4
    Homes of Virginia Born Presidents

    photographs of Monticello

  • Box-folder 24:5
    Homes of Virginia Born Presidents

    photographs of homes

  • Box-folder 24:6
    Homes of Virginia Born Presidents

    photographs of Mount Vernon

  • Box-folder 24:7
    Springs of Virginia 1891, 1910

    articles, publicity publications

  • Box-folder 24:8
    Springs of Virginia

    notes, correspondence drafts

  • Box-folder 24:9
    Springs of Virginia Photographs
  • Box-folder 24:10
  • Box-folder 24:11
    Miscellaneous Publications
  • Box-folder 24:12
    3 items
  • Box 24
    Sanger's MA Thesis "Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory"1910
  • Box 24
    Who Walk Alone 1940

    book by Burgess