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A Guide to the Richmond Civil War Round Table Archives

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Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University
Collection number
M 186
Richmond Civil War Round Table Archives
Physical Characteristics
5.5 linear feet plus cassestte tapes
Richmond Civil War Round Table Archives

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Box/folder, Richmond Civil War Round Table Archives, M 186, Special Collection and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Acquisition Information

On deposit from Richmond Civil War Round Table since December 1983.

Processing Information

Collection processed in March 1984. Revised in March 1987, February 1989, May 1992, and May 2001

Biographical/Historical Information

The origin of the Richmond Civil War Round Table was detailed in the first issue of the Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1 (1958): "As might be supposed, the interest of many Richmonders in serious study of the Civil War long antedated the date as of which the round Table was formally organized". Dr. Douglas S. Freeman's work and his affiliation with groups that promoted the erection of historical markers in the Richmond area and acquired historic properties along the line of the Richmond National Battlefield Park gave added impetus to the reviving of Civil War study.

"Early in 1951 a cadre of buffs in the Sandston area (the site of the Battle of Seven Pines and of part of the Seven Days Battle) more formally identified themselves under the title of the Richmond Civil War Round Table. First meetings were held at the Park Service Headquarters at Fort Harrison. Nip Warriner, who beyond doubt possesses the greatest collection of battlefield items, personally extracted from the Richmond area battlefields, was a prime mover in the Round Table endeavor."

The Round Table has sponsored undertakings of Civil War interest. In 1953 it joined the Chicago Round Table in sponsoring the first nationwide tour of Richmond Battlefields. In 1955, it joined the Manuscript Society in putting on its annual convention in Richmond, and in 1958 had U.S. Grant, III as guest speaker for the American Heritage dinner. The Round Table sponsors field trips and monthly programs.

Scope and Content Information

For the most part, the Archives and Historical Collections of the Richmond Civil War Round Table are material gathered together abour the Civil War. Includinig papers presented to the Round Table and a number of magazines and reprints along with two artifacts. There are newsletters and attendance records for both the Round Table and the Prison Round Table at the State Penitentiary. Particularly significant is the Scrapbook of Col. William M. Meyers, Captain of the Richmond Howitzers in the early part of the twentieth century.


There are five containers of records, two oversize containers, one boxed artillery shell, nine containers of periodicals, and two containers of audiotapes.

Contents List

Correspondence and other materials relating to the Richmond Civil War Round Table 1958-1975

J. Ambler Johnston, C. Hobson Goddin, and Roland Galvin 1958-1975. The Material came from Galvin's files.

  • Box-folder 1.1
    Certificate Distinguished Service Award to Richmond Civil War Round Table from the Civil War Round Table 1975
  • Box-folder 1.2
  • Box-folder 1.3
  • Box-folder 1.4
  • Box-folder 1.5
    Newspaper clippings (photocopied)
  • Box-folder 2.1
  • Box-folder 2.2
  • Box-folder 2.3
    Newspaper clippings (photocopied)
  • Box-folder 2.4
    Gettysburg Campaign Trip
  • Box-folder 2.5
    Material relative to RFNP in the Civil War
  • Box-folder 2.6
    Photocopied articles on Cape Hatteras and Conferderate Secret Service
  • Box-folder 2.7
    Miscellaneous material related to Cleveland Civil War Round Table
Newsletters, Membership and Attendance Records 1959-1988
  • Box-folder 3.1
    Newsletters, Membership and Attendance Records 1959-1972
  • Box-folder 3.2
    Newsletters, Membership and Attendance Records 1973-1974
  • Box-folder 3.3
    Newsletters, Membership and Attendance Records 1975-1976
  • Box-folder 3.4
    Newsletters, Membership and Attendance Records 1977-1980
  • Box-folder 3.6
    Newsletters, Membership and Attendance Records 1981
  • Box-folder 3.7
    Newsletters, Membership and Attendance Records 1983
  • Box-folder 3.8
    Newsletters, Membership and Attendance Records 1984
  • Box-folder 3.9
    Newsletters, Membership and Attendance Records (incomplete) 1985-1988
Articles and Papers presented to Round Table
  • Box-folder 4.1
    Elizabeth Van Lew Bibliography
  • Box-folder 4.2
    Spies--Belle Boyd of Virginia
  • Box-folder 4.3
    Eli Metcalf Bruce
  • Box-folder 4.4
    Elizabeth Van Lew-- "Mankind"V. 3 No. 3 Oct. 1971
  • Box-folder 4.5
    Portrait of a Neglected Hero--George Henry Thomas
  • Box-folder 4.6
    Course: The Civil War lecture notes November-December 1971
  • Box-folder 4.7
    Battle of Gettysburg
  • Box-folder 4.8
    Army of the Cumberland's Attack on Missionary Ridge
  • Box-folder 4.9
    The End of Old-Time Grace and Hospitality: Richmond 1864
  • Box-folder 4.10
  • Box-folder 4.11
    Jefferson Davis--The Man, Address at 4th Annual Massing of the Flags Ceremony by William Stauffer 1970
  • Box-folder 4.12
    Newsmen in the Civil War by William Stauffer 1969
  • Box-folder 4.13
    Newsmen in the Civil War by William Stauffer 1955
  • Box-folder 4.14
  • Box-folder 4.15
    Mississippi Units at the Battle of Gettysburg
  • Box-folder 4.16
    Conferderate Chaplain--Rev. James V. Seeran
  • Box-folder 4.17
    Major General Patrick R. Cleburne
  • Box-folder 4.18
    Lt. General Richard Taylor
  • Box-folder 4.19
    Henry Hotze Rebel Propagandist (sic)
  • Box-folder 4.20
    The Birth of a Nation
  • Box-folder 4.21
    Food for the Civil War Military Forces by James J. Keeker
  • Box-folder 4.22
    The Irish Brigade
  • Box-folder 4.23
    General Turner Ashby
  • Box-folder 4.24
    Commissary General Lucius B Northrop
  • Box-folder 4.25
    Colonel Willie Pegram C.S.A.
  • Box-folder 4.26
    Lt. Charles W. "Savez"Read, CSN
  • Box-folder 4.27
    An Account of the Stay of the C.S.S. Shenandoah in Melbourne Australia
  • Box-folder 4.28
    When Some Women of Richmond Demanded Bread on Blood: The Story of the Bread Riot by Douglas O. Tice, Jr.
  • Box-folder 4.29
    Goochland Light Dragoons
  • Box-folder 4.30
    1865 in 1973 the current condition of Lee's retreat route Petersburg to Appomattox Court House by John E. Damerel 1973
  • Box-folder 4.31
    Was Jefferson Davis Disguised as a Woman when captured?
  • Box-folder 4.32
    The Signal Corps. Communications during the Civil War by G. F. Kauffman
  • Box-folder 4.33
    Balloons in the Civil War by G.F. Kauffman
  • Box-folder 4.34
    Railroads in the Civil War by G.F. Kauffman
Material relative to Col. William Myers and the Richmond Howitzers
  • Box Box 5
    The Richmond Howitzers and Their Historic Home 1905
  • Box Box 5
    The Richmond Howitzers and Their Historic Home 1913
  • Box Box 5
    Scrapbook of daughter of Col. Wm. M. Myers

    Col. Wm. Myers was Captain of the Richmond Howitzers and Long time Director of Public Safety and Chairman of the Richmond Safety Council ca 1901-1941

  • Box Box 5
    Scrapbook belonged to Margaret M. Ferry, 504 Honaker Ave. (Loaned to William R. Galvin)
Scrapbook Area

Packet of photocopied maps of Jackson's Valley Campaign and the Peninsular Campaign

  • Box-folder 6.1
    3 phono records and 1 artifact

    phono record: Columbia Records. You Are There: The Battle of Gettysburg; The Confederacy; The Union

  • Box-folder 6.2
    Troop Movemnets at the Battle of Cold Harbor Maps. Official Pub. #21 Richmond Civil War Commission 1864
  • Box-folder 6.3
    Washington Sunday Star. Sunday Magazine-The Trail of John Wilkes Booth Nov. 21, 1971
  • Box-folder 6.4
    San Diego Union. Civil War 1861- Centennial magazine 1961
  • Box-folder 6.5
    West Virginia Hillbilly Sect. 1 Vol. 3, No. 51 Dec. 22, 1962
  • Box-folder 6.6
    Louisville Courier-Journal The Civil War in Kentucky Centinnial 1861-1961 magazine Nov. 20, 1960
  • Box Box 6a
    Sword hilt and broken blade (
    blade is badly rusted

    Sword hilt and blade are from Mr. and Mrs. W. Mallory

  • Box Box 6a
    Artillery Shell
  • Box Box 6b
    Portrait of Mr. E. Kirby Smith
  • Box Box 6c
    Confederate Battle Flag

    This item was found in an exhibit supply case in Special Collections and Archives and was transferred to this collection in August of 2000

Audio Tapes
  • Box-folder 7.1
    4th Civil War Congress

    five tapes containing ten speakers

  • Box-folder 7.2
    Harold Howard, "Ex-Confederate Cavalry Soldier", Chicago CWRT Richmond-Petersburg Battlefield Tour 1975
  • Box-folder 7.3
    Mike Kaufmann, "The Conspirators", 11-14-77
  • Box-folder 7.4
    Dr. Henry D. Holland, "A Psychiatrist's View of the Personality of Lee"1-13-78
  • Box-folder 7.5
    Jim Dement and Bill Mallory, "Cold Harbor to Petersburg", "Grant", "Lee"3-9-78
  • Box-folder 7.6
    Harold Howard, "A Confederat Soldier at Appomattox"9-30-78
  • Box-folder 7.7
    Sam Moore, "Lee After the War"11-9-78
  • Box-folder 7.8
    Jim Dement, "Shiloh"1-12-79
  • Box-folder 7.9
    Robert K. Krick, "The Unique Civil War Experiences of General E.P. Alexander"2-8-79
  • Box-folder 7.10
    William A. Frassanito, "Civil War Photography at Antietam, Gettysburg, and Grant's Campaign 1864-1865"3-8-79
  • Box-folder 7.11
    Dr. Ludwell H. Johnson III, "The Plundering Generation"4-5-79
  • Box-folder 7.12
    William Wheeler Jones, Jr., The Confederate Army of Tennessee and its Generals5-10-79
  • Box-folder 7.13
    John Turnbull, Gettysburg, narrative poem 6-14-79
  • Box-folder 7.14
    Dr. H. Douglas Pitts, "Beechenbrook by Margaret Junkin Preston, 1865"9-13-79
  • Box-folder 7.15
    C. Hobson Goddin, "The Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid on Richmond"and Dr. Henry D. Holland, "The Stonewall Personality"1-10-80
  • Box-folder 7.16
    John Davis, "City Point--Appomattox Manor"and Michael Thomas, "Roberdeau Wheat and the Louisiana Tigers"4-10-80, 5-6-80
  • Box-folder 7.17
    Betty Ownsbey, "Lewis Paine--the Mystery Man"and John R. Breeden, "The Other Prisons in Richmond During the Civil War"6-12-80, 3-13-80
  • Box-folder 7.18
    George M. Craig, Civil War Railroads, Second Annual Civil War Institute 6-12-80
  • Box-folder 7.19
    Ed Bearss, "Cross Keys and Port Republic"9-11-80
  • Box-folder 7.20
    Jim Dement, Jr., "Phil Sheridan-his Career and Personality"11-13-80
  • Box-folder 7.21
    James I. Robertson, Jr., "J. Ambler Johnston and the SHSP"12-4-80
  • Box-folder 7.22
    Christopher M. Calkins, "The Battles of Sayler's Creek"1-8-81
  • Box-folder 7.23
    Francis W. Wilshin, "First Manassas (Bull Run) in Light of New Discoveries"and John D. Broadwater, "The Yorktown Archaeological Project"2-12-81, 5-14-81
  • Box-folder 7.24
    Capt. Oscar C.B. Wev, "Cruise of the Alabama"and Rev. William H. Dunaway, "History of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church and Richmond's First and Oldest Radio Station"4-9-81, 4-23-81
  • Box-folder 7.25
    Col. James L. Morrison, Jr., "West Point and the Confederacy"6-11-81
  • Box-folder 7.26
    E.B. Ned Potter, "Yorktown--the Campaign that Won our Independence"9-10-81
  • Box-folder 7.27
    William F. Mallory, "General Longstreet After the War"10-8-81
  • Box-folder 7.28
    Dr. Richard D. Mudd, "Dr. Samuel and the Lincoln Assassination"11-19-81
  • Box-folder 7.29
    Dr. Emory M. Thomas, "The Conferderate State of Richmond Revisited"12-3-81
  • Box-folder 8.1
    Dr. Richard M. McMurry, "General John Bell Hood, CSA"3-10-83
  • Box-folder 8.2
    Andrew Nelson Lytle, "On Being a Southerner"11-10-83
  • Box-folder 8.3
    John E. Divine, "Cavalry Actions Prior to Gettysburg"1-12-84
  • Box-folder 8.4
    William F. Mallory, "Lee and Longstreet at Gettysburg"2-9-84
  • Box-folder 8.5
    John P. Ackerly, III, "Jackson's McDowell Campaign, April 30-May 18, 1862,"RCWRT 3-12-81
  • Box-folder 8.6
    Bud Robertson, "Talk" 1978
Newsletter, Membership and Attendance Records II
  • Box-folder 9.1
    Bulletin, Attendance List, Membership Roster 1985
  • Box-folder 9.2
    Bulletin, Attendance List, Membership Roster, Miscellaneous 1986
  • Box-folder 9.3
    Bulletin, Attendance List, Miscellaneous, Membership Roster 1987
  • Box-folder 9.4
    Bulletin, Attendance List, Miscellaneous, Membership Roster 1988
  • Box-folder 9.5
    Bulletin, Meeting Agendas, Attendance Lists, Membership Lists, Financial Info 1989
  • Box-folder 9.6
    Membership Applications A-F
  • Box-folder 9.7
    Membership Applications G-O
  • Box-folder 9.8
    Membership Applications P-Z
  • Box-folder 10.1
    Newsletters 1954-1970
  • Box-folder 10.2
    Newsletters 1972-1975
  • Box-folder 10.3
    Newsletters 1975
  • Box-folder 10.4
    Newsletters 1977-1980
  • Box-folder 10.5
    Prison Civil War Round Table Correspondence 1986
  • Box-folder 10.6
    Confederate Museum Newsletter 1969-1972
  • Box-folder 10.7
    Virginia Cavalcade 1957, 1961-1962
  • Box-folder 10.8
    Commonwealth 1960-1961
  • Box-folder 10.9
    Virginia Journal of Education(Centennial Issue) Sept. 1963
  • Box-folder 10.10
    Context(from Virginia Tech) 1972
  • Box-folder 10.11
    Illinois History 10-15-1972
  • Box-folder 10.12
    Navy Hisory and Tradition 1782-1817, 1817-1865
  • Box-folder 10.13
    Army Digest(Civil War Issue) "The Lesson and the Legacy"Aug. 1961
  • Box-folder 10.14
    New York State and the Civil WarNov.-March 1962-1963
  • Box-folder 10.15
    Hardtack(Indianapolis Civil War Round Table) Jan-Feb 1974
  • Box-folder 10.16
    Civil War Round Table of Arkansas 1973-1974
  • Box-folder 10.17
    Canister: Cincinnati Civil War Round TableFeb. 1974
  • Box-folder 10.18
    Louisville Civil War Round Table, "The Adjutant's Call" 1973-1974
  • Box-folder 10.19
    "Conferderate States Marine Corps"from Letherneckmagazine Dec. 1970
  • Lincoln Herald

    Winter 1952 and Fall 1958

  • Lincoln Log

    Volume 1, Nos. 5, 7-10 1976

  • Lincoln Lore

    Nov. 1971; Jan. 1972-Nov. 1973; Jan. 1974-Oct. 1976; Dec. 1976; May 1977-Feb. 1978; May 1978-March 1980; May 1980-July1980; Sept. 1980-July1981

  • Ironworker

    Spring 1960; Spring 1962; Spring 1964; Summer 1964; Autumn 1964; Winter 1964-1965; Spring 1965; Autumn 1965; Spring 1966; Autumn 1966; Winter 1966; Winter 1967; Spring 1968; Autumn 1968

  • Prison Civil War Round TableNewsletter

    Nov. 1962-Sept. 1963; May-Dec. 1964; Jan., May-Dec. 1965; Jan.-Nov. 1966

  • Richmond Civil War Round Table Archives

    March-June 1968; Oct. 1968; June-Oct., Dec 1969; Jan.-June 1970; Aug. 1970-Jan. 1971; April-May 1971; July-Sept. 1971; Jan., April-Sept. 1972; May 1973; Oct. 1973; Feb. 1974

  • Valley New Echo

    Vol. 2 Nos. 2-6 1861, Vol. 3 Nos. 1-12, Vol. 4 Nos. 1-12, Vol. 5 Nos. 1-12-1864; Vol. 6 Nos. 1-4; 1865

  • Virginia Civil War CommisiionCentennial News Letter

    April 1959-March 1963; May 1963-Nov. 1964; Jan. 1965-July 1965

  • U.S. Civil War Centennial Commission

    100 Years After (Newsletter) May 1959-Nov. 1961; Dec. 1961-Feb. 1963; April 1963-June 1965

  • Cleveland Civil War Round Table

    Jan., Oct. 1972; Jan., Feb., April-May, Oct.-Dec. 1973; Jan.-Feb., March, May 1974; Jan.-May 1975